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Office, 225 Washington Averiiie, .Denjocrat Hall ; Editorial Rooms, Ohio Levee,' over Barclay's'Drilg Store.
A, hill to repeal tlio law which crcntod tho
Cairo court of common pleas has already
been laid heforo tho legiHlnturo. Tho citi
zens of Cuiro who ndvocato this hill nro
cither influenced by prejudice ngnliut its
present presiding ofilcor or hhvo not ,'iTcrf
to tho subject much consideration, nnd hno
jumped to Improiier conclusions. If
prejudieo ngnliut judgo Mulkcy Is at tho hot
torn of tho movement, then political enemies
of tliu democrncy fashioned its proportions
and gavo to it vitality, not in tho interests of
tho city, hut in compliance- with tho prompt
ings of partisan spite born of tho meanest
hind of vindictivenns". Judgo Mulkoy is a
juri:tof eminent abilities. He has few su
periors on the bunch of Illinois. Learned in
tlio law, with a pride In tho dignity of his
I'rtf ion, he hring4 to tho rotation of intri
cate legal questions a mind made powerful by
rut 4n nn 1 carefully cultured by assiduous
application to the duties of his calling and
I y closf study of tijo law. A presiding offi
cer of ability, ho is Indefatigable, and in his
court dispatches business rapidly, requiring
t f the members of the bar tho most diligent
application to their dutlos. "Wo do not over
step the truth when we say lie nlwuys has
dispatched more business in one week than
Judgo Onlcy ever did In any two weeks dur
ing tho tirnu Unit gentleman was- on tho
Let us now tnko this fact and use it in an
swer to those citizens who belie vu or pretend
t j.belltvo that the ends of economy would bo
Hiljcrvod by abolishing tho.couxt of common
pleas. Tli ero Is in Cairo a certuin amount of
l( business to bo dono. If it is not dyne
in tho common pleas court it must bodoiQ in
the circuit court, and if It takes twico us long
to d it In the circuit cmirt n to tlo It (n tho
crmnU'H ple.n court It will con twice as
much ; since it Is u fact that can bo established
Lcyc nd question that tho machinery of tho
firrM.. imed court is not loss Intricate than
the machinery of tho common pleas, and its J
cfljccrs havo never been known to work for
le i wages. It therefore follows, thut where
as t' city of Cairo jtnys ilvu-eighths of all
tho taxis collected in Aloxnndur county, tho
nbclitljn of the court of common pleas will
incrcao tho umoiint of taxes to bo paid by
Cairo to sustain tlio county, unless a judgo
can be obtained for the circuit who can dis
patch L.H.iiO'ij at rapidly as judge Mulkey;
nud this we boliovu will not bo done.
Hut tho proportion that the abolition of
tho Common pleas will bo a movoment in tho
direction of economy can lj met and shat
tered into pieces in many dlUerc-nt ways. Let
tit look at it a moment, nnd nppjy to It tho
test of figure, which sometimes lie, but in
this Instance speitk an unvarnished truth,
rigiiisablo n genuine at n glance. '.Tho
circuit Court meets every four months. If
wo lr 1 n i common pleas court to meet in tho
interval, or to bo called in special session at
anv Utile, tho prisoners in tho jail would on
ly Ik tried quarterly. Suw the avorago num
ber of pnonori is llfjeun. Tlio averago cost
tf k' oping oach prisoner is ouo dollar per
tiny. There is e.iy ninety-ono days in three
1 uritl.j. This gives ninety-ono dollars for
each prisoner each quarter, n total for the
II ft een prisonors of thirtcon hundred and
mty-llvo dollars. With tho common pleas
r in th-jr.il can be kept empty. It convenes
nl -it four weeks after tho circuit court ad
j -.irn!, nnd if in the interval, as at present,
tho jail becomes full, a special term can bo
call' J and tho prisoners dittoed of. Now,
how much does tlio common pleas cost?
Eight linllllli, nt two dollnrsjand fifty cents
pr r day, for say ten days of tho term, two
hundred dolln's; tweuty-thrco grand Jurors,
at t no dollar and fifty cents per day, .for six
days, two hundred and soven dollars; twenty
four petit Juror?, ten days, throo hundred and
sixty dollars. The total cost, then, is: seven
Uundred uud sixty-ilvo dollars ; and uuy ono
who will go to the trottblo of ciphering to
tho end will find that in this one item of pris
oners nlono nearly six hundred dollars nro
saved every quarter j or, in other words,
nearly six hundred dollars more would be
paid out to maintain tlio prisonors in tlio
countviiiil than would be expended in de
fraying tho expenses of tiio common pleas
"Wo have not spoken of the convenience to
tho people of tho city resulting from tills
court. Tho blind can see this; and to ropoat
what miL'hl be said on this subject would bo
telling over u more than twico told talc. Add
ing that tho peoplo will regret their hasty ac
tion in ndvlsing tho abolition of judgo Altil
key's court, and in tho hopo thut tlio city
council may reconsider its hasty action in tlio
nrcmics. wu now dismiss tho eubloct from
further consideration.
Tho democrats of Cairo, last spring, decided
that thoy would mako nominations for tho
municipal offices by tlio primary election ays
tern. As a mattor of course their order stands
in full forco until It is by them revoked, nud
tho nominations for city offieos this year will
therefore bo miulo nt primary elections. Tlio
oxperioneo of last year will enable tho com
mittco to establish rules for tho elections
which will guard tho ballot-box ncnlnst fraud
and mako tlio result expressive hoyond doubt
01 tno wm oi tlio majority of tho party.
A bill lias been introduced into tho loglsla
ivro providing lor calling n convention to
frnmo a now constitution. It fixes tho timo
for holding an eloction for members at noxt
November; lor tlio meeting of tlio conven
Hon tlio January loiiowlug, and for its sub
mission to tlio peoplo tlio Novombor follow
Tho success of tho Cairo and St. Louis rail
road enterprise i beyond nil doubt 'fissured,
and tho uncxpootcd,obstaclo3 which nroso to
Impcdo it, will soon bo swept nway. Latoly,
nn election was hold in tho city of Sparta,
Randolph county, on tlio proposition to sub
scribe $75,000 to tho capital stock of tlio com-i
pony, and tho result was ono hundred nnd
forty votes for tho subscription nnd only
eight against it.
(From the Htite Itegiitcr.J
Tho nomination by tho democratic patty
of tho hon. Newton It. Casey as their candi
date for speaker of tho house, Is an exceeding
ly just compliment to a talented nnd courte
ous gentleman. Ho is one of tho few legis
tors who has boon returned to his scat in tho
house. A Jiatlvo of Illinois, tho promise of
talent nnd usefulness which ho early gavo has
been abundantly realized. Few members
nro equally skilled In parliamentary rules,
his experience and observation having given
him opportunities for exercising tho powers
of a discriminating mind with rcmnrknblo ac
umen. Long since wo predicted for him dis
tinction uml general appreciation. It is
pleasant to k now that our judgment has bceu
littlo loss thnn prophotic, for few men enjoy
n better reputation amongst all sorU of peo
ple. Our representative, wo nro glad to learn, is
properly appreciated away from his homo.
Tho high praise of tho 'Register', nnd his
nomination for speaker by hU party friends
of the house, nro Itnndsomo feathers for his
political cap, and ho will wear them with bo
coming modesty.
Tho whito nnd black soldiers nt Central
City, New Moxlco, have had n desjerato
fight. -Two white nnd three colored soldiers
were killed and & largo number wounded.
Tho dllllculty occurred nt a ball given by the
whito troop. I lie negroes claimed tho right
to dance, which wus refused, henco tho dllli-
ulty. After tho fight tho colored troops ob
tained reinforcements from tho fort nnd re
turned to the ball room, murdering a whito
soldier on the road. It is nlso rcportod that
they burned tho building nnd ravished tho
wife and daughter of tho owner. Orcnt ex
citement provnils. Further troubles nro nn-
The news from Spain continues to be of in
terest. A proclamation has been Issued mis-
ing the state of siego of Mndrie. General
Prim, in nn official circular, declares that tho
provincial government does not intend to dis
arm (ho volunteer. Senor LaGaitn. tho
miiiister of tho interior, hat issued a circular
in which ho ascribes tho recent troubles in
Cadis nnd MnIiign,to the Intrigues of tho re
actionists, nnd lib charges that their object in
fomenting thes disturbances Is-to- provent
tho taking of tho PJebscitum.
A shocking aceidont occurred In Rochester,
New York, on tho evening of tho Crfi Inst..
by which eight persons wuro killed, nnd thir
ty seriously injured. A floor in tho qchool-
houio of St. Fetor and St. Fnul's Roman
Catholic church gave way whllo crowded
with peeplo attending n holiday festival :
throo hundred or more persons went down.
and several we.ro Instantly killed. Tho wild
est excitement ensued, nnd it was fiomo timo
before tho wounded cauld bo taken from tho
Hon. James. A. llnvard, of Delaware, now
serving out tho term of tho Into senator Did.
illo in tho United States senate, will bo re
elected by tlio legislature of that stato for
thobalanco of tho term, which expires on tho
4th of March, next. For tho full term, his
son, Thomas F. Uayard, will probably bo
John Scott, of Huntington county, Fenn-
ylvauia, has been nominated as United
States senator from that state, by a joint re
publican caucus of tho legislature, hold on
tho oveuing of tho Ctlt Inst.
Hon. 7.. Chandler, of blood-letting notorio-
, has been renominated by tho radicals of
tho Michigan legislature for ro-oloction to
tho United States senate.
Tho Massachusetts legislature convened on
"Wednesday last.
in 1
Louisville, like a hatching hen, is spread
ing herself.
Trouble In Switzerland.
Nkw iohk. Jan. 7. huropeau pnpors ro.
port fears of sorions troubles among tlio la
Wliiir classes in Switzerland, especially at
la so and ttur en. ana mucn luscouicni exists
at the scarcity of work nnd low wanes, with
high prices of food,
mKait.K.t.l II nliliirv.
Throo thousanu dollars worm oi uiamonus
woro stolen last from a house on twonty-thlrd
street by burglars, who entered through tho
John Minor Ilotts Dying.. .... ,
Tho 'Sun' lias a special uispiucn uiaidonn
Minor Uotts is in a dying condition at his
residence, near llranky Station, V.
Karthiinuke Panic on tlio
Honth I'nclUo
Lettors mention great excitement along tho
South Facitlo Coast at Arick and other points.
An earthquake on tho Oth of December
caused many porsons to' loavo Arica and flea
to tho mountains, .and at Jlast accounts tho
panic still continued.
Uen AVny.
A porson who mot general Rutlor on now
year's day, asked tho general : "Woro you at
tho white hotiso reception to-day?" "xos,
sir, I was. I wont to pay my respects to tho
prosidont. I bollovo in making ofllclol visits."
"Flcasant mootlnLr," sonio ono wickedly struck
in, "Yes, sir, a very pleasant and cordial
mooting. I novor had a personal quarrel
My unpleasantness was
political, not personal.
don't bcllevo in car-
rying political dispute into social life. This
Is tho era of peace' "You clemonstrat6 your
superiority over somo of our frlonds, general,
by tlio courso you havo pursued to day. Somo
of our modern statesmen s&cru unable to dis
tinguish betwopn official and personal," inter
posed a gentleman. "Feriinps so; perhaps
to, sir. At nil ovenU I did what I beliovcd
right, I thought mr. Johnion should have
been deposed, but tho Bcnate, wiser than I,
thought otherwise. It was not for mo to set
myself higher thnn tlio senate." Saying
-which, tho general changed the subject to
3Iudcira, and wo left.
1)111 to Aliolluli tlio Cairo Court of Com
mon 1'lcni, to Kill nee tlio Act Iiicorpor
nthiK Cnlro Into One Act, mid to Kxtcml
tho Time of Callcctlng Tint, of 1MJK
llurtea, oryerry, nftcr the Illliioli Ctll
trnl Cniivnmi of the Vote for (ovcrnor
nil LI tut e nan t-CJ nvtr nor.
Si'itixariKM), Tm.., January p. Tlio son-
ato was called to order at ten o clock.
Mr. Fuller ollered n resolution refcring
tlio various subjects of tho governor's mes
sage to nppropriuto committees.
Mr. Munn oficred a resolution authorizing
tho tavcral committees to procure suitublu
rooms in whjcli to meet.
Mr. Strovctt oficred n joint resolution rc-
3uesting tho delegation In Congress to cn
cavor to obtain from tho general govern
ment reimbursement for loss py salo of bonds
and interest on bonds, issued bytliOFtnto to
equip troops.
1J ills were introduced to repeal tho act es
tablishing tho court of common pleas, of Cairo;
to incorporate tho city of Vondalla; provi
ding for the meeting of a constitutional con
vention ; to establish an insurance depart
ment and rcgulato Insuranco companies in this
stato: nuthorlzlnt: the uovernor to appoint
commissioners to take tho acknowledgment of
deeds, etc., in other states ; to nmend tho city
charter of Murphvsboro; to appoint a stato
agent to rosidoat Vnshlngton ; to reduce tlio
nets incorporating Cuiro inU one act; to pro
vide for the complete revision of tho public
laws ; to perfect tho statute laws of tho stato ;
to amend chanter 3Q of tho revised statutes ;
authorizing tlio formation of compuules to
furnish lands for homesteads; in relation to
agricultural statistics ; appropriation for the
enlargement nnd expenses of the institution
for tho blind; to amend chapter 30th, revised
statutes; appropriation for deaf and dumb;
establishing n bureau of immigration and sta
tistics tor tuc state.
Tho senate met nt 'i p.m.
It whs announced that tho house was ready
torccelvotho sunntc in Joint session. to can
vass tho votes for governor nnd "lieutenant
governor, nnd the senate proceeded to tho hall
for that purpose. After canvassing tlio vote
tho senate returned to their ehnmher nnd ad
journed until to-morrow at ten o'clock.
The houso met at ten o'clock. A mcssago
from tho senate was recoived, transmitting n
loint resolution that tho two bodies meet at
two o clock, in joint session, to canvin-s me
recent election returns, which was adopted.
Mr. iiurtoi. or i'errv, ouorai a joint reso
lution, deelarimr that nco it is provided In
the grant to tho Illinois Central railroad, that
all tho lands remaining unjoin ten years alter
the completion of the road and branches,
should be otiercu anuuany lor sale until dis
posed of, and since the road is so finished, but
much land had n U been ofi'ored for tale, but
remained unproductive; mat tncroiore, tuo
road bo rcqucud to oiler at public sulo annu
ally, said lands, until all arc disposed of. Re
ferred to committco on judiciary.
Mr. liallev, of Stephenson, oficred a rcsoli
tion that, "Whereat:, tho last general assembly
postponed an amendment to mo constitution,
providing that tho general assembly shall have
no power to releuso tho Illinois Central from
its obliuation to pay tho state a tax or por
centum of tho receipts of tho road, that the
present general niscmoiv ogrce to tno amonu.
merit, and submit it to tno people to bo voted
on. iinid ou tuo taeio anu oruoreu io uo
air. Jjurke, oi Jiacuupiui -icesviHuu um
nrovidincr that sherill's and clerks of county
courts of this stato bo requested to receive ii
payment of taxes nnd for redemption of lands
sold for taxes, United States natiounl bank
notes and fractional currency, anu mat mo
timo for collection of taxes for 18G8 be ex
tended to September 15. 18CD, instead of Juno
10. Referred to committee on judiciary.
Adjourned until two o'clock.
Tho homo ro-assombled at two o'clock-, and
in joint session with tho konate, proceeded to
canvass votes for stato ollicors. It was an
nounced that mr. Palmer had received 241,019
votes and Eden 103,111; Dougherty 25,054,
nnd Vim Epps 19.1,292, and messrs. Falmor
nnd Dougherty woro declared elected.
Tho houso tucn adjourned until ten o'clock
to-morrow morning.
Washington, Jan. 0. Mr. Fomoroy pre
sented tho petition of "Wm. V. Hazlett and
flvo hundred citizens of Missouri, favoring
genoral sufl'rago w'thout distinction of race
orcolor. Roforrod to tho judlciury committee.
Mr. Edmund, from tho judiciary committee,
reported tlio following substitute for tho bill
introduced by him on the 15th of December,
to provont tlio holding of civil oillcos by mil
Itary officers, nud to provent tho holding of
more tlian one ouiee at me miiiio timo :
Ha it unacted. iVc.. That no porson shall
lmld nor shall ho receive it salary or compen
sation for prforinlng tlio duties of moro than
ouo oiiico or piaco oi irum or prom miner
tho constitution or laws oi mo united states,
ut tho same time, wliethorsuch office or place
In civil, military or naval, and any person
holding any such oiiico or place who gliall ac
cept or hold any other office or place of trust
or profit under tho constitution or laws of tho
United States, shall he deemed to have vacated
the ofllce or placo which ho held at tho timo
of such acceptance.
The senate took up tlio bill to promoto
eomimuoo between tlio United Stutcs, Ac.
Tlio oir lnio railroad bill was read at length.
Mr. Sli'Tiiuin mado an eluborate argument
in favor of tlio ilr lino rullroad bill, showing
first, the necessity for now roads; and, sec
ondly, tho right of congross to authorize tlio
const ruction of thorn, by virtue of ita right
to regulate commerce botween the states.
Ou ins motion it was then postponed till
Monday noxt.
with mr. Johnson.
Tho bill removing tho disabilities of Jno.
S. Stokes, of Alabama, was passed.
On motion of mr. Ashley, tho secretary of
war was directed to cqmmunlcato goncrol
Oram's report, relative to ashij) canal through
tlio shoal wators of Mnumeo hay to tho deop
wnteMof loko Erle; " ' '
On- motion of mr. Faino, tho secretary of
wnr was Instructed to cditimunlcalo tho nufn
ber of enlisted men of tlio army now on du
ty in Texas, Mississippi nnd Virginia, who
woro citizens or residents of tho lato rebel
statc3 during tho rebellion, nnd how runny
woro soiuicrs in mo into rcuci army.
Mr. AVnshburne, of Illinois, from tho com
mittco on appropriations, reported tho nnvnl
appropriation bill for tho year ending Juno
30, 1880. Ordered printed nnd ro-commlttcd.
Tho houso then wont into committco of tho
whojo on tho pension appropriation bill, mr.
Allison in tho chair, and Washburnc, of Illi
nois, addressed it on government economy,
occ. "WnMibiirno spoko ntconsidernhlo length.
"When ho had concluded, mr. Wood said the
houso always listened to tho gentleman from
Illinois with pleasure, but hli reinftrk? had
now an additional Importance, In vlow pf
tho supposed connection between that gentle
man and the incoming administration. His
speech might bo deemed as an introductory
message, laving tho foundations for tho policy
of the next adminlstrotion. Ho was certain
thnt ho spuko tho sentiments of tho minority
of tho houso when ho said that so far us gen
eral Grant would faithfully initlato or carry
out nny reform, the minority would give it
its fooblo support. Tho country wanted ro
fprm, not reform in special things, not prom
ises, Hot meroly tho curtallmeiA of expeness,
but ntoasurea that would produce harmony
and tho general pacification of thccotiitry.
Tho pension bill, which appropriates $13,
25,000, was ordered to be roported to tho
house, and was subsequently roported and
Tho consular nnddiplomntioJiill was taken
On motion of mr. Morrill, the secretary of
tho treasury was directed to furnish u state
ment as to tho sales of gold by tho govern
ment since tho first of January, 1803.
0 -
General Spinner' Health.
"Washington. January 7. General Spin
ner is fomowliat better, but unable to resume
olilcinl duties.
Out. llfjiuildM Itrllcveil by Urn. Can by.
llv direction of tho secretary of war, iron-
oral' Reynolds is relieved from duty as assist
ant commissioner of the freedmen's burenu
for Texas, nnd general Canby assigned to
tlintduty. . . i
Co.t of I'rlnllitK fractional Uvrrcney.
Tho oulclal statement sent to tho senate,
shows that the total cost of printing tho frac
tional currency to date, is $135,094, or nliout
1 and 30-100 per cent of its value.
Virginia I'uullc (luard.
Tho so-called public guard of Virginia,
was yesterday broken up by gonorul atone-man-
It was born of tno fright created in
that stato about eoventy years ago, by tho fa
mous Jfat. Turner rising, nnd has cost tho
state, on an average, of $50,000 per year
since. Of Into, Its wliolo business has boon to
stand guard in tho public souaro nnd about
the cnpitol buildings of Richmond, and tho
little squad woro Ironiciillyspoken of as tho
standing army of Virginia.
Public Debt Statement.
Tho following is tho public debt statement
to the 1st of January :
Debt bearing coin Interest... f i,107,bl',V
Debt benrltii; curroncy liiU'rot... ut.i&S.ooo
Matured debt not pretentcd fur iym't, T.tr.l &03,0l
Debt bearing uo Interest - 4t),73v0,eci
Total -
Amount In tren'iiry, cn..
Amount In treamry, currency.
JJ,32,6D,0i2 H
..... f J?.703.:t3 01
m.oa.vjt 12
Tutul - JSUJjVifUtn M
Debt leu caili in Irert.ury. SJ.MO.TOT.tl 'J3
For tho I.I tt It- I'miiiosts to I'Uy With.
In tho senute a communication was received
from the secretary of tho interior asking for
an appropriation of five thousand dollars for
tho purchase of medallions of general Grant,
president eloct, for presentation to Indian
tribes, in accordanco with former practice.
Mr. Voorhecs, member elect from Indiana
to tho noxt congress, has arrived here. His
election is not contested, as in generally sup
posed. His opponent talked of contesting,
but did not give legal notlco of such purpose.
A regular iMjembly
f Hull Fn.l iy I'lening,
llyorilcrof the
Jsti7.2t M.
ly of Cnlro Council, Nn.
in uo iieiu ui juuuniu
Janiliiryt), WJ.
I. IL.1..
M. L. DUNSINO.Peo'y.
Ill.iillnn. Kir Knlullta !
A conclii!!' of Klilghti Templar will be held at the
Aiilum, la thin city, on tho nth mat. at T o'clock p.m.,
linrp. Worlc in 11. C. ami K. T.
,Hy nnlrr K. O. ALUX. 11. IP.VIN, ltecorder.
On Mouilar est, Uih iuit.. nt o'elook, a m.. will
ik'sih me Nile oi iiiv ""v",'1,,1)? i ; I '
leMoler.nttho Atluneum luiMiut;. llio itoclc Ih-Ihk
. ' ... r I ... !... ..ml A.Mir A.iul.tu
t . . . . r .1... . ..t ,.,...1. nt I' II Ttril.n
t.iie or
worth between four uud Hto thoniuml dollars, cmntlitu
of cold uml ll!er Miitehes, soma of tho former tvorth
ut whoh'Mlo rates SIM) each, and the hitler HO each:
ooliU'litmn, rnik". Pins, Union, pen, pencils and
von hohlercfeacy bilver unl other tunl-ou-M, brnto.
lets, nmi Jewelry itenenlly. in Mis orothenrlseinhow
cases, clocks, counters, and n UrKO and tnlnnblo bur-Klar-proofHafe
tocether with a lsreo nisorlinviit of
other articles muMly found In jewelry lores, dooils
to bo sold to highest bidder for ;eaih, nud milo to eon
tlnuo until the entire stock Is illsnjed of.
l-'or further information apply to r . 0. Jordan, John
Hociui or O'Melveiiey A Umsilen. Janbiut
all rox.
hi ir nnrmiit. Irre.pcetilo of color, Mhoh.'m'
never hud the siimll po, nro renuojtod to present
thcmol!esnt ihuoiileouf Ilr. Win. Wood, corner of
WuihinKtonuvomio w Third street, for jiit-cmutlon,
on Monday nnd Tueday neit, 11th nud lith, from 10
to U o'clooU in IhP inorniiiK, utwhleh time uml plueo
a'l shall bo vueciaatod without money and without
n'rUn. Colored ministers of tho cospel nro rcinc-sted
this to their respoctiio eoiiKreiiiitions on
I neit tUbbalh. iOilS UOW'l.l V,
Jan. H. lhfi'l.illt
overseer of Poor.
OfKvery Description,
Printed nt th olHco o
I tno Cairo uuiiciin;
TiTrANTKU-Atthoofflnoof tlio Cuiro ltulletln,
VY merchants who want UiU Heads, HUH or Lading
and iWers printed.
' A'
AT i '4
i . :
1122 Commercial Avenue,
Inform tho oltkon.. of Cairo nnd vicinity thnt lm hill
on hand ono of tho larrfe.it and best assorted stock of
Dry (t'ootls, Fancy GooiIn and Xotloru,
In Houtlicrn Illinois, which heoiTrr nt prlqo's that will
defyvoinpelltion, ' i
W'n will ttell l'nnta. fnrl.n.t l.r.nil.. nt frnm fl In
I'Afii u ifln ltliu.1iiil Mn.liti nt ' I'VZ..
(Henry j-nrd widn Hhcetlujj at j lJrj
lAII-wool KIAniUI ftU '. I :V;
;hlto lUimKetiixTtnilr, ut
i-nrxu sufraii-wiioi uguwo aimWM ftC VO
p!'cw stylo lailies' UoakM Rt MUKind iipwrmli
(kx1 Ijinseysftt - 90a
,13eg.intnnd,ery heavy ehnnseablo anil li- - . . ,
uri(l Poplins, per yard, from .35lotc
tiiic popiini nt.......-.:.. ..: ; tvi
Ciood ynnl-wido Merino nt 49c
Alnrgo asiortmenl of
Illnck nnd Colored Alpacas ut 25 ccats
ASCII Ul'WAlltW, ' ,"
i.tnd numerous other styles of Drem floods .'coitm;
pondliiRly low.
All-lluon HanilkerehleN nt... I0c
'HU-llnu Tomllnp, jcr yanJ, nt I2J$
tiooil Table l.lnen..
Irlh I.lnon, ynnl wide ..
All-wool Hock. M
I.-vdies Merino lloo i.,
iMcrlns. Undershirts and Iruuurs
I . .' -
. Also, n largo assortment of
Fancy Goods,
J " SueliAs
luo -sou
lilU HONS,
Alexander Kill tlio ves,....
French Corsets
iMintud Coniln. ,
1 UO.
I .!( oil other Owl corropmdiwjly low.
It U therfiro"to the Intere.t'nf every person biiyln
Kiiodi. ty viUInt
122 Coiiimert'lal Avenue,
Ileforo Iniylns vhexflxt re, M tnoney saved I money
.Thmikful for the libernl litrons hrretoforo ox
tendud to lis, wu hopo to rtwito Ihu same In futuru.
l. itr.u.M.
ilivrJl'Mtf No. t DO CiuwrucuL Avskl-ii.
An IMueiitlonul Juiiriiul. tiubliihiul Setul-Monlblr
at tho ulty of Cuiro, and devoted to tho interest of tho
(Jrciii Caiisu of Education
in Hoiilli.irn Illinois. No pains will Ik spared to innkit
ttiU Joiiru.d u jif.rfiil i ml intlucntiul contribution tfc
tho principles of Kdueutloni to tho improvement of
the tho method of sehnol Instruetlnu, und to llioiui
vuncemeut of all reforms fur tho vlevution of the
standard in "Kxypt."
Hlnulo Suoserils'rs, ono year SI &
Club of oter live unl under 1, onu yur to ono
nildress 1 1
Club of over u,oiw yeur, to ono ndilrvss.......,., 100
Terms, l'aynlilo In Ailvnnte.
The llrst number will Ik fsuel Mattinlny, lU last.
JOKIj fl. MOllOAN. ,
deelS.ltf Cairo, III.
Is furnished with till kin la of exoellmt IdQUDlU,
.. . i. . .. . i . . .in... i .utt. n ,.. r .. i i ..
noil lis mines nro niniijs iiiiun nun iiii ino nei!sui,uLii
order, nt nil hours.
l.iuin.i. or tno iiisukci
Meals nro fiirnished, ou
711(4 Diinubir rilmo hus liet.nmo thu resort of all loi-
crs of Kood llKIilt, us nn mi bat tho best
JSfivlxxt Xjoxxia 3VTn.li.o
Is kept by JOHN fcCHKKb,
EiKht street, between Com, nnd Wush. Avenues,
deejililjf UAIHt). ILLINOIS.
Is supplied with all kinds of
Suporior XjIcit.- orw,
llecr, Alo, .Vc, ,
Tho thirsty, who lovo aood Honors, should plvo
avail, nuil tlioso who wUh to pub 1 fragrant olBur
havo ili eir wants supplied at his btf. 5 doetlt

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