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..w.-ra.t I or Till IttlKOH CINT1UL . .
Art-Mall train, dally 5 m'
Eiprtss. daily -Pm
irrfr-Mall, dally,
4.00 a.m.
2.4J p.m.
1 M n hi
press .w j
i and SI. l.ouia cnori uw.
....3;45 p.m.
Depart- - t ? I.
Kch.B.(cffrfromCiroo fit. Loul. M
change ofeara Irom Cairo to Chicago. Eltfanl
I.Tsw'm Room sleeping en on night trains.
B.gtage cheeked to all important mints.
Best In the United Slalei. Water Coolers, Toile'
setts, I X 1 Kreerrre, Sttr and Cpoi ge llalh,
Cages, P.ra", Copper and Knatncllcd Ware, Ilrlt
anfa and ptanlihed Ware, Jnnanned Ware of
every description, and a ngencial asottincnt o'
stamped rood".
Among others 1 keep thcju.lly celebrated
Will make three trip dally.
ItiTIXa CillO I tUTINO not do cut
At 7.....- ..........a.m. 1 At 6:30 .. .m
it 11 ......... J.m. I At 1:30 P m
Al 4'30 .-..p.m. 1 At 6 ..p.m.
tr.r. !i . 30 nii! 10 tickets for 12 K.
Will land, whtn hailed. t any good Intermediate
smdinglor passengers or freight. noTlltf,
The splendid steamer
It Is little (o mention tlitlr superior qualities
m they apeak tor themselves throughout the
1 mannlarttire everything In Tin, Khett Iron, and
Conner Waro out ol the verv lie.t material, and
hate no heltatln in stating Hint 1 lute a hrger
tun more complete nnritiieni oi goods men
tloneil. than ran lie found In theeltv.
Country dealer, will find it to their Interest to
can anci eiamine nt tore purcnamgciewniTr.
Jobbing, home ciitteritiK, ami all imls'de wo
iromntlv attended to. (!. W. IIKNIiKllSON,
Ben. Howard Cnpt,
Lai Cairo DAILY, (Sunday excepted), at 4
-en. n
a.. For Ire ihtor nasssae ppironiwt"'
Stf JAS imii., fl
OFFICE Orer M. J. MefJaulej'a drug store,
J near corner Conmerciai arrnue ami r.tgn
teenth atreet. 3-31tf
KESIDENCK No. SI Tliirleenih atreet, be.
Iweea WKulunnion atenueand Walnut atreet
omce 1210omtnerclalaTetiue, up ttalra.
0. W. DUNNING, M. D.
OESIDKNCK-cornerNinth aud Walnut ata.
fVomce corner Mxtli atreet and Ohio lereo.
Oillee houra from 6 a.m. to 11 m., and 8 p.m
DDilDF.NCB Corner Nineteenth atreet and
XV Walungton aienue, near court home. Of.
bee orrr Ihe pololhce. Otlice houra 10 to 12
.in.aod2to4 pm. lanictr.
Our Homo Advertisers.
T. G. Schuh
Such Is tho rnpid growth of
the Protection Llfo Ituuranco tom-
pnny of Chicago, working on
tho Mutual contribution plan, anu Hom
ing iiticts over olght times tho amount of
Its llnbllltiiia. Tho cost of a policy In this
company, Including tho annual dues for
tho first year, Is but $20 on $5,000, or $li
on $2,600. Medical examination $1.
Tim dim system Is entirely
Ignored nil assessments aro based on tho
entlro membership and tho ago of each
one at Joining. Only soven assessments
(being ono dollar each for all members
between tho ages of 25 and 40 yenrs) hnvo
been miido during tho past year ending
May 1st.
This is Insuranco nt cost, and well wor
thy ol patronage For policies or Infor
mation apply to
K. P. KonniNS, Ag't.,
C-2eodtf. Protection Life Ins., Co.
Pnblleatlon Oflc, Bnltetla Balldln,
Wiuhlnvtoa Asrcsna.
Tub newspapers speak of n " lady In
cendiary." Gentlemen Inccndlarlos should
insist on being called such hereafter.
MikeLoynk, now at Kansas City, is
dangerously ill, not expected to lWo. He
loft Cairo n few days ago in good health.
Wanted. An Intelligent, honest and
Industrious boy, about 14 years old, at
tf, Hudkk HltOfl.
II li A I) Q U A H T K It S .
130 Commkucial Avenue, Caiiio, III.
Dealer In
fcr Window fccreen,
&c, ice, Sec.
III.,... Cr,t.tcK.n. Co. W. Orr.ca. .
To persons wishing to attend tho Na
tional Sacngorfest, to bo held at St.
Louis, from Juno 12th to Juno 10th, 1872,
wo will sell excursion tickets to St. Louis
and return, together with a ticket of ad.
mission to the Sacngcrfest, at eight dol
lars and twenty cents each, for the round
trip. Tho sale of tickets will commence
Juno 10th and bo discontinued Juno 14th.
Tickets good for tho return trip until
Juno 18th, inclusive.
James Johnson, Agent.
Tlint tho choicest butter Is at Louis Jor
genson's. Only 30 conts pcr pound. 24tf
Having rofurnished this woll known
and popular boarding house, on Sixth
street, near tho post office, tho proprie
tress would inform tho public that ho
is prepared to accommodate tho public
with flrst-class board and well furnished,
well ventilated rooms on tho most reason
able terms. Amplo preparations havo
been mado to accommodato an unlimited
numbor of day boarders. Patronage so
licited. Mns. T. N. Oakfney.
For Rent. One of tho cottages known
as tho Dcvassa cottages, nowly fitted up.
Apply to
tf. Louii Hkrukrt.
Detective Arnold has been on an ex
tended trip through Tennessee and Ocr.r-
ula. Ho returned yesterday. To him
we aro indebted for Into Southern papers.
The steam flrc-enginc, Jack Wlntor, is,
we aro Informed, in good repair, and all
that Is wanted is an cnglncor. Tho city
won't pay tho wages of ono and the com
pany can't.
Mit. M. L. WnioiiT. of this city, has be
come superintendent of tho St. John's I'
and C. M. Company, at IJii (jiioin, vice
Plant, resigned. Mr. Wright will bo a
worthy successor of tho cstimablo gcntlo"
man into whoso shoes ho has stepped.
II. P. Plant, who for years has boon su
perintendent of tho St. Johns mines, has
resigned that position, and gone to Jolict,
in bus'.neis for himself. Mrs. Plant will
remain in our city for u few weeks yet.
Di Quoin Tribune.
Our friend of tho Pulaski 'Patriot' rc
marks :
Mr. J. H. Oberly has purchased tliu en
tiro interest In Uiu'Ul'I.i.ktin oflico. Tho
Bulletin under Its former management
was ono of tho best papers in tho south
part of tho statu. Mr. Oborly promises
greater things Tor tho future. Ho is a pro-
greesivo man.
Morse, tho engineer of tho lug Mon
tauk, who had his foot crushed aud ampu
tated last Sunday, believes bo will bo able
to bo out on crutches within a week
from to-day. If he should be, be will bo
entitled to tho naino of tho Rapid Rccov
CRADLES, Jcc, &c.
Also mnnulucturera of
Tin. Sheet ikon & Copper AN auk.
f-'ole AkcuIh lor the celebrated
Uuic's Movkaiile Point Steel Plow,
Gkay'h Patent Coal Oil Canw,
A year ago thosistcrscommcnced to cir-
culato prizo tickets for this piano, hut
owing to slow sales, they havo been
obliged to put off tho radio up to tho pres
ent. Tbey hope soon to disposo of enough
tickets to justify them in parting with tho
instrument. The rafllo will tako placu
not later than tho first of Augutt. A new
and sweet-tuned pinao I Tako a chance,
everybody, by all means.
Beautiful golden butter, In small pack
I ages, at 27 cents at Louis Jorgcnsen's.
' Veritas," who yesterday endeavored
to convince the saloon keepers that thoy
should not sell liquor on Sunday, has in
our bauds another communication on tho
same subject. Its great length has pre
vented us from enjoying tho pleasure ol
reading it, and will probably deprive; our
readers of tho luxury of studying Its
strong point.
Attention, Sir Kniohts. A regular
conclavo of Cairo commandery No. 13, of
Knights Templar, will bo held at tho As-
sylum in Cairo on Monday evening, June
3d, 1872, nt eight o'clock sharp.
Sojourning Sir Knights are courteously
invitod to attend.
Jos. S. Reardin, Recorder.
Tuts is as true In Cairo as In any othor
If in walking down the atreet,
Vnn maiden chanco to ineil.
On whoae dress there blooms a perfect flower
Wreaths of hollyhock and tuae,
tnmea. ..Ink. and other tioaiea
You may make your mind up that's a Dolly
Kosv cheeka and cherry lip
Un hercurl a lre of "illpa " C
Dears the amo familiar title Dolly vardta ;
wnue neneatn you eaten inn iigui
Of her Dlanciiiff evea io brluht
Eyes that Cupid surely Keeps a constant guard in.
iony varuen iiaiaui,
Dolly Var ien boot an l all
Thve droll appellations fashion makes us
no to maKn ine sum cnmrivie
OTa flmirn (rim and neat
What a sweet, bewitching, dainty Dolly Vnrdtnl
We regret to learn that somo of tho
barbers who ontcred into the agreement to
not shavo on Sunday aro Inclined to go
back on tho arrangement, havo dono to
in fact. These men, who havo thus craw
fished out of a good resolution, nro colored
barbers, nnd n. tho Radicals havo culti
vated in tho colored breast a spirit of hos
tility to The Bulletin, wo cannot influ
ence them to bo truo to .their word.
Thoy havo learned theso tricks of deceit-
fulness by sitting at tho feet of Mr. Munn.
Tho white barbers who read and cherish
The Bulletin havo been faithful to
their pledgo to not work on Sunday. We
hopo our Radical friends may Induco
their colored friends to not wander back
ward into the path of Sunday labor. Tho
preachers of tho city who profess Radical
ism should lose no time, but should make
haste to pray with thesu colored barbers.
In The Bulletin of yetorday morn
ing wo published tho following Item :
Tho houso which was set on firo but did
not burn, on Thursday morning last, had
been insured bv A. O. Toppel in a ht.
Louis uitencv. On his dManpearitncp, his
buslncts was transferred tu Satford, Mor
ris & Candce, agents.
During the day tho owner of tho house
endangered by tho Incipient conflagration
called on us to say he wns indignant nt the
implication of tho paragraph and was con
templating an action of libel. Wo called
his attention to the fact that we had not
even hinl'id that hu hud attempted to burn
his own lioute, hi we did nut, and that his
sensitiveness was altogether uncalled for.
It docs not, we take it, follow, that when
a reporter says : "Tho flro was tho worker
an incondiary," that ho wishes to be un
derstood as saying: "Tho flro was started
by tho gcntlcmao who owns tho building.'.
Too much sensitiveness is far worse than
not enough, and in this case it is particu
larly out of place in tho gentleman re
ferred to, since ho himself, on the morning
of tho Ore, said he had no doubt tho houso
had been set on Arc.
Warranted a sure cure for smoking vhlmnle.
' WS '(I
Cairo, III., Muy 16, 18'
Wo, tho underslcned bnrbors, In tho
city of Cairo hereby mutually agreo and
pledgo ourselves that on and after Sun
day, June 2d, 1872, wk will keep our
Bauuer Shops closed on Sunday
duiu.no the entire day, and will not
do tiny harboring business of whutuver
kind or description on that day.
George WWe,
Robert Munrco
C. Alba,
R. Leilel,
Gust, lloin,
V. Sllchor,
Robert Bedford,
Cliarle Andrron
Jeff. Drown,
Davo Tvlor.
The Illinois Central Rail Una I Comniny now
otter for salo the following described loin la Firs
Addition to I lie uity ol uairo. Tit i
Lot 27 mock -'J. I.Ol -I oiock n.
18 " 20, " ."7 82,
' 6 " 2, " 'i " Si,
4' 0 P2, " 31 " 8.',
' 3 " 82, " 3! ' h!.
orterms.ete. apply to JAMKH JOHNSON,
Sdtt Agen'.
T. B. Ellis, proprietor, corner 7th street
and Commercial avenue, Cairo, Ills., is
prepared to accommodato tho public with
board by tho day, week or month, at lowor
rates than any othor first-class house In
tho city. Tho rooms aro nil well fur
nished, light and airy, good samplo rooms
for tho accommodation of Commercial
ngents, Tho houso Is located In tho cen
ter of tho business part of tho y within
ono squaro of tho post office. 4-9. tf
Runaway. lestorday morning a
colored boy named Wash Dixon was driv
ing a mule team for Mr. Whitford, who is
engaged in hauling wood, and as ho drovo
down an embankment on Thirteenth street,
tho wood rolled forward, frightening tho
animals, and a short runaway was the re
sult. Tho boy was thrown from tho wag
on, which ran over his legs and arms,
bruising him badly but not dangerously.
F. Theobold,
W. Alba,
A. Eschbach,
U Rulnmng,
II. Schick,
J. Geo. htoinhouse,
Wm. Schick,
I). Lamport,
loiin iseciioni,
Edward Braxton,
Win. Curtis.
To cook kick without burning
Burnett's cooking vessel.
To iikoil stkak chop orcutlets preserv
ing all the Juico, weight and improving
tho flavor. Broil in Burnett's cooking
To cook veoetaiileh in less timo and
with less flro than generally required.
Uio Burnett's steam 'cooking, vessel,
, gootTfor-tuj"ulidall purposes.
W. J. Burnett,
ThoruWs Block, Ojro, Ills,.
Six and one-half
pounds Duranfs A Coffee Su
gar for Ono Dollar; Eight
pounds New Orleans Sugar for
Ono Dollar; Four lbs. Prime
Rio Coffee, Ono Dollar ; Best
Imperial Tea, Ono Dollar and
a half per pound ; Best Gun
powder Tea, Ono Dollar and
Seventy -five Cents per pound ;
Young HyHon and Oolong Tea,
One Dollar per pound, and ev
erything proportionately cheap
Round trip tickets to delegates and
others of ten or more to St. Louis only
$8, (meals Included). Round trip from
St. Irfiuis and return S25. Good to go
from May 25th to Juno 4th, nnd to re
turn up io and including Juno 2Sth.
, Kyle aydTiiaiciif.k Agl's.,
St. Charles Hotel.
ICE! ICE !1 ICE!!! .
From Wcdncsdiiy May 1st, tho ice
wagon will canvass tho city, to continue
during tho summor months. None but
pure northern lako ca will bo delivered.
Husk, Loomis, & Co.
Magnolia Ladies' Slippers at Elliott &
Haythortre, just received. tf.
The Bulletin job printing is iietter
and cheaper than that of any oflico in
tho statu of Illinois. We mean what we
say. Come and see us I
The best placb in town to buy your
shoes Is nt Black's City Shoo Store, corne
Eighth street and Commercial avenue.
Ask for tho Biiolaski Shop-mado, and
yon are warranted a good pair at a low
price. Ho is almost giving away Eastern
made boots and shoe, but ho can't war
rant them. 2t.
Who can resist the offer. The
Continental Lifu Insuranco Company of
Now York Issuo Life Policies for $1,000
on any ago between 16 and 21, for 6 cents
a day. W. F. Pitcher,
Gen'l. Agt. for Southern Ills., J
5-121 m. Cairo.
Just Arrived, anothor lot of
Wayno's patent solf-vcntilatlng Refrig
erators and Ico Chests. Wo are soiling
Ico Chests at tho following .Cincinnati
prices, viz: $11 00, $13 00, $15 00, S17
20, etc. Refrigerators nt from $20 00 to
$16 00, nnd best of city roforence given
as to convcnicnco of uso and economy of
Ice. Every family should havo ono.
tVJl-SOd. Beerwart, Ortii & Co,
A party of Paducahans cumo down to
Cairo on Wednesday evening last. Tho
party promenaded round tho city, went to
Simp's ico cream saloon, and from there to
tho Episcopal festival, where they wero of
course duly astonished at tho sight that
met their eyes. The unsophistocatud
Paducahans had never seen anythingquito
so splendid in tho way of a church festi
val, and should consider themselves lucky
to havo visited Cairo on that particular
We havo received tho Gem of tho
West and Soldiers Friend ' published in
Chicago. Tho 'Gem' is devoted especi
ally to tho intorost of tho soldiers surviv
ing tho lato war, is strongly in favor of
Greeley as tho soldier's truo friend, nnd
contains a largo amount of matter inter
esting tho family circle. From Juno to
December inclusive, tho magazine may bo
had for fori! ctnii. Address ' Gem of tho
West' Chicago, Illinois.
The Pulaski 'Patriot' says:
Judiro Hosmor, of Villa Ridue, called
on us last week. The Judge is ono of tho
best democrats in tho county, but ho has
somo Grant symptoms lust now; ho is not
much for mongrels. Wo can offer him a
clean bed if ho prnposos to lodge in our
camp; como out Juugo irom among tho
We met the Judge In Cairo tho other
The railroad enterprises of Cairo arc
prospering gloriously, and those who havo
been waiting for the " good timo coming
aro suro it is near at hand.
On Friday Dr. Dunning, while passing
across Grccnlleld's ferry, saw the first pas
senger car, between Charleston, Missouri,
nnd Cairo, arrive at tho station oppo.ito
this city, on tho Cairo and Fulton road.
This road, which will bo ono of tho most
important to Cairo, is being rapidly com
pleted between this terminus and the
Aikanas line, and in Arkansas between
Little Rock and the Missouri lino. Tho
'B'ack River News 1 says: " Mr. Allen
has purchased all tho Iron to complete tho
whole net work of bis railroads, so that
thcro will bo no time lost in construction
until they are built and ready for business.
Wo aro assured by those who do know,
that the Cairo und Fulton Air Line Kail-
road of Missouri, running fn.m Poplar
Bluff to Cairo, will bo built and trains
running through by Christmas.
From an item in the Chicago 'Journal '
we learn that, at tho annual meeting of
tho stockholders of tho Illinois Central
railroad company, held at the oflico of the
company, in that city, yesterday, the agree
ments made with the railway companies
from Cuiro to New Orloans wero confirm
ed, and Abram S. Howitt, William Tracy
and W. H.Osborn, of Now York, and W.
K. Ackcrmun, of Chicago, wero elected
directors of the company. The ratifica
tion of this ngrecmcot renders tho con
struction of the Mississippi Central tu this
city a fixed fact.
And thcro can be no doubt, either, ihat
tho Junction railroad will also bo con
structed within tho present year, making
Cairo the northorn terminus of tho Mo
bile ii Ohio road.
With thete roads, nnd the Cairo & Vin-
cenncs, and Cairo & St. Louis, nnd Illinois
Central road, besides the rivers that flow
by us to the gulf, what is thcro that can
prevent the rnpid growth of Cairo into a
largo and prosperous city. Wo expect
within tho next decade to see Cairo boast
ing between 60,000 and 100,000 inhabit
Jet bands for tho hair are fashionable.
Tho rago for coral continues unabated.
Illch standing-collars are again In
Alpine sticks and parasols aro now
Dolly Vardcn note-paper Is tho atest(
we bellovc.
Blue sunshades lined with white nro ro
puled gcnlcol.
Flounces contlnuo tho principal mode
of trimming skirts.
Whlto Swiss muslin will be very much
worn this summer.
Ladles' shoes aro now made to laco on
either sldo of tho foot. .
Sailors' hats aro voted common and vul
gar in genteel society.
Turban hats, always genteel and pretty,
aro In fashion this summer.
Laco sacquns, worn ovor light-colored
silks nre exceedingly effective aud stylish.
Chatulalno purses for ladies aro fastened
with a ring nnd a chain tu tho middle fin
ger. Young ladles havo their cornl-handlod
parasols fattened tothelr wrists by neat
gold chains.
Whlto tulle, grenadine and organdy
will bo the fashionable material for eve
ning dresses.
Work of nil kinds, embroidery nnd
laboralo braiding, rover out-door cos
tumes this season.
It is now the style to wear one's over
skirts of tho lightest shade, and the train
of tho dnrker. In full dress sovoral colors
are blended.
Garden hats are mado of muslin, but
tho queen of pnrk and conservatory hat
is the wide Ituiiati leghorn, that flaps over
tho brow und is worn with a lkhu crossed
over the bosom.
Bodices arc made with points in front;
points ornament them at the back and di
miniih on the sidet. Frayed silk and satin
niching, cords and lassol, curled feathers
and plaiting aro tho trimmings preforred.
Ladies mny be glad to know that some
thing new among the camel's hair fabrics
are entire contumes, cmbroiderel with a
color corresponding to tho drcs, and trim
med with gulpuro laco of the same shade.
Mttrguercll sewed on black velvet is a
favoritu and fashionable trimming for
bonnets and hats, aud it is also worn
around the neck, as well as to form brace
lets. Tho contrast pleases the ladle, inas
much as it gives to the skin an cfl'ectivo
Tho littlo nlcknacks of tho season are
crcpo do chino accessories for bows in tho
hair and collars. It is no longer admissi
ble to wear tho old formal bows. They
aro trimmed with Vulenclonncs and
fringod tho most delicato shades being
The Tyrone has laid up here and tho
Eddyvlllo takes her placo In the Nash
ville trade until Cumberland river has a
bettor channel.
The Davenport had a good packet trip
for St. Louis, and the Probasco bad a good
trip for Cincinnati.
Capt. Zellglcr, of tho City of Chester,
wns tho recipient of a boquet of choice
flowers from ono of his Cairo friends.
Tho Cowca nrrlved from Louisville
with n tow of coal, and loft for St. Louis
with a small portion of it.
The Now Ben Accord was lying In the
Kentucky bend loading a barge with lum
ber, and will tow it to St. Louis.
Cnpt. Mart Evans, of tho Grand Tower
coal mines, was in town yesterday looking
for coal diggers.
CItjr MsUUmI ataask BalMlag. ,
sfpeclal attention paid to order Irom steam
nata night or day. ,
Thy the Excelsior. Those who In
dulge themselves In luxuries such as St.
Louis Lager Beer, Cocktails, Gin slings,
rich Wines nnd Ico cold Lemonades, 'all
sweetened with finest piano music, should
call on Fred. Blankenberg,s. Ho has the
coolest, quietest and flnest saloon in the
west. Ho has also a fine billiard table for
tho uso of his guests and.liis cigars cannot
bo excelled. S-10dlm
Weiss beer constantly on hand at tho
Thalia saloon. J-2ldtf
Tho Arlington Oardeii, a delightful
place of resort, is now ready for visitors.
Tents havo been spread on the green
sward, a high, close fence surrounds the
garden, and ladies and gentlemen may
enjoy tho finest of Ico cream and the cool
est of lemonade, free from the public gaze.
T. B. Ellis, Prop'r.
No. 63 Ohio levee, is ihe place where
thoy keep the freshest fish and game, and
the finest wines, liquors and cigars, to ho
found in tho city. Dinner only twenty
II vo cents. Open day and night, at all
hours. J. E. Park, Proprietor.
Best Weiss beer at the Thalia. S-21dt
A splendid lot of Magnolia and Em
press Ladies' Slippers at Elliott & Hay
thorn's, Commercial avenue. tf.
Keep Your Rooms Cool. Charcoal
Furnaces and Charcoal in any quantities
at Beerwart, Ortii & Coa.
Fred. Blankeniiero has engaged a
now plauist, an accomplished musician,
who recently arrived from tho old coun
try. Hu is a very line performer nnd
Steamer Belle St. Loul., St. Louis.
" Quickstep, Evar.sville.
" M. Longworth, N. Orleans
" City of Chester, Memphis.
" Davenport, Cincinnati.
" Henry Probosco, St. Louis.
" Tyrone, Nashville.
" Eddyvlllo, Nashville.
" Shannon, Cincinnati.
" Wm. Cowen, Louisville.
" Illinois, Columbus.
" Jim Fik, Jr., Paducah.
Steamer Hello St. Louis, Vicksburg.
" Quickstep, Evansville.
." Longworth, Cincinnati.
" City of Chester. St. Louis.
" Davenport, St Louis.
" Henry Probosco, Cincinnati.
" Tyrone, laid up.
" Eddyvlllo, Nashville.
" Shannon, N. Orleans.
" Wm. Cowen, St. Louis.
" Illinois, Columbus.
" Jim Fisk, Jr., Paducah.
Steamboats supplied at any time, both
day and night, with either lump or chest
nut coal, in any quantity, and on usual
terms, at tho yard at Grand Tower, Ills.
Special contracts otferod on favorablo
terms upon application.
U. V. Olyphant,
D. A. Bokee, Gei.'l. Supt.
Sales Agent. 3-15-ly.
Tho declino in the river yesterday was
12 inches. Tho Monongehala rlvor is fall
ing at Pittsburg with 3 feet in tho chan
nel. At Cincinnati there is 0 feet in tho
river and fulling. In tho canal nt Louis
ville there is 6 feet water and a steady de
cline Cumberland is still falling nnd
has only 2 j feet on tho shoals. Tennessee
river is falling with hardly any channel.
Arkansas river continues rising and lacks
J. J. Anderson A Co., gas fitters, Gl
Ohio Lovco, over Loncrgan St Cunning
hams, feed store, do all kinds of steam anp
gas fitting cheaper than the cheapest, and
guarantee perfect satisfaction in every in?
stance. If they do not please tbey will
not charge Give them a trial. Tbey
know their business perfectly. Remember
the placo, 61 Ohio Levee. 6-3 lm.
Wm. Ehlers, at hisshopon Twentieth
street, opposite the Court House hotel, is
manufacturing boots and shoes, of every
stylo and variety, warranted to give per
fect satisfaction. He keeps genuine French
calf nnd gives his customers all he prom
wis. tf
Louis 1) lata u s saloon deserves the
popularity into which it has grown. It
has been very handsomely fitted up, and
is so comfortable that it is a pleasure
while- away a spiro hour thoro. The har
is supplied with all kinds of flno liquors
and wines, and with tho best of Fresh
Lager Beer, and Weiss Beer that in delic
lousness cannot bo excelled. A lunch,
free to patrons, is spread every day, and
an artlclo of Sweitzer Cheese, the best in
tho market, is always on hand. Mr.
Blautau invites tho public to givo him a
call, on Eighth street, between Commer
cial avonuo and Ohio Levee, opposite the
Perry Houso, in Rizor's building.
Go to Wm. Ehlcr's, on Twentieth
street, for your flno custom mado boots
and shoos. You can't do better. Try
them .
Go to the Thalia for tho best Weiss
beer in town. S-21dtf
M. Burns, proprietor of the Mechanics'
boarding house, corner Commercial and
Third street, Cairo, Illinois, announces
that ho Is now keeping a first-class hotel
and boarding houso for tho accommoda
tion of regular boarders or transient
guests. He has accommodations for
eighty to ono hundred pcoplo ; his tablo is
well kept, his rooms light and airy, and
not a bed in tho houso that has not citfcSr
a set of springs or a feather bed. 5-1 m
U3C. Hanny wishos tho
dny und tho Grant symptoms wore not Fred's is a flno Instrument; consequently, but a few inches of being as high as it was public to bo informed that llO
S. Walters, the lumbar merchant, has
just returned from nn extended tour
through Wisconsin and Michigan, where
ho purchasod tho largost stock of Yellow
and White Pino ever boforo brought to
Cairo, nnd large supplies of nil kinds of
building material used in this market'
Mr. Walters mado his purchases for cash
und can therofore, us ho does, sell closer
than any doalor in St. Louis, Cincinnati,
Louisville, or uny whoro else on tho riv
ers. Ills steamboat lumber Is or ovory va
rlety. und his stock Is very largo, to which
fact the attention of steamboat man is
visiblo to our naked oyo. Hu was hroko
out all over with Groeleylsm, and scorned
to very fearful that tho Baltimore conven
tion might nominate u straight ticket nnd
thus play into tho hands of tho Radicals.
Tho Judgo is sound.
Police Court. John Murphy wns
brought boforo his magisterial honor,
Squire Shanncssy, for drunkenness, but
was discharged without fine.
Mary Johnson, (colored), who porslsts
in making too frco uso of tho powor of
speech, was fined $5 aud costs,
John Curran, in default of $2 and costs
was sont to tho calabooso for soven days1
Crime drunkennoss,
Goo. Bailoy, (colored), same offense, fined
$5. Ten days.
We find tho following from tho Phi
Quoin 'Tribune,' under the heading: "Notos
from tho West Sldo," probably tho west
sldo of Perry county :
Work on tho Cairo & St. Louis railroad
is progressing. Tho grading 1$ boing
pushed along vigorously, and ere many
months wo shall havo anothor railroad
to the metropolis -of the wesMhougu il
may bo a wheelbarrow track.
The citizens of Sparta are feeling good
over tho prospects of tho machine shops of
tho Cairo & St. Louis railroad being lo
cated at that place.
For all tho popular warm weather
beverages, go to tho Thalia saloon, corner
of 12th street and Washington avenue.
the music of the Excelsior, liko its liquors
nnd cigars, is not excelled In tho west.
Go nnd listen to tho music and try some of
Fred's cool Weiss beer. 5-23 tf
Ice Cream has become tho institution
of tho season, nnd Phil Saup's tho most
popular in tho city. His saloon has be
come, in fact, ico cream headquarters, and
it is not tho fashion to cat the luxury any
whero else.- It is kept with scrupulous
enro, is neat and tidy, aud tho prosonco of
no questionable characters Is permitted in
it. Mr. Saup has, also, always on hand
fresh cukes of all kinds, candios, notions,
toys, &c, and deserves a continuation and
an increase of tho popular favor in which
his establishment is held. 6-7dtf
To Ice Cream Eaters. Dan Carnes is
prepared to furnish tho very host article
of Ice cream in largo or small quantities
on roasonablo tonus, at Louis Slsson's old
stand on Commercial avonuo botweun
Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets. Al
so, attached to his Ico cream saloon will bo
found tho very choicest of wines, liquors
and cigars. Como ono und all nnd patron
izu Dan, 6-31 lm
Somethino New. Tho National Broil
or and summer furnaco combined. You
can havo it olthor with or without Fur
naco, Call and sea it, For snlo at A,
Rally's and Beerwart Orth & Co.
before. Tho goncrnl decline in tho Miss
isslppl river continues with no prospects
of a change for tho better. Tho Illinois
river is very low and on tho decline,
Yesterday was tho busiest day of lart
week. Large numbor of cars nro dally
unloaded from tho railroad on to tho
wharfboat, ready for shipment, and yes
terday thero was considerable freight on
Juno camo in too hot to talk about.
Tho woather was hot, dry and dusty.
Steamboat men nro informed that' tho
undorslgncd has established a wood yard
at tho foot of tho Sister Islands, (foot of
Dog Tooth Bond), and will kcop on hand
constantly a full supply of dry hard wood,
which will bo supplied to boats night or
day. Daniel Elliott, Proprietor.
Tho Shannon, while making n landing
at Mount Vernon, grounded on n "lump"
in front of tho wharfboat, whero eho was
detained twenty hours.
Tho Eddyvlllo and Tyrono arrived from
Nashville, bringing 1G5 hhds. tobacco and
some miscellaneous freight.
Tho Quickstep camo in with flags at
'half-mast nnd tho boat draped in mourn
ing, and a sad look was visibloon the faces
of all her crew, Capt. Dexter was known
by every man, woman and child on the
has on hand a Stock of Goods
as extensive as any in tho
Southwest, and that ho is de
termined to sell ovory article
at prices Lower than tho Low
est. Call on him to-day and
cxamino goods and pricos. Ho
will satisfy you both as to qual
ty a nd cost.
Cor. Ohio Leveb & Second Si, y
Bug.o conveyed to and from the Depot frsa
of charge, Utw-tf,

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