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On and aHc r Sunday, Stay I4lh, Irtl, the
nKlime-Uibo!llKOvernlhonirltl u 1
or of i,ir trnln l Caiioi
Dtpart Mall tram, daily '
Kxpress, da.ly
.. 4:Wn.m.
, 2.1 i.m.
. 3;ijn.n.
Cairn and ''"" 81'Otl Line.
. 3:13 P
,f ; ::zzzz . .
h"'pfWK from Cairo 10 SI. J''
-i . frnin Halm In CtliCW-
r.fng Uooti sleeping car "
i ..! -II i..,w,rlnl ""
a;)(aK,o viicimru tin ""I "
Will mako three trips daily.
J .m. At
AM SO VM. ""-I '"'
B..,M,h -jrav. ) cents i 1" ti'kel foi If,'-
fodinglor BMtngir or freight- nowm.
IlKif.N IlllATfs,
The fincstfnmer
fiU3K0VLBK..... Master
Will leavo Cairo for i:v.inille every .Sunday and
Tlmr4y evenings, nt 3 o'cloux, p.m. For
fre.untor passage, npply on board or to
Janatf .. JAtf. DKKIS, Agl.
Tlie splendid steamer
J or I'o n I r r , 31 an I p r.
iet flilro IiVlt.V, HinUys excepted) at 4
en. Fur traihtor tn.'o nppir nn noara or
. . tiii.nu . . . .
t'nnilierliiiiil Illvrr luckpl
oa i no.
Tlio splendid steamer
T Y 11 0 N E ,
TOM lIAltMAN...Masler AI.KX. IIAUD Clorli
IVIllteme Oilro erory Situnlvy t & o'clock p.m.
UrCliik'Villi-, nntl .Nrt-hTllle. I'ur IruiKlit or
rwur, apply on board or to
)n3tf JAS 1IIG08, Ak'I.
ca i no.
Tlf Ka'.lant steamer
OWKS DAVI3...Mitr I Clerk
Will leare Cairo erery ThiirJay t o'ctork p.m.
tor .Vii.liville, CMrkot Hie mill mII way point, Kor
frelglit or .ii.ai'e j tI y on bnnrU nr to
J"3lf. JAS. HKSCiS, Ag't.
Tlio ?ood Mcimtr
WII.EV SIJIM3...Mmtcr Cletk
Will Uato Cairo every Monilny nt 5 o'clock, p.m.
for Nalitille, n:i.l nil way ports Tor freight or
pa.'age, niiply on board r to
jan J If JA9. lllGG j, Agt.
iU.MiuiiA.vr 'i'uiiiK'i'S.
VOn SALE. 1 KorHalo f KOlt SALE,
1 I 1'orSalo I '
I SALE. J KoradHl'-On BALE.
J'"aro from IjIVKUpool,
J-'uro from Ldndcndkuiiv
. Vnro from Gi.Ahaow,
I'nro from (iUKKNSTow.v
TO OA1KO, :::::::: $1820
iallorJ, -Morrn .v C'.i , Kent.
Llterpool Aew.Tork and l'hiladrlphla
Steamship Company,
it coxiatcT irtt tvnr.D tatcanv biiiiiii
(iOvcnMi tirs
Tor Curyiui; tno Malln.
ron passaTh tickets
on ri'niiirH isrotiM tioi
IS ltroailtrny, New-Yolk, or to
II. II tlit,
V'ahlnaton Avenue, irn. n"l. 51
"TlF-SinKSCK No. 11 Thlrleenlli ilr.l lu..
XV twee.-! Winttmmioii utcihih hik! Walnut utrutt,
"'u-i.-ummmifnii'il inenue, up Halra.
0. W. DUXm(i, M. 1).
TIJ?riK.VCK-.-orner.iiilli nml Wlnut l
1 Jj .n-e-cinnr Mixtli iret ami oiim levee.
r ..win 1. a.m. io 1 j in,( ani u p.ui
II. WAItI)Ni;i;il71).
TvnjIril'Helll n
l-C dr 1 ; corner Mnclteulli street ami
j.v .ii" j, iuii hii-miip, near court lioiino
uvw u.rr lull pOMrOflICO,
a m. jnd"2to 4 p.m.
O.'lioo hourii 10 Id u
J iriluir.
U. S. HItlOIAJ, .11. I).,
Office, 13fi Coumbwui. kvkl,si,e
Office hour., e to 10a.m.. am! 1 lo3 ,, , " '
denco, No. II Nltitli tlrei t, Cairo. ,, fe(,71ni '
William J.Allen,
am J. Allen, ")
ll.Jiulkey l
lei l'.Wheelcr.J
bamiiel p
tnSmTw r,l,!U,r ,ttentiun l,llJ o river nnd ad
miraity tjuineM.
OFKlCi:-Over l'irt National Hank, Ohio I.etee.
William II.
. fiilbert, Y
riiV,"' Un'"n Kl,e" ,g Annually aud
aitKXKHD 1VoprIcl
(oaxmi onto uvn
1 am moxu sr..
Cairo, JLLi,t
Jht Oaty Ftnt-Ciuu UuuH i,47ic CJ
"Dagor.o conreytd (0
r of ci.nf.
ml from the j,,,,
JOHN ii. onr.iti.v a "
slicct nin
i iiiisiiiiision avenue,
Cairo, I Minos.
ii Lin l of Binding nal Hilling ilono ol tlio
..V. MV HvlnR rnnsjr,ed tho scrvl-
,r' . r Mr. II n.'l . wiin ini. had mnnv Yinrs
I fi prrirncr iu one of best Binderies oftl. Louis,
. . i,,n.rlnlr-n.l tnl rnluhll.limcnt. WC cull coll
ii lentlv irnmlie,our nitron worn niuil to Hint
of niy Bindery In the west.
I'orC'lly M nrxlial.
We ire niilhorlia J to Minounco Amlreir Cnln
n. a canunlatc lor re-rleclon to tlieollloo ol city
llariliil nt tho approaclilng charter election.
For City TrcnNiiror.
We are ntithorltcil to acnoutico Mr. Jo.rph II.
Taylor mn oandiilato for reelection to the nlllce
of City Tre.itircr at tlio cnmlng charter
I'or 1'lty Clerk.
Wo nro atitlionz'tl to nnnotinco Michael How
ley a a cntnlMate for re-election to the olllco ol
City Clerk at the enduing charter election,
I'or Clly At lorney.
We are authorized to announce Mr. V. II. Popn
ai a candidate for re-election lo the office of City
Attorney, nt the entitling charter election. Id
I'ollcc .WngiKtrntPa
Wo nr ntithoritpd to announco Kredoline
llrni!i aj a candidate for re-election to the olllceof
Police .MflfilMhitc, ut tho ensiling clinrter elec
tion, td
lutllMbiHl every inornlnjf, Mondiiy ex
Sek the Cairo Keening Sun of to-dny
for IJoctor Coftti's Lenten Pastoral. Or-
deis for extra coplns receive J nt tlio Sun
olDco until 1 p.m. U
Tin: l.vco.Mi: of tliu North Jl'ufouri
III!, Co., Incrcaicd moro than ton fold dur
ing tlio last avcnr.
Saitokh, Mouhis & Candkr, Autx.
The Noktii Missoubi Imh. Co more
tlinn doubled Its capltul atock during the
pnt year.
Safi'oki), Jlonuis & Canuck, Aots.
Is point of real solid assets and reli
ublo security, tho North Missouri Ins. Co.,
is emphatically a leading ilro under
writer of tho Mississippi valley.
Savkokd, Morrm & Canuke, Aots.
Fiiom the income alonooftho North
Missouri Ins. Co., could bo paid daily over
two thousond dollars of losses without re
sorting to its capital or assets.
Saitoiui, Mounts & Canijee, Aqts
The North Missouri Ins. Co., has
filed 11 statomcnt with tho Insurnnco De
partment of this Stnto showing its 11s sots
to bo Jan. 1st, 1872, $045,417 01.
Safkorh, Moitms A: Canoke, Aots
Tub Oohok. 8 X 10 Photographic
Mowauftlio Big Icq Oorgo, near Co
nimbus, Jvontucky, for s:tlo at Thomas'
Photograplnc (Jnllery, corner of Kiirhth
street and C'oniniorclnl avenue, ivfco, a
cent.", each. dlw'J-I'J
Till'. JflNV.TKENTII. On tlio ovcnitii: of
tho 10th Inst., Hon. "Win. Parsons, of
Kuglntid, will lccluro beforo tho Young
Men's Christian Association, niul tho
Turners trip tho light fantastic too in
School's "Washington Hall.
The North Missouri Ins, Co., paid iti
heavy Chicago huso llftccu days uftertho
Ilro without tho least discount or delay in
Sakkorii, Morris & Candee, Aots.
Look to Your Chilurek. Diarrhea,
Dysentery, and Summer Uomplaltit nro
cured by Mrs. "Whitcomb'a Syrup, which
is sold for 2o cents a bottlo. Sco advortiso
tncnt. 2-l-l,dA:wlw.
lioAUDlNd. Ono hundrod day boardors
can bo accommodated at tliu Commercial
hotel with day board, tlrst-chm fare, at
tlio low rnto of $20 per month.
Mrs. M.J. "White.
d 1 in-2-1 3.
The North Missauui Ins. Co., w
In nil the g'reat conflagrations of tho past
year, yet conies from tliu ilamos with its
obligations promptly mot and honorably
paid, and oilers to its patrons indemnity
nun inn stood tlio ordoil or Ilro and iUmo
SArfoitn, Montis & Oaniiek, Aots.
New Flag. Our "Clerk of tlioAVeath-
cr, Mr. T. L. Watson, has displayed anil
win continue to display for soniu tlnio
until it becomes old a splendid now ling
it uont iroin a twonty-two foot stall' on
tho top of tho obiorvntory, and is u thing
ot ocuiiiy 11 not a Joy forever.
If you Awl dull, drowsy doWlltiitoil. Jinvo
iri'qucnt IieaUuclio, mouth tastes badly,
poor nppetito mid tonguo coated, vcu are
suffering from Torpid Liver or ''llilli-
t outness, " and nothing will euro you so
J M'etdily and pormanuntly at Dr. Piercn's
Oohlcii Medical Discovery. COO,
'""'-'I'liii best c-ntortalnment In
tno city It uvUlu Rt Ni(,mIu, hot0) (llloon
and restimram. T,(o
bo had-vloliniiH ,iuo (JooJ
every morning and M .
finest brands of cigar f l.A1', f,
Louis luger beer,.u.vayS U '1U
Give u, a call. m1 nice.
A l.inKitAi. adjustment of Its losses, ,
prompt pnyniiitof itsdubtti a coneti,iitlv,nlllliiorv establishment in this citv, but
I .!.... ....!...! . lft,. , . . ' . .
increasing capital, una u vlgoroat and
prudent management, havo croatod for
tho North Missouri Ir.s. Co., a national ro
putatlon, und its agents uro meeting with
succcm in every part of our country.
Saffork, Morris & Oandkk, Aots.
In Etpi.anatio'n. Mr. Henry Winter
is Inclined to hold The Uui.lktin ro
sponeiblo for turning hit nnmo upside
down in the Turner society's advertise
ment, but we arc not guilty. Tho com
niltteo directed that tho nuino should bo
thut printed. Whon we foci inclined to
turn Jack upildo down wo will inform
him of tho fact, and turn him.
HurrAiOANir Uear Meat. J, "Wal-
tew, tho Eighth 6trcot lutchor, hai re
ceived, by express, from Sioui Oily, a
buirulo which was klllol by tho Dnlto
AImI'i nn ft 'J0Rr wno 'osl nnBSy
nt the hands of Oen. Custar. Tlio meat
Is now ready to bo supplied to tho citizens
of Cairo, t "Walters' butcher shop.
3t a-13
Tin: North M issouiit Ixs. Co., cotild
pay back every dollar to its Stockholders,
reliunro all Its outstanding risks, pay all
Its other llnbllltle.', and still h tvo ab.ilunco
of ovor Thirty Thousand Dollars. It has
always been wjunl to every requlrctimnti
and prompt lo tucot lis obligations.
Saitori), Morris & Canhee, Aots.
Kkhti vat.. Festival and oyster supper
of tho ladles of tho Prcsbytorlnn congre
gation, at tho church building, this even
ing. Tho tublo will bo spread nt 0 o clock
this evening, so that nil who wish can have
supper nt tho usual meal hour. Those who
wish n good supper for n very reasonable
sum will protlt by this opportunity to ob
tain one.
Tiik YtunlBil, so disastrous lo many
flro insurance comp.uiles, was ono of. un
exampled prosporlty to Tlio North Mis
souri. Out ol tho tiro It comes, with as
sets moro than doubled; and now with re
cord untarnished, oilers indemnity to nil
who aro willing to pay an adequate rate.
Savford, Morris & Canhee, Aots. '
Hunoi.ARiF.9. On Monday night bur
glars entered several houses In the city
After midnight, Oflicor Martin hoard ono
of tlio rascals working at tlio back door of
Hannon's store, and summoning Officers
Quinn and Mohner to his nld, captur
ed him, In tlio act of pockotlng tho con
tents of tho drawer.
Ho rests secure in
tho county jail.
The i-olict of tho North Missouri Ins.
Co., is now, nnd always lias boon, to limit
its risks within tho range of any una Ilro,
so that tho destruction of any town or
city would not sweep away nnd consldor-
ablo portion of nsuts. This prudent fore
thought saved tho Company nt Chicago,
and will bo ono of its safeguards In tho
Safford, Morris & Caniike, Aots.
Not too Late. It is never too latoto
do good, nnd therefore not too lato to say
that each gentleman and lady who wits
present nt tho lato masquerade ball at tho
St. Charles in pulling tho supper which
mine host Hex ford spread upon that occas
Ion. Tho general verdict is that it was tho
finest lay out of well cooked edibles ever
spread before tho eyes of hungry Cairo
dancers. Itoxford knows how to do such
The LateParlor Concert. The con
cert at tho residenco.of S. P. "Whoelor,
Esq., was patronized jy one of tho largest
and most fashionable audiences of tho
lesson, r.veryuoilv who is worth men
tioning wns out, nnd tho hours of the en
tcrtainmcnt wcro whilcd away in n man
nor most docidedly enjoyable. Mr. and
Mrs. "Wheeler succeeded in making all
their guests, (as tho popular expression
has it) " feel perfectly nt home."
A Sl'UH.f u. TW fmvo mil. .!), 1 Hi
Snup, Meyers nnd Korsmoyor paid a "re
former" to nsk this btunulng question:
Can you nllnrd to sn.uko Mid chow to-
'baceo, thus spending from three to thirty
dollars n month, and injuring your nover
ous system, and perverting your wholo
constitution, nnd thoroby transmitting to
your children n weakened constitution,
thus making them punny invnlids for
life V
The Cistern Question. The council
which is often fust to do nothing, nnd fre
quently slow tg do anything, has como to
u dead halt on tho cistern question. Tho
w nuer uricK men lnivo concluded to go
cistcnilcss or havo brick cisterns, and the
wood cistern men aro hickory in tholr ad
horciico to wood. Thoro is consequently n
dead lock, and so tho II 1 0 companies may
Dropping metlon' Into empty cu.terii.
And growitut nld in pumplux nothing out
Chh'aoo, Cairo and Moiiii.e IUiL'
roaii. It will Interest our elti.ens to be
told that there was laid beforo tho proper
committee of tlio congressional houso of
representative?, on Ihn HI Inst., tho joint
resolution of tho gunorul assembly of 1111
nols requesting the representatives and
senators from this state to endeavor to ob
tain tho passage of an net transferring all
tho rights, privileges and liabilities confer
roil 011 tho state of Illinois for aiding in
tho construction of n railroad from Cliicu-
go to .Mobile, to tho states of Alabama
und Mississippi.
Alarm ei. Tlio good pujplo of Me
tropolis aro becoming nlarinoj nt tho en
terprise being exhibited by Ciiro, nnd tho
Times at that plnco raises nn alarming cry.
Tlio Timet says : "Tho Cairo r.nd Vin.
connos railroad will bo built duriu-r tlio
pruiout year, cutting olf our trade from
.lolinton county, ninth of th0 county line.
ineu ara tm evils which nunaco Mo
tropolls. What is she doing? Ask tho
wlngod winds that sound our pathway
roar." An Inquiry uddrossed in tho di
rection indicated by tho Timet might do
Metropolis somo good.
Nearly all tho citizens of Cairo, certainly
all the ladios of Cairo, woro acquainted
with Mrs. Arnold liarbor, tlio miillnor.
At one time alio was tho proprietors of
the most extensive and most fashionable
-.iiuai irouuies caino upon nor, ami iio
mtsik,mU(:uUi0J b()J0t ,1()r( fttlJ ,,10 W(ls
compelltMiy, urron(to. hor business and
o..rR.vllvemioo,VUhh(irnecdIOi Somo.
imo y Mrs. Harbor Ufl Cain,, iMtcdli.g
0 bo absent several ,, , d
news of hor death at St. Loul, reaches u
She had boon sick for nearly 0 ' .'
thn llltlillli'.mf-ii i.T I,... II ...i.i . '
" , """"B o " will
not surprise thoso who woro Ir.tiinntoU
ucqualnted with her.
Very True. Tho Cairo Paper, lutt
issue, puis It In this forcible manner:
"Thoro nro two men in Cairo who won't
take tho .Vim nnd Bulletin at all, and
who stopped taking Tho Wn'ro Paper be
came they only had tlmo to read tho St.
Louis papers I If, in the couro of n
whole year these gentlemen could find lu
their St. Louis papers as much ns a single
parngraph In favor of Cairo, wo would
frame somo kind of an oicuso for them J
but us tho pnpors of that city teem with
abuso of Cairo nnd ofton oxort lliolr Influ
onco to crlpplo our growth nnd defeat our
public entcrprUo It would servo tho gen
tlemen in question right If tho citizens of
Cairo would compel them lo look to St.
Louis for tho patronage that provides them
with tholr bread nnd butter."
China "Wkdm.nu. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Snmuel Wallers eelobtnted tho twentieth
anniversary of their wedding day by n
recherche pnrly lust night, nt which woro
present n very largo number of tho worthy
couple's friends nndjncqualntancci. Tho
occasion wus ono of unnlloyod pleasure,
hilarity and enjoyment. Whon they
havo doubled tho days of their married
life, nnd havo added thereto ten years,
their golden wedding will bo colobratcd,
nnd In tho city of Cairo, too, then number
ing Its population by hundreds of thous
ands ntid its luinbor morchants by tho
thousand, nt tho head of which Sam. Wal
tors will of courso stand, selling cheaper
and driving business In a briskor manner
than any of them. Wo congratulato Mr,
Wallers nnd his estimable lady, nnd hope
they may livo to seo the day wo have rc
fcrred to nbove.
hair ceaso to draw from tho scalp tho nnt
ural lubricant which is its sustenaccs, its
vitality is, ns it wcro, suspended, nnd If
not promptly attended to, baldness will bo
Ihc certain result. The one suro method
of nvoldlng such nn unpleasant catas
tropho is to use Lyon's Katu airon, which
hen woll rubbod into tho scalp, will
speedily rc-ntiimato tho hair nnd prevent
it from falling out. liosides that, this in
Imltablo rctuscitant nnd strengthener of
tho Hair nourishes nnd stimulates its
young nnd tendor libers, removes all
obstacles to their growth in the shape of
dandrufTand dirt, ntid ultimately produces
a now crop of hair, strongor, glossier, and
twico as abundant as tho old. As a hnir
dressing it is notably tho most agreeable.
rcircsning snu scrviceatilo nrticlo ever
plnco upon a drcstlng-tuble. 2-12,d30d&w
Cniu. Con. Cases. Every day tho fact
becomes moro clearly nppnrent that Cairo
Hot in too close proximity to Paditcah and
Memphis. Thoso cities have so contamin
ntod Its morals that they are, wo fear, be
coming rnthor loose. Jtftt now thcro it
llttlo brcezo of excitement over a crim
con. case in which 0110 of our business men
is Involved nnd n wronged husband is
seeking tho betrayer of his peace, threat
cnlng dlro vengeance. A fow wcekt ogo,
11 husband and father, formerly and till rc
contly n citizen of Cairo, decamped with
a servant girl leaving his wifo nnd
children destitute, nnd mora recently nn
other husbnud brought distress to his
honrthstono by n similar act of perfidy,
Theso nro n fow of tho scandals now on tho
lips of our gossips only a few of them
Our preachers may learn from this the
great necessity thcro Is for nctivitv
their part tho overwhelming importance
of uniting with The JJui.i.etin in
--"'-- f . Iiriiif, l..nil a Im-IIat
condition of uiiulrs nnd liuston tho dawn
of tho ora of virtue, when there will bo no
moro faithless husbands and wives, and
when tliu dog will not return to his vomit,
tho cow chow hor cud nnd l'obertson, of
tho police force, not doslro olllcc.
The Municipal Canvas. Tho np
proaching contest for municipal oflicos
will bo n peculiar scrub raco if it is per
mitted to drift along ns it now is; but in
all probability n concerted effort of citi
zens who havotha woltaro of Ciiro roally
at hoart will bo mado at tho proper time.
That old element In our citv politics
which is always holding back, al ways find
ing fault with what is being dono an'd
novcr suggesting a bettor policy corino
ran(s, who fed upon tho city treasury un
til they emptied it ; "gay boys,'1 who cry :
" Give us public pap or we dio, " thoso
are busy und will bo in the Hold beforo
they arocxpoctcd nnd mnko tho public car
tlnglo with tho blare of tholr trumpsts
blowing their own praises in every saloon
in tho city. Already tho boll wcAthcr is
perambulating tho streets, and tho sound
of his calling bell, after which his flock
follow most stoadfustly, may bo heard tink
ling now on this ttreot cornor nnd now on
that bore, there, everywhere. Ho is go
ing tor an olllco again, sure. Ifo
is in great need of tlio salary. It may bo
small, but It will help.
IJut tho other side, whstaru tlioy doing 7
Littlo nothing.
And so we go.
Hut something ought to bo done. Tlio
wolfaro of tho cily demands that tho good
accomplished during tho municipal year
now closing must not be mtillilled by
mal-udministrallon during tho next year.
Tlio LansJon administration deserves woll
of tho public. II should bo continued if
possible, so that it may havo an oppor
tunity to moro fully duvulopo to consum
mate Its policy of municipal government.
It would bo woll, therefore, if tho electors
should say to tho present city ollicorg :
" Well dono, good and faithful servants;
weary not in woil doing, (lo in again,
and bclmvo bolter next year than you did
lust if you can." The tiokut of last year
is a good enough ticket for this year I
Lt us repeat.
A Bather Larue Fuss About a Vekt
Small Matter. Last Monday tho Cairo
7'ujer announced Johnny Marnol, a rath
er forward and froward boy of this city as
a candldato for mayor. Tho announce
ment was takon by most readers ns an at
tempt at a Joko ; but tho Sun, with Its
ttccustomud astutonos?, took tho matter
i i.. .. . i, . ..
suriuimy ami canci tno announcement
n very "small affair." Johnny, i,lj0.
rushed into print In tho following unlono
J-Mltordlro Bun :
Sir, I find in the Cairo Paper of tills
morning, my nnmo announced us n candi
date for mayor. If this is intended as n
Joke it is too btale. If u reality, thon I
"vo to suy that it was against my wishes
'"id nuthoilly. I profor tho position of
Journeyman printorto that f being prosl
nt or u,e Uulted States. Yours, &l,
John. P. Marnel.
and "ayt"W comc' u,,ol,,or J'0U"B n,
Editor Ilullelini
lu the Cairo sn, of Monday evening,
Jno. P. Marnol declares that ho gavo no
0110 authority to niinoittico his nanio In
connoction with tho mayoralty. I dcslro
to say that tho nuthority was given to
mo porsonaiiy, una 111 niu prusouco 01 Dr.
If this goes on tho canvass will degonor-
ntolnto njuvonllo contest-, nnd n would
suggest to The Paper that, before It announ
ces inch n candldato ngnln,',tho iditor would
do well lo mako n personnl oxaininalbn of
tho nsplrinir vounir ninn to nscorttin
hclhor holms yot ossapo.l from his swad-
ling clothes nnd has entirely disponsed
with tho uso of diapors.
Lent. To-day boglnstho Fast of Lent,
and during its contlnuanco the faithful
aro to mako only one menl n day, except
on Sundays, when they may go for tho
good things-that tho cook provides.
Young porsons under twenty-ono years
of age, tho sick, nursing women, thoso
who nro obliged to hard labor, and nil who
through wenkncis cannot fast without
prejudice to their health, nrc oxompted
from tho obligation of fasting, nnd these
aro not hound by tho restriction of using
meat only nt 0110 mcnl.on days on which
Its uso Is granted by dispensation; but
hero arc tho rules it: full ns they have
boon promulgated by tho blthopsoftho
tovoral dioccicsoi:
1. All the faithful who havo completed
tiieirlwcnty-llrst year urc, unless lcglti
mateiy dispensed, bound to observe the
Fast of Lent.
They aro lo mako only ono meal a day
excepting Sunday.
3. Tho meal allowed on fuatdivs Is not
to bo taken till about noon.
4. At that meal, if on any day pormlS'
sion should be granted for cntlng flesh,
both flesh and fish shall hot bo used id the
snmo meal.
ft. A small refreshment, commonly cnl
led collation, is nllowed in tlio evening ; no
cencral rule ns to tho nuantitv of food tier
mlttcd at this time is or can be made. Hut
tho practico of tlio most regular Chris
tinns i, novcr to let It exceed the fourth
part of an ordinary meal.
0. Tho quantity of food allowed nn
collation is broad, butter, eggs, cheese,
milk, nil kinds of fruits, salads, vegetables
and fish.
7. General usage has mado it lawful to
tako in tho morning some warm liquid
as tea, cotloc, or thin chocolate, and
8. Necessity nnd custom have author
ized tlio uso of lard Instead of butter, In
preparing fish, vegetables, otc.
0. Tlio following porsons nroexomptcd
from tins obligation of fasting: Young
persons under twenty ono years of ag
tuo sick, nursing women, inoso who arc
obliged to do hard labor, and all who
through weakness can not fast without
prejudice to their health.
10. l!y dispensation, tho uso of flesh
meat will be allowed nt anv time on Sun
days, and once a day on Mondavi, Tue
days, Thursdays nnd Saturdays, with tho
exception of the second and last Saturday
11. Persons dispensed from tlio obliga
lion of fasting on account of tender or ad
vanced r.go, sixty years, or hard labor, aro
not bound by tho restriction on using
meat only ut ono meal on days on which
its use Is grunted by dispensation. Tho:
dispensed from tho fart for other causs
ns well as thoso who aro obliged to
fust, aro permitted to use meat only ntono
Tho weather has been mild for tho last
few days. Tho ico gorge, which has been
moUing rapidly, yesterday gavo way and
disappeared, and tho river Is now clear
from hero to Now Orleans. Yesterday
tho ice-bound boats all steamed up to this
city, nnd tho wharf proscntod a lively
and natural appearance. The resumption
of navigation has put new life into the
market, and heavy transations in nil de
partmcnls of trado wero tho order to
day. Everything sells readily, but the
market is almost hire in consequence of
light receipts. Tho market is poorly
supplied with choice hay, higher grades of
Hour and grain, and as thoro Is a fair pro.
pect of abrisk trado with rates in favor of
shippers, correspondents nro recomended
to forward choice grades of hay, flour and
grain wiinoui iioiav. hales ol hay wero
mado to-day, at S20 for good mixed
which is nn outside figure, moro than it
would havo brought, if the market hud
been well supplied.
Bates of freight urc very unsettled. An
early reduction is anticipated.
Pi.UUK lho market is bare of
grades, i roin AAA to Choice: low
grades quiet. Tho higher grades aro
in in ana in good demand. Sales wore-
1,125 bbls. various gratles $5 50a8 "ft
ouu uuu. various grudes, on
orders c 000 nn
1 cur, Fine, on track
lftO bbls. Low Super, from
S3 20
200 bbls. Low Supnr. from
1 car, XXX spring
COO bbls. XX..........."
200 bbls. Family, to nrrlvo...
100 Clioico Fumilv.tonr-
rivo "
700 bbls. Uhfs Triumph, on
P. T
fi 23
0 25
0 10
H 00
8 2!
COKN. Is active, but
Becoipts nro light nnd tho demand prom
Itos to bn very good. Hales wcro
very scarce,
18 cars, White in sacks, dul... COcoO'c
svv sacus Jiixod, on orders. ... m0
scars insacks, del... C3ca54c
100 sacks, White, on orders,dol. D8o
cars, (jo).
In sacks, on P. T
iuu sacks, Jitixud dol. 53o
uaio ino inurket is uctlvo, but tho
supply falls short op tho demand. Saios
1 cars Southorn Illinois, in
sacks, dolivorod
8 " Mixod, in sacks, dol...
lft " Northorn, in s'ks dol.
350 sacks, On orders
100 " From storo, dol
133 " From storo
HAY' Choice liny is scarce nnd In good
demand. Thoro is littlo coming in. Low
gratles nro neglected. Sales wero
2 cars Prairio $ 14 00
1 " Poor mixed, delivered 17 00
0 " Mixed, dolivorod 18 00n2OOO
300 billon, Good Mixed, dol 20 00
1 car Timothy, dol 20 00
7 cars' Cholco Timothy, del... 20 00a2l 00
BUTTEB Plenty nnd dull nt quota-
lions. Sales woro
35 nkgs Packed and roll 18a20o
EGGS. Tho market is woll supplied
nnd prices tend downward. Sales wcro
20 nkgs, Sl.ippors' count 20c
0 boxes " i'0o
POULTRY. Is scarce ntid in active I
demand, but thoro Is llttlo coming In.
oiuoa wro
jou iuj., urossou Tur nvs lie
lbs., 'i lili,.,.,V in
iln 11 ""
MEAL. Is ncil VO mill In rrnml flntmitwl
52, . .m ".quotations. Wo quote
... T, uq. i uu
lOobbls., " i. ii on or-
3 00
II 00
Ann 1.1.1. rt:.. u. i.i. ,
i.nii, vjiiy niciwil jncu I) uo
PHOVISIONS.-Aro lively nnd ycslor
day qulto a considerable number of tales,
uitm niritln ........ 1
wero made. Wo quote.-
Jo kegs, Lard ,
i tierces 11
0 Hkgs
2700 lbs dry saltahouldera ...
4000 " " "clear aides
1300 " " " Hams
1000 11 Dried Beef
Pork. Wo nolo sales of
IS dressed Hoi's.
30 bbls mess
13 76
G iVME. Tho Minnlv Is not cnunl to tho
ilcmand. Sales wero
lOdoz Onalls SI OOal 25
30 " Uabblts I OOal 20
4 60
4 dor. Prairio chickens
SEED. Sales wore
10 bus Tiiiiuth
In bulk
$3 2ft
bbls Buckwhoat flour
' CO,
Co.mftro'llkr's Kki'okt.
Cairo, Ilia,, January 4th, Wl,
o the HonoriiMe, the Ma or nnd City Council of
inn cuy oi ;airo.
Gentlemen: In puriunnce of there
quiromontt of tho oity charter, I submit
tlio following statomcnt of tho city llnan
ccs for the six months commencing July
4th, 1871, aud ending Juntiary 4, 1872,
Very Bespectfully,
K. A. Burnett,
' City Comptroller,
Statement ut the Receipts and Uip.mliturra of
me cuy ior me aix riioniiia enuiug January sin,
Ol J.
luluncs in Traasury, July I, ls'l
ll,TI8 tJ
To Poll c Magistrate 1,TJ ot
To Lleunse hi omit 'iM) Si
To J. II. Taylor, tux collector 15.SVJ II
-I'.. L- f IL-Lr.l .tt.ul (,.- ?'t'l 'ft
To Citv Heater, collections...- & s'
To John Hylaud, et colt'r In
Hill oi ac iuiiociiy nt
To Taxs cn landu from InTU.. (,'J.I i
To Interest on note lUmes
llutiCo ai w
2.V,i 16
Total Iticclpt
Ily Interest, Coupons aid
ami caiici'iieu....iM
Ily F. II. A Co. Interest
Ily (Scrip redeemed and can
celled -..
Ily ILilxure In Interest Fund t,ti'7j 3.1
Ily llalancc In K.II.A Co. Fund 1,VjC ol
llv llnUnce in tipscl! Fund... VI to
Ily lUUiu'e iuOener.il Fund. 101 07
t :.M 4S
4,8i)i) VI
14.IM 07
loiai ii.iuuce,
ll,s;i 41
JJA.C'Jl llil
Statement of Scrip l.sued nniUJutstandinu,
for what purpoae appropriated, from July
1671, to Januury 4th, IsT'i.
IlaUnceoutstandinB July!, Is7l S 18.701 3!!;
loonicers stiurits, not in-
cludlnn Police I 2.7M in
To Police salaries '2,1'rl '.is
To Jail and jailer.. I.isl ii
To-ll;-JiMexp'es nt 30
Jall'ra tees 1,.V.! '.'3
To Sfreet, labor, mnterlal, etc 771 10
To Hideaalk repairs r,Ms W
To-lt: Ijhor- JI 4'
JJjteriul.... 3,071 49
To flai In street lamps 2.071 SO
To Fire del iirtnw n( exH-nses.
'si i -a
To Public vlstc-rs, pail for re
! ring ...
To lleluinled taxes
ToCIVii oitice, Council cham
her. rent, feiil. IikIiIs, etc...
To Printing, IlmJiiiK nnd Ad
vertisliiK .
Micellaneous exptiisea
,'ul-l 1I10i...m....m...m...w, .
133 I'J
I, to
Kii l:l
4"1 Wl
jr, n
-31.KI 7-;;
3VJ30 1?
Ily Scrip paid and cancelled
from July 1, 171, to Jan, 4,
IUlanco ont-tanUluK
JM.193 07
'i,,7i;t 10
Increase in 0 months enllnj;
Jnnuary I, Mi J7.0M 7I,'
Itr.mcTioi, yetr endiuie Jan.
4, Ie7i a 74
Staiement ol the Loud account as shown by the
f'.niritrf.ltir- LaI.-, l.nnnr.l Ik-,
llalnnce outstanding July 4,
(No uw L'ds l.sunl niul none
f ),!! 8)
Balance tutttaiiillnj; January
4. is'J ire,2i M
statement of the account of J. II. Taylor, City
ColLetm. ai. whiiun l tli- i",ti,.i,n lo.-.. l...i.i'
January 4, Is?'.'.
To Ilalanco July 4, 187
To I.'uhtM iv'arrint fc
....J 4.733 f-0
e lie rru ivarrint for ltSTI ... 40.7V7 3H
U,333 3
Ily iimount paid J. II. Taylor,
Treuiuror I15.I3J 43
Ily amount of forfeited taxes,
IKO'.ianil 170 x rr.i: !17
Ily llal.iucv unpaid tuxes 3.',3I7 3s
J3 1,533 38
Statement of Hie account of J. n. Taylor, Treas
urer, us alioHii by the Comptroller' books,
January I, ls7'.'.
To lialnnce an hand,
1671 814.7IS 3
To rash received dining six
months eudlot; Jan. 4, 187. ';i,'J7ti 10
t30,GU4 W
Ily niiioiint paid out during tho
six month cudinK Jan, 4,
if?.; sji.kiojj
By lulaneo on han I, Jan. 1,
W2 .'. il.tJ! 41-
S30,r,3 ;i:i
Hcrliioutsland'ng.Iaii. 4, IB7-M !U,7C1 10
uonus omsunii K Jan. s, :7i. .'xi.'jsi ;rj.
Total IndebH'ilness,.,
Bills recelvnhle, nntoofKarr.es
nun i;o f 2,700 W
II. Taylor, collector, unpaid
tunes a :ii7 r,
lUniifU mid Ready lire Co 3,i0 it)
IIuIhiico in Interest Fund e.i.oj ii
Balance in General Fund ii'.i nr
Unlii(o in (Special lund !il K)
Balance in F. II. A Co, Fund... 1,00(1 01
11 Lince..
0,140 47-
tjntement of sundry accounts duo for which scrip
Material lor sldewulks t'79
Lulmr on sldenalka...- 11)'J 177.-. no
Jnller's freslu iiioiith of Ilec... 2ss 00
uiucera faurlos for inontn of
Doccmiier 423 uu
Police anlariea for month of
December 303 :a
Oaa lu street lamps, 2 insulin ill) 41)
Fire Iieoiirlincnt 42a i:i
ijunilries aos mi
JJ.ilU Hi
Council Chamber, )
Cdrn, III,, February liith, 1S7U. )
Present Aldonnen Cunningham, Fit.-
gorald, Klob, Mutealf, Seasc, Swayno and
"Winter 7.
Tho chairman not being present, Aldor-
man uuiiuingnatu wns callod to tho
On motion of Aldorinnn AVIntor tlio
reading of tho journal was dispensed
Tho bill of thn Cairo Clly Gas Company
amounting to $41 30, for gas consumed nt
tho Bough nnd Beady engine houso for 3
months, ondlng on Docombor 1st, wns ro-
portod back by tho committoo on claims,
rccommondingpaymontof half the amount
of said bill. On motion of Alderman Win-
nr llin Mil waa nllnwoil aa rnenintnnndcd
I. .. ..... . ... . 1
by tlio louowing voio: ivyes uuiiiiiiig-
I Imin VI I jffnnilil. Klali. "Mnlrnlf. ScaSO.
I HurrtVtlO fttlll Winter 7. NnV 0. W
Aid. Stratlon stmoared In hit tent.
Th0 (tt10 c0lnmllco l0 whom wn, ro.
ferrcd tho bill of tlu Arab flro company
amounting to $128 08 for expenses for
qunrlcr ending Docombor 31, 1871, re
ported tho SAtno back, recommending the
payment of tho bill less $100 for cnglnoor's
salary, Alderman Klob ol tho committoo
submitting n minority report In favor of
tho payment of the entire bill.
Aldorman Wlntor moved to allow tho
bill as recommended In themajorlty report
of the committoo. Carried by the follow
ing volo: Ayos Cunningham, FlUgor
ald, Mo teal f, Seatc, Stratlon, Swayno and
"Wlntor-7. Nny Klob-1.
Tho samo committoo also reported back
tho bills of H.T. Gcrould, amounting to
$70 lor laying plpo and erecting lamp
posts at city jail and corner of 12th ttrcet
and Commercial avonuo, and of tho Bough
and Beady flro company, nmountlng to
$205. C5, for uxponioi for yoar ending De
cember 31, 1871, recommending payment
On motion of Alderman Winter, laid
bills woro nllowod ns recommended, by
tho following voto: Ayes Cunningham,
Fitzgornld, Klob, Mttcalf, Sense, Stratton,
Swayno ntid Winter 8. Nny 0.
Tho bill of T. O'Callnhnn for $1G 31 for
nsslgncd order of John Sullivan for work
on tho Cairo & Blnndville rood In 1809,
wns reported back by said committee re
commending tho rejection of tho bill.
Aldorman Winter moved to concur ui tho
recommendation. Carried as follows :
Ayes Cunningham, Fitzgerald, Klob,
Metcalf, Seatc, Stratton, Swayno nnd Win
ter. 8. Nay 0.
Tho same committee reported back tho
bill of tliu Cairo City Gat Comnanv.
nmountlng to $287, for gas
consumed in street lamps in
January, rccotnmonding payment of $220
in full of bill. On motion of Alderman
Metcalf tho bill was allowed by the
following voto: Ayes Cunningham,
Fitzgerald, Klob, Seasc, Stratton, Swayno,
Metcalf and Winter 8. Nay 0.
Tlio following bills which were rofurrod
to tho committco on printing, were re
ported back by said committee recom
mending payment of tho same, viz: ofJ
H. Obcrly & Co, treasurer's licenio no
tice, blank notices for council meetings,
vaccination tickets and publishing coun
cil proceedings in January, $01 50; and
of Cairo Book Ilindory, for numbering 200
B. B. bonds with coupons, (10. On mo
tion of Aid. Stratton the recommendation
of tho committee was concurred in at fol
lows : Ayes Cunningham, Fitzgerald
Klcb, .Metcalf, Scase, Stratton, Swayne and
Winter 8. Nay 0.
Tho following bills which had been re
ferred to tho said committco were reported
back with recommendation for payment,
W. M. Willlamai, 2,Ml feet
II. 11. Williams 0,742 feet lum-
. bur
John Ciibill, hauling drunken
man to jail
Joseph I.chmcs, hauling drunkeki
man to juil u..
A. 1 1 alley, putting up stovu and
hardware for lull
$59 88
134 84
5 80
17 Jns. Boss, coal for city building
anu urti warn polls
Clias. Peters, sharpening crow
bars and picks
S. Walters, 500 feet poplar bds.
nnd drayngo
C. Lane, sharpening 27 saws
Cairo City Coal Company, 3 tons
coal fwr city building
B. H. Cunningham, rent of city
building for January
John Tanner, buckets, brooms
11 75
10 80
13 CO
40 00
and brushes for jail ft 01
F. M. Wnrd, 1 ton of coal for
j'lll 4 CO
Petor Conlan, 27 days work on
sidewalks in Januury 54 00
Tnomas Fitzgerald, 27 Jays work
on sidewalks lu January C4 00
u. .naiioney, uj days work on
sowers in January
Win. Mcllnle, 2J days in charge
of city labor ,
Michael Driecoll, hauling tniall-
C3 00
44 00
pox patient to bt. .Mary s In
firmary Win. Mcllale, dieting prisoners
for January 281
Thos. Meeliuu, haulinc cinders
ft days, nnd hauling 00 drny
louds and 7 car loads of lumbor
Morris, Bood & Co., 4,753 feet
87 00
01 30
350 73
4 45
1 CO
1G 85
M orri, Bood & Co., 18,031 fnct
Close & Vincent, llmo and ce
ment and dravagc
Parker A- Illaki", 8 lbs. white
D. H. Winaus, 1 load sand W
10th street pump nnd work nt
AY. J, Hamilton, 12 days work ut
10th street pump CO 00
Stimmorwcll & Baird, work on
10th street pump 10 00
Jos. B. Beed, work on 10th street
pump 20 00
A. Frnzcr, work on 10th street
pump , S 50
E. A. Burnett, salary as comp
troller for January 75 00
A. Cain, salary at iiuirslml for
Janunry 50 00
Jos. B. Taylor, salary as treasuror
for January 100 00
M. J .Howloy, salary as clerk for
January jijQ 00
L. H. Myors, salary as chief of
pollco for January 83 33
John Slicohan, snlsry us police
consinmo lor January 75 00
W. H. Bobortson, salary as polico
constnblo for January 75 00
C. Mehner, Falify as police con-
stalilo for .January 75 00
B. F. BUllngsly, salary us pollco
constable for Jantiarv 75 00
Henry T. Martin, salary ns pollco
constnblo for Jnnuurv 75 00
Jas. (Julnn, 20 days salary as po
llco constnblo in January 03 00
II. A. Hunnoii. stationery for
clerk's and tronsurur s ofllco..., 8 30
On motion of Aldorman Fitzgornld
said bills woro nllowed at fellows: Ayos
Fitzgerald, Klob, Motcalf, Soase, Stratton,
Swnyno nnd Wintor 7. Nay 0. Aid.
Cunningham not voting,
On motion of Aid. Fitzgerald tho board
thon adjourned.
M. J. Howley, City Clary;.
To Mothers and Nurses. Jfn,
Whitcomb's Syrup for diarrhea, &c, In
childron, whothor Inducod by toothing or
othor causes, Is tho safest nnd test romgdy,

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