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"M1 JJ" U'
U H M I I1L1 AT I m Bji
ontAM.1 e tbi ituxou ciimUL m. m.
IrtwiMhy, m. th foilow
' aa4tMutttl form th mini aad depart-
fcw, daily., HO P.m.
4M-Mfttl,Atll7 1:45 a.m.
a................-...... 3,45 p.m.
(Mfe Mk4 M. Lonli Short Llae.
Peart H- a.m.
tocbaapferr tram Cairo to Ut. Lonl. Mo
lag Hoots tiptag er on nitht mini.
Will thro trip dally.
r i. w"'
At 11. ,"
titTixa aotas ctrr
At S:SO - J,Bi
At I'M n m.
I At i'tft 1 1 ...-p.rn.
Will iMd, wbn nJId,"R mj ood Intermediate
aadiagfor pMMBfcnor freight. not llf.
All. AT.
Too iplradld ttner
Bin. Howard Capt.
Cairo DAILY. (9undT exceDted). at 4
For fnlchtor paisage applron board or
j&n mutts, ai i.
K. a BRIOHAM, M, D.,
1 I ( .MEOPATHIC Phyicin and Burgeon. Of
1 1 flea IS Commercial avenue. Keildenee on
f oath street Ihree'doot west of 0 R. Woodward.
ftflO Otm M. J. MeOaulaj'a drug atore,
V near corner uonmarciai avenue and fcin
tMBtb street.
pBBIDKNCE No. II Thirteenth atreet, be-
jlbi iweea waaninanon avenue ana walnut (tract.
woe uuominercii avenue, up aiairn.
0. W. DUNNING, M. D.
DRStDKNCB-cornerNinth "d Walnut its,
JJiOfflee corner Blxth atreet and Ohio levee.
Otic hour from 6 a,m. to la m.. and p.m
fJEHtDENCK Corner Nineteenth atreet and
JLV Washington arenue, near court house. Of.
ire over Arler'a Grocery Store, Office Hour from
10a.m. to 12 m. and Irom 2 tot p. m.
Our Homo Advertisers.
jv "HjjK
Our new
Car.Waaa'taatata A mm Klshtaat.,
It now
Whore wo will keep
Can not be excelled, We also draw the
Also, u choice lot of Citrarx. ol extra dual
ity, told ut reasonable price. Our
Will receive especial attention and care,
being at all hours In charge of competent
ana carciui narue. i-reseriptions careruuy
compounded at all hours day or night.
AinejtMkofWatcbei, Clock. Jewelry
."Ki. rarucuiar attention ifiven
ailiib 'Of watch repairing. The public
MMlUUed to cU and compare price and
,al. Sole ajrent for Karl Zlmmerman'i
ItMMIM WMtw. A a fine watch they
"ceuea uy none In
MWittUori vratchei a tpeclalty
V. i'
From Wednesday May lit, the ico
wagon will canvass tho city, to continue
during tho summer months. None but
pure northern lake co will bo delivered.
Hl'be, LooMig, & Co.
0. Hauknstihe, Abcuitect. This
gentleman bat established himself success
fully in his business in this city. Ho last
year made the plans and specifications ot
John Goeckel's, Peter NefTs and U. My
ers' buildings on Ohio Levee, and Fred
Theobold's handsome residence on corner
Sixth and Walnut streets; and this year
made the plan of Peter Cuhl's, Dr. Ward
ncr's, John Koehler's, Gilbert Brinkmoyer
and Smith's, and Leo Kleb s buildings. He
also superintended the erection of all these
buildings, and points to them for proof of
his ability to do good work in his line. He
made the plans and specifications ota pub
lic school building in Metropolis, and of
many other buildings here and olsowbere.
Ho asks the attention of the public to his
works, and believes be Is entitled to liberal
patronage. 7-31
Tho Liberal Republican voters of the
18th Congressional District are boroby
notified to meet (en mane) at tho Court
House, in the city of Cairo, July 23d, at
4 p.m., for tho purpose of nominating a
candidato to bo voted for at the November
election, A. D. 1872. Every Liberal Re
puDlicnn present will be entitled to a voto
N. L. Wickwibe,
Chairman Contrul Committee
of tho 18th congressional, district.
The Llboral Republicans of Union,
Jackson and Alexander counties, com
prising the 15th senatorial district, aro re
quested to meet in mass convention at
the court house, in tho city of Cairo, July
23d, at 5 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of
nominating a candidate for state senator
and candidates for tho legislature, to be
voted for at tho November election A, D.
1872. Every liberal republican present
will be entitled to a voto.
By order of district liberal republican
tf. John Antrim, Chairman.
a religious fact a moral fact a scien
tific fact a fact Indisputable, that P.
HAUP has on band, at his popular To
bacco and Cioar Store, tho best brands
of all kinds Tobacco and Cigars.
Ir you .have tho tooth-ache, if you
want an artificial set of tcotb, if you want
gold fitting, if you want anything in
the dental line, go to tho splendid denial
rooms of Dr. Williams in NefTs new
brick building on Sixth street, where you
will be satisfactorily aultod iteundum
arttm, 7-20dtf.
Pdfclieatlaa MBc, Balled BaUella;.
Wavalatrt Aveaa.
Let usJubtlaUflK,-rab: ratify.
Potatoes selling at 60 centi per bushel
Business fair yesterday on the loveo.
Water "mullloni" by the load in all
the streets.
Tn Sunday Bulletin is a moral
threshing machine.
Several advertitment and other mat
ter crowded out to-day.
Morcury 00 in the shade at nine a.m.,
yesterday, with a stirring breeze.
Grant-Radicals, bloviated at two p.m.,
yesterday. See roport in another column
Churches all cool and well fitted,
Tako The Bulletin's advice and attend
Swoboda is putting up a stable In rear
of his store, corner of Eighteenth and
Poplar strocts.
Tho Hibernians are building a large
cistern at their ongino houso. It will
cost $160.
W. J. ICary, undertaker, bas romoved
to the old P. O. building on Commercial
avenue. 7-21-dlw.
In our local item of Messrs. Ualli-
day's place, Saturday, it should have been
To Kalon, instead of "Jo Kalon" grape.
Eugene Fitzpatrick Is refitting a
largo framo building on Twentieth street
between Poplar and Washington uvenue
for a dwelling house.
It is under consideration whether it
would bo advlsablo to givo a fow dis
courses on Sabbath ovenings at Winter's
block, to non-church goers, skeptics, etc.
Tho old shanty on tbo cast cornor of
Poplar and Eighteenth street bas been
pulled down to mako room for a frame
dwelling houso about to be built for Mr.
W. M. Cablll.
Would't it be a good notion to take
some of tho maniclpal whoels to pieces
and give them a cleaning, or replaco them
by new ones. Tho main-spring is badly
out of order.
Some callow moonoy talks of street
cars for Cairo. Lot us have railroads cen
tering hero first, and then perhaps lato
this Fall, or early next Spring, a street
omnibus would pay.
Next week wo Intend to note city im
provements, street by street, until finished,
and thon, perhaps begin again, We hope
every one will feel good natured, and fur
nish us with all needful particulars when
Thore's a Grant man in Connecticut
who adorns the neck of a Grant "bull
purp" with a $5 collar, but can't send his
children to Sabbath School for want of
clothos. There's a number of persons not
a stono'a throw from Cairo who can't send
their children to Sabbath School on ac
count of tho whisky jug.
For tho encouragement of tho Rev.
Mr. Shores, we desire to note that a Mr.
A. J. Chambers, colored, is speaking and
writing in Kentucky in the interest of
Groeley and Brown. Thoro is a large
missionary field opon to Mr. Shores in
Cairo ; and who knows, but that by proper
exertion, ho can yot tako tho "horns" from
Brother Munn.
Our friend Sheldon, whoso genial faco
groeti the traveling public in tho tickot
office of tho 111. Central, is moro gonial
than ever sinco Friday last. Tho fact in,
OI..IJ I I. ! - t I 1. .. 1 . ..
OllOJaon rejoices in uis juaossiuu ui n uaujr,
a big baby, (t baby whose 24 pounds
warrants it in bcine called after its
father, James, if James is so inclined
Our pon overflows with congratulations
to Sheldon, to Sheldon's baby and to all
tho baby's rolatives,
There are a few dealers who aro try
ing to make their stores pay expenses,
who havo never advertised in and seldom
have seon a Cairo paper. They can easily
be distinguished from other business men,
being generally seon waltzing about in
front of their premises, or sitting down
whittling a pine stick And complaining of
dull times. We recommend the following
to their cheerful perusal :
My success is owing to my liberality In ad
vertising. Bonner.
Advertising has furnished me with a com
petency. Amos Lawrence.
I advertised my production!) and made
money. Nicholas Longwortb.
Constant and persistent advertising is a
sure prelude to wealth, Stephen Glrard.
He who invests one dollar in business
should invest one dollar in advertising that
business. A. T. Stewart.
With the thermometer at 95 we
chased a local to the Ohio's brink ; it there
eluded our grasp. Caught a glimpse of it
up street caught the outline of its vanish
ing figure, came up with it finally, nnd
succeeded in embracing it, figuratively,
Wo give it as announced to us: As the
str. West Wind was hacking out from
tho wharfboat on Friday ovoning, a col-
ord man, who had committed n breach of
good morals, by means of tho unruly
member to tho great disgust of ono of the
mates, the lattor, torriflcd the olTendor by
showing him tho sharp end of u stick
some say a knife, and tho pursued, In a
panic, cooled off by jumping into the
river, A ropo was thrown him and he
returnod to his quarters, safe, but bleached
with terror, and damp.
Wo havo asked, by what authority
teamsters and sidowalk workers obtain tho
lumber of tho city, by what authority they
sell it, and if tho money obtainod by tho
traffic goos into tho city troasury. Tho
city authorities do not see proper to reply.
Whorcfore this slloace 7 Has robbery bo
come so common it is winked at in si
lenco7 The city authorities havo managed to
get the upper hand of tho small pox. The
last patient was sont away from the city
pest homo Thursday, und there are only
seven cases In the city.
Tho City Attorney Is devoted to the
duties of his office, but ho takes an oc
casional glance at the outside world jutt to
ascertain tho probabilities of his election
to the oflico of County Attorney.
Tho question Is, "Shall tho city refuse
to pay Gamble what it promised to pay
him 7"
The St. Mary's park business is being
pushed a bead. Seaso is ceaseless in his
ndeavors to bavo the city obtain the park.
"Martha" rushes to tho defonso of hor
soiled slstors, thus:
Editor Sunday Bulletin:
Dear Sin : Fccliug enconragedby your
courtesy, I am going to trouble you with an
other correspondence on the subject of
theso poor deluded creatures who nre run
ning the road to ruin. I perceive, whether
owing to the boldness of Tun ButletIn or
not 1 cannot say, that the police have actu
ally routed one notorious house of lll-fitrae
nnd closed it. But I would like the nubile to
be informed whether those lines nave yet
been paid which were Imposed, or whether
It is only a make believe. The costs arc care
fully collected, but arc the lines alsof Or are
these houses a sort of bank upon which to
draw, for tho benefit of tliocltyofllccrsf The
public have a right to know. The treasurer
can givo the desired Information. It Is, too,
a remarkable fact that whilst every drunken
wretch Is pounced upon In some cases
more "sinned against than sinning." that
In no case do we find the more guilty male
companion of these girls hauled up for Jus
tice. There seems to be n wheel within a
wheel. O, shame! I had almost said the
tempted are punished, the tempter the
nice young man society's pet the curled,
scented darling of the city the floating rough
and beguiled sojourner from other localities
by some manipulation goes free.
I do not desire to trespass too much upon
your columns, but I must beg leave once
more to trouble you with the consideration
a most serious one what can be done to
redeem thoso of these unfortunates who
have not yet become hardened in vicious
courses. This is nothing but our duty as
christian women. It Is my Intention to sub
mit a reformatory proposition to the ladles
of this city, which I numbly believe may,
with the divine blessing, be the means of
rescuing some poor soul from perdition.
"Inquirer" and "Mocbanic ' connot got
upon the platform of a mutual understand
ing. The seositlvo "Mechanic" explains:
Editor Cairo Bulletin :
Sin: Penult me briefly to correct the
error of "Inquirer" in your last lsue. He
says "I didn't know right Irom wrong."
When I stated I didn't know whether It va
right or wrong, to sell out of wagons, I mcaut
legally so. Docs "Enquirer" sec, now? Let
Justice be done, etc.
Respectfully, Mechanic.
Squire Bros impersonated the blind
goddess of the balances yesterday . Tho
weighing, however, at tho morning ses
sion didn't turn tho tcalcs. Lizzie and
Jane Wallaco, buds opening out at n
houso of ill-famo known as "Tincoln's,"
corner of Washington avenue and Thir
teenth street, wero applicants, on tho inter
cession of tho good, great and virtuous
Arnold, for weighing. Thoy didn't
weigh a feather ; tho bud of vico wasn't
nipped a cent's worth, owing to a mis
joinder. Joo loft disgusted, and Myers
felt gudgeoned.
While the heroic Myers, in pursuanco
of his official duties was escorting a valuable
cltizeness of tho name of Sallio Williams,
to jail for being unable to discern between
meum Bnd iuum, nnd just as be was passing
the front of The Bulletin oflico whoro
Saup, fororaan of tho nows room, was en
joying his siesta, whether overcome by
bis feelings, or shocked at the calm
plaudity of our foreman, he
was taken sick and unablo to
proceed. Ho resigned his accomplshcd
cburge to tbo voluntary politeness of Mr.
Saup, who did the honors of the occasion
with dignity highly becoming tho office,
and safely presented tho lady to his ac
quaintance to Mr..Fitzgerald. Ho return
ed a happier and a wiser man.
Wo regrot that circumstances compel
us to cut short tbo roport of 'Squire Bross
elegant reception, jestorday evening.
Charles Williams, professor of Billings
gate, for indocent language and " sich,"
including contempt of court, was fined
$10 and perquisites in default of pay
ment IS days in McUale's castle.
Molly Woods, Amanda JLivlngstono,
Bertha Cadell, and Jenny Allen, immates
of John Corcoran house, arrested by Ar
nold, fined $10 and costs each. Tbey
wero given until Monday to pay, in
default of which, 16 days jail. Lizzie
Williams, larceny, stealing 3 yards of
laco and ono pair of shoes from Sam Lat
tee. Held to ball in tho sum of $50 until
next term of tho circuit court. In default
of bail, was committed to the county jail.
Tho case of Frick vs. Winter has come
to a close to tho infinite relief of all pur
tics concerned. The case was given to
the jury at ono p.m., yesterday. The court
adjourned until Monday morning. The
jury in about an hour's time returned with
a sealed verdict which will not bo opened
until Monday. (Vordlct for Frick.)
Pursuant to nofice, the Grant Radicals,
consisting of the Cairo division of tho 71,
000, odd, office holders, and their immedi
ate friends, assembled yesterday nbout two
o'clock, to soloct dologatcs to the congres
sional convention by ballot. Thoro wero
about thirty wliito men present, Including
tbo wirc-workors and second chieftains of
tho Ring,'; tho top sawyer, Mr. Munn, was
not present, nor David Linegar. Tho
latter being supplied with u "phat" tako,
don't caro a cent how soon tho bottom falls
out of the Grant rotten junk, being at
heart a Greeley man,
After an imtnenso deal of wbisporingi
colloging, and wiro working, among tho
forty negroes nssomblod In tbo court house
hall, bofore proceeding to tho court room,
(many of whom havo no votes,) in which
laudable occupation Fisher, A, A. Arrlck,
and ono or two others, wore conspicuous,
the convention proceodod to business as
well as they know how, under tho depress
ing circumstances tboy labored.
Tho proceedings boing nil cut and dried
by Munn, And instructions having bcon
given to Messrs, Popo, McKoag & Co.,
tho furco opened by tho ascension of tho
bland Fisher to tho judgo's bench. In a
fow briof remarks, D. Uurd, esq., was
nominated nom. con. to preside, nnd Mr
D. L. Davis, of tho levee lumilnaryj
As entirely characteristic of tho illus
trious Ulysses I., not a scrap of paper
was to bo got amongst tho penurious
ring; in dubious consternation they ap
plied to the urbano clerk of the circuit
court, who, in pity to tholr forlorn con
dition, furnishing tho stationary ; what
a comment on radicalism! A fow demo
crats and liberal republicans wero presont
as spectators, but no country peoplo
wero present, and not tho slightest inter
est manifested outsido the ring. Even
tho colored allies wero allowed no parti
cipation in tho proceedings, and were
haughtily excluded from tho ring's delibo
rations, not boing allowod to enter tho
ralled-ln space appropriated to tho mem
bers of tbo profession.
Mr. Fisher moved to proceed to elect
delegates by ballot ; cnrrlod. Col. Mc
Koag moved to mako nominations ;
whereupon the following gentlemen wero
nominated: G. M. McGeo, J. P. Gam
ble, J. B. Phillls, J. H. Kelly, Peter Saup,
Ell Green, Hiram Bixby, Geo. Seasc,
James Allen, Jno. Wood, Wallbridgo, 0.
0. Davidson, and Warron Wolms.
Ballot being otdercd, was takon with
tho following result: Jno. Gladney,
Warren Wolms, J. B. Phillls, J. P. Gamble
and R. W. Miller, wero appointed dele
gates, Mr. Fisher moved, that tho six defeated
candidates for delegates bo elected alter
nates; carried.
Altornato delegates: A, W. McGce,
W. T. Scott, James Allen and Hiram
Bill Scott bad the effrontery to movo
that the dolcgates be Instructed to cast the
voto of the county for Brown, of Mat
sac. On motion of Mr. Wood, motion laid
on tho tnble.
Mr. Wood moved to instruct delegates
to cast tho voto of the county at Senato
rial and Legislative conventions. Car
ried. So ended tho farce. Wo should how
ever, qualify our remarks about tho col
oro'l nllios, by stating that to Billy Scott
was thrown tho empty honor a sop you
know of altcrnato dolcgato.
This suporb establishment, as remarka
bio for its elegant designs us for the gen
uineness nnd variety of its gold and sli
ver wore, surprises tho person who calls to
havo his needs in tho watch and Jewelry
line supplied.
the showcases
aro literally filled with delicate intrinsic
ally valuablo articles, ornamental and use
ful; silver goblcU, inlaid with gold; val
uablo gold and silver watches; pure silver
coffee nnd tea-pots, of chaste pattern ; gold
rings, chains, timo pieces of all kinds, ta
ble silver ware, etc., make up an assort
ment which would bo hard to match in
cities of greater prctonsions. Tho display
is crcditnblo nllko to the artistic ability of
tho firm, as for tho taste and refinement
which it intimates as being possessed by
their patrons. In tho rooms adjoining
tho sales room are to bo seen
six skilled mechanics,
handling tho precious metals and forming
them'into beautiful shapes ; and just hero
wo note a particular featuro of this firm.
they manufacture jewelry
from tho bullion, twenty dollar gold
pieces being used for that purpose. Al
though tho Messrs. Tabors are old residents,
and havo patiently, industriously und hon
estly worked their way upward to the pres
ent proud position they occupy in tbo esti
mation of their fellow-citizens, it is only
four years since tho elder member of tho
firm commenced aiono to manufacture
gold and silver articles. Wo recommend
our citizens to pay a visit to the work
rooms and see tho
process of construction
of solid gold goods, from 14 to 18 carats
fine. It is not generally known that such
n manufactory exists in our midst, and
will well repay examination, under the
polite guidance of the affable head of tho
firm. Mr. T. deserves great credit for his
perseverance and energy. There Is no
other like it, we believe, short of St. Louis
or Chicago. There is ono branch of the
business which he attends to exclusively
himself, namely:
a very Important and delicate brunch, few
are capable of performing. Wo were
shown a largo number of steel dies, cost
ing in New York city ten dollars each,
for slumping in various designs the goods
when finished. Wo wero also shown the
melting furnace, tho sand cruel
blcs for holding the melted gold,
only being used two or three
times, and a number of delicate
machines used in tho construction of tho
numerous articles ho manufactures. Gold
watch chains wero being made whilst wo
wero present; also masonic breast pins,
etc. Beautiful engravings in old English
characters were also to be seen. All arti
as reprosonted by thorn, and wo cordially
say to our citizens us we huve ulways done,
encourngo homo manufactories, und givo
this fl nil tho libcrol patronage they so
richly merit.
If you wish to indulgo in a dollclous
cigar, patronize P. Saup, Commercial ave
nue. If you wish good chowing or smok
ing tobacco, pipes, tobacco pouches, etc.,
go to P. Saup's popular Tobacco and
Cigar storo.
Dr. Purkor has neatly filled up tho
rooms over tho old post oflico, where ho
will attend tho professional wants of his
frionds oithoT day or night. Dr. Parker
will givo special attention to tho treat
ment of chronic diseases and ull cases or
deformity. 7 2t,lw
All persons holding policies in their
lives and hoalth in tho Bismark-Bund aro
requested to meet at tho Philharmonic
hall on Monday night, July 22d, at 8
u'clock sharp, for tho purpose of pcrfect
.ingan organization of tho 47th section by
the oloctlon of officers for tho ensuing year.
Carl L. Thomas, General Ag't,
P. Saup's popular Tobacco and Cigar
Storo Is located on Commercial avonuo,
between Sixth and Soventh streets, and
marked by tho unique sign of "tho Girl of
the Period.'"
Go to Win. Ehlor's, on Twentieth
street, for your fino custom inado boots
and shoes, You can't do hotter. Try
StoamorGIoncoo, St. Louis.
W. 11, Brown, Louisville,
Quickstep, Evansvlllo.
City of Chester, Memphis,
Friendship, Memphis.
Eddyville, Louisville,
Mnry Davttgo, St. Louis.
John T. Moore, New Orloans.
Illinois, Columbus.
Wost Wind. Paducah.
" Bollo Moinphls, St. Louis.
" Arkansas Belle, Evansvlllo.
" Colorado, Vicksburg.
Steamer Glcncoo, Now Orleans.
" W. U. Brown, Nashville.
" Quickstep, Evansville.
" City of Chester, St. Louis.
" Friendship, St. Louis,
" Eddyville, Docks.
" Mary Davage, Pittsburg.
" John T. Moore, St. Louis.
" Illinois, Columbus.
" West Wind, Padueah.
" Bello Memphis, St. Louis.
" Arkansas Belle, Evansville.
" Colorado, St. Louis.
Steamboats supplied at any time, both
day and night, with either lump or chest
nut coal, In any quantity, and on usual
terms, at tho yard at Grand Tower, Ills
Special contracts offered on favorable
terms upon implication.
II. V. Olyphant,
D. A. Bokee, Gen'l.Supt.
Sales Agent. 3-lS-ly.
The big Henry Ames leaves this eve
ning for all southern ports. .The now and
olognnl City of Holonu leaves this day at
6 p. rn. for Memphis, Vicksburg and all
way points. Tho superior packet Grand
Tower is tho boat leaving for St. Louis
nnd way landings, this evening at C o'clock.
The Idlewild leaves fur Evansvlllo and
way landings at G p. m. The steamer
Minncola leavos fur Cincinnati and way
points this morning at 0 a. m. Tho Utah
leaves at C p. tn. for all pofuts on Arkan
sas river.
Tho river at this point was about station
ary lust night. The Monungahola is ris
ing steadily with 10 feet in the channel.
At Cincinnati and Louisvillo the Ohio is
still rising. Cumberland river is (falling
Arkansas river Is falling. The Ohio is In
a good stage. Tho Mississippi is falling
with a nine foot channel.
Thcro was considerable businoss dono on
tho landing yesterday, wo may truly say
that lost week was a very busy one. Tho
weather was clear and a llttlo hot in the
The City of Chester and Illinois had a
trial of speed Saturday morning, and tho
following account was handed us by one
tho Illinois officers. Tho Chester loft Co
lumbus somo time ahead of tho Illinois
and landed at a wheat pilo, and as tbo
Illinois carno up alongsido, tho City of
Chester rang her go-a-head boll, and was
about ono longth behind the Illinois when
she got started and came into port " min
utes behind. The Illinois docs not claim
having passed her under headway.
City Nntlonnl Bank BuUillng.
B).Speclal attention paid to orders Irom steam
6ot niitht or Unr
Dr. Wardner has removed his office
from tho rooms over the old post office
building, to rooms over Arter's store, on
Commercial avenue opposite Scbuh's drug
store, whore he may be found during the
usual business hours, except when profes
sionally absent. His residence is on the
corner of Nineteenth street and Washing
ington avenue, near the court house.
7-1 7-4 1.
Tbo romoval of Messrs. Smith 6c Brink
meyer, merchant tailors and clothiers, to
their new brick building adjoining Bu
der's block, on Washington avenue, marks
the new era of progress in Cairo. They
are now prepared to accomodate their old
customers and as many new ones as please
to come, with tbo best goods tbo murket
can supply, made up in the latest styles.
Work wurranted. Cutting, etc., done to
order. Good fits and entire satisfaction
guaranteed. They now bavo tbo bo stre
plenished, fullest, and most fashionable
stock in tho city, and aro determined to
deservo increased patronage by their at
tention and punctuality. Call and see
their elegant establishment. 7-191w
A Texas judge lately decided that bad
cooking on tho part of a wife was good
reaton for granting tho husband a divorce.
Our advico to Texan ladloi get a good
supply of Burnett's steam cooking vessels
Last wcok for taxes. Salo next Mon
day. d-t-d.
Burnett's Steam Cooking Vessel saves
nearly half tbo fuol and 15 per cont
weight which Is lost in cooking the old
way. Sold by A. Halloy 0-201m
Frod Theobald has opened a branch
barber shop, in Blankenburg's building
corner of Washington avonuo und Four
teenth street, convenient to tho post-offico.
Ho has furnished it in good stylo, nnd will
personally superintend It. Thoso desir
ing an eusy shave, or hair dressed, nro ad
vised to call at Fred's now shop. It is
Mr. Theobald's intontion to continue his
down town shop as usual, and while ho is
absent at tho post-offico harbor shop, tho
Sixth street shop will bo under tho chargo
ot Gus Himo. 7-18tf.
Chanco tickets for tho Piano to be raf
fled, at Loretto Academy, are to bo had at
tho dry-good store of B, McMnnnus, and
Stuart and Gholsou's, as also ut tho Acad
emy. Friends nnd citizoni, loso not such a
golden opportunity of socurlng a fino
Piano for Ono Dollar. tf
Burnott's Stoam Cooking Vessel Is war
ranted to cook ouickor and bettor than
any vossol in uso, for salo at A. II alley's
kj, t Advcrti8ors.
public to bo informed uiu-u
has on hand a Stock of Goods
as oxtensivo as any in tho
Southwest, and that he is de
termined to sell every article
at prices Lower than tho Low
est. Call on him to-day and
examine goods and prices. He
will satisfy you both as to qual
ty and cost.
Dan. Hartman hat received one of th
largest stocks of Fruit Jars ever before
brought to Cairo, and it desirous of closing
it out without delay. Ho tberoforo offers
Mason's Improved Porcelain solf-sealers,
quarts at $2.00 per dozen; glastwlre tops,
quarts, at $1.25 per dozen and half-gallons
at $2.00 per dozon. These aro the cheapest
prices in the market. tf.
Having refurnished this well known
and popular boarding house, on Sixth
street, near tho post office, the proprie
tress would inform tbo public that she
is prepared tn nccommodato tho public
with llrtt-cla's board and well furnished,
well ventilated rooms on tho most reason
able term'. Ample preparations have
been iniiile to nccommoduto un unlimited
number of d iy hoarders. I'ntronugo so
licited. " Mil. T. N. Oakfney.
6 1 -OuX
Win. Eblcrs,at his shop on Twentieth
street, oppotito tbo Court House hotel, is
manufacturing boots and shoes, of overy
stylo and variety, warranted to givo por
fect satisfaction. He keeps genuine Fronch
calf nnd gives his customers all ho prom
scs. tf
Blankenijuro ahead! Wines and CI
gars I oldest and choicest, at the EXCEL
SIOR SALOON, opposite the Post Office
Finest of Liquors, Frco Lunches and mu
sic overy day. Tho great Liberal and
l)emocratic,GreelySe Brown drlnko Weis
Beer, is mado a specialty, and Fredpridet
himself upon keeping the freshest and
coolest in the ctiy. Lemonades the cold
est, mixed drinks and music tbo finest
Go there. C-27tf
For Sale. My residence on 8th street.
The house contains seven largo rooms, and
Is in every respect in complete repair.
Will be sold at a bargain, at I expect to
Icavo Cairo soon.
7-lCCt. B.S. Harrkll.
(Sun please copy Ct.)
Dr. McCabe's medicated Blackberry
Brandy, at M. J, McGauley's, near cor
ner of 18th street and Commercial ave
nue. 7-182wd.
Weiss beer constantly on band at tho
Thalia saloon. o-Jldlf
Heavy 1U.no, glass Fruit Jars, (tin top)
quarts $1.25 and half gallons, $2 per doz.
Genuino "Mason Improved," Fruit Jars,
(glass top, sol f scalers,) quarts $2, and half
gallons $3 por dozen. Best W. O. (Iron
stono china) plates and teas, 60 cent per
set. Fine goblets, only 10 cents apiece.
Other goods in proportion, at
Parsons, Davis & Co.'s,
S and 7 Tenth street.
It is impoasiblo to cook poorly in Bur
nett's Steam Cooking Vessel. It is worth
double the price asked for it, for putting
up fruit. For sale at A. Halley's, dealer
In stoves and tinware. 6-201m
Ills. Central R. R., Co. )
Agent's Office, July 16, 1872. ;
I am now prepared to give rates and
sign bills of lading to points on the Miss.
Central Railroad.
7-1'tf. James Johnson, Agent.
Burnett's steam cooking vessel are
sold at the following exceedingly low
For No. 7 stoves, $2 50 and $3 00.
For No. 8 stoves, S3 00 and $3 50.
They uro as handy to use as an ordinary
steamer. They will save their cost every
few weeks in the saving of wood or coal,
besides the great gain in the quality of
food cooked in it.
Fivo Hundred teams on the Cairo and
Vlncenncs R. R. at $4 00 per day. Also,
COO men; wages $2 00 per day. Apply
to A. W. Miller, Contractor, Caledonia,
Pulaski county, Ills. 7-10dlw.
J. J. Anderson & Co., gas fitters, 61
Ohio Loveo, over Lonorgan & Cunning
hams, feed storo, do all kinds of steam anp
gas fitting choapcr than the cheapest, andt
guarantco porfoct satisfaction In overy In
stance. If they do not please thoy will
not charge Givo them a trial. Tboy
know their businoss porfectly. Remomber
tho place 61, Ohio Lovoo. 5-31
Wo havo a good supply of Burnett's
Steam Cooking Vessels Call and see
them. A. Halley
T. B. Ellis, proprietor, corner 7th street
and Commercial avenue, Cairo, Ills., is
proparcd to accommodato tho public with
board by tho day, week or month, at lowor
rates than any otbor first-class houso in
tho city. Tho rooms aro all well fur
nished, light and airy, good samplo rooms
for tho accommodation of Commercial
agents. Tho houso is located In tho con
tor of tho business part of tho y within
ono squaro of tbo post office. 4-0-tf
Fnrra Scheler's beor saloon, on Wash
Ington avenue, west sido, between Ninth
nnd Tenth streets, has becomo a favorite
placo of resort. His Weiss beer is always
cool und fresh and quonches thirst with
magic quickness. Tbo bar is also stocked
with tho best brands of whisky and brandy
and his lino of wine is splendid. Fritz is
a courteous and clover host, and deserves
liberal patronage. Call on blm. tf.
Excellent Weiss beer at tho Thalia.
6-21dtf .P'
Go to the Thalia for the best Weill
beer In town. 6-21dtf

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