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uasYsaMt wui " th "J drt
an f HwiKt lria l Cairo I
Kywt. duly MOp.m.
AisjUl.dailT S-ru
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CUre sad Bi. Loolt Short Lla.
imn MJp...
o bsf or rr from Cairo u SC Ixmta. lo
,&tf7ln Iron Cairo U Cht. Dip
SJNSriaj fto vlMpmi ear e iiiaM tria.
I cimira w itup" ,
Will ask tfcrt trip
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I At 6.
WUlUl.h.Uud, IIUI food fcUnMsS:
ladder pMntri or fr'fhL j JO.
All. MAT.
Tt tpleed: J tsr
Bkx.Howabs Cap'..
LMM Ctro PAtLT. (St? "if.V,!
.. J-T trUhtor 7i??iicr
1 It j;EOPATHICP6Tira asd Sgntc-
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C.,., Aft
Tata ittnl ttrw.door mit cCC R. oe-iMri.
rriCE-Otr H. J. XeGasl)' lr
1 I KM. rr-rymr Cflismeret! tTtnC IS
tetb itrMt. 3-31
SESIDEJiCE So. tl Ttirtcih trt, be
tea Wuhuiftoa atens tsd WsJsst iSmU
i U Commercial teac. bp stair.
DE9IDE!CCE-onirNiath and W!nat it.
XVOA: corner Sixth itrt Ohio Itc.
OiSc hoar fron a.m. to 11 tn., lai p.m
n EVIDENCE Corner Nlneueath street asd
i Wajhinjpoa rrnn, near eoart boas. Of.
feeonr Arter Grocery Store. OS Hocrilrom
10 km. to It m. tad trotn 2 to 4 p. m.
Our Home Advertisers.
Statu of Illinois. i
Springfield. Jul;- JG. 1S?2. f
Notice i hereby pro n that until 3 o'clock
p. tn., on Monday, Atipttit 26th, 1ST2, Mlct
proposal will be recch cd at the office of the
Secretary of State, In the city or Springfield,
for the execution of the mvcral claves of
printlnc, a hereinafter rpeclfied. alJ print
inp to be let In wparate contract for each
cla. for the tenn of two year from and af
ter the rlrt Mondav of November. ISTi.
Titi! Kikst Clam to eotnprtw the printlnc
of all blll for the two Houw of the U cncral
AMembir, tvether with uch resolution
and Mhcr taitten a mar le ordered bv the
two I!ue. or either of them, to be printed
tn bUI fona.
Tut Skcv"T Claw to compriw the print
lnc ot theoumaH Cjf the Senate and liouve
Tub Tiurd Claw t eaprle the print
lnce.faSrprts va&aui.lMtla cc other
&raet3 orvitred by the General Af aiVly.
c tSOit briDti tSwwiC c br the Execu
ttv IV?irwxa etfUe S?At"GoxYraarit.
J c jcixTfd i 7.k-sWf5 or Kvit foras. tw
ptalir wiftii Hit x'Hswt eif porSe ?cu-
Ttx. JTWrxra Oljs w vpciw the
3eh3jtfue it A4.V4ri recCutiAS.
Skx. rjTTR Cll vsr4 tie print
Unfit iiliilv JrsUrK esri cc other
vci BiMKivrT iie sirt cf cf tie Exeeutire
IVriucsitaJ w eilhtr bnrcis of the Gen
eral Aaty pother thin weh a ha3 he
7rti.:e4 tn piaphlet or bia forts).
Earh propofal tauit distinctly and peelfi
aly Kate the price per thousand era for the
ccspotition of all matter embraced la the
rcMAl for any or all of raeh claste of
jKxtisj the price per one hundred tntpre
: ix all preiwork embraced In the tirrt.
wn-ioi. lrd and fourth cbues and the
jesw ;r twenty-fire liapreion for the
eoctilned In the fifth clxs. at
irljri. Hit bWderwIll do the work embraced
Is lie tSu cr eU.s of printing covered by
is rcs7:ii
Exch ?cc;-jJ muit be accompanied br a
icr i. excrsted in due form by the bldder,
with a: leirt two good and ruadent lureties
to l approved by the Governor before the
tome 1 iled. In the penal ram of ten thou
Kind doiir. conditioned for the faithful
perf jnsAsce. punuint to "An act to provide
(or asd rarulite the execution of the public
pritirr.""approTed April 9th, 1ST2, aad in
force July lit, 1st;, of tueh cum or cliei
of the stite printing a maybe awarded to
him; and alio for the pavment, a liquidated
diaAei, by uch bidder, to the state, of
any eicef of cot over the bid or bid of
uch bidder, when the State mav be obliged
to pay for uch work byreon of the failure
of tueh bidder to complete hit contract.
Said propo! will be opened at 3 o'clock
p. m. on the laid 20th day ot August, 1ST?,
asd will then be duly considered.
Blank for propotali will be furnished on
application to the Secretary of State.
EDWARD Rl'MMEL. Secretary of State.
C11A5. E. LIPPINCOTT, Auditor P. A
tatc Treasurer
Commii'n Public Printinr.
The partnership between P. Burke and B.
Walih, under the firm name of Uurkc A
Walsh, 1 thit day dissolved br mutual con
tent. Mr. B. Walsh will continue
in "the crocery and provision bulne,
collect all bill' due the firm and pay the acbu
oitaiunnn. r. nuuivt.
Dated at Cairo, July 19, 1672.
Cairo, July 19, 1572.
Notice Is hereby riven that I will apply to
the county court of Alexander county, at
the court house In t-ald countr, at the August
term, to wit : On the 17th day of August
1S72, for an order from said court to sell
the " desperate " debts due to the estate of
Edward T. Boss, deceased. Julv 18, 1872.
George W. A all.
Administrator of the Estate of Edward T.
llos. deceased.
'quips 'fljrlj
ftncktockofWatclici, Clock. Jewelry
WMl Bpectacle. Particular attention given
BBBlkudt of watch repairing. The public
Bit aMcited to call and compare price and
BBMgM. Hole agent for Karl Zlmmeruau'i
HilfrnUi watcbei. An a flue watch they
w aay, anu ezceuea uy none in
it rrtenUtionwtclie" specialty
From "Wednesday May lit, tho Ico
wagon will canvaM tho city, to continue
during tho lummot month!. None but
pure northern lako co will be delivered.
liUBE, Lqomib, & Co.
O. Hauexbtise, Arcuitect. Thit
geutloman hat ettabUshcd lihrnelf success
fully In hit business in this city. lie lost
year made the plans and specifications oi
John Goeckel's, Pelcr NetTs and II. My
ers' buildings on Ohio Levee, and Fred
Tneobom s nandsomo rcsidonce on corner
Sixth and Walnut streets; and this year
made the plan of Petor Cubl's, Dr. Ward-
ner't, John Koeblcr's, Gilbert Ilriiikmeycr
and Smith's, and LeoKleb's buildings, lie
also superintended the erection of all these
buildings, and points to them for proof of
his ability to do good work in hts line. Ho
made the plans and specifications ola pub
lic school building in Metropolis, and of
many other building, here and elsewhere.
lie asks the attention of the public to his
works, and believes he is entltUd to liberal
patronage. 7-31m
district congressional convention
Tho Liberal Republican voters of tho
18th Congressional. District are hereby
notified to meet (en inaste) at the Court
House, in the city of Cairo, July 23d, at
4 p.m., for the purpose of nominating a
candidate tu bo voted for at the November
election, A D. 1872. Every Liberal Re
puolican present will bo entitled to a voto
N. L. Wickwire,
Chairman Central Committeo
of the 18th congressional, district.
senatorial convention.
The Liberal Republicans of Union,
Jackson and Alexander counties, com
prising the ISth senatorial district, are re-
questetd to meet in mass convention at
thq.court house, in tho city of Cairo, July
23d, at 5 o'clock p. ra., for the purpose of
nominating a candidato for stato senator
and candidates for the legislature to be
voted for at tho November olection A. D.
1872. Every liberal republican present
will be entitled to it vote.
By order of district liberal republican
if. John Antrim, Chairman.
a religious fact a moral fact a scien
tific fact a fuel Indisputable, that P.
SAUP has on hand, at his popular To
uacco and Oioah Stoke, the best brands
of all kinds Tobacco and Cigars.
P. Saui-'s popular Tobacco and Cigar
Store is located on Commerciul avenuo,
between Sixth and Seventh streets, and
marked by tho unique sign of " tho Girl of
tho Period."
Ills. Central R. R
. Co. l
Aoent'h orviCE, Julv 10, 1872.
I am now prepared to glvo rates and
sign bills of lading to points on the Miss.
Central Railroad.
7-17tf. James Johnson, Agent.
It you wish to indulge in a delicious
cigar, patroniro P. Saup, Commercial ave
nue. If you wish good chewing or smok
ing tobacco, pipes, tobacco pouches, etc.,
go to P. Saup's popular Tobacco and
Cigar itors.
raklleatlaa efllee, Batletta BUlc,
WMtelsurtaa Aveaao.
Growing corn in this vicinity meas
ures eight feet in height with enormous
Perry Powers was driving tandem
through tho streets yesterday. Perry
know how.
Fine tomatoes were telling yesterday
morning by gardener Kimball for $1 00
per bushel.
Doe Barnnm Intend to T'uit Cairo
with his big show He would stir the
dime up lively If he would.
The school director have employed
fourteen teachers for the public shells of
this citv, leaving only four vacancies to
The old CatrvMtet are contemplating
as excursion os the Eckert. Persons who
haT not resided in ,the city t fieen years
need not apply. v
Weather of the 19th, a dry consider
able showing of blue with scudding clouds
aecaiionallr obscurating the photatphere
of the luminary orb. Dictionary will ex
plain. Billy Martin hit completed the as
sessment of omitted personal property,
under the late order of the county court.
He obtained about $10, OX) valuation in
addition to his first list.
The latest scenic sensation in our
town was that of two boys on Commer
cial avenue sitting back to back on a pile
of lumber with rod and line fishing for
two straw hats whichjwouldn't bite.
We counted on Twenty-first street, at
an eirly hour yesterday morning, in one
bunch, six mangy curs. These are dog
days mad dog days and owners should
be careful to keep their valuable canine
stock tied up, tax or no tax.
Owing to the unfavorable condition of
the weather, the work of lowering the
sidewalks on Washington avenue between
Twenty-firit and Thirty-eighth streets
it not yet completed, but is being for
warded with all possible dispatch.
Green Masiey, of Santa Fe, lately
sent off specimen of the clay, called by
him terra alba, to Trenton, N. J., and has
been assured by the manufacturers of
queensware at that place, that his terra
alba is clay of which can be manufactured
firit-clais queensware.
The Chinose "Joss" who stirred up
those five lone apples in bis amateur effu
sion which craced the columns of The
Bulletin of the 19th, saw them through
a magnifying lens. The whole fivo could
have been laid on the open hand. Don't
be quite so economical of the truth next
time. Catch "Joss" ticking.
If you have tho tooth-ache, if you
want an artificial set of teeth, if you want
a gold fitting, if you want anything in
the dental line, go to the splendid dental
rooms of Dr. Williams in NefTs new
brick bailding on Sixth street, where you
will be satisfactorily suited secundum
artem. 7-20dtf.
It it with pleasure we record tho pur
chase by our fellow townsman, Mr. Cun
ningham, dry goods merchant, of a whole
block, adjoining Wm. Halliday'sresidonco,
North Cairo, whereon he Is about to erect
a handsome brick edifice. Material it be
ing hauled on tho ground for that purpose
Mr. Cunningham has confidence in the
good time coming to Cairo, and takes this
emphatic method of expressing it.
We are gratified to have it in our po:
er to sayjtbat the affairs of the new flro com
pany (tho Delta) in the fourth ward are in
a promising condition. Thirty-six mem
bers have paid up their subscriptions, and
their funds are somewhere In the noigh
borhood of S800. Thit is doing rcmarka.
bly well, and is oxtrcmcly creditable to
the exertions both of tho projectors and
members. Tho oilkora are Capt. Geo. B
Poor, president; R. M. Warren, vice
presidont; James Kynaston, troasurcr.
M. J. McGauley, tccretarv. Placo of
meeting, at present, Warren's store, cor
ner of Eighteenth and Commercial ave
nue. Ihe cnglno house for the first three
montht will bo on tho corner of Nine
teenth street. The secretary is negotlat
Ing with Button & Son for a fine flro en
glne. We shall be glad to furnish more
It is our tad duty to announce the
death of Mr. R. J. Mumford, engineer on
tho Ills. C. R. It., living on Poplar, near
Twenty-first streot. Uo left Cairo about
two weeks ago on a visit to a brother llv
ing about twenty miles above Champaign
and on Monday last Mrs. M. recoived ii
dispatch informing her of his dangerous
itate, and requesting her immediate pres
enco. Mrs. M. immediately responded to
to tho call, and yesterday a dispatch war
tent to a relative hero stating that
no uieu mm morning. Air. Ji. was a
ttout young man, in good health when he
left, expecting an enjoyable timo. De
ceased was u quiet, industrious man and a
good neighbor, and will bo missed by hi
friends. Ills disease was chronic diar
rhea. Ho leaves no children.
ily grand father Jock was an upe,
Ills grandfather Twist was ii worm ;
Each age has developed In shape,
And ours has got rid of the suulrm;
If the law of selection will work In our cue,
We'll develop, In time to a wonderful race.
My sweetheart has claws, and her face
Is covered with bristles and hair;
She's feline In nature and (,'race,
Shu's apt to (,'et out on u tear.
She's cursed with u passion to drink after
But these she'll evolve and develop all right.
One race has evolved In tho sea,
And partly got rid of their scales ;
Though cousin by faces to me,
They're cousin to fishes by titlUj
Hut they'll ever remain simply mermen und
or selection won't work in tho world thut
they swim In.
'Tls-Mld lhat Gorilla thu Great.
t, !' ruh tllB chief or our clan,
Has round In Hie unimls or rate,
V e'ru soon to evolve Into man :
garden. Possessing a fair knowledge of
fruit culture, we were able to appreciate
the handsomo show of tempting fruit
which gratified the tight. Long, double
rows of pear trees extending tho whole
length of the garden, were loaded down to
the ground with perfect fruit of tho best
varletiet; among them tho Bell Flower
and Bartlett of very lino appearance.
The bearing, trelllced grapet of the Jo
Kalon, Roger and Iowa varieties, not
to prolific a might bo expected, owing
perhaps to rather too rich culture, wcro
still good to look upon. Somo oi them
are ripening fast. Never, perhaps, wore
splendid tomatoes moro properly and care
fully framed; tweet potatoes', remarkably
healthy, peaches in great nbundance, and
a profusion of vegetables. The gardener,
a colored man named Wm. Itogcts, n long
timo in Mr. Unlliday's employ, is a pro
ficient in the gardening builness a faith
ful employo and an cnthusiastlcJGrooley
man. We alto noticed some magnificent
red flowering oleanders on tho front
lawn. These beautiful premises are now
furnished by one of Dixon's wind-mills
for drawing water for irrigating, etc., and
it performs its otBco well.
Messrs. Tom Hallidsy'j, Morrison't, Mrs.
Stm Ualliday't and Galllgher's pretty
placet all looked trim and elegant, but we
could not tpare time to inspect detailt.
We thall take another time to do to.
Police, attention 1 Pigt, fourth ward.
Pigs I attention I Police ain't after you.
The contest of the bashful Myers and
the gentle Martin with the negro lady
on Eighth street, Thursday night, was
very entertaining. She would not go to
the calaboose, and she and all her house
hold, twenty in number at least, and rang
ing in size from the lenghth of your thumb
to the bight of a hickory pole, cried
'long and loud", murder and fire. Mar
tin came out shirtless and Myers tired.
The jocatlve Myers, the lean, infantile
Arnold, and other stars deployed in skir
mish line on a dive of "fallen sister',"
known to the fraternity at tho " Flat Top,"
located below the Commercial hotel on
Commercial avenue. The inmatet were
captured, bag and baggage; completely
demoralized, tboy niado n stampede for
their old quarters at Paducab. They took
their extensive and fashionable wardrobe
with them on their backt.
Even Paducab is ahead of Cairo in
the Greeley ratifying business.
-Tho Greeley party in Cairo is run
ning itself, and is running well.
Webb stands square-footed in the
Liberal platform, and is for Honest
Horace to the hub.
Shorifflrvin's friends expect that his
majority will reach up into the neighbor
hood of 400, while Mr. Saup's friends are
of the opinion they will bo able to give
Ham a close race.
The politicul standing of Mayor
Lansden has not$'et been clearly defined,
but it is suspected he did not go back to
Grant. She pressure upon him to do so
has beon Tnlenso.
Tho Rads are looking about for an In
dependent candidate for Circuit Clerk in
opposition to Ilarman. The Independent
dodge Is going to be their high card this
Fall, but it will fall if tho Democratic
mangers act "square."
A large, mixed assemblage, gathered in
Squire Shannessy't office during the
morning session of yesterday. The activi
ty of tho pugilistic business was evinced in
the damaged phiz of a colored wench,
who Indulged in a combat with another
white wench in a low dive on Fourth
streot. Molly got the worst of it, and was
besides, fined $5 and costs; total $7.&ol
bhe was arrested by Marshal Cain, who ac
companied tho gentle Moll to collect the
tald amount.
"The Assyrian " (Myert and Martin)
"camo down liko a wolf on tho fold " and
incontinently went in for Frank and Kate
ivnox, for scratching, pummolinc. and
biting one another somewhere about
Eighth and Loveo streets. Theso colared
" Purdners " are, of course, from Padu
cab, and havo beon cohabiting without tho
preliminary ceremony requited by law
Being threatened with prosocution, on
'luesday last they joined hands, if not
hearts, and havoeeu fighting and bellow,
ing over since. The gallant Myer led thi
attack in front, while tho strategetlc Mar.
tin mado u flank diversion, and victorv
seemed doubtful, but finally favored the
attacking party. Martin lost his shirt in
tho skirmish, and Myers his shukoo. Hi
honor thought tho battle wus worth SI
und the extras, cuch, amounting in tho
whole to over $25. The sad alternative of
ten days each InMcHaie's invulnerable
castle, with hard work, was tho result of
having no current funds wherewith to
oblige the public.
An extru session at 'Squire Bross' jus
tice dispensary was held yesterduy after
noon, for tho especial benefit of John Cor
coran, a caso continued from preceding
day, charged with tho offonso of renting n
house on lot 10, block 16 for lewd purposes,
knowing it to bo used as such. After
hearing tho evidence, tho caso was dis
missed by agreement. Defendant to pay
cost, for which judgment was issued"
amounting to $0.30. He promised nover
to do so any moro.
Hero is what " Inquirer " has to sug
gest on tho wagon-peddling quottlon,
which hat grown out of tho tomato agita
tion :
Editor Cairo Bulletin -.
In your ltie of tho 10th lnt., "31c
chanlc " says that ho don't know whether it
Is right for people to noil from wagons with
out a license or not. If he don't know right
from wrong It Is probably his misfortune.
"Enquirer" dare not complain orthosc who
sell from wagons without n license, nor
against any dealer, be he itenerant or resi
dent, who can or doe sell for lcs than he
does, but ngalust the law that compels one
merchant to pay n license while another
pursuing the same btislnes Is exempt; and
he charges upon the city government on act
or gros Injustice and oppression for allow
ing euch n state or things to exlt.
suppose a case : A dry goods merchant
establishes himself In n wagon, In front of
R.H.Ciiunlngham'sand begins to sell. How
soon would he Inqiilro if said party had a
license, ir his stock In trade consisted In
drugs. Schuh would tunc his gentle voice
for war; but If some one coiiminenccd to
peddle protlsloni In front or King's produce
store, neither or those city guardians and
doughty champions or equal rights, would
think of entering hi protest ; and If asked
to do so would otter the weakest kind or an
excuse for not dolng'.lt.
The dealers of this city ask nothing un
reasonable. They demand simple Justice at
the hands or those whom thev have Intrusted
with the management or" the city's af
fairs; and our eltv fathers are recreant to
their trust, ir they do not mete out Justice
to all.
Start us even gentlemen, and to the one that
wins be the prize awarded. Inijuikeh.
Remarks. "Inquirer" makes his point
in a forcible manner. Tho dealer In
country produco who lives in tho city
should be treated with, at least, as much
kindness by tho city authorities as the
dealer who lives out of it. If he is re
quired to pay a tax for the privilege of
selling to his neighbor, why should
not the produco dealer who comes
into town dally in a wagon bo also re
quired to pay u tax for tho privilege of
selling? What is sauce for the goose is
sauce for the gander, but in this instance
the council seeks to compel the goose to
take for sauce something it does not feed
to the gander. All dealers in produco in
Cairo who are fixed to the real cstato of
tho city, and pay taxes, and spend thoir
money hero and help maintain tho city
government, are compelled to pay for a
license to do business to sell; while tho
dealers in produco who soil in Cairo, on
wheels, and who pay no taxes to tho city
but carry out of It all the money they tako
in for their stuff, pay nothing. This Is
manifest injustice, and is in opposition to
that just rule which declares that all pub
lic burdens must bo equal. If tho council
does not legislate this wrong away, our
produce dealers must put their stores on
wheels and flourish in untaxed liberty.
Tho asphaltic correspondent comes
back at us again as follows:
Cairo. Julv 10. 1S7!
Editor Daily Bullkti.v.
Dear silt : So voti think I :un not
posted In the matter or brick and asphaltic
pateuients. Permit me to say I have lived in
cities where thev have been used for vcar.
and have done well, orcotir-e neither are
equal to Hag stone, which Cairo is, at pres
ent, unable to atl'ord : but cither are prefera
ble to oak plank on the score or either dura
bllity or economy. At least such is the ver
dict or municipalities where thev have been
used. Respectfully
Remarks. "Erroneus' never lived in
city like Cairo before. To put down
brick or asphaltic pavements would cost a
bigger sum of money than our poor prop
erty holders could afford. Plank side
walks aro tho only practicablo ones that
can be used now in Cairo, except whero
the front of lots aro up to grade, or on tho
levee whero rich men aro putting up big
buildings and don't care for expenses.
A Texas judge lately decided that bad
cooking on tho part of a wife was good
reason for granting tho husband a divorce.
Our advice to Texan ladles get a good
supply of Burnett's steam cooking vessels
In retiring from tho business of tho old
firm, I return thanks to my old patrons
for all favors shown us, and ask a continu
ance of the samo to Mr. Walsh, who will
continue tho business in his own interest,
while I will be happy to meet one and all
of my customers and friends at my old
stand on Fourth street. P. Burke.
f unucrnioro our children will
Whence thev mine.
Till a fellow named Darwin shall put them to
Screwing our courage up to alto yes
terday, at an oariy hour, wo took "a con
stitutional" in tho direction of tho Messrs.
Halliday's, Taylor's and Galllgher's
beautiful grounds. Entering tho prem
ises of Mr. Wm. Halliday we took a stroll
through hi beautiful fruit and vegetable
By a misapprehension it was stated thut
this court would adjourn Monday morn
ing ; instoad of which, it should huvo been
until Monday morning utO o'clock.
Chancory docket was continued general
ly on the 1 8 th instant until next term.
Tho interminable caso of Frick vs. Win
ter, still continues to dazo tho brains of
the Jury. Thrco lawyers yet to speukj
It soems nothing short of a young earth
quake, a general jam up will bring it to a
cloio. Perhaps it will tako the jury a
week to find a verdict. If there should
be n difference of opinion how would it do
to toss coppers,
Lust week for taxes. Sale next Mon
day, d-t-d.
Steamer Idlewild, Evansvlllo.
" Mary Houston, New Orleans.
" Judge Baker, Docks.
" Wild Cat, Cincinnati.
" Julia, St. Louis.
" Illinois, Columbus.
" West Wind, Paducab.
" Crcscont City, St. Louis.
Steamer Idlewild, Evansville.
" Mary Houston, Louisville.
" Judgo Baker, Casoyvillo.
" Wild Cut. Memphis.
" Julio, Vicksburg.
" Illinois, Columbus.
" West Wind, Paducah.
" Crescent City, Now Orleans.
Steamboats supplied at any time, both
day and night, with either lump orchost
nut coal, In any qunntity, and on usual
torms, at tho yard at Grand Tower, Ills,
Special contracts offered on favorable
torms upon application.
H. V. Olyphant,
D, A. Bokek, Gen'l. Supt.
Sales Agent. 3-16-ly.
Tho flno ttcamer Henry Amos loaves
to-day at C p, m. for Memphis, Vicksburg
and New Orleans. That superior packet
Bollo Memphis Is the regular doparture
for Memphis and all way landings, hav
ing this evening at G o'clock. The elegant
stcamor Arkansas Bollo leaves at 7 p. m.
to-day for Kvatisvillo and all points on
tho Ohio rivor. Tako tho good packet
West Wind for Evansvlllo or any way
landings leaving this day at 4 p. m. Tho
Colorado will bo in port this ovoning at
fivo o'clock, bound for St. Louis. Tho
splendid Minneoln loaves for Cincinnati
und intermediate landings this morning at
0 o'clock.
Here tho Ohio is still rising nt a fast
rate, The Tenncssoo continues rising, and
heavy drift has been running out for
several days, Cumberland river is falling,
with 3 feet on Uarpetb shoals. Tho Mo
nonguhela it ttill rising steadily, with 9J
foot In the channel. Thero it 6 feet in tho
canal, at Louisville, and tho Ohio still ris
ing. Arkansas rivor continues on tho
swell, with 11 feet In tho channel. Tho
Mississippi it now falling at St. Louis, but
is rising bolow hero.
Business continues good, and thero Is
now a fair nmount of freight ready for
shlpmont on band. Tho weather was
pretty cloudy, nnd, considering tho timo
of tho year, tho air was quito comfortable.
Tho Mary Houston had sixty passongors,
but llttlo freight. Sho will probably lay
up at Loulsvlllo for tho balanco of tho
season. Tho llttlo stoamcr Judgo Bakor,
which has been on tho docks for a few
weeks, was let In the river Thursday
uvonlng, and departod for Casoyvillo yos
torday morning. Tho Wild Cat had a
couplo of barges, loaded with pipe, from
Gaylord's foundry, nnd takes them to
Memphis. Tho Pink Varblo takes a load
of oil cake from Mcmphlt to Now Orleant
next week. Tho Jim Fisk, Jr., resumes
her trips about the first of noxt week. She
Is having her repairs done at Paducah.
It will bo remembered that a number
of years ago the Captain of the steamer
Mosalla made tho remark as his steamer
was leaving Cincinnati that ho would be
at a certain hour at a given point or How
his boat to h'll, and but n few moments
afterward her boilers exploded, killing a
large number of her patsongers, "Wo
heard that the abovo remark was made by
the Captain of ono of tho packets which
left horo Thursday ovening. If it is true
it is certainly a very poor assertion for a
Captain of a steamboat to make, for acci
dents aro liable to occur at any moment.
There Is no reason In the world to bolieve
that if such a remark was made that tho
Captain was sinern in what he said and
would bo the last ono to endanger tho
lives of his passengers. Still the assertion
was n careless one.
The Minncola is still in port discharg
ing her COO ton Cargo. The Julia brought
out n fair load and added considerable
Cllr .ntlunnl Bitnk niilldlnsr.
.special attention paid to orders Irom steam
bouts night oriUr
Factories all running full.
The iron horso on tho C. i. V. R. It,
will give his first snort about Sept. 1st.
Captain Tlios. Wilson at present Is
tied to Mound City at least bis ties (R R)
bind him here the most of his timo.
Old Harvard conferred the honor of
L. L. D. on U. S.t Grant. It has been
suggested that it means :
L'lto Long Branch Delegato
Loves Largo Donations,
Let's Liquor Dent,
Lito Lamented Deadhead,
Late Leather Dealer
Beforo tho 1st of August Mound City
will havo a poworfull Greelov and Brown
club, composed of tho Liberal-Damocratlc,
and Soldiers and Sailors clubs, that aro
now forming. Thoy consolidate the three
in one and will be the most poworful
political organization over formed in Pu
laski county.
Wo heard a good wager offered to a
young Radicul who aspires to tho sheriffs
nomination. Hois loud on betting, and
beforo a crowd in front of tho Stokes
house, offered to wagor a box of cigars
that Greeley and Brown would not carry
Illinois. It was promptly token by a
Dcmocact, who then proposed to the radi
cal that ho would wager a five dollar hat
that Greoloy and Brown would carry
evory stato in tho Union but one. and he
would bet a fifty dollar suit of clothing
that they would carry that one. It was a
stunner to tho Grant men, and at the last
accounts thoy wcro studying to find out if
there " wasn't some d m soil in it."
The U. S. Snog boat J. J. Abort
started Wednesday on a cruise up tho
Ohio in soarch of snags and obstructions.
When the river is lower, sho will return
and try t. hand at the Black Hawk wreck.
which is one of the most datigcrous in tho
whole river. Captain Wm. Hambleton
has succeeded in making a now boat out
of the Mary Forsyth. And sho is supposed
to rival tho Idlewild In beauty and speed.
The Democrats and Liberals are united on
having tho Jolly mariner mn for tho stato
senate. The 'Ladles Magazine,' of St.
Louis, will support his claims for any
Burnett's Steam Cooking Vessol saves
nearly half tho fuel nnd 10 por cent
weight which is lost in cooking tho old
way. Sold by A. nalloy C-201ra
I will offer for sale, Saturday, July 20th
at 9 o'clock, at my now sales room, 99
Commercial avenue, 30 bbl Flour, Feather
Bods, Feathor Pillows, Bedstoads, Ward
robos, Ac. &o.
Salo positlvo and without reserve.
7-18d3t D. Hartman, Auctioneer.
Fred Theobuld hits opened a branch
barber shop, in Blankonburg's building
corner of "Washington nvonuo and Four
teenth street, convenient to tho post-ofllco.
Ho bus furnished It in good stylo, and will
personally superintend It. Thoso desir
ing an cusy shave, or hair dressed, aro ad
vised to cull at Fred's now shop. It is
Mr. Theobald's intention to continue his
down town shop ns usual, and whllo ho is
absent at tho post-ofllco harbor shop, tho
A t
Sixth stroet shop will bo under the chargo
ot Gus HImo. 7-18tf.
Chanco tickets for the Piano to bo raf
fled, at Loretto Academy, uro to bo had at
tho dry-good store of B, McMannus, and
Stuart and Gholson's, as also nt tho Acad
emy. Friends and citizont, loso not such n
goldon opportunity of securing a flno
Piano for Ono Dollar. tf
Burnett's Stoam Cooking Vessel Is war.
rantod to cook quicker and better than
any vessol In uso, for salo at A. Halley's
Thursday Evening, July 18, 1872.
Wo havo very little Improvement to
noto in tho goneral markot. The demand
for everything it small. Corn is quiet,
dull and a shade lower. Oat show a
slight improvement in tho domand and a
small advanco in price to-day. A few car
loadt would tell at 30c. in tacks, none in
tho market. Tho stock of Bacon is limit
ed, and intufficiont to moot tho demand.
Freights to Now Orleans aro lower to
day, but unsettled.
Tho river is rising.
Correspondents must bear In mind,
these prices rcpresont sales In round lots,
from first hands unless otherwise stated.
In filling tmoll order from store, higher
prices mutt bo paid.
FLOUR. Tho market continues dull
and qulot with only a Jobbing business do
ing. Tho feeling it a llttlo bettor, but
prices aro unchanged. Our sales com
prjso C00 Bblsi 100 bbls XXX Spring
sold at $7 10; 10 Bblt Family, New,
$8 CO; JO bblt various grades, In quality,
$7 25 to $1) 00; 300 bbls and 100 bblt,
various grades, at $5 60$9 00. The tale
reported from Cairo City Mill arc, 500 bbl
Whlto Wheat Family, $8 C0$9 00 ; 200
bblsXXXX $8 00; 200 bblt XXX $7 20.
HAY'. Thero It contldorablo Inquiry
for cholco Timothy, and none in tho mar
ket. It would find roady talo to-day at
$20 00. Medium gradet in light tup
ply, but neglected.
1 car, Choice Mixed brought $18 00, de
livered; 1 car Choice Timothy, S20 09,and
2 cars Choice Mixed sold at $17 50, delivered.
CORN. Is dull and unchanged. The
stock on hand is small and receipts and de
mand light.
WHITE CORN. 200 sacks sold on or
ders at COc; 2 cars in bulk brought 49c,
on track ; 1 car in sacks sold on orders at
COc ; 6 cars Choice in sacks sold at 01c,
on orders ; 1 car in bulk, on track, told at
49c; G cart in bulk, on track, told at 48 J
49c, and 1 car In sacks, del, brought 59c.
MIXED CORN. 2 cart in sacks, on
orders, sold at 5001c; 5 cars In tackt, on
orders, At 00c, and 0 cars sold on orders at
OATS. Thero was somo Inquiry to-day,
with nono in tho market. A few cart
would have been taken at 3Cc, which it a
thado better than tho prico of last week.
Receipts aro very light. 200 sacks told on
orders at 37c; 0 cars in sacks, dolivored,
atSCc; 4 cars in bulk, on track, brought
30c, and 200 sacks sold at 30c.
COKN MEAL. Market unchanged.
200 bbls "Evening Stur" City Mills, steam
dried, sold at S3 00; 100 bbls steam dried,
del, $2 90; 300 bbls delivered, $2 95.
100 bbls on orders, $3 10; 120 bblt in lots,
from store, S3 003 10, and 100 bblt
Choice Kiln Dried told at $3 00, delivered.
BUTTER. Strictly Choice it very
scarce and in demand ; medium grades
are dull
0 packages Choice, sold at 20 ctt ; 12 pallt
brought 20 cts and fivo packages of Infe
rior butter sold at 15 cts V pound.
EGGS. Aro a llttlo scarce. The
weather hut been cooler and prices have
advanced, 12 packages sold Etrly at 11
cts ; 6 until I packages brought 12 ctt ; 000
dozen sold at 10 12) cts, shipper count.
CHICKENS. Wo have no change to
noto since our last revlow. Spring chick
ens aro scarco and' in demand. 2 coojj
sold to-day at S2 75 doz.; 10 doz. old""
Mixed sold at $3 20; 1 coop and 20 doz.
Cholco Hons sold at $1 00 dozen.
PROVISIONS. Are still very scarce,
firm and advancing. The supply is far
from sufficient to supply the order do
mand, 3 tierces plain canvassed Hams,
sold at 12 cts 3 casks clear sides, in lots,
brought 9 cts.; 1 cask clear ribbed tides
brought 8 cts.; 2 casks shoulders sold at
7J cts.
FRUIT. Country wagons keep the
market moderately supplied with, Applet
Water-melons &e. A few choice Applet
Pears, and Peaches, aro brought from other
points ; Oranges and Lemons are scarce
and high, tho only sales in fruit worth
noting are 20 boxes Pears nt $1 00 and 5
boxes choice Apples at 40 cts.
TO M ATO ES. Are coming in llborally
from tho country. 70 Boxes choice told
curly at 00 to 75 cts 13 box, and 8 boxet,
soft, sold at 12$ cts.
dull, prices nominal. A few Onions told
ut the rate of $2 SOT bbl.
BRAN. Very quiet. A sale of 10 tunt
in sacks by Cairo City Mills, at $18 00
tun is all we have to report.
CHEESE. 10 boxes Ohio Factory told
at 14 cts pound.
TOBACCO.-Wo note a salo of 10
coddys Turpin's Bon-Morchoau at 05 cts
V- pound.
COFFEE. Wo note an active demand
for this staple, and ono sale of 10 sacks
Prime Rio, to-day at 2IJ cts.
WHEAT. Tho prices tq-day roportod
by the City Mills, are, on No. 1 White,
$1 30; No. 2 White. $1 20; No. 1 Red,
$1 25; No. 2 Rod, SI 20; Mediterranean, .
SI 15. Damp or tough wheat is unsle.
bio. '
SACKS. Resowed Gunnies 1819J,
Corn Burlaps, 2 Bus. Ea, 18 cts. Im-
B roved Gunnies, 2 Bushel, 21cts. Oats
urlaps, 0 Bushel 23 cts. Cotton seamless
bugs, 30 to 38 cts each.
SALT. Canawha bbl- 82 25; Dairy V
bbl. 83 25.
TEAS-lmpcrlal, $1 10l 40; Gunpow
der,$l 00(51 M; Oolong Black, $1 001 30;
Young Hyson, ?1 001 40.
COFFEE Java, 3032c.; l.aguayra, 25;
illo, Prime to Choice, 21 to 23c.
IAHD Itetlned, in tierces lb, 10 tolOlc ;
III kegs, -rj lb, 11 to 12c.
HAMS. Sugar Cured, canvassed, $i lb,
11 to 10c, Shoulders Bacon 7J to 8c; Clear
Sides Bacon, 0 to 10c.
CHEESE. New York Factory, new,
13 to lie.
BUOOMS. Common House "0 dozen, $2
00 ; Choice to Extra, 83 00(jj3 75 ; S, B. ii 60
5 00.
BEESWAX, V. lb 30c.
TALLOW, "fi lb 7c.
SUGAR-Now Orleans, Prime to Choice
fUbll12c; CoilcoA. 12 to 13c. ; Crushed
uml Powdered, 14 J to Ke. ; Granulated, 14) to
SYItUl'S-Cholce gallon, 85cfl 00;
New Orleans, 7080c.
SEEDS. Millet bushel, 83 00 ; Hunga
rian, 83 00 ; Timothy $U 00.
Huy, 84 00 ; Corn cwt., 15c. ; Oats, 10c. ;
Potatoes 3 bbl., 25c. ; Apples, 2Sc ; Pork,
35. ; Whiskey 00c. ; Lumber, $ M. t)7 00.
Hoavy freight I? cvt.,lfic.
TO NEW ORLEANS.-Flourbbl.SOc.l
Potatoes, 30c. ; Apples, 30c. ; Pork, BOtf.
Whiskey, 75c. ; Hay ton, 10 00 ; Corn fi
cwt., 171c ; Oats, 171c. ; Tobacco' ft hlid.,
ft 00 ; Cotton $ bale, $1 00 ; Lumber ) il.
910 00. Heavy freight, f) cwt, 17Jc.

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