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the cairo Daily hullt1i, Saturday, January 27 1872.
on and after mindar, ... 14th 1JI. 'h''.
Dg iime-uble will Koveru Ihc arrnal nJ d"' "
ur. of p.Br train, at Cain"
mii 3;:wn.n.
Eirre.. daily, eepl Sunday 3-I,'''
No change cfw. fr-m Cairo vo bt. Lou ..
change f-a.-a fn-m Cairo to ChlcaKo. f
raring Ron sleeping cars on lh "tw
,WMr eheeked to ll Important o"""''
Th New Mammoth -fr
t -1
i j
nrr.n rva,
trill make three trips datl jr.
liiflM CAIEO
ti r
it it
At s 30......-I
At tMt ... a.m.
At 1:30 p m.
At 6 p.m,
vi rni: til ticket for 12 SO.
Will lau, when hailed, t any copd luterin.diate
andinslor passengers or freight, rjowltr.
MUGS' noATfc,
The finestfamer
are; roWLF.n -..Matter
tt.ii l..r.lrn f.ir F.v.n.rlll- everv Hunday and
Thnr.j vipnlno. at 5 oYIjuc, p.m. for
fretniitor passage, apply oa Loan! or t,
junl'f JA5. moos, Agi.
The splendid .teamer
Joe l'ow Icr, .'IiiHter.
Clro Ht if, 4 1 1 1 r excepted) att
m. For lriiht jr in nn'i "' boar dor
in .'"'"''
l?Pna.il.i rV''l'lb on U.nr.l.r l the
n.?c,"l either Ultlmal.' J.niMlw
NEW OKlibAa.
The Fine lessens r Tucket.
I t- I. II.,I
- . . i r inn k ir r
A. stein iater F u.llindersou
r ine it, above il All way point" thl '
nlng upon arrival of the train. J-nr Ire liiM
pa.sa.te apply ou warn ut . -wharf
ron an e3T.umsiii:d
CttTn'jcrlnn I -liver I'neUel
The p1en'!ld Hfmer
T Y R 0 N E ,
TOM lIAKSIAN...M.ter 1 AI.KX. HAHP Clerk
Wllllearr Cairo eterj Sntnr vy .tSo'i'toek p.m.
forCItkvUle, nJ Nnhviile. For Ire'Bht or
ruf.ncp, r 'It ou ooara or in
pl3itf ' 1 i nifins. Ag't.
The xMint ttram.r
ProfiluMe nnJ permi.nent emplnymcn fiir
nt'licl to trail of ability nl influence, ho
,,,. Yl" IIAUrKlVst. Iul- M...
A bontitirul itrtlulc Jttut rccclvul nnd for
a1o nl wholus.ilu nnJ rotnll by
Ueinii Mtt r V. Mklz.vkilSoIc Agt.
l'Oll LK.
V c lmw J i.t rofi'lvrJ, from tlio in.in.
ufactttrur, n Wilex mill (Sihbj tewing
mncliitip. It i licuiitifully fliiMiod nut)
lni t!m Iicmmrr, bnildcr, etc., Tlilt nif
clilne, wnrtli i.'y-llvo tlnlliM, will bo
solit nt n biirgiiin mi'l tuny bu ucii nt till
offlcc. ,f
AltOt'T Wll T IS 1IF.INO KONK l.s Til K C.
A Nil TI1K 1'. ('.
Circuit Court.
Hon Ju.lge llnkrr, prMmc i I. K. M.'Cnln v.
K"i., I'ri'.wiit ng Attnrni y i Mr. Jno. H llr
m in. Clerk ! Mr. A. It. Irvin.Sli tlir.
GiurRO Moer, ttntler nn Intlictmcnt
fur tniinlniigliter, whi nrrulgncd for trlnl
vcslcnlity iitul plead not guilty. It In
jirobablo' tlmt n jury will bo cmpnncllcd
for tlic trial of this disc to-d.iy.
Gcorgo W. III11, ttliuiiole nn'oiercout
from one of tlie guests nt the St. Clinrlcs
liotl, omo week ngo, wnt tried for bur.
glnry nnd larceny. Tlio Jury found him
guilty of larceny only, nnd lio wnt sen
tenced to tlin county Jail for twenty day
nnd find S20 nnd cosH.
Kdwitrd Crni;;, for itenling n box of
glue of 1'iirlfcr - llliike, waJlficd $15 nnd
sent to tlic county Jail for fifteen dyv
In tlio case of EJwnrd Gallisple, under
indictment lor larceny, n nolo wa en
. ..Clerk
Will leare Cairo erery Tniir.'laj at 4 i.'clock p.m.
for Nhfille, CI irlnnll ni'l all way point.. Kor
freight or .$jg. pply on o-anl or in
janJlf. JA-. liHi-.S, Ag't
Th. Rood ateamer
Wtl.ET SUnH...Mi.ter
Wilt lete Cairn etery Monday at 4 oV-lock,
for NahTille, and all ny po'ta Kor freight or
p.g, apply on uoani r io
j.n J If JA-J. MGC., Agt.
I'ebrnary a, IS7I.
Thn Sflect Caiineil of fools annrnres ol the
Cairo Cflno and ha. in It. unbounded .wisdom
resolved lo cclhrto 'ho lii'th m i-querade .hl
aerjtun, winch will, n- it eer In iloai. enilrny
and r'HiiplHl) clip-e any, ann evertininz nere-
tof. ro ur lierrafter t tm altemiitel. 1 lie won
coM.nicuniii fooN in tlio community, among
w-ioill, iny near rnn it r, jimi uii'ju'iuirui; tc
:U.f :, mI.1 In' invited t'i ileiimihtrute tli.it vuur
nrp.m. will be Iinlv nmirec aled. Ml tloketa
wll. bn old at the duor and tlioie w.ahl' K tickets
can obtiln them of any member of ihe C.tsino
Coinml'.teo of Arrangement! of Cilto Casino.
tntiiunAxr TH HUTS.
I Fr-ale I
Faro from Liverpool,
Faro from Lo.vDCNDKrsm
Fare from GLA-ai)v,
Faro from Queksstown
TO CAIRO, $ I 8-
Barlord, Morn A Ca , grnta.
Liverpool New.Toik and PhlUiliiphia
Steamship Company,
ia coiratcr with i-kiteu uTairniHD hitimi
Fur Cirryins Hi" Mail..
for passaTTe tickets
oe luariira isirotuTlo
IS Broadway , Nrw.York, or to
II. II o II I ,
Washington Aveni-, fiair". nni. 51
J.ilifif.pl W4ry t,...riJitjr, 3M outlay ex
Nono ihould fail to bear the ncic lecture
being delivered through the country this
ea?on by I)r J. G. Holhnd, (Timothy
Titcomb), entitled "Tho Social Undertow."
It was delivered in Chlcngo a few nighti
ngo and elicited the enconiuinj ol thn press
of that city.
We need proJuco no tcsimoninls to es
tablish Dr. Holland" ability as n lecturer.
He has been so long in tho Held nnd is so
well known ns a succosful Journalist,
cs'ayist, nnvn'ist, poet nnd lecturer, thnt
notliing thnt we could add would ttrength
cn the opinion of the public or increaso
tho general desire to henr him.
Dr. II., cornea to us from St. Louis,
speaking thuro on tho -Oth and reaching
m by "Short Line, R. R." 7th.
A letter from him signifying his intcn
tion to promptly meet Ids engagement
here, has boon received from Lu Crosse,
Wis., where he lectured last week.
Rox oflico of the nthencum open from
lU n.m. to r m. nna irom l to 4 p. m. on
Saturday, for the stle of reserved scnts
Tickets nt n".l times for i-alc at W. R.
Jtockwcll & Co.'.', II. A. Hnnnon's, nnd
H. C. Loflin-..
Lkctciik Com. Y. .M. C. A.
All por.oiH h'.ving cluims ngninist tho
Contractor- on the
Cairo .S: Vincknnkj Railkoaii
Are requested to 1(mvu their claims with
A. H. S.ttrord, cashiur City Nationnl bank,
to be lorwnrded to us lur adjmtmciit.
Dohoe, Lord a Co.
i on sai.i:
Tie Illinois Central Ita I Itoal Compiny now
oflrrfor ..le the Inllowingdeocrihed Ion lu f.r.
Addition to th City of tairo, viz :
Lot -ti block '.-). l.nt 21 block H,
" t " SO, " "t " H,
& " H, " 23 " H,
' c a, si d
" 3 " n, " ni hj.
rurterm,l. apply JAMK8 JOHN-ON,
HI Aen'.
13 KSIDB.V h No. 21 Tl ineemh l'iet, be.
XX ! I W.i.hingion aenur nn i Vlnill Hre. t.
uili, 11 Oiminereiid avrni.H. m .tair
0. W. DUXXIVU, M. D.
'f'CB'orn-rNinlh Hitd W'i'nilt ft..
lllinoi. CVnlral Itailroa t Co. 1
AgenfuOrtiir, Cairo, Jan. 15, 1;.'.
I will sell nt public miction nt tho ktone
depot, in the city of Cairo, on Saturday,
tho '-"th of January, the following prop
erty to pay charges, viz : & boxes bedding
2 lounge., 1 biro in. 4 pieci'S carpi't, 2 cup
board', 1 table", !! duz. chairs, 7 tUmls
2 trunk., 0 bedtu:ul, 5 mattresses, nnd
quite an amount of kitchen furniture.
Sale positive to commence at 10 a.m.
Tho firm of U. Livy & Co, 03 Ohio
levee, dealers in fur, ot Ml descriptions,
hides, t:tUow,featlicr, wool, etc., nre build
ing up n tnvlo nnd enrning for themsel
ves n buineis reputation second to no
house in tlio city. In their dealings with
their eutoiners, tlioy nro honorable nnd
unrisht, reirccntlng only facts. For
tirtleles in their line they pay the highest
cash price', llelow will be found it list nf
tlic articles in which they deal, together
with the ruling price in thi innrket .
Mini: S2 00 to S2 20
Haccoon 10 to CO
Musk rats 0 ") 10
Wild cat CO
Otter 1 OOta 7 0D
lleuvcr Co to 7f
Hear skin 2 00 to C 00
OttliMt hour.
fro'iifi ti.m t' t iv . tout 0 p.m
Lew over th po.ioitiee
a in. ana vo i u in.
Olfice IioutwIO to 12
A L 1 ES . MULK IC V & W 1 1 E E L E R
William J.Allen, ")
rtainiiel I'.Wh'eler.J
ovlNrliciilar attention paid to river and ad.
n.ira'ly bu.iuea.
OFFICK-Over FI.M NaTional Hank, Ohio Levae.
Cairo, January 2J, 1T?,
Edll. rCuro Ilulletia
I de.ire through tho medium of your
paper U tonder my thanks to the gentle-
! miinlv and evnr prompt Messrs, Safl'oril,
Morris and C.tndei, ruiidout agents of the
old and ivliulilo -Etn t insntance company
and also, to thu t'oinp.my's elllcient nml
honorable adjuster, Mr. L. L-tiger, E.q.,
for the prompt settlement and payment,
this day, In full, of $3,500, the nmotiiit
of my loss bv the inl;int: of tlio steamer
Knie Kearni-y. I duuin further comment
unnecessary, ns the above facts are a
suflli'iciil rouommendation, and are cer
tulnly commondible. Youis Respic'y,
Ciiac. Gai.ioer.
Deer skins 20 to
Reef hide., dry Hint 18 lo
" " green .alt U to
C.lf hide. 12 to
TalhiW C to
Frnthert ,10 to
Wool 21 to
llo-viu , t0
Tho above quotations are aubjeot to co
recti in.
ART 1st.
Aocctato County Judge Mnrchlldo
waslnthc city ycMerday. He Is tnot.ii,,
kswoIIms usual and ns full, of vigor ns
ever. ,
What has beenme of tho Sunt Wj
have not teen un Issue for three days,
Has our neighbor gone hack on us,
YestcTdMV the tlu;rmonoter dtood nt
sixteen degrees. Nut A-ithstitndiiig this
fuel Ike Wnldcr old u linen coat nnd n
pair of white pants. " '
Wt Hre glad to bo enabled to an
nounce Unit the proipict of tho early com
pletion of the Cairo ii Ineetines rail:
road, Is iiuwiii ussured thing, without
any doubt or tavii. - .
The buildings for the tannery on thirty-second
itrect have loon completed.
Workmen are now engaged In sinking tho
vats. The whole citablishmcnt will toon
be ready to commence operations.
Now that the Cairo and Vlnccnnes
raflread t n fixed fact tho contract
having been let, nnd work lo bo commen
ced nt once, Jorgenseii Is prepared to (ell
all kinds of grocci let cheaper than any
other house In the city. tf
Eight newsboys arrived In tho city
on Thursday evening, ntid-put up nt the
Southern hotel. They nro from St. Louis,
which place they left because of the dull
times prevailing there. Some of these
will go-to Louisville; nnd' the balance to
Next Mondny night n week the inn
quernde ball to be given by the Cairo Cas-
inoiocioty will como oft", and we hazzard
nothing when wo say that It will be tho
greatest success of the ssason. Evcrylhfrig
that can be done to mnke it such Is being
. "i
ny roference to the advertisements of
iicnrners Tyrono and John Lumaden, it
will be Keen that these bonUhnve changed
dnys. The "fyrone will leave Cairo for
NahTillo this cTcnlng, at Jive o'clock p.
m. She is a good boat and .passengers
will find her a pleasant one to travel on.
The Lumsdon will leave Cairo next Thurs
day for Nashville.
Any one who Is awine-ward Inclined
who docs not believe with the Mnhomma
den, that it is wrong lo cat pork can have
his desires gratified by calling on .Mr.
"W. F. Pitcher, who hrni for salo three
beautiful Poland China pigs, three months
old, which he flays ho will put against any
pigs of that ngo In Southern Illinois.
Tho fact that there are one or two
cases of small pox in thu city, docs not
seem to breato much "unntflness among
our people The proper authorities havo
taken steps to prevet.t its spread, and
havo had the persons afflicted with the
dlsenso removed ' to " pr&per quarters,
There is litllo apprehension but that it will
bo thoroughly eradicated.
Great inducements to any ono wish.
lug to buy a Srst-class piano or organ
E. & W. Ruder offer their entire stock.! in
thn piuno and organ lino at tho actual
cost of tho instruments. Thoy are delir
ouS of closing viut,the Mock. id Llgil they
way use the room for jewelry manufactttfr
ing purposes. . . .
The following is the, statute in tho old
Saxon code reserring to leap year: "Al
beit,n often ns leapeyearredotheoccurre,
the women holdcth perogativc over the
nienno in letters of cournhipe, Ioto and
matrimonie; so that when tho lady pro
pofeth it shall not he lawful for the man
to sny her nne, but shall enterlalno her
proposal in nil gude'courtcsle."
To-night, Dr. J. G Holland gives hit
lecture, " Social Undertow," nt the Athe
ncum, and offers to tho citizens n literary
treat, sueh as they nre not often invited
to. Wherever ho has delivered this lec
ture, he has rcceiv6d the unqualified enco
rJums of every one who has listened to it,
and what everybody praises must havo
merit, even if the author's reputation was
not enough to insuro its quality.
We havo received tho rard of the St.
Louis Wire Mill, by Ludlow & Wilcox,
S, E. corner Main and Chouteau avenue,
St. Louis. Our readers will recognize
their old friend nnd'former fullow-citizen
J ewett Wilcox, Etq , its one of the mem
bers of thii firm. And wears happy to
know that It ho has surrendered tho St.
Charles to other hands, that ho still retains
a loving remembrance of his friends in
water here.-th-u ho will go from St.
J.oiil, to Louisville, thoiico bv wnv of
Mammoth envo to Metnphh., where' tho
Great Republic will i0 0,dcM(1 to mecl
him. AVo donot knmu i,. . 1. 1 .. i.
nil only civo the report ns It t
tho streets.
On Thursday evenimr. whlln f..,....
WoJco Arnold was attending to tome
business In tho corr.1 In tho viper pur! of
mi? ct.y, ins nttontion wn. nllr.Kdiil l.v llm
dlseimre of firearm.. Ho h-em J to the
placo whonco tho shols wemed to coin... and
caught two colored gentlemen, iinmelv.
L,oletnaii nnd Dentils Morse, Indulg
Ing In the playful pastime of .hooting
at each other, F. nrlng they might hurt
somo onoolse, ho put n slop to tlielr opera
lions, nnd requested them lo necomtmtiv
him to, the 'squire's ofllce. His honor,
bquiro ShnnneMv, fined Colcmim nnd
tho trlnitnlngs, nnd Morse, $5, ditto, lin
ing wealthy gentlemen they pnld.
Dodge, Lord & Co, tlio former conlrae-
tors, have sold out to -Messr. Winslow A-
Wilson, of St. Louis, who hnvu not onlv
nssumcd the building of the rond, but
hnve pledged .themselves to hnvo It en
tirely completed in nine months from now-
And to tnako A.iurnnje douhlv aurn il.n
Pennsylvnnla Central. railroad comnanv
havotakcnhold of the Cairo & Vlntcnncs
roadnnJ will put R throuch willi nil tho
clcrltyVhlch they enn bring to bear upon
u. J iicsc changes in tho btilldlni; nnd fur
nishing contractors, with tho notorious
cncrgy of;Tliomai Scott, tho president of
10 rcnnsyivanla to nitl with His sngacitv,
nssuro the speedy completion of tills im
portnnt witcrprisc.
heat, ni thoy nro inld to bo, thero has been
no uso for them hero thero has been no
calorie lobe measured ; ithmbcon nothing
hut cold, freezing cold cold enough to
sntl.fy tho ambition of nn csqulmaux or
tho ftnlentlflc extremes of a Renurncr. Con)
Is In tlemind, sour" overcoat, furs nnd
The market tin. been act ve durine th
week, with genorally unchanged prices ft
Grnln, Ilnv, etc. Tho weather Is cold an
h.ts been varied In the Inst fow dnys, wit
snow storms of short duration. Tho rates i
... ... ,...., ,.. ...t.l...n.-l . . .. ... ,
w.niinorj", in. i nil t'omoiiieu, wiiiinm nro T.'rilrlit are tineUallireU. UUt 1110 river ill
... . i s ...
It Is truc'lh.it Rlankcnbtirg'j- Excel
sior snloon is now out of tlio institutions
of the city. All drinkers who liko really
excellent liquors whiskies, wine; beer,
alc-rrco Jo tho Excelsior saloon, which is
fitted tipin' iplendid stylo. Illnnkcnlmrg
who knows how to l.'Cep a saloon, spreads
a fine freo lunch e'very morning nnd eve
ning, nnd, ns ho forcibly expresses it,
Swcctens tho lunch. With music.'' Ho
has employed tho services of n first-rate
pianist, who makes tho grand piano
which stands In ono end of tho saloon
spenk out In musical tone". Everybody
U invited. Tho best order is maintained
and all improper diameters fupprcs'ed'
with neatness, cheapness and dispatch. Ev
erybody knows that tlio Excelsior saloon
is at tho corner of Washington avenue nnd
Fourteenth street.
Tito Vienna Artery snn : "The tic
contractors of the C. i: V. railroad tool)
dinner with Capt. Perkins Thursday, be
ing en routo for Cairo. They will return
in n fow days and tako contracts for tho
delivery of tho tics needed in this county
Thomas, "tho photographer " has re
moved to tho corner of Commercial avenue
and Eighth street. He has fitted up his
.now art gallery with tasto and elegance,
and has facilities for doing first class work
never before equaled in anvirallcrv in
are mero vniHies nnd vex.ition..
Mr. T .1). . '1i, the comer of .poventh
stid Commercial U prepared to accom
modate nil who 'niiiilv with hoard, with
or without rooms, at prices lowor than any
oiner iirat.ola.shou.o in the city. Mr. El
lis keeps nn nxrnltuiit lulili, ! III. ronmi nre
fmnt rooms hlsl,, nsi,t ,! nry nM well
furnished, nnd wo hnvo no hesitation In
promising satisfaction to nil who call on
him. .Mr. Kills will also supply parlies
who dctdro with unfurnished room, a
reit'oiinblo ratc. Let nil interested tnko
notice. Remember -on the corner of
Seventh and Commercial. 218
Tho Cairo Rui.i.etin and .Vim aredis-
cuuliii: with much feelintr tlm nunllll
cations or certain citizens for municipal
twialll,.tt. r... II . I. 1.. I-..-... ...
I '.. ... . iu iiui.l.rii,,i in in m,ui
Ciil. S S. Tnylor for mnvor, and tho .Vim
ioe. not object. Hero tiny agree, ami cx
lilblt llieir cihhI sense in iool llilnkinu
Taylor is u iiropor man for tno poslthin.
Taylor is it man of brains, of wealth, of In
lluence, nnd fully understands the wants
oi the city, ills election would add uIl'HI
IV nnd ifitlnpncn tntlti. rtn.ttlnn. In hiltll
don to his nhility for thu position, he 1
n liberal man. .o narrow contracted
notiidi. could Influence him.
Messis. Oherlv itt.d Duvla. vnu nro sen
slbie gentlemen, continue to labor for the
election orTavior. Sfiaxcnectoxo.t Uaiette
Tlio Gazette, tttkes tho rliiht view of
municipal wants In Cairo, and his eulocy
of Col. S. S.Taylor is not only Just but It
is eminently ucscrveu. it u only a repe
tition of what wo Imvo heretofore n.icrlcd,
it is true, but its repetition bv one who Is
not directly Interested in our local mat
tcr, and who knows Col. Taylor well, it
nn Indorsement that will attract atten
tion. As the Gatette truly remarks, " hit
election would udd dignity and lulluenco
to the position. No narrow, contracted
notions could Influence him.'' No truer
word was ever spoken in reference to a
man, than this ; for among all our liberal
minded und able men, nono can surpass
Col. Taylor, nnd few, vorv few are hit
If the bringing out of his name in con
ruction with the olllce can elicit such warm
encomiums of hii fitness und ability,
whnt will bo tho consequences when he is
clecied ?
owill take occasion, Just here, to
whisper a word to our friend Morgan j ho
is corroct in saying that the .Sun docs not
object to Col. Taylor; whatever ho may
te now and then In tint orgnn, which
teems to look othorwi.e, he may put down
to tho naturul coyness of the luminary, In
being unwilling to surrender at tho first
summons; like a bashful mnldcn, tho
Vim says no, when it thinks yc., because
it knows that Col. Tavlor Is tho best and
the fittest man.
fallen to low stages of water, and thl wl
iin.linl.K. r.d.n tlm rales within a day o
two, St. Louis Is again cut eff by le
The r ver is solid nl Unit point, nnu oon
mid barges nro frozen fait betwoon It an
Cairo. For tho second or tliir.i uriiii m
winter, our city l tho extreme bond ,
navigation on the Mississippi.
Kt.Oint Th.. market generally Ul
chanced. Prices firm. Hale wero
, tf,n 11.1. If--! I.. . nn.M 7
- a
Iflll Hnrlrii. flnn. dot fit
" I o, ,
100 " " Suporflne
delivered a
400 bbl. Hnrlmr. X X X. del.... ft 000 I
I - - --E5I I
000 11 "Util'i Triumph" P.T.
RRAN, Sales wore
1 car del $21
CORN. The market is weak and find'
ting. Prices range to-day for Mixe
about 63c In sacks, del. Sales were
White, in sacks, del.
' WiI'Ihui II.
Miles F.
II. een, i
II riillrt, V
Gllbeit, J
BSPHpeci.. attentinn given to Admiralty aud
Kteamboat buaineaa.
office ohio levee, rooms 7 and 8 over
city National rank.
. D. REXI'ORI) Proprietor
otsca onto rum p sicoxd st,,
Cairo, LUNoib.
ihc Only Firtt-Cluu Jhute in the City
Sr DsTtflifO CODV8ylt to
nd fiom the Iieimi
Apple Huvut,
Pigs Feet,
Dried Corn,
Scotch Oat Mo tl,
Am." U,'' 0,t Mnal.
Iluttlrd Grated llorso lUdli,
Ilitliau .Mill-citron i,
Condensed Milk,
Deviled Turkey,
Ml nee Meat,
European Chocolate,
Dcislciited Cocoanut,
Canned Mackerel,
Canned Salmon,
Smoked Halibut,
Dupeu'k Star S, C. H'tiiu,
Sugar Cured llrcakfnst Ilacon,
Drio t Reef,
I Fir.t Quality "Tim Lost Is tho cheap
, wet., i tueir mono, inoy sell as low as
any oilier homo. No 32 Eighth street
J n2 1 d 1 w.
Marhiaoe Guide. Intero'llng work
nunieroiu engravings, 221 pages. Price
JO font". Address Dr. Hutu' Dispensary
It. 12 north Jiiglitli litroet, St. Louis
Mo. Hen Advertiteinrnt. (f
To call the nttenliiiii of our good people
to tho efforts of thu congregation of St.
Joseph's church in completing their build
ing, is not only it plonspro to u, hut gives
in an opportunity to s.iy what wo know-
will bo induced by the entire community.
In order to erect such it house of wor
ship in will prove equal to the require-
iiienia oi tno congregation, nml at thu same
time an ornament to thu city, the members
and trustee. Imvo nut fiirth nv.re i,ivn
tint spared neither money imr tirno. In
this they Imvo been nobly seconded by
their fellow citizens, who have at led, its
thoy always aid, liberally and willingly.
The w.irk on tlio church int.. liow,vi,r.
been pu.hod forward so rapidly, that the
money provided liasboun oxliati. tod in pro-
portion, nnd the committee now
find themselves forced to ap
peal, in some form, to the
sympathies of their fellow citl.uiu of
Cairo. Thoy Imvo determined upon hold
int; a fair to raiso tho means to carry out
tni-ir ohm, and if tho proceed) shall bo in
uny wy uimtnenstirnto with their eirn-c.
lotions, of wWc,( t, entortnin no doubt,
1.. .. . '
i i rK win i, completed nl once and
"y ""'"y- Thoy appeal then,
oncu uiorii to tlie llbtri, i.ti. ,i
know has never failed, and cordlallvlnvito
evory one to attend the fair on th ,iOth
nnd Mst of Jan. and tho lu f February
at Neff's now building, Ohio lovec. Tim
uuiu .9 imnj mm wen vcntl atod: il
array of useful and ornamental nrticles
will bo profuso and splendid, while tho
price of tickets only twcnty.ftve eenh, Is s0
low as to bo iiliiion an inducement In
placo of any other. Wo hope that all, no
in ii tier whether members of n church ur
not, will come forward in aid of this most
drsirvlng ffor )n25-l
Mr. Chas, Mohner has just received
from tho publishers in New York, a book
of costumes, containing all tho latest styles
of stage equipment. He invites his friends
to call and examine tho book, and If thero
arnany persons desiring articles in this
line, Mrs. Mohner lius proposed to furnish
them ou short notlco and reasonable
torms. Mr. Mchner olso tins a number of
tnnsks which he will sell or hlro out to
those who may want them. janl2w2
Capt. N. n.Thl.tlowood, lute of Mas-
on, Ills., has determined to become a citi
zen of Cairo, and locate his businoss hero
us a commission merchant. Cant. Thistle-
wood brings with him recommendatory let-
tcrs of thn most flattering kind, us to his in
tegrity, character and promptness, from'
gentlemen with whom ho has done busi
ness for many years, all endorsing him in
tho highest terms. We have seen the lot
ten and rogard them a. n pussport into
any community.
We hnvu no hesitation in recommend
ing William Elilcrs, boot und shoo maker
its worthy of most liberal patronage. We
know whoroof wo speak when we saj t,u
work is done In a muiterly 'manner at the
lowest prices. He uses luthlng but! tho
best of stock, and lie cannot bo excelled In
tho delicate task of making an oxarjt fl'
Give him a cull at his shop on Twentieth
street, between Washington nrenno nnd
Poplar stroet, nearly opposlto tho court
house, and we will guarantee satisfaction.
Tho Great It'ipiibllc it lying at the
i wlutri awaiting order, rroin the (irand
t , i i. ..ii i. , . . .
jjlikc, nnu ivu ouucvu n runny ior Ills rn
eeption. Tlio furniture intended for the
I rooms prepared for him, has arrived from
, U. I . ..... ...
luuu nnu is in us piace- At least so
wo are Informed, as tho boat Is not opened
to tho inspection of tho general public. It
I' Is rumored that'll. T. II. will rut take
CJalro. Jir.i nomas will open his new
gallery on Monday morning, nnd will
then bo ready to take photograph., gem,
and' procelaln pictures of all sizi and
styles, and to copy atud enlarge old pic
ture;. 2t
In view of tho announcement elte
wliero made in relation to tlio Cairo and
Vincentie s railroad, what do tlie good peo
ple of Cairo think of the nccoity of mov
ing in the direction of building up tlio
mnnufuciuring interests of the city ? Shall
we allow our business in thl' line, which
wo can control, to bo taken from im by
our neighbors nnd rivals, for the wnnt of
n little energy added to moro unanimity ?
How long it will take for Cairo to wnko
up to the nocessity of meeting tlie great
responsibilities, that the completion of tlio
advancing roads will place upon her, Is for
her people lo .ay. For our part, wo do
not need tho cyo of-a prophet to foretell
w.hat, jtnd just whw.il needed, to curry out
such scbemes as will effect tho consumma
tion of nil tlmt Cairo needs.
Like most carpets, everything in life
has two side?, a right and a wrong side.
Now, yotrmay tako any joy, and ly turn
ing it nroun '., find trouble on the other
sidej'or-you may take tho greatest trouble
and by lurtilne; it around find joys on tho
other fide. "Pray, what does this moral
sermon mean," asks Jonos; whero is-tho
point'-?'' "Right hero; Cairo had" her
joy yesterday Alexis, To-day she
turned that joy around and looked at tho
other side when -lol-r-lie found trouble.
Isn't going to como horo is going to
Louisville, thonoo to Memphis. Then
Cairo this morning took nnotlior look at
tho other side, and turned it around so as
to bring tho Joy side, front to faco. Pretto'
Alexis will oomo and Cairo is happy.
Caution; don't keep turning tho thing
nrour.d too much, or all hands will get
dizzv and seo double, nnd instead of one
you'll seo two Alexmidroviteh's
Tho following nre tho arrivals of the
Delmonico hotel, Win. Winter, proprie
tor, sinco last report, Jan. 20th, 1872: J'
H. . Reidcman, Cincinnati; Moso Grey,
River; O, W. Keiinely, R. Kennedy, Rich
view, ill,; Jclin W. .loiiiison, ht. J.oiil.
A. E. Week, Now Orleans; II. L, Fisher,
J. G, Wood', St. LouN ; Tlioinat Wilson,
Sam Orr, City ; Capt. Cillolind, St. Louis ;
II. II. Spencer, Norfork, Mo.; R. Wiloy
Mokomda. III.; Sum Lowis, Pulaski, III.;
J iime Hawkins, Contralla, 111.; O, C. Pur
kins, S, W. Hand, Cincinnati ; Jayiies
Lovy; A. Hainly, Now Orleans, O. S. Rob
inson, St Louis ; AVm. Ten, Str. Tliomp
son Dean, AV. R. Winders, Tod Co., Ky.
A. Gardner, ,Mayfiold, Ky.; M. J. Huugh,
Hopelleld, Ark.; Dr. F. A. Holliday, Met
ropoliu, III.; AV. A . Stimctt, Rlomlngton,
ni. ; Win. II. Lcdgor, Cincinnati, F. M. At
well, Milton, IlV, AV. L. AVeldoriiian
Eldrndo, Ills.
In place of being In tho extreme
southern part of Illinois, tho good people
of Cairo might ns well bo at tlio north pole.
as far as tho climnlo U responsible. If
this grand and extensive country can pro
duco any better cold then wo hnvo been
shivering undor, for the past threo or four
days, wn would like to see tho feat por
termed not in this lntltudo, for wo have
hnd enough ol it for onu spell, AVo don't
know whnt tho thomouieters in tho city
hare been doing In that space of time, but
we 'luVnowthnt Iftherara inaasurors of
. Put. Fitzgerald, of tho ri.imple Rooms,
has received the appointment of agent for
tlic sale of tho H.tmmondsport, N. A
(,'rlmmiu AV'inn Culnnnnv's u liu . in this
city. If tho bottle with which wo were
yesterday prconte.1 is n sample of tho
quality of llicso wlno, then we are pr
pared to say that they arc among tho best
we havo ever tutted. Ho has just
received a large consignment, which ho is
prepared to -ll ut tho lowest flgurers.
He has nho un hand n lnrce and complete
stock of tho various brands of Irish,
Scotch and American whiskies, and wines
of every variety janl2dtf.
Yarmouth succotash and corn at Jor-
ccii.cn i. tl.
The undersigned takes this method
of returning her sinccro thanks to the
Germanin Life Insurance Co., of New
York, fur tho prompt and cheorful puy
montofn nolicv of SI. 500 on tho life of
licr.latc husband.
To Mr. Reiuhold V. R'-lzner, the elll
clout agent of the company at Cairo, are
my thanks espeelnlly duo for his kind and
honorable action in tho aettlcniont of my
claim. Catharine Rriricii
Sago's Catarrh Remedy
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
8 " Mixed " od
orders, dol , ,
2 cars Yellow, in sacks, del ...
21 " Mixed, " "
1 car White, in sacks, in bulk,
on track
20 cars Mixed, in bulk, on
OATH Are in demand. The mark
Improved slightly to-dar under Influan
of favorable advices from below. 81
1! cars, Mixed, in sacks, del...
18 " " " " on
track 3uc a, 4
can, juiqu, in nut;., uei... vjv s i-
200 Mixed, del 4
COO " on orders 46c a 4
18 can, AVhltedel 46c a 4
1 car Illack Mixed, from
store, in racks, for seed fr
1 car Choico White, for seed ti
100 sacks Seed Oats in loti I
1 cur Choice Rlack, in sacks
for seed , 3
HAY". Tboro Is very litllo demand at
recc nil are correspond nsr v Usui. nn
transactions are limited. Sales were
1 car Choico Mixed, from store- $21
1 cars " " aei io
I car l oor "
RUTTER. AVo note no variation fro
tho dullness which has ruled for sor
weeks. Sales wore
lu pa.v.uuiuv. ........... ...
a " " JIOII
EGGS. Are dull at quotatloni and
light demand. Sales wero
000 doz 1
POULTRV.-Tri good demand kndu
chanced. Sales were
7 coops mixed Chickens 91 Wal .
lOdoz dressed " 2 50a8
200 Ibi, Turkeys - 1
MEA L. Is firm and In good daman
Sales were
100 bbls Fresh, del
00 " Steam dried del
300 ' Kiln " "
a ears atuam " "
200 bbls Citv I'.oam d I d
100 " steam dried on CMsfrs
in small lots from store.'....
200 bbls stoatn dried on or
market, prices ranging about tho same a
previously quoted. Sales were
2 casks, Clear rib sides, dry salt...
r , rtn .1 . it ii 11 11 flAjCV:
1000 11 Shoulder, bacon
20 bbls. Men Pork $18
GAME. Is scarce for the last few day
and In good demand, but a change in tb
weather will soon mate it dull, nai
7 Dears 6J
8 do. Prairie Chicken C
10 " Quails 1 S
10 " Rabbits
APPLES. Unchanged.
30 bbls, Interior
CO " Choice, on orders..
POTATOES. There ii
ing and no demand
CO bbls. Pink Eyei
8 00a3
3 00a3
an aein
... i oo3i
. ft 004 f
... 6 6
very little d
Salei were
13 OWalJ
II. Levy & Co., nt No. Oil Ohio levee,
hnvo on hand and for falo In quantities to
suit puichuscrs, ono thousand pounds of
good feathers, They will ho fold ot prices
within tho reach of tho poorest. Families
Buppied at reasonable rates. doc 12-tf
Smoked salmon and Yarmouth bloat
erf, Just received ut Jorgonson'f!. tf.
Go to P. G. Schuh s
Nilsson Roquet, Ess. Roquet
Chineese Roquet Perfumery.
Sandwitched meats of all kinds al
ways on hand nt S. Jorgenson's. If.
Notice. Tho host cntcrtalnmont in
the city is at tho St. Nicholas hotol, saloon
and restaurant. Tho best music that can
bo had violin and piano. Good lunch
ovory morning und night. All of tho
finest brands of cigars, and tlio best St.
Louis lager beer, always fresh nnd nico.
Giva us a call.
Harry AValker. Proprietor.
Tlio Finest Solcctlon of
Toilet Soaps,
Musk, Rose, Cologno, Rondella, and Cash
moi Uoquct Soaps
At P. G. Schuh's.
Thirty cents.it week will sootiro a pol
icy for ono thousand dollura In tbo Lite
Assoelntion of America. A good liivosl
ment for a young man. l'ur particulars
apply to Curl L. Thomas, special agent,
Fresh Muscat grapes from California,
Just received at Jorgtnien's. tf
ou to ooiea isew inrarn
torv Cheese. 15c: Cbbli. Plantation Molai
ici, COc per gallon ; 3 hhds. fine New Oi
leant Sugar, 10c: 10 small drellU Hogi
ti SO; 10 dressed Hogs, $S 60.
Hleamer. Where from. Where M,
II. C. Yacgor...Now Orltini
Idlewild Evansvillo...EvanivilU
Jchn KiIgour...Now Orleans
Alico Memphis
Mluncola Memphis.,. ...Cincinnati
Illinois ColUmbus. ...Columbus
James Fisk Jr. .Paducuh Pad u cab
R. C. Gray .Louisville. ...Ark. rivsr
Tho fall in the rivor at this placo during
tho past 21 hours has been about 4 inches
Ice mado its appearance in the Ohio yes
terday, but was light and scattering. I
From Pittsburg there is nothing to rt-
port but plonty of ice and the river still t'
falling. At Cincinnati the river has1
ItslOUU eviviMI tllVISVn ta v a tm , M M Ml t
an Ico gorge below there. At Louisville
thero is 4 J feet in (he canal, and falling
withplohty of ico. At Evansville the
fall is stoady, nnd the river Is full of float
ing Ico.
..... s i i , . .i
uumuerianu river continues to lau wun
about 2 foot on Harpeth Shoals.
The Mississippi is played out. There is
but a little ovor 3 feet In the channel and
plenty of Ice. If tho following does not
show what city Is the head of navigation,
wo would Hko to know what it doss
mean. It was placed on change at St.
Louis Thursday and speaks for itself
ii .. a t m t inn tint aaruAn flt T.iitta Jl Pta. t.
" JIV HjHl.wi. UVV ti v' WHS 44UUII I VIIIU UV'
ing suspended for the present the members ;
of tho board of underwriters clv notice!
that no cargo risks will be taken between
St. Louis and Cairo until further notice."
Uelow horo tho wator is thinning out
somo nnd 0 foot is reported on Reeves bar
Clljr W atloaal Bauk BallellltaT.
tts9peelal attention paid it oratsra (rets !
utjiht or day-

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