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" "Office, 225 Washington Avenue, Democrat-Hall ; Editorial -Rooms, Ohio Levee, over Barclay's Drug Store.
Tho netionoftho city council of Memphis
in relying to nurrcndur tlio railroad rulure
of tho city to roioncl Tato'i ring, which is la
Iwriiig in tho intorc.it of tho jwckcU of ltd
1 jpmbcM mid raduenh, ulittlo out-of-tho-way
vHm.M. lying on tho Kentucky shoro of tho
O'uo, hiilfn h 11 ml red hiIIm from this city, was
win-, mid lirovw that tho member! of that
bodv arc comjtctuntto rcUttho cductivo in
fluence"! of monoy.
AVlnlo this is true, it is hoped that tho lato
r 'HMtl'in of railroad matters in Memphis
may have awakened tlio engnciotn hminoi
mi ti of that hitherto prosperous city to tho
t 1 Ity which exItU for an extension of
it? riiilroad tomioctloiu, and (specially for tlio
oprring of a lino northward, through tho
tiitfi-t n section which jnuit always bo
1,?' it feeder, but ono with which it hai
f 1. u'.uiUUc railroad lino of Intercom-
i.i-n i::ition. It behooves tho people of Mem
I M; t xamlno this subject and to decide at
r "o, not only upon tliu most praejicablo
r.'.rar.s of securing such a railroad, but uUo,
tli, r especially upon tlit'oct route on
. t j build such a lino.
Hi s connection we would beg to oiler
r , r p-ir'giutioiiJ:
1 al that hat been said or written upon
t4:h Miljeet thru oem to have been a kiDd
c fa i.v it undrtandlng that Memphis could
t; In tuo dired end moU elli.-ctunlly by going
t W lunih, and hence, as we hold, that city
La Mien into a very great error.' Let the
rc.l r iiamlno tha map and he will see
t .t r.iJuwih is u' little town on the Ohio riv-
frty inii from it mouth, of no irnpor-
T'lttHTcially. or othrrwi vithout one
' t tilr-ml, if wc xcpt the Mxty mile
run from that point to Union City, in
'juiiin Miv. Wlmt, thun, u .MenitihU to gain
I . fe" l'Jueah? Shu hai.nothlng vhat-
i t :f. r a tonnintii for a Meuiihis
r - 1 cht'lia' ttortiHrwtd tt thoiKirth orcait,
u 1 t f ir a we can learn, h no charter
even fr any rf the prtJMttl rift Unn north
ifl, r air lines whioh are are all . The
'l. -o uiduatriouMV circulate!, by thoio
f t i-i -t. that tho Cairo and Vinc?nne rail
: 1 r lupuny Intend contrueiing a branch
l'i '.. nit it entirely without foundation, a
u nn. authoritative v from a director of
t"..t Cftnpnnv with whom we have recently
c nv.r..-i It will to ten, then, at a glance,
f.ai tlfTrt Is no Inducement whatever for
Mtrnp' i to terminate iu iiroio4d roud at
I'aduoih, and thnt'H'tnlglit, with oqunl pro
P'ict n'kft any other littlo Ohio river town
1 iu twrminu. In building a road the Mem
I'" U iK ojib' hould have but one ubjoctin view,
.r. the dtveU'iimeiit of that city' reour
c !, t'.u govnl of Memphis ; and thi, of course,
t - . 1 bV.t lruuiotcd bv building a road in
t . direction which will oonot and at the
1 . t -wuri- j-aluablc connecti'jn with
t' n nhcet and eat. Tho road, if it i of
ary advantage to Memphis or it iorkhokleri,
1 ,U f a.;K other roads a feeders to itfvlf. "Ve
n 1 know how utterly worthless is a railroad
v.Ith'ut ronuwtloji lHi(iniii'ig at nothing
' n 1 ct. liiig nowhure.
Let the reader again look at any f tandard
t ,iip, and lie will ceo that the only available
n ite fur this eiitoririe Is directly to tho
- m"' if tho Ohio river, from Memphis by
' ulu that city h. .urt, atomv, the most
(kiiralle communlcatioui possible, gaining
"'niMliately, everything which l'aducah offers
I the inistv future, and vastly more. Let us
r On the wav to the mouth of tho Ohio
from Momtihli, wo reach, at Ilelmont, the
hwuthurn terminus of tlio Iron Mountain rail
road now aliii-t complete, connecting thenco
tlireetlv with St. Louis ami all the network of
rf Miwutri railroad. At tho tcrmlnuj tho
M mpliitm will And both rivers (tho Ohio and
the Mississippi) instead of one; tho Illinois
Central railroad, stretching one of Its arms to
northwest Illinois, Iowa and Miuuciota, and
the other to Chicago, and to the east by a half
d .'.en routes, while tlio now line from this
city to Iudiauaolis Is being rapidly built un
ilr the auspices of the Pennsylvania Central,
the wealthiest of all American railroad cor
porations'; and, before the closo of tho pres
ent year, will furnish another most valuablo
Tim question for the people of Memphis to
decide, is simply whether or not thoy shall
t'irow away all thee manifest advantages for
thu sake of benetltlng a few speculators in
Piulucikh real ostato? It will cost no moro to
construct it road to thu uioiitli of tho Ohio
than to a point, fifty miles higher up, while
t..o advantages to bo gained bv go loinj aro
too manife.t to require argument.
Hut, In conversing with citizens of Mem
phis, wo llnd that many of them are beguiled
by tho talk of a bridge at Paducah, and
hence, wo desire in conclusion, to mnko a
brief examination of this wonderful bridge
talk, to ceo exactly what it W worth. In tho
first place, thoro i no hrldgu at P.tducah. She
had a charter for ono, it Is true, unci overyono
knows Just what n naked charter is worth :
simply nothing at all, us charters may bo had
any where for tlie.nsking. Secondly, wo liavo
it, on good authority, that it would bono moro
dinlcuH and no moro oxponslvo or
rostly to bridge tho Ohio at Its mouth than to
do so at Paducah.
However, all this is upon tho supposition
that n bridgo is necessary to this enterprise,
while, in point of fact, it is not oven desira
ble. AVo all know, that nil southern roads,
with unimportant exceptions, nro of tho llvo
foet gauge, while those north of tho Ohio aro
four feet, eight and n half, and four feet, ton
Inches. In this statu thoro Is ono tlx feet
road all tho rest lour feet, eight and n half
inches; and by statuto tho ata(o has forbidden
any departuro from that guage. Thus wo
scolhoro wjll of necessity, bo a breaking of
bulk wherever tho road readies Illinois,
whethcral Pailucah or elsewhere, and a
bridge, even if built, would, therefore, bo of
littlo advantage to anybody. Ilut, in addition
to all this, every ono, at all conversant with
such matters, is awaro that cars can bo ferried
across any considerable stream, nt a less annu
al cost than tho mere interest on tlio bonds ne
cessarily issued for tho construction of the
bridge, and that tho only inducement for
roads in tho north to bridgo streams like tho
Misis!ppi or the Ohio, is tho fact that Ice
blockades render tho ferrying of Cars imprac
ticable during a larger portion of tho year a
cogent rca.on)nt Dubuque, but not at all appli
cable at tho mouth of the Ohio. Thus wo sco
tho bridge nrgumcnt, liko tho bridgo itself, is
visionary, nnd without any foundation.
To the mind of any ono who will examine
tho subject, thoro can bo no inducement what
ever for Memphis to build this proposed rail
road to any point except the ono indicated
whero it would at oncomcot with tho bet pos
sible connections.
Tin: FASiuos.s ay jirikf.
The hair is still worn high, tho chignon de
creased a little In size, and made up of puffs,
curls nnd braids.
Hoods are taking the place of hats shfco
the winter wind aro making thcnuelve un
comfortably familiar with 0xpoed cars. There
are several stylus, the Kaxr York hood, made
of foft white wool, ornamented with white
crystals, being considered the prettiest.
In cloaks tho ftyles show no material
change. Astcacan and fur. are exceedingly
Kpular, and are comfortable for colil weather.
elvets are verv fnihionablo and jf of cood
quality are handnome, but a cheap fubrici
not deolrable, as a good cloth, with less pre
tention but more roal worth, could be pur
chased for tho Hirno mouey. Llnsey woolyjy
and water-pnW aro suitable for every day
wear or traveling. Gay plaids are much
worn, are pretty and useful and form a charm
ing ttreet costume. Bright sashes, with bia
of red, yellow and blue, are very iwpular.
The broad linen collar Is still the favorite.
Short skirts aro the only ones worn on the
Tho Keck Island (III.) 'Argu publishes an
article of over n column In length, giving do-
tall of a remarkable discovery made in a cave
under the Island of Hock Island, iu tho Mis
slcsippl river, lya party of scientific gentle-.
men from tho cast. Among other thlnirs
found wns tho statue of a beautiful Indian
maiden ; tv huge pcdetal, constructed of ol!d
copper; cros-bows and arrows; an obelisk of
olid bra, some seven feet hi height, beauti
fully sculptured on four sldis; also many
other Indian relics. The publication has
produced qnite a onatlon in that vicinity.
William A. Meriwether, United States
marshal for Kentucky, will, at 12 o'clock on
the bth day of February, 1300, sell to the
hlghet bidder, at the court house door, in
Paducah, the !New Orleans and Ohio railroad,
with all Its lands, dopoti, warehouses, cars;
engines, fixture?, etc., for tho payment of
some mortgage bonds which tho United
States holds against the road.
A correspondent of tho 'World' asserts that
Frank Illalr, while In Wathington, last week,
informed his friends that he had come out of
tho war a bankrupt, nnd even now his bus!
nets was gone, and he was solely dependent
upon a commlsslonorthlp of llio Pacific rail
road for even a ubsitence.
A mis Jones, nUter of K. T. Jones, of Au
rora, died siudenly, of heart disease. A post
mortem examination revealed tho fact that
tho valves of the heart had become os.iried,or
turned into bone. Instances of this kind very
randy occur, and have always provod to bo
lieyond tho control of medical skill.
l'rlvato letters from Paris say the papers
are forbidden to mention tho serious illness of
the prince imperial, and the alurm of the em
peror and empress.
General Logan's speech in opposition to
Jencko't civil bcrvtco bill wa on the right
side of the question, wa full of sound matter,
and had a marked effect.
General Gousscau leaves two sons and
daughters. Ho wa In his ilftleth year.
Complleil loJ.iniiurv 10, ISd.
Visit of VlrKliiliillrlrgutlou to tJni. CJrant.
About n dozen Virginians aro here from
the recent universal suu'riigo and universal
ainiiesty convention nt Richmond. Thov
want such a change In existing laws as will
restorothoox-robols to full political privileges,
and iu return for this concession aro willing
to conccdo negro sutlViigo. Soma of them in
formally waited on general Grant. Tlioy
wanted to maKo it a lormai visit, but no rc
AtJiwl r tlintil 111 tlliit tnunnnn cnuli
that ho had nothing to do with their btislnes
nnd had no public ndvico to glvo them. Ho
told them thov had bettor deal directly witli
congress, anil thoy will probably submit a
memorial early next week. Thoy and their
frionds aro to havo another convention at
Richmond within a month, bomo of them
will remain hero till that timo and aro likely
to create considerable talk with their doinirs.
but there does not fcccm to bo any reason for
iniiiKing tnai tnoy will bo able to carry out
nieir senome,
He ii. lloiuvruu'n Huccrisor.
Alio successor, by seniority, of tho lato
major gonoral Rousseau, of tlio flfth military
uisirict, is brevet major general Robert 0.
lluchiinnn, and it is not likely that lie will bo
disturbed In tho position to which ho has been
advanced. His provious administration of
tho district was entirely nccoplablu to tho
president nnd tho people of Louisiana and
Toxns, and his nomination to the vacancy
mado by general Hooker's retirement has been
infiucntially pressed upon tho president for
somo time.
Edmund' Oiic-nlllcr Hill.
AlthouL'h Kdinunds' bill providinir for tho
resignation of military ofllcers who accept
civil offices temporarily excited littlo opposi
tion while up In the senate, it will bo vigor
ously opposed in tho house. It has leaked
out that certain naval olllcers havo been trying
for somo time to set up such a mil analnst
admiral Porter. A number of Grant's friends
speak freely of both 113 an attempt to tie his
Iltlillin,,iiiiu VIIU VUIIIUI ivu l. ... Ktva. wi .wj
politicians, wlioo chief aim Is to rco'rvo all
tho spoils of office for themselves.
SI. 'riioitinn.
It i probable the noi'dtinliun of mr. tow
ard for thu purchase of tho island of St.
Thomas will bo mndo known formally to tho
senate at an early day. Several gentlemen
of nigii position within u low uays past nave
been cauvacsing among members to obtain
their views on tho question of voting thosuven
million necessary to complete tho bargain.
Fractional currency printed during last
week, $710,r,00; fhlpmonts, $442,315; nation
al bank currency lsued, $121,010; amount in
circulation, $29J,P20,170 ; fractional currency
destroyed, ?C2 1,100; coupon receipts from
December 20th to December 31st, inclusive,
Tlir lliistct'il Cnr.
.Judge JJusteed Is conducting his own case
before the judiciary committee of tho house
of representatives, and rigidly cross-examining
all tho witnesses brought before It. Tlio
committee yesterdny examined mr. Cutlibort,
who is over eighty years of age and was a
member of congress in 1817. Mr. Cuthbcrt,
who Is clerk of Ilustccd s court, testified to
false entries having liecn mndo in the records,
but his testimony did not directly implicate
the accused.
Tlif TnrlfT.
High tariff men in congress are preparing
to nttack commUsioner Well's report. Penn
sylvania will lead off against it. Several of
them aro already preparing, and-if the MoVoi
head tarilf bill come up this week, a lively
timo may bo expected.
fl'rnm Illinol. maU' Tarhir.l
1 send the following as the origin of the
term "Kgypt as applied to Southern Illinois,
with its correct boundarv. The National
Koad.n macadcinlsed turnpike stretching west
ward in early days, at government expoim",
to euablo congressmen from the remote We-t
to travel In fiut coaches ten miles an hour to
reach tho Capital, wa to cross the State a
little south of tho lino of the Turru Hauto mid
Alton 1' all road, the western terminus being
Alton. Tho stoiif was cut for n few culverts
in Illinois, beyond whUh little wa done in
tills state More the government changed Its
policy. About thirty years ago was u winter
remembered by the old settlors as tho timo of
tho "deep snow." There were few iettlers In
Northern Illinois then, but. Central Illinois
had important places and Southern Illinois
had a comparatively large" population. The
deer were driven by starvntlou to the farm
yards, or porlshed" in vast numbers. Tho
woivus could glide along upon tucsrjyw, wniic
the deer, sinking and itnpcdfd, were mi cay
prey to .the ravenous Wait. Tho summer
following wa quite cold, to that corn did not
mature iu Central Illinois, and tho yttle.r
went south of tho Jsational P.oad to procure
breadstulfs. The ernind of Jacob s sons sug
gested the name for the fruitful region of
modern times, me inuiar. was still in tuc
north part of the state when tlio namo "Kgypt"'
was nnnlied to tho south ptrt. nnd In theso
days it will bo well to see tbijt the region so
long looked upon as darK does not outstrip
the part which has prided itself on being more
enlightened. Steam, Freo Schools, and actlvo
V . r. ,i i .. .I r
liuriiuaiiiiy, nru ha jmiwitiiii iiiuuuuccs in
fruitful Kgypt as in tho suposed favored
land of the north. Yours truly,
The firm of MiIIit A Kitlreilu'e li.l4thimUvlieendf-
oivi'ii oy niiiiuai agreeineni. i nr iuiem ui wio nuuiv,
including me ouiMinumg nccoiuiK, imve iieen irn
frrrel to our auccetrors,
Who have aituneil tho liabllhienof thv late firm, and
w 111 conuiiuo lo carry iiulliolHimi;'.ii. ...
Vryrii-vtfiilly. II. li. M 11,1. Kit; -
Cairo, 111., Jan. II, 1K. K. W. KITTKKlKiK
Theiin'lt-rKignetl, II. I). Miller, of the late firm of
Miller Kitlrlge,aiul J C. .Miavr, Imvinc imreh-Keil
tho Mock anil aio(a of the laielirmof .Miller A Kit-
tndge, will coutlime to carry on ine nusiness of
3MCoxola.AX3.t Tailorixi c
Roady-JInde Clolhlng nnd FiirnMiliig
At the obi .Imi'l in the
Bjirlugllrhl lllock, No. 73 Ohio Lever,
Un.l.-r tl.ollrin n:iinoof MILLElUt MI I.I.Kit
Mr. I(iiki11 Smith will ri'inain Milh hum cutter, ami
we uro H.uroiI villli'oniiiiii togne .iUsf.io.tlon'to the
patron or the boiie. cryriuy.
' li l. MIM.KIt.
J. C. MII.MUl,
Jaii ll.lS0j.:it - I'arliiKrHRi "Miller .V Miller."
Dlt. II. VAHINKU-i:eKli'iico, .o. fi'J Will,
nut xtriM't. mnr I'.iL-hlli ntrii'1- ODU'c. over l'u.tt.
oiticc. Ollior hiiiim, 10 to 12 a.m. ami 3 to 5 p.m., It
well npplieil Willi iredi, lieiuuij vnwino mauer.
iioUnud lMttaliurK
All coal weighed Ti rm, "!i on debvtry Oellv.
ered free toull jurti of tho city ard iind olliee,
Coiiiincrcliil Avi'iuit'i lleteH Tenth and
Kluvviitli filieoti.,
tl.atoco.il yard of McDonald A Driest,)
lanlbllf C.MUO, H'Ti.
Having pur diased tho entire HtooU nnd tltturcs of
Aug. Korin"jcr are prcparcJ to do nil kiuds of
Gnu nnd S 1 o a m Fill! njr
In a neat and workmanlike manner. Wn uro also pre
pared to repair all kindxof la tixturea, and by our
proocii ' bronzing and gilding mukn them inovery
particnl.ir a good a now Tboso baviui bituh lix
(tirei, wit ple.no glvo us a call satisfaction guaran
tee.! In all cuCH. ('. K. YKAUKIt.
JantJdtf V, K. MUKIIAY.
ML ::r
JL ih mow a
Itendy for Receiving nil Kinds of Grain
In JItllK
KrouirnrHnnil ildlverinic tho rnimo ottlur In bugs or
btitkontinrg.cMr IioiUh.
ThnKlevntorN owacd ami will 1k miuinKC'l by tlio
Minn part ivi owainjj aatl manngiDg tho Ccatrnl hlcva
tgMtf CIiIcsko. . . .....
All grain received er u wm io .
InstiL'cletl itml CSrntlod
l.v lllf. I.fi. tt. It. Co. For
tlif prcient Heon, .Mr. J. II. JllooniflcM, who bin
nctcil m tlniMinociipncity flurlnf; tbopiMtsimimiTnt
imnieiiii nun )inuuM cainiacHon iuiui iwuvi, i
bo tlio iii.'ixlor. ...
All uraln rill Ik at tlio owner's risk of ilnniao from
flraaml beating.
IlcrpivltiRnnrl ilMiv rln; to lr(ies, Rtnln In pml or
der, tiiuluililiK siornun noiio ojiccci "
Htonigo for eaii nllitlonnl fiYO (btri1, or pnrt tliereof,
Itocoiviiinli'lH'IivirIiig tlc.irgcs,"unsoiml grain
Ini liidlng toro;o not exceeding llroUays, two cents
per binhel. ....
.storage for every mMitionnl five day, or pari incvcoi,
ono rem por iiilsiiei. . , , ,
Hugging Hil l tj-ltig lK, imo-half rent rxr bimbcl.
Haiigingnnil joiug ling, one cent per bushel.
e jiurpose ijceiifinooiir-elvci Mriuilv to the Mor-
age or gmin. J. i jiu4.ji.ih..'i.
i niro, hi., .ian. i, j1"""""
To All Wliftiu It May Conccrui
Take notlrotliat there wilt bo a special term or tho
Court of Cumiiion I'leniof the city f Cwiro. tul.ibol
ilea at the Ciinrt Houe in s.iM elty of Cairo, com
mencing Mon-lay, thonretdnynf Krbniarr.A. V. Ue:,
nt tho hour of lio'clock, a.m. of said day, for the trun
action of general busine-".
All por-oni interestcil will govern tnemu'lvea a-i
cor'Iiiiiily .
luted Cairo, Ifluiois, ,"UjY)'jlJ,jtorjN
anll llw t ty Marlmlof t'liecity of Cairo, 111.
Foil SAI.K tH llK.'T.-C:orn Mill with twenty
liore power engine. I.lno Shafting, Clrrnlar.faw,
and otiier iniv'liinery, nil in goo.1 onler. Al), fclorc-hoii-e,
au by 60 foot, with six rooms 'otur st jX: Ali-o,
lellingof:room. All for naln collectively o'etia
ratelj i tion-rcni li nro of owner tlio reason. Hltiuited
corner Commercial avetine ami anh TVT. 10
InnlblSt JOHN W. TftOVF.U A CO.
Klioi Smtli-east corner of Klglith street and Com
men lal Aveniio (nj stalr),
Ovix-o, Illinois.
ThwsofiHiy will cclebmte Its llrft aiinuerfftrj nyu
. ...i, -. i.i.. ir1l
aflsip;icrnuc imn, at Musnnigiuii nun
?Ioiiiln' KvciiIiik, January 1H00.
Tioltots OO
W. IIOtiK,
VhliMle nnd I'.oull Dalvr In
Kniity and Smplc
(irntu' FilruUhlufc tod,
Hluiikets CnsMiiiiereN ami Jt'iin.s
Heat Callcor.....
UrLalltrs 'iOc.
Heavy Ilrovrn Domeitlc 17c.
Ilonii Skirt rjOc.
300 licnt'a IlnU at M 70c, each
-1 Splendid Line of
lluyers will da wtll to call and I'l-uuii.u my stock
before puixdiailiiK elsewhere.
No. OU Ohio I.rvrr,
tllljETS'aiOUSE, ...
Corner Market ami Court Streets,
This new. spacious, elegant and. well.api)lnted
building, w ill bo ooened for tlie nxieption of guests on
nnd alter January 13th, The entire hoimo Is newly nnd
elegantly fiirnudiod, containing exeidlent rooms for
tho accommodation of lady hoarder, and all nlhor
uaiiuii ei
found in I lie
coav I'ulvia't'
Ivta'c louna in ino w
lliouaesiu tliorkmtli-
C'lmrge moderaie.
Tlueu eligibly titu.iled and well fliiUheil business
rooms on tho lirit lloor will bo reutint on reuaonablo
ternik to a good tenant. Jnnfid:liii
I'curla, IlllnoU.
The First and Best Institution of the Kind in
the United States.
Weekly Ilenelit from & to flu in caso of siclcneHs,
Kitry man or Kviiialo of Healthy Constitution can bo
it member.
This lustitution is legally Incorporated under tho
laws of Illinois. Kor particular apply to
I.OUI3 lltltllKItT,
decSldtf General Agunl forUUo of Illinois.
AT t
122; Coimaoiflal Avenue.
tnf,inn l)n rlliuii4 nfOilm nml Tiohlitv thai ho ha
on immi ono of tho lareit :iudbatnMortdlstoekof
I .1
Dry Goods, Fniicy (ioods nml Ko'Uonn,
i i
i 'I
In Southern Illinois, which he tilers nt price' that will
.l..ri.Miill!nii il
, li
We will Sell PrmU, fur bet brands, at from...8 W ll'i
YardwlilolllMoIiitl Muslin nt...;..;....;. d UWi
Heavy yam w we Miceung ni .........i i ij:
AII.uihiI Klannid at I !k:
Whlto r.'ankcta Uxr pair, nt..J...... IS U
Ijireo nlto all-wiMil ilollble hlinwls at-.s: 4 St
New style ladled llonlw nt Jl inland nTward
OOOd Iiln0T!iBt - '93"
Klvant and very heavy chaiifteablo and Hk-
iirel I'oplliiH, iier yard, from- ......Mto I M
fillt fopllni at I. 7V
(iool yard-wiilu Merino nt lAs
A largo aerortment of
Itlack mid Colored Alpacas nt 1? cents
ANI Ul'WAUIH, ' ' '
And numerous other tlet of Dro-s (oU corres
jKindingly low.
All-linen Handkerehlefs at.., lk'
All-linen Touvlin, ptiryurd, at.. l'lK-e
(iimxI TaMe I.lnen V
In-h I,lnn, yard widv ,".
All-wool Sek v
I o.llo.' M..rl,w llf..l .ISC
Merma I'nderflilrts and Drawer
Al-o, a lare aortm:ut of , r
raxioy Goods,
fufk ai
niimoss. ,
Alezaiulrr Kill Glove..
Krrnrli Corrt...
Itouuil Com lis......
I 110
And all other Good eorre.tjondiiiril low.
It is tlierefiro lo tho latere! of every person buying
good loeallat
122 Coiiiiiiercial Avenue,
llefore buying elewhr,a money e.irod l. nmney
TUnUful for thu liberal patronage- heretornrn rx
tcndU to u, we hopo to rcoivo tho sainn iu fliturw.
I.. W,t'M.
1,1 TO
No. 100 COMVriin!. Avrci.
An R.bii.iiloiiil Journal, iiublidiod Soml-MMrTlilV
at Ihot'ily of liiiro, amliletotixl to tho inlorett of Ihe
Great Caitsu of Ediiciillon
In Soiitliern IlllnoU No paliiiwilUioiip.uiiI to'inwikr-,
thlajourn.il a powerful and iiitliiential contribution t
the principle of Kliieatiua; to tho improvement of
the metlioil of jehool (n-lr,upi,)n, and lothon.1
Taiieeinent of all reform for the elevation of Mi
tamlard in "Kjypl." ' ' ,
Single Sniv-'rllH'r, one year - ..
C lib of over live ami under IN. one year to ono
iiddre..- J M
Club of over so, ono year, to one addrusn- 1 W
Term, I'nynlilc In AdTiiuc.' 1 '
The flrt number will I Uni'd Patiinlay, 2itli iint.
JOKI, 0. MOlttlAN,
leiCMtf , Cairo.
U fiirnMiedviifli nil himU of oxvellent I.lQltnUS
ami Iti tablen aro ulwavi lilted tfltlinll tho e.nnnable
r.lllll.l of the inarUet. Meal are ftirnMiod. on
onier- ai an nonrn. r.T. r iT.iii;ii.i,i.
c r, j .
Tills popular place li.n Ihcoiiio tho report of alt Wv
era of good HKr.lt, at none but tho bit
vixi.t Xjoxi
Il;eptby JOHN rCIIKKIi,
Kigbt i.treot, between Com, und Waah. Avemw.i,
le.!ildtf CAIItO. 1IXINOI5.
I Mippllt'd with all kind of
Svipoi'ior Xiiquov,
Jleer, Ale, .VcM
The lhtrtv, who lovo god Itauora. nhould give Imn
ai'till, and tlioo who wl1i to pun a fragrant cigar cau
have tliclr wuuU vupplied bt liU lr. decilt

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