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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, December 29, 1868, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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Office, 225 Washington Avenue, Democrat Hall; Editorijl Rooms, Ohio'Levce, over Barclay's Drug Store.
Nature litis to arranged Jut nll'iiir as to
l;eep Ht. Louis in u uunitunl quandary. In
tliu tliseusAloii of those tfrent cnlcf prise tlmt
lire connected with tlio navigation of tlio
Mississippi river, or ti nnio extent influ
, cured thereby, tlio St. Luiii pros protests
witli 11 vast uliow or honesty Hint Hi. Louis is
tho head of ut.-lntomipteil navigation, utid
Hint Hi f inii" otcniiior that roach Cairo can
reach that city ulso. tnlto recently the 'Ito
pnhlican' grow 'I11'10 ",i!rry "vur F.uro
pean View of tho MUrLiiippi Valley," in
whlihthe intimation was thrown out tlmt
Cairo, and not St. LouU, mint become tho
starting point for a contemplated line of en
.olng vc;ol. The idea of navigating tho
Mi i 'ppl r'v'r witn n v""' titled f"rovon
n half mllo voyage on Milt water, Ktruek tho
edit r ii po Miporlativoly ridiculous Hint
he utrji ,;!iUuy berated tho P.ngliih for their
111 ir ru'Mif our physical geography, In term
th-t c-iitd him of n groat donl moro rplocn
r v cur-i 1 Ivnglinh" than it did of iinvnr
tti ,1u I truth nuicprning tho geography of tho
MU L- Ippi valley. 1I treated with exceed
ing kvity tho aMcrtlon that the navigation
of the .Misli-ippl above Cairo win precarious
ml iiirc'.iable, ufjil informed the "ignorant
K -i lin. in tlmt the Kuth and other boat
of t. I'm uxand live hundred ton capacity,
rc sil I St. loiii with thu greutet i;nu and
?!if tv Tim undoubt'-d purpose of this ftato
(Ml tit win ti create, at lciut in the English
inlrJ, twhero little is known of our rivers
whii li, alternately, lecomo glaziers and dry
gullies 1 the bupropion thai there I reliable
ri r navigation to St. Loui for atuamcrs of
th.it in.nu nso currying capacity. Unhappily
fjrsui.h a purpose, however, the editor failed,
or. that day, to exclude from hit paper the
tf.il 1 i.m truth reported by his river man.
Vo copy tho following; "Heavy ioe an
other MipiMen of navigation, etc. Heavy
A I weather. ltiver fell three iriohos yes
tcrdav The entire surface of the river was
1. v T .1 wi'h lee of n heavy description."
The 1.1 xt day the following appeared: "Last
nl,.;ht was extremely wld, and tho modern
tbnii has assumed U)-duy doe not cxteTid
hryrn 1 throe or four degree. The MUidi
kipl 1 13 well filled with limiting iro, and mill.-
a marked change in the temperature
takiipl:e e by to-morrow, unvigatioii must
bewl. u budly iibtruetpd a it was a fort
night mice."
The St Louis 'Democrat' of thu i-anie date
puhlilni the following, utterly demolishing
Hit! ItepubUcan Y ' uninterrupted navigation
to St. Iini," and creating in (lie public
ri ind n in doubt a to the truth of the n
h rttt-ni that "a lurgu Ikkuh reiich St. Inih
a Cairo. ' The 'Democrat' a 4: "Cajitnin
.It iui Carroll i prejiareil to give through ro
cp1iU for freight to "ow Orlcan, by rail to
Cal'ii anil lo.tt from there. Tho
bargt' company have KUHpendod loading here
for the M-ai-ou. The superintendent went
down to Cairo to mako arrangement to run
IkIw n that city and New Orleans The
Ittii and barge are laid up at Widow "Wat
c t i ' ape ice."
TurMiig the oditor of tho 'llepubliean'
ovir 1 1 jus own river ri-jtorter or to the imr
1 it- of hi i:ol-mH)rar of thu'Domocrat," we
ask p-iblk att'-ntlon to the "unintorrujited
iiuvnjiiti .11 ' liRtiue to St. I.oui as it now U,
n t furgctting that we live in tho 3Iisi.ippi
v .'' v anil not in Labrador or Ahuka.
Mn iHi-f Strakofch ha reccivttl from tho
S t'.t in of Turkey the decoration of the order
if Mf,ldic.
Wendell i'hilli' mother prevented hU be
1 f-i ug a cbeinbt, thu making him tho uij1om
1.i h iv
Mu'dla Heron will ap".or as a lecturer, noxt
n : th
Mi-i Lmii,:! Alcott is acting with great np-phi--"
In private theatrical in HiMon.
Ituhop him in acting president of Oris
w ! 1 C liege in Iowa.
; Il-n, Thoma II. Burrow, of I.aneaster,
lVnrylViitila, ! to 1m jiroi-ident of the Penn
sylvania Agricultural College.
(Suitavtii Vin Fox, but yesterday tho dar
ling of the Czar, the .Maecenas of Kriwon, and
th" man Friday of Welle, U now tho obscure
upt-rintendent or the .Middlesex Manufacturing
We learn, on thu authority of a New York
correspondent of tho 'Ilostou 1'ost' that miss
Sui-un II. Anthony and inb Anna Dickinson
aro aivompliiheil riders on that most fascinat
ing of vehich-j, tho two.wheoled velocipede.
MaJ. (Sen. Housxcau, commanding tho De
partment of tlio Gulf, ha purchased tho mag
nificent "Hello Inland" plantation, near Hra
idicur City, Berwick's Hay, in Louisiana, and
has made arrangements to cultivate sugar cauo
another season.
- -A.pmo
light is pending In St. Louis, between
Bill Davis mid Tom Allen. It will take place
on tho 1'Jth of January.
While Davis was training near tho fair
ground, last Saturday, he was hut upon by
three roughs, whom ho knocked right and
left, )nit in tho melee he received a nevero
stab in Hin wrist. It i iipp.std the? attack'
was made In tho Inture;it of Allen, to prevent'
Davii fMin "coining to tiino."' ' "' ' :
Why is not participation in these brutal
pri ,t lights made n capital olVense, ami pun
ished by imprisonment for life. Leaving in
toxicating liquors out of tho ipiestioii, noth
ing o demoralizes and debuses tho publio
. (
It la announced that Spain ls averse to sell
ing Cuba to tho United State. Well, no one
is guilt-; to despair on tlmt account. "When
wo can't do without Cuba any longer, wo will
" lie pi ire ' it whether Spain says "yea" or
0 '
.IcITcrBOii DnvU A, Uucl, etc., etc.
In consequence oftho great rush of visitor
at Gen. Grant's headquarter?, bo' has boon
obliged to establish tho rulo of not seeing citi
zens after twolve o'clock.
W. Kantz, of Quiney, Illliiois, recently (cut
to the Secretary of the Treasury, a fifty dollar
note of tho continental currency with a request
for it redumption. The United States Treas
urer to-day made the following reply :
By the net of Congress pawed August -1th,
190, tho continental currency was receivable
at the Treasury until September lit, 1701, nt
the value of ono hundred dollar In said cur
rency for one dollar in specie. Thi privilege,
by net of .May 8th, 1702. was extended to
3Iareh "th, 1703, Inco which date thero has
been no law permitting its redemption.
Tim Aiuntal)- 1'riielniiintlon
Continues' to bo tho subject of comment of
Congressmen and other In this city. It is gnid
that half a dozen telegrams, some of t hem from
Canada and souio cable dispatches from abroad,
have been received hero by government ofll
cers making inquiries about the proclamation
and iU client in case of the return of thoso who
participated in tho rebellion and ub(.equently
Hod tho country. Tho person in whoso inter
act those di'patche wcru Kent arc Geo. N.
Sander, Jacob Thompson, John C. Breckin
ridge and Mason. It is unofficially but de
cidedly announced that thu caso of Jeff. Davis
will not 1 advanced on tho calendar of tho
Supreme Court, sinco the amnesty proclama
tion is construed to inakn It but u question
purv. U'jU, so that it can wail its tut n.
A duel was fought in this city ycMerday be
tween on otllccr of tho regular army on duty
here, and whoe namo could not bo ascertained,
ami Phil Forney, n son of the hon. J. "W. For
ney, the woajKJii being pistols, at twenty paces.
Three shots wore exchanged, by which Forney
was twice woundpd and the otHcor once, but
neither fatally. It I thought Forney mar Ioo
hi hand. Tlio principals were eager to fight
the quarrel out, but after blood had been drawn
on both side, the i-ecouils intervened and de
clared that as the gentlemen's honor hud been
maintained, they should bo satisfied. Tho
slight mitundcrttauding aroso in tho dining
room of WllardV, a lady being in the case.und
tho quarrel could only Iki adjusted by tho rigors
of tho code.
ICoIIaUmI from our lM t u-lcKrnin.
Till- Irrrprc.ithle Conflict.
Christina-) was prolific of a numlor of
drunken brutes, cutting and killing in nmf
around Nashville. On thu Murfrccsboro
pike, eight miles from thu city, a fight took
place Sunday evening between about a dozen
negroes and five white men, in which four of
tho former wore badly wounded. Tho affray
grew out of a mUuudcriitanding between a
colored man and hi employer in regard to
some unpaid wages. Thu negro, getting no
satisfaction, went off, aud soon eeturned with
reinforcements. The white man, whoe namo
U Davis, had by this timo also got rcinforco
nietitr, and u pitched battle with guns and
pistol commenced. Tho whites being in
trenched, tho darkies were finally driven oil'
with their rank thinned.
In New .Market, Ivnt Tennessee, a couple
of days si ncn, u ninn named .Northern was
brutally murdered by Jas. Ghwon, themotivo
prompting tho foul deed being robbery. Tho
murderer was arrested.
Governor Brownlow hascomooutsipinrcly
in favor of tho separation of Fast Tonnossce,
and It now scums probnblo that thero will be
little opposition in any quarter until that di
slon of tho state becomes a separate common
wealth. ClilruKo HIMlMlcM, lite.
During tho past year i;i,10." vessols havo
arrived at Chicago, and 1:1,218 have cleared.
There have been 4,617 marriages, and 341 di
vorces. There havo been 414,7 10 hogs packed
to date, agaiiut 687,100 at tho same time n
the previous soiison.
Koiuiil Pciul.
Mr. Dickens, widow of tho great novelist'
brother, Augustus, was found dead in her
room on tho 27th hist. U is bolioved that
her death occurred from an ovor doso of mor
phine. Krlnl'tfiil UnUronil Accident.
Two freight train on tho Hannibal and Ht.
Joseph railroad collided ono mllo east of Chil
icotho Thursday morning, at 2 o'clock. Both
engineers, A. A. Coopor and II. Young, and
both firemen were killed instantly. A young
lady was found burned to a crisp from the
waist up, and uno leg burned off. Almost
tho entire wreck was burned. Tho trains
woro running at twcnty-llvo niihm per hour
whon they collided Both woro behind time.
None of tho other train men were maimed.
. i ' TltEUIiANRKVOhVT10N.'
Tho government troops and tho revolution
ists came together nctr Puerto Principe on
tho lSth."Tho government troops siorined
tho camp of their enemy and attacked them
with bayonets. Tho rout was complete.
The loss of tho revolutionists in killed,
wounded and captured was about seven hun
dred. Six hundred of these, however, belong
to tlio captured list. Tho government troops
sustained a very" trilling Ios, only one man
killed mid eight wounded,
Cornelius Vandorhilt is imported to havo made
$5,000,000 or lc,000,5oo out of his great cornor
hi Now York Central, llisjato movement Is
considered tho greatest lluanchil coup "..(
AVall street bus ever known.
Cnrlmnilftle, Ill.rieomlor 21, 18C0.
J'dUov Jlullclin Allow m o correct a few
mistakes mode in an nrliclo ptulihcd by you
on .Monday of last week, in wEchan old por
trait painter, inr. Hindmim tod Carhondalo
nro promiscuously mixed iip. L will bo, brief,
An old mun came td town and got up a
drawing for a picture: -llndman, with
twenty-four others, took chnncs. Thu draw
ing enmo off, and tho old mar proceeded to
collect his subscriptions. Cnilng on Hlnd
nmn, ho asked for his monoj The latter
was about to pay him, but renrrked that tho
contract was not lived up to, ni he had not
been Informed of the drawing This made
tho old man mad, and ho remaned there was
a "way to mako Just such nin pay their
debt." llindmnn suggested Hit ho should
try his plan, and returned thtnoney to his
pocket. Tho old man thon conplnincd to tho
public magistrate, and thus exjosed hi own
violation of a to en ordinance. Ho was fined
ten dollurs. Tho constable dd not wish to
lock tho old man up, hut he nsisted- on it
himself. As soon as ho was ocked up ho
rahed tho neighborhood by hUmterlos, and
jlr. HIndmnn, learning of Hit proceeding,
immediately paid tho fine and gs tho old fel
low out of limbo. No steamboamen or oth
er mado any demonstrations. ' Juhtick.
rut km is nkw vow.
A llro in Fulton avenue, last evening, burn
ed throe smnll buildings, occujledliv Jones
jowclry store, "WlNon's miction rains, and
othor. Loi, $10,000; mostly insuBd.'
Tho 'Watorhouse casimero factoy in "War
wick, B. I., burned yesterday. Lo, $00,000.
Insured mostly in Boston offices.
, lloton, Jt-r.tfi. lSB".
Tho 1-arrar keroscnu factory.east Boton,
was destroyed by flro last night. Lo?s heavy.
' ispringrirltl, .Sfsci, 2-!,
M. "W. Perkins powder mill at Westfield,
wo detroyed Thursday night V explosion
and fire. Loss, $15,000.
lliclimouJ, Vo., i'C. : 14.
Tho distillery of B. Sedgwick the plaster
mill of Allen & .Magruder and oven small
dwellings on Third street, woro lestroyed by
tiro to-day. Loss, $30,000.
At Dubuque, on Sunday last,200,000 dam
ago wa douo by llro to the iork of tho
Northwest .Metal Company.
Ottil, Irc. 2), 1C-S.
Five warehouses, near Capers bridge, were
burned last night. Thev curtained a largo
quantity of matches, sulphur mil 50,000 buh
cls of oats, All of which Wire consumed.
Loss, 20,000.
Augusta, 0. , Doc. S), IS.
Gabriel Martin and his twomuiden sisters,
residing in Columbia county, Tero murderoil
and robbed Thursday night, ;hclr house set
on tiro mid their bodies coiuum-d. Suspicion
is said to rest on some negroos-csidlng in the
neighborhood, us iterjietrator if tho (Toed.
Among tho toilettes worn b tho Kmpress
Eugenie, at tho Into State ball u tho Tulluries,
thu' most remarkable was a robo)fon Jenoie
roue jxche (a palo and rathor -llowIsh pink),
trlmmeil en tabier, with tlounc6 of white and
silver tulle, fulling over other of tulle, tho
color of the dress. At tho edge f the skirt an
exquisite Genoese fringe of wlito cilk, with
silver bullion, mid fuehias of silvr was placod.
Tho train of whito satin wa looped up tn
pnnicr at tho sides, and etlged wth rich silver
l'ringo; tho sash of roue pcic, limit de salt, in
four largo loops, loing linwl villi white satin.
A licslico of roe ptrht trimiicd with white
satin, and the saino Gcnoeso fingu and silver
fuehias. tunefully disposed thinon, completes!
tho dress.
rronl u Md-r from Jpm.J
Wo took seats upon tho rusts benches, and
tho Japanese girls brought u, tea. Some of
them were rather pretty, and Iliad tho oppor
tunity of seeing one uomnlcW her toilet by
thu ilolicato tusk of painting. Sho rubbed a
cosmetic, resembling soft, whto paste, and
probably mado of lead, over Jie lace, neck
and breast. Thi dried rapidl', giving to tho
favored parts a whiteness likolabaster. Af
ter which tho lips wore brright to u rich
vermilion, whoso effect was lufghtened by u
central touch of gold dust. Two rows of
tooth of pearly whiteness wre displayed
when idio smiled, nnd added charm to tho
beauties already mentioned.
Tho llltuulists Imvo encouttered u severe
legal blow at last. Ono of tho vildest offend
er and burloquors of Catblioism of tho
whole crew, tho ruvorend Alosandor Jdaeko
nocliip. a London rector, and an udvaneed
Uitualist, was charged bofore tio Ecclesiasti
cal Court of Arches, by his biaop, witli un
Protestant jiraeticos, such as miedles bow
ings aud scrapings, lighted candles and
Mri.tigo upparel. Tho causu diigged on for
eiyhtotui inoutlis, and at Inst the court do-cide-
against h;m, Tho ellcot if tho decision
is the "unfrocking" of mr. Mtukonochio, and
most probubly his 'pervcrslou'.to tho church
of Homo.
- o '
Tho lata Huron Bothsehiid, liiiing onco nt
bis club In Pans, hoard s.imeiW say, "Horri?
bio. bgo lent X, ton thimsuiiujfruucs have
not oven g6t im' aekiiowlnlgemint ; and he's
gone to Constantinople; ' 'iMito tv
said the Baron. ' II.ivi- ib ue si, and it ilyn't
iinswor ho d6is n..t unver,' "Tlien, mon
chcr, write to him ihiu; 'Deir il. Jt.-,whun
tho Turks and Turl.i-.-ses louvo sou a littlu luis
uro time, M iiiV mo tho twenty t'tptiBiinll'-lVtinc
J. lent you.'" "Bui, ho owmmo tun thou
sand." "Precli-ily-l h -will m ii nnd fluj sk.
md then theroV your ai-kiinVledjoiiictit.
Tho oight.hoiir pi-,tlvjt has bl-it d. Cldi-d at
the Springfield Vi-mi-ry, uolas the arn.or-
pr piei-t.-J. 'r! .: kdv thiulayaio
tub paid only lur-tlrthif thwIjroi-iiiBr wage
for tho Hum Hip right hoar rn has been 'in
foi'M, or sinco lU iiUh wf sliglst. - H is said
lh.it the ol)V:M' . . :. h,,,y ilrni the men havo
neti.ully doii'- . ' , .o'n hour., liiau'
H.i-y f'jrmor'.y di.i m it i.
A XIrK'r that svrh Ilnrtl to Ilrnt.
Tho Qiilnpv 'Heruld' has tlio following:
"In some things tho negro in far k-liind tho
whito man in others, ho is far ahead of him.
In intelligence, honesty, Ac., tho negro is for
from being tlio equal of tlio whito man. Hut
in thu littlo mattor of stealing, tho negro has
no equal. In this consist thu claim pt up
for him of his right to vote. If it requlroi
n successful thief to bo it radical member of
congress, whj'Hhouhln't oxpertnessiit stealing
qualify tho negro to vote? That seems to bo
tlio radical urgumont. Here in brief uccount
of a radical ''loll'' voter in ono of tho south
urnslates. Our reader must decide for them
selves which was the meaner, moro unprinci
pled man of thu two, the nigger radical or
tho radical nigger.
"A negro in Natchez, Miss., bought hi
goods at the ton of a radical, aud purchased,
among other things, ten pounds of sugar, be
cause it was sold ono cent per pound less than
nt other stores. Ho afterwards boasted how
cheap ho hud bought tho sugar, to another
im-rchaiit, who asked him to bring him thu
ten pounds of sugar, which being done, it
was Joutid to weigh scant eight pound, where
upon tho crowd commenced to Inugli at the
negro for allowing himself to bo cheated.
Tim old fellow studied for n moment, and
then said, 'giu- ho didn't client dis chile
much, for when he wos gctlin' do sugar, I
stole two iialr of deso shop. And ho brought
them forth from his pocket."
The New York 'World' says: "A surgeon
of this city is trying to revivo a chirurglcal
idea, first broached, it is said, in Purls. It con
sists in tho removal of tho littlo too from tho
feet of children, or oven of adult persons, there
by preventing much futuru suffering from
corns, which usually crop out on that toe. This
process would also'adapt tho feet ndmlrably to
the narrow pointed shoe now coming into
vogue. Should tho idea take, u good name for'
it would bo 'cliptoe-mnnla.'"
in -
Tho Italian Treasury enjoys a revenue from
tho governmcntlottcrles of $12,000,000. Thero
aro lottorv companies at Turin, Florence and
Home. Tho provinco of Naples, with only
fiC8,000 Inhabitants, pays $5,000,000 a year for
lottery tickets. Tho fever is less violent in tho
north" of Italy. Turin, with 042,000 people,
expend $1,200,000 n year.
. hi
Tho New York '.Moil' says Hiat Vermont and
Maine will lioth grant suffrage to females this
Gon. .lubol A. Early pronounce Mr. Pol
lard' statomunt that Stonuwull Jockson onco
ordered u night nttnok by "assailants stripped
naked and united with bowlo knives," entirely
without foundation.
V. II.Mtirrl.. II. II. C'nmlre.
Notaries Public nnd Insurance Agcnta.
Oali-o, Illinois.
Ol'FIUKXo. 71 Ohio Levte, City National
Hank lluitiiin;;. dec2ltf
Zusuranoo Coxu.pn.113r
CUS1I CU'l l Ar,, 800,000!
I). IIDU11. I'rr.lttf iil
U.S. IIAHItKI.I.. Vlt-o lrtlilrnt
I AM KS S. UKAIIOK.V. Scrrrlur) t
VOOIKlTTr..UOLSi:, Trca-iirrr.
Inmitct ui;ainl liirilutim,;u 1'V lira, anil the perils
ufiiiliui'l imi K.tn.u uini lruiisMir(iiliiiii.
Oilier In Wliut-r'n HlocU, (Vunmrn-lul Are.
PANY, 331oozxiLi33.e;toxL, X1T.
Aulliori.ttl st'iipltiftl $500,000
raid iu ami St!;iirtd..,. $100,000
.0A .'. McVLUxT'l'rcsutent.
am. II'. PA RICK Vicr-l'rciiJtnt.
L I'M AX It LRU, Scretary.
PF.TIUl FOhSOM, (Irnfral Agent.
IUUKCTOIl Ji.lin V.. MtCluii, AmIh-I Orliiloy, (it-o,
U l)tU: ItrtN-rt II. I.nthwu, John M. Houtt, John
Maitouti. Divnl Imvis, Ctutlus W. Ilnldcn, ls.uo
I'ltlNCirAli hTOCKMOIiDKIW-ClmrlM W. ITulilon,
Uahit-r ltuiiio lUtiik. lllonniltiKUia, 111.; Asuhcl
(Ir'nlh-y, I'n n.lfiit M. I.uno County llaaU, lllootn
iiitun, III.: Ji'" W. Ki-ll, Norinai, 111.; linn. !nil
l;ivi, Ju l(i'' t'illtt"l!-tHti-isiUriln(ulirl. lllixllll
IliKtou, III i Juhll li Mi'Clini, llloomtntfiii. III.-,
(it'uri;' W l'.ul.f, IIIimiiiiiuiIiiii, III.: ItuU-rl K.
S'illi:,MK, lllooiiiniijluii, III ; John M N-ott. Juilo
sili .lililutinl wiivuit, llliHiniiiiKtuu, III.; I.uinun
llurr, llldiiiulagliin, 111.
y.sotfrJ Doc. lmt, 1UGO.
t'tilUnt HKiti-H A.'.M IIiiihN (iimrlii-t Mill)..)... JIii.wm) in)
Mi'Ikmii Ccimity IUi-rut-ui, llmiils &,euo to
Cipllat HtiK-l; s.-. iiri-illiy.MorlB.iii-siia Un
iiiitillnU'rcil Ileal l-Ntiitc, wurlh nt leat
Sjw.ioi - ... W i.Oi l ui
l ah In Haul: .n 71
1'ri'iiiiuinx iluii from AcnU .'.,71141
Ollii ' riiriiitun- 'i'M (M
llC-n 1-2
I.IKtKS t'M'AlJI ..i NONI-
THIS COMPANY i iiiiw rrliri-il l Ihhui I'uIk-ii-.s
nil Kvvglliiii anil cilitonlJ, Morn llulhllnx-. Mr-(h:ui(ll.i-,
Ait, m ni hm ratvn its iiuy rijoiislbo
U U IhoolVeijt uftlai Itu'i ttdfuor lliin oiniuny In
furiiisli th('n-opln of ihl ri'h'l11'!"!'' a hnfu uini rrllu
bin IIoiiiii (imiuiij,
ThoiikuuiU ofDiillnrH
Arniiiuiimllysi-titiiilhii lint. frno hi-Uor or safer
liiur.uii!u Hum is olh-rpil ly UiIh i-oinpaiiy.
Aiiln aUiiii rciti'iH'il anil I'.iIUuixs iamii-il lr
,f .ioii.v imiki.y;
iliKtSl'lJiUr AlillNTA'lMMIUO.IMi.
-AMI '
UJiAI.VltS jy J J.OVJi -l.Vil i'J.'OrAO.Y
Aj'-nt tor Wi'.loin VlfKliila uml Oliin IIIut Kll Cu'.
Hpmiil ulloiilluii given In oiJt'in liiimubiiiuj,
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IJIack and Cnlorcd Aipuru ut 2.1 cents
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pomllugly loir.
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And all othrr Goal corrcupundiiiijli lour.
It li thori-furo to tho intorciit of nvi-ry iw-ronhiiylni
rchhN tociillnt
122 Commercial Avenue,
llcfuro liujin lUimlii re, n inum-y i-jtimI Lh nioo't
ThiinUful for the llhontl iitrnnaiw hi-n-lofiirn ox
tt naiil tg u, wo uihi lo rieiiVirtho natnu in future.
I.. III. DM.
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Ihn i.riiii'iil('i of Khliitiiiu: to lhi jniroVi-nn-lit of'
the ihe mrthiiil of m-IiooI iiitiui'tioii, .mil In the mU
sutifrini-nt of all ri-forni-i f-ir Un- iliv.itlim of Hi
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ih-i jj.llf Culm, III.
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oritiu-. tit nit hoiin. IMV, I'lrZUKItAIiIt.1' '
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iTi of koimI lli:l;i!, u liuuo hut Iho l .M
OfvitTt Xiotiiw 2Xfils.o
II.T.tliy JOHN M'llCIX,' 1
KiKht fcln-ol, Lottuirii ( om. .nul Wio-h. Antn'uas; '
iin-aiilif c.mi;i, H.l.iNoi , ,
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lUH'i; Ale, iVc,
't'HNTH M'l ltllllTS. ?
Tim llnrMlv lllulloii uooil ni' i-i ..ui. I u!m him
a i-all, nml lfioo who uimi lo i"' a fiMKiaiil el(;ar i-;m
huio thiir wants kUlictl ill uH " nr ili-c j.il

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