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Office, 225 Washington Avenue, Democrat Hall ; Editorial Rooms, Ohio Levee, over Barclay's Drug Store.
a ha in trade.
Tlio Now Orleans press pcik mot hope
fally of tlio rain trelis to be concentrated
thurn, Ihroiin'i the oper-iimn of tlio fa-Hities
now growing into lining t'i"rn and I" tlii city.
Tho 'OroK-unt.' of u recent dnt, nuyn tlmt tlio
elevator hit Mint? thuro i " ''"tirely coin
plotod .in I in perf -at running order, ready to
receive truMfor or toro any nhipmetit of
Krniti t'nt in iv urr've in Hint port. It con
hralo'nte wi'l tlmt tho flrt lonv; stride
lmsbe:o t ik.ui towards giving tlio dty tlmt
position to which her googrnplilonl situation
Kives it claim the outlet of the Mississippi
volley Hiforu tin) close of January, Cairo
will ttlit p hither over 300,000 LuOiuIh of wlicut,
o tliut tlio gl:vl volco or tlio eluvntor-cngino
will nci in diily tall tlm tain of tho golden cm
that in t' diwn upon tin- Crescent city.
IjpiiV'iig these gctn'rnlitio-i, tho 'Crecnnt'
pror-"l t del ills which wo Incorporate
heroin us mutter which se believe will bo
accept i!l U tunny of our rttador, in it fur
nlsla 'i r ''iiblo idea of tho oot und churgos
to w 1. '1 grain untl other article uro ub
jeetel "i th'-ir arrival in New Orleans. It
costs to t-msfor nnd wulgh grnin from b:irgo
to ship t fit per bushel; rocoivlng, elo
vat n ' w lulling ami storing gruln ton days
i am 1
on: h
. , ..litishcl.wliich ineliidos delivering
in bulk at wharf; storage for
1 t. .nil ten days, or purt thereof,
"it pr bnhil; rfi-flovntlng. if de
1 t -I'.i-irter cent pur bushel ; bagging
' bvf. cme-huir ont per buhel;
n 1 Htiwing Ish;, olio con t per bushel ;
'riin. onu cent per buhol; drying
-it tr lmhl; flour, utorago per
1 .l'y (no oxtra charge (or
1 n 'in l hoisting out f burg) or
1 ril ship), fivss cent jut bar-
urng ufur firt ten day., for
. .vs Uierenfwr or part thereof, two
irrl. Pork, boef, lard or ithnr
r it, first tn day, eight cents er
'.lrn for well ten day tbereftr,
iree conti kt ixirrul, which In-
rig olmrgn. ntn as (lour.
g wijuutty of this elevator to
" U inad, U 750,000 lrtilii'l..
- nimhiin I HttAcliod, which lmi n
' 1 000 bnnliel h.t hour ; whilu the
for bundling are in oorruMUidintf
' -Bt pity friend can lmvo n ex
n thU rHard of which we would
full rwilinatlon. Onlro inut lx
-. 14b which nil thin trudu mutt
a MiMluippi river the thamud
i '1 it mint 1 Ixirne. There i,
.n UlnnUly of intrt that give
:i jlicitmle fur tb MioctiM of all
11 .tiy initniier therewith crtnnectwl.
1' O-iiro will bi well jivrforiiied,
; ' mty br furnished, of mtlicletit
rol' '
ca) - '
f.cil 1
wil l '
(1 y
pn'3 r 1
abii w
UJ a w
pr i
The 1 1
snd t' 1 ;
11 jp-)ii
l.y New Orloan. will aiiora our
'rout iiimmira of roal tttiftt'tiou.
rc;i l r
Yi'hui V uro liu done and propow to di, wo
nhull tak. .ccion to dwUil lit our tHirliust
Ci nvctu -ii souring our New Orlonii co-
t inporario that tha groat intermt i cntmnit-
t"d t h md hero tlmt win ikj lounu tjuai 10
iM p'ttnr 'nncie a thev iimv nrUe in tho
wl, f tl,U ii!!-iuiirUiit undurtal.ing.
ED1TQMA I. I'A HA (ill A I' US.
JrHtril Stll l'nl'
Th''ro I pending In Congress n bill to up.
jropriato tl'J.ooo.OOO to oontruct a oaiml
..rj.nl h' l'.lls 'fNi.gira. It will in all
pr.ibaMlity be enactud into a law. Tlio men
who lmvo it In ch irgo tire killod in the nieth-
( Is by whiol. 'he peopluaro nibled, nnd in thii
irtuti' 0 will u-e all the appliance of corrupt
rn at tholr eommaiul. I.enks like tlii am
r. microti; and through them tho people's
i -iiicv ll ws in h trum nliiUHt :i great as the
stream of water which will flow through tho
prtpovd cnal.
I'nr Kcoiioni-.
The ire'nleit elect, general drant, h ut
I lit i itir UhUhI to p4uk upon public matter
ft id liii tlrnt utterunee i ulititltxl t ciiui-
yend.ttion. In a rocgtitconvcrefttlon he v
I Ts-icl In firm anil decided terms his opjM
t.ti!1!! to granting any moro moju-y Dub-idie
railr':td until the lliumcc uro in a much
I- ii r niiditiuii than at pru-eiil. During hi
t rru cifulll -e he would liil-t that the mot
r, i 1 1 l otiomv nhould buolnervod. .He might
(ll pir;t from the viuty deep: but would
t , v nn ' Hemav IiisUl tini) iKNiimmy
but will hi partv friends bo Inlluunced by his
importunities'.' Doubtful!
Tho Chicago 'Hobiiblican' explaining how
tho men of thi t-tato cnnio to bo cullod suck
cr av- that ''the iiraliie. wore wide, the
triMiit)- long, uml nl tlma wnle'r wa. scarce
The irawtUh i u cold water animal underbill
clrcumttani'e. and where ho lives at all, ho
iMirc for hi favorite liquor, if ho can get it on
no castor terms. The habitation of tho happy
cruwtlsh is never out of water, in which sits
tlio cru.taccan damp and cheerful. Tho early
prairie traveler coming to one of the cr.tvfih
hole, oven if the surface of the low noil wu
baked nnd parched, knew tlmt there was water.
and tho adjacent reeds perhaps ho carried ono
stuck in his hut-band furnished tho readv
mean of drawing on tho stock of the crawfish.'
t'ongi'm.iiiiinl lU-jiri'.i-iilrtltiiii.
In the ;tate: Mn saclui-i'tt", .Minim.-otu
West Virginia, Iowa, Maine, Vermont, Now
Hnmptdiire, llhodo Island and Michlgap
tJrimt n-eeiviid 11:12,427 votes and Seymour
:iOO,C(10. These statei send to congress forty
representatives. In tho next congress those
member will bo nil republicans. "Thus it
appear,' say the Cincinnati 'Kmiuiror,1 "that
to iiM2' 127 voters of one particular faith and
organization uro assigned t forty members of
congress; wniio to .loy.uoo votera not asltigle
ineinbur 1 givonl" To remedy this evil (for
utter disregard of the wiihiM of tho minority
in 11 freo government Ik nothing les than nil
evil), the 'Knquiror suggest this remedy:
"Let the members of eongresslio chosen in
nil the Htatu. by general ticket. Let tho state
cunvuftiir, after ascertaining the wholo num
ber of votes polled, nssign to each ticket of
ei)iigri'smcn its share of member.'!, in tho
proportion Its voto bears to tho general ag
gregate. Jly this just and simple arithmetical
procifs each party will obtain Its due pro
portion members. If there Is nn odd mem
Iwr, it should go to the ticket which hud the
largest fraction of vote."
A';ir i'UIUjIua tions.
.Miijnr Itcltt'a JttitKnzlnr "Onward."
A monthly liundredpage magar.lno with
the brief but explicit title 'Onward,' linseomo
to our hands through tho house of Rockwell
it Co. Its aim i to All u vacuum in tho field
of literature among tho youth of America,
but whatever its design, wo esteem It one of
the most refined nnd readublo publications of
tlm dav. It Is conducted by Capt. Mavno
Keid, who has guaranteed to his publisher n
circulation of 100,000. Vast ns the number
nn appreciative reading public will cer
tainly maknlt up. Kntirely origlnnl.tho matter
is purely moral, elegant in diction, absorb
ingly interesting. It is printed upon the
heaviest, satin-surfaced book paper, and is ap
propriately illustrated by wood cuts of a
high order of excellence. I'rico per imnum,
3.fi0. Applv to Kockwoll ti Co.
It is said, that senator Morton, who has
been assigned to tho position of secretary of
the treasury under general Orant, put him
oir out of the cabinet circle bv his lato speech
on the flnMice.
Alexander II. Stephens' has been nppointed
to the chair of profenor of hi-tory in the
leorgm univernity. Ho propose to enter
uKn the diH-bargi) of the duties of his new
poitioii eurly in .1 Miliary, next.
Cunoral Washington in oight yenr, from
1770 to 178.1 received, to meet his oxpcrians, a
little over $10,000. Ho was appointed lion-tensmt-generul
of the nrmy under Adams.
Itrnn of llllrrisl.
l.ieuti fiHiit Jobnsun, comiuutidlui; the Ilrit-
hgunlxiat llusturd, recently tired upon the
Viwt of ('liooclii, on tlm river Han, Chinn.
Th CboKdii men had fired n nnd plundered
a lHt loud of tirovislons intended for the
ltutnrd. Ho represented tho matter to tho
autlioritlus, who retuul tomakothe rcqulretl
reparation on the coro of nllcgctl inability.
when I. ieutennrit Johnson took' tho matter in
hand himself and bombarded the town. Sev
oral persons wero killed and u great deal of
property iostroyiM.
Ono o'f tho cenerali In Spain recently con
detuned n child only flvo years old to bo shot
us the son or n rcnci. uiu cmiu, not unuor
standing the situation, moved nliout. nnd by
extrnordinarv luck whs not touched. The
general then coolly threw it an orange, and
LM ! ... .1-1. 1. . T ' 11
wmie iiooiniig io pieu iv up a seconu voney
stretchwl It dead.
A voung Albany girl, nftor recelvlni: the
attentions of a young man forsevcral months,
abruptly ko him when ho intended to
marry her. Tho young man then said he
wa not on tho marry. Sho then broke a tea
pot. Ulhil with boiling water, over his head.
' -xi' sr.. 1.t.. I. l...l ... 0.. .l.l l.
)i uee.'.iiii uuviiuiuis uuuiu ui;k uiuir
traps and start at onco for tho village of
Newton, Md. In thi. place there tire forty
marriageable widows and only eight widow
ers; sixty-three marriageable young Iodic
and eight single gentlemen! or'ono hundred
uml three single ladies und sixteen gentle
men! Happy sixteen !
A few vears ago n gentleman residing in
South AusUnlin let looso u dozen rabbits on
his otate. Uicentlv, in one year, fifteen
thousand of these annuals wero shot. There
were nl-o partridge- and pheasants let loo-e,
but they failed to Increase In nutnbors.
There will soon bo established in London
a flrst-chns dully paper, the special feature of
which Is to he the uliuhilonmcut ot tho anony
mous system. All tho leading articles nro to
la-ar the signatures of their writers.
. it .. v. t r.. - .
t I ni ii paer loiiirins us inav "oeereiary
Seward's marriage is ald to havo been pre
vented bv the remonstrance of his family
against his ringing that little belle."
Kare trtnt uro now hired iy lasnionaiiie
people to ornament their banquet tables.
When tli ImtiquPt 1 over tho speculator ro
movc's hi fruit, and it is next day on some
other aristocratic board.
A tiu-lit boot, worn by Mr. Neville Ilullit,
of hoiilsvHle, canted mortification of the foot,
and the wearer died in consequence.
Tin earthquake in San Francisco lifted a
heavy Adams pro Jiodily, in. tho printing
ollice'of Mr. Koqtil, mid moved H a foot frin
its original place.
Tho rice crop of Ilritlsh India hns been
Jrstr.iyml by i,deluge on tlm coast, and by
droutirin tie intrrii.r, and a famine I. appre
One of the military orders of a veteran ofll
cer ofu Highland ligbthorso regiment wa:
"(Jo iloiililes ty two a long as yo laslit, and
then simrlc by ones the rest of ye.."
In Pari there are fortv theatres, and flvo
1 1 ..(..!.. I. i,
uuiior.' iiii,i "i't iiuiuis.
Swearing on tho Hiblo was first introduced
into judicial proceedings, by thnSaxqns,,abotit
A. D. 000. .,...-
The Siamosu twins exhibited nt a country
fair lately under tho head of pears.
A negro preacher in London ueeompapies
i. A....si'.. i.....tt ' ' ' 1
psauii milt hiiu uikiju.
The I ml I nil AVer.
Coventor. ,Kvus, .of. glorudo,. says the
lai-L'o nuinlier of horse! luiind In the Indian
ciimn bv "cuoral Custer, arthe recent battle,
i evidence that the guilty and not innocent
Indians wero attacked; and thtiHho hostile
bands of tho Chevennes. Arrnnnhoe, Kiowus.
Comanche and Apaches lmvo run oft' in that
directum thousand ot horses and muic, laKou
from tlm frontier settlers of Colornd.i and
iCaiisas, emigrant trains und tho goverumeii'
during the last four years they have bo .
warring on tho whites. Governor Kvun s
confident general Sheridan will have a pro;,
sitioit for peace from those lndiiais themselv
and that, nftir their punishment, the p
will bo vnlunblo.
Kroin Hnror' .Midline,
, J.iiiiint y, lwj.
Tliote'd aeily vast yet soleclvsn. gnwlnferer sheet on
Wliitlirr friends with friends e'er meetlnpr, ever moot-
InK never Kreetj
And wlii-o rlvul fierce and vengeful enlrn uml silent
mutely meet:
invcr reeling cicr iimti.
Tliero arc tiwlers without trofllc, mcrelu'ints wltlioiit
Tender tirldi- hi new-made chamK'rs, wlicrothotrick-
llnR water stain;
Y'hcrntlin guests forget tocotuc, and htraiiKC, listen-
iiir silence reigns i
Listening silence eier reigns
Khi sail post this silent city, but their ownem quiet
And no signals fly from top-lreo 'naint the kIowIiiu,
crimxjii sky,
Ti'llln the tu'leelful oncrthat lils wdl.l.ullt Argosy
I ur tne rieeo is sanmi; uy.
Here tho MIc forgets tlio fashion, niindles of her
All nidiwileil now her toilet, freo unfathered lock and
None here l!atterf." or IlKure, none come fondly to
Tresst-s flow and none caress.
IlushoJ are all these tnauy uiansions, tnrrerl ami bolted
door and Kate;
Narrow all the walls and earthy, and the roof-trees
steep and stmlijlit;
lloom for all! the high and lowly. Itfrh and poor
licrc mate;
Kqiul dwell nnd equ.nl male.
Flow ers are blooming neartliesc mansions, kiseiiy
loini;dewsat nn;ht;
llreathlnK softly round their porches, flowing through
Pealing from their bll swit t music, pcallm; odors
pure and white:
Prating enly to the night.
Here each keep hl wcllcilcd dwrllitiK, fearing
imiflit of ipiarter-day;
Here no landlord duns the tenant, and no tenant move
away ;
Dwelling user uneMoh-d, dwelling nn from May to
PuyhiK noser qiisitar-itny.
Ileckonsi'verthisiniiteelty to its comrade Ilvinu stay:
To its eomradf lftuuliltii; loudly, sitting on thejiulsin
Drawlim from its masquerade jiale, whlto ipw-trcs
day by day:
fi"X'tres now, men yesterday.
.Thtl twoeities sjrnw fiireier, fmrtmJ by a narrow tide.
Tin nn1 sitsxiow, mat mc ui-wii-e, ktowuik ny wn
other's sldii;
Olldln' out into the other, and forevennorejliall glide
OmairiK evertd0 by side.
Matters ami TIiIuk l Our Sllirrln.
Kroin tlio Alaska Herald.
The village of Throe Ilvrarchs, situated in
the southern part of KhJIuIi, has ti mngnill-
cent harbor which can hold vessels of 3000
tons and in whieh they can como quite near
the shore. The village has about 450 houses,
inhabited bv Creoles. Tlio hurlwr In full of
almon, so that If the flshcrmmi lmvo only
enough salt and casks they can till 100,000,000
barrels in one ttimmor.
Smuttier should vnck and brluc xhclr
skins and furs in cases, so- that tltu ouautity
and quality may not bo known, u-s tho cus-toin-houi
is satisfied bv n brief description
of so many cases. The inspectors don't seem
to cure what tho cases contain
The Aluutf are very fond of their little
children and like to see them well dressed.
The merchant going out for trade to Alaska
will do well to take ti supply of children's
All competent judges favor tho removal of
tlm seat ot government or Alaska to tho island
t ii- . .i.i. .i , . . . i i.i
ivaoi.iK, a mis piueu is moru ccnirui unu ui
mot us near Sun Francisco as Sitka.
Copper river abounds in copper, lariro
nuggets of which are found in the stream und
on tho banks. This fact should attract tho
attention of all interested in metal.
Aleutian ladies tiro said to drink before
dinner a bottle of whiskv. They dino on all
sort of ganio and venison, nnd after dinner,
for desert, relish whale oil Instead of cham
pagne. I he Aleuts una niucn pleasure in oatintr
raw tlh, nnd think It dellciou.
Thero uro in Sitka mora bar-room than
private house.
Vlio U Mrnnrd S
Krm the VahuiKton Ksviunc I'mon, I'e- In
Menard is tho colored member of conirre-s
from Louisiana Ho is n dingy mulatto, thir
ty years ot age, nnd of medium stature. He
speak fluently but incoherently, and pro
fesses to bo iv politician of no moan preten
sions. He sas ho I a grand sou of general
Menard, who emigrated from the province of
Louisiana to Illinois before that state became
u member of the union. Menard labored on
a farm in Southern Illinois until ho wn uiui
teen, when he removed to tho northern part
of the state. Thero ho worked during the
summer mouths, und attended school during
the winter, in isyj ho entered Liberia Col
lege, Ohio, where ho remained until 1801,
when ho visited Canada, returning to the
Tnited State in 13tJ3. He entered tho nrmv
as hospital steward in ibis city, but remained
only ii few months, when ho was nigncd a
delv in the immigration bureau of the inte
rior dopnrtmont. JJhe prejudice exhibited
towards him in his ollicial position soon in
duced him to resign, nud, disgusted with the
government he sniled for Ilritlsh Hondura.
llern ho was omployed by tho Ilritlsh Hon
duras Company to make an exploration of
ttm country, wniiii he uiu to the satisfaction
of the government. He next vUited Jamaica
and Hayti. returning to New York in 10.1.
Here he remained but a short time, uml again
shipped for New Orleans, where lie arrived
in September, uml, n ho uvs, commenced nt
uiioo to orijaiilw tlio republican party of the
.3 .. r,rh(. c,n,t State.
The following is the new cabinet -sluto,"
fur the week jllst ended :
S(eretari) of State Hon. Charles Francis
Aiuims. f Massachusetts.
, Set-rftar of the Treasury
Morton, of lndinmiX-
-Hon. Oliver P.
Secretary of Wur General John M. Seho-
.States uriny.) of Illinois.
SerrchiriVofthf A'le.v Admiral ' David ' D
l'orter, (United States navy,) of Pennsyl
.ftvrdary of the AViry Hon. Benjamin F
AVnde, of Ohio.
IHtmukfrr (Irne'ral Hon. fJortiuo Greeley,
of New York
Atturney Uncr.ulflloii. Qtiioh Sa'ck'.'). of
OffliHilTT- mT"WusI Virginia: Grant,
lOIQfi- St . ...i.ii. . On '1 ill . I!i.iinli ...!..-!...
8 012. In 1 tho whole vote for president
wn.ii.' ot i. incoiii received 2J,7'J8,
nnd M n io joo; Lincoln's maloritv
h'-mjl., if i whom voto hius,.thereforo
ir. ' TL ropullU.wi voto 'in
cr.'.w ih democratic voto lias in
8t Louis theatres in tho
o ympic, $10,408; Vnrio
: .- 1.013.
tl 1
20, 1808.
Amnesty and I'urdoii for All.
WahlnKton, December!!.
Jly tlio President of tlio United States of America
I'roelamatloii i , .. ,
AVhereas. Tho l'res dent of tho United
States has heretofore sot forth several proclti-,
mations ofTering amnesty and pardon to per
sons who had been or wero conccrimd In tho
Into rebellion imainst tho lawful authority of
tho government of tho United States, which
proclamations wero severally issued-on tho
Hlh day of December, 1803; on tho 20th day
of Miireh, 18(51; on tho 29th day of May,
180.ri; on tho 7th day ol beptomber,
18fl7, nnd on tho 4 th day of July
in tho present year ; nnd . '
Whereas. Tho authority of the Federal Gov.
eminent having been re-cstnblished in nil tho
States and Territories within tho jurisdiction of
tho United States, it is believed that such Pres
idential reservations and executions ns nt tho
dates of said several proclamations wore dcem-
i'ii necessary unu proper mny now oo wisoij
nnd justly relinquished, and that n universal
amnesty "and pardon for nil who have borno
nny part therein, will tend to sectiro permanent
jvence, order nnd prosperity throughout tho
land, and to renew nnd fully rustoro confldcnco
nnd frntenittl feeling among tho wholo people
. , .. ... t !.!..
and their respect for nna attachment to mo
national Government, designed by its patriotic
founders for tho general good.
Now. therefore, bo it known that I, An
drew .Johnson, president of tho United States,
by virtue ot tho power nnu nutnoriiy in mo
vested by tho constitution, und in tho name of
the sovereign people of tho United States,
do hereby proclaim und declnro, uncon
ditionally and without reservation, to all und
every person who directly or inuireqiy par
ticipated in tho lato insurrection, or rebellion,
n full pardon and amnesty for the ollcnso of
treason ugninst tho United States, or of ad
hering to their enemies during tho lato civil
wur, with tho restoration of nil rights, priv
ilege) and Immunities under tho constitution
nnd tho laws which lmvo been mndo in pur
suance thereof.
In testimony whereof, 1 lmvo signed theso
pre-eht with "my hand und huvo caused tho
seal of tho United States to be hereunto af
fixed. Done ut the city of "Washington tho 16th
dav of December, in the year of our Lord
1 Hits, und of tho Independence of tho United
State of America tho 03d. (Signed)
Hv the President.
F." W. SKtVAni), Acting Secretury of State.
(Josip says that the inuugurutors of tho
present bull movement in New York, bor!
rowed from $ 10,000,000 to $20,000,000 of gold
and exchange on stock collaterals, nnd sold
It fof currency, thereby putting themselves
in a strong Quuncial position to hold their
Central stock. It is reported that tho gold
Hnd cschango arc to bo returned In January.
Tho New York Ccutral will hereafter pro
ratt with western roads on freights, those
relation. having been made with tho Michi
gan Southern, Michigan Central, Lake Shore,
Cleveland nnd Toledo, und Northwestern
Tho reverend doctor Dunne, nn eminent
catholic priest, died In Chicago on lust Tues
V. II.. Morri.. II. II. Caudct.
Notaries Public and Inunuicc Agents.
Cairo, Illlnolis.
OFFICE AV. 71 OAio Lever, City Aattcmaf
Hank HuiUling. dec21tf
Ix3.fcsxxi-fvia.oo Oomptuxy
CASH CAPITAf,, 320(),000!
I). IIUIll), President!
U.S. IIAUKKI.!., Vice PrrsliUutl
.I.VMKS Si. ItK.VltUKN, Srirrturyi
WOOD KlT'rH.MIIIl'fiEi Tremurtr.
Irjsiires nK'nn-t los or damage by tire, and the perils
of inland tuts Ku' ion und traitKirtatloii.
Oilier In AVIuler's Hlni k, Commercial Ale.
ElooiiiiJaston., Xll.
Aullioriy.itl CitTiTTal (."00,000
IaiI in ami St'curt'il.... 100,000
J01IX E. McCLl'X, I'rCMtlent.
GEO. II". PA II EE, Vice-President.
Ll'MAX lU'lllt, Secretary.
PETEIl FOLSOM, (irtierul Agent.
IilHKCTOltS-John K. MiClun, Ahel Oridley, liuo.
W. 1'arUe. ItuU-rl 1). Uitlinin, Jolm M. r;olt, Jului
Maxouu, Das id Iavis, Charles V. Holduii, Uiae
I'ltl.NCIl'.Mi STOCK ItOJiDKItS Charles W. Holden.
Cashier lloineCllanl;. IlloomliiKton, 111.; A'ahel
Cirelley. I'reidi nt lel.ane County Hank, Illoom
inaton. III. I Je-e V. Kell, Normal, 111.; Hon. David
Davis, Judge Tinted States Nilreine Court, llloom
inctim. III.; Ji'hn B MeClmi, Hloorniimjoii, 111.;
(lorceV I'arke, Illootninstnii, id.; Itolyrt K
Williams, lilooumiton, III ; Julm X. y.-ott, Jmlgo
hlh Judicial Oireult. ldooinliijjton, l!l.J .email
Hurr, Iiloomington, III.
AssotN Doo. 1st, lBOQ.
ITniled flutes W Honds (market laluo). 810.W0 00
McLean Ccnnly 10 ir cent, ltonds ...
l uintal tocl; nx iircdbyMortg.ii;esoii Un
inciiiiilcred Heal Hstate, worth at least
Sajo,i,., , -
Cah in HunK
I'rcnilniiis due frdii Ajrcni -
5,000 HO
90.MO Ul
I.77S 71
0,71! 41
iW (M
otnee riiruiicrc
I1S,CJ1 13
THIS COMPANV is now prepared lo isu Policies
en Drtellini! and contents, Moro liiilldiun, Mer
chandise, Au., neon us low rates a any responsible
f 'it'hTtlioolJecl of the Directors of thi- company to
Ornish tliepcolc of this region with a safe uud relia
ble Homo Company.
THousniiiU of Ilollursj
Are annually sent to the Kast, for no hotter or ifcr
insurance man is oucrcu ny mis company.
Applications rccelscd and Policies; Issued by
dccSl'CSdtr AUKNT AT CA1U0, ILL.
D ' ' Dii .
GRE.ITLV Ri-OsJufcO PrllCfS.'" '
1U CoDiiucTc.al Ayoiiiic,
Inform tlif ,t wns of Cu r an. vie n'lv thai lin has
on hand one of the liurt ua Ktiuniitiidlokof
DryrGmid., Fmiey Urnids and Nolloan,
In Southern 111 mi. wh h hoIr. at t.rleo that will
defy eom pel. lion.
e will sell Pr tits, for -est hran Is, at from... to iyj4
Vard Hide !llu bed M .sl n ut li&k
Heavyyurl Je si. ! ig at Ho
All-wmil Klannel at aoj
Whlto Ill.mU. is srr t r, .it . . .... $.1 JO
Lar .te nll-w 4 1 I h.i.U L i J3
New styls .i ties' CI m ut S3 Ound upwurds
Good Lmseysat .. uoa
Kb'K'.nt ami vry l,. Hsy liiiiii,':il'lc an I Uk
tired Poplin, ;ht y,ir fr nn . .......... 35 lotOo-
fiilk Poplin ut 75c
Good yurd-Miile Mer no at S0e,
AlarKeuNsorlincnt -f
Hinek nnd Colnrel Alpnt-as ui io.feuts
AM' l'PWAUD.5i
And numsroii other -Ms. of.Dre Goods corroa
pondiuly hm
All-linen Hun tkrc!i.fs at Ion
Alldliicn Tottshn).", pry.rd, ut sy
(lood Tallin Linen j4Sc
Irish Linen, rnr.l Midi- ..ec
All-wiMil S'fcs .. -no,
Irenes .ier.no Ilniw. (Vi
Mrrina I'ndcr-h rtsuni Draviera JOc
Also, a lare assortment of
3JVXXX05- Good,
flK'h 0.1
Alexander Kid tilorrs.
.....91 in
1 uv
French Corsets..
Ronud Coinlia . ..
And all other Good.1 correfpondiiiyly low.
It (a thsrefiire to tho Interest of every peron buyine
goods to coll at
122 C'oiniiicrcial Avenue.
Ilcfore buying elsewhere, m money savil fst monry
Thankful for the liberal patrons" heretofore si
tendod to u, mo hope to riH'elve the same In future.
I.. III. I'M. '
n ax sovh.
ilwil'fif No. 1 00 HmmmcitL Avcr.
An Kducatl0n.1l Journal, puMi"ln-l S'tni-MoiitW"
nt the city of Uairo, Hiei di'tiitod to the inUfeet ut tin
Great (.'au.o of I.'diieatlon
In Soitthorn Illinois. No wuis uiIIIk'simtwI to iiiulis
this journal a powerful red tumiuntiul euutribiitiou to
tho principles uf Kducutioili to Hi" Jlliprutellielil f
tho the method of s.dioul instnictinii, and to the ml
Tanceinciit of ull reform for thw elevatmn of Ibu
sUuiUrd 111 "Kuypt."
Single HinwriU'W. one ser.r ..ft f
aubofmcrtisoanil under 'i). oil" )nrtijiiie
inldros '
Club of over -c. 0110 yeur, to one u'Hp 1 0.
Term, l'ayulilr In Ailvunce.
Tlio first number w ll be i.-uf d ..tnrdiiy , 3Uti ml.
J()i:i,li. MOItUAN,
KniTon and Puoi'JiiKroit,
dccaaitf I'uiro, 111.
Ih furnished Kith all klndh uf eiqclleiit I.IlJlIOlt,
ami its table are ulna). filled wall all the sca'.ouablc
KDIHbUS of the marliet. Meal uro fiiriiihhcd..ini
order, at all hours. PAT. r'lTZiilUULD.
This opiilar iilnce has li me the resort of nil lin
ers of ood HKHit, a none bill Urn best
Sniixt XiOixia 3VCtv1k.o
IsUcutby JlllIN k:I11:KI
Elisht street, N'tvscen Com. uml Wah. Asynuix,
,u-nnf i'-y.'L"' "ib'i1!?!
I supplied with all kimUt of
Suporlor Xilciuorni,
Beer, Ale, Ve.,
1 1.N i U l Ul'.l.lri.
The thlrstv, svho luvo itood liiiuora, should givo hit
a vail, and tfiojo who wlsti to i.uiV a fragrant i'iK e
havo their wanla supplied Jt bin bar. ut..iu

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