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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, January 04, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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ioinll nvAtnrs received dully nt Louis Her
. borts. dcoSldlw
.Shell outers sold at iiOo por dozen nN
Louis .Herbert. dce.'lhl 1 w
Son ndvcrtisctncnl bunded "Cairo nnd its
Business," in nnotlicr column.
chaxiik ok mm.
Tho undersigned lnivo tills day disposed of
their entire, etoclc of dry goods and clothing
to mossrs. Hollbron it "Well, who nro Author
ir.ed to collect nil debt duo ui. Thankful for
pat pntronnuo. wo trust for n continuance, of
the enmo to our successors.
lir.UI!!O.NM III!0.,14 (loin. Av.
Referring to the nlxtvo wo beg leave- to an
nounco to tho citizen of Cairo nnd vicinity
that wo have bought tho ontiro stock of dry
good of mossrs. Ileilhron & llro., and having
bought tho stock nt greatly reduced price
wo are now able to bcII nt loss than Now York
prices. "Vo will daily receive now stock and
flatter ourselves that ly trial, we can suit all
customers in regard to price and quality of
goods. Soliciting your patronage, we are
itotppp'niii.v. .to.. in:ii.tii!()N u:ii
Jsnldst No. Ill Ciiiimiorfl.il Avenue.
rKocmrss oi' tiii: Timonni (iuai.n timiik.
A train of cars, loaded with grain in bulk,
ha? just arrived in this city from Cedar Fall,
lown, without chango I Cedar Falls is'ono
hundred nnd flfty miles west of tho Missis
sippi river, and furnMied us tlih contribution
through tho Dnbuquo and Sioux City railroad
to the Mlsisippi rirer, and thencoby Illinois
railway. lho success that has attended this
cxporiniont, will insure us further and fro
c.uoni ronsigiimcuis irom una ana nil sur
rounding territory.
Another item of great moment in this con
nection, is tho receipt of an order from Now
Orleans, by ono of our leading houses, for one
Tiundrod thousand bushels of grain at Chicago
TJils is n very gratifying progress in a
movement upon which much of our futuro
prosperity depends, and wo accopt it as a
guaranty that our highest expectations may
le realized, if wo will only work with n will
for such a consummation.
Ah increased interest in this grand project
ha recently been awakened by the close of
tho upper Mississippi, and tho confusion to
trade occasioned thereby. A report, wherein
tho wish was no doubt father to tho thought,"
gained extensive circulation, that tho Chicago,
Alton iV St. Louis railroad company, deoply
interested in tho succes of tho enterprise, hud
actually undertaken tho construction of tho
road, and were already engaged in tho work
of preliminary surveys. That the two roads
-will have an identity of interest is undenia
ble; but tho reported activo operations nro
not authorized by anything that has yet trans
pired. "VVo can say. however, that the Cairo & St.
Louis railroad is a fixed fact, and will bu put
under control boforo the eho of summer. Of
this wo are nMircd, anil as It 1 a work of no
scry great magnitude, it is hazarding very
little of our reputation in a prophot to pro
did that through trains will be pacing over
it boforo (ho cloi-u of tho year 1870. It only
remains for tiio people of Cairo to wait, to b"
of glad cheer for tho good times and
things long hoped for, nro even now doscrin
bleln tho early future.
a iiiitifniANci: roit iir.siM:s
Mr. Tiioi. Nully propoi to iiue a snrio
of advertising cariU which will prove a most
tflbotivo mothod whereby oi.r merchants and
traders play give their business a wide-spread
notoriety. Tho cards will be most handsome
ly gotten up in colors, and gold and silver
bronze, will contain an ornamontal calendar
for 18)0, ami form a specimen of typography j
that will be insured a place upon the walls of
every counting-room in tho city, in tho store
house nnd home of thn country-trader, at the
slation-dejHiU of the ditl'eroiit railroads and
iin the stcnmbouU of th: diil'eront linos ter
minating at this point. Each card will conr
tain thirteen advertisement.-, and each adver
tise will bo furni-liud with llfty copies, thus
insuring him a circulation of more than six
hundred copies of his own card. Tho advan
tages of micIi plan of advertising will strike
every ono. Ili-chwip, novel, ell'octivo and
lasting. Mr. Nully, who is thoroughly con
versant with the lmsintos and In every way
roliabb', will wait upon our merchant and
explain such details as may not be gathe'red
from his advertisement, which Hud place In
another column.
"Spare, not the rod for thoultild's crying" Is
Jo",'un- command, or Injunction, if you
vill which we hope, lux-nine of its sacred
source, lias served Its purpose. The better
feelings of our nature revoiriirtira sharp cru
elty that crops out from lU every word ami
letter, and the man who roguluto hi dome-tie
govorninent upon Midi a basis, i little
letter thun the bruto. Sunday as yostorday
vus u father who will fWl himself Identified,
vh!ped his little svon year old boy with a
rod, until blue wvlu curded hi. little haul; uud
legsi-following out tho cruel and lmrbarou
injunction to "spare not Vhe rod fur thoehild'o
crying." Tho pltcu screiuns of the little
fellow availed nothing as pleas for juvrcy
tuoy hod been interdicted so tho blows full
nm aim Keenly upon nis tenner nitio uesii, a
welt responding to every blow. Shame upon
that Jjittij shunio upon any man who, disre
garding tho agonizing cries of childhood
(which then form 1U only possible petition for
inoroy) continues to ply..tJiorod, sparing it
iot for tho child's crying. Sliavir, aye, tdiaiiio
that will not bo shifted with his change
"such as will hang upon his richest robes, mid
show itiolf, attlro him how he may."
TANKS VOIt lMls, t
The tax book is now in my bauds unjl I
thall immediately proceed to the collection
(jf the taxes charged therein. For that iur
po 1 shall attend at my olliou in tho court
house from bnlf putt 1 o'oluok, p.m. until -1
o'clock, p.m., each duy. L. II. Mykun,
ShwiU'p'l x-ottkio collector Atu,vftiJ V county,
' Tieaeivod, tlds daypfrom tho Ow'onsboro
woolen mills, n largta lotoflhoso celebrated
jods, consisting ''h ivy all-wonl, blai)k6ts,
bod spreads, 11uiiik.1, jin-i jv, joaim, find wool
en yarns of nil c ' r
TlmnVvogy-'i- i'l 1 Ml ,. fiv cadi.
d'scjO-'Jt J iia IIiiiii,'n..s, A" nt
Ten branches of tho uhrUtinn faith nro rep
resented by societies in Cairo, viz: tlio Epis
eomltans, Presbyterians; Catholic?, Methodists
Lutherans, 1'rco Methodist. .lows, Hegular
Baptists; Freo "Will IJaptists, !md Cnmpbelllte
Tiio palatial residence of Mr. Charles Galli
gher a capaeioiu ediflco of lino architectural
effect, and embracing all tho modern Improve-
ments is enclosed, but will scarcely pass from
tho hands of tho builders before tho advent of
surlniii As nil such improvement us this do
credit to tho city, and betray an unshnken
bOnfldoncc in its futuro, we propose, in time, to
criticise it in detail.
Tho orders of Odd Fellows and Good Temp.
lars continue to increaso in number. Their
lodge room, in tho third story of tho Artor
building, is ono of tho cosiest nnd host ap
pointed in tho state
At least ono of our gopel minister hold to
tho idea that there cannot lie too much of a
good thing, and classing Ills sermons with tho
"good tilings" imposes them upon hi hearers
by tho hour. Had ho heard, yesterday, the
expressions in which sonic of his listeners in
dulged after tho infliction or ono or nis ono
hour twenty miuto sermons, ho would huvo
been persuaded that " too much good" some
times lias a very undesirable effect.
Tho carrier of tho 'Bulletin' fools duly grate
ful to his patrous for tho liberal manner in
wheli they responded to Ids now-year's calls
Ills lldolllty at a carrier, tho typography and
matter of his address were duly appreciated
Tiio Carbon coal has been introduced into
this market, and Is selling at six dollar per
ton. Consumors speak highly of It.
iV re-organization of tho "Old Settlors'
Club" is contemplated. If thu same restric-'
tion as to residence that was imposed before
control tho new organization, no person can
become a member unless ho ha lived in town
six weeks.
Tho second term of tho public school will
not commence until "Wednesday, fheCth inst.
Complying with a wisli that seemed to bo
generally entertained, tho directors lengthen
ed tho vacation. The three days thus added
to tho vacation will be very accoptablo to the
children, and are needed, really, as a season
of rest.
The proposed charter amendments form a
prominent topic jut now. There is a sufli
clent diversity of opinion respecting them to
excite discussion wherovcr "two or three as
semble together."
"J ouijlf , double toll and trouuo,
Kirc, Imrn; and caul, Irun, bubble."
The approaching charter election is claim
ing attention. Several gentlemen who declare
Hint they would accept official position most
roluctantlv, nro busy already beguiling every
body they meet with honcvod words to the
cflcct that if, thu individual then addressed,
is the very man for such nnd such a position t
Thcso men don't want ollico I Not a bit of it.
Tho weather Is always a subject of remark.
At this time it IsHinccrely so. That 'tis damp,
dreary, gloomy, muddy, sloppy, drizzly,
murky, hazy, blistering, rainy, naty, varia
ble, capriciou-, sluggish, heavy, misty, slippe
ry and miserable weather, can 1ms said with
truth. It like we have not seen, and hope
wo mnv never see again.
Tho wholesale grocery and liquor house of
Smyth - Co., is the oldest in tho city, dating
its origin far back in the days of our small
things. Liberal advertisers, wo nro pleaed
to seo them full handed witli business, and
sharing largoly in the trade from abroad.
A regular stated meeting of tho city coun
cil takes place this evening. During tho pen
dency of thu charter amendments and the
isuie with inr. Fox. Howard V Co. th-
meetings of that body twuime an uiiuMinlly
lutorentlng character.
Tin: r In i.i i; sliiooi, i.iuiiacv.
"We have boon questioned much, of late,
concerning the cvtidition of the public sihool
library fund and society. K.tecming tho
3ubject one of at least local concern we reply,
ILL. it !..... tl I. i..
uoiiciy, inai me orgaiiixaiion oi uiu rueieiy
malutaineil, and that the delay in establish
ing the lihrary.if not unavoidabl0ls justifiable.
It is chargeable to two cause : tho want of a
suitable room, and a sulllclcnt amount of
money to insure n respectablo commence
men'. Thoio want nro now so nearly cup
plled that more than a few month further
delay will scarcely bo excusable.
The money derived from tho exhibitions
of 1807 )ias been at interest, and lm tlui" ad
ded nearly fifty dollars to the fund. The
amount realized from the four exhibitions
wiU exceed seven hundred dollars. This
sum may bo considered a immediately avail
able. The individual subscriptions exceed
two hundred dollars, and will, when collected,
swell the fund to nbout $9.10. '
A catalogue of book bus, for somu time,
1)0011 In course of preparation and is now quite
ctunpleti). Tho order will be forwarded, wo
uudcrtnmf, a soon as advisable.
A fine room on the third floor, of the now
school-building "will be fitted up for tho ac
commodation of tho library tho style, char
acter and capacity of tho eaes and fixtures
being now under consideration. This being
the state of atl'airs, it will not belong before.
our school children, and our people generally,
if they so elect, will be in tho onjoyrnent e-f a
public school library alike creditable and
i'lio, contribution of book madby our
citizen have die'on properly caroil for, and
will be added to tho library.
Few, if nnv,' wants itrthe culinary depart
ment ot "well regulated lamllio " can arise
-thntinay not bo supplied by tho family gro
eery of Bristol A: Stillwell, on Eighth street.
The freshest vegetables,' tho swcetoid butter,
the fattest fowls, and tho best of everything
in the lino of table supplies may always be
found In their otahlishmcut. Further than
this, and of equal' importance, they sell any
thing on hand as cheap as tho cheapest. Call
on them nnd you can verify tho truth of evory
word of this paragraph. dlw
Last night, between tho theatre and (5. 1).
"Williamson's residence, tho insldo of a re
volving breastpin,two miniatures, onoouoach
sido. Tho finder will bo liberally rowarded
1... 1 1 I. .1 ..tf i T HMIIt
I i'-iiniij ii in uiu .uru ui w. i, i union-
! boa or at tlds ollico. dcc29-3t
All hinds of game served up in tho best of
stylo rtLcuis Herberts. dcc.31 dlw
On new venr's cvo mr. H. H. Spencer's'
inill, two milc3 from Pulaski station, was tho
"fPOil&ofnn hccideiit that slio'cko'd tho entire
neighborhood. Tho particulars, a dotalled
to us, aro as follows: Mr. William Harnian
ono of the employe, desired to put tho mill
in motion, and with that view proceeded to
adjust tho band on tho fly-wheel when tho
tall of his coat was caught up by tho tumbling
shaft, which, at tho moment, was making fully
four hundred revolutions per minute. In tho
twinkling of nn eyo mr. Harmnn was brought
upon tho shaft and whirled beneath it whero
he lodged in a box over which tho shaft was
revolving. Evory stitch of Ids slri)ng winter
clothing was torn from his body; ids foot was
horribly mangled and finally twisted rrom his
anklo; his thigh bono was broken ; n ghastly
incision mndo in his arm, nnu his wliolo hotly
badly cut and bruNcd. "When taken out ho
was unconscious, but by tho use of stimulants
wa soon revived. "With tho exception of ills
boots lie was as naked n when lie camo into
tho world.
Dr. Gordon, of this city, was sent for, and
aninutnted ins leir. 'below the kneo, set the
broken bones of tho thigh, and did nil he could
to alleviate tho unfortunate man's sufferings.
Ho dlspaired of saving tho man's life, however,
feeling assured of iisturnnl nnd other injuries
that had not fully developed themselves. His
prognosis of tho cato proved a true one, for
last night mr. Harnian wiu relieved by death
from his suffering
Ho was an indutriou man, well thought
of, and leaves a wife, hut no children
Two voting blades, just arrived from Phila
delphia, viz: Clias. Aolf nnd Irod Koons,
gavo tho public nn uncalled for specimen of
vocaiism, to-dnv, in tho tuneful measuro of
"doe Bowers." Not being appreciated they
were "jerked" before Shannessy, who, finding
them very drunk, nnd their Joint capital
amounting to only thrco cents, sent them up
for flvo days, hoping that tho interval of rest
will sober them.
Liz Bobinson got slewed und slushed nbout
promiscuously. Fined $1 and trimmings.
A snblo chap named Moso Mason relieved
ono I). 0. Hunter of a derringor valued at
$30. Esqulro Bros deprecating such conduct
even in tho sacred person of a negro, held
Moses to ball in the sum of $250, to appear
"above" and answor. And so closctli tho to-
lice chapter.
Mr. 'Wickwiro, contractor, informs us thai
ono of tho towers of tho C-iiro elevator is Un
shed, that another will be completed this
week, nnothor next week, and the fourth lo-
foro tho close of tho month. Ho has forty
hands cngnged on tho work and is pushing it
ahead quite vigorously. "When this establish
ment nsiumcs n moro decided shape, which
it will in a few days, wo shall publish a full
description of It, regarding it as we doj an- Im
provement of the utmost importance to Cairo,
and of considerable consequunce to the public
at lurge. It forms one great step in tho work
of concentrating the grain trade of the north
west in its natural depot, and of securing its
transportation to homo and foreign market by
tho-o cheap and sufficient moans provided by
Tho Emigrant Aid society will hold their ad.
Joumcd meeting in the Artcr builditu; this
"Wu are pleased to observe that our article
setting forth the minion of the society ha
bn extensively copied by tho press of South
ern Illinois, calling out, in some instances, tho
most encouraging comments.
Tho society ran, if it will, prove, nn eminent
Tho St. Louis 'Sunday Times' may always
be found at Hannon's early Monday morn
ing. It is the only dally paper of tho provl
ou day procurable at that hour. "Wo nro un
der obligation to mr. Hutinon, by the wny, for
very kind attention in tho way of newspaper
ScVadvorliiome'nt headed "Cairo nnd its
Businoss," in nnotlicr column.
KlVElt NEWS. v
Ior( I.Ut for the Knrl - l'lil Hours EmU
Int; nt T.ivn o'clock, I'. M.
(it'll. .iiI''r"ii,'oUim.; Miliary, I'.eliieah
T. J.. .Melon, at. I.oaisi
11. h. Turner. "
1VHT Itiili n. "
'lYimei.-w, llv.ituvllli'i
J'ofman, "
Armii'b, '
l:itlini. .Mi'UiliU;
M. P.. Vorsjili, McinpliU;
.Siiiijuoii Horner, N. (),!
I'wirin (.'ity, '
Alico Dean, "
t'ailerwritcr, Ciiirilnnath
H. AilUlm.Vlokkburjji
I. ontjiMirtlt, Iaustille.
(Jon. An.lfr!t. Colnm.i Mlllr1ip.,l,Ailiiehi
i nmiM'mii'i, i;viinnni)
Ainimta, (
Hnnii-oa H'.rner, I'iMk,!
II. H. Terror, .Memphis;
liarhna.niii naufli
Alie n limn.
l'.yoiir, l.imnYllh'i
Ar.Koimul, "
T, l...MHiill.Sl. I.oills
IVorla City, til. I.otiuj
H. A'llda.. "
Forsyth, "
ltsiiiirak. " .
I. 'iiiunorlh. .Ve' Orfeuat;
Cuntilii-lltul, "
.Mohawk. "
IMvk Fallon, "
,The,Yeathor;W" 9'ear and spring-llko on
Sunday, and althougli the sky has beensome-
what overcast, with ylouds to-day, tho tempe
rature has boon very pleasant. Tho wind.
,was,from tliOWo,ss. during the- ronoon, und
tliercfore wo had ho' fears of rain.
"TIim wr .torn sky, olil allors wiy,
.not Uva wek fur many a diy.," i
1 ho proverb dois nottmply that ruin never
comes from that quarter, but that it is of rnro
"Hut eastern uimU fiwleliiiuly sklen
Make rll thn cre'eki iiniVrivorS use."
Tho .Mississippi is rising slowly at St. Louis,
and a rise of sovornl foot is oxpected from that
Tiio Ohio Is rising rapidly its whole length,
with twelve feet in tho channel atBJtUlmrg
and ample water for all classes of steamers
f'ro.m that point to Cairo. It i presumed
that tho recent rnlns have melted tho snows
on tho Alleghany inountnins,iuid if so wo may
look for a big riuor, but cold "cather will cer
tniuly intervene to provont a flood. "Wlion
the Alleghany snows coniq down early wo
may saiely count on no disastrous UoOd in tho
Ohio during tho spring.
The Cumberland Is almost out of it banks,
uud tho Tounossco will no doubt pour out n
considerable volumo of water. "Wo 'may
therowro look for r. rlso of consldorablo mag
nltudo at Cairo,, but wo lmvo nonpprchen
sions of a flood which would glyo us any in
Businoss continues good, nnd largo nmounts
.. .' 1 . L 11 . .
oi iroigm nro ociiig cuimuiniij, received and re
shipped by botll'rnll nnd river. -
Tho Continental received oVor 800 tons at
this port and cleared for Now Orleans last
night with 1(500 tons.
Tho Me.GIll brought out 300 tons for re-
Bhipmcnt south on the Continental, and re
ceived licro about tho samo woight of sugar
and othor grocories for her return trip to St.
Tho Peter Bnlen brought out about 250 tons
stock nnd produco for re-shipment hence to
iow Orleans, and way points, and received
here about 200 tons metal nnd sundries for
St. Louis.
The Evansvillo and Nashvlllfl packets con
tinue to bring out consldorablo quantities of
produce for rcshipmont to St. Louis and points
south of Cairo, and since tho efforts of the St.
Louis steamboatmen to fix rates from St.
Louis and Cairo, for southern bound flight
have been abandoned, we shall look for a con
siderable increase in tho rcshipping business
from tho Ohio, Cumberland and Tennessee.
Bcforo tho elforts nbovo alluded to woro
made, tho roto on flour from Clarksvlllo und
otlicr points on tho Cumborland river, acces
sible to railroads, was sixty-five cent per bar
rel to iow Orleans, by mil, nnd sixty cents
per barrel by river. Steamers could then re-
ship nt Cairo for thirty-flvo to forty cents,
nnd n brisk trade was carried on. "When tho
rates from Cairo were advanced to sixty cents,
to New Orleans it of courso throw all of tho
Cumberland river trado into the hnnds of the
railroads, for nil other kinds of freight had
proportionate rates. Ohio river freights were
immediately turned eastward over tho rail
roads, and thousands of sacks of corn nnd
barrels of flour and other freights hnvo been
sent to New York by that route. Tho steam-
boatmen at last begun to sco what they should
lmvo seen nt first, nnd now there is no attempt
to fix rates from oltlier St. Louis or Cairo, nnd
wo may expect n very largo incronso of re-
shipping buslncps from both tho Cumberland
and Ohio rivers.
Tho St. Louis 'republican' has compiled a
list of steamboat disasters during tho post
year which i considered accurate and aggre
gates 150 uccidents, of which 100 resulted In
n total loss, viz: 21 by lire, 0 by collision, 2
by explosion nnd 74 by sinking. It is u mat-
tor of iinpolbllity to arrive at tho number
of Byes lost by these accidents, so wo forbesr
making any estimate. Tho amount of prop
erty will amount to at least $2,500,000 for the
bont, nnd us much moro for the cargoes and
baggage, footing tip a total of $5,000,000.
llio steamers New State and Ingomar lmvo
been sunk,- during tho past few davs, above
Cincinnati, and aro not Included in tho nbovo
list. They will probably bo totally Ict on
account of the rapid rise In tho river. They i
were worth atout $0,000 each. No lives lost.
Capt. O. W. Davis' new tiaekot John Lums-
den, built at Louisville for the Nashville and
Cincinnati trade was advertised toleavi I.u
livllle yesterday for Nashville. She draws
i inches light, and is lot feet long, with 30
feet beam an J i frt dp:h of hold. Her en
gines are five feet stroke, thirteen and n
quarter inches in diameter, and supplied witli
steam by two boilers 13 feet long, -10 inches
in diameter, and having four flue, ten Inrhes
in dlnrwti-r.
The uowsboysof Houston. Texas, rcfuso to
sell copies of the 'Cnlon,' a lUdiral Mm tpub-
iisneu in timi city, ino editor peddi- tiio
paper on the streets, and sav thoy intend to
keep hammering away until tly brrak the
ice or break thcmse'lves. S outhing will
break vcryoon
Vf OTlt'K. A!, lfr"'in It'll l.ti d t-jimi t--rt'(rt-X
slonal rrir aro lnYitl loeali ut n- r.ttt. mi,
et(lilintao llat!y C W hl.VM.Mi.M I',
mm, i :t
I'TlOirhALK-le.Whcrenvif lai. I in Aiexaudrr nuTl
; 1'iil.i-ki I'oiatt.e. Intrai-UMunt pur- luwrn. m
rllidinUMiNiurtfthe l1ii(-!t rariiliHK rin-J tniilTe,l Unds
la tlio hlute Korl tnp;,ly to
JanMlw.irft No. 71 Ohio h-ci-
I7ltU SAI.K HilU of l.a'liu, at the i!lie of 'the
jiliuro lliillrtln.
JJ1UK W AI.i3f.eKal hlalik, at the" olllce of th
J Cairo nnlletln. n
I" ?(I l HA I. K City H. rtiadmity Or.l r. "
jlec4tMlvr J A..Si.l';X)I!l.
" TMIK MAiK-SlJWl iirl ityli"M,l.
V .Iw2.lw A. II. SA1'!''U!I).
"ANTKII Twog'Mxl men to r ift nn I run log
VI on I ii
ii'iiv rier. .tpiiyi i.. i iiit-i.
Hit LL Villi l'.l .1 flll.l I llli.. I ..,1 .)..
VrANTKII AniinfiirtaMhilMellinir with troin I
tosroomi. Api'lyto JOlIN'i HAItMAXA ( ().,
'lcW),ltr J 71 (lhloI.eei..
Vtjr a x t k ii t' a 1 1 u cTtv riiui'iniTv'Xr iTi
V exclians't it K'o'l Kami hi liullatm county Tireity
loti;fil.n a fiirin in rrankliti county.
nt'CVHiiir a, n.n.u i uitii,
I KivwtlioiuairT dollars (inroOiiy !ai
I'liun oft'iiyKntioniil Ii.mk. . itt-hv
Mock Jmuire
WANTKII At tliuoitiKunf thu Cairo JIulMin,
merehiint" who ant Hill Heii'lu. Hill rf I-a liii'
and IWeu jirintoii.
AfANTKI-uUeriiM'r furthoTiaiiyaiid Wi i kiy
YY Cairo lluU t!ii. Ibdy, J7 jwr anauia , 'JVeekly,
AXTK1 laying uUvriccri t mUrti in
ini i iur' jimuMiii.
Stall So. 7 In 3Irkct Hoiic,
ICcet cbiisitiitly 6n rutadnlt Itliidsef Krcxh. Meat,
hutwiue fresh und Miioked; Hams und llroukfat Hi
con, wliioh they will letail nt hoh.-nle prices.
MdrrXri'lin . i .
J'tOl'lu, ilUltola,
The First and Jlest InsiitutMi of the Kind in
the United States,
Vly.llenpftifrnrn?o fw.lncft.-i tf !,ukiies.
livery mart or IVrnalo of Ilcahhy Colif'itiiti 'n ian bo
a member.
This liiMltutloii Is JtKulIy lnorieratcU under tlio
laws of flhnoK For r.rtieiilhrt riiinly to
J.Ol'lfi Jll.'ltllKllT,
vdfiSldtf (Itfiitrsl Agutf'rtate of Jll.nols.
or Kvtry I)esciiitlmi.
I'rialed nt tho olliuo of tli Cairo liulletiti.
lVrsons indebted to mo for Wood nnd Coal nro re
quested toiiay up Immediately, nnd nro notified that
unless tliey do so collection will bo mado by duo courso
of law. This Is tho last call. 1 moan what 1 say.
JauSiUw K. M. VAltD.
V,II AltrllOAT.
esmo TnAXsrrn co
Through Hill nt Iflliiir ulvrn to nil
AvnllnMc Point by llnll or AVnti r.
N T 13 A M S II I 1 V i M I A X Y
3ST3EI'VCr O H. Xi 33 JKr
..CAUTKU. Mftt-
.III'IIK, .Manr.
.l'r.'lll.M. M.V
.WIIITi:. Mnu r
.(..NTltlKKN, .M r
'Ni:il llo
.ro.M.y, Matfr,
t . ........
I.I7.7.IK i-JIM. ,
OI.IVi: IlllAM.II..
,HMI."t jia-T-i,
.....liIIKKMJl'OH W
Comprising nil tln tinet nnd l.irel lioatsoutof H
On( of the nlB)ro Hup cf lenrncr will lcavi V
for New Orleans ercryothi-r day, eonneU.ii; at
Orlean nlth Uceua I.niu of l-U-naiem to
MvrMioI, Xiw York, lloiton, ml Onl -
ion, icini.
1 i..,.i,,;i r nnd .lili,tii.r rati ridv on ono of l-H'"'
lumti Irarlntt Cnlro pnncttially i Movp. Will wg
p.'.illOUUr ntl'iitlcn to hII wny irtfUlitnllow Metupt. -o
:.Vw Orlr.m. CIIAS.T. I1IMK,
itrnerai rttrni, .i r
Ofllrp. on Wharflmnt, l"ltWlc l.atuliiu
KP. K. bl-.-ON, r.i.etiif r nnd Ticket Agent.
Olllre, at nt. wnarie) Hotel.
S T K A .11 i: It .s.
Ttii followlnif Hosts coinro this Line and w
run In tho following ordr.
MAItllf.K CITY CO.NWAT. M.i'tf'
.MKJU'llIM. ll.l.r.. Jia"" r
CITY OF CAlItO.......-.MAI.I, Utrr
l'r,.rm,t ritt.-tit c.ll yi ,11 U' I,, I to ull liUi nc
trtwtd to Ihrmirf of tbne rU.
Prf Icht and Tlrkid Othr n In company wharfd. '
front of City National Hank.
UllAn. J. JII.M'i., IM'IM'I
Vl V. StS'jON, Tl"ki-l nwl rs-4nfr A?i-nt
JOIIX II. IIAVIS, Kiip'l, Meiiipl 7, in: .
1 111. (Till I,, II I llll.U'lll'l 1
MAYPI.OWK1I. L-).1l.li:itCIAI. nod
MllllllTV .Vo.tf,
I.cap M.mplil" frrr Tt'tMUY. TllflfHAV
ATIMtIT, at In in., f.,r Ul.,te Ititer, ( oi.i.rrt, x
ImuhII' IltrttT mtfi the Mftiii.hm mul I. HI' It L lu
road fr l.ittlo Ii'- k slid Il'.t ."prinii. 1 'p.' f
MRihi to I.itU1 It'H-k, ii hour.
Kr'teht nd I'Si-BjciT- rwelptcd oierthc. t
Line St lowr rt thn nv mImt rout...
CIIA1- T. lllNI'K. Aelt. 1
iirtli o on WI.ji'
,fSZ. The splendid
lasstiij;'r Steamer.-
Ul HItON IlLAKi:. M ,t-r
JL'I.IA Mm KWOtili.M. -.
It U.M IX A II Y l.l'K Kit. Jlftttr "
II. .M.SIIKKVi: n(.AItTi:il. Mft't.
I'a Cairo trojuc npMr.v.m nerr M'NDAV a
TUKSlUV.andondowntr p irery TIIIIL-Iur
hL'Nt'AV, liukuii; ( loo connection with
YlckiliurK nnil Irrlillun Uallronil.
Srliitn nnd Jllrrlillnn ltullronil
Nov Oi Ii una, Jockaoit uiiilCrt ut Nortticrii
Through rfeitits civeli l'j uny nnd u!l p, i.'ir 1 1
Mid rotnU, with VaeketN for Ynron Iliver
Spn'ial nttentiou Kitru to all way bum' U 'w, t
Citltoand krhiiru.
CHAS. T. HINDI:, General As-
OrHe on Wt rf '
Consistini! of tlio followirt:
IvSiiloiiiliil I'n-icutrcr Stcaint'i s :
DlVOl'CHKT Ma-ter KOWl Kit (
.care Cairo .eun,l.iy mid Thurdi ut p.m
DKXTKK Ma-tiT ) UltAM.MKlt t
l."ave Cairo Ttiemlay Hiid Krldny at S p ti
HOWAltD M.wtr wniOHT Chr
I.caVcs Cairo WoJiwwlay and Saturday nt ft p.m,
Mnklnenll liiteriiii'dlatn l.mdlm;, nml pnylns I1'"'
tloulnr aitcntlon tn JMckul Kieluhu.
CIIAS. T. HINDU, Cc-ncral Aac i.
OllU'ooa Wharid 3af
- I
rTrr? Composi'd of tlio follow ir ,
PI.MS Master HAIil'i:i! dm
Lravcii Cairo e very Hundny nt 5 p. in.
Leans Cairo every Tiiuula) ut ft p.m,
Clei .
Leaves tairo every I riday nt C . m.
W?ppclnlntleiitloii L'ioa to way buslnr between
Cairo nnU Nnshvillo.
CHA3. T. 1HNDK. (icueral Asent.
deeil 'CSdtr Ollico on WliiultcM.

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