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JOHN II. OlllinliT, Editor and Vulhthtr.
Sunday Mornino, Jnn. 21, 1872.
Titm or tin Diitr Iimttim
n, j week, by rtrrfer, -
Un year lyr rrrler, Inxlrance -.
'Inn 7iiinlh. by Mll -
The ironthi,
.... U
10 f
f J s
S 00
8 monlhi,
Oji vr, ...
7 ;oW tyiperof Alttnmitr of
pniM on ntf .uV i- Jo " rNf ;
a Mrri "r"'"'0". " fi"u-
fin noluilitSt pntnW ol MtlXiQtnt rtaUrt and
tnttrpruinff buti Mfn.
'John tl. Oberly ft Co. hare reduced the rub.
crli'tion pnro of the Weekly Clro Oulletln to
Ou fMMr ptr mnnum, miking It ttio cheapest p
rrpubllihM in Southern Illinois.
SrtAztxo ot reform, a radical journal
ay, "If Grant will look around, be will
find toveral placet wbcro reform la
needed." Wo defy him to look around
and find a place where luch reform It not
Now that old Grant, who lired the pro
ent administration, hut given up tho Cov
ington poit oflico, why not let tho mother
of the government have it ? Sho is cer
talnly tho lait ono of tho family left unpro-
vided for and this office should not go out
of it.
Clayton of "Arkatieaw," is described a
"a little chlckon-cock tnun, with n fierce
inouilncho and ono nrm tho Arkansas
Warmoth." If it had been added, that ho
was born without nny boliof in tho doe
trine of original sin, his description would
have bocn complete.
At tho recent inauguration of tho go?
crnor of Massachusetts, who it a violent
prohibitionist, tho military who escortud
him to tho slato house, afterward sat down
to a grand bunquet, with completo trim
mings of champagne and whisky, all paid
for by the state. Hero is consistency afloat:
but it had tho merit of swimming in good
ir tho best way to securo tho repeal of
an odious law, is to enforco its execu
lion, according to Grant's doctrino as laid
down in his Inaugural, ho is in a fair way
to provo it. The debato in tho senate, day
tieroro yesterday, on tho civil orvico re
form, not only showed that tbo wholo
course of tho president in pretending to
assent to tho regulations submitted by
his commissioners, was insincere, but was
a covert attempt to defeat tho demands
of tho people for reform in this respect,
It hat established one fact, that no efforts
of Grant's friends can reconcile tho op
posing aspects of his policy.
The c.viiArrr temper which controls
Mr. Grant, his suspicion of nil who may
appaar to conio in competition with him,
and his disposition to carry his personal
resentments into his official Intercourse
with his subordinates, especially towards
officers of tho nrmy, is most strikingly ex
hibited In the puerile find petty means ho
has adopted to deprivo Gen. Hancock ot
tho command which is duo to his rank in
tho army. For ono who has distinguished
himscir ns Hancock has, whoso record is
so good and clear, Grant's conduct can
bo viewed in no other light than ns per
sonal, untulr and studiously discourteous.
The Hunker Hill Oatette, tlio radical
organ of Macoupin county, is mad be
cause the lower housoof tho Illinois leg
islature put through the resolutions recom
mending tho "one term principle." The
Gatette calls tho measure a "precious
document," " tho latest gag," "a swindle,'
etc , and upbraids the republican members
because they were not in their seats to
prevent tbo resolutions from being passed.
Wo sympathize with the Oatette, but as
there it no use in crying over split milk,
wc udvi.e thu newspaper in question to
turn its battwies on congress and prevail
on that body not to udopt the "oiw term
Amoroa of Munn. While ho is en
gaged in dragooning tho legl.luturn to
take the back track in the Falmor-Sberi-dan
muss and tho ono-tcrm principle, here
is tomcthlng that may help him along in
hit labors. It is told, that during a scs.ion
of the logitlaturo of an eastern state, an
active lobbyist was asked if he was going
to tpMid any more money to advance a
private lnuirmT No, 4lr no L.
reply. "Wny not? ' vu
sir. Tho JW. of K teTWa f;
legislature aro gentlemen, lir-t.trfL .
tic-men. They don't have to bo. in...i v ."
on.ee; but them d d scoundrels hi New
York, have no inoro conscience tbuu u ln
aim you titter know when you aro done
buying them." Duet Munn take ?
It is a singular fact that whenever an
American induttry, interctt or class bo
comes oppressed almost tn thn ,lti, t.
the protectionists go at onco to frei trade
as ttieonly effective and appropriate rein
dy. "When it was assured that Nnu- Km
gland fishermen could not compete with
mo ianauians, talt was mado free to
tbem,but charged with a high tariff to every
one else. When American hip-building
was destroyed by the protection gircn to
the manufacturers of the material em
ployed, it Ji propoted to remove it by giv.
ing it free-trade. Now, when it it thought
mat unicago cannot aflord to pay a tariff
o twenty to thlrty.flvo per cent, on the
lumber to rebuild' their city with, it is pro.
posed to relieve them by giving them free
trade In oil lumber thoy may use In tho re
toratlon of their city. Why not givo tho
whole country the benefit of tbeio remc
dial influences 7
.The claim, of Chicago upon the sym
pathlw of tho country aro strong tKi ti,oy
have ben universally andchoorfully ft0.
knowlodged in tbo unexampled contrlbu-1
lions mado for the relief of its afflicted
itlzensj but while the government is tup
pUmsmtlng thoso contributions with a
bill of relief, which will give Chicago five
millions moro of tho people's money, Ut
it make lit generosity general, or at
its Justice universal.
When Chicago ent dwn before the
irresistible name of her great conflagra
Hon, and many thousands of her people
were Uft homeless, "the whole civilised
worlJ, movcl bribe sublime impulse of
tho greatest of the virtues, stretched forth
its hand to feed the hungry find clothe the
naked. The noble charity of which the
"Chicago Are" was the occasion, will deck
oneoftte brightest pngu? in the history
of mankind. It remains for the people
of this country to supplement their kind
ness by anotner act, not of charity, but of
simple Justice. It has been brought to
tho notice of tho public by tho testimony
presented to tho Illinois legis
lature with the majority report of
the committee on tho military occupation
of Chicago, that the family of Col. Gros-
venor havo been left destitutu by hi
death. Tho pioplo of this state should
sco to It that the wife and children of tho
murdered man are not only helped in the
present, byt Hint they bo lifted ubovo want
In tho future. Laying usldo all consider
ationt of tho constitutionality or necessity
of tho military occupation of Chicago, tho
fact remains tho sumc, that by it tlio fam
ily of Col. GriHvcnor wcro cruelly robbed
ot his affection, protection and support.
The first, it is impossible to glvo back to
thorn; but it Is tho plain duty of tho poo
plo to prevent them from suffering by the
deprivation of the lattjr. And they
should not bo regarded ns dependents on
thecharltyofthepubltcjbutns rightfullyen
titled to its generous and thoughtful cure.
A Orosvonor testimonial, to which every
body who desires may contrihuto u stated
amount, would bo a proper and n gracoful
way of showing to tho family of Col. Gros
venor that tho public deprccato his un-
timely taking off nnd nympnthiso with
the sorrow which it has caused his be
reaved family. Wo make tho suggestion,
with tho hope that it may be tided upon
in this city or elsewhere.
Tho tclegrnphlc dispatches from New
York havo announced with a great flour
lili that Stokes, the murderer of Jim Fisk,
will now surely escape hanging, because it
has been discovered that the court of oyer
and tcrminor of New York, has been held
by only one judge, whoreat tho net pre
scribes that three shall bo the complement ;
consequently, that any action by a grand
jury summoned for that court, would bo
illegal; and that Stokos having been in
dicted by a grand jury of the court of oyor
and tormincr, cannot bo convicted upon
such indictment, sinco It is invalid from
the illegality of tho constitution of
court and jury. This reasoning must pro
ceod upon the principle well recognized,
that n party cannot bo twico put in jeopar
dy of lifo nnd limb. Tho absurdity of
such k conclusion will be manlfcit, when
it is considered that n jeopardy has not yot
been encountered by Stoka. Tho worJ,
in its legal acceptation, U derived from tho
i-reneu,jfn nnru. una wincu signtllin, n
game in which the chances are exactly
even. In law, it signifies oxpojuro to dci.th
or injury. Htoke.4 has not yet been
oxposed to ollher. Tho action of 11 grand
jury by indictment, determines nothing
neither the guilt or innocenco of tho nc
cused i it merely charges him witli tho
commission of 11 crime, nnd leaves tho
charge to ho Fiibstnntiatcd in 11 court of
Justico nnd Li-foro n jury, summoned to
try tho truth or falsity of that charge. If
tbo jury that prefurrod the indictment in
question, is 11 11 illegal body, their action
does not prccludo nnothor grand jury from
taking eognizitico of tho homicldo
and presenting it before 11 proper tribunal.
In a word, tho duty of a grand jury has
not been porlormed at oil, if tho ono now
undr consideration was incapacitated
from acting, nnd consequently another ono
it not prevented from examining the cnc.
At to tho legality or illegality of tho court
of oyer nnd terminer, that has nothing to
do with tho ninttr-r. If Stokc had been
Iriftl fur murder before an Illegal court
nnd convicted, then tho question of Jeop
ardy might well nrUc. As it is, ho litis not
been put in jeopardy, nnd If his osciipc
from thu gallows U based upon this flimsy
pretence, the sonsntionallsts havo lost their
The vast empires of Japan mid China
aro being fust revolutionized toward tho
perfection of nn every dny communion
with the ouUido world, nnd Japan Is lead
ing tho way in the posltlvo consecration of
tho grand and civilizing event.
An Imperial Jupancsu embassy, made
up of men of U10 UK,tt rank In their
lative country, arrived at San Franclsc,
Irom Yokoh'oniii tlireo days ago, accom-
L. foveial Japanese princesses.
lllllntlii,t.. ..r.l )..,.. . ..
-m. ui luuvuiiiuiniiuii mm lauies
t on. ,v'-1 dt-inonstra
,1. ' ... .. V by "10 citizens of
wero cordially Z ?'
Hon of our govern i'0, in",CC;
tubjectofa treaty revision. TliUu
important duty, pointing to conscqU'ry
which demand the mott serious contldera
won ucioro tuey are Incurred. There It
no doubt that the Japanese will approach
our ttutesmcn in a candid, open and hon
ornblo manner; but notwithstanding ull
this, it it not amiss to recollect that their
ways aro not our ways, and that the diplo
macy of tho white house, under tho lead
of Fith and the instigation of Grant, may
not bo subtle enough for u system of ofll
clal tactics which it so deeply tinged with
the rcllglout theories
lu illuminated
Hum mo tun.
wr.i. .
Grunt and
.... may M nLi0 lo w,h
uch diplomacy itt Catacazyjitpircs to or
liobcrts indulges in, but when thoy come
to grapple with the abtuto intellect which
tho government of Jupan has furnished In
this ombasty, wo confess that wo nro fear
ful of tbo rosult. Tho great success of Ad
miral Rogers' recent intorvlew with tho
Mikado, and Minister Do Long's diplo.
macy attha eastern courts, afford tubman-
til ground ?r the e,xarvton of aational
rtoGdebce In tit tiopo that ur relations
with Jrn will iill huim fndnulli-.
If thst is roj'lbl, and still more twIiuWo
to the pople of th lv govtrntwMiM in
tho fstur.
Minis iter Do Long c9fnMii tb mis
sion and quarter isuvo hia enpicfl for I
tbm at Washington, where they will
shortly arrive.
Tho Mikado has acknowledged the ad
vent and force of the great moral and so
cial revolution which is upjn hit country,
In an imperial edict, by the iuance of
which he has broken down and swept
away the ruins of the traditionary cutom
wall, which has heretofore separated his
country from the rest of the world. He
has urged tho necessity of foreign travel
for ths Japanese of both sexes; nnd fivi of
the prlnccsies who have just landed, will
enter as students In Vasar college. Such
revolutions in tbo entire habits, customs,
laws and traditions of a people, were no vcr
before known, nnd wo may well be proud
when we consider thut thii result hns been
brought nbout by tho influence and superi
ority of our free nnd admirable system of
Scribncr'i Monthly for Fobrunry It 1
very interesting number In nil Its depart
ments. ".Moro nbnut tho Fellowstono"
Is tho second Installment of n scries of pa
pers on tlio "Wonders of tho West," by
l'rof. llnydcn. "Tho Mormons and their
I'ollgion", Is nn nrtlclo of peculiar interest
in view of tho present agitation of tho
Mormon question. Next wo havo tho
"Charities of thu Fatherland", mado
doubly interesting by Its exccllont illustra
tions. "Tho defect of the nnlional banking
system", is 11:1 ublo nnd important article.
Tho minor articles, stone", poems, etc.,
aro no less varied and pleasing than tho
renders of Scrilntrs aro usuallv presented
Tho Outaxy, which has grown to be 11
favorito with tho public, abounds with
good leading in tho February number.
"Louis Nnpoleon in England," desaribing
tho present ox-emperor in England before
he becamo the ruler of France,is full of un-
ecdote and reminiscence. Justin McCar
thy contributes 11 papor on the English
author, John Ruskln, whoso peculiarities
and tlio vigorous stylo in which McCarthy
treats them, makes this paper ono of tho
host in tbo number. Tho " Management
of Cities," an nrllcle suggested by tbo
New York frauds, is ublo, independent
and timely. Then thero is " Lifo on tho
Plains," by Gen. Custar. "Suggestions of
tho Fast," u sketch of Jchn Tyler' admin
istration, which nlso nuikes icteresting
mention of Clay, Calhoun, Webster and
other famous iitatcsmen und politicians of
a by-gono'dny. Tlio lighter sketchas, sto
ma, etc., aro excellent.
Tho publisher announce that nn impor
tant nrticlo by Judgo Jeremiah t Dhiek,
will rppcar in the -March number.
TJ10 iivrnllaiit i-cientifio monthly, tho
Manufacturer anil llniUrr, begins tho new
year with nn unusually good number. As
a prcsago of its future excellence, it np
pears in 11 new nnd beautiful drc.. Wo
nro glad to notice tlio continued success of
this valu-iblo magazine, nnd recommend
nil of our readers interested in suientttlo
or industrial mutters to subscribo to it, ns
its pages always contain practical infor
mation regarding tho newest and most
useful inventions in science nnd art.
Among thu article-! in tho present issue wo
notico those cm " I'ciidy-Mudo Houses,"
"International Societies," " Now Rotnry
mining .Mnclune," "Tlio Selden Double
Action Plunger-Pump," "Floral Foun
tains'" "Manufacturo of Russia 1 run."
'New Sources of Supply for Paper,"
"Fallacious Theories of JJoiler Exnlo-
eioiu," besides ninny others, nil ndnilrubly
Illustrated. Ptibli.hed by tho Engineers'
nnd Manufacturers Publishing Company,
37 Park Row, Now York. $2 a yenr.
ci invo received JtoumC s Printers C'aii-
n:t for January, one of tho best nnd most
attractive of the numerous publications
duvotcd to thu nrt preservative of nil arts.
Tho Cabinet Is n qtmrti-rly, published in
Chicngo.iiml the present it tlio llrst number
Issued sinco thu entire establishment went
down in thu Chicago flro. Hut it shows no
traco of that terrible, calamity, nnd tho
llrst number or the sixteenth volume conies
to us n beautiful specimon of tho typo
graphic nrt, nnd n convincing proof thut
Its proprietor is no whit behind his burnt
out cotempornries in energy nnd pluck.
To tho members of tho craft nnd tho pub
lic, generally, wo recommend tho Cabinet
as tlio printers model journal.
rni.NCE llliMAItCK s AUTooiurn-
A Dll-
l'LAY or WIT.
If there is one prnlnuworthv quality dis
tinguishing 1'riiK-u Msiimrek trom other
"great men" (lays tlio Pull Mall Uaiette)
11 is tlml lie strongly discoutitennucet the
worship ot himself as n "great man," To
whalovur height hn may rio In his ofllcial
capacity, in his social chnraeter ho likes to
step clown from his elevated pedestal and
to speak and net uuiong others like nn or
dinnry man. Ho is not chary of auto
graph when thoy aro to bo iivnn in tlm
wnv of letters : but when tliev uroilnmnnil.
ou us autographs, in icnuwt Imw tn refuso
to small 11 gift, ut flatly as ho did moro
valuable concessions to M. Thiers and M.
Favro. Tlio now Gorman ambassador of
Moxlco, Count hnzonberg, is an nvowod
autograph hunter, nnd it teems ho trusted
the stronglli ot His oniclnl position, to
l;Vtt contribution to his collection from
'""'Mor whom tho Germans consid
1 ..B!0.sl"mn of this century."
dlsnn, T''?1,u blllky nlbum.ho wot
. "PP rs.fu.ol, for tho prince,
hii ? . " "ver some of the
b., inturiieu
illtmarek imnrll,..,)
tlio page graced nlr.-ndy bv tho iiiitoL'r.ml .
of MM (lulzot nnd Thiers, j Tu I ,
had written, "Dans ,,, on(.uo Vu j
pns deuxsHiressesi l'linoc'..! ,h. i.i..'. ' .
nardoniier, et 'nutrnde ru Jamais i..ibliur."
M. 'ihlort had added, "Un pen il'oubli no
rsttit ,pa u la sintorito du pardon.'" Prlnco
Illmiinrok improved tho sentiment by writ
Jug, "J'ui niinrlt dans ma vie n moi do
beaucoup oublier et do 1110 fuiro bcaucoun
pardonnor." '
Pkck, Frkan, o; Co's London biscuit
nlways on hand, corner Twontloth nnd
Washington uvenue. (f
H, ...I.. ...1.1.
M. liucl.tr, howeu r ,'lCS'' '7'
the valued 'prize 'tt K , "" '
lilt linn,.. ...
On Tuesday we published some of
FiV letters to Jo. Mansfield and now wo
find another batch, which reveals some
interesting facts. Wo do not give the en
tire lot, deeming what we have given and
now produce, sufficient to show Flsk's
literary and sentimental side. Here are
the veritable letters, concerning which so
much money has been spent, and to re
strain the publication of which nn injunc
tion was obtained. The first was. written
wncn Jcsie was living in Lexington ave
Mrs. Joie Lauler, 42 Ltxinyton avenue:
Come. Will vou come over with Fred
and dino with mo? If vour lriends are
thero bring them along.
lours, truly, J. F., Jr.
Hnvanot heard from you as you prom
ised. On tho back of the card was tho follow
ing ;
Come. Fred Is at the door. Mv room.
olght o'clock. After many good looks I
found Mr. Chamberlain. Tho understand-
Ink is now, that yourself and Miss Land
are to co with mo. tav at half natt nine
o'clock, and tho above gontloman is to
come ui eleven o clock, as lie lias somo
matter to attend tow.iich will take him
until that time. Answer this If you will
oe reauy oy uaii-pust nine o'clock,
Yours, truly, James Fisk, Jn.
After i isk began to furnish Josie with
money, in 1808, she began to rido out in
grand style. One dny tho came to the
npora house in mognlflcont npparal, to tho
astonishment of the employes.
lo-night Ink and Josio went to th
opera together:
Dear Josie I havo trot maiinrs
arrange and I cannot call lor you until It
is.auoui time 10 go. 1 win tie tliero twenty
minutes beforo eight. Ho ready.
Feb. 20, 18G8. Yours truly, James.
If Dolly didn't sleep well with this dou
eeur, wo wouiu hko to know why:
Dollt Enclosed find $50. Sleop,
Dolly, ull the sleep you can to-day, every
little bitl Sleep, Dolly I I feel as if three
cents' worth of clams would help mo
noiiie. lours iriuy, j, t, Jr,
I am going to tho San Francisco min
strels with my family. If Mr. L. xsi here
I would nsk him to tako you. Shall tee
you to-morrow evening.
Yours truly J. F. Jr.
Ho sonds monoy ngain, as compensation
for his dear self:
Dolly Encloted find . I am
wrong, but I am bothored. It will come
right. Whon I don't como don't wait.
You shall not bo placed as you was to
night again. Yours truly, J. F. Jr.
Wed hrenlnir.
Have the kindness to acknowledge.
Yours truly, J F. Jr.
February 22, 1808.
They aro over tho first worm gushingi,
and but few letters nro written now: but
tlioso that were, are or n eub.nnntiui
kind, lor instance:
MoniUy, Adg. 3. 1KJ.
Dear Josie. Send mv vuliso with twn
shirt, good collars, vest, handkerchief,).
black velvet coat, nice vest, nntont lentln-r
fhoes and light pants. I urn going to
Long Rranch to eo about the celery. In
closed find $25. Ho back in tho mnrnine-.
J.F. Jr.
Tlio next day Fisk wrote the following
on a visiting card:
Strunco you should mnko mv olRn nr
tho vicinity the sceno f-r a 'personal.'
You must bo uware thut harm comes to mo
in such vanity, and thoso that could do it
euro but llttlo for the nterett of thn
writer of thii. Yourt trnlv.
J. F. Jn.
Dear Josie Get ready, and como to
Twenty-third utrcot ontranco to tha hntnl
and tako me down town, and then you can
como back and get the girlt for the Ful
ton uinner to-aay. lours truly,
josie travels.
It seems that Josio was going off on a
journey und Fisk provides for her liko n
royul lover:
Dolly Tho baggage sleigh will call at
ono clock, and you can leavo in my
charge what you may see fit. You havo
no time to lose. J. t , Jr.
Here It a plain, common note, sent
through John Connor, Flsk's private sec
Mrs. Mansfield Tho tlelgh will call
here for you at 2 p. m. Yours,
J. Fisk, por J. C.
My people aro portuking of Now York,
in thu shapci of "white fawn," and two or
three other different matters. I may not
be nblo to seo you ngain to-night. If not,
will tako breakfust with you best I could
do. Yours truly, James.
Fobruary 6, 18C8,
for lis unt u lojr to tloslo early l. tbo
morning :
Dear Dolly Got right up now and
I will bo clown to tako breakfast with you
in nbout thirty minutes. Wo will take
breakfast in tho main dining-room down
stairs. Yours truly, James Fisk, Jn,
Wednesday morning, Feb. G.
more money.
Ho sont Dolly somo monoy to-day, tay-
Have the kindliest to acknowlodgo.
Yours truly, J. y j,
February 22, 1808.
What a nice apology for not coming to
10th ok March.
Dear Dolly Inclosed find 7fi wMM,
you need j do not wait dinner for mo to
night ; I cannot como. Yours truly, ever.
Josio now teomcd to bo securely tested.
Hut slio saw hor chorine slowly fading and
tho wont to work to provido for tho future.
Slio beggod Fhk to tcttlo tomcthlng on
hor. Fitk refused, for ho saw her givlnc
"Way lila money and taking tho credit of
generosity to horsolf. Ho taw that monoy
was the tecrot of her love for him, and ho
chose to hula the monoy in hit own hands.
wircatenea hist tevoral timet to go off
' ol,,Ki if Fisk did not endow her
with n competence.
Jun. 18, 1870. Josi, kicked up n row
and vowed she would leavo him if ho did
not settle something onher. Fisk refused
JANUARY 21, 1872.
Next day she wrote him a ....
letter, tavuic tholr ri..ii.M,. . r
HskreplIoJJ 1
fct-NDAY Even i no, Feb. 1. 1ST0.
Mv IJEAH Josik I received vtur lot.
or. The tonor Jooi tint nitHi)i..i,tA its, i li
ou Mono tought the issuonndtho reward
will belong to vou. 1 cannot allow vou
I1 lllllM - .. .
. uruu.Mj voursen wiiat vou -
write, ind must say to you. which vou I
know full well, that nil tho differences I
could havo been acttled bv kiss in the i
right spirit, and in after "davs I should
led very kindly toward you out of mem-
ory of tho urcat lovo I hnvc borno for vim.
1 never was aware that vou udmltiiHl
fault. I have many God knowt, too
many and that has brought me to tho
trouble of tbo day. I will not snenk of the
future, for full well I know the spirit you
take it In. " You know me, " nnd the'ln
stlncts of your heart will weigh mo out In
the right scale. I will givo you no parting
advice, loll have been well tchoolcil in
that, and can tell chaff from wheat, nnd
prooaoiy aro at strong to-nigiu as tho
nimble writer of this letter. The actions
of the past must be tho right wny tn think
of mo; and from them, day by day, I bono
any comparison which you may make
from writing in the future, will bo favora-
bio for inc. A longer letter from mo
might be much of an advertisement of my
weakness, and the only great idea I would
Impress on your mind is, how wrong you
are when you lay that I havo "grown
tired of you." Wrong, wrong 1 Nover
excuso younelf on thut in nfier vcart.
Uoi. i tr. to teach your heart that, for it is
a lie, and v,.i ftr0 foltifylng yourtelf to
your own soul.
No moro. Like a, Arabs, wc will fold
our tents and quietly tte4 awav, nnd when
wo spread them next wo 1. ,m it will bo
where tho woodbine twincth, over tin;
river Jordan, on tho bright und bcaui'.ful
banks of heaven. From yours, ever,
too ether again.
A few days after Fisk wrote the last let
ter, Josio tent for him; then she went to
sco him, and tin troublo was nli mnda up
ngain. For mouths nftorwnrd, Fisk sent
her money, ns thus :
uy wear .josie inclosed find your
request. 1 will send to the Fifth Avi-nuo
for the things. I cannot go to tho house
ns mucii ns i would lIKo to. lour,
May 0, 1870. James.
New York, May, 1870.
Dollt What do you think of thii
man? 1 told him you would talk to him
and then tell him to come bnck to mo
next .Monday, and I will laik to you about
it. Yours ever, 'James.
Who the above man was wo do not know.
Fisk trusted his $18,000 diamond pin
with Josie, for he thus affectionately lends
for it:
May, 31, 1870.
Please tend me the diamond brooch and
necklace, my dear. James.
Now he begins to grow cold. Monta
land has arrived from Paris nnd he is pay
ing court to her. Josie had Stokes nnd
Fisk hnd Montaland. It was all fair.
August, 1, 1870.
My Dear Josie I send you a letter I
found to my care on my deik. I can not
come to you to-night. I shall stay in
town to-night, and probibly to-morrow
night, and after that I must'go CJit. On
my return, 1 shall como to sue you. I urn
sure you will say, "What a fool!' Hut
vou must rest and so must I. Tho thread
is so slender I dare not htrain it more. I
hiu sore, but God made mo so, and I havo
not tho power to change It.
Loving you, as none but you, I am, yonrs
"vcr, Jmks.
J otio now deserted Fisk because ho
would not givo her u life competency.
Notwithstanding ho paid her bills gen
erally, and furnishes her with nil tlio
money sho needed :
AuousT I I, 1870.
Inclosed you will find flOO for vour
little matters. You told mo when I'suw
you last you would send mo your bills,
which I would bo pleaed to re'ecive, and
they shall have iny nttention nt onco.
Your letter would rcquiro a little tirno to
preparo n right answer to, so I will an
swor it more fully by to-morrow, when I
enn look it moro cnrefully over. I nm
very hnppy to know thnt you liuve acted
from no lmpulso in Iciiylng me, tut that
It was n long-mntured plan. I hope you
have mado no mistnk. Yours truly,
over, James Fisk, Jr:
Hero is tho letter which Josio wroto to
Fisk, nnd which ho desired time to reply
to. It is Josio's last :
Septemiier, 1870.
James Fisk, J n:
That your letter had tho desired effect
you cna well imagine. I am honest
enough to admit it cut mo to tho quick.
I do not know if it is fo, but that I may bo
nblo to shnpo my it flu Irs pormnnently
for tlio future, thnt u part ol tho amount
would plnco mo in a -05111011 wlicro I nev
er havo to appeal to you for aught. I
havo never had one dollar row any
one else, nnd nrrlving hero from tho
Hranch, expecting my affairs with
you to continuo, I contracted bills
that I would not otherwiso havo done.
I do not nsk fornnything I havo not been
led to tupposo was mine, and do not ink
you tosettlo what is notontiroly conveni
ent for you. After n timo 1 shall sell my
house, but for tho present I think it
host to remain in it. Tho money I speak
of would placo mo whoro I should need tho
assistance nf no one.
Tho ring I tuko buck nsfulrlvns I cravoiL
you; tho inato to it I elmll keep for com
pany. Why you should tay I obtulned
inn nousu uy rouuery l cannot inntrino:
however, you know best. I am norrv ilmt
your associations with mo wore detriment-
in to you, anu i would gladly, with you,
(wuro it possible), obliteruto tho lust three,
years of my lifo's historv: but it I nnl tmc
slblo, and wo must strucL'Io to nuillvn
past. I trust you will tuko tho sonso of
tun icuor ns it u meant, and thnt there
can bo no mistake, I send this by Ella, and
wlmt you do not understand eho will ox
To this and othor letters, Fitk mado tho
following roply:
New York, Oct. 1. 1870.
Mrs. Mansfield Tliero can bo no
question as to tho authority of tho letter
which was Imnded to mo' yctterJay bv
Sf.Luoh i".11'1' "Ptdillerlngl-rom
fS?mP v wi' c.' ou yu received
from Miss Peiris, nnd which, in your
i' ; t 1 l"B unlleJ efforts of
...., 4,i,o. moniuianu and mysolf. Cer
tainly tlio composition should bo irood If
these parties hud comblnod to produce It.
Hut tho slight mlstuko you make is evident
rrom thn iuut that tho letter referred to was
nevor seen by me, nnd I presume Mlo.
Montaland is equally ignorant of its exis
tence, as It is not likely sho troubles her
self about your alluirs. I can i-carcoly bo
liovo that sho assisted Mist Peirla in com
posing tho lottur and tho credit Is thore
foro duo to Miss Polris.for superior talent
In correspondence. As far as the great
exposure you speak of Is concerned that is
n dark entry upon which I lmvn nn lui.t
and I full to see it " '
. ,
The habit of constantly Imagining that
you wore tho real author of all tho boneflia
beitowe-1 upon othort would na
turally nffect n much belter balan
ced brain thnn youts. nnd in tlmo
you would come to boliavo that you
alone had tho power to cllttrlbiito thu good
things to thii'ii nround you, utterly forgot
ful of lilm who was belilr.d tho scenes on
'"oly unnoticed. Can voti blame, then,
" irom whoso ryes tho voll hns fallen,
""el whosnw you in vour trim liL'hl ns tl...
" wl,o ,w you i your Iruoligh
J!'"',', t ..thers' charities ' I woi
,.r '.,,!'Wk it yoor lctlors, nr
i ot coMlder It iulJ i owo y'(lU
you ntli.ul exprcin,, ofmyonini,
i on Id not
nnd I do
to givo
ventlnir mr snii. t..r ...t.i.
. ............ i
the so ntlulrs bythow.y, I ilnVo ,10l!liB
n nliin.t,i.. ,I..aI. - a.
porlunlty or conveying to you my ideas
respecting the theories which you llnVe tn-
.. j "it nuord in q an op-
Ken every opportunity to exnri tn tl......
around you, nnd which many peoplo have
wiumccu luereiv inn emanat ons .n
crazy brain.
Illetonuof vour lnltAr ! nnl. il.nt v,.n
soem willing" to shouldor tho load of guilt
uiiuur which nil oruinnrv cr in nul wuii hi
stuggor. I bellovo you havo arrived at
mat tiaio wuen no amount of guilt will
uniuru your serenity or prevent your hav
ing sweet u reams, nnd wo still see vou
crnwl "n snnko in tho grass."
i send you uacK a ring; and, wero I to
write nnythine nbout it. tlio words would
bo only too decent for tho same, wcro tiny
couched in the worst of language. I do
say. take it back. Its memory is indecent
nnd it is tho last souvenir I hnve that re
minds mo of you. I havo b few pictures o:
you, but they havo found n nlaco imioiiL'
tuo nothings which fill tho waste baskol
unoer mv table.
If thero are any unsettled business mot
tors that it is proper for mo tou-Tango
send them tome, mid mako yourcxplana
tlon as brief ns possible.
t lain would rencii the no nt whero not
even tho slightest necessity will exist for
'7 intercourse uetween us. I nm in hopes
this win il U. Jameh Fisk, J it.
A llttlo difference of opinion arose aftor
this on tho financial question. Fisk held
that after otio left him und went over to
Stokes, that Stokes ought to pay lwr bills
and so he writes to Josio :
(J. F., Jr.) IMonos-mn.
Oct. 19, 1870.
Madame I nclocd I send you bill o
Harris receipted, nnd I nlso bcir. to ban
you $120 20, brine; tho honest proportion
of the Hassford bill which belongs to me to
pay. I havo mado tho word "honest"
more definite for hnd not Mr. Hassford to
put. tho dates to tho bill, as he had rcceiv
cd instructions from Miss Mantllcld to
have the bill nil under that datu of Jun
8, 1870, although (tltO 20) tho amount of
uio goous, ns bougnt ny you or your agent,
wits spwnt nt a much Inter dale. I should
not supposo you would care to placo your
self in the light that this bill puts you,
knowing us I do thu Instructions that you
gave .Mr. Massrord. J had supposed you
"honest, " but I find that a trace of thnt
virtue does not cling to you. 4
I nm, yours, J. F., Jr.
On Oct. tho -1th Fisk wroto ngain to
Josie, relative to tho 525,000 which sh
wanted from htm. A portion of this lettc
wo havo already published, the remnlndc
wo glvo now :
New York. Oct. 4. 1870.
After tho departure of Etta to-day I
wasted time enough to read over onco moro
tho letter of which tho is the boarcr from
yout, me, and I determined to reply to It,
ior trio reason mat u it rurnninei unan
swered you might possibly think I did not
really mean what I said when I wroto ;
und, beside, I was apprehensive that the
friendly tulk entned on through Kiln, nt
second hand, between you and me, might
lead you to suppose I had somewhat re
pented of tnc course I hud taken, or of tho
worm mat I punned. It It toremovoany
sucu impression mat i ugain ttrltu to you
as l wouiu navo tho languago nr my rorir.
cr letter nnd tho sentinents therein express
en ttumpui upon your heart as my deep
tinted opinion of vour character. No otii
er construction must bo put upon in
You sny thnt you hope I will tako th
tenso of your letter. There is but on
sense to b taken of It. arid that is an "cpi
tapli," to be cut on the stono nt tho head
of tho grave in which Miss Helen Jose
phlno Mansfield has burled hor Pride
II ml sho been tho samo proud-spirited girl
iiiai sou whs wncn tuo stoou siuo oy sld
with mo the power behind tho thron
sho would not have humbled herself to ask
n permanency of ono whom sho had so
deeply wronged, nor would she stoop to bo
indebted to him for a homo which would
have furnished n hnvon of rest, pleasure
unu uouauciiery without cost to thoso
who had crofted his path and robbed him
of tho friendship ho onco felt. Tho length
of tlmo sinco I hnd teen her nnd tlio kind
words sho spoke left my mind ill-prepared
for tho perusal of your letter at thut
time, and it was not until after her donor
lure, when I was toatod quietly nldne, that
i. touK in uio inn intent and meaning o
your letter, and felt that It was "robborv.'
and nothing else. Now, pin this letter
with tho othor. Tho front of this is tho
buck of that, und vou will havo n teln
scopic view of yourselfnnd your character
" you appear to mo to-day; and then J ask
you to turn back from pages of your life's
history, counting each page ono week of
your lifo, nnd sco how I looked to thco
thin, nnd nsk your own guilty heart If you
hnd not better let mo nlone: nnd Instead
of trying to nnswer this lottcr from your
uiaurgiinizcn cram, or writing Irom tho
dictation of tlioso around you to-duv,
simply tako n piece of paper and writo o'n
it thu samo a I do now, ko far ns wo nro
now, or over may be, "Dust to dust,
ashes to nshoi. Anion." J. F., Jr.
fisk's i.o vk for josie.
Thero is no doubt but Fisk worshipped
Josie, and It was hnrd for him to kill It;
no used to spond day nftor dny in writinc
to her. Hero Is another letter similar to
tho Inst:
KtrARiMtNt nn FiNixcr, 1
IM:w Youk, Oct. VU. H70. f
Madam You know I would not wrong
you, und 1 would toko back ull my acts
when thoro could bo n shallow of doubt
that you was right and I vus wrong; und
let mo speak of tho other harsh lottors 1
navo written. 1 wroto them becauso you
had wronged mo positively, bocauso you
hud placed between (no and my life, my
nupu mm my lllippiness un ciomiu gulf,
nnd 1 felt soro und revengeful, nnd on
those lottors 1 nm now tho samo. It
wouiu uo idio for mo to write might nbout
them or nbout ui, whon I could talk to you
there. You did not listen. I presume it
iu uu win snino now. xno ontlro connec
tion is Hko a dream to mo. a foarful dream
from which I huvo awoko, nnd, whllo
uieuii nig, iupposea my soul nnd gone out;
and tho nwnkening tells mo I urn snved,
and, from tho embers of tho luto fire,
thero imouldors no spirit of revengo to-
wniu. yuu, jor you ncteu right, and tho
W'K "my ciuno to mo irom you because
you uiu not net soonor, and 1 would not
uui uvu whu nny power on eurth would
mako any question of money inlluonco mo
or como between mo nnd tho holy fooling
I had onco for you.
fi . .
This lottcr should rumalu and bo rend
only by you. Should you soo fit to nnswor
will bo the same wny kept by mo. Thoro has
been a 6torm
Tho thin n noble steamer,
ii lis gone down. Tho storm It over urn! tho
ten is smooth again
"Little ships should kcop noar shore;
Oreator ships can venture, moro."
"My ship is small and poorly officered."
I Rm yours, oyor, d.o., ir, J. I, Jr.
I.S. I would hnvollkcd to havo nntwered
your letter In full, hut, as you say I havo
not n wull-bitlar.ced brain, and I know I
could not dojustlrotonlottor of thnt kind,
so refrain, nnd content tolet the sontlmonts
i it "Know nnd not nic.
Jiwlo used lo call on Fisk frequently
luring the month of October, nnd nt frc-
piently importuned him for money.
Sometimes Fisk would ice her. and thlt
would unnervo him. This letter cxplnlut
, OcronER 2i, 1870.
llV Should I Wfll vnll niitli? Klinl!
I ever reach tho end 7 Th urn i'nrni nrw
othor nnd nnothor chapter, until I get
wciiry wiiii tuo cntiroatialr. j would for
get it, and no doubt you would tho
iho mlsinko yesterday was iilmo
..I...,,.. .i.
mistake ofnllfetimo for me. Who sup-
..eu i,,r an instant that you would ever
cress my path .gain B prlt of .mis
sion and W th n .....!.;. .!.!. 1 v..
have dono that you should bo sorry for,
and I tho same in permitting it. This can
not be, nnd I s half write you the final Ut--or,
and I shall sco you no moro.
I would fuln tcflr vmip -....
, , - Ull. Ill,
mind, and I will. Why. I ihm...ht fi
. . r,
yuu would not conceive. No one but your-
r r ,And 1 ,nun welBh vou carefully,
lor I have nothing but a great character
to deal with, and I must meet thingi care
fully, lou might suppose you culd love
two, and, perhaps, moro element!, and
make them hover near you. Certainly
you did last night, and, for shame, I wat
ono of them. Hut It will never occur
ngain. For onco let us bo honest.
Don't begin plotting to-morrow. Takj
to-morrow for thought, and be governed
by thlt lettor fr tho writer hat much of
your destiny In hit bundt.
Notwithstanding their last farewell let
ter, tho still clung to him, and continued
to ask him for favon, which he always
granted, at we tco from tho "following:
,, November 1, 1870.
Miss Mansfield-1 havo taken tho
Heps for tho corn doctrett' removal to a
southern clime, whero her business ihould
bo belter, at vegetable! of this class thrive
moro rapidly thero than on our bleak
shorci. 1 presume it will take from two,
or lay four days, before I get the pann,
when they will bo sent to you. Should
h call on you tay to nor to come back in
four days and you will have them for her.
I tent you a packago by Maggie for what
vou detiri-d on Saturday ovening, with a
llttlo turplui over for trimmlngi. which I
hope you receive!. I am of your opinion
regarding not only Dr. Pape, but all tho
doctors. You aro well; let nature tako
Its courtc. You aro in too good health to
tamper with n conttltutton at good as
yours. Thlt It important for your consid
eration. Youn, truly, James.
Inclosed find $300. Pleaie use. I am
very sorry we could not havo arrived at a
moro s atltfactory conclusion last night. I
did all I could, and tbo samo feeling pre
vails o'er mo now. With a careful and
watchful manner you should look at all
our affairs. You shoulJ make no mistake.
You told me I ihould hear from you whon
. - .
you camo to n conclusion. Theicfore I
wait upon your early repy,and ut.til then
I must of course pursue fctepjrno course I
have for the last six wgRs I hope we
shall mutually understand ouch other, for
tho thing could bo mado, ns it ihould be
mado, luti.frtrtnry to you. I rn yourt,
fi.-k's llOTIMINKSS.
We now Hnd Fisk completely gelled
ngnir. townrdi tho woman to whom he had
written tuch icvcro lettcrt. Josio nevor
gave him up. Hy nnd by Fisk's love
came back again by degrees, and wo find
him writing as fondly ns ever;
November 14, 1870.
Dear Dolly Do you really with to
seen " brigond ' at your house to-night?
If io, wlmt hour, or from what hour and
how lato should I call 7 for I might be
nblo to come at eight, or pcrht.pi not until
ton. Say what hour, and how lata it your
limit after tho timo you first say.
November 15, 1870.
Inclosed find box for to-night. Should
you find you cannot ute it, tend it back to
mo lator. Do you feel as I laid you would
thlt morning? The box, of coune, it for
whoever you may invite.
Youn ever, James.
November 10, 18.
Dear Dollt Don't fool that woy. Go
tiding, nnd to-night, darling, I will tako
you to rctt. I shall go out at half-past
threo, nnd you con safnly look ahead, dar
ling for rest. It will come, and we- shall
bo happy again.
ouri, truly, James.
'November, 18, 1870.
Shall go to tho raco to-day, and thii
evening 1 nm engaged until late, and I am
nfrnid you would get tired waiting for the
ring of tho bell or the knock at the door.
So I will not ask you to wait my coming
unlcsi it bo your wish, in which caie I
will como as oarly as I can. Youn. &c,
Inclosed find tho Loidunnor Hall.
Yours truly, J. F. Jr.
Monday morning.
It ot tlmo to como up. J. Fo Jit.
Wo have not givon in full the letters
which passed between thcio two, at our
columns would bo overpowered by their
length. Tho moat important facti, how
ever, nro beforo our reader?, and they, each
for hlmsolf, will doubtless form tuch opin
ions ns ho may choose. Tho letter cer
tainly placo Fisk's charnctcr,for fidelity and
kindness, In n very strong light, nnd not
withstanding tho diigracoful liaton which
they oxhlblt, show traits of feeling
and emotion worthy a better connection.
This is Ed. Halo's storv : A mn l,o,i
sold himself to the devil, who was to poi-
oes nun ut n certain timo unless ho could
propound a question to his' satani mlnli .
which ho could not answer, bo being al
lowed to nut threo .ouorles tn him. Thn
tlmo camo for tho devil to ellm"hi n
and ho consequently appeared. Tbo first
question thu man ntked was concerning
theology, to which it caused the devil no
troublo to reply. Tho iccond ho also ans
wored without hesitation. Tho man's fata
depended on the third. What shall it bo 7
lie hesitated and turned pale, and the
cold dew stood on his forehead, while he
shivered with anxioty, nervousness and
terror, nnd tho duvll triumphantly sneer
ed. At this juncturo tbo man's wife ap-
fionrod in the room with n bonnet on her
lead. Alarmed at hor liutband's condl-
tion, she demanded to know tho cause.
When informed she laughed and said. "I
can propound a question which tbo dovil
hlmsolf cannot answer. Ask him whieh
U tho front of this bonnot ?" Tha duvll
gave it up -and rctirod in disgust, and the
man win frco. -
BOV. Old St'dnhen (i ln.nl l said to hava
madu tbo following observation!, which
may bo profitably pondered by young
morcluints every whero t "During my
lonir commercial exnorience I havo noticed
thut no advantacos result from tclllno-
olio's businoss to others, except to create
Jotlousy or competition when we are for
tunale, and to (ratify our onemlei when
.. I I. I . . . i .
Km. inn nigni nnd nil day to-day of your
,cnyin?.,"1 W0UlJ ralhtr bu load," Ac,
&c. as that written to apply to mo? I
should sav tn. Yn. ivt, .... .i.i
it iiu niivna hub,

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