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Office, 225 yasliington Avenue, Democrat Hall ; Editorial Roorts, Ohio Levee, over Barclay's Drug Store.
oun roniT of common pleas a
CEssirr- why abolish vn
Wo cannot dismiss tho conviction tlint tlio
movement in which n number of our citizens
and City council Jmvo particlputud, looking to
mon Pleas, U ill-advised, or ha? boon hastily
considered. Tho court has unquestionably
JL'I.'II II t:illi:illllfe IIUL'IIL 111 LIIU ll4
niniffrnM .1. ..f liicllc.t 111 tlio citv tiliil flirt
necessity lor us com nuance, instead 01 00111;
iumuii uuu uuaiiii.-.i;, no uuuuiuu muru Ujf JJUI Cll I.
Nor Inn iinvtlilliir nrismi in Ihn rn-nrisnnixa
.ion of the judicial circuit that would suirtrcl
c.1 Ul .k.U'llllllUIIIIll-, UllllCl US II fllUI! Ill
lirection of economy or tho prompter execu-
ion of tho law. Its hitory tullsof Its utility
a truth, from thu day of establishment to
ii" present time.
It is 01 ! tr I that the e.vpeii'o imposed is n
nirdon upoo tiio city of Cairo, Rcmovo this
It..-.;... .
'"J.ULk,u"i wuiuuis iiiiy tine uouiu utizu
no i:iniri c aooiisumont. .Now, imi tins quc
ion of cxticlmt boon e.irfiillv !n-iit!iriitil.
tnu uMes the 0PI104 tioii to tho court a contlnu.
, .
nco owo it origin to such iuvestit'atioii? Wo
I. I T- . A
"Whuii in hmum tlio court Involves an ex-
... f a-p. . .1 nit.f .1
f uverythlng. Thu aicrug! length of a term
. six iiityj. iii.it tnero are lour terms to tho
car 3'ho annual expense of tho court, then,
i tl,S00.
Now what considerations justify this ox-
1I1III4. I r irL flit (ilPT nvttlMlllr.J ...
- " ' - . . sj s, IJAlIUUIiUl IIIU KilUH
MIT I1V If (litf.ntnTi.. (nr.fi 1 ....... H .
. r- ..-..'' vil V r MIUI U liuailtuni 111 I Mill
ay tliun the circuit court, because of it morn
Htlll.. PJ'ltllll K AlH. .1.- It 1
" m.iiiiwi nun Km ui vorco anil
Mp uatcl nature of lu docket, does iu'tvo
"in iiiuru man
idr.flftht iU own oxpnmo by its prompt dis-
vi v jui.ru cnminau, who, otherwise.
. ..1.1 1. . .11. . .1 . .. . ..
iu " uiuwn lor uiuriiiM, ni moexpcnoor
ui jiil v
A f.w words now by way of elaboration.
no regular term, of thy circuit court uro
Id quarterly. Kach intervenini:
n.i or tlm court of common Dims omntios
i0 illiloffill t1ru1111.1rjn.111flt1.-l .1
cxt preceding, who icnrcely ever numlwr
w........ iivwuiii, ui Ul., nilllll
in nr. "t tl. same, i tints twice a year re
wi 1 of thi' I'xtK'tue of dietiriir twentv pri-
thnii lu'.inli' Tli .. .,.!..
. f . .
iLi 1 ir 11 iiitriiui ..1 nr ....... .....
iwiu n, hiii ii would iiivoivu 11 nut 01 f-i.uii
irurly tlve..ixths of the ontiro annual cost
. ni" luuri. 1 1111 ui'iii nuci not do lurtnor
"jit 1 frit i known to all who aro fu-
uli.i- with tiin operntiiri of our court, tliut
id intcrventl n of tho court of common
leu. ftvU'ntly IIimh of criminals, who,
c jiiijk He J 1 1 iiwult tho roulnr sittiiiij
rt' cin uit tourt, would lm Mibjit-tod to un
1 pri?oi mi-nt of nearly, or quite, the entire
ttrvniin-; interval.
' Uut it is urged, "wo miilit hold extra
s. ft 1 in uit court.' Tho Ixire su:;.
l n i-t'V ri-imtly i. un urtjument in fti
n'tl. t j.irt of coinmim pa. Tholnt
in: 1 ( trt fonwnwl with !-s tnmblo.
la in licii5. mid answer inort hapjiily
jo ur n o.iItie that would call for two
-1' ' a.' r xtra term of tho circuit court overv
It i- f irthc-r ur'ed tliat tho citv pays the
tl' 'p. -se AVell, why shouldn't it ?
t business oritjinatiM in tho city; it bring
iu vit'iaiero ot our laws, tno oiitragors 01 our
r.ry I .11.... I... ,....'. l tl f.
v., ...... miiiih., 1 111 nvnuiill, u.lliui.
rl. .. !.. .. . ....
iirniniii" iiinimiM iiir run iiiiimt niAt.t i t u-t.i
ivil irt' ns that would sulfor by tho delay
.tpouMi o ine ojieriuion 01 the circuit court.
tat thn cntlro oxponn of the court of com-
p' .11 InjMJiill upon tho citv. Tlio
on. in pintrfK 111 in cxiioiiso 01 Kecpini: 1110
irifOIier. which In. In- tlm u-nv mi Ui.in nf
'i riiriifi 111H1.11II111I11 K.ii i. la tj t, tm. ..I. .tnl
(. -vi
' '. .. a...v it II.1..I.. ym t.t.
nu-.Min 01 iiji mo ta.iw 01 tuo county are
aid by Cairo, anyhow; o no relief could bo
bv lllllltilll VlllL' or li.riitlmn!n. tlm
n:is of the cirruit court to perform the
unctions of tho court of common ttW. Thu
urden fall iiixin Cair(i, udltist matters as you
To recapitulate, wo assume: That the ends
f Juntit'o and the prompt administration of
iv iii. ruiiuiru iiili coniiiiiiiiiinii 01 11111 riiiiri
f common pleas; that it lessons tho expense
f criminals to nn uiiiount iiiuiiIIiil' four-llfths
f it own cot, or tnoro: that li'iiethenlnir tho
jrms or inereasliiir tho number of terms of
lie circuit court could not compensate for its
i-contlnuiineej that Its machinery is of a na-
uro that allows of a quicker disposition of
ii'iriois ui5m cjijnjj,, attained to In the circuit
ourt; tli it tho Kruvvinjr. business and popula
1... ..r..... ..1. 1 .1 . . '
urn ui nut un, uini mo Heterogeneous enar
cter of that population, dqtnand its continued
iromiit undeluclent iuternoiitiou its eontin
anco, 111 tact, as u pojmiar necessity.
Tuklni; this view ut thq matter, and wo
11111 il 11 iiirri:i. 111111. wii ltiihl liiile inu iin.rv
mt honest measures already takon to secure
ho abolishment of thu court, will lo roeoiH
iderud, J,t is a lnlstako to ponsdur it an, ox
ra or unnecessary expense upon tho city, or
nm 11 is not a legal, social ana imsuius no
icssity. Conviction of tho truth of this will
I... It . . si 1 1 1
iiiiliiiii 1 1 v 1 1 1 hmi nnnn sinsi ti 11 n 1 11 w
rust that that investigation may speedily bo
'J J -
Tho 3lt. Carbon ruilroad, in oporation now
tetwqoii (Irand Tower and Carbondalo, is to
kj oxtondod to Marion, In Williamson county,
Wo see it stated in ono of our exchanges
hat 'Williamson county has issued $100,000
if her bomls fur that nurnosii. f.ml anlil Un.m
fi 11141 11 1:1111,1111 rriiiiii!iiiv mr Kr. iiiiii in
'ousidcration of this, tho road U to bo built
and put in opcrpiion to Marion on or before
October 1, 1870. Our Marlon frlonds huev
our licurty congratulations.
Who has not hoard of Lincoln monument
associations, and who has not contributed
something a dimo or a dollar to Lincoln
monument funds ? It will soon bo four years
sinco the as.irissln's bullet handed that greot
man's body over to tho grave, and during tho
greater part of"lhatong interval the pcoplo
of every state, city, town and village, hnvo
ecn importuned to givo, give, give, that
monuments might rise to honor his mcjnory.
Various jihnis of shafts and monuments wcro
perfected; lithographic elevations of thosame,
somo gorgeous, some plain and unpretending,
wcro ovorywhero exhibited; associations wero
formed; receivers of contributions wero
named in almost every county; and, actuated
by a sincere sorrow for tho Illustrious dead,
everybody contributed his mite, with ready
cheerfulnes. Milch monev was cortalnlv
raised ; but wjicro aro tho monuments? whero
tho money? No monument has been
erected, and tho furvrc, oven tho interest, tho
monument movement created, has died away.
Where is the money that those months and
years of organized begging accumulated?
Has a s utlklont sum been raised ? If so, why
sit not employed as promised? If not so.
why this calm, this protracted hush this
general quiet and non-action? Surely thq
"Lincoln Monument Associations," in whoso
sacred namas fairs and lotteries wero held,
and collections made, wcro not baso swindles
and cheats? Wo do not think they were; but
where Is tho vast sums of money raised
through their agenoy? Tho public may not
be tho victim of fraud and deception in this,
but thu matter has usstuntd an ugly phase,
and calls for explanation. The long contin
ued lull excites inquiry. If the public has
been dealt with honorably, some one can say.
whero tho Lincoln monument funds, collected.
everywhere, has been concentrated. Vi ho Is
ho? Who can speak and give us reliable in
formation? XE WS PAPA OPA PHS.
OilUul from our litest lelrgrunir.
I-lirUit and .HcDrrltf.
Tho champion billiard cue of America was
rocently surrendered by John McDevltt to
l'helan and Collondor, tho founder of the
tho prize. This was done because of a gen
eral wish to bar tho push shot in future games.
McDevitt accompanied tho surrender with a
challcngo to the world to play him a regular
American game for r,000 a side, l'helan
and Collundiir have returned tho cue, accom
panied bv a compliment to McDevitt, and are
getting uji a new one for the ensuing tourna
Chicago Iron Work.
Chicago telegram of yesterday says Ihe
tlrt blast furnace in this city commenced op
iverations to-day : it U known as the Chicago
Iron Company, and Is located four miles from
the center of tho city. When fairly started
it will lie able to mantifaeturo aliout twenty
tons of pig iron daily.
A XVa.liltn Victim.
A dUpatch from .Sprlngtleld to tho St. Louis
Republican' savs : Kugono P. Clover, son of
a late rector of St. Paul's Kpiicopal church,
in this city, was amongst tho killed In the
battle with tho Indians at Washita, Novum
ber 'J.'ld ultimo. Tho diseased practised law
hero during thu war, and for an alleged at
tempted outrage by a soldier upon his young
slater, thot him dead. Ho lied to Camilla, and
returning to New York, cnlintod in tho regu
lar service. Ho leaves a wife whom ho mar
ried out of ono of tho most respectable .fami
lies of Springfield, and who, sometime since,
was divorced from him.
State Debt.
$171,000 of Illinois stato bonds wore re
deemed by tho statu auditor yesterday, with
funds derived from tho two mill tax.
State Consolidation.
Governor Smith, of Alabama, has apjwilntud
I. L. Pennington, A. J. Walker and Chas.
A. Miller, commissioners to Florida, to nego
tiate for annoxing West Florida to Alabama.
They will, probably, start next week for Tal
(I rami Gilt KnterprUe Swindle.
A late dispatch from Kansas City to the
St. Louis 'Republican,' saya that the "Great
Western Distributing Association," organ
ized sinco last spring, with headquarters hero
and ugents , all over thq West; Ij corpse I
Thousands mourn its sudden taking otf. Tho
association announcod its prizes to bo dis
tributed in housos, farms, jewelry, stock, cash,
and so-forth, amounting to $500,000, and so'd
tickets at $2 each. In this city the scheme
has been lookod upon with no confidence ;
but outsldo of this vicinity largo number of
tickets havo boon told. Tho drawing was
postponed ,tUroo tiroes, but had boon 'positively
announced for Decomber 31. Six weeks ago
Managor Jacob Forlow.loft horo for the JJtist,
laKing llUWUVUr UUI UfcHUmui.ujr . A.isuiuiiva
havo received frequent dispatches from him
from Ohio, utatlng his intention o(t reurp.lng
in tftno to secdro another postponmonl. Ho
lias not arrived and hiofflco and effects woro
seized to day by tho Sheriff at tho instanco of
his creditor. -Tho'holdera ot tickots, conso
qucntly, aro disconsolate It was generally
understood that a number of citizens horo
composed tho association. Hut now it appears
tho absont managor in his single self com
prises all that made up tho widely advertised
and notorious "Groat Wostprn Distributing
Land Thieves.
It hiu recently transpired In St. Joseph, Mo.,
that land thieves havo forgod tho titles to and
sold over 10,000 acres of land in tho counties
of DoKalb and Caldwell. Ono of tho )artlcs
Is now in jail in (lint city.
Kit Klux.
In Warren county, Tenn., a coupfo of
days since, it negro -was boing tried before a
malstrato for certain criminal offences. Uo
forc a decisUn Was rendered in tho case, a
body of disgiasod men, supposed to bo Eu
Klux, visited the house of tlio negro, wlon
the lattor opqntd flro on his masked visltirs,
lodging a wholi load of buckshot in tho 'aco
of ono of them, and fatally wounding Urn.
Tho others has.ily retired. Immediitely
thereafter tho ralicol sheriff ofthoctunty
summoned a party, two-thirds of whoitwcro
ex-rebel soldiers, wto went in pursuitof tho
other masked mnraulors, but with whit suc
cess is not ascertained. Tho fact simply is,
that the unlawful opeiatlons of tho Ka-Klux
have become so unpopular as to bo discoun
tenanced and denouncol by all clasies, and
by none more heartily thm tho greatiinajor
Ity of rebels.
More llro wiilowlsm.
A shooting affray occurred It. Ccllna, War'
rcn county, Tenn., n few days since, n
which Abo Gorhart was shct and kllleday
Seth Wllllatns. An old griuVjo had oxtted
between the parties for some t'mc.
A similar affray, also growing out f an
old grudge, occurred In Cainon ounty,
about the sumo time, resulting it. tho lilting
of Harrison Thomas by Bard Wllard.
Improvement of Tennissee River.
A Nashvillo dispatch says: A jrolanu
tlon will be published calling n grandpopu
lar convention at Chattanooga, Tenn., n tho
24th of February, to memorialize congesi to
continue iU aid to tho Improvements tho
Tennessee river till the obstructions aMus
clo Shoals aro removed. It recites 10 re
sults of tho survey made In 18C7 by collJuw,
and the Importance of the proposed nnsuro
to tho people of the south and west, andrges
thepeoploof tho Tennesseo valley tsend
delegates to the convention. The prJoed
Improvements will cost $1,500,000, ai will
open to commerce ono of tho richest nncral
and agricultural sections of tho countr.
Ohio Hallroad Statistics.
The report of tho railroad commtseltcr of
Ohio has jut boon made, and shows thuhcru
aro fi,890 miles of railroad complctcdn tho
state. There wero 100 panstngcrs an em
ployes killed during tho pat year, ud 101
Injured. The value of thu ctttlo dtroycd
as $42,211 01. Tho gross earning' of the
roads were $17,118,772 44, ar.d tho speuscs
$.'12,020,034 32, showing a balanci in xvor of
tho mad of $14,198,737 12.
Springfield U filled with people.ttendlng
tho meeting of the legislature whlchmvonod
Mondav. Tho negroes hold a con ntion to
urge tho legislature to recognho tlir rights.
How It is to do so Is not yet miido lown.
At tho ropublicuii cuiuus fur thromlna-
tion of candidates (the nominationniido be
ing equivalent to an election) are tufollow
ing :
I" or speaker Franklin Corwin, ( liSallo.
Clerks chief. Jus P. Hoot, of Cu ; first
assistant clerk, Jav. K. .McUee, (.iilton;
second assistant clerk, captain A Diss, of
Stovenson; third assistant clerk, IJ. Hal-
steau, of iJouglass.
hngrossing ana enrolling cicr-j nines
Mahony, of Sangamon j first als,n 0( N.
Whitncv, of Sch u vlcr : second asslsat, Man
uel Savage, of Whitesldcs; third t(Utant,
Chas. H.MItchel, of Warren.
Doorkeeper contain Scauer, of tikakce;
first assistant. L. O. Gilman, of Iho; sec
ond assistant, Gustavo Watorloo, of Clair.
Postmaster A. J. Alden, of lty; As
distant postmaster, 32. F. Scntunndei,J Colo,
Temjwrary spcaKer 11. u. uiuaot. xju
Temporary secretary A. S. Tlnison, of
Temporary doorkeeper cantalnJihurch.
of Du Page.
At a democratic caucus Sunday (lit, tho
complimentary nominee for spcakois lion
orablo Newton It. Casey, of Mid. City.
Honorable Kmmil Meritt was ."pouof, but
ho declined in favor of doctor Casey 1
Our latott telegrams from Wiuhlion aro
under date of the 3d Inst, and to thelowing
effect: '
The receipts from customs for thet quar
ter teem to bo on t)o doorcase, but t inter
nal revenuq recoipU atill coiitiuuu tvep up
to tho averago cstlmato by tho Secrfy,
When tho 'Senate reassembles ilundor
stood that tho president will send Jalnamos
of nominoes for every intornal rovio plaoui
agajpit: whoso;preent occupant' k tfge lot)
corr untion havo boon made. Ho prob
ably seloot good liton without regaito poll-
tics, ana thereby tost tlio senso or oonatu
in his desire to break up the Hdulent
revenuo rings.
At'tuo emancipation1 cclobratlocro Sat
urday night Gonoral Hoyvard of 0 freed
lnen'a Rureau, advocated univcruffrrige
in all the Sutes. Io. sajd, that negrb"
race woro hot out of tho woods, rwas tho
work yet completeil. for froedomdiot exist
in all tho State. If it vra right, said, to
grant tho ballot to colored peopleouo sec
tion it was proper and just that t should
onjoy It hi ovcry State in Marlanid Ohio
as in tho Southorn States or the strict of
Mail dispatches from England, (tho last
toutnor, from minister liovordfohuson,
declare that ho still has tho'Utmtist confidence
lu tho almost immcdlato settlement of tho
Alabama claims negotiations. Ho is of tho
opinion that tho president' will bo ablo to send
thq protocol to tho seruito for ratification by
the mlddlo or last of .lanuory, at the furthest,
and at tho same timo communicate tho other
treaties relating to tho question of naturaliza
tion and tho settlement of the San Juan
All kinds of gamo served up in the beat of
stylo at Lout Hcrbort's. dcc.31 dlw
The tti'leriiliMoil took up. in this citv. nn Dm till
'Inst.. ntray blEKIt, red anil while bioI.i, lialil face,
uUiU'lltu or fix t-ars olil. TIki nicer Is now at tlm
livery rtahe of Terry 1'oners. The nitner can, l.jr
pro'lnu protiorty ami paying chnruet, nbtnln his tiroii
crt. KUNST llltUUIIKR,
Unn.ltf 1'Klllir I'OWKlt.-.
ProiTatk NOTICK.
Eiat nf A, William, rfrcrn.W.
Tho tmdfrslKiieil harinz be en iipjiolnloil Ailnilnii
trntor of tin riiiln of A . Willintn. Into of thoconnty of
W. Louis niul Hlnto of Mi.our, ilieanvl, herohy
Rires notion that he will appear liefore the County
Court of Alexnniler county, ut tho court-house In thu
rlty of Cairo, nttho rcRiilor lerm on Monday, the JOtli
of Huiitonilivrucxt, at which time all portions having
claims niralni't snld estate nro untitled and rcniicitoi
to attend for tlm tiriose of having the naino adjusted.
All persons indehted to said estate nro rcqiiet ted to
iiiskn Imtnedlnte payment to llifiinderilrnrd.
iHiiou mis -tun nay 01 ueccmiicr, a. 11. wa.
V. M. WlI.UAMrt. Adm'r.
Notice Is hcrehy glren that th underalsncd. Admin
istrator of tho estito of A. William, late of thncltyof
Ht. I.ous,St. Louis county, and Htato of Missouri, will'
on Thursday, (ho 1st day of April, A. 18OT, com.
menelni? at tho hour of lu o'clock a.m., nt the Cairo
City Saw Mill, in the cityof Cairo, Alexander county
and Htato of lllinol. soli, nt public sale, tho personal
property, pmds nnd chatties of the sold A. Williams,
consisting of llore, Cattle, VnKons,Haw.Loi?i, Ltim.
lior, Itth, 4c., on a credit of twelve months, by taking
bond of the purchaser with Rood security.
Hums of tlOUuud under, CASH.
IHitctl this Clh day of Jannarr,
Jautf-Ow V. i(. WILLIAMS, Adm'r.
Mollio Ablo,
.sfSJJ.DA.v AULK - - Mestcr,
fasaw. c. ouAHAM - - Clerk,
Will leave for tho nboro and lutenneillate paints on
Friday momlng, Jan. h, on arrival of tlie morning;
train. C. It. HI.NlJItlt'K A CO., Aeuts.
EAT stoj:e.
I'KltltV IU)lK. roi:Ni:u COMMK11C1AL AVKNUK
A1 KttlllTll HTIir.rrr, , 4 j
l)enl in thochoiccit fresh Meats, Hoof, Mutton. I'ork,
etc.. to bo luvl ill thu market. Kvcm all kinds of
uanie, poultry: )ironkf.it bueon, hamn, Hhnuldcrsi a
rimxI supply of vegetables, nnd many other rlrt-c.a
articles in tho provision uid family supply line, lie
el!f t'rychc.iiuiidforoah. Call 011 hun. Janfi-tf
g HERTS' HOUSE, " - -
Conu'i Market and Court Streets,
3? -A. X XT OA IX , 3EC-S-.
This new. tpsciuiia. elegant and wcll.appolntcil
biiil.hiit;, Hill Uiopeiidl fiiriho riceptlonof Kiiestson
and after January 1:1th. Tho cntiro Iiuimo Is newly and
elegantly Iirnilie.l, cna'amuic e.tcflllent riionn for
the ii'-i-oinliiOil Ui'm of lady hoarders, mid all other
convenience-, found in the best housea In the .South
west I'hargos moderate.
Three eligibly si mated nnd well llnishcd IiIIsIiiihs
rooms m tho nrst rliMirnill lv rented 011 reasonable
terms to a good tenant. JunlilJin
Whereas. Thu oltr council did. on tlm 4th Ih.l.m n
regular iiierung niereoi, ia a rvsoiuilon roquestlng
the judge of tho court nf common pleas of the city 01
Cairo tolmld apclal term of said court, for the pur
pose of trying or otherwise disposing of numerous
parties now confined In tho county full on criminal
charges; nnd whvrcns, tho judge of said court I satis
fled that tlits Im'si interests of tlio city will be promoted
by the calling of such term.
It is therefore ordered that a special term of tho
court of common picas nf tho city nf Cairo be com.
inete edmid h Mcn nt tho conrt-l.oii.o in tho city of
viiiiu, un ..iwiiii , iiiu ii un ui rcuruary, isiv, ior
the transaction of geneml business. It is further or
ilercil that 1 lie city mar. hall give duo notlco thereof iu
ren Hired bv law. nnd that tho clerk select, be liallnt. 1.
full panel of grand ond petit juror fur said term of
Iinneat ChamUrs Ihlsr.lhilav of January, A. I). 16M.
Juduu of the court nf common pluos
...i... .1... .... .
i iiiern-111 siiro;
Ho ordained by tho City Council of the city of Cairn 1
ncCTiun I. iiiui 11 snau ne nun nereuy is liuwe tlio
duty of the city comptroller to at 01100 nscertalii by
proier computation tlio niiiuiint niulrel to pay lliu
interest iiihiii tho b)iided indolitodne.oi ufthouity for
the carKighteen Hundred and Sixty-nine.
tim: 3. That fur suv'h ortioiisof salil Interest us aro
made Jpayable without thoStntoof Illinois, ho shall,
under lliu advice und ilircvtinu of tho Muinoonoininit
tee of this board, arraugo with somo bunking Institu
tion In good credit iu llioeily of New York to pay out,
upon presentation of the proper eouiions, said portion
of nald interest fund which aro made payable in said
citv, or which may bo payable elsewhere without the
limits of tllu tiuiu of Illinois, uud whuili lliu parlle
entitled to receive It are willing lo receive. Incuidclly;
and it i hereby inado the iluiy of the city comptroller,
to obtain from thu citv treasurer uud remit 10 said
banking institution sufnVl.nt fund to pay suld inter
cst at leust iiflit'U(Uv U-fore thu sumo fall due, an J
to givo notice for a llh period to parties holding cou
pons for interest, at what place said coupon must Jxj,
presonted for payment; l'ro Ided, that whatnver bal
unco of said microti! fund nuy remain iu lliu hand of
the city treasurer after making provision n nboru
apecilled, for thu myiuent of Iniercst falling due out
or IhurStato of llliuuls, ahalt bo deposited 111 1.01110 safe
und reliable banking inslituiioa in thin city which wilt
pay the highest rate of interest ou f aid deposit.
ticca. That upon ascertaining thus.mountroulred
to pay the Interest upon the Iwuded ludebtcduosii of
Ihe city for the )erlW, and thu reaervatlon of the
um out of thu latere! fund uowon hand in the oily
treasury! thu balance of ld iutere! fund shall Lw
and is hereby net aside nnd constituted and declared
10 lie a sinking fund for llu rednition of the houded
lodsbtcdiiessof the city now past due,
tftc. 4, That iiiimedutely upon tlm paago of this'
ordinance it shall be thu duly of Ut city comptroller,
under the advice, ouddlructiouof Uie flnauoa commit
two, to advertise In the newspapers published in tho
city of Cairo tho amount of the sinking fund on hand
applicable to the payment of the bonded Indebtedness
of the city, and ivu notice lu aid, aewspaper for lea )
lays that, ut n time und place lo be fixed in said no
ilTr., ha will rAcidvx oral nrunosals lor the sale kl Ihe
felly or ll bond, now p:ut one, jiayuo(8 w; ot am
ltilt1ng fund, undfo the party plleriuglo rooijivo thu
luwiiHtamoilut for aid bonds shall bt swnnlud Hie
IprlvlloKU or surrendering ull such bonds as ho, may
InaveJli his 'possession, and rwelving stieli portion of
tn SIIIKIUK Ilinuas lliuy u lieiessuij - iui iim
sajuumcoraingto hUmror, said arrangement to bo
roiuWd untiniio uholo outstanding twiidod Indebt
edness of tho city I rudcemvdot Ihu siuking fund ox
haustod, , ... .1 1 . 1
Ssc. 3. Tho city treasurer Is hereby authorised and
directed to pay out of tho interest fund on band upon
tho draft of thu city comptroller, countersigned by a
majority of the iliiancu committee, whatejersuuis
may . bit necessary to curry into crtect the foregoing
1Vurovcd, till 6th day of January, A D. 1809.
Uiuii JAH. tlAlllttllili. Muyor pro, lem.
Notlco la hereby given that there will ho a meeting
of tho Sli-okholder of tlio Cairo Oitv (iua Comiiany at
their ntneo lu inu uity isuiioinu nauu, uunw,
January II, 1U"0, for tho election of ulna Directors, bo
tween tlio hour of ten a.ni. and two o'clock p.m.
jullidtd A, 11. oarrvim, raevruiary.
f ' rr
1213 'oiniiicrclal Avemio,
Informs tho clliien nf Cairn and vminity that ho ha
on hand ono of the largest und best assorted stock of
Dry Goods, I'aney flooik nnd lYotlotis.
In Moiitharn Illinois, which lie oilers at prices lint will
defy coiupotltlon.
Wo will sell Prints, for best brands, at from...8 to
Yard Ido Illcaclied Muslin at ; l'i!4t
Heavy yard wldo Hhcutlng at..... , lie
All-wool Flannel nt 1 ::
Whltnlllanktj per pair. ut. 5-1 W
Largo'slto all-wool double Khnwls at....;.. j 4 23
Ncw stylo ladles' Cloaks at JJ 00 and upwards
Good Llnseysat - SOe
Elegant and Tory heavy ohangeil.e And tig-
ured Poplins, per yard, from..,.. . J3 lo 4r.
811k l'opllni at........... 73c
Oooil yard wide Merino at . . 40c
A large assortment of ,'
Black and Colored Alpacas nt 25 cent
AND UPWAllW, " ',
And numerous other styles of liroat Oools con
pondingly low.
Alt-linen Handkerchief! at Ine
All-linen Toweling, per yard. At IVt
flooil Table Linen... .. 4Vc
Irish Linen, van! wide 40ii
All-wool H)C.Ls. m trsj
ladles' Merino Ho.).. 1 13c
JIfrlna Undershirts uud Drawers .
Also, a largo assortment nf
Vanoy O-oodss, -
Such Vi
Aleie-r Kid tiloTes............ti7, -
French Corset 1 on
Hound Combs 10c '
-liu? all other Good eorrrjm'liii;y low.
It is therefor, to the Interest of ororr pi-rson burin;
goods to call at
122 Commercial .inclines
Ileforo buying el-ewherc, n money strolls money
Thankful for the liliernl Mtronag4 heruloforo x
tended to us, wu hope to re. e vo tho s 11110 lu fiituru.
I.. llliUM.
jTTEArElTYTI 1 1 NCt 1 N
1.) to
, ..,...... ....... ....... .
decll'lUtf Nn. 100 Covmrm ttL Avksuk.
- )
An Kdiicutional Jnlirii.d. lUibli.ho 1 Seinl-Mullllllv
nt the city of (.'.ilro. niidieutiil to ho Interest of tho
flrciit Cause r Kdiienllon ' "
InHoullurii llliuuls No piilu will Im spared lo iiiako
thl Journal a pmierful rud inllueuli.il contribution to
the prlnelpl.-s nf Kditeatlon; to the Jmpnivemnnt ot'
the the method of whonl iii.llilctlnn, and In tho .id J
vancement of ull reforms for tho elevation of;' ttw
standard lu "Kxjjd "
Hiuglo HuowrilN-rs, ono tear .......l
Club nf over rte uud under 1M. olio year lo olio
..ft W
address. .' 1 -1
ClubofovcrW, one year, to una aildivs.. I M
Terms, Payable lu vidvmire.
Tho first a(iuilMTwil lHiiiedfHilurilJ, l'tti iiit.
KlUTOH ASH Pkophiktok, '
denadlf ' Cairo. 111.
II I ' !
lafuriiishoil with ull Muds of nxeellenl LlUlfUlW,.
and It lalijes nro nlwuvs tilhil with ull thejscasiii.bU
KDIULKSof tho market. Meals are furnlahixip
order, at all houiv. I'AT. KlTZllKHALH." .
This pojiulnr iilai'e hu Ueome ilw reioil of all bit
'a of koih! ItKKIt, as none but, thu U'H
IBmlXLt TjoviIi
l 3MC4lalO
Iskcptt.y JiHlN CIIEKL.
Right atrud, Ih'Ihitii Coii, aiul Wmh. Aventiu's,
ilec.lilir t'.iimi, n.i.tnm.
f I
I supplied with all kinds of
Superior Islquora,
ll'l's .ill's .
The thirsty, wliolove g'id lliiinir, should guv
cull, and those mImi wish to ps (i u frugraiil cl jir
have their . mis supplied t his lur

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