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JOHN II. OllElVlA, Kdltor MnU'ublMjen
film V 111- I'limLT . v
Ono year by carrier, In advance
i 'lie liioiiin. iij
fl... .i.nlltll.
Six month.
One year
10 00
i as
8 00
.in'iii II. Oberlv Iins loduccd tin- inb'erlli
linn nrlee of tin- WKKKI.Y C'AtltO Ht'LlXHX
in One Dollar nor milium, making It I lit'
cheapest paper puhlMiod In Southern Illinois,
ron I'llKSIPKNT,
of New York ;
ron vice rnKsiDKXT,
oT -Missouri.
roit fiovr.itNoii.
ron ui:rri:xAXT-(!ovKKXOii,
ron oixnr.T.uiv or ktatk.
.tUMToii or rt'in.ic account.,
1011 STATl. TitlMKl'IM'.lt,
ron ATTOKsnv orxr.iiAi..
clf.uk M'riu:Mr, coum ct..vihal
CLr.iiKor 6Vi'iir.Mi: couiit .-outhkiin
FoncoNGimss uiuim-.v.Nrii wstuict;
of I'crry County.
MnMiir.n iioauhov equalization,
of Kandolph County.
no is mi orphan ana lius no uosto lice to 1 . imm. ..V v... -v-,-1. t . ... , o.
give to any lurgo uml dependent Attlicr. ' ..m,tin, .1 ii.-u . V. ..i..., ...?',h
I Lntmhtcr.1 I um in favor of his election ,7J v.,: v. Iv u,.u
T , - ..... p .1 - - - - - ... v. A. U IUIA
ron HENATon,
CIltCl'IT Cl.KltK.
Wo nre authorized to announce JOHN Q.
HAKMAKa a candidate for Circuit Clerk of
Alexander county, nt the ensuing election In
Xovenibcr next.
Wc are authorized to nunouuee It. 8. YO
Cl'M as a candidate for Circuit Clerk ol Al
exandcr county, at flic fii-ulii election in
oveinhcr next.
rou COUNTY attoum:y.
Vi'c aro nuthnrlzed to annnunce II. AW
AVKUll, ESQ., as a candidate for County At
torney, at the ensuing November election".
Wc are authorized to announce 1 II.
l'orr. as a candidate for County Attorney at
the enduing November election.
AVc nrc authorized to announce I'ETKR
SAU1' as a candidate for Sherlll' at the tnu
ing November election.
Wcarc autliorlzed to announce HAMIL
TON IltVIN as a candidate for re-election
(o the office or Sheriff or Alexauder county.
We are authorized to announce JOHN
McKWEX us a candidate ror Sheriff, at the
ensuing November election.
Wo are autliorlzed to announce JOHN
11. OOSSMAN n n candidate fur le-Mcrtlon
to the oilice of .Coroner, subject to the decU
slon of the Democratic Convention
speech or
att i iv t nr. m i m
bayonet and tlio enforcement cf powor?
Has lio reconciled tlio pcoploof.lho south ?
If ho has failed in till unit tor, then ho hits
bosomo tho separator Instead of tlio uniter
of b peoplo onco kindred, avc. still 1; In
cuse mo, ilr, for tho supposition. A largo
amount of goods aro received to-day nt
tlio cuitom homo and roino nto taken out
and tho lialaneoecnt to his caro. Ho (Hi
tributes them to tho various merchants to
dred by blood, liorllago and common in- whom they aro consigned, charging first
iuiv:i. nun nun una lilllii wiiiui, mm tuu lur lliu curiMgo, lUOn 1110 UOliVory nOll thon
vast powors of tlio redotal government at i for tlio utoniL'o. thrnn nnanfm lin,.
back, brldecd over tho bloody chasm Now you can teo that if all tho Hoods that
or tho war ? Ho lm bridged It over with would thus bo soul to his wareliouso could
no aniirgcu lor nt what ratoi ho pleased
ledoral bayonets, and his Is a pontoon of
carpol-baggors irom side to I'idu. Ap
plause T1IK WHY ANI WlIEtlEKoIli:.
What Is tho reHSon, niv tt'llow-clllzcim.
that with these j.rcut opportunities ho has
It would bo n rich plum for lilm. Many
ijoods cost moro in nassimr from tlio
sldo through tho wnrcliouso than on their
way across tho ocean. Lefc-ra Griint's
oleutloti a Inrgo liumbor of warehouses
men, an election In tlio south that ifoes
against them is regarded as a fctrifo against
tho countrv ?
Among other reasons It may bo mid, lie
accomplished no r.ioro limn ho lias? "Why I woro 011 l'10 'orl11 river and on tho
l. ! . .1.... .1.... I ... . , . . . i .lorlnt tl.ln luimnntlt. .ttl.t. I. ... I
19 .IMIfc tlllVMll 1111 iUU I1U11I1 111 1 " ...... Ulkll V.IIUl ,
tlio ranks or his r.dlierents, tlio Grunt ' . "for Grant 1010011011 to tlio presidency
uu 11 Kuiiiivniiiii who was Oil III! Stall
(luring tiiu war, a uwjnibor of his military
rumily, with n Icttor or intrnilunilnn in
Moses II. Orlnnoll, tcquostltig Grlimell to
do whatovor ho could ror him. At tho
entmi lltim 1 m.t ,..illl...l -1 11 .1
"'"H It I'l'Ui 111 II II Ilk Ills IJL'UIIIlIlllir. I mill tfrt u linli I In i.mt.t nl 1.1... -..1 1
and having iiuiiicroiiscoiineetions depend-' 0f tho port of Now York, mid then noon
11117 11DOI1 llllll. IllllL nil tins imf.n fi.n Imtv I 1. A.H..M..1. .t.t. . .. .
huntiiiK out places for them: too biuv I ' riiv.. ow. n.t. nm,. i.i.ii i.i
..P...I...T ..1 ...11 v. ' . .i.i ' . ""'""al myr, "i
..ijng i'iku u uiiBov 1.1 1 uw uricmuj . won t (to It." "Then," says Loot, "I will
... ... uiuiuu.-iii-ii.,, viiimui m , avo you removed." And Tom Murphv
A'ui.ii.i.. ... iiv. 111 p niu ui mv 1 iiibiiuiiiu nitor nnvitnv .....n. ...........
..p i : i. .1....1 1. .1... . iuiioi anu
.. piM i 1111.11.1u ira in nun 11. KM , norscs to mo president, was mado col
posit on. A voioo "lell us about him t lector at Now York and L..i,t n. 1.
Ujinliigo. 'j 'Hi s Is u pretty hot duy to , huvo an entlro iiioiiodoIv of tho L-en..i-l
Ko down to Sun Domingo laughter, and
j iuii nrsi 10 go iniougu 1110 nsi ui up
lioiiitccs of relatives and uifl-makers. 111
order that this pooplo may uudxrjtaud
why recoiiriliation ennuot take tilaco tin.
dor tho itdtiiiuistrtloii of Gen. Grant.
Grant has studied tho biblo riHUithterl and
ho knows it is a precept of tlint hook that 1
no inni iiroviues not lor Ills household is
an lulldel. And it would bo well unough
if his appointees wero worthy men. Hut
when thoy nro drunken mid disorderlv.
mid got cowhidud In tho urcots ntid bu'l
lutilicd us euwiiriU. It is timo thev were
cuiieu iiomo. wncn tiiuv chock am re.
order business thuro. What was tho con
. ........ 1 ui... .1.. i f ...
ei'iui-ni.-3 . 11 y inu prico 01 jlHiiilllng
goods WHS.run up so high that look it offall
inoproiits. it paid trom n hundred to n
iiuiuireu anil Illiy per cent, moro than
formerly. Slockliu: controlled lb
general order business of or tlio citv of
1 ho merchants annealod in
tho collector twice, iiskiiiir for a rlmnr-o In
this business, and twice they tried to havo
1111s man rcinoveu. Tlio secretary of tho
trousury hlmelf tlicn undertook to have
him removed, but iig efforts wero unavail
ing, ana xno genoral order plunderine
.... fP If I... .
Ik-.I nil pn,.l,.il.,M t ,..r..rr. ... n.. .. I " ' .lu.," -""n .ijres.g eu to save
i . It i.i I 1 ! ir.onu, 1110 pres ent, rrom oblonuv.
ft mi!,n0rKAB"9,' 11 18 thl'-v ' but tho fact stilt' remalns'thnt upheld1 by
btought home. And 0110 reason why I iomo p0Wcr Wronger than conires- tlio
..... in favor of Uoraco Greeley Is because secretary of tho treasurv ,K'C
. . 1 , I .. ... X -' . . I. T . .
1 ' II
ity.of Now orU. "Whoo fault whs ft
oceauso 110 ims so nitio lam v connect on. 1 .i.J. 1
...i ...111 . 1 . 1 1 ' "(i- ...vs.j .nun v.-uiifciiiocu inero as
and will not have to provide for so many dcrcrs?
01 inem. 1 am in lavor ot tlio election ot it nm.t.i t i. ,.u...i.i .1 1
lloraco Greelev becauso If he n.ndo an un. . " n " . ..".A' " uvu L' T "!" 'BTm
iJlM, . 1 1 ..w. nu I'l I'SIUCllb IIIIU
luitiiiiuiu niMiuilluIlCIll IU.U PlUCK SOII10 Imvn l.on.. iiaIIIU.I fPI...
tho countrv
merchants of
such .mm a, Tom Murphy Into the custom Sow York hduWco monst retell ami
; nViJi i t h i . P i 1 . l "P n petition fiigncd by a hundred
nounedd bim dishouest as well n nryo Hm.u nf vow vrt.v. .AVjr..-,,.i..
- 1 ------- - ..w.,,, mo vuutitiA
. 1 ll... ....I.i... . 1 m.
mass meetings of inerchnnts in New York,
11 f .1 , 1 . '
iiuinuu uivuiuy nuuiu uui accept nisre.ig
nution in terms expressing tho profound
est confidence in him, but in Horace's own
choico languago ho would tnko that indi-
wiiai uy tlio napo or tuo nock ntid say,
Get out of here, yon infernal villain.
liar nnd thief.' Laughtor ami applause,!
Tho first of Gonornl Grant's annolnt-
ments alter beinc promoted to tlio presi
dency, was to appoint his cabinet. Ho
appointed ns secretary or state Mr. Vash-
burno. 1 havo tho hoaor of a personal
acquaintance with Mr. Washburno. Ho
is a nice centloinnn: nn elecant fellow.
He renrcsotittd his district faithfullv in
congress, but it should bo remptnborcii, on
mo oiuer nanu, mat tno oiuces 01 tlio peo
ple aru for tlio good of tha people, nnd
thoy are to bo bestowed whero thoy can
bo managed for tho good intorest of tho
people, and not as matters of favor
ol tho existenco or such abuses. Tho spcre
tary or tho treasury Inu! notified tho conn
try of tho existenco of this disorder, nnd
congress had taken action upon it.
"What power in this country Is stronger
than congress, stronger than tho secrotary
or tho treasury, strongor then the mer
chants or New York, that could still hold
theso plunderer In placo7 A voice:
General Grant. There is but ono such
tiower, and I leavo you to name it; and
irthat one Is tho ono you havo named,
( then you hovo still another reason why
Gen. Grnnt lia been too busy to restore
harmony and concord to tho people of tho
can nomxoo.
: Hut thero has been another reason, per-
1 hops hotter than any of these, why tho
' president of tho Unitod States has not
ueen nolo to restore harmony and concord.
Just off to tho south of the United Stntps
thero lies ono of tho pleasatitost lies or tho
supposed to have taken the placo, of
xrummtii r impeached Dy tuo legislature
01 too siaio mat elected mm governor, tor
high crimes and misdemeanors against tho
constitution anu laws or the state ho Had
sworn to govorn In Tear of tho constitution
ntid- laws, ho was appointed by Grant to n
jii. uo iiirougu tno icngin
Grarit appointed Washburno secretary of' ocean, divided into two political irovorn
state, nud tho second day after tho compli- ments n Spanish government nnd tho St.
mont hod been bestowed, ho risigned from I Domingo black republican government,
tho position nnd ncceptcd an appointment What have wo to do with St. Domingo?
as minister to Franco. That is what I , It was suddenly discovered bv somolmdv
call trifling with tho high duties of tho , tl'i't there was a good land speculation
presidency tor personal motives. Tho of- 1 down thero, and then it was disnovcrod
flee of secretary of stato is no bauble. It that tho United .Slates needed that island
is an office that has been filled by "Web- for the purposo of protection. Solf
stor nnd thogravo sonators of tho union, , preservation being tho first law of nations,
nnd thoy thougiit it an honor to stup from w well as of individuals, it was suddenly
llieir places in 1110 sonato up to tnu posl- iii.oovorcd that It was necessary for tli
non. n was an nonor, out rnsiuont . Kovetnmnit t rcduco mat Is and to t in
Grant has mado it a moro sugar plum, to
uo given to sucn ot nis personui menus as
niluht dosiro to winter in Europe
WI10 was tho next uppointeo? Aloi
.:idor T. Stewnrt, of Wcw York, secrotary
ui uiu treasury, an appointment mado In
ignornuco 01 1110 law. iSow 1 will not
condition of 11 state witiiin the union. It
is trim that for the ninety years of our
existence It had lain there, and nobody
hud discovered our need or it, and tho in
lluenco of St. Doiningg had never .beon
felt. Hut suddenly tlio president of the
united oiaies lias what in Jlormondom
say, he having boon a soldier, wo cannot ' would bu called an inspiration, and he dis
ixctisn that lijnoraiico of tho law. but , covers that that island U nbsnliiK.lv n.n...
when ho has seen and nod tlio law, con- sary to tho self-protection of tho American
government, and lie conceives a scheme
G li A N T A D M I N I ST 1 5 A T 1 0 N.
Fellow-Citizens: At thu close or
1803 theru was but ono character promi
nent in American politics. "Wo had tern
from our walks 11 citizen to tho c muiand
of our armies. Hu had gained victory on
many battle fields and upon various thea
tres of military government. In every
position in which wo had trusted him u
seemed wo had dono wisely, and that
commended him to out further considera
tion and demanded of us that wo should
promoto linn to still higher honors,
Whut ho had been called tiiion to ncconi.
plith hu accomplished and accomplished
well. Wo uibdu him president of the
United Males becauso wo thought ho had
dono well; becauso wo believed ho do
sorved at our hnnds eoiiio expression of
regard for his great services. And now
it seems to me that tho tamo rule by
which ho was promoted ho should bo tried
by. Not that wo should go back to 1808
and study his record previous to that
timp, but consider wiiat lie has dono as
president of tho United States from that
time until now that entities Him to n re
election at tho hands of tho American
If ho has dono that which entitles him
to re-election ; if he lias brought peoce, so
cunty and harmony to our country nt
homo, and given dlgnitr and strength to
our country at homo and abroad, tlicn ho
ilesorves well that wo re-elect him. Hut if
ho has doubled back upon tho shining
track ho imido and bus sought to drag the
republic from the highest po.ttion of seir.
government down, down, down, until H
and its Institutions have become tho play,
things or his pleasures, then ho does not
deserve ro-election nt our hands, Ho
'stood at tho closo of the war witn i.u
sword sheathed and the words or promise
to tho south ringing from his lips. Ho
passed through tho south nnd said she wm
at penes, and only sought to bo restorod to
n soir-supporting and prosperous people.
This was hit own opinion, deliberately ut
tered after a careful personal osaminotlon,
and as he sal crowned with tho luurol of
the battlefield, with his sword In ono
nana ana tho oiivo branch in tho other.
"Where is tho iword to-day V It is waving
over the pooplo ho has plundered, and the
olive brunch lies withered at his feel, arid
in his hand ho hears instead tlio blood v
scourge he has applied time and again
Applause 1 say no othor man in the
nltory of tho world had cureer that
promised so well. Iio stood as an armed
pacificator between loyal and rebellious
states and when ho mado his promLo to
thoe erst misguided brothers of tho
south, at his back stood solid ur.d unbroken
tho battalions of the north. -
Has his promised peace been icon rod ?
Hai be placed men upon tho footing of
men, or are they men held in pluco by (ho i
tempt for it is not to bo forgiven. It was
not 111s wroni; tnai 110 unpointed btewart I 10 iret possess on of t. Kvorv nru.!.i...,i
secretary of tho trcusury, but afler ho had uholmd nrecoded him ninnlnrnri 1hm.it.11
.l., c . ...1 .!..!. ...l-1-.l..l .1. .'I I... ' -v....
01 nim ..nn iiuuiiiicu 01 um Hiw, mat uriiiicnes oi me government lo ai't him
public policy prevented Mr. Stewart from but Grant details from his private staff an
Accepting that olilco, then his imperial , aid-do camp and sends him to dial with
majesty said to his congress, "Gontlemen, tlio usurper, for tho tlino being, of the
this Jaw stands ill tho way of mv nersonnl . political utlnlrs nf Sf. Ilnmi...... a n.i
pleasure; pleaso to ropeiil it." Laugh- ! what was tho treaty with Jlaez for tho
lur.i now j venttiro tlio assort on t nit ir uisssees on of t m nni ? u'i it,...
congress had been led at that time, as' it ' General Grunt would tako all tho' steps
was when tho Sun Domingo job cnino up, , he could to bring this matter to tho prompt
....u... .... j ,viviuvu milt .ii, 111 lliu
occk 01 ucnerai uruni: out t lev wnm
then 11 little further in tho ranks, and 1111-
Kirttinaioiy lor nun, and lortunatelv onco
for tho country, they stood by tho law as
against tho president.
iNext wo find tho appointment of Itorle,
Hobcson, Hoar, of Mnsmichtitctt. and
(irinnell, tho collector, and Tom Murphy.
Thero nro gentlemun of intelligence in
tills audluiico beloiu me gentlemen who
have rend tho history of this country for
t'llur titlll fru. ...........I.. t . 1.
j ........ j muuiiiij. 1 011 are III
intention of eoiiirrtss. and that ho wimlft
not introduce thu mutter until hu had seen
that the senulo of tho United States was
in favor of it. And then ho wrote this
damning sentence, that ho would tiso all
his peruiial influence with tho tonntnrs of
tho I nitcd States to bceuro from them a
fuvorublo consideration of tho treaty, I
Mippotu you all Know what that personal
inuiiciicu LonsiMs in. In custom house
and po.iollleu appointments, and all tho
van patronage ol the president distributed
throughout thu country mid in the con-
giessiomti districts. 'J his personui and
iirn - - iiicviuii nuu
miliar with it. Tell me, as tho name. f 1 l"'.,vm 'I'llueuco Grant w to usu to un
full, Uorie, Kobeson and Murphy Hash I " ' , Vri cl'"derutlon of this treaty.
acrofS tho wires, who they were ? r A . ru S'0",tj9 in l'1" president, ulter'i.
voice 'Thloves."1 : 'neeling of Ins cabimt, and at'tes Sclmu
That has been 11 later revelation. AVo
didn't know then us much as Grant did
about them. Ituvelaions lmvu since
howu who thoy wore. They worogentle
men who hud contributed tu tho nrlvato
turn hu iiiniruacneti nun in tills matter,
and says lie never did that. It leaves him
in this unpleasant dilemma. Hu either
f poko fulseiy in denying that lie approach-
in ocuurK 111 tins wnv, or lie decelvid
funds of General Grant. They had L-ivcn 1 , UC7;.".' l,rol"''"i; to iloso, and not doing
him stocks and bonds, houses mul flm. I says ho did j and us it. is in his
Horses j they imd dined and wined him. I a'cl"nh; ' p"1 . VV , 1 do"'1 uullev"
For these personal iilcvures thesy un- 1 f,111V,,1.iL'1"1 denial wl I change the
known and inexperienced men, who com- I !,V . ,h? l'coplo upon Hint point,
inanded none ol tho conlldonco of tho ! , , T0 ' ",u llollLt mv ml,lJ H -t It was
countrv, woro called to the chief adminis-1 llis "ltu"lio" tu fostor tllis liomo in
trullvo positions in tho L-ift of tlm nn.l- 0,tTy w"-v .'10 c0l,1(l- 'J,,luro ro no means
dent. Then thero aro t.vo roasons whv I'"""' this patromigo by which he
Grant was too busy to attend to thn mutter
of reconciliation. Thnt was 11 great prob
lem which might ongago thocoiislderutlon
ol' tho best men or thu republic. Ji tit Gen
eral (i rant was too busy giving nway of-
uccs 10 ruiuuvvs anu ill Keeping tliutn In
positions, in uppointing men who hud
given gifts to him, mid in keeping thun in
llieir places, to attend to tlio creut inli r.
osts of tho republic. Hut General Grant's
UmohaB not been whollv devoted to rela
tives and gift givers. Ho has also beon
looking after the custom liouso and gon
erl order bujiuess. And inasmuch uatlio
frtii gonernl order convovi..l llnl
pression of tho nature of tho ii. 1.,
couiu reach every senator. Why is it
fellow-citizens, if tho president was not
trying to inlluoiico Carl Schurz In tho dis
.charge or 11 sworn obligation lis onooryour
legislator, that tho moment ho arose and
declared his opposition to this scheme or
annotation, his only friend in olilco was
stricken down by tho personui order or
tho president? Tho reuson cannot bo
given, bccutiso tha reuson does not exist.
Horonre, 1 think, lour uood and Miillcl
out reasons why President Grunt bus been
too busy to reconstruct and reunite tlio
south. AVo Judgo a man somotlmes by tho
Pimitmntr ill, bi.rin Wli.... .1... 11
forelcn mission
and breadth of this land, nnd this Is tho
condition of things that you find. Ho bus
been too busy, then in keeninc these men
in ufllcn to attend to the restoration or iho
country, nnd tho reconciliation or n per
fact union. Ho wo have live good reiisons
wny incru is not that reconciliation to
civil AEnvici: nicronM,
Hut the gentleman has also been doing
something else that has demanded his un
divided attention or tho undivided atten
tion or some one or his uids-de-cump. He
hits beon reforming tho civil sorvlco or tho
country. You rcmomberat tlio beginning
oi ihuu ono great nobby mat was ridden
by thorn was this question or civil scrvico
reform. The president ol tlio united
States came out in his iiicssugo nnd suid it
should bo speedily adopted, and stood
pledged to do everything ho could in favor
or it. Hew has ho carried out thosu
pledges? It is nil very woll as long as
thoy are In favor of Grant, but tho mo
ment any officeholder throughout tlio
ulmlo countrv began to raiso his voico in
opposition to any parly scheme, nnd
especially lotho re-election of Grant, that
moment civil service reform railed to ap
ply to him and otl'camo his head. In our
own stato wo havo examples or them.
Aien oi capacity and power huvo adminis
tered offices without four, riivor or affec
tion, but tho moment they stood ranked
aguinst tlio administration, that moment
tho presidential axe came down upon them
and their heads foil into tho basket. So
thoro Is another reason why ho has not
succeeded In rcconstructlnir thn south
.... .. . . ..
no nas neen too nusv in ucriecllnL' a
system br civil service reform, tho whole
ellect or which has been to keep his friends
in t'lllcotlll tho last day In tho afternoon.
and to removo thoso who nro opposed to
mm. inu tno tcuimnny laKen tioforo tho
Now York investigatlnc committee shows
that tlio president of the United of tho
States could stoop down and strike at a
laborer in tho custom liouso bccntiso bo
opposed him in his re-election. Ho strikes
not alone those whom ho might battlo
with honor, but the lowest nnd humb1at.
All who differed rrom him wero ruthlessly
stricken down and removed Trom place.
Fellow-citizens, thero is lust ono other
point to which I will call your attention
oeloro 1 come to mv rritnd Greeley.
rVpplause.l Tho President or the United
States lias been too busy about something
else to attend to reconciliation. He has
been too busy in rcconciliating the su
premo court or the United States. Ever
since the foundation of this republic, it has
beon our fashion to beliovo that from
every wrong of power, ovory nbuso of 11
conse, there was one placo of refuge to tho
American clti.on, who could tako hold of
tho horns of tho sacred altar nnd find him
self secured In person and property; and
until tno present nitnunutraiioti came into
power, no president over dared to tamper
witn tno supremo court, tor political pur
poses. But when Grant comu into riower.
ho found that tho supremo court of the
united states nod made a decision inimi
cnl to him and his friends. Concress l.av
ing passed n law to onlargo the supremo
court, it was ins outy to nil tins vacancy,
but in doing so ho appointed two men
wnoso decisions were Known oeforo hand
Thn iinrifnn rntirl waa rai.nn.i,i,niD.l
and the decision onco rendered by the ma
jority was cnanged, and lliu present deci
ion rendered by the now majority. And
as tho president has been busy in recon
etrurting the supreme court, yon hnvo an
other reason why ho has not'effected a re
conciliation throughout the republic.
Dot I Wr aouiu men say that is all
true, but tliut don't hurt us. "What is the
ditluruiice if ho bus kept dissension alive
uuu uiscord uiewingin tlio southern states
so long us no lius paid tho debt ? Fel
low-ciiizens. who pays tho debt in this
country. A voice "Gen. Grant."!
II..... -1 A ...1.... ...... .1 ti , .J
"un . uui rniioi .uoes no pny it
with visits to Long Hrntich or tours
through thn north, and sending his cabi
net officers electioneering through tho
south to the neglect of their duties ? Does
no pay it personally, or do you pay it?
jij juiiit:9iuii i nun ii is you upon
whom the tuxes uro laid. All tho presi
dent cuu do is to wisely administer tho
nnunces through Jus chosen minister,
lius he dono that ? Geo. S. Jtiiiitwi.il ,i,..
clarod thai it hud been paid nt tlio rate of
uvu nuiiureu anu uiieon minions a month
(?) under tho administration of Ami
Johnson. It does not mako any differ
ence to us whether tho money was in the
treasury duo to tho creditors or was paid
lo them. Thero wus a hundred und nine-iy-one
millions in the federul treasury
when Johnson went out of oflice. To
day there is about iiiiiety-onu millions
there. So this ono hundred milliuns said
to be puid by Gram, wus really puid un
der Johnson's adniinistratl-iii is a failure
compared with Johnson', nnd the spe
cious pleu set up in Grunt's behalf that
every outrage Mini can bo perpetrated up
on a state U to bo offset by Hie fact thut
they aro paying tho debt, is disgusting.
They don't puy ii nt all. They aru lets mc
cesslul with the finances thiiu was Mm ad
mini. trillion of Johnson. And wliut a
cowurdly pleu It Is unyhow I You up
proaeh u in mi on tho high wi.y, " I suv,
sir, 1 wish tho privilege of spitting in
uur iacu, out i win pay you n thousand
uonars lor ll." .Tin to one, if he is
man, lie knocks you down. Applause.!
1 I tu ii ti .......... I ....1... .It..! J "r . J
- .in (ii,ivi.. in iuu uirui'M lue.lllg in
mc icuiiiig oi money, ll is saying
it was strange
Tho old man looked at and saw
aiiito. Uo had advanced a littlo
in years, at.d his oyos wero dim, so ho
took off ids spectacles, wiped them, and
putting them on, looked at It again.
"Old Grlmoi is dead," said lio, "Old
Grimos is dead."
"Hrelhron and lislorc, nigh onto thirty
year havo I served tho Lord In this liar
congregation, nnd 1 hnvo sung tho songs
of Ion out of tills liar hook. 1 novor found
this hnr song before, but It Is thur and I'll
sing It." ("Applause.) And they sung it
mid had n love roast beforn the congrega
tion left, uml tho old loan didn't go buck
on his hook, and when he got to tho cud or
his sermon, he turned to another plucu
whero lio found n sentiment which comes
mucii nearer expressing tho reasons
which should govern the democratic pnrty
In this emergency. It Is tho reason that
all preludico'shofild bo laid nsido now.
and that men shou'd consult their reason
rulhor than tliolr nrriudlce. That Is the
sonc that will bn sum: this fall bv them.
und a half a million of democrats, he on- !
Inn .1- I.I. .1.. III.....! - 1.11 ' I
ui siuf. nun iuu iiuuini rujiuuiicarin 111
tno ninrcn towards a puriucd republic.
"Keeping step to this song, ho It right, be It
There's n union that time cannot severs
v union oi ncari", a union oi nanus
The American union forever."
Tills is tho sentiment that should actu
ate us when wo comu to consider what Is
our duty in an emergency llko this. A
union of hearts no ono enn suv we hovo.
i union oi minus wonrestrlv nirto make.
und every citizen wants that perfect
union, I think, but the radical ring of tlio
reimoiiciin partv nucKeu nv sen uwucs ami
carpet-baggers. (Great applause.)
Uut thuro isrtill another reason. Thoro
aro at this timo about seven and n half
millions or voters in this country.
Tho democratic party represents about
three and n half milliuns, and n careful
study of arithmetic has convinced me that
three nnd a hair millions will not count as
mneh as sevon nnd a half millions till you
i... .... ... - .
nave auueu tour minions nn lopol it; and
tho democratic party may stand hero and
swear by tho memory of nil tho bold, great
und irood. nnd thev will son thu countrv
go to ruin unless they can gain some of
mis strength, wo huvo to win rrom the
ranks of tho republicans enough voters to
turn the scale Then I say, for reasons of
policy wo can support Horaco Grecloy,
and I say thnt tho creat reason which
presents itseir to my mind as n dcmo.irat
is, tnai in my heart ol hearts I boliovo it
is my duty as a citizen to como right out,
"Who is thu best abused man in America?
ills opponents tell ub tlireu and u I, i r ...it
nuns ol democrats that wu uuL'ht t. l,
. o
ashamed ol ourselves; that Greeley has
been calling us ugly names ever sinco ho
has been an editor. They seem to forget
that three and n hair millions havo been
hurllntr them back. Il he bus trot tin. hi.ti
of it it is our fault, becauso we huvo hud
thu vantage ground. For thirty vcurs he
ims ueun iuu cuitur ot a paper into thu col
umns or which camo the discussion of
every public event. Whut Is discussion?
It is an interchange or views amonc men.
in urucr mai xiuraco urecicy might ur
rive at u just conclusion, he threw open
the columns of his paper, and men of every
view thcio expressed their opinions on
every question. Now Ssnator Chandler
thoUreat Mogul of the radical party, sits
in his office at Washington, with tiles or
the 'Trillium' for thirtv v..r. .unL- ,,!
j.,.... w...n, nun
turns them ovor and over, nud wherever
Grceloy calls a domocrut a hard name,
Chandler jumps ut it like u bird at a lly,
and siivs. nut lliut iln.-n Wl.,. 1.1...1
1 1 - " w-.... ...ii. uncu
Chandler to hurt up these things uguinsl
Greeley, for the benefit of thodemocrcav?
Who hus appointed Chandlera high priest
10 sacrlilce in our temple? Who bus
caned upon Chandler, the radical blood
hound the sound of whoso voice has been
IHInd with throutonlngs and slaughter
umni a jiuojjiu wuo nave oeen unuule to
reiunt his results? I say to him he can
go on with his mouthing Sirvices, plow
the soil from now till ihuoth of Novml.,.r
und then will find that the peoplo havo he
iiinrciieu to tuo ruiiKs 01 ureoley and made
him president. Appluusu.J Well, Gree
ley hus nuver spoken u Word that bore
ugultist tho right of any poor man on tho
face orGod i eurlh. Ifeiiowcd upplauie.
....i.iv.t. men ..ui u ciieiuveu either ov a
monopoly of power or weulib ihun (...-
tinny years thu voico or the 'Tribune' hus
whispered tho sweet hope of freedom,
n batover other course hn mm- 1mm il-....
In lOjjaid to the right of bumunitv ha Ims
stood firm und fast. To-day ihu decree of
wur is rain v ni: What ll u saul nf tin. 1
cipaiion 01 the colored men. To-day hu
sees them voters, alter tuiriy years preach-
B mi u. juw uoscosuighi millions of
01 wiiite men ens aved. insieini ..r in,..
millluiis of blucks, and raising the buttle
crj, tuja 10 an who iovo iihorty to come
that sold you out, aro you?" Tho first
Impulse oi any gentlonicn It to say, " No "
out 1 say, gontlemen. that wo wore sold
out nt Baltimore and lain glad of It. I
know tie purchasor who has tho mort-
gagdon tho Unitod States, and alio will
foreclose on tho Olh of Novomhcr, and hor
nnmo is Llborty. rArjiilauso.l I know a
hair million of voters who woro sold out at
Phlladolphlii, nnd tho biggest hair of the
goods have boon dellvorcd and tho iiamo
or tho purchaser was Liberty, flto-
hewed applaiiso I am In favor of tliot
sell out. What Is domocnicyV Is it a
flno, intnngiblo something that wo must
inn uown ami worship? JNo ; It is a com
bination of you, and you, nnd nil or us,
for n prlnclplo : und ir Mm nartv lm.
served Its purpose, and could no longer
itiiosmvu um goou 01 1110 country, It Is
iiinu mr u to siop 11 nine lorwurd with
tins pnriy, nr.u say: Hero wo stand
struggling, tho fow aguinst thn many;
states ncalnst consolidation, the ropiibllo
airalnst centralization j tnko us and do
with us what is cood for our liberty.
Great applause Is there n lino In the
liultlmnro platform that a democrat does
not hollnvo ? Wero our renrcsentatlvn
men thoro Huvo you passed upon their
resolutions sincor uo you und them
richt and true? Do you think their
principles will bo enforced If your candi
date Is elected? If so, thoro can bo 110
question about your duty. It is to move
boldly forward with thn liboral ropubll
cans 10 1110 uiucnon 01 ureciey.
I have a fow worJs to snv lo mv n nuh.
licali friunds who miv bo ill this audiom-u
I um told that you wero ntely enturtaiiied
1... t 11 .1...1 1
vjuYuniur vijjiuov, wuo mauu u
speech that turned entirely iinon thu war.
and tho fact, as ho claimed, that it was
your duty to vote against tho democratic
party, because In times past you had been
utrayed against them In other Issues than
lliosool to-day. I do not du.mi in
unwilling against Uov. Oglesby that tun
nni on noriiu out to tho very letter, liij
siunus to-day us a ennd dHtu for 1 lm l.i.-l.
olllcuofcliiuf oxcctltlvii of the statu or Illi
nois, m out claims does ho ptescnt for
your considerutlon? 1 submit if thuru
ever Was a timo when culm, dtdlburuto
smiesiiiuiisiiip wus required, when cool
reason should swuy nnd blind passion
should bu past, that titnu is now. Hut
this geiitlemuu hus pursued uuu sit
course In politics from the time tlm w..r
Oegan till thu men camu marching home.
He is tho governor who received them on
1110 steps Ol the statu (mom- lltlil rnn
jured ihem lo send their ballots whero
tuey had sent their bullets. He told
them thu war was not ended : thm tl.-i.
must tight thu democratic party hero al
iuiiiu ns in uy 11 bu. luugui 11111 thu field.
Did ho not contiiru mi thui C...I n...i
assion ? Did he not sav to Mm rnni,li.
cans, Look well to your democratic neigh-
uors r vtneiiyuu drive your threshing
iiiuiuiuu niiciu, iuok wen to votir iii-imi.
l.....n ..!.. 1. 1..... . ., . t .
'" uuis""ui i nicy aro reoeis. Keep
a.i.u iiiVBU 11IUMUIUI UllllllOHlllnil nt III..
war. 1 suy thut ihu mau who does that ii
unworihy the chief magistracy or anv
stato and ought not to have il. Appluu
Hosavs von must not forget thu great
republican party that fought through thu
tui nuu snvcu inn union, unit ti-ni 11. n
debt, and keeps tho sun, moon aud stars
in their orbils ; you must ntt vote against
this great republican party because it
scui me armies to the iluld that put down
tho rebellion. I stand bore, follow-citi
zens, as a man that bus been in tho service,
to brand that statement us unuitorubly
raise. 1 know that this great stato or Illi
nois and the great north pouted out their
una regoruiess 01 party. I know no
great republican went into the tented
field unless hu went in the capacity or u
major ueneral. and came out to lm im..
nor of a state, and 1 know no democrat
inui weni 10 too no d : hut I do know 1 lm
youni;, brave and true of id 11 rMiintrv
gardless of patty lino, stepped shoulder to
'iiuuiucr mm 1001 10 iooi in thut dreadful
WHr, and fouirht thosu Inu Ml 111 innn nurl
citizens of this great republic, sworn to
imiiiiiiiin 11s constitution und Its laws.
(Applause.) I know that of Mm Mn,n.
ands thut went down burn thn .i,.l-iu
or war, you could not to-duv tell trom un
examination or tho bones "whether they
wore democrats or republicans. I sav
that to rear a mausooicm ovor the gravo o'f
the soldier or tho republic, und Inscribe
upon it u party epitaph, is like slandering
tho (lend. o party could cvur save it.
No party pavs this debt. Ni nnrtv
could ever pay it. Uut the whole people
Having luueht tfio war will now, by tho
Me.slliL' of God. elosii nn tin 1.1,.1.-
I'hasm made bv tho war. I A v..Wi
win voiu lor you, mack.)
Follow-citlzens, tho offerinL'i wn lmvn
iu cnsi into thai chimu aro all prepared,
thouir') tlio secretary of tl... t,..
imuiwcll, who spoke in North Carolina,
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nificent JEWELRY establish
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Tho regular annual term ofthls Law Schoo
will open on
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her f.th, lMTi. Tuition lee, t0 llrnt year: etX
second year, Including line of library. Kol
particular, address, (I. JI. STUAHT,
ucan or racuitv, 01
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incorporated by an act of the State
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ternipli'tl sllceeoo. and continue, to nnVr thr
studciit every facility for acqtllrinit a thor
Ltery candltlate lor admission not person
ally uciilalutetl with some one of the Kac
tilty liiiut produce pro.-r tct-tlmotilals ol
good morul churaclcr.
Ilulletlns are mul three times a year to the
parent" or fftlardlatii of the students, to In
lonu them of the conduct, health ami
Improvement of their Mini or u-nnu. An
experienced physician dally Mu the Insti
tution, ami the neatest caro aud attention
aro bestowed on the sick.
tkiimn :
Hoard and tuition.
J he next session begins September I2d,
ravincnto IilUt be madn finnHorlr. nr
seiul-anmially, in advance. Catalogues con
taining instruction to narentn. anil mil n.r.
tlcul.itT, will be sent free on application to
1115V. .1. U, AEAUND, . J.,
rrekldeiit At. Iilllt 1'nlvi-n.llr. St liiil.
lo. MMwiliiv.
Frwn Hm Cuu. Kinnn'i ..uiimi rn.u.v.
palntiOR, Mil hy Amulets bet tni:rr. All
ITI'.? H " 1,ttnt " "''. Afinlr lo VACbSjT
Loui, Jin, '
forth without n-L'urd to tmrtv (liiin..ilw, . and intuited tho iicohIp nf tlmt -t..t.. .....b.'.
llllll. tnv- r.illiti....it Ill I lllll Ifiii tli.i.i. I 1 - . ' .
oreiiiappiau.e.l r rom t hu (do.n nf tl,.. as 1011c as carnet-bai-i'iirn nrui .-i.u..0
war till now ihero ha never been n unni cun be kept in noniir. tlmt l.,n., i,nni,..
in Iho 'Tribune' th.il wus not in favor ol u 00 u. Hut at Iu8tthu people
aro inu vi nc. Thev HTfl fit in t nr t rt 1 1 i.u
front throo million strong. Into that
bloikly chasm tho north prepares to cast
hercarpet-bugyers and thu south herscala-
wui;, unu the eurth s Mull In.n ..v,.r ,iw,m
and when tlio smoke shall liavo paied
away, you will see standine; over tliom tho
mv mlml I hi,,.,, ,. i , .1 . "" tu 1 toiiijiuiijr no houjis. t nero are tuo u-
t u . "nil I 1 uv !i ''V',01",,10 !m,,t I lll!tri0UJ body of men who stood shoulder
lAwt ll;covor- tothoulder with this administration at
1 soniethiiiB of tho wnrklnp; and ellect lint? wimml.Sinnnw ...i nv i.n
Yorl" 5 oSaTlfT??', ' !,",. K ',d Sol.ur. and Tipton, those'
this country aro received at X ' " 0".o: "'"wpuwican party! thoeo men
neurly one-lialf of whut i. brn,, .i r " . ' . ,"V""!,r" 1,8 c nocrais, nunnrea lor their
abrond navs Its dutv then ivi,?.,.,. j ' V K"ty aim lenrea for heir ill) ty,
oSi'ono;:: x:Tzti zxa .h
fortv.ei .ht l.r .ifti.r it u ... 1.. :..";. """'. "oul "'0 pro.
.em 10 u ;;r ,,!; w;,;h;:n. : .""y. "" opponents, tj.
number tb oVSo thn f""
.Ix or eight largo .1,1,,. WCA to arrive on nKfllni & w , " a o, e"" heir S
! T1.! h:"AG0t nil the ' friend. Applause! V leb
ii.i u ,.....i i in" ...!. 1 . , toetn
-.. oi, um. iiiuiii-iBiuiL'. mull viiu iinvu npnn iii& kii.,..,.P. -j
. , .. ----- .. ..m.miiu
lime, it was
..v.v.u.u 1. IUI1-M k I 11 1 U Ol l ,rnnil 1 WIIS fllllto 11 llllliil.i.r ( . " .
would be sent to iho general order ware , of Sumner ho Kot Ilullock', otolS
houo mid from them wnniii 11. ..ii 1 n..n..i. 0 . ...rKorB
iiiiur seiune; the
seven cents on tho
vanished, and thut
of the supporters of thn
Whore is Holdon, who may bo
.----...... b,.,,t,lll uruur ware-1 01 auiiiiier 1:0 not 1
houto und from there would I.iwili.ii,,,..,.! ivi,.,rn tu iiti..i, 1
to tho merchanti after they had paid tlio bonds of his stato for
.1". il' . e' wl11 '"UPOie a cu(o or, dollar, ho disappeared,
this kind : Suppose mv friend hero is tho I has cone iinotVor of tl
Kroner "i nfuiiuiai oruer warotiouo ex- presldont.
lo thu world, we can deal with tho Ainei-
icun people us we please; wo can harnes
wiuni mm (trip inem 01 tueir riyius, one
by one, but in long as wu puy their debts
they lie still and tuku il lilio dogs. 1 euy
they mUtiiko the temper of the people.
Itimewed nppluuse I say it would bo
belter to be ten thousand fifteen million in
debt, and be 11 restored and lmppy country,
united under one flnjj, with common rights
lo ail men, than to bo on thu hii?h w . v n
u iiipjiuatlon of thu debt in this way.
I suppose n groat many of tho trcntlo
men I am now addressing havo been
known In tho pest us old lino ilnmnmiN
and tlio question is now nut to them he
tho friend of General Grant, How can
you tuppoit lloraco Gruolov? Woll. to
start with, wo can dq It became it is our
rigiit 10 uo it. Wo can do it because, as
American cui.ons, wo huvo the privllego
of casting our ballots for tho man that wo
iniiiiv win como nearest representing our
inaiii wio prcsiueniini chair, and I up.
peal to any intelligent ilonioerut in m
whether or not Horace Greoloy, with his
tuico mr universal amnesty anu univer
sal suffrage, will moro nearly roprcfent
us wiuit uuuurai urnni with tho career
unu recoru 1 navo described In tho sec
ond place, wo 01111 do it becauso tho great
democrat 0 council has said tlmt in i,
judgment of tho national party, wo may
wnll iln l J
Uoro I am rominded of a llttln sinrv nr
a good old Baptist, as first told by Gov.
unco, of North Carolina. A good old
iiapust elder hud been .erving tho Lord
in ono congregation for neurly thirty
years, iitnl during nil that timo had ear
ned with him in his travel, ono of tho old
hymn books of tho church. Mounting
tho desk one day Just nt the beginning of
tho services, ho opened tlio book at a pluco
wnoro some boys had been patting In
peace as broad und huppy us that which
nines down to-uiiy out ol the bluo skv
upon us. 1'euco to ull. built 11 non ...mil
win to all und the rlghte of muukind, 110
minim vi wiiiii color. ii. voici! 11 nimri
.....I .. 1 1 1 K Ii, -r b
nuu un.j .n'giuuj iiiiu iim, 1 am tor him
neunusu lie Ilrsl uavocated the rmbts of
the colored man, and now he is advocating "ru"1 philosopher nnd thu next president
thu ngnts ol while men. And 1 cuiinot "'"nee - Greeley. (Ore-it applause, with
w . .vw w. muni, men ,idu Puy
"Old man, now 1 will desert you," Such
a iiiun us lliut carries his patriotism in hit
liai d and lor sulu. He never full mi im
puho of true patrioii.m and enlightened
iimiiiiiiiij ,
tlircn cheers for Gen. Uluek.)
Our Homo Advertisers.
Hilt then I llllVe IlllOtlii-l nnnn tvlif
democrats and republicans ulie, miieelally
Bmfct'Tiin- 21 Thirie-iuh sfreet. be
IV lvo WHiiliinaiiin uinni. h,i w.i. ,,
U UominrreiMlmrnilr. up nr.
republldins, should support ll.irueo Oree-
iy iou win remember that, nilhu close
oi iuu wur, much excitement was imttun I iiEflirmNni!.m.v..i. .... .
up over the capture of Jell'. Davis. Thoy Ate01;1
Ii thoswamp9 nnd " 10 n'i h n-m
0. W. DUNNING, M. D.
t.L'Vf. .... ' . ...
..I l.l . ' . . .
vnutcu uuu in ti it inrnugii the swami)9
lagoons ot tho south, and at Un l.,.v-
cutiglit liiin, und I may say, thoy aro pay
ing lor thai capture yet. In their lliiuucu
report for 1871 you will find an item for
iiiucapiureot .loll. Davis, paid $1,011. 1
wish to heaven thoy had never caught him,
fur the ronton that it hus beon a burilien
to tho treasury, and it got tho republican
party into a dilemma. 'When thoy gut
Jetl. they had tlio elephant nud did not
unow wnai to uo with nuu. Thoy did not
bring him to trial at his homo, and thov
could nut try-him at Washington, becauso
il wus contrary to tho constitution of the
uniieu amies, iney could notshoothim,
and so thoy kopt him in prison, i'or two
years that man diank tho nrison damn.
und many wished ho might live forovor in
utornul torment: but the romibli enn nnrtv
know that every hour hu was kept thorn
i iiKuium mo constitution ami laws,
which guarantee every man n speedy trinl
at his homo. Some lawvor said. Let
somebody go his bail to appear when tho
government wants uim. Then Gcrrit
Smith, Horace Groole v. Fornnmln AVmvl
and somo othor gontlemon went upon that
bull bond, nnduvorsinco that timo Horaco
Greoloy has beon reviled bocuuioho holnnd
a man illegally imprisoned, and restored
l.im UDilor bond to llborty. and law. I
suy ho had tho good sonso and manliness
not to seo a fellow crenturo lanculsh thoio
in tho cell of tho prison without tho right
of n trial. That is a good reason
why republicans should voto for him.
You will And Grant's ofllcoholdors en-
Infr around tho country with nn armful of I
documents tolling tho democrats thev
.1 . . T. 1.1 j V
were sum out at naiumure, ana mey say,
" You nro not going to voto with tho party
II. WAllDNKlt. M. n
iVi .. ... ... " i j "I'iri.. wiiu-r iiournlrom
- .... am. iiuii, in . ii ,,
it. s. limmi AM M 1.
Hniiieonalliio I'Iiv.Ii.i.iumii'.i
jco I.KI Coninieicliil u enue. ltoldeiiee on
Tenth Mrcet three iloorswe-tol lMt. Wood-
i i
(Buceetmor to I. Saup.)
10J Coninieiclul Avenue,
Corner of tartjjj,,j .treetd ....
. .... a. riiiir,
C. 0. 1'ATIEIl.
Statu of Illixoih. i
Snriiiirilulil. .lulv it: tfcTi I
Xolico I hereby L'lven that until 3 o'clock
p. in., on Jdoiitlay, Augiint itjih. l&T'J. sealed
propoi-ali will he received at the office or the
secretary or Stute, in the city of lipriligfield,
for the execution of Iln- n.vi.mt ,. ,..,.i. ,.i
jirinlliig, a herelnalter i-pecillcd, .ald prlnt-
illL to bu lei 111 M-tiamti- rniitnii.ti. lur
cla-s, for the term of two vcars fioni anil ut
ler the lirt Monday of November, IHVi.
JUKI- Hist C1.A15H lii ('otllpriu the printing
ol all bills for the two limine, of the General
A-einbly, together with t-tich resolutions
and other matter- as may bo ordered bv the
two llouiei, or either or them, to be printed
in bill form.
The second Class to comprise the print
iiurol tlicjoiiniaNuf the Senate aiidjlouse
ol Itepre-tntatlveK.
The Thiiiii Class to comprUc the print
ing of all report, communications or other
document ordered by the Ueneral Assembly,
or cither brunch thereor, or by the Execu
tive Departments ofthe State Government,
to hu printed in pamphlet or book form, to
gether with the volumes of public docu
ments Tin: Fourth Clam to comprise the
I nting of the laws and joint resolutions.
The Viftii Class to compri-e tho print
ing ol all blanks, circulars, cards or other
work ncccj-Miry for the umi ofthe K.vecUtlvo
Department-, or either branch of the Oen
cm l Ac-ieiiibly (othor than mch as shall he
printed In pamphlet or hill form).
L'aeh proposal miit dl-tlnctly and specific
ally Matetho price per thousand ems for the
eoinpoilllon of all matter embraced In tho
proposals lor any or all of such classes of
printing tho price per one hundred linprcs
Imii lor all prework einhraced In the ilrst.
t-eeond. third and fourth clae. and the'
price per twenty-live Impressions lor tho
1,r,'?s.w ".rk l',jntilned in the llfth clat-s, ataf
which the hldderwill do the v.uik eliibraceiP
11 the class or clashes or printing covered by
hi proposals.
Kach propositi must ho accompanied by n
bond, executed In dim form by the bidder,
with ut least two good and Mifllclciit sureties,
to ho approved by the Governor before the
same Is Hied, In tho penal sum or ten thou
sand dollars, conditioned for tho faithful
perlnrmiincc. pursuant to "An net to pros Ido
lor and regulate the execution or the public
Printline." unproved April nth, 187a, und in
lol-CU .III V 1st. lST'J. Of Klli-li i Ims. or i.lnn.
p the State printing ns may be awarded to
him ; and 11I-0 lor the payment, as llfiuidatcd
damages, by such bidder, to the Mute, of
any excess of eot over tho hid or bids or
such bidder, when tho State may be obliged
to pay lor such work by reason or the ralluro
or such bidder to complete his contract.
Mild proposals will bo opened at a o'clock
p. 111. 011 the said 20lh day of AugiH. 1872
anil wl then he duly considered ' '
... ? T.V"V. i'nT'AU )m 1,0 InrnUhcd on
..,-imii .1111,11 10 iuu ni-cicu ry 01 state.
W '-'WW
i.'!iTiV v- iViyM1' Andllor I. A.
. 1 .'V 1 Vl N ,,A". state Treasurer
tilyJOtliw Conunis'rs Public I'rlnUiiir.
.. Jv TBI), A G K N T8 I
siuuioiiio per month, nvrrvwhere nmlennil
MAC! Jiy,,:e' e." "ilUTTI.E kn INlI
wsf.tefj;r afl,v: ica..
J.HIftK. Price only la no, hiiU fully warrantril
lr livo year. Hiess machines will.tltch, htm,
fell. tllf-U. nil I nn., I, In. I l.rul.l ...A ml.'...i:. '
hi a moat superior maiincr. And are warranted
lo do all work that can bo done on any high-priced
machine iu Hih unrlil. For cIm-iiUiii .ml u.m.
address H. WYNKOOl' ACO..20M Kid avmue.
I'. O. Ilux, I'hllsdrlphli. f. o-as. Siaw
The Illinois Central Kail Road rnn,... nn
oHr for sale tliplollowlni described lots lo irs'
A.lillllnnln Iho f! I v nt I'S, .1.. ' "
Lot '27 block VI,
s a
o 8a,
or terms, el. ppy to
Lot i4 block 82,
i " vi,
' 31 ' " ;
" Si a.

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