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On and flrSnirlr . lth, 171, lh follow
a time-table will govern (ho arrival and depart
nrt of patnngtr trains nt Cairo t
Uawrr-Mall !rm, lUlly ...... 3:00 a.m.
Eipre,dily.-. ... 2.-40 pm
Atrivi -M all, dll;... . 3:45 a.m.
Kxpre..,M ... ...., 3,4) p.m.
Cairo and 8(, Louis (Short Line.
ArT I ve............................................ ..,3it5 p.m.
Depart. ........ 12:3(i a.m.
ttochangocf vn from Cairo to 8t. Louis, No
ehante e'a.s Iroro Olro to Chicago, Elegant
I.Tir'eg Room steeping cars on night (rami.
Ihun checked In all important rotate.
Wo nrc authorized to announce WILLIAM
HARTZELL, of Randolph county, n n can
didatc for Congress from the Eighteenth Dis
trict, subject to the decision of the Demo
cratic nominating Convention. 7-0td.
Will make three trips daily.
ttTma ciiio t LUTiKo woi an cirr
, a.m. I At 1:30 . .a.m.
At It .......a.m. At 1:.T0...... p m.
At 4-30 ....-p.m. At 6 .. .p.m.
tsi . V. m. Vi a ft 1 . a . -.
rarr men jt ' ithw , i tenets lor t ov
Will lat.tl, vhtnhatlfd, at any good lntrrmrUUte
atmioggor pAMfDRernor ire mm. no? w.
The splendid steamer
Ben. Howard Cnpt.
Leaea Clro DAILY, (Sunday excepted), at 4
a.m. rur ireijtm or paasair-, "PP3 unuuarnur
JanStf JArf lime,, Ag'l
MOMEOPATHIC Physic an and Surgeon. Of.
Mop 130 'ominerclal atenue. Residence nn
ih street threo.doota west of C R. rtoodward.
OFFICE Over M. J. McOaulei'a drug store,
near corner Conmercial atenue and Eiiili.
leenth street. 3-3ltf
IJESIDE.NCK-Ko. 21 Tmrteenlh street, bu
ll tweeo. Washington avenue and Walnut street.
Oltlce Mi Commercial avenue, lip Hairs.
RESIDENCE cornrNinth and Walnut Ma,
OrtVe comer sixth street and Ohio lovee.
OrOce hours from 6 a.m. to 12 m.,and 9 p.ni
I RESIDENCE Corner MneUenth street am)
XX Washington aremie, uea-court house. Of.
li c over lh oloflice. Office hours 10 to 12
(td2to4p.m. tanlUf.
Our Home Advertisers.
P. Gr. Scliuh
Wc are authorized to announce JOHN Q.
HARM AN as, a candidate for Circuit Clerk of
Alexander county, nt the ensuing election in
November next.
Wc are authorized to Innounoe II, W.
WEBB, ESQ,., as a candidate for County At
torney, at the cntulng November election.
A ttoek of Watohea, Clocks, Jeirelry, and
tteavMelM Particular tiention slrn lo all
HiM)f chrPlr o. .Ih pubire are tolii i.
S ioaWUad rompara pH'-ea en i qhxrgM, f-ot
ZS;e4VKHlemraBai.,af0abiallu waici es.
2Va Aaa waMtl Wi7 a r equl to any, and ex.
1,1. n.rkat. Preaenlatin '
yiy tnmuty dlg
Wo are authorized to nnnnnnen HAMILTON
IRVlN as Candida's lorte-tlectioa to the office
of BherltT of Alexander count.
Mi. Ytixox, III,, April 11, 1672,
EdUer Caire Bullitt ;
Utit Sia Please to announce me as a candl
date for Clerk of the Euprtme Court, Southern
Orand DitIsI m ot Illinois. Thenewconstltutlon
proridta that tho Cle-ki ol the Supreme Court
shall hereafter be elected at tho November elec
tlou, Instead of the June election as I'crelore.
The successor of tho present incumbents are
to be elected this coming fall, but will not qualify
until the prestnt terms expire in 173.
EeiToa nciLitix. Pleaxe anninnce me an in
dependent candidkto tor alogUlalor In the loner
House oi the Uencral Assembly ot Ihi Hate
As men in the dsya ot honest government had
to nnncunce their trlnclpUa or hobby, aa well as
themsel)es, and appear bclore their con-titucnW
ami defend them before they could get uffice, 1
believe they aloulado ho now, and will ay to
the voters of Jackson, Union, and Alexander
counties, without awaiting the decision of any
man or parly, I am for Horace Oreelcy for Pres
cient, and II. fJratt Hrown for Vice President and
endorse tho Uiucionati platform. 1 am for a tree
scrub race and against tlio primary system of
electing men to ofllce. I am against tho stock
law in this county and foi the repeal of tho Ohio
liquor law, I nm tr.r tho abolishment of the
grand jury to Its lowest constitution! timita, ami
the revision of tho traverse Jury so that intelli
gent men shall not bo disqualified to ait on It in
ensea of felony. I nm for tree trado, fqual
taxation, equal reprcst illation, and honest men
In office, oven if I have to bo defeated to get
thnn there, D- A. i'lksia. tf
0". C.SMITH,
i i
And proprietor of new and ependtd
ZBIXjXjIA-ID hall,
No. 75 Ohio Levee,
Keeps constantly on hand tho choicest o
inc." nnu j.iquorv, which no win son at tne
very lowest figures. Call and examine.
OUOCEniES retailed at wiiolksali
50 lbs. drv Cuba Sucnr for - - -$5 00
10 " " " " ... l 00
CJ Jbs. A colTco Sucar, N. Y. Std. - 1 00
4 " l'rlmo Rio ColTco for - - 1 00
3J " Choico " - - 1 00
3 " Old Government Java - - 1 00
Teas and other staple and fancy Groce
ries equally as cheap.
Goods now, und full weight givon. Call
and try.
From Wednesday May 1st, tho ico
wagon will canvass the city, to ccntlnuo
during tho summer months. Nono but
puro northern luko ce will be delivored.
Husk, Loo mis, & Co.
lli.ANKENMJKQ ahead I Wines and Ci
gars 1 oldest and choicest, at tho EXCEL
SIOR SALOON, opposite the Post Office.
Fined of Liquors, Frco Lunches and mu
sic every day. Tho great Liberal and
Denocratlc,Grec1y & Drown drinko "NVeis
Beer, Si made a specialty, and Fredpiides
himself upon keeping the freshest and
coolest in the ctiy. Lemonades the cold
est, mixed drinks and music tho tlneit
Go there. C-27tf
Dan. Haktvian has received one of the
largest stocks of Fruit Jarcs ever before
brought to Cairo, and is desirous of closing
it out without dolay. Ho therefore offers
Mason's Improved Porcolain eelf-sealors,
quarts at $2 00 per dozen ; glasswire tops,
quarts, at $1.'J5 per dozen and half-gallons
at $l!.00 per dozen. These are thocheapest
prices in the market. tf.
O. HAUENtTi.vE, Architect. This
gentleman has established himself success
fully in his business in this city. He last
year mudo tho pluns and specifications of
John Goeekel'f, Potor Nod's and H. My
ers' buildings on Ohio Lovee, and Fred
Theobold'i handiomo residence on corner
Sixth and Walnut streets; and this year
made the plan of Peter Cuhl's, Dr. Ward-
ner,s, John Koohlnr's, Gilbort Bunkmyer
and Smith's, and Lu Kleb's buildings. Ho
also superintended the erection of all these
buildings, and points to them for proof of
1.1s ability to do good work In his lino. Ho
niado the plans and specifications ol a pub
lic ichool building In Metropolis, and of
many other buildings here and elsewhere.
He asks tho attention of tho public to his
works, and believes ho it entitled to liberal
patronage. 7-31m
For cheap groceries go to U. 0. Thlcl
ecke's, Washington avenuo, near Tenth
itroot. C71t,
Mr. J. C. Sunn's new liquor store on
Ohio levco is certainly an ornament, as
a tint-claw business houso, to our city.
His wines and liquors are of tho bost
brands, his billiard room neat,
airy and tastefully arran
ged, and, In tho claisic Ian
guugo of the immortal Juih Billings, is
just tho place for those who tnko delight
in "punching tho balls" to pats at) hour.
Mr. Tiuelkckk, on Wtuhiuton avenue
has the finest and cheapest lot of family
grocerloi in town. If you don't believe
it, just call ud ei&mluo tbtm.
PNhlleaUIOH Uc. Bullellta sjalldiyg,
Wanttlasfioa Avctaae.
The liberty wagon which did such good
eorvico on tho fourth, in tho firemen's
procession, was demolished yesterday, nnd
is now numbered among tho things that
The Assessor's Book of the county and
city for 1872 is now in tho hands of tho
County Clerk, and is open for inspection.
Wo venture to say thoro is not two other
assessors in the state whoso returns have
been mado so promptly. Hurrah for Mar
tin I
The party of ladles and gentlemen who
wcro drawn to Mound City in tho "Band
wngon" on thodlh, speak in high tctms
of tho very efficient manner in which
Perry Powers handled the reins. Wo nil
know that Perry is a driver, but on this
occasion it is said he fairly outdid himself.
Yesterday noon, Circuit Court ad
journed over till Monday.
Billy Harrison, who shot nnd killed
Joseph Swobodn last April, was arraigned
in Circuit court yesterday morning, with
murder in tho first degree, and plead not
gnllty. Tho ciuo will como up again
on Tuesday next.
It is our painful duty to record the
death of another boy by drowning. Yci
terdny morning, while three boys woro
playing in n catioo tomo distiinco from
tho shore, tho bark upset nnd it boy
nnmcd Carl was drowned. Up to this
tlino tho body still remains in its watery
gravo, though men nro diligently fishing
for its recovery. Our readers will remom
bor Hint wo predicted an occurrcnco of this
kind a few days slnco, nnd may wo inrain
be allowed to admonish parents to keep a
close watch upon thoir littlo ones.
Tho convention was called to ordor by
Mr. B. S. Harroll, on whoso motion, linn.
W.J. Allen was called to tho chair, nnd
M. J. Uowloy olected secretary.
The chair read tho call for tho conven
tion nnd explained its object, viz: to ap
point four delegates to the congressional
convention to be hold nt Cairo on tho 23d
Inst., for tho nomination of a candidate
for congress nnd u member of tho stato
board of equalization. Also, to appoint
cloven delegates to tho senatorial conven
tion to bo held at Joncsboro on the 30th
inst., for tho nomination of a candidate for
stato senator nnd mombers of tho houso of
Mr. John Q. Hurman offered the follow
inp; resolution which was, on motion,
adopted, viz:
Jlesolved, that tho several candidates
for concrcsj, state board of canalization.
state senator and members of tho houso of
representative, ho n-spectively placed in
nomination, and that tho delegates bo In
stituted to cast their votes as n unit for
tho person rcceivine; tho highest numhor
of votes for tho office for which ho is a
Tho chair 'announced that under tho
resolution nominations for a candidnto for
congress woro first in ordor, whereupon,
Geo. Wall, of Perry county, nnd Wm.
Hurtzoll and J.Blackburn Jones, both of
Uandolf county, wero placed in nomina
tion. On motion of Mr. M. B.llarrell, tho
voto was ordered to bo taken by ballot,
Messrs. Ablo, fl. Uoupt and J. C. Talbot
acting as tollers.
On tho first ballot tho vote stood : Walh
40 votes; Jones, II votes, nnd Hartzell 1
vote. On motion of Mr. WinHon, Geo
W. Wall was declared tho unanimous
cboico nf the convention.
Mr. M. B. Harroll moved, that tho chair
bo requested to appoint a committeo of fl vo
to select delegates to the congressional
convention. Curried. Tho chair np
pointed as said committee, Messrs. B. S.
Uarrell, J. II. Mulkoy, Jos. McKenzlo,
and Jno. Hyland and Louis Herbert.
Mr. C. Winston nomlnatod TIioh. Wil
son as a candidato for member of tho stato
board of equalization. No other nomina
tions lining presented, on motion nf Mr.
M. B. Ilarrell, Mr. Wilson was nominated
by acclamation.
Mr Mocklcr nominated R, R. Towncs,
of Union county, as a candidato for state
senator. No other nominations being
mado, on motion of Mr. C. Winston, Col
Townes was nominated by acclamation.
As candidates for tho houso of repre
sentatives, Mr. Hnrmnu nominated W. A.
Lemma, of Jackson county and J. II.
Ohcrly, of Aloxandor county, M. B. Uar
rell, Dr. Artor and Dr. Holden woro also
placed in nomination, but all declined.
On motion of M. B. Harroll, Messrs.
Lemma and Oborly woro then nominated
by acclamation.
Tho committeo appointed to select delo
gutes to tho congrcKsiunul convention hav
ing returned, reported the following
naino: J. Q. Hnrmun, E. F. Davis, Her
man Meyeis ami M. B. Ilarrell. On mo
tion of Mr. Winston tho report was
On motion tho chair appointodC. Win
ston, S. O. White, J. S. Swayne, F. Vin
cent and Dr. A. G. Iluldun, us a committeo
to select delegates to tho sena
torial convention. Tho committee
after an nbsencoof a few minutes report
ed tho following numes : N. L. Wickvlre,
F. Brots, A. Susanskrt, W. J.JMiltord, A.
Comings, J. E. McCrito, O. Grcenluy, B.
S. Uarrell, P. G. Schuh, Louis Herbert,
and .lohn Howloy.
On motion of Mr. M. B. Harrcll, tho re
port was adopted,
On motion, each delegation was author
ized to fill any vacancies that might occur
Dr. D. Arter offered tho following rcio
lutton which was, on motion, adopted, viz.:
Resolved That tho different deloi;aios
appointed by this meeting when met in
convention, after cKprosaiiii- the senso of
this meeting, shall cast their votes In such
manner ns shall appear to thorn moat
proper to promote hurmony and cuccen.
On motion of M. li. Uarrell, adjourned
i ino die.
WM. J. ALLEN, Cbm.
M, J.Howlit, Sec'y.
Psnlm 144: 12. "Thnt our sons may
grow up ns tho young plants and that our
daughters may bo ns tho polished corners
of thotcmplo."
In tho previous discourses upon this toxt,
wo havo considered tho Influences of homo
and of school upon tho Welfare of tho
young. Thcro nro certain other goncrul
considerations too in portmit to bo over
looked In a dlscusslun llko tho present,
upon which wo must at least bestow a pass
ing notice.
It Is ono of tho boasts of Amorlcn, that
wo nro a reading people. Thore nro vory
few nntivo born citizens who cannot read,
and whllo this may justly bo a mutter of
national pride, yet It is much Ij bo
doubted If tho dangers of indiscrimlnato
reading nro at all properly estimated,
Thcro is n vast amount of litcraturo
now overrunning tho land, tho bulk of
which is altogether porntclout nnd debas
ing. It woro hotter not to bo nblo to road
at all, than with pasionnto greed to follow
tho train of tho licentious publications of
tho day. Icnornnco Is nt lca't compatlblo
with Innocence, but ono cannot read this
vi id litcraturo without contamination.
And because it is contaminating, because
it appeals to tho lowest passions of tho
human nature, it is ono of tho Dovil's po
tent Instruments for tho destruction of
souls. To bo a rending pooplo, Is to bo
open to this vory tomptation of Sntan nnd
tho temptation is n peculiarly fascinating
ono for young, persons. I should not say
that Ignorance is tho proper nntidoto to tho
ovil, but I do sity that tho ability to road
if turnod tj no hotter nscount thin this, it
a bleeslni' turned Into n curse. Tho dovil
has a great facility in turning useful thing1
to destructive ends. Fondness for reading
may bo tho vory moans for tho ruin of tho
soul, nil tho moro effectual nnd dangerous,
beeuuso 'fondness for reading" is n thing
well spoken of nnd commended. It Is a
thing most parents would encourugo in a
child nnd rejoice to see. It is not my
puiposo indued to deprecitu this fuel, but
only to point oU tho responsibility which
puren's bear tind tho guidance they must
exercise in this matter. Left lo them
selves, tho youth would naturally seek that
whicli panders to tho passions. Youth is
fond of adventure, novully, excitement. A
litcraturo which presents these attractions,
no mutter how unreal, no mutter how
immoral, will securo their attention,
when that which is really useful and
edifying would bo regarded by them as
too dull for endurance. Is it not a fact,
then, (and this a matter deserving serious
reflection) that in many cases tho sup
poied fondness for rouding, isro.illy a fund
ness for tho poison of a corrupt literature,
a litcraturo which stimulates rather than
restruins tho passions, which dopraves
rather than improves both tho morals und
tho taste? I it not fondness for the ex
citement, fondness fur tho very sins which
aro painted in bright colors and clothed in
enticing gurb. Thcro muy bo no
fondness for reading, except us a
means of gratifying this Immoral und per
verted taste. Tlio reading is a mere me
dium by which a stimulant is obtained.
It ulfords no grutitlcutlon in itself, except
as it affords tho nourishment of nn evil
mind and lood for a corrupt heurt. Let
us bo curuful how wo delude ourselves by
fair seeming speech. Thut which is most
fair seomltig, Is, by that very reason tho
most securo cover of sin, tho moit effectual
screen of Satan's operations. A fondness
for rending needs wiso guidance. It may
entrnpthu unwary, and uuiily load to spir
itual ruin and death. Fondness for read
ing is too apt to bo under such circumstan
ces only tho real index of a heurt fur gono
from righteousness, poisoned with tho fas
cination of sin und Inflamed with evil de
sires. Let us beware how we apologize for
such sin, or how wo blind our oyus to its
presence and danger. I do not euro to en
large to an unreasonable, extent upon un
extreme which may bo said lo bo of ruro
occurrence. I doubt if tho case supposed
be bo rare us some of us imagine, but
whether so or not, tho danger I have de
picted is a very fearful one, und ono quito
possible, (I had almost said probable), to
involve largo numbers of tho youths of
every community. Supposo thut it docs
not reach ourselves, it concerns us never
tholess to know that such u danger ex
ists; that souls are halng de-troyeJ by it,
and that tho sin engendered by un im
moral und lustful luoruturo nro nursed
into life and strength under tho guise of
that which is supposed to bo a virtun;
namely, fondness fur reading. It would
perhaps bo presumption in any father of u
family to suy thut so far as his own house
hold is coticorned, it is quite removed
from this special danger. It muy bo so,
but tho disc.ito is as a pestilouco and none
of us can bo suro of the exemption of his
household. Tho morals and tho tastes of
tho nge permits tho public exposure und
sale of prints at which modesty would
bltith, and of tales which would shatno tho
face of virtue. Illustrated papers of tho
lower class, go as fur in tho direction of
immorality, us Is ponible, ami uvoid urrest
by tho ufllcurs of tho law. I doubt not in
the leust ihut news venders would admit
thut their quickest und most remunerative
sales aro those of tho lower cluss of litera
ture which they dUpluy upon their coun
ters. How runs the public luslo then, ac
cording to this account? To what will a
fondness of reuding carry tho generation
wliijh is being educated by u busy, un
scrupulous und unclean proes? Does it not
concern ourselves then ? Doe it nut con-
corn tho public welfare? Iluvo wo uny
right to withhold our interest from such a
question, our moral Influence uguihet such
a vice, our united voice of stern uncom
promising censuru of un evil which threat
ens to sap tho foundation of society and de
stroy tho morals of the youth of tho tui
tion ?
I havo commenced designedly with
tho cunsldurution of tho grostost
kinds of evils which beset
tho peoplo on this question, that from
those wo may proceed lo consider ovlls of
a clmi to which wo may bo ourselvo.-, more
liablo. TliMto are danger connectod with
the vory abundance of reading with which
tho active competition of tho press it fur
nishing tho world. Tho task of selection
is no small responsibility. In tho midst
of so much, to discriminate rightly is of
greatHmportitnco, If wo will not derivo In
jury rather than bcnollt from tho titno
thus gpont. Of tho Hood or printing which
cover tho land, how llltlo will remain to
tnko permunont plnco In lha litcraturo of
tho world. A lutgu proportion of It is
worthless, much of it is positively baneful.
If not so grossly offensive as thut of who
wo havo boon spouklng, it Is near ukin to
it nnd by debusing tho tasto nnd tho moral,
prepares tho way for thut which is worse.
That is injurious which does no other injury
than to pervort tho tasto, and if lliero
woro ho.olheruvll In tho current lltorntttro
most of it is opon to this objection. Tho
popular weeklies do not stand above tho
popular tasto to educate and elevate It, but
condescend to it and pander to its vices.
Thoro nro somo udmirablo weeklies as
woll as other periodicals whicli aro strug
gling lo ditseminnto a puro, healthy, ele
vating literature. But they cannot bo
said to bo popular. They tiro rend but by
tho few, and nro necessarily expensive be-
cattso limited in circulation.
Tho press will furnish just
wlnt tho public domunds, .el it is plain
In bo seen that tho press creates a demand
for nn inferior nnd injurious literature,
by cutorlng to n tasto which hns already
been perverted. Tho evil (as most evils
nro) Is complicated. Tho pre-s responds
to n public demand, and its response
creates demand, A want supplied brings
to light a further ono to bo supplied, the
gratitleation of which brings money lo tho
press, nnd satisfaction to a depraved tatto.
Ono duty Is plain. It is that christian
communities set themselves nguinU tho
spread of this evil. Wo must not patron
tzo or extenuate an injurious literature.
Wo must not countenance it or apologize
fur It" Tho encouragement of thu public
Is tho warrant of thu presi, und tho licetiso
of tho press is tho debasing of tho public
mind. So theso things act nnd rt-act, und
It is difficult to place responsibility. Tho
responsibility of Christ's peoplo is, how
over, In ono particular, quito clear. That
responsibility, us I havo said, is to dis
countenance n corrupt literature by al
means, and every where not to fall in
with it or accept it ns a necessity, however
deplorable It is no necessity, nur muy wo
accept it on any terms, or give it any
place in our favor, or our toleration. Let
christian communities set their seal of dis
approbation upon it, nnd then if tho lido
ho not stayed, u. least we shall be free from
tho responsibility.
Thoro is another lurking nnd insidious
danger io u certain class of literature, of
which I feol It my duty hero to speak. It
dues not o fiend tho highest culture of
literary tasto nay, satUlles thut tasto in
all its nice demand. It is fascinating to
oco who appreciates tho excellencies and
bOAUties of tho best style, but that fas
cination is employed only to Instill it poison
of neiesy and unbelief. Tho poison is
most skillfully nihil, Mistered and it is the
inoro sure to tn'nc cffi-ct, ns it cast in
graceful forms and clothed in girmnnts of
beauty. If tlm liter.ituro u leis i!mnaging
thnn tho IjWur class of which wu havo
spoken, it Is only bec.m-o It doe. tut roach
the number. tint aro readied by the other.
It I moro dangerous whore it i- received.
It h:t charms and merits which glvo it
currency an-1 iiiduoneu in 'Uurti.'rj from
which tho oilier would lie linnUhcd, in
disgust witli its grn.sucss, if not with Its
immorality. Its literary cxcdlenco takes
It out of tho category of tho objuHiuns
urged against any lower order of produc
tions. It is not grossly debasing, hut con
tains a subtle, wlusomo, baneful leaven of
scorn und skepticism, nnd receives wcl
como where a pooror literaturo could not
obtain n hearing. Its poison of unbelief
is communicated with almost tatal certain
ty under tho fascination of Its elegance
Truth only U beaut'ful interiorly and
inlierontly but Satan, und likohimhis
servants, And ways to urrny falsehood
in attractive and deceitful guise.
Of less literary value and infused with
tho sumo spirit of falsehood, is n class of
poetry now gaining great currency. I
might say it is sufficiently destitute nf high
morit, to bo popular, und being popular,
is doing u wide-spread injury in tho incul
cation of error nnd false teaching. Phys
ical courage, in rocky mountain poetry, is
mudo to stand for moral virtue, and to
atouo for profanity nnd blasphemy which
would shock thu ears of any but tho most
obdurate and long-schooled sinner. Nat
ural affection, not moro touching in gross
human nature, than is possible ovon lu tho
b-uto croation, is mado by such philosophy
to rank with Chrl-t's charity, tho perfec
tion nnd tlio bond of virtues. Of thu same
order morally, but with moro literary
merit is tho very touching sentimontulity,
which in exquisite rhyme und measuie,
clothe with virtue nnd invests with u
halo almost of suurtity, tho form of a sui
cide whoso life is sacrificed to hide u
slianio. A soul twlco dead muy bo sub
ject of grief, pity and weeping, but no
glozlng sentimentality should bo permit
ted to weaken tho force of tho fearful
truth thut dculh should touch. It wus tho
death of crime nnd no poetry can recon
struct that Into a sleep of innocence. Pity
cannot muko it othorwiso. Tenderness
cannot muko it otherwise, and while
wo will not refuso tho pity or tho
tenderness for tho poor deluded criminal,
let no false charity, no pootlo sentiment
obscuro tho truth or blunt tho forco of tho
terrible exumplo,
Theso instances will Illustrate como of
tho sins of literuture. Now us implicit
faith is ono of thu characteristics of youth,
then falaelwods of literaturo nro more
hurtful to them than to those who havo
better leurued thnt typeund printers Ink do
nut coisvert falsehood into truth. My solo
purpose has boon to warn against tho
dangers of Indiscrimlnato reading, and lo
show to parents tho urgency of thoir duty
In tho careful selection and guidance of tlio
reading of their families. It Is a much
neglected duty a duty till performed
ovon in precept, and poorly enough in
culcated in parental example. If I havo
succcodod in pointing out the dangers of
promiscuous reading, I may Ihon hopo
to draw your careful attention to tho cuty
I of selection in tho reading which -you will
furnish to you households. No man of
auy thought In theso days will deny tho
power of tho prose. If It is potent for evil
(as I bcllove I havo proven thnt It enn bo)
it is potent for good ns woll. Let tho
demand bo mado for that which Is good
and tho press will furnish It. It l for tho
peoplo to claim nnd usn tho ngoncy of tho
press for good. Lot us muko it market fur
tho bost. Lot tH demand It with one mind
nnd ono voice, Let us employ
loiters In tho cnuso of truth, virtue and
godliness. Let us patronize and wield tho
press In tho Interest of morality und roily
ion. Wu fhsll not do this by circulating nnd
sustaining thu literature wo deprecate. n
must discriminate carefully mill conscien
tiously to encourage that which Is above
objection, and to dlspltico with It tlio de
basing, tho false, tho polsonmij. Wo must
do this uniformly, patiently, thoroughly
Uniformly, for It is n work for till; pa
tiently, for It Is not othcrwl'o tobonccom
pllslicd ; thoroughly, for nil wo do Is of no
avail except It teach nndjfulflll Its purpolo.
It Is tho duly of every christian father,
within tho sphero nf his authority. Tho
church cannot do this, religious communi
ties cannot do It, ns such. It Is n person
nl caro. Kit eh one imitldo it for hit own
housclio d. I ttsk you, therefore, not to
dismiss tho subject hero to-day; that you
will not leave It behind you ns tho vision
of a preacher, but take it homo with you
ns n euro nnd look to it in tho regulation
of your households.
1 havo boon greatly pulntil to ibrrvo
In many families, tho latest novel lying on
tho center table, and book shelves stored
witli current literature, much of It use
less, some of It good, but not n volume,
nor room for one, which could aid tho
youth or adult in obtaining a belter un
derstanding of God's holy word,
or which could gnido ono and inform
In tho doctrines tind ii'ages of our blessed
spiritual mother, God's holy, apostolic
church. Tliero nro speculative, philosoph
ical and scientific hooks, purhup, which
havo received thorough and attentive
reading by tho head of tho family, but no
defence of apostolic faith by which ho
muy bo guided In tho exposition of truth
befuro his children, in these lute days ol
unbelief. Tho table and carpel may bo
6trewn with pnpers from tho ends of the
land, but the family have no lime to rend
a church newspaper, and of course it
would b? useless to subscribe for one.
Mammon has far greutcr Itilcrcit in
"price current" than in tho ''Spirit of
Missions," and I cm sorry to say thut
sometime- tlio typical woman ol house
hold care, has moro frequent resort to her
choice recipes, than to thu manual of rc-llt-ion.
Our church papers are but ill suppos
ed, nur periodicals strugglir.g ultr.ost for
existence, just by our want of interest in
them. Wo need them. They might
bring n strength nnd influence of which
wo scarcely dream. They u re worth our
patronage una might henetlt us personally
und collectively, fur beyond the mcasuro
of any sacrifice ol ours in sustaining them;
and still wo sutler them to struggle on in
weakness and dUcotirngement, unrcmnn
cratlvo to publishers, and uunVu.ling
in thoir efforts lor good. If
such fuels do not Indicate to us our duty,
I do not think I can portray It. Few of
us rculizo the possible ble.-sings of u church
literaturo. Wu are abundantly able to
possess It, and only becuuso we do nut ap
preciate it und encourage it, docs it con
tribute so little to tho power we might de
rive from it. "While wo havo not devel
oped this power and influence for tho
church, while wo luvo not derived the
lenellt from it ourselves whicli wu might
personally us woll us collectively hnvu de
rived, If wu hud employed tho means,
which wo hnvo suffered to liu dormant,
thu important instrumentality whicli
might hayi been of incalculable use, had
it been put to service us it might havo
been. AVhilo these neglects have been
chnrgeahlo to us, lliero has appeared u
deluge of pernicious literature, which
covers tlio laud as tho water covers tho
sea. Life is too short, too serious, too
sacred to lio wasted upon it. Choose fur
thoso with whoso guldar.co and education
you nro entrusted, that which Is good and
fluvuting, which may tend lo tho building
up of mental and spiritual health, un
Intelligent and manly christian faith, a
vigorous and useful christian life, and
God shall reward vou with the answer of
your prayer, "ihut your ions may grow up
as tho young plants and that your daugh
ters may bo us the polished corners of the
temple." And now icu.
sw it n nmn wn nn in TirinnTP istrm. ii
BuciirmcH i ncrcon ns gnou ns roquircu
Inte lin .. Iiit-a AST A I.l U. I Ihn tral
....I a -nnll.,1 .-.,1 -..I I I
jui tj villa i.ia.'u uiiu atliu uuini u jrj'i u v vu
Liquon iionds.;
Liquor bonds of John Clancy wero
presented, nnd, on motion of Ald,Safford(
referred to tho clly attorney.
Uondi of Henry Brclliati wcro presented
nnd on motion of Aid. Stratton approved.
PARTMENT. Tho directors of tho flro de
partment to whom wni referred a pe
tition of tho Arab Firo company foe
authority to employ an engineer for their
steamer, reported that un engineer could
bo employed for the etini of $160 n year.
Tho directors iccommeudcd tho adoption
of the following resolution, viz:
Resolved, that tho Arab Flro company
bo and they nro hereby authorized to
employ at tho exponas of tho city nn
eiif-lnccr to take charge of thoir steniii fire,
etigiuo to wotk it ut ml fins and ut sncli
times us may bo otherwise requited for
.practice, und cxercufo it general
euro over it, including such small repairs
us will not require It to bo taken to n
shop, nnd thnt lur his services, said engin
eer bo paid at the into or ono liutulrtu and
llfiy ilollar a year, payable monthly out
uf the clly treasury.
Alderman Budcr moved to receive tho
report and adopt tho resolution. Carried
by thu following voto: Ayes Uuder,
l'hillis, Robinson, Sallonl, Sense, Standi,
Stratton, Sway no nnd Taylor 10.
Nnys 0.
On motion of Alderman Budder tho
boutd then adjourned.
M. J. Howley, City Clerk.
C 'C.NCII. CiMNM'Il, 1
Cum, lib., Jill; 5, i;.-. C
Present His Honor Mayor l.nns
d'jn and lluder, l'hillis,, Robinson, Sall'ord,
Schuh, Sense, Standi, Stiatton, Sway no
and Taylor II.
On motion of Aldermen Ruder llio read
ing of tho Journal was dispensed with.
An ordinance entitled "an ordinunco
providing for fencing and improving St.
Mary's Park. " was read a second tltno
and on motion of Alderman Swu yne, re
furred to tho Board of Aldurmen.
An ordinance entitled, " un ordinance
to doteruiiuo nnd tlx thu amount of revenue
to bo raised by taxation for thu y car A, D.
1872, for city purposes," wa, to id a sso
oxd lime, ii ml, on motion of Aldepmun
So iso, reforrol to thn Bjtrd of Aldermen.
An ordinunco entitled, " an ordlminca in
relation to Local Improvomont, " was
road a sec9nd titno, und, on motion of
Councilman Taylor, referred to tho city
ottornoy to report at tho noxt mooting of
tho Board of Aldormon, whother said ordi
nunco is in propor form.
An ordlnnnco entitled, 11 nn ordinance
providing for tho construction of now ehlo
und crosswalks on portions of tho Westerly
sldo of Liivoo street, wits rend n second
tlino, and on motion ot Councllmcn Taylor
referred to tho city attorney.
An ordinunco entitled, "nn ordinance
providing for the appointment of a hoalth
officer," was read a second tlmo, nnd, on
motion nf Councilman Taylor, referred to
tlo Board of Aldormon.
Tho city attorney to whom was referred
ho bond of Mrs. Charlotte ltottlo report
Making appropriations for sundry civil
expvlisus of thu Government for tuu tl.oal
year eliding .iiiuu lhirtl.ilh, cigniueii
uuuuieu uuu seVoiuy -llirce, and lor utuer
lie it enacted by the Senate and Iluuteof
Jlrjn te,i(utices v the United states of
Amci icu in lAiiyi eti unifmttUd, 'Hut tho
loiluvsing sums ou, mid thusatiiu uru hurcby,
apprupi laied, lur lliu objects liuieiualler
HMi;sseU, lur thu llicul year ending Juno
tlintiutli, eiuieeu hunuteU and twenty
lb lee, u:
For manufacture, purchase, or repair of
mtlcurulugicul uuu oilier liucee.ury in
siiuuietiia ; lor tu.egriipoing repoi 't-, lor
expenses ut s.uim uhuuii itniiuuiiciiig pro
tmulu upprouch und lorco of stuiu.s
throughout ll,o United Slates, lur thu be
i, till ut luiiiiuerce una ugtlcuittire; for in
siiumciil si.eliuis ; I, r Inn-, luriiituie, and
expenses ol o tikes iiiultitailicd lor pillule
usu in cities or pu.ts rccoviuc repurts; lur
mups -Hid bulletins, to bu display eU in
chambers of toioiiierco und buutu-ul-lrutio
loom-.; lor books und stationery ; und lor
incileutul expenses not otheiwitu piovid
eu tor, two htinuitd und filly thousand
Uollais, J'ruatteU, That the siecietuty tf
Wnr be, und lie hereby is, aulhoriztd and
require lo pruviue, "in thu system of
ubstl Viitlulls utlJ ItpuMS III chuigti of tho
eliiet signal officer of thuuimy, lur such
statloiii, repotts, and signals as muy bo
found necessary lor tnu benefit ol gtl
cunuio und commercial Interests: And
provided, 'ihttlnupnu ol this appiopriu
lion, nor of any appropriation lur tho
several Departments uf tlio Government,
shall bo paid to any teh-gruphio eeiniuny
which shull uegktl ur rufuiu lo trui.tuut
tulcgraphic communications between said
lJepal tuuiits, their officers, agents, or
employes, under tho provision., ol rsf.
second section of chapter two hunurd an;
thirty of tuu Statute, ol tho ot the United
Status fur tho your eighteen bundled and
cixty-six, und at rales uf cumt-titulion
therdor to bu established by thu Post
master General: J'rotided alto, That
wnunt.Veruriy tulegrnph company shall
hnvu filed its wiliteu acceptance with tho
Postmaster General, of thu resincliuiis and
obligations tiquirtd by thu act approved
July luenty-fourth, eighteen hunuied and
sixty-six entitled "An act lu aid in the
construction of telegraph line', and to
secure lo the Government tho use of tho
mine, for postal, military, and other pur
pose,'' il such company, Its agents, or
employes shall hcrcallur relusu or neglect
lo transmit any such telegraphic coin
mutiicutlotis as are provided lor by tho
al'urc'uld act, or by thu joint resolution
approved tho ninth day of Febrtiury,
eighteen hundred und seventy, "To author
izo tho Secretary of Wnr to provide for
tuking melreorulogical observations ut tho
military stations and other points uf tho
Interior of llio continent, and forgiving
notice on tho northern lakes and seaboard
of the approach and forco nf storm'," such
tub-graphic company shall forfeit and pny
to tlio United btales not less than uuo
hundred and not exceeding ono thousand
dollars fur each rcfunl or neglect afore
said, lo bo recovered by an action or
actions nt law, in any district court of tho
United States.
Approved Juno 10, 1872.
Tim rivt .,.. .1.. m...t..Ml l
A-nf Cairo Lndgu No. '2.57 A. V.& A.
-M. will bu held nt the .Masonic hall
Monduy uvo, July 8, at "j o clock.
li. F. iJlakk, Scc'y
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qunrts S1.25 and half gallons, $2 per doz.
Gunuino "Mason Improved," Fruit Jars,
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gallons $3 per dozen. Best W. G (Iron
stonu china) plates and tens, GO cents per
set. Fino goblets, only 10 couts npicco.
utner coods in proportion, nt
Parsons, Davis & Co.'s,
0-15-tf 6 und 7 Tenth street.
Burnett's Steam Cooking Vessel eaves
nenrly half tho fuel nnd 10 per cent
weight which is lost In cooking tho old
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