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ea Md after inadeT, lh, 1171, the follow
titaa-table will govern the arrival and depart
rr of fMMBf r train atCalroi
iSaaaH Mall train, dally. ........ 3:00 .tn.
Kxpf, daily. 2:40 p.m.
4fT Mall, dally... ... S:48 a.m.
Kiprwi ................. 3.45 p.m.
Oalro and Bt. Louis Short Lias.
A fTITC ...... HlalMflKttllllHllHIIIHIH ... 3i W p.lll.
Dfw... lZJ0k.ro.
No eriaaf of er rr from Cotro in 8t. Louis. No
chatwra oVar Irom Olro to Chicago. Elfnt
imviv Mm sleeping earn on mans irain.
entcnM m mi important omnia.
Will make thraa trip dally.
UATa ctao
At 11 w aHalBa
At 4-......p.ra.
tttTaaotD CITT
At l:.vi............m
At lt30 M.....M.p tn
At 6 ....... -p.m,
Far aach war. SO cent : 10 ticket for 12 to.
Will land, whan hailed, at any good Intermediate
aBdialorpaaniror freight. nor Itr.
The apleodid steamer .
Ben. Howard Capt,
1mm 0lra DAILY. (Bandar excented). at
una. For traUht or passage appll on board or
laaStf JAS H1WM, Ag't.
K. a BRIGHAM, M. D.,
T If MROPATII1C Physician and Surgeon. Of.
I I flea ISO lommerclal avenue. Kenuence on
Wnth street three.doore west of C R. vVoodward.
OFFICE Orer M. J. McGaules'a drui
near corner Commercial arenue an-
leenth atraet. 3-31 tf
TE6IDENCE No. 21 Thirteenih street, be
.IV tween WMhinRton avenue and Walnut strett.
iifflee liitiommerclal avenue, np stairs.
SRSIDKNCE-cornerNinth and Walnut at,
Ofnee corner sixth street and Ohio leroe.
ce hour from s a.m. to 12 m., and 9 p.m
IEHIDF.NCR Corner Nineteenth atreet and
JLv Washington avenue, near court house. Of.
n over Aner'a Grocery Store, Office Hour from
10a.m. trp 12 m. and Irom 2 to 4 n. ni.
Our Home Advertisers.
P. G. SchuhT
Provldlne for fcnclne nnd Improving St.
Mary' Park.
lie It ordained by the City Council of the
ciiy oi i-airo . " , ,
Section 1. That on appropriation
of Twelve Hundred (1,5W0), dollars
be, and tho samo In hereby made,
for the nunioso of enclosing
Willi n suitable fence and Improving St. Ma
ry's Park. That tho pout of Raid fence shall
lie of red cedar, eight feet long, five and one
half feet above the surface of the ground,
and not loss than five luetics In diameter,
with a base-board of cypress or white oak,
eighteen Inches wide and one Inch thick,
with five strands of tralvanlzcd iron wire of
suitable thickness, stretched from post to
post, and that the the work be done tinder the
direction of a special committee of three, to
be appointed by the Mayor, and by days'
work or by contract, as said committee may
uccm cxpcuiem.
section 2. That said committee be also
authorized to have the logs, stumps and
weeds In said park burned or removed, and
such trees planted as they may think CNpc
dlcnt. Approved July 12th, A. I): 1872.
Attest. M. J. Howlev, City Clerk.
to determine and fix the amount of revenue
to be raled by taxation for the year A. D.
1872, for city purposes.
Re It ordained by the City Council of the
city of Cairo :
section 1. There shall be raised by tax
ation for city purposes, for the year A. D.
1872, the following sums of money, to wit :
First To defray the contingent and other
expenses of the city, not otherwise provided
for, the sum of $10,000 00, the same to go
Into, and constitute a part of, the general
Second. To defray the costs and expenses
of making Improvements upon the streets
and avenues and nubile ground of the city.
not otherwise provided for, Ac, the Bum of
910,000.00, the same to go into and consti
tute the Improvement fund.
Third. To pay tho Interest on the bonds
of the cltv, not otherwise provided for, the
sum of 810,000 00, the same to go Into the
Interest fund.
Fourth. To pay the Interest on the bonds
of the city, issued to Fox, Howard & Co.,
the sum of 810,000, the same to be set apart
and exclusively used for the payment of said
last mentioned interest.
Fifth. To pay the Interest on the bonds Is
sued, or to be Issued, to the Cairo A St. Lou
is Railroad Company, the sum of 8,000 00.
the same when collected to be set apart and
exclusively used for the payment of said last
mentioned Interest.
Sixth. To pay the Interest on the bonds
to be issued to the Cairo & Vinccnncs Rail
road company, the sum of 88.&00 00, the
same, when collected, to be set apart and
exclusively used for the payment of said last
mentioned interest, thus making in the ag
gregate, the sum of 857, l.V) 00. to be raised
by taxation for the purposes above enumer
ated. Section 2. The Mayor and Clerk,
of said city of Cuiro, shall, on
or before the second Tuesday
or August, A. 1). 1872, certify to the
County Clerk of Alexander county that the
city of Cairo required the sum of 857, 1J0 00
10 lie raiseu ny luxation iur city purpuscii.
Section 3. The County Col
lector of said Alexander county,
Is hereby authorized to receive city
orders or scrip in payment of city
taxes to the extent ot seven twentieths
(7-20) of the amounts due from all persons
und bodies corporate.
Section 4. It shall be the duty
of the City Treasurer, whenever the
County Collector of said Alexander
county shall pay over to him city
taxes, in money or city orders or
scrip, to apportion the money between the
four several last named funds for the pay
ment of interest In proportion to the said
several amounts to be raised for that pur
nose, and to divide the orders or scrip, (and
money, when the said four several suras or
funds urc satisfied) equally between the said
general and improvement funds. And
shall be tne lurtiicr uuiy oi
said Treasurer to keep all of said
funds or sums of money separate
and apart, und to apply them exclusively to
Die said several purposes lor which mey are
to be raised, as herein speeitlcd.
Approved July 12111, a. u. is,-j.
Attest, M. J. Howlev, City Clerk.
In relation to local Improvements.
Re It ordained by the City Council of the
cltv of Cairo :
Section 1. That the provisions of
article Ix (nine) of an act en
titled, "An Act to provide for the
Incorporation of Cities and Villages,"
pased by tlie General As-embly of this state
at u late session, and approved April 10. 1872.
bo and the same are hereby adopted by this
Council and by said city ol Cairo, und all lo
cal improveinenis nereauer io ie maue ny
said city, shall be made, and the cot.s there
of assessed and collected as provided lor by
the provisions of said article nine of said act.
.. I I.. I.. 1
JOllN M. LANSDEN, Mayor,
Atlcst, M. J. Howlkv, City Clerk.
-qnqog ) j
t A fine stock of Watches, Clocks, Jcwolry
no rjpeciacies. l'arttcuiar aiienuou givrn
tall kinds of watch repairing. The public
v solicited to call and compare prices and
naxgts. Me agent for Karl Zimmerman'
relabaraUd watches. As a fine watch they
l equal to any, and excelled by none In
MafMriut. Prenutlou watches a specialty
JCM My design. &-4
providing for the appointment of a Health
omccr :
lie It ordained by the City Council of the
city of Cairo :
C&tllU.l 1. 1I1UI Uil UUtllllUIUtl 1 II-
lieu Constable, to act us Health
olUcer, be appointed by the
Mnvnr nnil (Mtv i:miiii-ll. In nrrnriluiifH
wltli the provisions of thu City Charter, to
hold his otllec Irom the lirst day of June un
til the first day of October in each and every
year, provided, he may be removed at any
time by a majority of the members elected
to both brunches ot the City Council. Thu
duties of suld officer shall be to examine
from time to time all places and premises In
tho city, with a view to ascertain the exist
ence of anything that may lead to sickness or
disease ; to ascertain and report to the proi-
er o incers me existence oi any nuisance,
nlace or thine likely to be Injurious to the
public health, and to adopt proper measures
under the ordinances ot thu city tor tlielr
abatement and removal, and notify all per
sons of the requirements of tho Hoard of
Health and of the City ordinances In rela
tlou thereto : to promptly make report to the
proper oillccrs ol the city of all violations of
the ordinances and regulations of the city In
relation to tho preservation of the ptibllu
health, und generally to do and perform all
duties that may be properly required of him
by the Hoard of Health or city authorities iu
relation thereto.
Section 2. Said Police Consta
ble, actlnir as Health o Ulcer, shall
have authority to servo all notices,
writs, and processes required for thu en
forcement of all reirulatlons and ordi
nances pertaining to the preservation of the
public ncaim oi the city, ana tor tne collec
tion of any penalties Imposed for a violation
of the same, und shall be paid a salary at the
rate of seventy-live dollars a month.
Approveutiuiy mil, A. I). JBi..
Attest, M. J. Howlkv, City Clerk.
PaMleatloei Mee, Balletlai Balldlat;,
Waatilastoa Arcane.
Peaches 40 cents por box.
Business gnvo the, lovco t smart top
Radicals bavotbroe kind of guages
broad guages, narrow guages. and mort
gages, Weathor cloudy, warm, strong
breeze thermometer In shade at two p.m.
Cairo ladies aro extremely fascinating,
especially Jn white attire, which Is now
the ratro.
Harvard dubbed Ulysses L. L. D.
which, being Interpreted, means, Lovor of
Largo Drink. Rig thing.
Mr. Win. Elchoffls building a now
framo dwelling bouse on Seventeenth
street, near his furnlturo factory.
Grant will be honored with the
greatest turn-out on the Glh of November
ever seen in tho United States.
Raschld All, tho polltlsal tltlo of Dan
Munn, Esq., chief of tbo colored Arab
Bedouins, was expected by his clan yester
day. The Liberal Senatorial Convention
to-day should not nomlnato candidates for
the SenBto and House. That wouldn't
be right.
It is said that when Llncgar read Tut
Bulletin's report of tho ring convention,
hold Suturday, a smllo spread over his
Jolly phiz, which resembled a smoking bat
ter cake.
An old, decont looking mnn, a book
binder, hailing from St Louis, who ar
rived hero Sunday night late, fell asleep
on tho wbarfboat, and while asleep ono ol
Raschld All's (D. M.) Bedouins went
through his dry goods, and robbed him of
every cent he had, and a pnlr of silver
spectacles. Where was tho watchman ?
Mr. Joel O. Morgan, of tho Shawnce
town 'Oazoltc,' is in tho city on a flying
visit to bis Cairo friends. Joel publishes
a lively sheet, and we hopo will mako It
a great success In every way.
Allen's spoech at Mound City, on
Saturday night last, at tho Greeley and
Brown ratification meeting was a rousing
appeal in tbo good causo. Tbo Judge
spoaks for Greeley with as much caso and
enthusiasm as if he bad been a Liberal Re
publican all his life.
The example of tho Democratic and
Liberal State conventions should linvo its
effect upon the Congressional convoations
that meet to-day. A conference commit
tco should be appointed, and all the ob
stacles in the pathway to a satisfactory
joint nomination should by it be removed.
Tho Democratic and Liberal Congres
sional conventions will hold their session
to-day at the court-house. The Demo
cratic convention has been called to tnoet
at 2 o'clock p.m., tho Liberal convention
at 4. It is probable the Democratic con
vention wi 1 do no business until after the
arrival of tho 4 o'clock train from Chi
-Mr. Thomas Wilson of this county,
will be suggested to the Congressional
District convention to-day as tho proper
man to nomlnato for Member of tho State
Board of Equalization. Mr. Wilson has
been a membor of tho board for toveral
years, has been careful and laborious in
his offorts in behalf of hts constituents, and
we hopo ho may nominated.
Col. R. R. Wakefield of Ballard
county, Kentucky, who, it will bo remem
bered, took tbo premium at tho fair of tho
Ballard Tobacco Warehouse, last year, for
tbo best tobacco offering, sold a portion of
his crop 0 hhds., in St. Louis a few days
sinco ut an average of 70 cts. "B lb, tho
best hhd. selling for $110 p hundred
Four hhds. of tho same crop passed
through our city yesterday for St. Louis,
and two moro will follow to-day.
Paducah woke up Monday morning
and is in a tlabbergastic stato in conse
quence of a sensation which it will try
to mako tho most of for At letut nino
days. Cairo, as uiual, is victor. Sabbath
morning, whilst that village was still
somnambulistic, u wido-awuke typo, un em
ploye in tho ' Sun 1 olllco, mado a descent,
and by sweot consent carried oil from tho
modorn Troy ono of tho fairest of its
Helens. Bjrku was willin', and tho fair
stolen ono willinger. Tho partios' names
aro Mr. Boon and Miss Horrlrig. Fast
and furious hied thoy for Brooklyn, and
in a hurry was tho knot tied. The Idle
wild was the honored packet which con
veyed them honco ho trombllng, she,
blushing. Tho typo coolly put in his
unml appearance at caso Monday mor
ning. Tho lucky typo has, he under
stand, tho " phatest take " we ever took,
in wealth and beauty. Cairo sees Troy
one hotter.
State of Illinois, city of Cairo, Alexander
County, ss. In thu circuit of Alexander
County, September term, 1872.
Henry A. Thoins ,. Josepbeno Thorns, In
Chancery Divorce.
Afllduvltofthe uoiw-esldence of Josephine
Thoins. '
The above named defendant havinir been
tiled In the Clerk's olllco ol said court. No"
tlco Is hereby given to the said Josephine
Thorns that the complainant tlli-i 1 his bin or
complaint In said Court on the Cliuiicery shlu
thereof oil the 22ml day of July, 1B7 J, und
that thereupon a summons issued out of suld
court returnable on the third Monday in the
mouth of September next, as Is by law
required. Now uiilesss you, the said Jose
phine Thoins shall personally be and appear
before tho suld Court on the llrst day ot the
next term thereof, to be holden In thu tho
City of Calm, In said County, on the Third
Monday In September next, und plead, an
swer or demur to (he said complainants bill
of complaint, thu same und the matters and
things therein charged and stated will be
takeu us confessed, und u decree entered
against you according to the prayer of said
bin. John q. harman,
Cairo, HUInols, July 22nd, 1672. clerk
II. W. Webb, Couip't Sol'r. July2.W
Hartman sells pods by dor auction
Jaeckol got der best Wlessbeerln dor
vorldt. Dry it.
Tho mud is getting tbojuico squeezed
out oi it.
Tho healthy Influonco of The Bulle
tin is keeping tho start up to tho mark,
Remorabor the Congressional Liboral
and Democratic conventions, to day at the
Court Houio, at two o'clock, sharp.
Tho Egyptian mills ro-commonccd op
erations yesterday in splendid condition.
The new roof is being tinned.
Dook mo dot papors and write dlr
ting, dot Fred Blankenberg bus the best
Liquors in der Oonitod States.
Dose blessings dot was corned mil
prayer, vas born mit dhankfulnoss, but
dot beer at Jaeckor va tho best in der
city. So help us gracious I
Wo call attention to tho eost side of
tho sldowalk, on Poplar strcol, Irom
Seventoonth street to Its termination. It
is in a fearful condition dangerous too.
Willie tho people wcro coming from
church Subbath morning, one of Munr.'s
Bedouins was stretched full loni;th on the
sidewalk, in a much traveled portion of
the city.
If aomo of our religious institutions
wcro to bo more economical in ludelling
out brimstone and Are during tho hot tea-
ton, and more charitable In practice, how
would it work 7
At half past six o'clock, Monday morn
ing, a big smoko was seen arising from tho
Bulletin printing house. It was caused
by a Are, wo aro happy to say under tho
"bller." It means business.
One lecdle thtnall act of lofo makes
nito times indo day, and swcl glass ov
Fritz Sender's Welts beer makes der sad
man as habby as dor busy bee, und such
ding vas too numernues to mention.
If tho local would dlvido himself Into
as many pieces as thero aro churches, he
would bo willing to givo brief notices of
Sabbath-day services. This being impos
sible, however, our rcadors must thrivo
Ono goot llttlo vord of kindness vood
schaddorder clouds nvay and ono goot big
glass on Louis Blattau's Weiss boor docs
dor bishness and makes der man what
dhrinks her feel goot ull over him.
The poor old lady of tbo lovco lumi
nary, croons over the political editorials of
tho Bulletin, u though sho had swal
lowed the contents of a pin factory. Thoy
turn sour on tho poor thing's stomach.
Wo mention as a fact, Indicatlvo of
the great want of tenement houses Ic
Cairo, that tho houso occupied by Mrs.
Mumford, not yet vuented, has been ap
plied for by four different persons. It Is
located on Poplar, near Twentieth street.
Tho work of lowering the sidewalks
on Commercial avenue, from Twentieth
street to Its termination, is finished in u
workmanlike and substantial mmnor, to
the great relief and satisfaction of those
using it.
Tho bank of earth, for back water,
still remains between Mnolcenth and
Twentieth streets, on Commercial avenue,
for geese, pigs and children to fish in
during puddlo time. Where is McUale's
fancy brigade?
At the church of the Redeemer Sab.
bath morning, after prayers, Rev. Mr.
Coan preached a diicourso from the text
"Speak unto the children of Israel thu
they go forward." It wus very
appropriate and instructive. o don't
see tho reason why, with such pains
taking as tho Rev. gentleman bestows
on tbo congregation, tho church
is not filled to repletion. At the
usual timo a collection wus taken up for
tho colored southern mission. Wo did not
learn tho amount.
Repeatedly havo wo.callcd theatter.tion
of parents, living near tho railroad track,
to tho dangerous practice of youngsters
runnlr.g for tho cars whilo in motion, and
jumping on the platform. On Sundoy
morning last, while a coal train was pass
ing at a rapid rate, just about whero tho
large elevator is situated, threo boys, just
a tho wbistlo blew, jumped on the plat
form. Wo thought they would havo been
killed, at least one of them. Tho parents
of these '"car Jumpers" need not bo sur
prised if they find "an empty chair ut the
Tho following parties, belonging tempo
rarily to the police force, who lnd no
stars, were quito astonished to find, on
their arrival yesterday at tho Justitlu ho
tel, of which his honor Judge Bross is tho
host, that gentleman requesting them
to settlo their little bills.
Tho obliging clerks, who are "stars"
in that hotel business, mildly waiting for
tho " chink."
Jack Sheppard, who looked moro llko a
goat than a sheep footed with tho whiskey
jug till a lamp post embraced him ; tho in
jury done in tho embraco was assessed at
$2 and costs. Being "Sbuk " he was re
cruitcd into McIIulo's regiment for !
Dano McKelvey sumo as abovo ; only
more sd. Recruited for 5 dayx.
Charles Brown, Jim Smith, (colored),
Win. Kearney and Wm. Smith, with a
singular unanimity, hugged the whisky
jug with duo familiarity; und were ull
served with thusamo little bills; protested,
and thoy begged tho accommodating Mc
Halo (at loast his honor did for them), for
board und constitutional treatment fur 6
days, until remittances could reach them.
Accommodations grunted.
Lorn Hill, who obtained ball for his bill,
whs not viuible. Bail forfeited : Bail
profaned inwardly, and blow outwardly
Phil. Black, by numo und color; u vug.
discharged, on promise that Perry Power's
fleetest footed steed couldn't cutcli him in
one hour's time. Ho flitted.
And now comes James Daughorty, with
down-cast look and buted breath, for
choking the luscivious, Solitary Silver,
who didn't sbino under tho operation,
but colored bluo nnd black. Tho porform
anco came off in a houso of ill-fame, In tho
presence of both their fancy girls, and tho
thugging, was estimated at tho vnluo of
$5 and costs, which wus forked over with
tho gravity und coolness becoming a
Ulysiian hero. Solitary has recovered
from his choke, but still will persist in
" ways that are dark."
A fellow who lot out some pigs from
Myers swine depot, on Snturduy, escaped
from us, like tho pigs, und his name and
his fume, his flno and his whino, wo huvo
forgotten. " Let him went."
John Clark, larceny to tho amount of $1.
Sentenced to pay a flno of twenty-live dol
lars or thirty days in county jail. Sheriff
to execute order. Also on unotliercount
larceny, 58. Continued to next term.
Miles Chults und Franklin Adams ; cut
ting timber. Jury called for. Nolle pro
tegui cntored by prosecutor. Houry Dun
ning and William Dunning, lamooffenso;
jury cnlled for. Nolle pmtgui entered by
prosecuting attomoy. Thu. Portor, ma
llcious mischief ; pleaded guilty. Fined
$5 and costs of prosecution. Ordorcd
that ho stand committed until fine paid.
Henry Lacy, larceny; pleaded guilty;
fined $15 und costs of prosecution, and fif
teen days imprisonment in county jail,
and also to romaln Impriionod until fine
it paid.
Sulllo William, for larceny, was in
course of trial when wo left.
Skirt, Uotom and Bread Boards, at A.
Hally't, 7-23-dlw.
In tho caso of Frlck vs. Wlnlor, tho ver
dict of tho jury for Frlck was $2,144,40.
In tho caso of Mannln, Wntklns & Co.,
vs. Vicksburg and Meridian railroad com
pany. Submitted to court. Verdict in fa
vor of plaintiff tor $1,280. Allen &
Wheeler for plaintiff. Llncgar fur defendant,
Tho editor of tho Vienna 'Artery' be
ing a constant reader of The Bulletin Is
therefore a friend of tbo Sabbath school
causo, and consequently was in attendance
at tho late Sabbath school convention in
this city. In tho last Issuo of tho 'Artery,'
In nn articlo on tho convention nnd lis
labors, tbo editor pays a few very hand
some compliments to Cairo. Ho comments
on tho lively business aspect of tho city,
and concludes by saying:
Cairo Is swiftly passing on to a glorious
future. Sli.t is now controlled by a line clas
ol liberal minded men, her growth will In
crease in a ten fold ratio from this time on
until tens or thousands will fill up the vallcv
between the two mlghtlet rivers that roll
their waters to the ocean.
Tho blundering, provoking, stupid
printers confound them I May tho
mountains fall upon them, tho tea swallow
them, saloon keepers givo them no liquor
on tick, boarding house mistresses collect
from them in advance, editors furnish
them no fat matter confound them I
May thoy be frozoii,corched, skinned alive,
eaten by cannibals, beaten by club, af
flicted by large fleas, Paducah mosquitoes
and Memphian bed bugs confound thorn I
Mark you, gentle reader, that, In notic
ing tho advent of young Mr. Sheldon into
this breathing world, we wrote: "Sheldon
rejoices in the possession of a baby, a big
baby, a baby whose srx warrants It in be
ing called aftor Its fulhor, James, If James
is so inclined," and would youbellcvolt?
that stupid printer transformed the
word "sex" Into tho figures "21, 'und
made the blunder superlatively unnoying
by putting after th. figures the word
"pounds' a 21 pound baby I Good
heavens) We shrink uppulled, and dread
tho speedy appearance of lUrnum in
search of the young giant. Already the ten
der grass is beginning to take root on that
printer's grave. To Sheldon and tho
mother bo this our explanation and this
our apology.
Tho Vienna' Artery man, after his
lato visit to Cairo, wrote as follows:
" Another thing wo speak of, for the es
pecial pral-e of the city, I., that during our
stay of nearly three days, we did not hear
an oath, we didn't see a drunken man, ami we
heard no brawls or Interruptions of any
kind; it appeared to be ju-t as civil a place
as we ever tMtcd It Southern Illinois, or in
deed, in any other locality.
Wo thank tho ' Artery' for this frank
acknowledgment of tho Influence, of The
Bulletin in Cairo. Wo have never re
ceived a compliment beforo that guvo us
so much pleasure. It fills our heart with
joy. The Bulletin found Cairo in a de-
plorablo state, given to the wine cup,
oaths, brawls and other shortcomings,
hut in a few years, by noble teachings by
Importunato advocacy of anti-drunkenness,
anti-cursing, unti-fighting, and so
forth, has mado the c'.ty to blossom as tho
rose with tho moral virtuos. The ' Ar
tery has acknowledged this fact, and wo
are happy.
DO U IN 8, IN Phi NT.
W. T. Scott, tho negro hotel-keeper
a really sharp and money-getting fellow,
and Pope's right-hand man in politics,
contributes tho following to our columns:
Eoitoii of The Bulletin:
Silt: Pardon ine for taking the liberty
of answering an article that appeared In thi;
columns of The Bulletin ol the lth ; and
I hope you will have the courage to publi-h'
It, and not do us thu editor of the '.Sun,' Mr.
Dav Is, refti'C to publish articles as they aro
written liom the hands of colored men.
Why Mr. Davis will not defend the rights of
a colored voter norullowthe same to bo pub
lished in his paper, the colored men cannot
understand. 1 see letters answering from
the hands of (ireelcy men in his sheet, and If
the 'sun' Is atireeley paper I would like him
to come out and let us know, ami we will
know what to depend on, lor thero ain't any
middle ground, lie imi-t boa republican or
n democrat. Come out, 'Sun.' You have
been In the dark long enough,
I Hud in The Bulletin of the 10th,
charges against Grant negroes, and Bird.
Oladuey and Scott In particular. You stated
that the Grant negroes are determined to
drive out of the city by pressure of social o-
traeism. if not by v iolence, any negro who
shall advocate the cause of Greeley and
Brown. We do not want to use any violence
and no word of that kind lias ever como
from the lips of any one that has addressed
the club; but if words or argument can
change tne niinu oi a ureeiey man i,ioronc
will bo found In every county, towuslrip am
precinct in the 18th district, Using both In
the Interest of Grant and llson.
You also stated thut the negroes were led
bv l'opc, Munn and Llncgar. and that Scott,
Bird und Oladuey were paid by them to be
come their tools. If wo arc led by them, we
couiu not im icu ny inree better men, nor by
three men who have taken more interest In
the black man than them, in tills community.
If these men were not worthy you would
not see a single colored man being led by
them: and, If you think that they would, let
one of them Join your Greeley band and see
how quick they will let loose u they did
Greeley und Charles Sumner. No man can
lead and vote tho colored vote
of Cairo unless he Is right,
and as long us these men advocate the prin
ciples they tlo now we aro with them, and
when they lay them down as other men
have done we urc not with them; and If wo
are truly for them I hope that we will use
them well, and In a wavthat will cause twenty-live
hundred voters In the lhth district, to
be cast for Grant und Wilson.
V. T. Scott.
Scott is ono of thoso negroos who know
which side of their bread is buttered, und
he knows ho can draw consolation from
Munn's coffer through it gentleman who
shall be nameless, und ho intends to do so.
Scott knows that his darkleu huvo beon
indulging in throats, und thut ho would
not have condemned them If they had car
ried them out. Wo have heard mcmbors
of his club declare on the street in loud
tones of voico that thoy would not only
tuko off Rev. Mr. Shores whito hat but
also his d d old head, and thut Poto Con
way, ono of tho negroes such men as
Scott and Oladney und Munn use to do
their dirty work, mudu an incendiary
speech in tho Grunt and Wilson club no
body will deny. Wo are glad to learn,
through Scott, that Munn lias abandoned
the pulley of kuklux Intimidation. To
havo attemptod its execution would havo
proved unhealthy.
Go to Wm. EhlorV, on Twontloth
street, for your lino custom made boots
and shoes. You can't do bettor, Try
Tho Democratic-Republican pcoplo of
Mound City a lively body of cothusiasllc
mon ratified tho second nomination of
Grcoloy, on Saturday night last by a rous
ing Impromptu meeting. In tho after
noon they raised n splendid Grcoloy pole,
and throw to the breczo a splendid Groc
loy flag polo and flag, both, having been
procured and paid for by Frank Fair, who
has been ono of tho leading Republicans
of our sister city.
At night, a meeting was organized at
tho depot by calling Mr. Fair to tho chair.
In rcsponso then to loud calls Judgo W.
J. Allen, of this city, oddrcsscd tho large
crowd in ono of his most telling speeches.
He surpassed himself, and proved to tho
satisfaction of hit friends thut tho Greeley
harness fits hit political back to a T.
The Judge's argument was frequently in
terrupted by applause.
After Judgo Allen camo Mr. J. II.
Oborly, of The Bulletin, tho particular
and tho only distinguishing merit of
whole speech was Hi brovlty.
Then Col, Lowo went Into matters in
hit peculiarly uniquo and forciblo manner,
and toro tho Grant pirty in it ferocious
manner. Tho Colonel hat, Indeed, been
baptisod into the Liberal church, and of
ull lis mmbert is tho most enthusiastic.
He ttrlkct from tho shoulder, nnd strikes
heavy bluws.
(.'apt. Humb!cton next appeared upon
the piatlorm (of tho car), and for u few
moments entertained his hcurers with one
of his plain, frcible, earnest and con
vincing " talkt." Tho Captain is no ora
tor as Brutut is, but hit tulkt uro very
effective, nnd do fur mom good than the
ranting utterances prcculiar to tho ttump.
If Captain llumbicton should consent to
become thu Democratic and Liberal can
didate fur senator in hit district, and will
canvais for the position, we have no
duubt he can be elected by a good majority.
All the Democrats and Liberal, and all
the "fair toting Rado," (as Dr. Casey
would put it) of the district would feel
constrained by a tense of duty and by thu
promptings of good fellowship to voto
for him.
Dr. Cmey followed with the important
assertion that Mound City, in the matter
of polo raising, wus ahead of any city on
tho river, and would s:a ahead until after
election. " We shall carry Mound City
for the honest old man of tbo little old
hat, " tnid the Doctor, " and, fellow
citizen" (rising on his tiptoes, with
flashing eye, extended right arm and
thundering voice) "as goes Mound City
to goes the United States 1"
Of course thit ended tho Doctor's few
remarks, and Col. Watkint responded
to a call that wouldn't havo " No " for on
answer. Ho agreed with Casey's remark
about the importance of carrying Mound
City to that the Union might be secured
to Greeley, and piedicted succest. "We
can't be defeated, ' he said ; ' wo have put
up a pole to-day that the Radicals can't
climb, and every attempt they make will
expoto thoir folly."
Then Fair in brief, and with cheers
tho meeting adjourned.
Steamer City of Helena, St. Louis.
" John Kyle, New Orleans.
" AVurmer, Cincinnati.
" AY. 11. Brown, Dover.
" Idlewlld, Evansville.
" Arlington, Cincinnati.
" Grund Tower, Memphis.
" Burksvillo Nashville.
" II. S. Turner, New Orleant.
" Legal Tnnder, Memphis.
" James Howard, St. Louis.
" Illinois, Columbus.
" R. C. Gray, Little Rock.
" Anna, Memphis.
Steamer City of Helena, A'icksburg.
" John Kyle, St. Louis.
." AVarner, Si Loult.
" AV. H. Brown.
" Idlewlld, Evantvillo.
" Arlington, St. .Louis.
" Grand Tower, St Loult.
" Burk.ville, Nashville.
" H. S. Turner, Cincinnati.
" Legal Tender, St. Louis.
" Jiimes Howard.
" Illinois, Columbus.
" . C. Gray, Cincinnati.
" Anna, Cincinnati.
Steamboats suppliod at any timo, both
day and night, with cither lump or chest
nut coal, in any quantity, nnd on usual
terms, ut the yard ut Grund Tower, Ills
Special contracts offered on fuvorablo
terms upon implication.
II. V. Olyphant,
D. A. Bokek, Gen'l. Supt.
Sales Agent. 3-15-ly.
no ats to leave to-day
Tho largo and magnificent pastcngor
ttcumor James Howord will leave ut 8
o'clock this evening for Memphis, A'icks
burgh and Now Orleans. The superior
City of Chester is tho packet leaving for
Memphis nnd and nil way points this eve
ning ut five o'clock. The favorito packet
Hollo Memphis leaves at 8 o'clock this
oveniug, for St. Louis and all way land
ings. Tho low-prcssuro Quickstep is the
regular packet leaving at G p. m. for
Evansvillo and all Intermediate points on
on the Ohio rivor.
condition of the riverb.
Tho Ohio rivor at this point has com
menced falling onco again. Tennctscee
river Is falling fust. Mononguhola river
Is stationary with prospects of rising.
At Cincinnati tbo Ohio It still rising.
Tho canal at Louisville has t feet water.
Cumberland river it still on tho declino,
Tho Mississippi rivor ia fulling fast and
doubtless thoro will be a rapid general
declino in all the rivers abovo St. Loult.
Plenty of water for navigation below here.
Our item which oppoared in our river
news on Saturday, we ore sorry to say,
has beon used for tho purposo of injuring
tho originator of the remark from what
wo mado our Item. Tho remark which
was made, wn huvo since beon infoimed,
was only tald in a Jotting and thoughtless
manner and wus contradicted by tho per
son who had mado the remark aftor we. '
had left. Tho Item was not Intended forV
, a 1 1 1 I .1 .. r. liar, 1 1, r
a personal ono ainnanu hbu ww un.
loatt idea It would havo been utod a
ri ,1 nnnn it wnniri nnvnr iihvu oiiiiuu'm
fir. . 1. 1 .. 1. it... . 1. n -I. nn v It, 114?
the injured party.
City NkIIobmI Baals Ralldlasr.
a,Bpecl1 attention paid to orders Irom slean
hosts nlht or dr
flrSr'C. Hanny wishos tho
public to be informed that ho
has on hand a Stock of Goods
as oxtonsi'o as any in the
Southwest, and that ho is de
termined to sell every articlo
at prices Lower than tho Low
est. Call on him to-day and
examino goods and prices. Ho
will satisfy you both as to qual
ty and cost.
Dan. Hautman hat received one of th
largest stocks of Fruit Jars over before
brought to Cairo, and it desirous of closing
it out without delay. Ho therefore offers
Mustn't Improved Porcelain self-sealers,
quart ut 52 00 per dozen; glastwlro tops,
...... .. L r. I... .!,i..M UI..1 tl..lr..,allnn.
prices in tin; market. i:
v III. r.llll'rB, iiiaiuuiiuu i ncunv
street, opposite the Court Houro hotel, I
manufacturing boots and thoct, of every
stylo and variety, warranted to givo per
fect satisfaction. He keeps genuine French
calf and gives his customers all he prom
scs. tf
Blanken iiuho a head I Wines and Ci
gars I oldest and choicest, at the EXCEL
SIOR SALOON, opposite the Pott Offlce
Flnett of Liquort, Free Luncbet and mu
sic every day. Tho great Liberal and
DcmocratiCjOroely & Brown drinko AVei.s.
Deck, is mado a specialty, and Frcdpridos
himself upon keeping the frcthctt and
coolest in tho ctiy. Lemonades the cold
est, mixed drinkt and music tho finest
Go there. C-27tf
For Sale. My residence on 8th street.
Tho house contain! seven largo rooms, and
is in every respect In complete repair.
Will be told at a bargain, at I expect to
lcavo Cairo toon.
7-10 Ct. B. S. Uarrell.
(Sun pleate copy Ct.)
Dr. McCabe's medicate! Blackberry
Brandy, at M. J. McGauley'i, near cor
ner of 16ih street and Commercial ave
nue. 7-162wd.
Weiss beer constantly on hand at tho
Thalia saloon. S-21dlf
Heavy 11i.no, glatt Fruit Jars, (tin top)
quarts $1.25 and half gallons, $2 per doz.
Genuine "Maton Improved, ' Fruit Jars,
(glass top, self scalort,) quarts $2, and half
gallons $3 per dozen. Best AV. G. (iron
itonn rhtfift . nlate and teas. GO cent nerJ
set. Fino goblets, only 10 cents apiece.
Other goods in proportion, at
Parson, Davis cYsiVi",
7 Tenth street.
' and
It is impossible to cook poorly In Bur
nelt't Steam Cooking A'cssel. It is worth
double tbe price atked for it, for putting
up fruit. For tale at A. Halloy's, dealer
In ttovet and tinware. C-201m
mjthJk. "
111-. Central It. It., Co.
Agent's oitick, July io, ib72. j
I am now prepared to givo rates and
sign bills of lading to points on tho Mitt.
Central Railroad.
7-17tf. Jameu Johnson, Agent.
Burnett's tteum cooking vctsclt aro
told ut tho following exceedingly low
For No. 7 stoves, ?2 r.O and $3 00.
For No. 8 stoves, 3 00 and $3 SO.
Thoy are as handy to use at an ordinary
steamer. They will savo thoir cost every
few weeks in tho saving of wood or coal,
besides tho great gain in tho quality of
fuod cooked in it.
Five Hundred teams on tho Cairo and
A'incenncs R. R. ut $1 00 per day. Alto,
C00 men; wages $2 00 per day. Apply
to A. AV. Miller, Contractor, Culedonla,
Pulatki county, Ills. 7-15dlw.
J. J. Anderson & Co, gas fitters, 01
Ohio Loveo, ovor Louergan & Cunning
hams, feed store, do all kinds of atcUrn anp
gas fitting cheaper than tho cheapest, and
guarantee porfect tatisfaction In every in
stnnco. If thoy do not please they will
not charge. Givo them a trial. Thoy
know tlielr business perfectly. Remember
tho place CI, Ohio Loveo. 6-31
AVo havo a good supply of Burnett's
Steam Cooking Vessels Call and seo
them. A. Halley
T. B. Ellis, proprietor, cornor 7th street
and Commercial avenuo, Cairo, Hit., it
propared to accommodate tho public with
board by tho day, weok or month, at lower
rates than any other flrtt-class house In
the city. Tho rooms are all woll fur
nishod, light and airy, good samplo rooms
for tho accommodation of Commercial
agents. Tho houso is located in tho cen
tor of the business part of tho y within
ono sauaro of tho post offlco. 4-9-tf
Fritz Scheler's beer saloon, on AVash
ington avenuo, west side, between Ninth
and Tenth streets, has becomo a favorito
placo of resort. His AVeiss beor is always
coo) and fresh and quenches thirst with
magio quickness. Tho bar Is alio stocked
with thu best brands of whisky nnd brandy
and his lino of wines Is splondid. .fritz I
a courteous and clovor host, and deserves
liberal patronage. Call on him. tf.
Excellent AVeits beor at tho Toa'lla.
Go to tho Thalia for tbo best Welti
beer In town, 6-aidtf

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