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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, May 08, 1872, Image 4

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liroe-taUe "til govern lh arrival and df rtl
urt of F.Hii'rtnilna l Cairn I
Cpf-MaU Iraln.daily S 'In
Kipree.. daily....... . - At p.m.
A,n,-H,MJ fl:r..n.
K.pne. .
Cairn and Hi. I.otiU Short l.lw.
Arrive :,:,'""n
iPft....- - ,r1"rm;
No ehnenfeiv from Cairo l Hi. Lou .. o
char, o'e;. from (Mr I- Chlr.sn. t kp l
,rtBt Toon, aleepittf raw " ' """'
ejrjtac eh dh.alliniporunt folnf.
New York Manufacture.
best insr USE.
Kiir Sain liy
Nn. 1 10 Commercial Aventio.
Will make three trip, .laity.
iriTivn 0.110 I mmamniDNTT
it i .m. t 8 3i ..iii,
At 11 vtn.lAi l.:r P
At 4-M p.m. I Al 6
i. .i.. in it.L'.i far Si
Will Uu ,whu hiilel( M Miy ffo.l iiiterinj.luti
10 itDK I11" rurr
The splendid flramrr
IlK.v. Howard Capt.
... r.lrn (llll.V. H in lira eicei.led) all
m Tt treUhtor nmii ipolt on hardor
,o3tr JAH fO'if!J, Ak'I.
-vfTICE Over M. J. Mrfinuley's ilruu more,
1 rear corner Coninerciai avtnue aim i.mn
tteolh street.
Pahllentlon nrflrr. Bulletin BnlMlsiKt
H'iMhInKtoH Avenue.
I will sell at Public Alirlion. In the hllhesl
bidder. KUK CASH,- wltfiunt te.erve, nt
t lie l'urtory HiiIMIiik, of
On Wa.hlniiton Aienne, In llio City f.f Calm,
iiunoi., coimnencinx on
Tuesday, Mnv 28tli, 1872,
At 10 n'cl.ak A. M., on. I continuing frnm da) to
day until til the nmpetty la o1.l A Uti' lot
of rlnlshe.1 and I'nnolsl.el
Such nil lle.lslend., Kll.'hen H.uY. Wardrobes,
Iniinttea, WiuhMn .1-, Table., rhnii, Ilireaila,
Mnttras.p., Al-. AIo almt J0,."i leel ol
Dre.ap.l and tfn.lieaaed. A lf)e lot of 1 1 n r. I
ware, iili. 1'illt), Varni-he., Window r-a.h,
Wind., M"hlner, in. The properly l be
ul.l IH-Int; ml nl nit!r.. cr.nlninril in llic
jri(i'. Kuril tnti' M tjii f ...'I uri Kliil)lntiinnil
ill Holltlifrii llilr.nl., winch :, l Hip IIip It
l'Mp'l Into ihi hnml. '! Ill' Iiii'lr.lliiril, in
n'i'pliil iippriilloc. I'url I'lilnr utlpnlion to
Ipalrr. Ill (nrnlliire I" r.illi-'l, Ihi' i'ltrr tlir
ol iiii'MiriiniiliP. l.i rHplnl.h Ihplr ntnck.
Herpiverof KieliorlA llro.
RESIDEMJK So. SI Thirtef Bill street, be.
trru Vlini;ion fttenue nnj Wnlnut Mrrrt.
iirV.-UiOomiiipn-lnl meniip, lip lair...
REypENCK cornrNinth nuil Wnlnul t,
jit!. ..'oiner nixth Ptrect h it t Ohio Icveir.
(lAc. Iiouri from R .in. to Vi tn., nml V p.m
KOIDKNCR Cornrr Muctcentli ptreet nml
Wellington Tpnne, iipup court liou.c. Of
ocp orer Hip pototlicp. OIllco hour 10 to 12
rn..nJ,.'to4 p.m. anltf.
Mrr,i:M I'oinnirrt'lnl Avemir,
:aifo, II.L1NOIN.
Kpecil nltfiitioii i .1 to tie ttcMiirPiit of nil
Chronic Iie. Mulin.
of tim:
13, 1872.
-A T-
Hkv. Fitr.ii, Thomson liA I'ocn ut VI
rnnn, vl.lting Jils (uIIht, tho Doctor, who
a youngurtnnn than In.
A (Iknti.kmkn or Vkwk, nninrd Kin-ni-y,
i forviiiB tlionity im tliu chain gimt',
licciii) he innlsti'il on h ilerlcrintnittlon
to wlinllnj) our old friend, Mlko Mahonoy.
Tiikhk .vim. nr. a Mkktinh of tho
nnwly organized mllitnry rompiiny, on
Wt-dmuduy fVrtilng, tho 8th lt!t., ill Iho
iTginc liini', on Thirteenth ntrc.'t. All
tin; the tni'lnlieM wlU )lee nttend; nlo
tliotu who hnve n tnte for drilling might
corno ntid eo tho boyi go through the
Upton tiictiis,
" Cairo U much livelier tliun tiMial,"
av ii correspondent tf n country ex
chunge; "there jcciiim (o fco quite mi ex
loni'ive river liislno.". Iloth riven lire In
eicellent condition for navigation, nnd
thern i' long Jmrt lit euch dny. The
levee nl the Infilling 1 tieiirly covered
with I'teight the most of It Is going
ijjouth. '
A Co hum po.s-1 n: nt, writing from (.'Hlro
to n neighboring town, iiy., "THlklng In
certniti circle, 1 wu led to believe that
nil the Kepuhlinins in Cai'o hud gone over
to tho I.ilierl.." .So thoy liuve till the
best of them; and, if the Democrat act
wisely (which tho saniothcy may do) theo
tame Hepublicuii! will stay over with tho
Liberals, and to mote it bel
2i OKNls.
Mi. Ycivos, Iil., Aplil II, lb?.'
Ediltr Cairo ISjlltlln:
Uial Su l'lra'i! to aiiuuiibcp me n. n can J I
ilnip lir Clerk of the (-uprt me Cuiirt, 8omliprn
OmnJ Ihiisl .ii ol lilinoir. Thpucwcoimtiliitlou
pmjridtn that the Cleks ol the fcuprcine Couit
phnll li rcrirr he elrte.l at tho Noieinher eltc
tiou, iurtead of the Juno elcctien n I crvlore.
The nuccck.nr of tho present incumbent" nre
to he clcctp.l ttil coming full, but mil not (pulily
until Hip pri'int tpiiim expire in IK.!.
tlicro nro other motion! of this kind, not
neccs.nry to metitloti, which the nmyor
know., and knew when ho uld he knew
nothing against tin efficiency of tho force.
But no matter Kphrnim W Joined to hl
idols ; lot him nlotie. ,
Kekp ooiChiirllo llendcr'.on ad
vertises tho Zkho IIkkiiiokiiatoh for fale
lu ituitilltic, we suppoie, to suit tho pur
chaser. Tho Zkiio heats anything ever
(itfercd in tho market will send tho liter
ctir bolow ::cro In fifteen minute. They
lay tho Vnyne, Ice King mid nil other
refrigerators In tho shade. They uro
colder than the Ice King, and more econ
omical, 20 cent worth of ice in tho Zero
being equal to '10 cent worth in tho Ico
"city council.
COl, NCI I..
1'olM'll. I.'ll I M.I K. )
I'ulio, III., .Mjf n. 172. f
rreent Ills Honor, Mayor l.amdcn
and duniilnghfirn, Hurd, l'hlllis, Hearden,
ltobltison, Simi'o, Stnnril, Swnyne," I aylor,
Waldor and Wool I'-'.
On motion of Alderman Sway no tho
rending of the journal va dipensi.'d with.
A report of iiiinn and Mehnor, pollro
contabloi, on the condition of thn street
lump for thu month of April wu, on mo
tlon of councilman Wood, referred to the
committuo on claims.
Tho monthly report of the following
named officers wcro read and on motion, of
councilman AVood, received and ordered
!!L,.I"., c.'.,y "f K"S and or... alk from the
rn.r . . r","!a or i;nmtner ml ntPniiPi par
Jllfl to thn norlh i ll r Hwoiel Mreet, ami n
me en.t iilo f Coiniiicrclnl iitpntie ncio.a Sec
ond atrppf
Hre, t Thnt u kPir ni.lnanlk Im I.iiiIi en Hie po.llh
aide ol Tenth lrppf, from Walnut In C'e Inr
"ireef, and I tint the estimated ri oftlie lde.
wallia niidrrn. walk prnrlnr.l for l.y ihi. ami
thcprpvion.accllon of tlila or.liiiin.'e Iip aapae.l
and e. Ilected from Hip propptly l.clipdlPl
Iherehya. now ptovldp.1 Inr f.) Inn
Legal Advertisements.
A. .'. Cheney, ilelrndaiit, la notlrlpd Hint oti Ihe
Itlhday ol Mircll, IS'.', a writ '. attachmrnl waa
l.ui out of the clprk'" olliPe of the Alexander
Cnuutr Circuit Curt in the Hlme or lllinola,
axaiutl vour tate, if turnahle on ilieiiret Mon
lay In-MTil, 1"7.', na Ihe .mt ft Tl.oma .1. Km.
pUtntirl. for ihe mm or ll'."0 el aad c.:ruinij In
tereai, which irit lia feu xeeuied, lid aid
uitisnoiv pending in rid .onrt. I.' Ip you
hall appear on the retnrn day theteof. jndxinent
will ho rnd.ied again.t yon. and the gurni.lie
tei'ed in .aid eau.p rp quired tn auawt-r, and li
dealt with aeco.ding In h li.ie.t. Min h lMli,
lKT'J. JllllM(. HAK.MA,l.lrK.
Allen, Mnlkey It WheMpr, ali'ia tor pUlntilT.
A. S. Chpne), defendant, I" natiliedlhst on th
Uib day al Mareh, 17-' Hwrit of attichinent w
i.'ii mti.f the cluk'n otr.pe, of the Alexander
I'ouuiy Circuit Colin. In tho Mn'e of 1 11 mole ,
aaiu.t your palnte, reiurnnM ..nili.fir.t Mon-
lay in April, iJ., ai me aim in .inme. i.uicni.
oo, plainilfl, for the nm of t vjj 'j and rerulni: 1
luiereal, which writ lm ix-n exM'.ileil, mid phI.I 1
.lilt la now pending in aaid . run. t'nle-1. )oil
hall appear on lh relurn day Iheieof, jinleluent
will b entered nl."t jou, and the K.irniahee
-rtid in bald eail.e reMUired to aii.wer, and h
dealt with aieordiujt lo . Ii,u,..l .Mnreh l".lh,
l"75. .lilfl.N if. IIMt.MA.N. Clerk.
Allen. Mil I key X V(iilr, nlt'j" lor pUinlltt.
If you want the be.t hoard in
city cnll ul the Court iloii'c Hotel.
.Swnfi A: Co.,
dealers in
Oroide nnd Milton Compound
Cutlery, l'luted Ware, Fancy !ood", Set'
83 Ohio Levee,
l-'-'itlm'. Cairo, lllinoi.
Dit. AtiiKii ami Capt. Wistkh, the.
I.iberul, huvo returned from the Cinciti
nHti couveniion. Tlie Doctor is full of
enthusiasm, und U in the tight of Liberal
ism, determined lo loso no opportunity to
strike a blow for tho good cause. Our vis
ion Ims not been cheered by a glimp'o of
the reformatory countenance of Cuptaln
"Winter, hut wo hear ho Is m cnllnuinUic
as a young boy in his fir.U pair of new
At a mkktino of tho Rough and Ready
fire engine company, cn .Monday night,
the following officer were elected Vor the
ensuing ycHr :
Captain, W. T. Ileerworlh ;
I'ruiident, John II. Oberly;
Vico-preident, John .Sackherser;
Secretary, H. H.Schuh;
Ticnurcr, II. Meyers;
Hoard of Director..). Vcrrun,.I..Scheel,
Henry Martin, C. Orth and (5eo. Sieln
house ;
Foreman of Engine, C. Frank ;
Amistunt, Capt. Decker ;
Foreman of Hose, Henry Martin:
Assistant, C. Mchner.
1.00K II Kill'..
You can snvo
!J0 per cent,
by buying your Wall I'apki: at Alilo'i.,
on Seventh Mreet, oppoMti Winter's
1,000 Rkwakii U otl'ered liy the propri
etor of Dr. Fierce'. Ciolden Medical J)ii.
rnvery for u mislicine that oqiiah it in the
cure of llronclilti, severe Cough, and
the early stages of roriiiimption.
CI 'J, .'..S.kVwit.
A. N. Cheney, defend.ir.t, I" nmified that .in tl.e
llltiday or March, lb'3. n wilt nt altm-hment
ioue.1 out or the clerk', otti.'e ,f the Aletander
li.unly Circuit Court, in llie Mttc or llhnoi..
fcijint )or eMM, returnahle on the fire t Mini
111 in April. A. II. 1K7J, at the ollit nl .Nal ,au M
Tnompuii, plumtilt. for the -inn oi SIlB nnd
aoerulni: lull leal, which wilt tin. Ien exooilej,
and .kld.Uil l.inn iM-iidioi: in 11 i nurl. Pulea
)oa aope.r on the let.i n dny thereol, Judcuient
ill f er.tered ailn.t jnu, and the tarm-hew
.ried in Hld can f repiile. l.i anawer, l.hd Irt
deali with aceordmit to Imw. Hated. Mant.lMh,
It 7.'. JOHN l II UMN, I'lrtk
Allen, Mulkey A Wheeler, nlfja for p'.alntlr!.
A. a.slgneo uf K. K. Hall A Co., hinkrupt., I
will otler at public atirtiuu at the court home
lour lu the rity of Cairn, II, mm., on Wrdne.da) ,
the e'ghth dayol M.y, A. I), ln7i, ro-nineiinlt, Ht
tea o'rlwk, a. in,, the follo.mw ile.crlld t.roi.-ariy.to-wlt:
Ixit. Mimlrf-red thirty. .even (17,1 lhpty.eljht
ti',j Ihifty.ulne :t ami f.iiti (I'M in hh.'k iniiii
bered il.l(;ht im, In theeiiyol Cairo, with
improvement!! thereon, roofiBliriK of loiirteue.
tiieut houe Ac. Terin, one third l a-h, and
lalaiyn lo an (l.J or taelie jl i) inontha with lieu
klJ aecurity.
AaiKoee.it t:. K.IIA1.I.A CO.
Cairo, III... April 11, W:
lileeuAfillU-rt, atlurneia, 4 11.2)td.
frank liutu. defendant, la uollfied Ihat
Ihe arat .lay of Mai, 1B7.I,
Awaiida Itilcli', toiiipUIualit, tiled her
bill lu chancery lor divorce, in llm Alexander
ooiinly Ciicull Court, .late uf llPiiole, uud thai
ela ami la now pending m aai.rcourt. A auiu.
HM.L.wa. la.ucd Olllorthe cler'a oltlre ol Mid
rouriKXlnat)on,teturuallnun Ihu lir.l Mnueay
ul July sen, in a ie ut an d lourt then U be
.'..ii . ". ri llou. In Cairo, lu aai.l
Dl Ma, 1.,..vf.0nN li" IUBMfi!il',J,'
Oreea A Oil. aoiiclom fr cmpmrmul.
Legal ubtlie ia hereby xll.n that Samuel Siaut.
Taylor aad hxlwia l'ar.u... I iia'e..,,r u... . ;..
City Properly, hue Died their bill lu cl
eulorce trndora lien. In the Circuit Couti ( ii
f , u5f '"""'y. 'a e of Illinois, kUi.i Kim
aau ..will.'., uow 1.1. la. win Uulclll, mill I".
CoaUllo, her buabaud. Thai aald nut l uuw
peodinii Id .aid court; and that the lime kul
plar of the ledum of ll.H .umtnoua i.aii. d ,,,
aaldcauae la the ti rat Mouday iu Julv, A. 1).
l th leruiof .aid court tnen to be te.blrn al li e
Court llouie lu Cilro, Alexaudertouuly, Mule ol
Tcv WKf.cn'!. London Conkkctio.v
f.'KV, corner Commercial avenue and
Nineteenth treet, for Fruit, Sponge und
Lemon Cake, Fie, Turl uud Hlunc
Munge, Jellie, iScc, Mipper purlies und
picnics aupplied ut lln lowest price.
VfK I'l'.tOlllllNAHY I'llKNOMOSOV. Cin
cinnutl, Si. I.ouia uud Milwaukee Her).
H.'cr drnwn from tho iniim keg at the
Timlin saloon oppose Tun Hl'l.t.KlIN
oltice. Milk iiunchei cobbler and mint
julepi il.illfully compnuiuled uccording lo
the inoit generully iqiproved furmula.
Nkw and faaliiouuble Hut and lionnet
just received by .Mr. Arum Lang on
F.ighth street. Ribbons, Luce-, Dolly
Vnrdens, Trimming', Velvet, fancy tir-
licle of ail vnrietie frch and new.
Ladies cull and examine our Mock be
fote purchtirihg elsewhere. Wo consider
it n pluuiuru to ehuw good whether you
puri'hutu or not, Kverythltig I new and
of Ihe latest style, to bo sold very low.
Ici: Ckbam has become the lustituliou
of the aeusun, and 14x11 Sup' llio most
popular in the city. His .srtluoii hus be
come, in fact, ice cream hcudquai ters, and
it U not llm fashion to eat the luxury mi)
where elae. it Is kept with scrupulous
cure, is neat uud lidy, uud the prexeucu of
no iiuvatiutiulilo characters ii permilted in
it. Mr. Suiiji lm, ulu, ulwiiys on hand
fresh cukes of all kind, caudle, notions,
toys, &c, nnd deeorvt'j a continuation and
unlucrcatool the popular favor in which
lilt ctublis. hment Is held. 6.7dtf
Siiall AVk Ratify '.' is the quoUion to
be determinod by tho good Liberals of
Cairo. A cull fur s,ueh n meeting would
receive at this time a hearty response.
Everybody would turn out to it young and
old, men and women. Wo liavo no doubt,
Mr. Llucgar would accept an invitation to
address the meeting, nnd promptly place
himself on the platform of Liberalism.
He could do no lest. Ho is opposed to
Grant und Grantitm, and is iu tavor of
the Liberal cause and iu sympathy with
the Liberia) people who Wlcly met at Ciu
cinnati; nnd if he is an lioueil politician
and nobody Inn ever yet questioned Mr,
Linegar' political candor Im will te
fortvard und make Cniio ring with hi
approval of the candlducv of (Jreelev and
the wide nnd llrm platform on which he
has been placed. Let u by all mean
Imvo the ralitleatioii meeting !
filed, viz :
F. Dross, police 'magi'trale, for March.
(Julnii nnd Mehner,)ulicu constables, for
March and April.
K. A. Iltirnett, city comptroller, on
requisition tmidu on him by the street
committee for sidewalk lumber nnd mater
ml, for April.
II. Sluinnessy, police magistrate.
.1. H. Taylor, city Trensurer.
Martin and Hillingsly, police constables
M. L. Dunning, street snrcrviior, for
tl.o month of April.
The last mentioned report win in words
nnd figures ns follows:
To tho honorable mayor, select council,
und board ol aldermen.
1 have the honor to report the nnmcs of
those who lrive paiil street tat lor tho
month of April ia"2, vlx:
I. M. I.. Dunning 1-1
'1. lieoreo I-iher a I"
.i N. I ant.;ll .'. 8 m
1. Win Orcer - 3 10
Win. V.hlu 1 IU
r, J 11. (io--nu.n u in
7 Jacob Lehiiint: , I l.i
a lie.. ikh K. Tli teher 0.1
J. J. 11 Cells 3 ul
lu. It. .t. i:undltl IW
H. Win. fund I! i"
I. '. II. llrinliinejcr - 3 oo
VJ. J. 11. Mnel.lon -.-'I 0)
II. W. (1. Cary :i 10
15. .Ul'oIi Martin -1 lo
lo. II . I,. Ilaltidnv :i O
17. C. 1!. Kile .1 11
1. , H. pexlord '1 "i
IS'. Autouy Orli.er - : C
V). H. H, Yiciim 3 io
.lamea Mniolev .1 OU
harlea Cunuini;haiii Ol
Wenael llrend'e a 00
U. II T. (ierould I oo
'2, (i, M. Alden :i oo
V:. John Cook i"'
C Throekmartin - '.. '
.1. Von Vox- ei .') IJ
r.i. A. Coinini; 3 '
!U, Win. Hill s on
:ii Hum. Smith , .' "
IU. Kd. Jlraxtun a 00
3.1. Kichard .Maruel ;i 'O
Tho fifinnee committee reported thnt for
the month of April llmv lind desloyed
by burning, city orders lo llie nmoiint of
$Mui.fn; couiion to the amount of
$l6;i(i.lo; nnd bond to I ho iimoitlil of
S500. On motion of Aldermnu Swnyne
the report wns received and ordered
(Mesrs. liuilernnd W.w.dwnrd appeared
in their seats.)
HKPOIIT or TIISC IIOAItll IIP in: ii.ru.
'J lie board of health submitted u report
on the nnitury rondltlun of thn ell v. The
hoiird rejiorted thn number und location
of ruses of smal.)ut In the eilv. nnd
stated Ihnl In some case thev hud ent
patients to thu hospital, and lu one ra
hud furnished provision nnd fuel to u
poor patifhl. The board recommended
llm appointment of n health olllcer to
serve during the summer month, whoe
special and only duty ii lioiilil he to at
tend to nil matter pertaining to the pub
lic health. The board submitted the fol
lowing resolution, in connection with
their report, vl.:
Reolved, liiul the ordinance ciimioiltee
beam! ill hereby Instructed to prepare
und report to the city council nt It next
meeting, no ordinance providing for the
uppoiniilctil of u health oilk-cr, who shall
continue in olllcu lroln,5ay, the ltday of
Juno to the 1st dny f October, whom" du
nes sunn oe, iu examine from time to time
nil places nnd premises in tho cltv to as-
ceittiln tho existence of anything Unit
may lean iujilcKtiesor disease; to examine
nmt report nil nuisance., place or thing
iiKoiy lo uo injurious to the public health;
to see that proper disinfectant aru uicd
and applied; to notify person of the re
quirements uf the board of health; to re
port lo llio proper oiiicers ol the city all
violations of tlie ordinance and regula
tions of thu city touching or concerning
thu public health; and generally to do
and perform all duties that may "bo prop
erly required of him by the" lmurd of.
ncaiin or cuy council; liiul such olticer
shall lmvo the power to scrvu all notice,
1 enr, choice mixed, delivered 48c,
i " " " tn suck; delivered 48c.
1.-.0 sucks " ' i. 47c.
(i curs Southern ill, " " -ICV.
II A V. Is very senrce, nml demand
good nl quotations. Conldernb!e Inquiry
to-dHy und tiono In the market
II cars Cholco mixed, dol sold
nt $23 0024 00
1 car "(lilt Kdgo " Timothy
on orders 'JG 00
HlITTKR. There is n good demand
fcr Cholro with nn unehanged mnrket for
medium und Inferior qualities. Sales uro
reputed of
Jo pkg Choice i!r.cf)28
KOOS. The upnly equaled the de
mand uml prices are unehanged. We
note sales of
l.P.MI dozen llie
In pkg a llie
CHICK HNS. The upply in tho mar
Let fulled to rati!' thu enquiry to-day,
Frices uro steady as quoted, Sale! com
20 dozen .Mired 00
CO " " f,Oo7l4 25
locoop Choice Hen oOfTf.l '-'5
MKAL. -Firm und iinchnnged. Wo
have thn following sales to report:
600 bid. Steam Dried, del $2 W
00 11 Evening Star, City Mill J 'Jl)
100 " Stea.n Dried, in miihII
lot I rom stole Ii 00
100 bM. Steam Dried, iu smull
lot, on orders ,1 00
FltOVLSIONS.Wo note u little bel
ter feeling In the uuirkel, but prices rule
us previouiv quoted. The only .-ale re
jiorted nre
o.OOO Hit Clear Side llucon, jmcked
mid del TJc
1,000 lbs llucon Hams, packed nnd
del 101c
I)rv Fliut.,
Ilr Hall
Slief ppella ea
(ireeu V lb 7 to7'
Cured " H toll)!
lire o full t lo.l.'i'nlj
Cute." ' ' II lufOS
Still I
Kanaaht per l" tulry pr bid
s as
sua I nave llie power to serve nil mumc-, lln.r, , wu , 4 , 0llll)0.,.r
writs nnd proeease lequirid for thu en-1 uolonxinackll.) to I ; I Youut; llr.'ii I Piioltu
lorcemenioi an reguinliousi.ini ortliuan-
Cairo, Uay '.'ud, le
'-. o.-.'dltnll.
EiUteofH. P. II. Canister, devested
The UUder.lBped liailntf n .pooinle'l ad
UilBlnrator r d the e. late uf II. P. U. CioiiaUr,
Ir i ' i Aieji.in.er, ami niare o j.
lioola, deceased, hereby j;lie- null, e thai he trill
apar Ulore ilieiouoly loiiri of Alexander
oi.nly.atilieeniirt li(iiie lut'nlio.a: the June
teiir.on theiluid loudi in .Iiinu tie.M, H
jaideataieaienoljned aad re.ii(..P, i alleiid
for the pnr-.B ot Ii.mi; , uuMt,i
All perauua Indeole.i lo .did eatatu lira it uuested
,0.m?Jf?.'!'!'".''.dl!",! l';'"" d.e iiu.lt rilimcl,
'laled thl.'.'d d.) of Mat, i.lap;,
J.. -, SIlllllIlNAdiiiiijI.lrMi.i.
Km Prieat and Thoniaa W. fili al, ,fw.
Jlta.aie untitled that un April '.'7lh, e7i hp.rrow
M. Mekerton.eoinpiaiiuiii iil,-, hi bill I,! ,.,n.
o.rv IO foreelo.e a uiim,,,,. , ,1,,. Alexander
oounty C rculi Court, htm r niu,,,,,, , ,tmt
fatid sull la uow iwndiUK In eaid cvurt, That ihtr.
MIKiuaaUuimcuawaait.uedouiol Ihurleili'a of.
tio ofMWeourt ajjnlnii ou, reluinabl. uu the
Ut MMifU) In July next lo. t,rlII of ,,M cour(
Mkm to b holdan at tba vouri.hi.u.e lu Cairo, in
Ma April I7b. 172. ClerV.
4)a, Mulkey Whelr,lioPra for CtmnPi.
" 4J.W
On and nfier iho ISth day of Muy
ifut., nil dogs found runniinr nt lurao on
which the las bus noi been paid, will ho
Impounded nnd disposed, of iu accordniice
with the ordlnunces of the city of Cairo,
",J,U" A.Uain, City Marshal
A llrst elms ulioo maker by Hardy
urecnwold, corner hevctith street ami
WHshliigtou avenue, Cairo, Illlimi.
It'B! JUKI! JC'K!!!
From Wednesday May Ut, the ico
wagon tiill vim vM tho city, to continue
during tho summer month.. None but
pure northern lake leu will bo delivered.
llL'hK, LoOMlh, A.- Co,
For ull the popular warm weather
beverages, go to the Thalia saloon, corner
of 12th atlevt and Wwhington avenue.
This is Thu Way we get in u jumble
of misrepresentation : Tin- Vienna Ar
tery say i
The Cairo Hui.i.kti.v advocate the
claim of .lolin (ibtdney, colored, for Sher
iff, uu net which would have driven every
mini from the Iti'U.i.nsV nuhcriptiou
book ten year ago verily the world
move. ' "
Wo hive only udvoruted the claims of
John ut thu Radical randiduto for sherifi'
not ut our eumlidiite. Ue ought lo be
nominated by tlie Republican, but won't
be. He has claims upon them which they
will not regard. He Is about the mol in
telligent timber they huvu for sheriff, and
represents llie colored element of the Re
publican puity of Alexander, which is
four limes a numerous at thu while ele
merit of thnt organization. Iliii be and
ull the black boy nuut aland buck and let
the whllo olllce-soekers get all there h to
eat at tilts publiu crib.
Ma you Lanhiikn has been in tlie huhit
of making long speeches from the chair at
llie meetings of the council, regardless of
the immodesty of such u proceeding ; but
ul the meeting Monday night lie modeUly
retired from the cliuir when he desired to
deliver hi" bundles lo the couucilmcn. lu
ono of his speeches he look occasion lo say
that while there wus n clamor aguliitt the
police ho know nothing but good
of wither ol thorn that there were
on charges ugnlnst any of thorn, and
only uncertain iutimntions ot unfaithful
ness iu regard to uitlierot them. The .May
or is disingenuous. Ho knows that hi
statement wus not strictly correct. Ho is
blind if ho does not know anything against
tho police. Ho knows, If he knows any
thing, that not one ordinance of the cily
in rulaliuii to cleunliness and llio enndi
tiou of its streets is enforced. Let him full
us if tlie hog ordinance lias been enforced
for mouths, and whether he knows anv
thing about tho manner iu which tho
policemen perform their duty. So
charcoal Wu huvo heard Mayor i.ainduii
say that Officer Robertson wus incompe
tent Mini not a proper man to be on the
police forcu; nnd Olllcer Robertson i now
lying uhout the town that thu muvor did
not nominate him to the council because
tho mayor knew ho would nut l;u con
firmed uud was looked to koup
him in spite of tho wishes of thu council.
Ami appearances prove that Robertson is
right. Of nil tb5 upppoliited officer of
thu city Mr. Robertson is the only one
who was not nominated to the council.
He was retained on tho force by an net of
usurpation on the purl of tho mayor
while tho assertion was IreaU upon Ida
lip that the man thus retalnod was inof
flciant Hnduntlt fin tho place. "Well;
.3 ll
. . ,: '!
....;t IS)
-I 10
:i ui
.... 3 i1
.....Jl r.0
, a ii
1 (VI
, :i i .
:t on
, :t 0.1
i w)
, :i l.i
-i en
a io
3 il
....-'I on
.. ...J !
3 Ul
3 m
3 no
;i ui
-I on
i io
:t ui
3 ui
.... 3 .
.. ,.:i uj
... "I ui
,. I w
.... A IU
... .3 in
3 UJ
... . 3 Ul
S 01
....3 W
3 Ui
3 UJ
31. Anioa llroiin..
3. j. W A hhoily -
3 M S Cox
17. Ci-per Yost
3s John U. llreeo
:rj ink
in Kredcriek leiehmar. ..
II Henry Miller
4. ' C N. Jiiuhea
II K. C. l'or.l
II v . A. Sloo
I K. W Miller
I'.. Kred. Iledltfer
if H P. lleonetl
I- Win Mratton
I'i, Thoinaa Clarkao
,VJ. .1. T. Clarkaou
.'.I J. i:.,l'rk
!: AtllilO.iy II no
63. I holllia CallHhau
44 N. II. Tlnstlewood
M. Herman Weller
M. J. H. Iteed
1,1. Sjandy it. anion
M I.HMllla iimria
,'i Solumon Petti
W. Win l.oueig!iui
cl. .1 . . llniclay
I..' lleurio M.'l.onal J
cl A, C Co man
i.'i Herman Handera
ii W II I Iioiiih
i.t r.. c t;iii
1,7. C. t. I'elay
i,S T.iin Price
i.'J Aualiu Turner...
70. Hun rd lloberl"
71 f Torreuee
7i II Trailer
7J Phil Haup
And. 1 herewith nttuch tho receipt of
the city treasury for the amount,!.- com
missioii. KcMit'ctfully, submilted,
.M. Ii, 1IU.N.MMJ,
Supervisor of Street.
Alderman Sense, fhalrmnn of the ordi-
nal.ee committee, submilted the following
ordiimncw for the con-idernliou of the
Korlho repiilalion of Iho Kite liepHilment.
lln II ordained by the Cit) Council j Ihe Cily
of i;aiiu :
Sicrius 1. Tho sovcrnl lire eouiii'ilile uhlle to
lug to u Ii ru .hall not run their ICuinea and llu.u
CAria uu me niuew uikh , riinnini it.v .net ia a.v
Hut muddy, o. iu some way obairuuled, ao ua lo
pruteiii uiri i.iigiuc-uau noao i..iriH noni ik
in to a III v in u reaaoinule i me.
ci. Auyolllcer iu cuinniaiid of any flie coin
pany at u hie, uho ahull ulnae lo atuiiou Ina l.a
clue where dheclcd by the. Chief Kngincer or mi
AssiMaut, or lo luvo water thruun Iioiii thu hone
ol hi. company ill uecur.luucu ailh (lie older ul
ihu Chiel r.iuincu. or his luri.iaut, sh ill hn
KUilty ul a iiii.deuieanor, i.nd,on u imi'iiuu,ahall
ia: lined not leaa lli.ni l."., nor inorn than iitcuiy
livn do lara for each uihi etury ollcnsu.
bit 3. A.iy liii i:umpi'.y ol the cily of Cairo,
rclualuK to obey the le.l ordei. uf the Chic! Kli.
KUieer or hla i.stl.taiu, .hall lor.c I ull euiui In
Hie iiaiieriy iiiiowkiico uowunonon tuesi'leiai
luinjianies by ordiiunce, and shall be piohiuituu
Iroin acting as n tire uompiiiiy uithiii m limit
uf tl.ueltvut Caliu : ah iu. lloua lirisiuL' undei'
llii.afw.UuM, Miall lie il ccli led liy it inajuiil) lulu id
inn nro iieparilileiu,
Hrc I, 'Hie seveial too companies, nhilu at a
riiu shall bo nailer Iheeuulrol ol thn Chiel lCu;lii.
eer or Ina nxialanta ; ho ahull hale alHuoiny lo
elation Ihe aurciid LOUimniia, mid illicit nhere
mid ivheu the Hiiler Miall he
lliroaii, and Kenerally lo exeroiao
siiperi aion . eacn and all the vuiupn
una iireaent nt uflie: but all hla orders ah.li Im
Mlien IhroiiKh (he orllcura in Cuiunuinl o the
company , any c.mpiiuv inlriiiKinK Una rule
and cIiiiiiiiii "lllsl w.iier,'' ahull Ihi iirpmed o!
Ii.u rlc.111 lo liuau audi eluliu, and llie Chief Km.
Kliieir ali.dl ui'ltrunne all .iicMions which ahull
aiise IIDder Ihln uilv, aill'jvil In an ui.'ii to the
lire department nl alatud liieeliu
ntc. ' Tin. .eielal llie eoiupau.e'a of tho city
Hhil leturnlnj; Hunt a lire iiiui.-.-a ihe si itch
Hie lliii.dv,)alult mil Mill t heir Utiituica and Hum.
Calls upon Ihi. sldcu.ilk-, r race iillh each
oilier, uud shall ol.aerve aliehlillea as may he pie.
ecribvd by tlie Chief Hujineer of Ihe Hie depurl.
m, 0, It shall he Die duly of ull peraons lu the
nelt'libuiliuoil u a llie, able lo hoik, lo u.alal hi
liuiiuuli'K and woikiuKtho Hie engines, aud any
eer.oii ivna ahull refuse or ni'Hleit to aid and
ae-t whim r.llired tn do ao h) uny cily ofhceraa
sialiut: in thu extlliKUlshincut of h hre, shall
luiltli Kiel pay lo the illy llm auiu ol not lea.
III. n Hie Hollar nor imuo than one bundled
dollais, lor each and eveiy ulleuee,
Providinj; fur Ihe eonairiiullou offrilulu side
w.lkit aud cio.s w.lli.i
a it otdalued by tho City Council of llio Cily
bicuna 1. That anew aiduivalk lat 'on 111 on Iho
we.t aula of CoruiiiHiclal uyouue, lu frcl of lot
uumhe,red 1 lone.) a (two,) II (three.) 4 (lour.) 6
llie,) and u tlx.) hi bloek nunilnned l (lweniy,
cc pertaining to the public health of the
c'ty; nnd that he shall receive n salurv
ol $ per month.
Resolved, Thu, the cltv luller bo and he
is hereby authorized nnd tlirected to em
ploy n team or cart und driver uml lalrfirer
therewith aueli a lie employed latt venr
atnot exentding ?3 0 per day, "anil
that under directions of tho board of
lienllli, bo proceed with the chain gang
mid team or cart to clean up tho street of
the cily nt the earliest practicable dny.
Councilman Woodward moved to accept
tliore)Tjrt und adept the resolution. Coun
cilman Taylor moved to amend by direct-
ing that the duties above mentioned de
volve upon some policy officer now in
office to be designated by llie mayor. Tho
chair ruled tlie motion out of order. Coun
cilman Wood appealed from the decision
ot the chair und the council -ustuined the
Councilman Taylor withdrew hi
amendment. '
Tho question then being on the motion
of Councilman "Wood to accept the report
nml adopt tho resolutions u it was put
by the chair. A division being culled for
resulted in yeas C, nays 0 Tho cliair vo
ted In the affirmative and the motion was
declared enrriad.
pkti nosa,
A etillon of 11. Sayer praying the
remission of a lino imposed upon 1.1s agent
for selling goods without license win, on
motion of .Councilman Wood, referred to
tlm committee on police nnd jail lo report.
nt thu next meeting of tho council.
A petition of Win. A. Fuller, by hi at
torney, S. F. Wheeler, wa presented,
rcprecutiugthut Im Is the owner of a bond
of thu city for i'Jii'.'.i: issued on Murch
2f.tb, l(-'il7, pnvnhlc in live year after
date, prop.iairig to tuke a new bond In lieu
of said overdue bond provided the cily
will pay him tlm dillereiieo between ,llje
cash or market vitluu orth.. new bond ami
Ihu amount due on the bend bu uow
ill UK (OS'UNUKU."
t'olTee :
Java c to :ii l.aniyra.....
Illo, prune to choke .
I.Altlt lu tierces per lb
iu ae;. . .
IIA.M. Siijjjr cured '
Hhoulders lial.in " .
dry .ll........
a ll.coii
" dry a ill .
Onhiumnd rotate.
Monday KieuiuK. Mv u. I
The inaikit I goinl, epecinlly for liny
nnd Com. 'I'hes.i sluplei are seaice, rc
celptn being imuftieient to supply thu
loeul trnde. There was no enquiry for
shipping purposes to-day, hut both Hay
titid Corn were in good order demand
Oats uro not so brisk us lust reported. A
decline nt New Orleans tends to depress
the uuirkel here.
Country produce generally Is lu good
Correspondent mint hour in mind that
our inside figures represent prices in
round lots from first hands, and outside
figures prices for sales made in small lot
on ordors." .
Tho weather has been warm and clear
for several days.
FLOL'K Thu market is dull, but
prices are unchanged.
080 bbls. various grades
sold at $; 0010 SO
JUO bbls. various grades
in small lots on ordera
100 bbls-. Sup., Spring,
100 " Low Superfine,
IJRAX I unchanged.
II 2o9 70
5 30
o 50
St let reported
1 car, delivered in sacks $23 00
1 " Ship Stuff, delivered 'J4 op
320 .neks, 'i U;j 00
CORN la scarce. No White on the
market. The order demand is good, much
greater tlmii the supply. TLo miles of lust
tlircediiys nro sinall in consequence of tho
light receipts. Reports nre s
lo car mixed, in bulk, on track, 40fd)4Ce
J3 o " In sacks, del fj;i(or'j4c
1 o " ' on order 6(c.
WOO sacks "White, at polntH below o7o
403 sacks " delivered C'Je
a enra " in aucks " 00o
OATS Have declined ut Now Orleans
und prices tond downward horo. Thore
is u light supply in the market ; buyers
nnd Holler nro apart to-day. Speculators
are holding otl". The sale, reported ie-
V7 to u.
,..'il in'Ut
lo lo
Cl'.ir .lV
b; to
Oniona. ner M.I 3 i'. I Polstoe.. oer bbl.1 in-Zti
Oilloil sela, per bushel I ti
New Tork CheahfVe l"
Common Home, per dot..
Choice lo Kxtra " ..
H. II.
J U)lo 3 71
..i UJ lo & 6.
Bspswttz nnd Taillaw
Uee.wax . J Tallow .,..
NuKsirai and HyrBBs,
HUfiAH New Orleans prime lorlunee llio lie
i otle. A -. I .' , to 13
Crushed and luwdered... 11 o 1'
liritnulale.l Ititto 1'.
SVKUIS-Choire ..... so lo 1
New Urlejllj new.......... Ultn 'A j
(liinnie.....lai.Jto I'.ije I Hurlap..,
Tvtine I I w II
Iwine I III i us
llelllp...S lo r
.Steamer Julia, VleksburL'.
" City or KelUisburg, St. Ltmi .
" Henry Ames, N.Orleaii.
" S. J. Hale, Cincinnati.
N. W. 0., Caseyvllle.
" Anna, Cincinnati.
" Cliiper, Memphis.
" Nick Long worth, N. (Moans.
" John Gilmore, I'ittsbtirg.
" OUven, Ht. Louis.
A..I. ilaker.
" (Jity of Chester, St. Louis.
" Illinois, Columbus
" Jim Kisk, Jr., Fadurah.
Steamer Julln, St. Louis."
" City of Kelihsburg,
" Henry Ames. St. Louis.
" S.J.IUIe, Memphl..
" A ii nn, St. Loui.
" Clipper, F.ducuh.
" Nick Uiigwortb, U.ui.vllle.
" John Gilmore.
" Itiiven, Fomery.
A.J. Raker.
" Cily of Chcter, Meinihs.
" Illinois, Collllllll!!..
" Jim Fik, Jr., Fit.lucnh.
IIIO MVI'JiV coal.
Slefiinboats supplied nt any time, both
day and night, with either lump or chest
nut coal, in any quantity, nml on muni
terms, at the yanl Grand Tower, Ills.
Special contracts oflered on favorahlsi
terms upon application.
D. A. Hokkk, Get. 1. Supt.
Sales Agent. 3-lo-ly.
IKIAli io i.kavk. )
The packet for Vlckshurg nnd wny
landing to-day, is tho regular and never
failing Hulls) St. Iouis. She leaves ul C
The giKsl steamer Arkansas Hello is llie
Wednesday boat, leaving for all points on
tho Ohio river at f p.m. The H. M.
Shreveii due to-day, bound fwr Red river.
The Fish is the dnllv F.iducali Uml. The
Illinois will leave for Columbus nt 4)
Here tho river is slowly bucking up
which is little earned by thu Into nnd suit
den rise in llie Mississippi, but it will he
on the decline in u few days, ns tlie Mis
sisslppi is again fulling. Tho Mononga
hela river ut Fittsburg, is slowly falling
with five feet in tho channel. The Cum
berland river continue falling with .1
feet on Hnrpeth Shoal. The Arkamn
river fulling with i', feet in the Clinnnel
Yesterday wm a dull nnd quiet in river
circles and hut little business was done.
The weather continue- warm and partly
cloudy indicating rain.
The Henry Ames hud 2,000 bur rail
road iron and 200 ions sundries and a fair
number of passengers for St. Loui.
The Anna hod u good trip for Si Iitii.
She is making a tr!i iu place of the Henry
Frohusco, which is detained by the cnnnl
bing closed.
The Hodmarin Is hnrd aground in the
cnnnl, and has nearly all her freight off.
The Sam IIhIo had a big trip for Mem
phi.. Sho came through the canal Sat
urday, nnd It took her thirty days to get
through it.
imi a. Howard,
lly Xntluaeil Bank Bnlldluir.
B-pecIal altenlion paid to order. Iroin aiaatn
eat. niiihl or dav."a
Timoihy, per bo -I..' I .
U lueaMitl l.lquoral
IIRA.NIlV Heuue.aj p..r uk l-at
"j.ttnelle " "
C.tta1. In.
C'latet per eitai ,
W'beal hew
Ill.l. Wine.
Haifa rt'reUlit.
I 71
I Jv
.'sto.' bU
7 It
t U
't VI to 3
3 Iu3 'A
l U
b (X
hi to I
3 Ut
i 71
I t
4'ollou I
To New
I 85..
I II..
Ho. tun
II 04
1 OS
To New Tork per bbl
To lluatoii ccr hbl
.... I 70
i-rom C.'i'ro lo.
Flour, per lib, .
liny, jier Ion ...
Corn, ier cwt...
Oats, per ewi ...
PoUtota, per bl
Apple., per bW
fork, nerbbl
Whisky, erbbl
Krotil f!mirn In '
30 US.
W 'J,
I 'U
Coal Oil per
Tobacco ci r h
iCollou per bl
i.uinuer .er n
uumuer icese
Heavy lil-ciri
4 00
i ue
FOR SALE, ) for gale FOR SALE,
I KcrHale I '
Faro from Livkkpool,
Faro from Londcndkbiiy
Faro from Glaqow,
Furo from Qukknhtow.v
CAIRO, ; : i i : t i : $4 8-
2 0
datiord, Horns A Ca , Kents,
Liverpool New.Toik ahd I'hllndi Iphla
Steamship Company,
oxa coNTaict with i kitwd itatm ao aauisa
for Carrjing Ine Mali..
oa ri'aruta irosaiTioa
IS Hrondway, New. York, or to
U. Ussisnt.
Washinnloii Ayeni;, Cairo, nola. ;i
1 1 ill lot i ri Uuildiug, corner nf l'.'tli
trcet and Wasliintori avenue,
Cairo, Illlinoa.
All kin la of llindinic fin I Rlllinn done at tbs
very luwe.t n'rn, llaviui; eni(aed the .ervi
ee. of Mr. llnela, who I. .a had iiitoy year,
elporielice lu one of beat Hlllderltrt f HI. Iillls,
to atiK-rinlend Inia esikbliahinent, we aiao eon
lldenlly pruiniaeo.ir patron, wora eipial In to. I
of kd 1 llm lery iu Ike west.
nncai f
Comiuercial-av., Foot of Elentli-nt.
Sliest quality of Lime nnd Cement al
ways on linn J, und for sale at the
very lowest figures for cash.
Leave ordar at the office on Commercial-ay. at
he foot of Lleveolh street, uuvlU l-'aii.
Also, keep constantly ou hand a most com'
pitta stock of
-U1N 0,-
iVort, Madoria, Sherry and Catawba AV iues
RJMYTH A CO. seTexclualvely for ca.h, u
. which fact they Invite Ilia aapecial atlatu
nun ol clo.e bargain buyers.
8peinl attention fivtn to Filling Ordera.
'st!o7iarles hotkl"
F. D. UEXFORD Froprletc
eoxNsa ohiu Ltvit aau axcoxu st,.
Caiko, llinoib.
Ine Only Hrtt-Ctuu Home iH the Cily
rfT B, eouyye4 lo ud (nm ,1., u.Bl
of Irepoi krae,

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