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First Edition.
Till-: ixixtio.vn.
rnirported Ipeclally tor the Itiillotln.
Nsrw Yokk, Nov. 0. Tlio Heralds
election estimates glvo Ornnt 28 states,
and Greeley eight, or two hundred und
sixty-eight electoral for Ornnt to
ninety for Greeley.
The popular mujorlty for Ornnt is
placed ut SM.OOO. Thu Humid editorially
iay that whether tho result will bo ac
, counted for by popul'ir strength of (Son.
Grunt, or weakness of Oroeley und feeble
, nun of Liberal Republicans combined
with Democratic bolt, it is tho most re
markable presidential election in tho his
tory of tho country.
Tho Trllmno gives Grnnl -CO
nlectoral vote arid 82 for Grec-
) ley, with tho list doubtful.
I Thero is scarcely a parallel it say in com-
Iplelcncss of route and triumph. It agrees
that Liberalism could not withstand tho
enormous outlays of money expended by
tho Republicans In this canvass. Grant
now has four yean morn of power with
heavy congressional majorities In what
ever reform he may seek to effect ho will
have the aid of the Tribune.
Tho World places Grant's majority at
aOO.OOO. It suys defeat ! duo to the l)e
I mocrucy's surrendering to Greeley. That
demoralization consequent upon the New
York ring speculation of a year or two
ago disheartened and caused his nomlna
( tion at Baltimore, and that the party had
not recovered in timo from Tammany
taint to do anything. Tho Times gives
Grant 300 olectorul vote and Greeley only
forty-six, with tho balance doubtful. All
but three election districts heard from on
the mayoralty voto givo Havemcyer, Re
publican, 61957. Lawrence, Tammany,
4B.605, O'Brien, Apollo Imll, 31,301, Haw.
moyer'a plurality 30,451. Returns from
all but 18 election districts In tho city give
S. S. Cox, Democratic candidate forcon-grenman-st-large,
22,387 majority over
i remain.
Four hjnilred and nine districts hea-d
from with tho following result: Have-
ineyer, for mayor, 43,102, Lawrence 37.9C8,
O'Brien 27.WI.
Tho New York congrojimcn elected nro
ns follows First district, Covert Demo
crat; Second, Shoumaker, Democrat ;
Third, Woodford, Republican; Fourth,
Croako Republican ; Fifth, Robert Repub
lican; Sixth, Hrooki, Democrat ; Suventh
Creamer, Democratic; Eighth, Liwson,
Republican; Ninth, MolU-t, Republican;
Tenth, Wood, Democratic; Eleventh,
PolUr, Democratic; Twelfth, Horton,
Domocritic; Thirteenth, Whitohuusc,
Domocratic; Fourteenth, Duwitt, Liberal ;
Fifteenth, Ferry, Democratic; Sixteenth,
Smart, Republican; Seventh, Hale, Re
publican ; Eighteenth, Wheeler, Republi
can i Nineteenth, Hathorne, Republican ;
Twentieth, Wilbur, Republican ; Twenty
ilrst, Merriano, Republican; Twenty
second, Roberts, Republican; Twenty
third, Lausing, Republican; Twenty,
fourth, Ducll, Republican; Twcnty-tlfih,
M:Dougai, Republican; Twenty-sixth,
Lamport, R-publican ; Twenty-seventh,
1'latt, Ropubliean; Thirtieth, Hnskins,
Republican- Thirty-Orsl, Hubs, Republi
can ; Thrity-sccond, Sessions, Republican.
New Yokk, Nor. 0. Richardson
county gives Grant 171 majority; St.
Lawrence county gives Grant 0,801 ma
Jorlty; Fulton county gives Grant 2,000
majority. Ecuddor, tlio itopub.
lican candidate is elected to congress by
i nno mutorltv In tlwi First district. Hor.
ton, Democrat, is elected in tho Twelfth
district by 2,800 majority. Two counties
10 towns, and twenty-ono districts, ad
ditional, give Dix 6,880 majority. Forty
thrpo towns and twontv-ninodistricts glvo
Ix 0,213 majority. Tho voto for mayor
with only n fow districts to hear from, is
a f.tllnu'A Tin VAninvnp llftnilliltr.nn .10
Oft. T.MWrnlinn Tl.tmnprnl SRHAft.
'llrlon, Apollo hall Dnmocrnt, 74,815).
Returns for supremo court judge givo
Davit, Republican, 42.816; An
derson, Apollo ball Domocrat, 27,735,
Leonard, Domocrat 37,337, for city
judgo. Sutherland, who wai supported by
Apollo hall Democrats and Republicans,
has 67,428. Bedford, Tammany Domo
crat 13,764. Tho small voto polled for
O'Brien, lias causod groat surprise among
ndhoronts of Apollo hall. Many votes
that weroi countod on for O'Brien,
woro fast for Havotneyor. The
Irish in most districts voted
largely for ilavomoyor and Lawrcnco.
Tho following it tho result for city offi
cers: Judgo of eupromo court, Noah
Davis ; suporlor court, H. O. Van Voorst ;
city judge, Joslah Sutherland, district
attorney, B. K. Pholps; coroner, Adolph
Kessler, all Republicans oxcept Suther
land and Keillor, who were candidates of
. i i. . ... . .. i . . . i t.
Appoio nan, who woio iino nuppuricu ny
itepuhltcans. The congressmen elected
from the city are Wm. Roberts, James
Brooks, Tboi. J. Oreager and Fernand
Wood, all Democrats; John D. Lnwson
nnd David R. Mcellsh, Republicans.
Returns thus far recolvcd from Brooklyn,
give Orceley 36,401 ; Grant 31,420.
r-chumnkcr, tho Democrat candidate, Is
olected to congress from tho Second district.
Stewart L. Woodford and 1. II. Brooke
Republicans from the Third and Fourth
districts. Tho Democrats huvo elected six
out of nino assemblymen and tho city
ticket. Tho assembly in tho state will
probably stand 41 Democrats to 84 Repub
licans., Tho senate, which is Republican,
holds over from last year. Tho voto on
tho general ticket in the city and county
fell short of tho registration.
10,714. Tho Republican voto is 402 more
than last year ago. Kornnn's majority in
tho city will be, probably, 30,00O but ho
will not have enough to defeat Dix. Tho
Times' says thoro is a certninity of having
carried six districts, now represented by
Democrats, so that with u congressman
at largo tho next state delegation will bo
'-'3 Republicans to 10 Democrats; whereas,
at present it is 10 Republicans to 10 De
mocrats. It calculates assembly at worst
at 79 Republicans to i'J Democrats. Tho
'World' estimates the aiscmbly at 68 De
mocrats to 70 Republicans.
Nkw Yoiik, Nov. C Returns from all
but six election districts, give Havemcyer
6,442 majority for mayor.
Nr.w Yokk, Nov. C Of 2'i members
of tho state assembly, 81 aro Republicans.
It la believed many of the latter aro anti
Conkling Republicans, which leads to tho
belief that Senator Conkling will not be
returned to the senate.
Nr.w Yoiik, Nov. C Tho vote forGr.v.
Dix was 60,401, Kernan, 70,017; for. con
grosMiian at large, Treinaln 61,010, Cox
Nkw York, Nov. G.--Wm. T. Have
mcyer, newly elected mayor, received to
day congratulations from bis numerous
personal and political friends.
Chicago, ov. C Interest in this state
has centered almost wholly in personal con
test, and Sunday liquor law, everything
else has given way to these two questions,
nnd in places where there is largo GorWn
population tho Anti-Sunday law influence
has gono to the advantage of tho Liberal
Democratic tickot. This makes the con
test between Oglesby and Koernor for gov
ernor very close. Tho complexion of tho
legislature may bo dutcrminod also by tho
same question. Very few returns on con
gressmen have been received, but proba
bility is tho Republicans havo elected two
members out of throo in this, Cook county,
namely; Farewell and Woo. Ilu.ltmit
Republican ; el-cted In the Fourth district,
.Hirshall Democrat, in the Southern part
of tho state, and Knapp in tho Eleventh
district, Howley in the Sixth district, and
Burchard in the Fifth district. Members
present congress are re-elected. McNuIta
in the Thirteenth ditrict is probably elec
ted. There are 19 districts In all, and ol
theje the Republicans have certainly elec
ted twelve.
Ciiicaoo, Nov. C Partial returns from
forty-one counties outsldo of Cook county
give Grant a. majority of 10,873. Out of all
townships and cities so far heard from, only
sixteen givo majorities for Greeley. O'Con.
or has a sm til and very scattering vote.
Forty-eight precincts of Chicago give
Grant 14,310, Greeley 9,310. Specials to
'state Roglster' at DesMoines, Iowa, indi
cate that Iowa will givo Grant botween
55,000 and 00,000 majority.
Ciiicaoo, Nov. 0. Returns from this
city are not yot completed. So fur as the
voto has been counted it indicates that
Grant's majority in tho city is between
7,000 and 8,000 and in tho county 10,000.
Rice, Ward and Farwell aro elected to
congress. Tho city council will bolargely
Republican nnd tho Republicans will
probably elect six out of seven of tho state
senators and 12 out of 20 representatives.
Tho majority for Grant In the state is es
timated at 30,000, while that for Oglesby
for governor will bo something less, Tho
Republicans will havo a majority in both
bouses of tho state legislature.
Ciiicaop, Nov. C Marshall Co., in
all towns Grant's mujorlty is 3C9; loss 33;
Oglesby'a majority is 310. Fort, Republi
can for congress, 000. Woodford Co., voto
on president nnd congressmen closo. Re
publican state senator and both represent
atives elected. Lako Co., Grant'& majority
Is 1,447. Oglesby is about tho samo.
Upton, Republican state senator, Gridley
nnd Orangor, Republicans, nnd Bishop,
Democrat, nro elected representatives,
Farwell. Republican for congress has 1,400
majority. Champaign Co., in sixteen
towns Grant's majority ii 1,400, probably
the majority for tho wholo county is 1,800;
gain nearly COO ovor the election of 1808.
Stephenson Co., all but two towns and
thoso ostlmato Grant's majority at 1,712.
Oglesby 070 and Burcbard, congressman,
"'21. Republicans lost on President.
Ciiicaoo, Nov. 0. Slxty-sovon ward
precincts in this city leaving 10 not yet
heard from givo Grant majorities of 6,701.
Possibly full returns may not bo recoived
until to-morrow on account of tho negll
gonco of judgos to report tho voto. Tho
majority of Rico over Otis in tho First
congressional district so far ns heard from
is 2,501. Tho majority of "Ward ovor
Harrison In tho Second congressional dis
trict is 2,316. Tlio mojority of Farwell
ovor Lomoyno In tho Third district Is
155. Tliuso majorities includo only tho
city vote of thoso districts. Present re
turns glvo Oglosby a majority for gov
ernor of 4,300 in this city.
Memphis, Nov. C OrBcial roturnt
from nine wardt givo Grant 4,440, Gree
loy 4,027, Gov. Brown 4,089, Frooman
4,801. Congress at large, Maynard 4,303,
Johnson 3,376, Cheatham 1,880. Flrtt
ward returns aro not in, but will reduco
Grant s majority and Increase the. voto for
Johnson. County gono Republican by
probably fifteen hundred. Contest be
tweon Haynes, Democrat, and Lewis, Re
publican, in this district is very closo with
chances favoring latter. Republicans
gained largely throughout thu district,
Cheothom polled henvy voto In West Ten
Nasiivillk, Nov. C Returns como In
biuwi), mo mil voto ol only a row coun
ties yet heard from. Greeley's majority
Is estimated at about 20,000. Gov. Brown's
about tho same. Democrotlc stato execu
tivo committee report the following as tho
vote for congrcssman-nt-large ns far as
heard from : Cheatham 20,211, Maynard
-'j,io0, Johnson 1 1,768. Republican oxec
utlve committee have advices upon which
they claim tho election of Thnrnburg in
the Second congressional district, II. Mutin
in the Eighth, while tho Third Is doubtful
with chances In favor of Crutchfleld Re
publican. They confidently believe tho
Republicans havo elected woven out of
nino congressmen.
Memimiih, Nov. 0. Tho following rc
turns huvo been received from Mississippi,
In Jefferson county Grant's majority is
1;473, for Congress Lynch, Republican
1241 majority. Monroo county, Grant's
mnjority 1,100, voto of county only about
thirty.threo hundred on registration over
6,000. Grenada county, has u Republican
mujorlty nt goo. Box county
tirant 013 majority. Tupelo county Groe
Icy 1,001, Grant 044; for congress Lamar,
Democrat, 1,119; Florlnery, Republican.
CIO; O'Conor received 30 votes.
Memphis, Nov. C Tho official returns
from 9 wards give Grant 4,410, Greeley
4,027; for Gov. Brown 4,069, Freeman
4,301; congress at large, Maynard 4,203,
Johnson 2,270, Chcatbnm 1,680; tho First
ward returns are not all In but will redueu
Grant's majorities and Increasn Johnson's
votes. The county hat gono Republican
by probably 1,500. Tho contest betwoan
Haynes, Democrat, and Lewis, Repub
lican, in this district, Is very closo with
chnncci in favor of the latter. The Re
publicans gained largely through this dis
trict. Cheatham polled a heavy vote in
West Tennessee, whllo dispatches from
East Tenncsseo indicate that -Maynard
has carried that section over both Cheat
ham and Johnson.
Jackj-o.v, Miss, Nov. 0. Official ro
turns from thirteen counties and partial
returns from eighteen others, given Re
publican majority of 1,905. Republicans
claim tho stato 01-35,000 and elect five out
of si congressmen.
Fiianki-okt, Ky., Nov. 6. Roturns
from tho state, as far as heard from, indi
cate a light voto for president compared
wiih tho lat gubernatorial election. Re
publican vote is generally full, while the
Democratic voto shows a falling oil' of
fully twenty-five per cent. O'Conor's
voto is insignificant. Should this vote
hold good throughout tho stato Greeley's
majority will bo less than 10.000. Demo
cratic congressmen probably elected in
every district. In tho 7th district Btck,
Democrat, re-elected over Trabuc, straight
Democratic, by over 7,000 majority ; in
crease of 3,000 over his last majority.
Trabuo supported by tho Republicans.
Louisvillk. Nov. C Tho official vote
of this city gives Greeley 8,231, Grant
0,095, O'Conor 170; Standford, Democratic
candidate for congress 8,608, Boon Inde
pendent, 4,305, O'Conor cuts no figure
in reports from tho stato. Voto, generally
very light. Everywhere tho Republican
voto wi pretty well Hlled. Tho Demo
crats did not como out.
M.ksiifield, Mo Nov. 0 Webster
county official gives Greeley 00 majority,
Woodson 81, for congress McAfee, Demo-
crat, 120, for stato eenatoi Rush, Democrat,
279, representatives very close, both par
ties claim one township to bo heard from,
which will bo about a tie.
Fotom, Mo., Nov. 0. Unofficial re-
turns of al. tho precincts of Washington
county L'ive Greeley 230 majority ; Wood
son, Democratic canuuiato lor coventor
290 iniijori'y; Dcniorcratiu county ticket
all elected excopt two officers. Vernon
county hns gone 700 for Greeley, and
about thu samo for McFoo for congress.
Moianv, Mo., Nov. 0. Scott county
elves Greeley nnd Brown 377 majority,
Woodson 014 majority, Uno township to
hear from.
LEXtvuTo.v, Mo., Nov. 0. Only 8 pre
cincts heard from showing a Democratic
majority on national, stnto nnd county
ticket of COO.
Sr. Louis, Nov. 0. The voto in this
city and county is not yet countod, Gree
ley's majority, however, will bo about
2,500 in tho city and something ovor 3,000
in the county. Tho Republicans claim
thoir sheriff, judgo of circuit court and
county marshal. Gov. Stanurd, Republi
can, elected in tho Third congressional dis
trict by n small majority. Erastus Wells,
Democrat, rc-oloctcd In tho Second district,
and Win. 11. Stone,, Democrat, elected in
thu Third district. Roturns from tho
stnto aro still very mcagro but Democrats
claim from 30,000 to 40,000 majority, and
Republicans concede 20,000 to 30,003.
Democrats also claim nine of theirtoun
congressional districts. It i protty defi
nitely known that tho Republicans liavu
elected Stanard in tho First distrlot, Ha
vons in tho Sixtb, Parker In the Ninth,
and Hyde in tho Tenth. Thoy nlso claim
three otlior districts. Tho voto In tlio
state Is not so largo ns whs anticipated.
Thu difficulty in estimating tho results of
this state is greatly incroased by registra
tion, amounting to ovor 100,000, with no
definite knowlodgo as to li ,w it will divldo,
Kansas City, Mo,, Nov. 0. Full elec
tion returns from this county nro not yet
In but enough learned to glvo tho Demo
cratic county ticket 2,500 majority, and
tho itato and national tickets nbout tho
same. Throe Democratic members of tho
legislature nro elected.
Whkei.i.no, Nov. "..Roturns from ma
jority of points reached by telegraph show,
with but row exceptions, largo Republican
majorities and gams. Groclevltes hero
glvo up tho state to Grant unless the inte
rior counties make honvy Greeley gains,
RiciiMosu, Vn., Nov. C In 93 pre
clncts In 30 counties, Including Richmond
city Grant hns 2,083 majority. In those
districts tho Democrats have made but few
gains, while the Republicans havo gained
steadily; both parties claim the stato.
Republicans claim the election of Smith
for congress over Wise in this district.
Richmond, Va.,Nov. O.-Addltlonol re
turns this morning bIiow increased Repub
lican guins In tho stato. Many Dtmo
crats concede the statu to Grant whllo oth
er are sunguino of carrying It for Grcoloy.
In this congressional district roturns arc
favorable for Smith, P.opublican candi-
dato for congress. Wise, Democrat, is
confldint of hi. election by a small major
ity, ino Itepublican stato committee
claims '.ho stato.
Fokt Scott, Km., Nov. C Bourbon
county jives Grant about six hundred ma
jority. IJurin, Republican, is elected sen
ator by about threu hiindn.il nl.;i,.
Brer.ncrniid Cochrane, Republicans, nnd
Ben P lIcDonnld Esn., Democrat, nre
elected members of tho Wislnturc. Neo
sho county lias gono nbout four hunJrcd
nnd fitly Tor Greeley. Crawford county
will givo Greeley nbout six hundred ma-
Colujiius, Kas,, C.Cherokco countv
gives lib-jrl state ticket about 500 ma-
Jority, Mathony, Indopondent, elected state
senator by 250 majority, Harvey, Repub
lican, forty-second district by 17 majority,
and Givens, forty-tlrst district, by smu'll
I.VllIAXOI'OLIS, I.vti., Nov. 0 FiftV.slr
-ountIe?, official nnd reported majorities,
give a Republican majority of 19,583, an
nverngogain of 350 to ,tho county. The
nepuoiican central committco claims
majority in the Plate of 23,000.
Indianapolis, Nov. 0. Additional ro
turns show continued Republican gains.
in mm preclnts out of 1,200 in tho state so
far beard from the net Republican guin is
11,'JB.; .
Sv Vh vriinn. Nov. P. Tli,. i.,..i.
lican state central commiuto mii'mtu
Grant's majority of tho elate at C.SOO; 17
counties heard from, 12 of which concede
Greeley a. majority.
San Francisco, Nov. 0. Roturns from
tho Interior too mengre to admit more
than indications of tho rcult. Grant
made large 0ain over ths vote of 1808, ex
cept here, and nearly everywhoro gains
over booths vote. They safely put the
stato at 5,000 for Grant, some claim 8.000.
In tho Second nnd Third districts, Pairo
and Coglin probably aro elected ove Cog
ging; Luttrell in Fourth district verv
close; Uoiighton believed elected over
Keevcr. Oregon, no further returns.
Grant's maloritv estimated nt 1.IW1
Wasbington territory. McFadden, Demo-
crat candidate for congress, supposed to
no Heeled.
Baltimokk, Md , Nov. C Indications
in this stale cive Grwdev 5.000 mnioritv:
ilson, Democrat, probably eloeted from
irst ditnct; Archer, Democrat, elected
from Second district; tho Fifth district,
contest was very close; Lownds. Rcnub-
lican from Fourth district oleetP.l ,v-
,500 majority over John Ritchio; this is i
1 publican gain.
MoNTOOMKiiY, Ala., Nov. 0 Returns
nro still mengro but Indicate 5,000 Demo
cratic gains in Dallas, Montgomery, Bour
bon, Mobllo, Marengo and Hill counties,
and twenty-live hundred Hepublic.in gain
in Madison, Sholby, Tuscaloosa nnd -Morgan.
Madison. Wis., Nov. C Wisconsin
gives from 15,000 to 20,000 Republican
with u largo majority for tho legislature,
and six out of eight congressmen olected.
Boston, Nov. 0. Tho voto of Massa
chusetts nearly complcto foots up Grant
131,077, Greeley 67,800, Grant's majority
73,317. Wahbtirno's majority for gov
ernor is 71,733,
Concoiid, N. II., Nov, 0. Grant will
probably havo 5,000 majority in this stato,
Wilminoton, ,N. C, Nov. C Addi
tional returns indicato Grant has 10,000
majority in this stato.
compelled principle street railway com
panies to suspend travel. Kehnont
& Co. havo been compelled to closo their
troblo $8 7fi8 60; family 9, 10.. Oorn,
mixed G7e; yollow 68c; wtllo 70c.. OaU
quiet 39(S)40c. Bran $1 lo. Hsiy firm.
mills, It being impossible to get coal to tho t'.mo $27' ,f,nolco
..t. . .. b . . bare, mess nif tn nrftvli !!
Nkw Yokk, Nov. 0. Among tho pas
sungors who nrrivod at this port from
Llyurpool woro Olo Bu)l and Hon., Morris
son R. Wa'.te of Ohio, counsel for thu Uni
ted Status beforo tho tribunal of arbitra
tion. HKltlOllM.Y ILL.
Philadelphia, Nov.0, General Moado
is seriously ill of pnoumdniu.
Goh. George G, Moado died at his resi
dence this ovening of pneumonia,
Cincinnati, Nov. C Ospt, O, G. Ilalli
city editor of tlio 'Gasetto,' rotlrcd to-day
from that paper to accept an editorial po
illlon on the Indianapolis 'Journal,'
Special Dispatch to the Bulletin.
Washington, D. C, Nov. C Tho
president snld to-dny that apart from the
pollticnl Ismes Involved, lm was gratified
that tho pcoplo had vindicated his private
character, which had beon assailed during
the canvas, and that thero will bo at least
ono chango In tho cabinet at the com
mencement of tho noxt presidential term"
skckktary fish.
Socrctary Fish, by his own desire, will
rctlro from the cabinet. Thoro Is no prob
ability of Attorney-General Judgo Wil
liams retiring. Ho rccontly remarked to
a friend that although he could hnvo beon
elected senator Irom Oregon, ho declined
being a candidate in order that ho might
remain in his present office.
Tin: pkkmdknt's coursk in the future,
Thero Is good reason to bellove that any
remarks In regnrd to other members of
tho cablnot would bo rnoro speculation.
It is too early lo anticipate the president's
actions in tho future, concerning reforms
and measures of tho administration,
further than his intimation to-day that he
will endeavor to shapa his official conduct
so as to meet thu expectations of the coun
try, und to unite tho people into stronger
bjnds of peace, while by nil means in his
p6Vcr, he will promote their welfare at
homo and abroad.
Nkw York, Nov C Tho Tribuno to
morrow will publish tho following as n
Tho undersigned resumes the editor
ship of tho Tribune, which he relinquished
on embarklnc in uiiotlier lino of business
six months hl'o. llencelortu 11 shall do
his endeavor to mako this u thoroughly
independent journal, trotting all parties
and political movements with judicial
fairness and candur, but courting tho
favor and deprecating the wrath of no ono.
If he can hereafter .eay anythlng that will
tend heartily lo unito the American peo
ple on tho broad platform of universal
amnesty and impartial sutl'rago, ho will
gladly "do so. For thu present, how
ever, ho can best commend that
consummation by silence and forbearance,
Tho victors in our Into struggle can
hardly fail to take tho wholo subject of
Southern rights and wrongs into
'j - --M.nt 4nilArHttin. and
to them lor the present
ha romits it since he will never again bo n
candidate for any office, and Is not in full
accord with either of the great parties
which have hitherto divided tho country.
Ho will bo nblo and will endeavor to givo
wider and steadier regard to tho progress
of science, industry ami tho useful arts
than 11 partisan Journal can do, and ho
will not be provoked to indulgenco In
thoso bitter personalities which nro tho
recognized bnno of jmirnalis-m. Sustained
by a generous public be will do his best
to make tho Tribune 11 power
in tho broader field it now
contemplates, as when human freedom
was in peril it was in tho arenu of political
(Signed) Horace Grkklf.y.
New York, Nov. 0. 1872.
onvrnucTio.vs on the track.
Louisville, Ky , Nov. 0. Yestcrduy
evening at JetTersoliville, tho Madison nnd
Indianapolis train, from Indlunnpnlis, ran
into n pile of lies, which had been placed
on tho track at Six mile bridge, six miles
back of Jetlersonvillo, lnd, Tho cow
catchor throw all tho tlos oQ tlio track ex
cept ono which tho engine jumped over
without being thrown from tho trnck.
No damugo was dono. No cluo to the vil
liaiis who placed the tics on tho truck.
R;portcd Especially for the Bulletin.
Washington, D. O , Nov. C Owing to
a heavy rain to-dny very few hunses were
on tho streets and thoso wero heavily
wrapped to guard them ugainst tho influ
ence of tho woather. There woro no hacks
on thu streets. This disoaso Is now at its
height. A sound unimal can scarcely bo
lounil nnywiioro.
Washington, Nov. 0. Numorotis
messages woro received by the prcsidont
to-day congratulating him on his re-olcc-tion.
Many persons called at thu execu
tive mansion to tendor similar expressions.
Cleveland, O., Nov. 0. No signs of
an abatement in the horso disoaso in this
city, and very fow well horses aro qejim on
tho streets.
Kingston,, N. Y. Nov. U. Tho horso
disease is raging moro extensively than
ovor this afternoon. The horso cars havo
stopped, und ii is rumoVed that navigation
of the Delaware nnd Uudson ua.l U soon
to bo suspended. No fatal cutics nro re
ported. FiTTsBUHO, Not. 0. Uotse disoaso has
spread rapidly through varlcu stables In
this city during the past two days and has
woras on account of disonie. It Ii nnnro
hended that tho spread of distemper will
soriously Interrupt business.
Chicago, Nov. O.-Tho wiather has
chnimcd much for tho boltor, and a fow
morn horses aro on tho streets. Tho
epidemic is yet unnhated. Ox teams aro
becoming much moro numerous.
Reported K.peclnllj- for tint Bulletin.
nkwsi'apkr ocficr for hale.
Kansas City, Nov, 0. Tho Bulletin
newspaper is advertised to ho sold at
trustee's to-morrow to securo creditors.
Lkwihton, Me., Nov. 0. Mrs. Eliza
beth tjtnnloli who was cited by Mrs.Wood
hull as authority for somo of her charges
against Henry Ward Becchcr, was in this
city to-day, and on hnvlng her attention
called to tho matter, emphatically denied
tho nllegallon, and declnred her convic
tion that Mrs. Woodhull's statcmonts nro
uutruo in every particular.
Day Report.
New York, Nov. 0, 12:lo p.m. Flour
quiet but steady. Wheat quiet but steady
ul$t 6il 68; red $1 00(2)1 umber
SI 70t 75. Corn quiet but stead v nt 0c.
0,U quiet at 4!'19c. Receipts flour
lH.OOOj wheat 100,uo0; corn 01,000; oats
4C,00O. Mess pork quiet but steady, $15 30
35. Lard quiet 8c, quotations nom
inal. Whiakey strong, uominallv 05c.
Gold 12J.
Cincinnati, Nov. C Flour dull at
$77 25. Wheat firm, for choice red
$1 481 67. Corn llrm, old 41(Vic; new
U830o. OaU dull at 27,33o. Cotton
dull, middling IBJc. Whiskey unsettled,
nccuralo quotations cannot be given.
Pork nominal, cut moats steady with
fair demand; shoulders 4j5c: clear rib
c; clear 8c; all new bacon steady with
fair demand; shoulders (Sc; clear rib lOJr;
cler lie; all old hogs steady at $4 1!5
4 35; Receipts J,C19. Lard linn, sttam
7Jc; kettle 7Jc,
St. Louis, Nov. C Flour quint.
Wheat unchanged, No. 'J spring $1 13;
full $1 G2. Corn 33c. Oats quiet 'iCJc.
Rye dull, No. 2 spring 58c. Whiskey, no
sales, Pork, nothing doing; dry salt
New Orleans, Nov. 0 Departed : Rob
hurt Mitchell, Moliawkand barges, and
Charles Bodmann.
Receipts, flour 6,60; corn 1,604; oats
3,'JO; tirtV 77; bran 1,130; bacon 18 casks,
41 kin
urces, taru iuu Kegs -wnnuey, aj
cotton 4,401
Flour dull, good XXX $8; choice extra
$0 '250 75. Corn quiot 07e; vollow 08c;
white 70o. Oats dull 3'.40o. Hay
scarce, pritno 'J0(2)23c; choice 30c. Pork
fair to arrive, 19c; bacon dull "112
12Jc. Lard steady, 8 59c, keg 11c.
Chicago, Nov. C. 1'rovMotn inactive.
Pork old held SIC; New SI 1 spot; $12 C2J
December; SI- 50 Murch. Lard quiet,
7e cah; held 7Jo December anil Janu
ary. S P llann steady, llje for 15 days
average. Green meats steadv. Hams 91
bsc 15 days average. Shoulders nomi
nal, 4c; short ribs (lie; dry salted nomi
nal; shoulucrs 4j(ij)c: snort rili tic. Hour
riuiet and nominal. Wheat SI 05 cash;
SI O5J01 0,'ij November or seller year;
SI OGf.iil 0U1 December. Oats ini-ctivo
and easier, 'J I J21 je cash; IHMc Novembei;
'J21.Sc December. Ilyo quiet hut sternly.
No 2 saleahlu 63.1o. Barley l.cavr and
lower, No "J 00c spot. Whiskoy quiet und
scarce, hold 70c.
lNlght Report.
St. I.ouih. X'V. 0 I'lour quiet, extra
$5 600; XX 0 250 75; XXX $7 25
7 5u; family, 7 7f.()!l 6(1. Wheat,
extra huld llrm, No. 2 salunble. $1 11, held
$1 I'-';' fall unchanged. Corrl dull and
easier; No. U mixed 322;iu.; No. 2 white
mixed 40e. Outes unchanged, No. 'J mixed
'J5'JCi!. Barley dull anil unchanged.
Ryo dull nnd unchanged, No. 2 C4c. Pork
firm, mess to arrive 10c. Bacon lower.
shoulders OJgCJc; clear rib UJc; clear
sides llc; ury salt siiouiunra ojc; clear no
80; clear sides Hj(Ti)So. Lard dull, prime
steam rnllor December 7jc. Cotl'co llrm,
Rio l'.lgi'J'i Je. Sugar unchanged, Louii
ianalUil I jc. F Highwincs morn sellers
than buyers at 'J0c. Cattle unchanged,
Hogs higbor, packers lots $l4 37.
Receipts If 17.
Ciiicaoo, Nov. 0. Flour steady but
quiet. Wheat quiet and lower, No 1
spring $1 10; No 2 $1 06l 06J; No 3
'Joe. Corn In lair demand at lower rates,
.So 2 mixed 31o spot or November. Oats
dull and lower, No 1 203,20jc. Rye No
3 63Ju, Barley dull and declined, No l!
fall 6001c Provlnlons dull and un
changed. .Mess pork $15 for old; $14.
for new. Lard kettle 7Jc. Hums 111
picklo 1 l(a)l He spotr ujigj'uu nu ember.
Bulk shoulders, Nnvmiiber sold at -life.
Green hams 8Je. Whiskey in fair de
mand, advanced 'JOc.
New. Yoiik, Nov. 0. Flour less ac
tive, $0 1)0(2,1! 30 suporllne; common $C;
good extra $77 CO; good to choice $7 10'
to $' 00; whito wheat extra $7 l58.
Whiskey steady, 90c. "Wheat dull, h-vvv
and lower, No - mUdllng spring $1 54
1 57; winter rod western ' $1 0ll 00.
Rye and barley unchuliged. Corn heavy'
and lower, steamer mixed OjQOSic: sail
05C6c; yellow COo. Oats dull, old
western mixed 4748Jc; now 42(n)43jc;
wliilu 41050c. Cott'eo dull. Sugar and
molassos dull., Pork active nnd firmer,
$15 76015 85. Beef unchanged'. Cut
meats steady, middles oloar 8WS8c; short
clear November Oo. Lard llriu, No I, to
prime steam 88c.
New Yokk, Nov. 0. Money octivoand
easy at 607. Sterling quiet and steady at
8(m8S. Gold opened weak and declined
to advanced to 11! g on tho decline of
Amurlcan securities in .Loudon, rloi'iiig
1210V2J. Clearings jn.OOO.OOO. Troas
ury disbursements quurter of a million.
Governments declined an eighth on lull
in London, but closed tinner, tho advance
in gold moro than neutralising tho London
decline. Treasury accepted only 428,400
out of bids of over a million at 111 37-100.
S4tu ,bonds llrmor but du)l. Soclw Ir
rejrular, i ')
New York, Nqv. 0. Ga or 1881 10;
fi.20s of '03 llf; 6 20s of '04 U; 5-'20s of
'05 12; now d-20 Us iiew,6-Wof '07 14V.
now 5-20HOCC8 14; 10-40 8 J; currency 0s
re, mess selling to arrive at 119; bacon
quic 7J12 12 jc; ham., 8. S. Iffjc.
Lord 8109 JC; keg 11c. Sugar quiet, com
mon 7Jc; low fair 8c; strictly prlrri(r10c.
.Molassos llrm, good 02c; prime 64065c:
choice G9c. Whiskoy dull 93099c.Cofl
fee 14j18Jc. 'Sterling 20J; tight 101
discount; gold I24. Cotton casler..jaul
fi.OOO, good ordinary 17c lowrUdillns;
I8jc; middling 18Jc; rccelpts'grofi 6,077;
exports, continent 3 847j.Providonco 1,930;
Liverpool 2,037; stocks 104,171.
PiTTaiiuno, Nov. 7. At noon tho river
Is falling slowly witli 4 feet 4 nehc, In the
channel. Wcithnr sqltry with occasional
,?w5'Sf r"in !"calions thought prob
ablo for "more water.-
Cincinnati, Nov. RWer fallen
Iti inches; 11 feet 10 Inches In the chan
nel. Memphis, Nov. C Weather damp and
cloudy; river declining. Doparted: La
Belle, New Orleans; Bollo, Memphis, St.
Louis; Thomas H. Allen, White river.
Kvansville, Nov. 0. Down : Pey
ton and barges, s a.m.; John Lumsden
nnd tow 10; Lid Norvell 11 ; J. W.
Garrett and barges 2 p,m; Grey Kaale 3;
Florenco Leo "1; B. H. Hurt TUp:
Fayelto 0 a.m.; Lady Pike 10; Frank T.
Gracey 1 p.m:-, Belle Vernon 2 a.m. with
good trips. Weather cloudy and cool,
with signs of rain or ibow. Tho river haa
risen 2 feet. Mercury 41to 60. Busi
ness active.
Cincinnati, Nor;.0 River, eleven feet
nnd six inches, risinsr. Arrived: Comet
and Wild Duck for .Pittsburg, departed:
Minneola for New Orleans, Armadillo for
Memphis. t t
Nkw'OrlcaxvXoV. tt.No arrivals or
departures durnln- the last 24 hours.
A heavy rain storm this evening.
PiTTsnuito, NoV. 6 Monocahela about
stationary with 4 feot 4 inches in the chan-
ncl, cather warm and present indica
tions are fvoroble for moro water. Ar
rived: Carrie Brooks from Wheeling and
Exchange from Cincinnati The'Juniota
departed for Cincinnati this ovening. The
Arlington is announced to leavo for new
Orleans to-morrow ovening. The Ex
change nnd Messongor are preparing for
si. 1.0111s nnu tlin mill tor Mashyllle.
LouisvtLi.E, Nov. u. 5 feot 10 inches
canal, 3 feet 10 inchoa chute. Cloudy,
damp and cold. Arrived: Shannon,
New Orleans; Simpson Boaz, Oakland,
Pittsburg. Departed: Simpson Boar,
Pittsburg; Shamrock went over falls with
Noycs' circus; H .C Wilson and barges
passed down for New Orleans; W F Gay
lard left tor Hanging Rock. Ono of the
gates of tho new locks was towed to tbe
canal to day. The other, probably, will
bn brought over to-morrow. It Is believed
that the new locks will bo opened tbe last
of next week.
WvnNua'DAY and Thursday Ev'nos;
NovembenUth and 14th, 1872.
Would respectfully
announce his elastic
In the personation 01 u
Aksslstcd by nil
23 MIUBIiTT lA.2sr,IS1.
For particular! sec Powtcrs, Programmes,
etc., etc.
Reccrved seats can bo secured at Daniel
Ilurtmuii's store. . . r
10 .'ltd. Business Manager.
i 9
For Sale at Wholesale c Retail
Cairo, Illinois, , ,
Hi; new Ss 0); Missouri 6 OIL
Naw Obleavs, Nov. 6. Flour
.' f'!
'l"H i ,(
No. 104 Commercial Avail uk,
Doth FRENcn amiticoTcu .CAaaijsjsnug
nil nnlnM II h ......... . . . . .
constantly on hnnlsnil'iTinniliwsnssiVI
a- RwVKnUiislsi
t -.ii i svRsFi " wmmm i
4 iK "-mcne,,JWTWoi how to
..mt a-d lart lofitNl Iff
sic I manaeement ofoWUren

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