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Ms. 0. C. Davidson Ii the happy father
of a new girl baby.
Wk understand that there U to be fome
fun at T Cuhl'a building up-stalrs thli
evening. The belt itrlng band In tbo city
has been engaged for tbo occasion. Ev
erybody should attend.
0. Hanny, largeit stock of Blankets.
A mail acent was robbed at tbo St.
rt..lM W1 nlffhl before last. The thief
crated hlmielf under the bed and af
ter the agent had retired and fallen asleep,
made way with a watch and about twenty
dollars In money.
a Hakkt, largest stock of muslin.
To ant of our friend who desire a
first-class article In the lino of boots, shoes
or gaiters, made to order, of the.best itock
and In any ityle or pattern desired, wo
would lay trv Wo Ebler's before going
elsewhere. J 10 19tf
Lao stock of dresi goodi at C.
Mb. C. Hannt hai juat returned to this
citr with a stock of fall goods, which for
quantity, quality, ilylo and cheapness ho
is confident lias never been equalled in
this citr. He will offer an assortment of
ladies' dress goods, handsome prints, mus
lint, notions, etc., etc., at extremely low
figures. Call and examine, and be con-
xlnced. 10-13-lf.
Riad the advertisement of the Nick
Lonirworth in another place. She is load
ing for New Orleans and all way ladings,
and will leavo promptly as advertised.
She has oeen thoroughly over hauled,
newly painted, is a magnificent passenger
boat, and Capt. Lew Kates and his assist
ants we know to be among the most ac
comtnodating men on ths river.
Dr. McCaSk's great aguo cure or com
pound extract of Liriodeodron is purely
vegetable and will never harm the most
delicate constitution. It is well adapted
to all ages and sexes ana not only cures
the most severe attacks of chills and fever,
but tones up the system to such a degree,
that a relaDse rarelv, if ever, will lake
place. 10-1'eodlm
Larqi stock dress suits at C. Hanny's.
Wi invite attention to the card of Dr.
Brigbam, which may be found in another
column of to-day's paper. The doctor is
the only homeopathic physician in the
city, and during his residenco here has
added a large number of converts to that
school of medicine. lie has been very
successful in his treatment of diseases, and
hu built up a large practice in the city
and surrounding country.
Waxtid. Two thousand men at good
pay, and five hundred teams at $4 60 to
$5 per day, to go to Marshall, Texas, to
work on the Texas and Pacific railroad
Board $3 60 to $4 60 per week. Teams
and men will be transported to V icksburg,
(from where they can drive to Freeport,)
as miiows: uorsef, 7j mules, fi; wag
ons, f 7 j men on deck, 3. For transpor
tation and other information apply to
11. Burns, Agent,
Mechanics' boarding house,
Cor. Third St. & Commercial Av.
Cairo, Ills.
Tux McUarthyb. Mrs. Ellen Mc
Carthy, who has I been living at daggers'
points with her husband, Michael Mc
Carthy, on Wednesday swore out u peace
warrant for him, asking that he might be
bound over for his good behavior. The
court, after hearing the evidence, pro and
con, put the defendant under $500 bond,
which he procured without difficulty. A
warrant was aiierwaras sworn out by a
Mr. O'Brien", who proved that McCarthy
had brutally beaten him. Judge Dross,
before whom the trial was had, fined Mac
$10 and costs, which he paid.
Mrs. Anna Lang, Eighth street be
tween Commercial and Washington ave
nues, has fust received a large and varied
stock of fall goods, and desires to call par
ticular attention to her handsome assort
ment of ladies' and children's underwear
something new in this market. Her
woolen drawers and leggins combined aro
also something new and the most comfort
able thing for children in cold wcathor
ver devised. Mrs. Lang also has a well
selected assortment of hats, bonnets, rib
bons, flowors, and notions of all sorts, all
of which will be sold as cheap as can bo
iouna eisewnere in mis market.
To n Resvmkd. The ladles of the
Episcopal church will resume tha enter
tainments for the benefit of the church,
but they will be varied this season by
alternating either tableaux and charades
or refreshments with tho muslcales or
Tho series will be continued as follows :
II, Nov. 7. At residence of lion. W. J.
Ill, Nov. 19. At residenco of Mr. 8.
IV, Dec. 3. At residence of Mr. Chat-
V, Dec. 17. At residence of Mr. W. W
All aro cordially invltod. Admission
25 cents.
Floukiko Mill Burkid Loss $S0,
000. The flouring mill of Mr.
Chas. Hess at Wlttemborg, caught firo at
2 o'clock yesterday morning and was
totally destroyed. It was one of tho finest
mills in tho West, being provided with
excellent machinery and all tho modorn
improvements, and is said to havo boon
valued at about $60,000. For tome reaton
t hu been idle moit of the tlmo for a
year past. Wc did not loarn how the
fire originated. It was still burning and
the mill nearly comsumod when tho
Mr. Black, of tho City Shoe Store,
has returned to tho city, having purchased
a very largo stock of fall and winter
boots and shoes, which ho is now dally receiving.
Mr. Black hu selected his goods with
his usual care and taste, and guarantees
bis friends and patrons who may call upon
him, a first-class article. Mr. B. lav
ing met with such good success in intro
ducing ladies', misses' and children's cus
tom made shoes of Brolaskl mako, has
made arrangement with the above gen
tlemen tor a line of their gentlemon's
and youths' hand mado boots and shoes,
to which ho ivites tho attention of the
gontlemen of Cairo. 10-19-tf.
Mr. William Winter, the Artist-
We take pleasure in informing the public
of this city that Mr. William Winter, the
well-known artist, is making arrangements,
to permanently locate in Cairo. lie will
fit up, in splendid style, the second story
of the new building of E. F. Davis, on
Eighth street, and will open a suit of
rooms complete in all their arrangements
Mr. Winter has a natural reputation as
an artist. His portraits are true to life,
real masterly works of art, and he hu
learned better than most men the trade
created by Daguerre, who captured
shadow with a ray of light and imprisoned
it forever. Cairo may well take prido in
tbo fact that an artist of Mr Winter's
talent has concluded to make this city bis
headquarters. He is, too, besides being
muter of bis business, a most estimable
gentleman, and will be quite an accession
to the society of this city
A Mean Man Beats" a Boot Black.
There are mean men in this world, and
one ot tho meanest of the mean is the fel
low whose boots tho poor one-legged boot
black blacked the other day. After tho
work had been done, and a "shine'' put on
the leather that would havo taken the
premium at any boot black's competitive
fair, the fellow paid Booty two two-cent
pieces, liooty, without looking at tho
amount, put it in his pocket. "Give mo my
change," said the Mean Man, and took a
nickle from the cripple. Cripple soon
found out tho mistake, and asked for the
return of his nickle. Mean Man cursed
him. Cripple got Officer Martin. Mean
Man cursed Martin too, but Martin mas
tered the masculine rogue, and produced
him before Brnss. B. has a fine sense of
justice, and, when he had heard the touch
ing truth touching tho transaction, touched
up the Moan Man with a fine of ten dol
lars and filtoen cents. The man'paid the
fine. It is unnecessary to add that that
man camo from Faducab, but Len. Faxon
does not recognize him on tho street.
Tommy's Gone Away. We regret to
say that another of Mr, Munn'a thugs has
taken his departure for Memphis, and
will be compelled to vote in that city at
tho approaching election. Tom Harper is
his name. A cut on the bead of Ellen.
his wife, made by a slung shot in the hand
of Tom, is the cause of his departure.
Ellen had smiled upon another. Tom's
heart cried aloud for vengeance. He
smote the false one. And he left. Tom
was too hasty. If he had consulted Mr.
Nellls, Mr. N. would probaby have told
mm tnat a witness is only required to
swear to the best of his " knowledge and
belief," and that, if Tom had told bit friend
Jim, after the blow had been inflicted, that
Lee, new railroads to Cairo, and Tn
Bulletin to overy sensible Oalrolte.
Wo havo horetoforo noglootod to
notlco that, on lMt Sunday night, Rev.
Jacob Bradley united in tho bonds of
matrimony, Mr. Richard Smith and Mrs.
Frances Johnson. Smith Is tho colored
man whoso wlfo was burnod to doath in
tho conflagration near Rlx's church last
wlntor, and Francos is tho colored woman
whose first husband, after being Immorscd
in a tub of water in his bed room, wont up
to glory. Tho ono went through firo
and tbo othor by wuter; and now their
negotiationt with railroad magnates be
yond the Ohio, and dcsplto tho Inaction
and Indifference of St. Louis, Memphis
will havo access to the cotton and grain
and grazing Holds of tho West."
Gold broastpin with fringed pondants.
Flndor will bo rewarded by rcturntng to
Mother Superior,
d3t Loretto Academy.
A wnmnn (n innlr nnrl trnn. AVarrni
Grand Tower passed yesterday morning. ,urvvng partners, out of regard for the $16 per month. Apply nt The Bul-
Fine assortment of ladies' fans at 0. memory of tho departod, bavo united in a letin. tf.
Hanny's. partnership of tboir own. Tho bonedic-
tion of Jacob is upon thorn.
brevities. II. Levi has opened out
again In the hido and fur trado. His late
competitor is peddling patent boilers, and
gathering in the dimes.
Michaol Coyne is fitting up tho old
post-office for a first-class sjloon.
John Scheel, who has boen vory sick
for some tlmo, is vory well again.
Tho attondanco at Loretto Academy
is largor now than it has boen for several
years. Tho Institution is prospering.
Rev. Mr. Baker, a Baptist mlnlstor
and prospective pastor of tbo Baptist
church of Cairo that is to be, is in the
Bemis, Brown & Co. of St. Louis
manufacturers of and dealers in all kinds
of bags, are establishing a branch house in
this city over Peter Cuhl's commission
It was because J. U. Kocers had as
sumed pugilistic airs that Officer Martin
arrested him, and Squire Shanncssy im
posed a fino of $6 and costs. J. C. paid
the per.a.ty.
'Squire Shannessy dished out police
justico yesterday. Only two esses of plain
drunk were up. Both tho inebriates wcro
fined, $2 and costs each. Onn paid; the
other went to jail for ten days.
"The light fantastic toe" is an cxpres
sion on the tongue of everybody. It is
from Milton's L' Allegro. To trip this too
is tho purpose of the Bismark Bund.
They propose to do so on the night of the
28th inst., at Scheel's ball. Tickets, $1.
Many negroes not entitled to voto are
registerod In this city. Some of them
havo been spotted and will be challenged,
and although all tho Nellises in the land
may attempt to make swearing to a lie
easy for them, they will be arrested.
Messrs. Burhngham and Pope havo
made a betting purse and are bluffing peo
ple for bets. They aro betting that
Oglesby will have 20,000 majority, and
that Oglesby will receivo a larger major
ity in Illinois than Woodson will in Mis
The balmy autumn tlmo Is hero, and
balmy, most delicious weather wo havo
been enjoying. Of course we do not
mean to include Tuesday and Wednesday
in this complimentary notice. They wero
as ugly as Pete Smith and as disagreea
ble as Jake Bradley.
If the stalwart McHale, permitted to
do so by the sagacious street committee,
were to again smooth over Commercial
avenue as far up as Twentieth street be
fore the bad weather commences, tbo
team-driving portion of tbo community
would drive up and call him blessed.
The Thalia society has in rehearsal,
and will soon produce, a play entitled
"Grant and Greeley." ihe piece was
first brought out in St. Louis, and still
draws in that city crowded houses. The
Atbenoum will probably be procured, and
the first performance tako placo sometime
next week.
Col. Winston is the happy, and we may
add, proud, possessor of a genuine Greeley
parsnip, which is now on exhibition at his
office. After being inspected by the curi
ous of this city, it is tho purposo of the
colonel to present it to Conductor Joe
Cormlck, whose tasto runs in tho direc
tlon of such parsnips.
Capt. R. W. Dugan arrived in this
city yesterday from Cincinnati. He will
remain with bis boat, tbo Eckert, a few
days. Wo aro glad to learn that the cap
tain's brother, Irwin, who has been suffer-
Thoro will bo sold, at public auction, on
tho premises, cornor of Cedar and Eigh
teenth streets, on Monday, October 28tb,
at 2 o'clock,
To persons desiring cheap homes in tho
central portion of tho city this is tho best
opportunity yet offered to get property at
their own prlco i it is only nbout thrco
squares from tbe-custom house. Titlo per
fect. 10-25-31
Two Tailors, ono coat makor and ono
pants maker. Only llio best workmen
need apply. Jacoh Lkiinino.
24 3t No. 1C, Ohio Luvoo.
Call and see tho largo stock ot dry
goods nt C. Hiinny's.
trips, and reported nothing aground be
tween here and Evnnsvillo.
Tho Elliott and Holcna did not arrlvo
until yestorday, having boon dotainod by
bad woathor. Thoy had fair trips.
The Robert Mitchell got away yoster-
tcrday afternoon with all tho freight tho
wa'.or will pormit hor to carry, and n largo
list of cabin passengers. Tho damage to
hor machinery was speedily ropairod.
Tho Iko Hammitt arrived with two
bargo loads of stono which will bo placed
on tho levoo In front of tho city.
Tho City of (Julncy camo out wllh a big
trip of freight and passongors. Tho Grand
Tower camo In on tlmo bringing a good
Ed. Gray continue in command of tbo
Emma C.Elliott this trip.
Cniro has n larger port list tbo year
round, than nny othor port on tho Ohio or
Mississippi rivers.
A placo where you can buy as much for
as you can elsewhere for
F. Bross, Judpo, Piosidlng; II. W. Webb,
i.fq., County Attorney j J. U .Lynch,
county Clerk.
In tho mattorof tho guardian of John
F. Davis, tho minor heir of John T. Davis,
deceased, guardian's report filed and ap
proval deferred till next term.
In the matter of tho Guardianship of R.
B. Vlck, minor hoir of Louis Vick, de
ceased ; guardians report approved and
ordered on record.
In tho matter of the ctate of Timothy
Crowly, dee'd, Dennis Divine appeared
and answered tho citation oidercd to
money to administrator.
J. P. Goodhurt vs. administratrix of
James Brown deceased, judgment for
claimant for forty dollars
Trustees of school. T. 10 S. R. 2 W. of
3 P. M. Alexander county Illinois vs. Ad
ministratorSrlvester Wcbstor. Adminis
trator waived notico and service, and en
tercd his appearance. Judgment fur
claimant for $91 87, and plaintiff pay
Elijah Dickerson vs. same, ordor and
judgement for $20.
Tbo people vs. Ned Saundcw (col.) for
larceny, sentenced to twenty days im
prisonment in county jail, ten dollars fine
and costs to stand committed until fino
and costs are paid
The same vs. Harrison Mu-ry and Ben
Smith, larceny, discharged for insufficlen
cy of complaint
.Same vs. same, capias issued returnable
instanter motion to quash complaint on
City Nftflonskl Bask Building.
L.Hprcml attention paid toordera Irotn Kin
boats night rrUr
$3.00 PER DAY
saved by going to John Tancr's
kinds of
avenue. All
Tho city council on Monday tho 14th
inst., adopted thn following resolution:
Resolved That tho board of health bo.
and is hereby instructed to emp'oy not
cxccodlnir threo stiitalxo pcrsc.ns. whoso.
dutv it shnll bo to visit nil families or
persons resident in thn districts or wards
soverallv assigned to them by tho board,
and vacclnnto nil persons not vaccinated
and nil who may requlro to bo rovaccin
ated, taktnir down tho namo, ago, color
ond nlncn or rMldoncn ot eacli nerson vnc
. . ..... .1, . . . . . .
clnaied by tliem, and or all persons who tO pUl'CllUSO SaUUlCS and liar
nro not, nnd who mav refuse to bo vac- , . ...
cinated. ncss, at ins sauuie store on
Tho persons so employed shall act under
the direction or the board of health, nnu
. t. ..11 ... ........ 1, .!.,.. nl.n.
T,"; ":i";:r ot repairing done on
furnished them by tho board. They sIihII saddles and harness, and car
thnroiii'lil v rnrivnM men districts or wnrd . '
as may be aliened to them, and shall ril'gC paillllllg and irilliming
mnKO n lull report everv week 10 mo i ..! ,i , i .1
board of health, Thev thrill also collect Oil short HOtlCC, in good stylo
from nil persons vaccinated who are .Ms. uy g00J mechanics. Call and
to nav therefor, tho sum of twentv-uvo I
centsand shall note tbo samo in their re- examine mv stock, and nrinos
nortu to thn hoard." r 1
i nr. i n i 111 i ;iirr
ltiu mri'u )urruii9 cihiiu uu iui mu jiui -
pno sot forth in the above- resolution nro
Drs. Evans, Parker and Sulivan. Dr,
Evans taking that part of tho city
below Sixth strcot, Dr. Parker
that purt between ttixth and
Fourteenth streets and Dr. Sullivan
that partnbovo Fourteenth street,
Thcso gentlemen will be furnished with
the best vaccino matter, and it is hoped
that all tho citizens of Cairo will co-oper
ate with and assist them in their work so
that it may bo as thorough as possibK
These measures or arrangements bavo
been deemed necessary chiefly on account
of our connection by river and railroad
with other cities wlero tho small-pox
seems to bo very prevalent, and tbo ap
proach of cold weather rendors it very
Important that there be as little material
as possible for it to feed upon during tho
coming winter. The day has passed when
John Taker.
Fine assortment of table, damask, at C.
Mr. R. Jones on Commer
cial avenue, second door west
of Tenth street, is manufactur
ing Boots and Shoes of the
material in the market
and is prepared to ii 1 1 all
orders on the shortest notice.
lie guarantees both the work
and material : his patterns are
of the latest styles, and his
prices lower than any other
shop in the city. Confident
account of being put in jeapordy twice for arguments were required in favor of vac- of the excellence of his Work,
Tho undersigned would ro.pectfully in
form tho public that they have fitted their
now storo house on Eighth street with tho
finest and best assorted stock of
gcnoral morcbandlso ovor boforo brought
to this market. mi in
i .u uiuni
to socuro a largo portion of tho patronago
of tho public,
ANY OTHER Kspa ii.
Our stock it cntlroly now, and
bought expressly for tho coming fall and
wlntor trado of this locality, and consisU
of Ladles, Gents and Children's
And all other articles to bo found In a
first class dry goods and clothing establish
ment. We call especial attention to our large
assortment of dress goods, shawls and
cloaks, which department Is complete in
ull itbdutuils. Ourstockof
is the largest in tho city, and wo nro en
abled to offer special inducements to pur
chasers. In Gcntleincns' Clothing, Hoots and
Shoes, Hats, Caps, and furnishing goods
wo nro fully prepared to meet all de
mands at prices defying competition. As
it is to tho interest of overy ono to buy
where goods aro clionpc-t and best
wo cordially invite tho public
to call nnd examiiiu our stock beforo pur
chasing cliewbure.
Our txtablishmunt is located on the cast
side of KiijMli street, between Washington
and Commercial nvonues.
Blum & Amson.
same offense, continued till Oct. 'J5th'
Same vs. Mitchell Shuts and Fanny
Carter, (col.) fornication j Webb for the
people, Popo for tho defts.
clnation. Experience, observation and he HlVltCS
tho investigations of science havo set tho Uie public,
matter at rest long ago. If wo will not
vaccinato out of considerations of safety
to ourselves, let us remember that tho pul
lie have, if wo havo not, an intorcst in our
protection against this dreadful disease.
JoiiN M. Lansdek,
Chairman of Board of Health.
he had not inflicted it with hit good right
hand, Jim, believing him, could have , ff0m an aWack of tho , f(JV0r
.n.i. l..t fP., J l 5 i ..ii. mi V o I
vu xom uiu noi ume r,uen, ac-. ,lnco ho left Chlr0i ie recovering hh
vuiuuig iu uim b ueti "Knowioago ana be
lie:." i hen Tom might have romained to
volo for the man who does not abuse his
family, but has them all eating at the pub
lic crib. Nellls is a law-conitruer who
should be consulted by all colored gentle
men who with to tquecze an oath through
a very small nolo
Tub Parlor Entkrtainmentb. Dur,
the falls and winters of tbo past few
years tho energetic and devout ladies of
tho Epitcopal church in this city, Roctor
Nobody denies that if you would have Coan, havo furnished to our people a series
oysters by the plate, stewed, fried, roasted entertainments at onco Interesting and
raw or on the half-shell, by tho dozen, profitable to both the audiences and tho
can or barrel, there Is only one placo in the church. Tbo companios who have bon
ciy where you can get the freshest, juiciest orod those ontertalnments by their presence
and best. That place by common consent havo been the most roSnod of tbo city. In
is the Thalia Oyster saloon, at the corner focti we may say that all the devout ole-
of Twelfth street and Waslngton avenue, monti wllb- sprinkling of the worldly
nd, while there, if you thould chance to bavo been tboir patrons. On Tues-
call for a glass of St. Louis lager ; a glass J' "'b'bt last, as we havo already In.
of wine, native or foreign, or something formed tho public, the first ontertainmont
of atlrongor kind, your own good taste
will testify that Jaockel keeps tho best.
Then go to the Thalia, call for what you
want to eat or drink, and if you are not
more than tatlsfled, ovorybody will say
that you must charge your dissatisfaction
to jour own depraved taste. tf.
Misebadlk Mistakes, Tbo "misory
nd woes" of an editor may be seon In this
recital : On Tuesday evening wo met the
genial Cranford who is putting down the
tuphe.lt pavement at the custom-houso,
svnd we wrote as follows:
OranforJ, a devllUh good fellow, (Seof
field told us he was, and ho looks and voted
like one), vrho imt down afplialt pavement,
nd Is now at work at the cuttom-hou'e
square la this city, will tinUu his job thin
We were lomewhat surprised yesterday
saornlng to And that a man by the name
awford, ill m devilish good fellow,
i also t putter down of asphalt,
uigh be was not at work on
tx. he would nevertLe-
s week. The item
irent'e admlnistra-
ny of the
of tho fall series of this year was given
at the residonco of Messrs Safford and
Candeo, whoso estimable ladies, oven in a
moro hearty mannor than tho hosts, re
ceived and entertained the audience, which
was appreciative of all tbo good things
mental and material furnished to them;
and it may bo noted as a neculiaritv o
this entertainment, that the hospitable en
tertainers furnished to their guests ele
gant refreshments, so that tho stomachs of
ihe audienco as well at their minds were
supplied with appropriate aliment.
The next entertainment will be at the res
idenco of Judge Allen, (who it not ex
celled as an entertainer by anybody any
whero), on tho evening of November 7tb
and of courso everybody will be there!
Trie Bulletin, because of the many mul
tifarious and very onerous and exceedingly
troubletome dutiet which had been im
poted upon Itt local did not give to the
entertainment that publicity it should
have givan, and owes an apology for the
failurej but the future it jbefore ut with
itt ungiven ntertalnmenu.and we believe
we can ufely proinlte to make thtra pop.
ular with the ptople.
health and will return to tho Eckert after
visiting Memphis.
A young lady of the convent school,
while going to, at, or returning from
the fair of St. Joseph's German Catholic
church, on Wednesday night, lost a valu
able breastpin, gold, with fringed pen
dents, attached to a Quaker handkerchief
a green handkerchief with white border,
The finder will bo rewnrdol by returning
tho pin to Motbor Superior, Loretto
Dick Brown, the black thief who
lately robbed Cheney of his ovorcoat, loft
it at a house in tho barracks, whoro it was
found yestorday. Tbo monoy nnd Dick
wero gone. Dick must vote for Grant, if
ho is a thief. Wo ask Mr. Munn to re
quest the officers to allow him to return
unmolested on election day. Probably
Mr. Nellis could construe tho law, so that
It would bo made clear, on tbo oath of
Dick's friends, that Dick only took the
coat but did not steal it.
It may shock tho tornperato the
tomperato who don't tako to whisky but
have a proclivity logo thirstlni; all their
lives to say that Tom Parker is the
prince of bar men, but ho is, and has
made, (If old drinkers of good taito aro to
be rolled on) tho old Dolmonlco tho dis
ponser of tho finest of toddies. Ho has a
fine tomporanco drink which is becoming
vory popular with tho men who touch
not, tasto not, handlo not. Tom's Tonlcal
Temperance Tonor, is what it is called.
Its prlnclplo Ingredient it woak watorj
but tho whisky used in it is said to bo
The Bulletin has a number of cor
respondents It takes groat prido In.
Jewett Wilcox hat mado our columns as
Interesting as a good story by bit racy let
ters, and we bopo be may continuo them.
Our readers, In looting him would loose an
old friend. They could not do without
him. Hols asnecettary to their happl.
nets as a joke to Capt. Hambleton, an op
portunlty to say "Yes" to Agent Johnson.
a good anecdote to Capt. Hslilday, a negro
vote to P, Pope, a quart of whisky to Bill
The first locomotive mado for tho
Cairo and St. Louis railroad has been
named tho S. Slants Taylor.
Tho Memphis ' Appeal ' says that on
tho 1st of January, 1874, within fifteen
months, the Mississippi Central road will
be completed from Jackson, Tennessee, to
Tbo Mobilo and Ohio railroad bavo
opened a freight and ticket office at No,
Ohio Lovee in this city. Tho good
looking and clever John H. Jones offici
ates as agent. Wo wish him success.
Tbo Waterloo 'Advocate,' of tho
10th Inst., says: "Tracklaying on the
Cairo and East St. Louis railroad com
menced opposite Carondelet lust Monday;
tho work is being put through now, and
wo are told that inside of six weeks rail
road shipping facilities will lo ours. Tho
contract for grading the road bed from
Carondelet to East St. Louis hat been let,
and is to bo finished within twenty-live
days, when the iron will bo laid to tbo
north terminus.
An immense amount of work is being
dono on tbo Cairo and Vincenncs road at
this city. In company with .Mr. Thomas
Ualliday, and behind his fast-going and
rather fiury carriago horse, wo went over
the work on Wednesday ovening last,
and wero astonishod by tho progress that
has been mado during tho lust
fow weeks. Tho ombunkrncnt, insido tho
leveo. is being constructed, und is n diffi
cult job, tbo "dirt" having to bo brought a
long distanco by teams. OuUido tho leveo
the embankment is us wido ns n turnpike
on tho top, and is finished to tho round
houso fill, whero piles uro being driven
preparatory to commencing the construc
tion of tho round houso nnd turn table.
Betweon tho round homo and tho leveo
tho machino shops and freight depots
will bo built. Tho local depot will bo lo
cated at Twentieth street nnd Commeicial
avenue. Jim Ryan and John Cuhill uro
two of tho bosses of tho work, and know
their business liko n book.
Tbo Memphis 'Apponl,1 ol tho 21st
inst., says: Memphis must build a road to
tho highlands beyond tho St, Fruncisrivor;
that such a roud would connect with tho
Cairo nnd Kulton and nt nn early day
with tho Iron Mountain road j thut ut a
rocent meeting of railway rnanugors in
St. Louis it was determined that tho Iron
Mountain road thould bo extend'! to
Memphis either along tho river sboro
from Belmont or by a branch road
descending tho vulioy of White
river. Tho 'Appeal' then adds : "At
Indianapolis tho railroad powor of tho
northwestern states is concentrated, and
from this city or Vinconnos tho shortest
route to Shrovoport lies through
Cairo, over tho Memphis and Bulmont
road. Having a million acres of tho
richest land in the valley of tbo Missis
slppl, thit Momphit and Belmont (Iron
Mountain) company have entered into
dock of black silks at C.
Steamer H M Shrove, St. Louis
" Umpire, Evnnsvillo
" John Lumsdun, Evnnsville
" Bee, Now Orleans
" Emma C. Elliott, St. Louis
" City of Hulenx, St. Louis
" Illinois, Columbus
" Jim Fisk, Puducah
" City of Quincv, St. Louis
" Iko Hnminltt.'Rock Pil
" St. Joseph, Memphis
" Grand Tower, St. Louis
Steamer II M Shrove, Memphis
" Umpire, EvMnsvillo
" John Lum'den, Retirement
" Bee, St. Louis
11 Emma C, Elliott, Memphis
" City of Helena Vicksburg
" Illinois. Columbus
" Robert Mitcholl, Now Orleans
" Jim Fisk, I'aducah
" City of (Juincy, Now Orleans
" St. Joseph, St. Louis
" Grand Tower, Memphis
Steamboats supplied at any time, both
day and night, with either lump or chest
nut coal, in any quantity, and on usual
terms, at tho yard at Grand Tower, Ills
Special contracts offered on favorable
terms upon implication.
H. V. Olyphant,
D. A. Bokke, Gen'l Supt.
Sales Agent. 8-15-ly.
roats departing to-day.
Tho fino nnd new steamer Jo Kinney
(in placo of Julia), is tho regular packet
leaving for Vicktburgnnd nil way land,
ingsthis ovoning at 0 o'clock. Tho ele
gant City of Chester is tho Anchor lino
bont leaving for Memphis and ull way
landings this day at C o'clock p.m., Tho
Susie Sllvor will lonvo to-day nt noon for
Now Orleans nnd all way points. Tho
Jim Fiik is tho mull bont for I'aducah at
lial' pnst four p.m., to-day. Tho Evans-
vill packet leaves at 0 o'clock for all way
points on tbo Ohio river.
condition op the rivers,
Tho river is slowly falling nt this po'nt,
At Pittsburg tho rivor Is on a stand still.
Tho Ohio it rising at Cincinnati, Louis
villo, and Evansvillo, and n small rise
may bo expected hero In n day or two,
Flvo and a half feet in tho Mississippi, and
tbo rivor steadily fulling. Sand bora be
low hero aro stopping nearly overy boat.
0 feet steamboat water bolow horo,
nUSINEHS and weather,
Business on tho lovoo yesterday
very good,
the patronage of
10-1 5-d 3m.
U"You can buy six
and one-half lbs. Durani's
A Coffee Sugar for Ono Dol
lar; Seven lbs. New Orleans
Sugar for One Dollar; Best
three and one-half libs. Prime
Rio Coffee, Ono Dollar ; Best
Imperial Tea, One Dollar and
a half per pound ; Best Gun
powder Tea, One Dollar and
Seventy-five Cents per pound ;
Young Hyson and Oolong Tea,
One Dollar per pound, and ev
erything proportionately cheap
It. S. BRIGHAM, M. I).,
Ilomeonathlc I'liv-iciaii and Surireon. Of-
lice Oi Commercial avenue. Ite-ldenco on
Tenth street, three iloorx wc-t of C. H
Woodward. I0-li.Vl!m.
Tbo fine pa-engi-r packet
i. t. w MHaa
Th I't tntf KltftMit !' ner Steamer
Jack Grammkh, Master.
Ed. Thomas, Clerk.
tST Leacx Cairo for I'aducah and Evans
vi(ie7 oery Thtmduy and Sunday evening,
aiu o ciock. couneciin ai i-.vunt me wan
the 1-oiilDvllle and Cincinnati packet. For
freight or iaae apply to
Jam kb llioort Paenger Aa'.
The tine Pnoenger Packet
Nkoi.ky Rudd . clerk
ETrLcaveB Cairo for I'aducah and Evnnii
vlllu every Tui-Mlay and Friday owning at d
o'clock. For freight or parage apply on
hoard or to
.Iamkh Binnx, l'aieiii;er Aa't.
Tbo lino low pressure Pacnger Packet
rSTLoavcs Cairo every Wednesday anil
Saturday evening atO o'clock, for Piu ,
Leavo" for the above nnd all way points
to-morrow evening on arrival of the train.
For freight or passage apply on board or to
10-'Jltd. Ja. Rigcih, Agt.
Dr. B, K. Klolds Inform" tne publlo that he hu
opened a
on the norlhwcit mde of Tenth street as nsme
Ilia Btablen will be furnUlieil with none but the
and thn public may bo accommodated at all
hours of tho day ami night with safo teams
on the lowest tenn.
Dr. Fields aks a tdinre of public patronago
ami will endeavor to merjt It by fulr dealing
and strict attention to buhlnesa.
Corner Twcnty-feecond street
and Ohio
Tbo woathor was cool and partly cloudy. Always on hand, and at the lowest market
Tho H. M. Shrevo was over iM hours
behind tlmo, She was aground at Pow
er's island 24 hours, and stuck three hours
in Bird's bond while attempting to come
through after, dark.
Th Umpire and Lumiden had fair
price. Also a good article of
Very cheap. Leave orders at HALLIDAY
BROTHERS, or apply at the will.
and Evan-vlllc. For freight or passage up-
ply on board or to
JAMKSllir.os, l'ave ngcr Ag'l.
Thn Hplendid Meamer
Dick Fowler, Captain
Leaves Cairo DAILY, (Sunday excepted), at
4 p.m. For freight orpassage apply on buaru
or to Jab. Mallokv, Ag't.
Jan atf
Will make three trips dally.
At7 "
At 11 a.m
At4:.'JO...... ...,p.m,
At 8:30 a.m.
At i:;to p.m.
At 0 p.m.
av. ull
i'l 00. Will land, when balled, at any good
Intermediate landing for pasxengcrH ot
frelghti). Dovltl.
Petty, 11bb1bo, Uaaollae,
And tha celebrated illuminating

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