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Publication uflec, lletla BtilldlBK
WMklidoa Aveaae.
The Arab Kirc Company will celebrate It
Thirteenth Anniversary by a (Jrnnd Hull at
Schcel's Ull Monday nljrht, September 2d.
The committee will wait upon our citizen
during the present week with ticket", and
very citizen should buy one, and thus aid
In the building of the jiroposcd new engine
house. . ,
A. Loint,
"WM. KLfrtK.
K. Dk.o.nia,
j.27td. Coiniiilttec.
CAII10, ILL., Al'GCsT 2li, 1S72. ;
Pnbllc notice Is hereby ph en that o special
election will be held on
In the city of Cairo, in the Mate of Illinois,
for the purpose of electing a
to fill the varancv occuloned by the death
of Joseph I). Taylor.
Polls will be opened at the Hough and
Ready engine house, for the llrstand second
wards, and at the Court Home, for the
third and fourth wards.
Polls will open at 8 o'clock a.m.. and u ill
close at 0 o'clock p.m. By order f the City
Council. M. J. Howlky, City Clerk.
On Delta Bato flail Grounds,
Wednesday Night,
Gov. (. K(EBNEH,
Ho.v. J. C. BLACK,
Ho.v. E. KUMMEL,
Liberal candtdades for Governor, Lieu
tenant Governor, and Secretary of State,
will lo pretcnt and address tlio people
KoKRXKii, Black and Hummel will ad
dress tlio people of Cairo on "Wednesday
JrmiK Maker was at homo Sunday.
Ills family are still at tho springs in Pope
The alarm of fire on Sunday night was
occasioned by tho bursting of a lamp in
tho Fourth "Ward.
To tiik l'cnLic:
The Trustee ol the Public J.lbrarv of
Kentucky belnp f-atisned from the large sale
of tickets already made, and the dully In
creasing demand for them, that there will bp
no occasion for ;o?tponlng the second draw
ing In the Gift- Concert In aid of the Public
library ol Kentucky, have Instructed inc. as
their agent and manager of the Girt Concert,
to My to the public and ticket-holder.-, that
the drawing; will positively take place on
September 28ta prox., and will not be post
poned. An active demand fortlekets comes,
from every 8Utc aud Territory of the United
States', and from the Canada, jrhliu; iiur
ancctothe Trustees that no circumstance
can prevent a drawing at appointed time.
A sufficient clerical force I- engaged to
keep up with the order for tickets and In
order that this office may be relieved of the
immense presure incident to the business for
the week or two immediately preceding tlie
drawing, agent especially, and tho-o desir
ous of procuring tickets, arc requested to
send In their orders immediately, a sales
will have to be clo-ed in time to make the
necessary preparations lor the drawing. It
is the wish of the management to till even
order for a ticket, as well as to tell all the
tickets, but thoe who applv lirt must first
be rupnUed: and If those wlio nutntr tim-in-'
until sales are clo-cd have their monev re-
Mn. Clias. Meaner, Jr., was sun-struck
Sunday afternoon. For an hour his life
was in great dangor.
It Is said that McEwen will withdraw
from the canvas for Sheriff and leavo tho
contest between Irvin and Saup.
Tudoe Mulkey returned homo from
Sliawncetown Saturday night, and left for
some other town Monday morning.
Mr. P. Fitzgerald drovo his valuablo
tnare to and from tho Unity bnrbecuo last
Saturday and overheated her. Ho buried
her yestorday.
"We have been requested, by Humorous
citizens, to announce that the Inst few
days have been rendered decidedly un
pleasant by tho heat.
A meeting of German Liborah was hold
at.ludco Bross' office Inst night to mako
arrangements for tho propor reception of
Kocrncr, Black and Rumrncl to-morrow
Allen, tho Grant niggor, who is in jail
for robbing the treasury of tho Grant and
Wilson club, may be guiltv, but suspicion
points to other parties who should also bo
arrested and jailed.
The appointment of Mr. Thomas Ilalli-
turned Instead of the tickets ordered, "us In d"y as City Treasurer, pro tern, will give
V- 41 r tr r . I.. r i . . I '
thousand, of dollars came t hie were BCncr"1 ' the city. Ho is in
uvory way competent, ana will make a dll-
llgont and courteous officer.
sent back, they will have none to blame but
Agent Public Library Kentucky.
Louisville, Kv., August 19, 1872.
away thoy woro besot by the pooplo IMng
in tho vicinity of tho assault and both
captured. Judgo Bross bound both over
in tho sum of 1,000 each.
Sometimo ago a very old Frenchman,
who was unublo to spoak English, put up
at tho Central House, kept by Mrs. Gaff
ncy. That night ho was robbed ol SCO by
Lizzie- Norman, colored, who had hired
thoro In tlio capacity of chatnbormald.
Tho day after sho gavo the monoy to hor
man, Tom Harris, colored, a Paducah
rough and thlof. Ho doposltod most of
tho money with a whlto man who keeps a
negro den and shipped on tho stoamer
Howard. In tho mcantlmo Llzzio was
committed to tho jail to await her trial at
tho next term of tho circuit court. Harris
returned to tho city last week. On Sun
day morning Ofllcor Arnold spotted him.
Being awaro of Tom s doipcrato character,
Arnold procured tho services of John Cain
to help mako tho arrest. Thoy caino upon
Tom at tho corner of Third street and
Commercial aveniie. Arnold caught him
by the arm nnd ho was told ho was under
arrest. Suddenly tho negro mudo a lungo
backward leaving a portion of his shirt in
tho officer's hands, and mado 2:40 thno to
wards Bird's Point. When ho reached
tho Mississippi ho ran upit about ono mllo
and then jumped into tho water, making
for the Missouri shoro. Ho was told by
Mr. Foster, of Huo, Loomls & Co., to
ccmo back and deliver himself up, Hur-
ris unsworcd with an oath, "ho'd bo d d
if ho would." Swimming n fow yards far
ther ho sunk nnd rose thrco times, And
thon sunk to the bottom. This ended tho
chase, and was tho last of earth to Tom
Harris. Harris has tlio reputation ot a
highway robber at St. Louis and Vlcks-burg.
During tho past fow months tho store
room of tho St. Charles hotel has been fre
quently robbed by unknown thieves. Mr.
Rexford, ascertaining this fact, came to
tho determination to catch the thieves in
the act, and employed constablo John
Cain to sleep in the storo room and watch
tho goods. On Saturday night Henry
lohnson, a colored man, and a confeder
ate, entered the room and loaded
themselves with sugar, wine, &c,
and wore In tho net of leav-
ng with their booty, when Cain
opened n dark lantern on them, and or
dered them to halt and surrender. They
refused, and attempted to escape. While
pursuing them Cain shot at them, nnd
three balls toottoffect in Johnson's person ;
his wounds, it is believed, will bo fatal,
but he was alivo last night. Johnson is a
prominent member of the colored Grant
and Wilson club of this city, and is ono
of tho men who advocated the policy of
hanging or Bhootlng Itov. Mr. Shores for
being a Greeloyman.
The sermon of Rev. 11. B. Thayer on
"Tho Woes of Drunkenness'' is published
in pamphlet form. Copies may ba had at
the book store of Rockwell & Co., also at
Antrim's and Loflin's news depots, on
and after Wednesday of this week.
HenryU. Meyer. William Stoncr.
House, Sign and Steamboat
DecoraUujf In Oil or Water Color ; Kulzo-
muung ana 1'aper Haaging; Graining and
.aaroieing or every description ; Gliding in
every siyie, plain and ornamental.
Thoro is no denying it tho Liberals of
Cairo are iof enthusiastic. The fact is
tho heat has enervated them. But they
i must not bo too warm to remember that
Koerner will bo in Cairo Wednesday
, night.
A boy about seven years of age.camefrom
bt. Louis last week on a visit to relations
living near tho " old browcry." A day or
two after bis arrival ho was attacked by
tho small-pox, and Sunday morning ho
died. Do careful, ovorvbodv
Jin. Thomas Wilson arrived at homo
trom bprinclle d Sunday mornim.
Particularuttentinn nalil tn nilillmr
Gild. Plain and ornamental. ' ho is. a mombor, has not yet llnlshod its
?"P nim examine our work, business, and ho will nrobablv return tn
tho capital the luttor part of this week.
On Sundav Chiei nf .Pnll
PHTor ISO:. 3 ;Und,PRn- "r nan'' ll0" " rllnnl"K l
8th itreet. 7-lti ti. lttrge " upon tho streets, and Imnounded
- i tmh .. (rirtnr -"
uia flcturcs renewed or copied. Satisfac
tion Guaranteed.
13" All work entrusted to our tare will be
jiioupuy auenaeu lo
Dan who has read tho
constitution and tho laws, knowing that
an American citizen hns a right to lot his
horse run vlion nnd wlinr.. t. ..i,,..,...,
Haa opened a Harness Shop on AVashington nlovied tlmlmrsn v.i,,i.. i- 'nu
AvemiP. iiituii T...ui, .,.i ..i. pio itu iuo norso j cstorday morning. Tho
unuto win io irieu ueioro .ludgu Hross
Scptcmbr 3d, when Hartman expects to
Streeta for the puniose of MANU-
m la in ynii! BUlei. Water Cooler,
MtU.I X L FrMxtrs, H1U and bponge
taaes, Bran, Coppr ad Eoamellod Ware
aula aaa pUnlitieJ Ware, Japanned W
Halteks, BniDLEf, Ac,
mcn tie Keeps on sale or will iiiuko to
oraer. i motto u : "Good Slock, good
Work, and lllttlec tu all men."
All kinds of repairing done with ueutuess
una aispaicn. uivo nim a trial, vou will
find be don't propose to "Stand on'a home
atring' angltl
Beit In the Unll.t BUlei. Water Cooler. Toilet
b. lirll-
te--a ...
y?!2V?lifloa' general assortment of
limped coxkJi,
AjnODKOlhere 1 keep the Justly celebrated
is ie ueeivis tu memion ineir superior nutlttlPh
as tbej epeak tor l(innile throughout the
Xsnaaufteture every thloK in Tin, Bhen Iron, and
Oemar Ware out nt thn nr t
ba do hesitation In stating that 1 hare a larger
mmu wwi vvuiiicM Ksvonmeni or goods men
ttoned than can be found in the city.
Country dealers will find It to their Interest lo
call aad examine Ufore jjurchailnir elsewhere.
Jobbing, bouse KutterlCK, and ell nutsldo work
tU 11 CommercUl venu. Cairo. III.
Kiqbtii St., Bt. Com. & Wash.,
Haa lust ODcncd a new and ttvllsli f.t.,1,.
IMHMBt, fully up to the times, and inv lei. I band, and when tho assault W.
M MM(oer and uew, lad cs, children and I m' ,i , I La,,Hult bct'n o
mM. a Asvorklm will, llw.lr ,'...,. ' I menced cry III! at thu trm .,r I.I. ...-
MTAU work done to the Latest Style. I help. Bufore tho highwaymen could get
knock tho stock law and tho ordinance
higher than n kito.
The police havd suppressed nil tho
whlto gambling saloons in tho city, and
should now direct tholr attentions to tho
saloon of tho negro, Scott. Thcru is no
reason why lie should bo allowed to do
what whlto men cannot do in Cairo, and
he should bo attended to. Tho good Grant
Christians, who prniso God ond pat Scott
on tho back, might bo appealed in some
but, anyhow, tho pollco should not
shut tholr oyei to tho shortcomings of this
grcut light orGrntlsm in Cairo.
Mike Simmone, a holul runnor. well-
known in this city, died yesterday very
suddenly of apoplexy. Ho was working
at the Mechanics' hotel. A few minutes
before dinner time ho told a daughter of
Mr. liurrii that bo didn't f..l wll
would lie down. Ho went un stairs, ami
in a moment after tho people In tho dining
room beard him fall on tho floor. Bums
Immediately ran up stairs. Mtko was
dead. Dr. Woods was called, but could
do nothing. Coroner (lossman held nn
nquest, and tho )ury rcluineJ R Vflrdl
in accordance witlabo nbovo-stated facts.
A rough named James CoTnelly came
from Chicago to Cairo a fow days after tho
lire and has beon hero ovor slnco. On
Friday night bo and William Roynolds, a
tow boat man, got hold of a stranger and
Induced him to accompany them up Pop.
jar meet to thu Fourth Ward. When
thoy got him to a secluded placo, Connolly
threw his arm ubout tho strangor's nock
and Reynolds went thrmmi, l.i. b...
but the stranger In anticipation of trouble
had taken all his money, S16, into his right
voico for
suitablo porsons for tho clearing out of
tho weods, stumps, brush, etc., in tho up
per part of Sycamoro street nnd tho now
county road, from tho railroad lo tho city
Aldorman Metcalf moved that
tho action of tho mayor n
nominating Thos. W. Halliday as city
trcasuror ;ro tern bo concurred in. Car
ried ns follows : Ayos Budor, Cunning
ham, Metcalf, Phlllis, Rlblnson, Saflbrd,
Schub, Scaso, Stratton, Walder and Wood
11. Nay 0.
On motion of Alderman Budor, tho
foregoing prcamblo and resolutions wero
Tho chair named tho following as suita
blo porsons to act as Judgos of said elec
tion : P. Saup, Jos. McKinzlo and D. Ar
tur for tho first and second wards, and Jno.
McEwon, Wm. Martin nnd Chas. Patinr
for tho third and fourth wards.
On motion of Aldorman Sallbrd, suld
nominations wero confirmed.
A petition of John Cahlll praying tho
council to appoint an engineer to measuro
bis work of filling crossings, otc, for tho
month of July.
On motion of Alderman Saflbrd, said
petition was laid over until tho next regu
lar joint mooting.
jailer's assistant.
Aldorman Safford moved to concur in
the recommendation of tho mayor in re
gard to tho appointment of Thos. Fitz
gerald ns assistant to tho jailor. Carried
by tho lollowlng vote: Ayes Buder,
Cunningham, Metcnlf, Phlllis, Robinson,
Safford, Schub, Sease, Stratton, Wulder
and Wood 11. Nay 0.
Councilman Schub moved that thu mat
tor of clearing out Sycamore street bo
laid over until tho noxt joint meeting.
Liquon nosns.
Stato bond of Matthew Burns was pre
sented, and on motion of Aid. Cunning
ham, approved. City bond of same was,
on motion of Aid. Safford, referred totha
city attorney.
Stato and city bonds of R. E. Whito
wero presented, and, on motion, approved.
Tho official bond of Fred Whitcamp ns
polico constablo was, on motion of Aid.
Budor, npproved.
On motion of Aid. Buder tho council
then adjourned to meet on next Monday
evening at the usual hour.
M. J. Howlev, City Clurk.
1 will offer for sale.on Saturday, August
31st, at 11 a.m., nt Dan Hortman's Auction
Room, cornor of Commercial avenue nnd
Sixth strcot, tho following:
2 Horses.
1 Two Horse-wagon and doublo harness.
1 Chest of Carpenter's tools.
1 Loungo and bedding.
1 Musket.
1 Saddle and bridle.
1 Box of dishes.
The abovo property can bo seen at
Field's Livery Stablo, on Tenth street, un
til tho day of salo. B. F. Field.
8-2Ctd "
council called by the mayoh foh
uf.xeiiai. 1iubine8s).
Council ciiamheii. 1
C'Aiito, Ills., Aug. tsa, 1&72. ;
Present Buder, Cunningham, Metcalf,
Phillis, Robinson, Schuh, Seafe, Stratton,
Waldor and Wood 10.
Tho mayor being absent, on motion of
Alderman Stratton, Councilman Wood
was called to tho chair.
On motion of Aid. Stratton, the reading
of the minutes was dispensod with.
Tho committeo on ordinances reported
back an ordinance entitled "an ordiuanco
providing for the construction of certain
sidewalks and tho reconstruction or re
newal of other sidewalks therein men
tioned," recommending that section 8 of
said ordinanco bo stricken out.
On motion of Alderman Cunningham
tho recommendation of tho committee was
concurred In,
Tho ordinanco as amended was then
Aldorman Saflbrd moved to strike out
tho words "Cedar street or" In tho Inst
line but ono in section 1, Carried.
On motion of Aid. Saflbrd tho flret sec
tion numbered 0 in said ordinanco was
stricken out.
On motion of Alderman Cunningham
thu ordinanco as amended was then
adopted by tho following vote: Ayes
Uuder, Cunningham, -Metcnlf, Phlllii,
Robinson, Safford, Schuh, Seato, Stratton,
Walder and Wood 11. Nay 0.
On motion of Aid. Metcalf tiiid ordi-
nance was referred to tho board of aider-men.
Tho clerk reud a communication from
thu mayor, calling tho attention of the
council to tho propriety of appointing
somo person to act as City Treasurer jru
tempore until tho election, by tho peoplu,
of somo one to that ottlce, mado vacant by
tho death of Joseph B, Tuylor. Tho
mayor submitted tho nnmo of Thus. W.
Halliday for thu position of city treasurer
pro tempore, and askod tho coucurranco of
tho council therein, In this connection
thu mayor Hubmittod tho following pream
ble and resolution, viz :
Whereas, by tho death of .losotih B.
Taylor, it vacancy him occurred in tho of-
nco 01 city treasurer, theroforo bo it
Hemiceti, Jiy tlio city council of tho city
of Cairo, in joint session convonod, that
tho city clerk bo, and ho Is hereby In
structed to proceed at onco to vauso to bo
published, in aceordatico with tho charter
and ordinances of tho city, a notice for 1111
election for a city treasurer to fill suiil
vacancy, to bu held on Tuesday, tho 24th
t'Li rato.A. 1. 1872 tho placo
for voting at su d election being tho Rough
and Ready engine house, for tlio nrt and
second wards, and tho court house for tho
third and fourth wards.
Tho mayor rocommondod that Thos.
Fitzgerald bo appointed as additional u.
slstant to tho city jailor In working tho
jail gang. Also that a committeo bo ap
pointed to make arrangements with somo
Ouu enterprising dry goods merchant,
Mr. J. Burger, is now in Now York,
making his purchases for tho fall trado
New goods for late Summer and rail
will begin to urrlvo early next week, for
his clothing storo on tho Levee and his
dry goods house on Commercial avenuo.
In the meantime, the goods now on hand
will bo sold very ciiEAi' to mako room
for bis now stock. His customers will find
gentlemanly clerks at both his establish
ments, ready to show them goods at all
times, and assist them in making pur
chasei. 8.'23-tf.
Mrs. J. II. Oborly,
Mrs. .1. T. Rcnnie,
Mrs.W. A. Bristol,
Mrs. F. L. Thompson,
Mrs. B. F. Fields,
Mrs. F. Axloy,
Mrs. Miles Parker,
Mrs. W. W. Thornton,
Mrs. A. Comings,
Mrs. E. A. Burnett,
Mrs. 31. Smallenberg,
Mrs. G.M. Aldcn,
Mrs. Henry Elliott,
Mrs. Kilbourn,
Mrs. C. P. Parsons.
Tho abovo list comprito a few of tho
ladles who have teitcd and uro using
Burnett's Steam Cooking Vessel, and
spr-ak in terms of highest pralso of it.
They and others using it, say they would
not do without it for many times its cost.
For salo by A. Halley on Commercial
Avenue. SWOdlw
V. Saui-'s popular Tobacco and Cigar
Storo Is located on Commercial avenue,
between Sixth nnd Seventh streets, and
marked by the unique sign of "tho Girl of
tho Period.''
Prof. I.. Krugor is prepared to glvo
privato lessons in elementary as well as in
the highest branches of education in tho
English, Gorman, Fronch and ancient
languiiges, at the residences of thoso desir
ing Instruction, from Monday tho 12th
Inst. Inquire at Judgo Bross' ofiico.
Wit. Eichoff has purchased thu cstab
lishmont of Elchofl" Brothors, in Cuiro,
and now proposes to prosocuto tho furnl-
turo manufacturing business with now
vigor, und pledges himself to sell furniture
of uvory description choapor than ovor be
fore Try him. 0-25tf
Dan. Hartman has received ono of tho
largest stocks of Fruit Jars ovor before
brought to Cairo, and Is desirous of closing
it out without dolay. Ho thoroforo offors
Muson's Improved Porcolain solf-Boitlors,
quarts at $2.00 per dozon ; glasswiro tops,
quarts, at $1.'J6 por dozon and half-gallons
at $2.00 por dozon, Thcsoaro thoebcanest
prices In tho markot. tf
Caution. Evory genuine box of Dr
McLean's Liver Pills bears tho signature
of Fleming Bros., Pittsburgh, Pa., ond
tholr private U. S. stamp. "Toko no
other." Tho markot is full of imitations.
It Is tho popular vordlct that pooplo who
have been accustomed to tho uso of Blttors
and Cordials aro obliged, ovontually.lo ro
lorttp McLean's Liver Pills for perraanen
Stoamor Capital City, St. Loulf.
" R. A. Babbago, Louisville.
11 Idlowlld, Kvnnsvillo.
" Grand Towor, Memphis.
" J. S. McDonald, Now Orleans.
" Hollo Vernon, Cincinnati.
" Eddyvllle, Louisville.
11 Jim Fisk, Paducah.
11 Illinois, Columbus.
Stoamor Capital City, Vlcksburg.
" R. A. Babbagc, St. Louis.
11 Idlowlld, Evansvillo.
" Grand Tower, St. Louis.
" J. S. McDonald, Louisville.
" Belle Vornon, Now Orlenns.
" Idlowlld, Louisville.
" Jim Fisk, Paducah.
" Illinois, Columbus.
Steamboats supplied at any time, both
day and night, with either lump or chest
nut coal, In any quantity, nnd on usual
terms, at tho yard at Grand Tower, Ills
Spocial contracts offorud on favorable
terms upon application.
II. V. Olyfuant,
D. A. Bokee, Ocn'l. Supt.
Sales Agent. 3-15-ly.
Tho elegant packet City of Chester,
Captain Zcigler, leaves this ovoning nt 0
o'clock for "Memphis and all way landings.
Sho Is tho regular mail packet.
Tho fast City of Helena is tho regular
packet, leaving tho wharf this ovunlng ut
C o'clock for St. Louis and way landings-
Tho splondid low water boat Arkansas
Bello will leave for Kvnnsvillo and all way
landings this ovoning nt 0 o'clock.
Tlio fast Jim Fisk, Jr. U tho daily
Paducah packet, leaving at -1 o'clock p.ni"
Tho good runniiig tug I'acbo makes 3
daily trips to Mound City.
Tho fall in tho Ohio during the past 21
hours has beon very little. The recent
rlso in tho Ohio nbovu hero will probably
swell tho rlvur at this point a fow Inches.
Pilots report .even feet on French Is
land. Cumberland rivor remains very low.
Reports from Pittsburg, Cincinnati und
Louisvlllu iay that thu river is falling
The' Mississippi remains ubout tho same.
There is not inoro than seven feet from
hero to St. Louis, and Grconflold't is said
to glvo boats. more troubl'j than any other
bar. There wero u couplo of boats
aground there yesterduy.
Business on and about tho landing" was
very good considering yesterday was Mon
day, which us n general thing is tho dull
est day.
During the forenoon tho beat was a-ful,
and old Sol had no mercy. It became
cloudy in tho afternoon, nnd the iiliuos
phcro was a few degrees cooler.
The Nashville was aground at Caioy
villo twcnty-Uvo hours. Sho brought 11
fair trip. Thu Capital City liad tho Mem
phis trip of the St. Joseph. Tho Babbngu
hud n tow containing 3000 bbls cement for
St. Louis. Tho towboat Coal Hill with
hor tow of iron oro has laid up hero for
tho present, und will wait for moro water
in the river. The Lady Leo had a splen
did trip of freight and peoplo when she
left here. Sho added about 70 tons freight
and u number of people. Thu J.S. Mc
Donald had u largo tow of empty roal
Tho Hello Vernon brought down the
new bargo recently built for tho Mist. V.
T. Co. It is a mammoth barge and will
carry fully sixteen hundred tons.
Tho Eddyvlllo arrived with n big re
shipping trip. Sho reports tho Shannon
with a barge hard aground at Casyville.
Four and a half feet there. Sho only
grounded ono hour on her way out, and
her pilots deservo pralso for tho piece of
work. Sho was drawing all the water
there was in thu chunnel.
Tho fight between tho Davidson lino
aud tho McLnno lino wnxeth hot and hot
ter, and some body is going to get hurt.
Tho rate huvo been put down so low that
neither can muko any money, and it
stems to bo their only objoc. to forco ono
another to tho wall. It is 11 pity thoro Is
not room enough on tho grand Mississippi
rivor for two lines of steamers to ply their
trado without interfering witli each other.
Tho company which win? the day will
hereafter ho nothing moro than a grand
monopoly, and passengers and shippers
will bavo to pay rate4 Unit will sopn
refund to the company, all tho losses that
it sustains during thu present fight.
Tho suagboat Alitor! is still working
hard at tlie wreck of tho lilnck Hawk, and
from what wo can learn nho will succeed
in removing it.
So much has been said, In tho lnt fuw
months, in regard to the epeed of Oia
steamers Grand Towor und Illinois, that
wo for onu would liku to seo it decided,
and thu only way to do it Is to havn a fair
and squar ra,c. Doth aro fast boats, and
tfioy havo many friends hero who would
like to know which is actually tho fastest
boat. Now whore shall tho triul take
Tho City of Alton and J. II. Johntion
havo boon aground abovo tho slouch
since Sunday ovcnlng, ond scoin to bo
stuck pretty fast. Thu Alton lies nbout
a quarter of a mllo bolow tho Johnson,
closu to the Missouri shore.
Oily Niltlounl Iliiiilt HiilliMuir.
8Beclal attention paid to orders from steam
boats night ordar
If you wish to induigo tn a dollclou
cigar, patronizo P. Saup, Commercial ave
nuo If you wish good chowing or smok
ing tobacco, pipes, tobacco pouches, oto.,
go to P. Saup's popular Tobacco and
Cigar store.
House for rent on Division street, bo
tweon Twentieth and Twenty-first street
Apply to Mrs, Garl'ney, Central House,
Foreign Advertisements.
Principal Offico 101 Fifth St., (Jin., O
To bo dlstrlbutod in
Xj . 3D. BUTE'S
117 Hi llenulnr Monthly
To bo drawn Monday, SoptMnlwr Ulh, 1872.
One Grand Capital op
5 ;OOQ O-OLD !
Two Prlzoe $1,000 JJ f
Two PrlzM 600 5. J
Flvo Prlzos 100
One f'ninliy CnrriAKn nnd Matched llnrixn vtllti
HIlror.Mountvil llnrncx, north 11,600.
One Horaennd Iluugy with "liver. Mounted liar-
nr., worm iwi
Onn flne-tontd Kutawoml i'lnnn, worth t'JO).
Kito In mil v umlnu timchlnpii. worth SlUJrneh.
7Wolilnnd Bilvi-r iMur hunting wnlehen, woith
irmn so to jvicen, Lamm hum iroiiiiiicnninr,
K't' Kol Vfet chuilif, Dulld Hint double lilaleil
miter table ami tnopoonn photoKrnjili album,
jewpir) , mo., nr.
Whole number of Kills, t!,'xn). Tickets limited to
AkoiiIh nantiMl to .i-li ilckrM tn whom literal
ircmium will he pnid.
Mtyitf llckidH nri" dollnr t U llckrtn livcilo).
tarsi twelirn ilcki-tn, ten dollar ( twi-ntjr.flve
twrnty ilolliim.
circular containing i fiill 111 of riii, ml.
MTlptlon of Hi" itiKiiui-r ot drwlnj(. nud other
Information In rcriiii.'o'lo iho dlirlhiiiion, will
Iw Hfiit to any oiip oi.lerluj iluiu. All Inter
iniift be addrM-d to I,, U. HlNi:, llox, tn.
nmrr, (Tthuiunxll, O.
1111 wmi &tli H. noftrAUlv
Lkoai.i.kd 11 v State Autiioiiitv a.vd
DltAWN IN l'fllLK! i.v Sr. Louit.
Grand Sitiglo Number Scheme.
CLAhM II, 10 iik DltAWN Aug. 31, 1872.
6,880 Prizes, Amounting to $300,000.
too rius of.....-.. Ki
Foreign . Advertisements.
ititit a T m a f M
1,13(1 ItidiJO Atfntie, I'hIUdeln'ila, Pa.
DUCKS -TUHTI.n3,.c.-rorDfCor.tllni!
VltnOIW, CHAlttH, BETI'KKU, Ac., Ac,
I'ront of llouro and C'smctcrles. cfer boforo
I'iiIpIIo llulhliniis nnd Hriunreii, Cfinfterjr Lot,
and (Inrdoii Konron, lUlconlcp, Hoof Cresti'iux,
"Tf! "'""I.Tnntty of l'Mtcrns.
lltO.N HTAIIW, Mplrnl nnd .tnlght, ol yarlnu.
ciV orwor'll " ' Upt'tM entlon glten till.
1,AW' I'OSTH, for Front, of I'uhllo llnlldlnKS,
lolflf, and City Stroft,ol Pun and Elaborilo
BTAIII.E KITT1NOS. of Castnnd Wroniiht-Iron.
ol New linproted Styles, nuch m Hay ltarkv
lall DiTlnlona, ManKcra, llarnef s llrackotn, dm.
Ir, Tmp, Ventllaiorii, Ate.
WlltE U'OIlK of etery lc9crlitl jn. Wiro
(luarilt of Crlinpoil U'lrf ,llal'jlfci t r t'nlntcil,
in Plain nr Ornamcnlnl I'aitrrna, lor Htoro Doora
or Windows, factory and Wroiouo Window.
ItAlllnga for Olllooa, llinka. Counter Hallinga.
Ilalconiea, l.awn tnd F.irm Fencer, Ac, Ac
OVI'IM for entraiica tu Cmelrlea, Puhllt
Hipiarea nrd (entl"iiieii'a Country Scat, of U
Tublngor WrmiKht.lron, both HckIo uml douMp
In elahornte .Hid almtile ile.lulin,
DKINKINtl FOU.VTAI.NH, lor atreel unea. A
tery laro aaaortmont of dcalgm exnre'aly for
tlua puttinae,
( ,vr-lUON VltlNAI. IlOXi:-!, for puUio parka
and citr tree'a.
tiVAl. AMEM, latoat itylei, centennial pattern.
IIIICIIIMt i' JSTS, Jockey, Oiolle, Samho and
p,ttln de'oitn!. 4 6eod Dm,
1 l'rlzoor. .W,"o
1 " of. 1S.IWI
1 " Of. 10,1H)
1 " of 7,K)
t ' nf ,.. tt.UlC
4 " ol ., S..VIO
vi or . i,ui
v) " ut Joo
4U " of 6W
Tickets S10; Hulf Tickets, $5: Quarter
Tickets, 52 00.
Our loltefie nre chanerrd by the htnte, are
alwaya drawn at the tune named, and all draw
lnn are under the eupertloon of sworn com
hi)Hiuners The oUi!lnl drawint: will be imUlkhed In the
St. I,oula paper and n ropy eent to purcliaera
of ticket!.
We will draw annular cbeme the latt Day of
cjery month durlnit the )ear lh7i.
Hemltat our rl.k br ponlntrice mney onlnrt
regintert'd letter, drafi or vxprraa ct-iul fur cir
cular. Addreaa, MUP.KAV, MIM.Kll A CO.,
I'. O. twx -Jllo. lit. lxiuia, Mo.
A KIT r". I). A G K N TS!
JlDOtoISM per month, ereryithere, male and
femal, to lutroducu tho the latet linproted, ,
tnol aimplo and pci'wt S-HL'TTLI! SKHI.VO ,
MACHINE t'tir lutenttd. Wt- challenie the
world to compote vith It Prtee only II 0'.', and
fully warranted for lite year, making tnn
Elantic Lock blilch, alike on IkiIIi eMe The
ame na all Iho hint: priced huttlt
mai'hlnea. Alto. the reUtirated and 1
CHINE. PncoonlyllJ . and fully warranted
tor rite yearn. 1 hee machines will ttileh, hem, I
fell, tuck, tpnll, fjrd, hind, hraid ond tmhioider I
m a moat iiierlor manner. And are warranted
loilo all work that can he done on any high-priced
innetpue In the world. For cir-ulara and lerina
aldrcm S. WVNKOOP A C.,ai Itid.'e nvenue I
P. O. I!oi.27:o Philadelphia, Pa. n-23. 2mw i
An Atront, male or feinali'. In i'cry towubl l
10 sell Ilic oxi.v (iniiiiaru hook ii inr kiihi ,
contaliiliufJO,!) IlfCflj.t- in I'Vcry deparl
liieiit of liuinaii cllbrt. 61i) pcrvrar ed
to cerj line who ba II. Kwry body uaiiti t
It. EVP.ItV ItODV Itl'Vn II :i eoon n- iilliTfil.
iil0 per week, -lire. KXTItA Ti:i!.M.
Acenta will ml It If Ibev tin not mldre!
Ciiiitilifiital I'libli-liliiL' t o.. fil.I S. .-1Mb
Mreet. M. I.oul-. w-lin.
PA I I. J. N lll'll. Ali'l.
I AVE proved, from the rrioit ample exper
IJL lence, an entire tuccenas hunple Prompt
l.lhvieiit and K, liable. They are the oi.lv medi
cine perfectly adapted to popular un-u anil
ine iiiai miainKe cniinni ue mnoe in uninc uiem;
n harinlera a lo he free from daneer. und eo
etlieientaa to heulwayi reliable. They dure riilh
ed the hlghe'l commendatloiu from oil, and will
alwufa render autlafactlou,
o. l.eiii.
I, Cure rnvpm, connection, InflarnmnHona t',
't, " WorniH, worm ft'er. worm colic ai
U " !ryliiKeolin or teething ol infrtnta...lU
4, " lllrrlioca, of children nnd diilt...'20
ft, " llynciitery, KrlpliiK, hdioua colic .ill
" 'liileri-iiHirlnw, vomilini;.... 'it
7, " 4'hulfra. coldit, hronchltiik i"i
t, " .Vciir,.l;lii, toutli.K'he, fnccitolio
0, " Ilt'lKllicllt'a, aiek lielaebe. teitifjoii'i
10, 11 llyajifilit' hillniia atomiti'hi' 'it
11, " NiipiireHHttl, or paliifnl period i5
111, " WliHn, too profiixe perio e
111. 11 Slrtitllt. couch, dinlruit hreatlnni?.
II, 41 Null Ulii'iini, Eryaloela, Kriiptlont'il
n, " Itneiiinullsiii, rheumaile pauu 'Si
IB, " ever ami Akiio, chill lover, RKiim&O
17. " nirs, Mind or hloecllnK. tu
In, " ilillilriiiy, nml aore or weak cye.M
1'J. " 4'atltrrll. wine or chronic. liilliienznM
20, '' WIiooiiIiik-CoiikIi, violent lioiigh.&il
'il, " AnIIiiiiii, oppioned hreathin M
'ii, " i:r lllM'liiii'K'a, iliieiilreil hcariniM
'ii, " f4,rolillil,enlari;edKlandi., awelhnK'
xi, " irnt'rui iieitlllly, physical weak-Mi
lieaa M
111, " ltriiisy nnd acantySccretions W
VI, ' Sen MfkiicNS.eicuiieaa from rjdlii' t'
'it, " Hlcliiey-lllheaHe, liruvel &u
'ii, " NervniiN IXIillil)', aeuiliial eii.l..
Kioiia.Iuioluiiliirt dlcl.ar(;e 1 00
I'l fllln.xe-, Willi one ti v ml of powder
very nernaanry in aerioun ciino...u CM
iW, " Nore Month, canker Ml
50, " llrliiiiry V'uUih'mh, wettliiK led.iii
51, " I'ltliilnl I'l-rlotlN, with apaMina.....ftii
ii, " NHIIerlliH;Nil change of lio...,..l ou
HI, " KlliiMy,iaiarn,l3l,Vitua'ilitnce,l mi
at, " Itlpllu'rlii, irfcernteii aoro thr il 6o
UI3.1 lo (10 liirt vIuin, iniirncoo
iirruavmiiMl fitac, ruiituliilni; i
Mi'i'lllc fur fverj- iirtllniiry riU
t naeit nuiilly laNiiliJecl lo, mill
buokN oftllrt'etlniiH -...from $10 to 823
smaller Family und Trnt rlliiK ch e,
20 to 68 ylul trom 81! to
Bpeclflo lor all I'rlvaltt niseuseN,
IhiIIi (or Ciirlnir nml ror I'revrn.
Ilvo treatment, m rinla unn pocket
CO"-'" MJ to 5 1)0
Curea lliirna, llru.aei. bamcneaa, Horcne,Hore
Ihroat, Spiama, Ti'Othuche, Earache, Neuruleia,
ilieilinatiani, I.umbiijjii, J'llea, Holla, etui, horo
Eyea. Illco ling of the l.unga, Noe, Stomach, or
ol I'lli'H, Coma, Ulcura, Uld Sorea,
I'rlco, uoz.,W cla, i I'jntn, 1 & Qunrta, 51 75.
Ctr llicso rt medics, except Poii IV Extract, by
lliecaeor alngle oox, nrn acnl toany part of tbo
country, by mail or exprem, frco of charge, .on
receipt of iho price.
OlJlce and Depot, No, mi llroadway, Nnw.Tnrk,
Vuiil'o preinired In luniUli uiill'nnn lo
to uny number ordered, fur $1 -w u etmiiilelu
outllt j Cup, Capo, Torch with Stick, .nnd
Kliu?. Send order nt onco lo
30Mrkct St., up talr, CHICAGO, U.L.
Mnrcar Hitler are notuvllo Fancy Drtflk.
made oi Poor Itnm, Whisky, Proof Sptriu nd
llcfina I.lquora, doctored, aplccd. ond lrcteDf
to plnsethc taste, called "Tonica," "Appetlxcrt."
' Itcitoroni," Ac, that lead the tippler on to drunk-
enneM and ruin, but are a true Medicine, made
from tho native roots and herbs of California, Irte
from all Alcoholic Stimulants. They arc the Ore at
Wood Purifier and a Ufe-elvlng Principle, a Perfect
ltcnovator and Invlgorator of the System, carry ing
oil all polaonons matter and restoring the Wood
to a healthy condition, enriching It, refreshing and
Invigorating both mind and body. They are eaty
of admlnutratlon, prompt in their action, certain
in their results, safe ami reUablo In all forma or
i Person can lake these Itinera accord
ing to directions, and remain long unwell, provided
their bonea are not destroyed by mineral lson
or other means, and tbo vital organs wanted beyond
the point of repair.
I spr pain or Indigestion, Headache, Paul
In the shoulders. Coughs, TlghtiiCM of the Chest,
Dizziness, Hour Eructations of the Stomach, Had
Taste in the Mouth. Ililloua Attacks, Palpitation of
the Heart. InflammaUon of the I.unga, Pain In the
region of the Kidneys, and a hundred other painful
eymptoms.arcthcotftprlngaof Dyspepsia. In these
complaints It ha no equal, and one bottle will
proio it better guarantee of lUt merits than a
lengthy advertisement.
I'm- Female Coinplnlnls, u young or old,
married or alngle, at the dawn of womanhood, or
the turn of life, these Tonic Ulttcra display so de
rided nn Influence that n marked Improvement Is
hoon perceptible.
I'ur llilluiMiiintnry nml Chronic Ilheu
ninil.ui andtiout, Dyspctwla or Indigestion, 111!
Ions. Itcmltteiit and Intermittent I'etera, Dl-ase
of the Illood, Liver, Kidney a aud Illadder. these
llltter hate Ucii most Hiccesaful. Such Diseases
nrr can.e,l t.r Vitiated Hloo.1, which Is generally
lirtalucctl by tlcratigcmcnt of the Digestive Orgaas.
Tliryaie n (ienllr I'lirgvllte aa stell aa
n'l onii , K)-seing also the iecullar mentor act
ing aa ,t powerful agent In relieving Congestion or
Inflammation of the Liver ami Visceral Organs and
III lllllous Diseases.
For Skin lllsrasea, Eroptlons. Tetter, Salt
Itlieimi, lllotchea, Spota, Plrnplea, Putlulea, Polls,
Carbuncles, King-worms. Scalddlead, Nire Eyes,
Eryslpel.vs, llch, Scnrts, Discoloration of theskla.
Humura aud Diseases of the Skin, of whatever
name or nature, are literally dug up and carried
out of the ay stem in a short tune by the use of theto
Illlters. One bottle In such cases, win convince the
moat Incredulous of their curative e fleets.
demise the Vlllatctl lltootl whenever you
find Its impurities bursting through the skui la
llmples. Eruptions, or Sorea : cleause it when you
find It obstructed and sluggish tn tho veins; cleanse
It when It Is foul ; your feelings will tell you when.
Keep the blood pure, and the health of the system
will follow.
flrntrfnl Thousands proclaim Vl.vr.am 111 r
tcks the most wonderful lnvlgorantthat ever sus
tained the sinking avatcm.
I'ln, Tnie, itmi other Worms, larking lu
the system of to many thousauds, aro effectually
destroyed and removed. Kays a distinguished
rhysloloilst : There Is kcarccly an Individual on the
face of the earth whose body Is exempt from the
presence of worms. It Is not ujion the healthy
elements of tho body that worms exlit. hntui
the diseased humors and slimy deposit that lire-!
theae living monsters of disease. No ayrtem ot
medicine, uo vermifuges, no authelmlnltlca, will
free the system from worms like these Hitters.
Mi t'linnlrnl DUeasea. Person engaged 111
Taint and Minerals, such as Plumbers, Type
acttcnt. Cold-beaters, and Miners, a they advance
In life, are subject to paralysis of the Ilowel. To
guard against this, take a dov nf Walker' Vin
luak IiinKiii twlco a week.
lllllous, Itriiilttiut, nml Iiileriiilllent
Fesris, which are ao prevalent lu the valleys ol
our great river throughout tho United Males,
-specially those of the Mlaslsalppl, Ohio, Missouri,
Illinois. Tennessee, Cumberland, Arkansas. Hed,
Colorado, llrazos. Wo tirande. Pearl, Alabama,
Mobile, Savannah, Iloanokc, James, and many
others, with their vast trtbutarica, throughout our
entire couutry during the Hammer aud Autumn,
and remarkably to doting seasons of unusual heat
nnd dryue.s. are Invariably accompanied by exten
sive derangements of the stomach and Lut, and
other abdominal viscera. In their treatment, n
purgative, exerting a powerful Influence upon these
various organs, 1 tutlally necessary. There H
no cathartic for tho purpose equal to Dn. J. Walk
kh's Viseoak I urn: in, as they will speedily
remove the dark-colored vLsdd matter with which
the bowels are loaded, at the same time stimulating
the aecrctlons of the liver, and generally rcstorm
tho healthy functions ol the dlgesllto organs.
Si rofulu, nr Klnc's Kvll, White SwelllDKs.
riecra, Erysljedas, hwellcil Neck, Goitre, Scrofulous
Inflammations, Indolent Inflammations, Mercurial
Affections, old Sores, i:ruptlonsof the Skin, Sore
Eyes, etc, ctj. In theso a In all other constitu
tional Disease, Walklk's Vinloaii llirrnis have
khown their great curative potycrs la tbo W"st
obstlnato and Intractable cases.
Dr. U'nlker'a Caliroriila Vinegar Un
lets act on nil theaa caM-s in a pitnllar manner.
Ily purifying iho Hlood they remove the cause, and
by resolving away the effect of the Inflammation
(tho tubercular deposit) tho affected part receive
health, and a permauent curu Is effected.
The properties of Kit. WaI.KKH'. INEOAIl
riiTTKin nre Apericut, Diaphoretic, Carminative,
Nutritious, Laxatlte, Diuretic, ficdatlve. counter
irritant, sudorific. Alterative, and Antl-liHious.
The Anriltiit and mild lAxatlve properties
of I in. Walkkii'ii ViN-caAii niTTEiis are the belt
aafo-guard la cases of eruptions and malignant
fevers. Their babtamlc, healing, and soothing pro
perties protect the Immora of tho fauces. Their
hedatlvo properties allay pain In the nervous sys
tem, stomach, and bond, from Inflammation,
wind, colic, cramps, etc.
Their t'oniitr r-lti Ititnt Influence ex
tend throughout the system. Their Antl-Ullleu'
properties atlmulate tho liver, In tho secretion si
bile, and Its discharge through the biliary dncts,
und aro Mipcrlor to all remedial agents, for the cure
of lllllous Fever, Fever und Ague, etc
Fortify the hotly ngnlust tllsensr by
purifying nil it fluid with vineoak Dimus. No
epidemic can take hold of a system thus fore-armed.
Directions. Take of the Hitter on going to
bed at night from a half to one nnd one-half wine
glassful. Eat good nourishing food, such a beef
Meak, mutton chop, venison, roast beef, and vege
tables, nnd take out-door exercise. They are
oomposcd ol purely vegctablo Ingredients, aud
contain no spirit.
it. ii. Mcdonald . co
Druggist and Ceu, Apt.. San I'rauclsco, Cal,,
cor. ol Washington and Charlton tits., N.V.
S-'Jl iKVw 111).
This htlpt'il) Imir tlyu Is llm best In Iho
world perfectly harmless, reliable nud In
sliintiiiietiiis. Nodlstippoliitnifiit. Thegen
ulnti r. A. llatcheloi's lluir Dye iiroducck
iiiiiiieillutt'ly ti iiiitunillilaekiirbi'own. Dooa
not ataiii the ekiiiliut leave thu hair clean,
Milt nnd beautiful. The onlv safe ami per
IVet hair dye. Sold hy all ilniiglsts. File
lory, 1(1 lhinil atreet, N. Y.
Ilapjiy relief to young men from the ollecl
of ciTnr, and aliiikes in eitrly life. .Manhood
restored, liupudliiioiitH to Marria;o re
moved. New method of treatment. ew
and ruinai kalilo iviihmIIch. Hook and erlcu-
2 .South Ninth fit., l'lilludelph a, Pa.-an In-i-tltutloii
havlnc a lilt i reputation for honor
ahln conduct antl prolon'ilonal i-klll.
A victim of early Indlscrellnn, cnitalug rorvouw
doblllty.premHtnro decy, eto., having tried li;
vain every advertised remedy, has tllscoverod
simple means of self-cure, which he will tend
nee to hi fellow sufferers, J, H.IUe No.TI
eet.NewTork, . ,

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