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' traveler's Guide.
MfBtABLB or the ItUITOB ciBTBAt B. a.
SMnasVsaN.willfoyern ih. arrlnl ad depart
. if MWIIir trains t Cairo I
1-45 p.ro
Mmmt Tr" train, daily,
t:5 a.m.
1.00 p.m.
n ud fit, Louie Short Line.
3:1ft p.n.
i.A.uxfrrtr fram Cairo la fit Lonls. No
V V -
, hM
The Arm of Miller A V letir, Theb, Ills
this tiny disseised nattnersh'p by
tuai consent.
And it Is greed that John Miller of Hie alor.
Mid flrmaeule theflrm'e liabilities, and collect
til claline of lbs firm JOHN MILLER,
Thebes, III., My tt, IfW. P- djl
ekAHr e'"ar trorn Cairo to Coleefo. t;"',nl
urwrlef Rxrn Bleeping cm on aunt trains.
Bjraxs cheeked to kit important points.
Will make thrM trip dally.
U1T1K4 CAltO I lAVI Slot SP C1TV
At 7 - a.m. I At li30.. A.m.
At 11. .......--.. I At 1:90 p m,
At 4-30 --.p.m. At e.... p.m.
via Mch nr. So cent t 10 ticket for ft 60.
Will Uod. when hailed, at any good Intermedial
adding I or psirr er freight. otmlir.
All. BOAT.
The splendid steamer
T.aea n.lrn Tlltl.V. (Sunder excepted). t 4
a.ra. For Irelahtor pui; applroiT ardor
JanStf JArf BIGfld, Ag't.
To Eugene Leuren, Jame tl. Roberts, Hannah
o. Nether, moma m. naiior, William u, na.
Iher, Julia Croft, Charles Crolt, Ellphlett tirown,
Cleopatra Brown, Mra. Krancie J. Wallace,
Mr. Mary J. Baker, John linker, William K.
Wallace, Edward li. Wallace. Charlea K. Wal
lace, Francis Wallace and unknown ownera and
peraone having an inteceat in the hereinafter
described lauda aituale in the county il Alex
aader, In the slate of Illlnola i
Tack hotici. That the Cairo and Bt. Louie Rail.
road Company hare tiled their petition In the
omce oi ine uieru oi iue uircuit uoun i Aieaan.
der cunntr, Mate of Illinois, prayini the appoint
ment of three disinterested free-holders of said
rnuntr ae Commissioner, to tlx the comnettea.
tlon to be made to owner, ae well aeto assess the
inr a. 1 1 an, which tnav rtmlt liom the con-
ktruction and use or their railroad by the tnking or
ait rip of land on hundred feet wide lor right of
way or road track over and acioss the following
described tract and parcel ol Isnd lying lis said
Alexan er count? , lo-witt The ewqrot fheeeqr
aeo. 7, tp 14, ar 1 weat ; the north eaat qr of the
Be qr of sec 45, tp 1ft, nt 2 weat , the H of e
11,'tp 15, r Swett; iheseqrof ihneqr,ee 1,
tp la, sr 2 weit i the w yt and ae qr of the nr qr,
and the eaath.lt of the aw qr of tec IV, tp If, ar
1 weal i the w X and ae qr oi the ne or of aeo 30
tplC, ar 1 weat; the e 'of the qr oi aec 30, In
tp 16. ar 1 wests the aw qr of Ihefrw qr tec 4, tp 17,
ar 1 w ; the ae qr ne qr arc Sand the nw qrtw qr
That tho cholct buVUr It Mi Lonli . Tor
gen en'i. Only 30 contt ptr pound. 24tf
Prom "Vcdnctdsy' ily' lit, tho Ico
wagon wlU catmu tho city, to conllnuo
during the summer mcnth. None but
pure northern lake co .will be denvorcu.
Husk, Loom, & Co.
OPFICK Oter M. J. McQaalej' drug ttore,
neir corner Commercial arenu and Klgb
toenth afreet.
f ESIDKNUK No. xl Thineenih itrett, b.
Ay twea Wulungton aenue and Walnut atrett.
vine UlCominnrcialaTenue, up ataira.
0. W. DUNNING, M. D.
DKSIDKNCE-corner.Vinlh and, Walnut at.
XVOlni'e corner hlxlh atreet and Wlilo lore.
Otoce hours from a a.m. to IV m., and 9 p.m
fEHIDKNCE Corner Nineteenth atreet and
JLV Washington arenuo, near court house. Of
fice orer the poetotflce. Office hours 10 to 12
aun, and 2 to 4 p.m. janlaf.
Our Homo Advertisers.
P. GfschST
sec 4 tp 17, ar I west i and achool lot Mo. 31 In no
qr aeo IMp 17 r 1 w.
And, that said railroad compmy, on the S4th day
of June, A. D. 182, at ten o'clock, in., will make
application to ilon. Fredolln Dross, Judge ol the
County Court of said County, at. the otlice of the
aaid Clerk in the cliy of Cairo In said county, Inr
the appointment nt such Comml.slonera lor the
rurposfs aforeaald, and to fix a tin and place for
he first meeting of aaid Commiaaioners, when
and where you can attend, If you think proper,
a owner, claimant or party interested in said
abore described tracts of Inn I or any of them.
Dated thle 24th day or May, 1172.
6-303w lty W. Moaatsow, Atty.
Until further notice, B fruit exprew
train will bo run between Celro nd Chi
cago, leaving Cairo at 10 a-tn dally, ex
cept Saturdny. James Jobnron,
6.22d0t Agent.
T. D. Ellli, proprlotor, cornor 7th street
and Commercial avenuo, Cairo, 111., U
prepared to accommodato the public with
board by tho day, weok or month, at lower
rntea than anv other flnt-clais houio In
tho city. Tho room are all well fur
nlahcd, light and airy, good lample rooms
for tho accommodation of Commercial
aironts. Tho houio U located in tho cen
ter of tho builnoM oart of tho y within
ono iquaro of tho post office. 4-9-tf
It cooka aulckly and more thorounhly with less
lire ihan any other way.
Food cooked the old way Use one-third of it
weight, cooked In this steam Tessel, it only loses
one eighth. Tho aaringa in tins way will soon
pay lis voai.
It Will BOIL,
moro perfectly than any uleniil used for either
purpose now in use.
Meat stewed, boiled or broiled In this manner
ha a better Mayor, and Is easier digested than
whea cooked in the old way.
It makes a first class Cook out f a poor one,
aad a good cook better than before.
It la the only utensil In no that is warranted
not to UUKa KICK IN C X)KlNO,uoderny cir
cumstance. Agent make more money selling
Uiia Tessel, than any article in uae, lor erery In
telligent housekeeper in the country wanta one.
can call on or address
S tMfdAw Thornton's lilock.ioth .1., Cairo, III.
Having rofurniihed this woll known
and popular boardinir house, on Sixth
street, near tho post offlco, tho proprie
tress would inform the public that alio
is prepnrod to nccommodato tho public
with flrst'Class board and well furnished,
well ventilated rooms on the most reason
able terms. Ample preparations havo
been made to accommodate an unlimited
number of day boardors. Patronage so
licited. Mrs. T. S. GArrxEY.
Publication OMee, Bttlletbs.asislctbasT,
The weather is cool and very pleasant,
Judoe' Bross' becomes more iritensefy
a Groeloy man ovory day that bo Jive., ,
Whekleb is Gfccloy all over, and was
from tho first moment. .
Capt. Hali.iday and Mr. Safford havo
returned homo from Mobile.
The pig catchers caught the pet pig of
lady of tho fourth ward on Mondoy
and a tartar at tho same time.
A Greeley Cluii Is n necessity In
Cairo. Where Is Winter that ho is not
moving in this business?
Strawberry Festtyai. at tho Rough
and Heady onglno houso to-night. Look
out for tho berries when tbo boll rings 1
That distinguished Old.Fraud, Rev.
Drndlov Is for Grant and Munn. Last
como first jorved with him, though.
Meyers, the tobncconlit, Is ono of tho
most active and outspoken Greeley men
in Cairo.
Charley Schoknmeykk litis on hand
tho bullicst Woiss beer that everwna tits
Tn small-pox still holds on to Cairo,
but with a very gentle grnip. There havo
been very few fatal cases.
ASSETS, $600,000,
JOHN A. nUCK, - - - President.
C. KNOBELSDOKFF, - - - (Secretary.
Cuas. Reitz, IIkkry Weuer,
C. Kksinu, A. MlfCH,
Chas. Wentiie, Ciiah. Veroua,
Kkancia Lackner, Chas. Uaeolino,
C HiEHcit, "NVu. Rkinhakdt,
The best orcanlzed and securest comnanv (n
the northwest. The only company which guar
antees a cash surrender yalu.
CARL L. THOMAS, Gen. Ao't,
S-2Uly farSTalroaad vlelnltjr.
Illinois CenlrM It. 11. Co'aTel. Agfa olflce l
Cairo III., May 27, 1872. i
To porsons wishing to attend the Phila
delphia convention we will sell excursion
tickets from Cairo to Chicago and return
for fourteen dollers and forty cts. ($14.40).
Tickets good to return until June 16th.
Faro from Chicago to Philadelphia and
roturn is twenty dollars ($20).
James Johnson, Ag't.
A year ago tho sitters commenced to cir
culate prizo tickets for this piano, but
owing to slow sales, ihey havo been
obliged to put off the raffle up to tho pres
ent. Tbey hopo soon to dispose of enough
tickets to justify thorn in parting with the
instrument. Tho radio will tako place
not Inter than tho first of August. A new
and sweet-toned pin ao I Take a chance,
everybody, by all means.
The Bulletin job printing is better
and cheater than that of any office in
the stftto of Illinois. We mean what wo
say. Como and too us 1
Try the Excelsior. Thoso who in
dulge themsolves in luxuries such as St.
Louis Lager Boer, Cocktails, Gin slings,
rich Winos and ice cold Lemonades, all
sweetened witii finest piano music, should
call on Fred. Ulankenberg.s. Ho has the
coolest, quietest and finest saloon in the
west. Ho has also a fine billiard table for
tbo use of his guoeU andhls cigars cannot j
be excelled. D-lOdlm
The weeds that mil grow are begl'inlng
to show themselves nt tho sides of the
streets. Get ready your scythes, Oh,
Jailer McHnle, and slay them.
The Illinois Central railroad company
sold in April 3,019 aorcs of land for $34,
73. Tho earnings of tlio road in April
were 547,997.
Col. Wood, superintendent of construc
tion on tho C. & V. R. R., Informs tho
Mound City 'Journal' thatftha road will
bo In running order throughout Hi entire
length before tho expiration of tho pres
ent year. .
Col. Brown, who is to .bo the Radical
candidate fo; Congress in this district
Munn's man was in tho city vesterdnv
Ho would be a very clover gentleman if he
was not for Grunt.
.Criev of Pol Ico Myers his been on a
raid after looso host for tho past few days,
Bad ha had a varied and novoroxperlenco.
In certain portion's of the city, tho Inhab
itant scorn to 'entertain tho opinion that
' rll i . tr.l . . ..... ..
ono oi incir inaiionauio rignis is to nnow
ihoir RogW'tocru'ri at iargo' ahtfattcn on
their neighbors, gardons. With thcbo un
reasonable Dooiilo Mvors cahn'di ilohate
and Is compelled to calmly ondu'ro, ther,
abuse, which Is-very liberally bestowed.
He has boon threatened with the mob and
tones and rotten csrgs, but hits yet c-
colved nothing more injurious than tho
rout words of dirty-mouthed folks, Who
aro not much better than their 6wn grunt
ing pigs.
Castori a it a scientific vocetablo prep
aratlon ; a porfect substitute for and more
cflectivo than Castor Oil, and is pleasant
to take. It cleanses tho system In a most
rcmnrknlilo manner ; docs not distress1 or
gripe, but operates when all othor romo
dlos havo fulled. It Is certain to super
cedo Pills, Castor 01), Narcotic Syrup and
all other purgatlvo and exciting medicines
Tbo Castorla contains nolthor Mlnorals
Morphlno nor Alcbohol. By its cmollont
soothing effect, it assimilates tho.food.alid
produces natural.sleop particularly adapt
ing It to crying and toothing children
It cures Stomach Ache, Wind Colic, Con
stipation, Flatuloncy, Croup and kills
worm'. Make your druggist send for it
ho will always keep it, as every family
must have It. It costs but fifty conts' a
Tiir.Graiit Radicals of thocity chuckled
enjoyably over Munn's attack on John
Horace, of The Bulletin. Tho revenue
man's happy use of tho liar epithet, and
the quiet voin of humor and sarcasm
which didn't run through it, gave tbo ap
preciatlvo cusics who bellevo in Grant
great pleasure. It is tho opinion of many
of them that Dan should dovoto himself to
tho profession of writing, and not a few o
them believe ho could write with as much,
ability as lie don't tell tho truth, but tills
is doubtful. He don't tell the truth will
mote ability than man in tbti State, and if
he united with this excellent quality skill
to conceal tho fact that he Is a groat deal
of an ass and so forth, ho would be tli
bright particular star of tho party of Tli
Ufelcs in Illinnt.
Cai-t. "Wlllium P. Halliday, of this ttty
has been elected ono of the directors of
tho Mobilo and Ohio railroad company.
Tho election took placo at Mobilo on the
23rd inst., tho old board being re-elected,
with tho excoption of Gen. A. AV. Camp,
boll, of Tennessco, who declined a re-elec'
tion, and Captain Halliday was elected in
bis place.
Mr. W. W. Thornton wishes to rent a
houso with ten lots, for a very small rent.
The home Is loca'tod in the Fourth ward,
is in good repair, and in every respect is a
desirable residence. For terms, etc., ap
ply to Mr. Thornton, at his placo of Imsi
nois on Tonth st.
The Ladies cf the Episcopal Church
will have a grand strawberry fcUivul to
night in the ongino room of the Rough
and Ready fire company. They are
making vary elaborate preparations for
tho affair, and proposo no ccllpto all that
have gono before it this season. The
presonco of tho public is cordially invited.
Tho proceeds will bo for tho benelft of
tho church.
Beautiful golden butter, in small pack
ages, at 27 cents at Louis Jorgonsen's.
qnuog q 'J j
J Btvfsvrwt apKly.cttstotnar'witB.the best
T' , .HBsilty of .
OO AT i.
bimsM aSUaUa.
Caiuo, III., May 10, 1872.
We, tho undersigned barbers, in tho
city of Cairo hereby mutually agroo and
pledgo ourselves that on and after Sun
day, June 2d, 1872, we will keep our
Babber Shops closed on Sunday
do any harboring business of whatever
kind or description on that day.
Proprietors. Workmen.
F. Theobold, Georee Wise,
W. Alba, Robert Munroo
A. Kschbach, C. Alba,
GRelnntng, B.Leffc),
it. oemck, oust. Ucin,
J. Geo. Steinhouse. V. filichar.
llobert Uedlord,
Charles Anderson
Jelf. Drowjp,
Duvo Tvlor.
Pat Fitzgerald, of tho sample room
has received the appointment of agent for
the sale of the Hommondsport, N. Y., Ur
ban a Wlno Company's wines in this city
If the bottle with which wo havo been
favored is a samplo of tho quality of
these wines, then we are prepared to say
that they are among the best we have ever
tasted. He has lust received a large con
signment, which ho is prepared to sell at
tho lowest figures. Ho has also on hand a
large and complete stock of tho various
brands of Irish, Scotch and American
whlsklos, and wines of every variety.
nl'Jdtf '
Try Welch's London Confection
ery, corner Commercial nvenuo and
Nineteenth strcet,-for Fruit, Sponge, and
Lemon Cakes, Pies, Tarts and Blanc
Mango, Jellies, Ac, supper parties nnd
picnics supplied at tht lowest prices,
Last Call. I wlU commence the pub
llcatlon of tho delinquent list of state nnd
county and city taxes tbo -5th, inst. After
that dato costs will be charged.
Alex. II. Irvin,
did. Sheriff and Collector.
Vm. Schick.
1). Lumpen,
John Bedford,
Edward Braxton,
Win. Curtis.
On and after this day, May 16tb, I will
pay a reward of twenty-tlvo cents each
for all dogs found running at large, on
which tbo taxes bavo not been paid, said
dogs to bo delivered to me at the dog
pound, on the cornor of Ohio lovee and
Tenth street, old city pump.
6-1 C2w Andrew Cain, City Marshal,
To cook biob without burning.
Burnett's cooking vessel.
To broil steak chop or cutlets preserv
ing all the juice, weight and improving
the flavor. Broil in Burnett's cooking
To cook vegetables in less time and
with less Are thin generally required.
Ujo Burnett's stei'ra cooking vessel,
good for any nnd all purposes.
Tborntoa's Block, Csiro, 111.
Go to Wm. Ehler's, on Twentloth
street, for your fine custom made boots
and shoes. You can't do bettor. Try
M. Burns, proprietor of the Mechanics'
boarding houso, cornor Commercial and
Third street, Cairo, Illinois, announces
that ho is now keeping a first-class hotel
and boarding house for tho accommoda
tion of regular boarders or transient
guests. He hss accommodations for
eighty to one hundred people ; bis tablo is
well kept, his rooms light and airy, and
not a bed in the bouse that has not either
a set of springs or a feather bed. 6-1 m
The best place in town to buy your
shoes Is at Black's City Shoe Store, corno
Elghth street and Commercial Rvonue,
Ask for tho Broladki Bhop-made, and
you aro warranted a good pair at a low
prico. Ho is almost giving away Eastern
niado boots and shoes, but ho can't war
rant them. 2t.
"Why don't tho Liberals comooutof
their holes in Cairo?" is a question the
Democrats who don't like Greeley the
Chicago "Times," fossils are contin
ually nsking. God bless your innocent
souls, thoy have como out of their holes,
and are making lots of music. If the
Liberal sentiment is ns strong elsewhore
as in Cairo, Greeley will carry the Stnto
by 50,000 majority.
Marsukl Cain met with n misfortune
the other night. Tho day boforo ho had
cruelly captured a Uozon untabbed dogs,
and had put them In tho pound. During
the night tho curs, appreciating tho danger
In which they wore shunted, put their
heads together, and after a long-continued
consultation matured a plan of escape,
which they skillfully executed. In tho
morning the Marshal found bis pound
where ho had left it tho evening before,
but tho dogs were all gono.
We don't know whether Mayor Lans
den, llko Munn's big baby Llncgar, or tho
show-me-where-the-money-is Pope, has
gono back on Greoloy yot. Ho doclarcd
for tho Philosopher when tho other two
did, nnd wo hopo has moro hold-on in his
composition than they. They wore Gree
ley men In Munn's abseuco, but the mo
ment ho returned homo thoy bocamo as
mum as death. Did Munn's quieting in
fluence reach Lansdon, also?
A oreat numbor ot our colored fcllow
cltizons, male and fomalo, aro absont from
the city picking strawberries, and, as a
consequence, tho housekeepors aro crying
aloud for holp, which does not como.
Cooks and chamber maids and nurses are
ns scarce as squaretoed men in tho Grant
party, or dimes in an editor's pocket. Wo
know families who are offering four and
five and six dollurs a week for cooks and
no takors.
There is one thing thocity governmen
munt do. It must, without any delay
stop spending money, or rather ifsnin
orders on an cinptv treasury. The hitch
in the collection of tuxes, which Vill d
prive the city of tho ability' to get into
tho treasury any funds before the first
tho year, wil! flood the city with u great
volumo of scrip, and down will go the
prico again to fifty cents. Already It
scrip is down to nincty-threo cents. Cut
off expenses, City Fathers, and do so
once, or look out for a storm. The aid
walks are now in pretty good condition
and the city very orderly; a Tact which
indicates that a little sltving might bo
made by stopping the lumber purchases
and lopping off tho heads of some of the
guardians of the peace. Stop those leaks
Stop nil leaks I And stop them without
delay I
Round trip tickets to delegates- and
others of ten or more to St. .Louis only
$8, (moals included). Round trip from
St. Louis and return $25. Good to go
from May 25th to Juno 4th, and to re
turn up to nnd including June 26th.
Kyle ayd Thatcher Agl's.,
St. Charles Hotel.
Foil Rent. One cottugo with eleven
rooms, (six linmied.) All necessary out
buildings, and a good garden, ten lots well
fonced. A permanent tenant wanted.
Rent, $15 per month. Apply to
W. W. Thornton,
5-29tf. No. 17 Tenth Street.
Steamer Pink Varblo.
Henry Probsca.;Cinclnnall.
ionn Kyio, iN. urleans.
Hollo St. Louis, Vlcksburg.
Mary Houston Louisville
Jim Fiak Jr., Paducah.
Illinois, Columbus.
Steamer Pink Varblo, Memphis.
xicnry rroDasca, Bt. liOUli.
" John Kyle, St. Louis.
" BolloSt. Louis, St. Louis.
" Mary Houston, N. Orleans.
" Jim Flsk Jr., Paducah.
" Illinois, Columbus.
Steamboats supplied nt any time, both
day and night, with either lump of chest-
nut' coal, In any quantity, and oh tlstinl
terms, at tho yard at Grand Tower, Ills.
Special contracts offered on favorable
terms upon application.
H. V. Olypuant,
D. A. Bokee, , Ger.'l. Supt.
Sales Agent. .'l-lC-ly.
boath to leayb.
Tho fine passenger steamer Glcncoe is
tho Now Orleans boat leaving to day. Tho
City of Vlcksburg Is the regular Vicks
burg packet leaving ut 0 p.m. The' neat
Arkansas Belle leaves for Evanivillo at
p.m. '1 ho good steamer Arlington leaves
fur Cincinnati und all way points nt
p.m., without full. Tho .limFitk is the
dally Paducah boat leaving at 4 p.m.
During tho past 24 hours, the Ohio
river at this point has been swelling a
little. The Ohio ubovo hero remains in n
falling condition, fn tho canal at Louis
ville, thoro is 0 feet and fulling. At Pitts
burg tho Monongehata is sUuding. Cum
berland river is again on tho decline, with
less than 4 feet on Hurpeth shoals. Tho
Arkansas river is still falling with 20 lect
in tho channel,
The Misi'uslppi continues on a gentle
decline, nnd so do all the rivers about St.
Louis, and thero li every prospect for an
other spell of low water in that river,
Ihcro is plenty of water from hero to
New Orleans.
DUHIN'KSH and weather.
Yesterday wul about tho dullost day of
tho soason, und the levco, which is gener
ally (ho sci-no of life and animation, had
the appearance of desertion.
Tho day was warm and cloudy, with in
dicntions of falling weather.
Walter Morso, who met with tho ncci-
dent on tho Montauk is getting along line'
ly nnd doing as well as can be expected
Since ho has been following engineering
he has met with several sovero accidents,
but this is the worst ono ho cver'mvt with,
Ono time whilst fixing something about
the pitman on tho P. W. Stroder, ho was
caught by It and hurl very badly, but be
fore ho left his engine tho whistlo sounded
for a landing and ha remained in a faint
ing condition and landed the boat. Ho ii
grit all over. Ho was formerly n tele
graph operator and is said to bo a relative
of tho late Professor Morse.
Tho Pink Varblo cleared for Memphis
with a light trip, consisting of flour, hay,
corn nnd Oats, which was purchased by
her owners.
Tho Henry Probnsco bud a good packet
trip for St. Louis.
Tho John Kylo passed up with a big
cargo nnd a fair number of people.
Tho Mary Houston caina out of the
Ohio with all alio could carry.
Capt. Iko Jones, tho former captain of
tho Dexter, was in tho city yesterday and
looked halo und hearty.
Tho Hello SL Louis had but little of any
thing on board und received nothing of
importnnco hero.
Tho John Lumidcn has ono of her'
chimneys lowered and is giving it tomo
repuirs. She did not loaves for NusnviUe
as her agent informed us sho would.
The Belle Lee is bringing 1000 tons
of rail road iron from New Orleans to
White rivor.
, Go TO the Thalia for tho best Weiss,
beer 1b town. &-2tdtf
Wm. Ehlers, at his shop on Twentieth
street, opposite the Court House hotel, Is
manufacturing boot iund shoes, of every
style and variety, warranted to give per-
feet satisfaction, Ee keeps genuine French
calf and gjvei JiU cuimsrs all ho prom,
Louis Blautau's saloon deserves the
popularity into which It has grown. It
has boen very handsomely fitted up, and
is so cosy nnd confortablo that it is a
pleasure while away a spare hour there,
Tbo bar is supplied with all kinds of flno
liquors and wines, and with the best of
Fresh Lager Beor, and Weiss Boer thai-'
in dellciousness cannot bo excolled. A
Lunch, freo to patroni, is spread every
day, and an article of Switzcr Cheese,
the best in the market, is always on hand,
Mr. Blautau invites tho public to give
him a call, on Eighth street, between
Commercial avenue and Ohio Levee,
opposite the Perry House, In Riser's
Extraordinary Puenombnon. Cin
cinnati, St. Louis and Milwaukee Bock
Beer drawn from the same keg at the
Thalia saloon opposite The Bulletin
office. Milk punches cobblers and mint
Julsp skillfully compounded according to
Ibo most genorally approved formula.
Tho ladies have secured this flno hall
and building for the entertainment to bo
given under their auspices, nnd no pains
will be sparod In making it attract! vo and
Tho building will be brilliantly illu
minated and tastefully docorated.
A sumptuous supper will bo spread at 7
o'clock promptly, to which business men
and tluir families, und th'o public gener
ally aro cordially invited.
Read tho following bill or fare nnd
all como :
Turkoys Ham j
Chicken Tongue ;
Sandwiches, plain;
Sandwiches, deviled ;
Chicken salud ;
Hot Coffee ;
Wlno Jollies; '
Almond Custards ;
Cake plain and fancy ;
Lemonado j
Ico Cream ; J0
Strawberries and Cream ;
&c, tc, io.
Ono of tbo attractive features will bo
that many of tho stands and tables will be
presided over by ladles In fancy-dress cos
tume. Another attraction will bo an ole
gant gold watch, which will be awarded
to tho most populur young lady of the
Fred. Blankbniiero has cngagod a
now planit, an accomplished musician,
who recently arrived from the old coun
try. Ho is s very flno performer and
Fred's is a flno instrument j consequently,
tho music of tho Excolsior, 'liko Its liquors
and cigars, is nut oxcollcd in tho west.
Go and listen to tho musio and try soma of
Fred's cool Woiss beer. 0-23 tf
n , ill
The Illlnola Central Kail Road Comptny now
ofierforaale the following deaeribed'lois in Kirs
Addition to the City of Cairo, yiai
Lot 117 block 20. Lot ,U Mock ftt.
' 18 '. to,- f -a, "1 ISi,
6 " 2, 2 82,
S ' 82, 31 82,
S 11 02, 3J Si.
orterws,le. apply to JAMEU JOHNSON,
Csiao, It.L., May 87, 1172.
We nro without any important cbnnges
to n Jlq in tho .Market slnco our last semi
weekly review, and busineis has bcon mod
erately active in all dittnioij Ode
aro .coming tn largely 'from the souths
principally on urocencs,- aim uorn ana
Oats, and Jo some extent on Hsy and arsj
filled to. ns good an advantage as ,ai any
markot In tho west. Tho demand" for
Corn and Oats from first hands, to-day,
howed signs of weakening, but with pres
ent receipts it will only be temporary, and
will not materially afl'oct tho prices. Eggs
wcro scarce and more active to-day and
Butter Is, plenty and very dull; no de
mand except for choice, In small packages.
The Provision Market shows signs of Im
provement nnd a, probable advsinco iQ
FLOUR. Very quiet, but firm at pre
vious quotations. Trahiaotlohs wero very
light since last Issue, thero being little
demand:, GOObbls. Various Grades, $5 50
00, nro tho only sales wo, havo to
BRAN. But little dotng and market
closed at a decline. We quote
tOO sacks, del $22 00$23 00
CORN. Is in good demand, and mar
kot active. The supply is fulr but tho de
mand is fully equal to It. Tho market
closedto-day a little moro qtileU Wo note
sale's of
2 cars Mixod, in bulk, on track 6lc
1 " Yellow, " 01c
4 " White, " 54c55c
40 ' Mixed, in sacks, del...-C01c01c'
1000 sacks 11 11 .... 01c
1 car ." 11 on orders 01c
del... C5cCCc
" ... 05c
OATS. Actlvo and firm at quotations .
Receipts are) a little mora liberal than lai'ei
week, but the inurkot Is not mors fully
supplied than the demand requires. Tho
sales slnco last review are comprised In
I curs, in bulk, on track 41c42c
(in second hand sacks) del.; 45c
in sacks, do! 48c
400 sacks, del 4 Be
00 " Galena, on orders 60c
Weiss beor constantly onand at the
Thalia laloon. ' 6-Jldtf
City National Baals Biilldluir.
tajjpeclal attention paid to orders Iruin steam
oata night or day.
3725 sacks White,
7 cars ' "
Who can resist the offer. Tho
Continental Life Insurance Company of
Now lork itsuo Life Policies for $1,000
on any ago between 15 nnd 21, for C cent
a day. W. F. Pitcher,
Gcn'l. Agt. for Southern Ills,,
5-121m. Cairo.
For all tho popular warm weather
boveragci, go to tho Thalia saloon, cornor
of 12th street and' Washington avenuo.
No. 03 Ohio levoe, Is the place where
they kcop tho freshest fish and game, und
the finest wines, liquors nnd cigars, to bo
found in tho city. Dinner only twenty
Uvo conts. Open day nnd night, ut all
hours. J. E. Park, Proprietor.
Excellent Weiss beer at the Thalia.
Ice Cream has become tho institution
of the season, and Phil' Suup's the most
popular in tho city. His saloon has be
como, in fact, ico cream headquarters, and
it is not tbo fashion to cat tho luxury uny
where elso. It .is kept with scrupulous
enro, is neat and tidy, and the. presonco of
no questionable characters is pormlttcd in
It. Mr. Ssup has,, also, always on hand
fresh cakes of all kindly candies, notions,
toys, &c., and deserves u continuation and
an incruaso of.tho popular, favor in which
bis establishment Is hold. C7dtf
Mrs. McGee, on' Eighth street, has re
ceived a ljsrge Invoice of Vary' flno trim
med goods consisting ef hats of nlf styles,
bonnots, fine leghorns, etc., etc, which
shu is soiling nt tho very lowest figure,
(Just enough to covor tbo' cost)'. They aro
belngdlsposed of ypry rapidly ; those'wbo
desire a bargain In'thoso goods should call
st her millinery store.wlthout dslsy.
II AY. Is unchanged and prices range
ns previously quoted.
2 cars Prnirie, dal, sold for... f 18 00
8 " Choico Timothy, del. 24 002G 00
1 " Choice Mixed, del... 24 00
2 " Strictly Choice Timo
thy, del 20 00
1 cars Gilt Edged Timothy- 20 00
BUTTER. Tho market ii overstocked
and all grades aro dull. Shippers should
confine themiclvcs to small packages dur
ing tho warm season.
0 pails Choice Southern III. sold at 20c
20 pkgs Choice Northern 20c
25 buckets Southern III 20c
EGGS Wero rather scarce to-day, and
the demand was active at quotations. Wo
repcrt sales of
20 boxes shippers count-.,.... 12Jc
1500 dozen " ' 12J13jc;
CIIICKENS-Pienty and dull to-day
Market cloed weak nnd, unsettled :
J dozen Spring sold nt ... $2 (jOQ.2 40
50 Old Hens 4 25
8 coops 11 - 4 0004 26
10 " choico mixed 3 754 CO
MEAL Continues firm and in gooJTtlL
in a ml at quotations. Not enough In the
market to supply tho demand:
1 car, steam dried, del. sold at 3 10
100 bbls. " " " sold at 3 10
400 " kiln " sold at 3 10
600 " Evening Star City
Mills 3 1603 25
FRUIT. Strawberries nnd gooseber
rieit arcqultu plenty. Tho former sells at
about 2 00 per crate, wholoiale, and goose
berries at 20u a quart, retail. 10 crates of
Clcmson's strawberries sold to-day for
$1 60.' Other kind nro selling at $2 600
3 ()').
PROVISIONS. Prices aro Armor and
the demand is somowhnt improved. Sales
reported aro :
1 cask bacon shoulders 6Jc
4 " " clear side packed and
delivered .; ; i 7c
500 lhs.lmcon shoulders packed and del 0 c
700 " Plnin Hams, . " lie
200 Clear Sidus Ilacon " ' 8c
2 tierces Bacon Ham 10e
Dry Kllnt......lao
Dry aH U y.
tiheeppelta ei Si
Hide i
Oreeayilb .7to7K
Curi-d " toSU
(iree o Calf VI Ih.UKal 3
Cure.' ' " It to MX
Kanawha per bbl...2 Si Lull
'I'fna t
Irnirf-ria! 1 10 tn 1 40 1 Gunpowder 1 00 to 1 60
OoloQKbiucklWto 1 30 1 Tonus: Hys'n 1 10 to 1 40
Co (Fee i
Ja ...' c to 32 Lagnsyra.......;t to ISo
Itio, prim to choice .-24 lo
pi bt-
I.A It I) In tierces peril) ........ I la 9
In hegA ' u4
11 ANH Pitjar cured" canvassed liWU13
, , Country ' lutciT
Hnouhlnra bacon " i.... ...... ck
Clter sides ; lucon 7Jf to Se
Ostlonu and rotataxa.
Onions, per bbl3 M Potatoes, cho per bbl S U
New York ftotory new . is to It
Common House, per dos,... 2 t
Choice to Ultra " ...-.a 00 lo S 71
H. II, - ......ft 09 to 6 Ml
Beeswnst nnd TalloW i
30 Tlow.,. ...
Msirara and Hyrap;
BUG A II New Orleans nmi to choice 11 to Its
Collee A , IK'JtolJ
Crushed and 1'uwdered...... 14K to lie
Gmniilaud ........ UWlo fa
BYrtUl'd-Cholce ". 0 to W
New Orleait CO to S3'i
Oiinniea-....lJ to lJc I HurUps,...,......23V
" - Tali e IImp...2S lo Set
Twine Has 60o
"Illet ., ttt
lIunKariiti .a 23 to 2 SU
Timothy, per bushel s oo
Wine) and I.lqnursi
BRANDY Heunessy pur cat best..... T Ct
i.k-iiette ' ir t t
WINE Port 2 Mto S 09
Miirry ;. i 2 24 to S 2S
Catawba 2 CO
Cmret per ease w . S OS
WHtaKy-lt)t(lloJ.....M....-... SS tol 6
Bourbon a lai
lty Ti
wheat new l so
II l)( h Wines-..
1 09
Rntea rrrelsfHt.
Cottou i
Compressed. ...
To New
9 69
1 14.,
.....II Ot
...M. I us
To Nsw York per bbl..,.
To Boston per bbl
-.11 ct)
1 7a

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