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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, January 16, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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L. K. Green A Co. liavorotuovod tholr stock
from this plneo to St, Louts, Mo. Anyclnlma
against tlicin to this (Into only must bo sent to
their ollico, No. 17 f. Main stroot, at. Louis,
Mo., for ct1minnt. T.. E. Oiiekk & Co.
Jan. jc, lsco-nt
Tlio tax book is now in my hand nnd I
eliall Immediately proceed to tlio collodion
of tho taxes charged therein. For Hint pur
pose I shnll attend at my oilko in tho court
house from half past 1 o'clock, p.m. until !
o'clock, p.m., each tiny. L. II. Mykhk,
flmrlirwiil ox-omi'lo.oolleclor AlcuimliT county.
I Ml
i:i.:cti.v ok ii.ixK okkickiik.
Tlio Oity National Dank elected tho follow
ing named gentlemen ns director: H. Slants
Taylor, Ceo. I). "Williamson, Scott "White, W.
P. Hnllfdny, Steplion JJirtl, A. II. Satl'ord,
nnd Robert II. Cunningham.
At ii inut'ling of tlio Hoard of Diivetorx, W.
P. Ilnllidny was elected president, A. H, Suf-
fr.l appointed caihier. and Walter Ilyxlop,
it'sistnnt cashier. A. R. Saitoud,
jnnlli lw Cashier
.JlH.I . .. Ml -
i,. t lurrr.nt, umj.
Tho Murphvshoro 'Argus' in tlio following
extract, pays a well merited compliment to
our follow-townsmnn, L. 1. Itutler, cmi., nov
of tho law llrm of Allen, "Webb it Uutlor:
"Wo lorn Hint L. P. Hutler, a young law
yer or talent and marked ability, lias liecomo
ii member of tho law Arm of Allen fc "Wobb,
nnd the stylo of tho llrm is now Allen, "Webb
iV Juitlor.
Mr. Uutlor was Inst sprint: elected city at
tomey of tlio citv of Cairo, a position he hns
tilled with ability and to tho satisfaction of
rnon of nil jmrlliM. lie Is a geutlcmnn of the
first water, and will add lutro to tho already
famous llrm with which ho has become con
nected. l.OCU. IMIKVITIES.
An averngo of thlrty-llvo hi. ids nro en
gaged in the work of finishing t'.io elovntor.
Hilly Williams is pushing forward tho un
dertaking set on foot by his deceased uncle,
and will soon furnish Cniro with n Urst class
Uoitrbon distillery. "Wo (lull avail ourselves
of an early opportunity to notlco this estab
lishment in detail.
No branch of product! va industry could bo
pursued more profitably In Cairo than tlio
manufacture o'f furniture adopted to south
ern markets.
Elder Shore's sermon on creation Is spoken
ofnsn ponderous effort worthy of publica
tion. A lecture by "Wild Edgortuti," tho distin
guished Amcricun traveler, author and poet,
is spoken of ns one of tho probabilities of tho
prosent month.
Tho next .subject of great public moment
that should arrest the attention of our an-
tlrontles, is tho erection of city wafer works.
Tho nonpareil society will give a ealico
ball at the St. Charles hotel, on next Friday
evening. Young Indies and gentlemen nro
nil atir about tho matter already. It will
no doubt be tlio pleasnutest affair oftbukiml
ovor given In the city.
Tho union Sabbath school, hold In tho
Christian church building, on eighteenth
street, Is the largest Sabbath nohool ovor or
gnulKcd in Cairo.
"We havo heard ofna now cases of small pox
since Thursday morning. Tho whole number
of coses in tho city, including thoi-o among
tho bloeks, will not exceed twenty-llvu.
A mother with her four llttlo children
live in a frame home on twentieth street,
nnd in an adjoining room Is a negro family,
whorciu there is an aggravated cam of small
pox. Tlio poor womun Is unable to move out
Mid the negroes won't. If the llttlo children
csc.ipo tho dreadful disease, tho oseapu will
look very llko providential interference.
In ninny of tho sidewalks built three or four
yean ago, tho process of decay ha com
meiiooil. At frequent intervals bole have
been formed alwut largo enough to admit of
tho passage of a foot. The council, being
econnrulenlK Irrti'i,-1, bould take hatchets
and nails, and turn out jmnioitally on a holo
A little school boy full from tlio high ido
wn'k. opjwwltf tlut (lernmu school houe, yes
tcrd.iy availing, r.d ss lm rmnalnoil perfectly
uiotioiilttM on the ground, It was feared for a
jnotntwt, that lie was killod. lie was oarrlod
liuw, und If ho rueolvud no internal Iriju
ri' S, he is at his plays again, Wore this timo.
Si hol teachers can scarcely bo too exacting
in their injunctions In reference to pupils
beaming ami playing on the elevated portions
of the sidewalk.
Mad dogs numerous enough olsowhoro
havo not made thulr uppoaranco in Cairo.
Neither have volouipcdcs.
Au elderly up-towu kpluster, sour as citric
ncld, declared that sho "can't lnwr children."
A wag, who -e a double meaning in every
thing expreMod his hearty rondoUiim', with
the additioi.nl and unuvoosMiry remark that
she ought to ba thankful that her mother was
in' e fruitful. J 4
Tho frusliwt and largot oysters, for solo by
tht wise orcau, to bo had In Cairo, ur 6 kopt
l v (;. I). Williamson. Ohio levee.
If tb court of common pleas is abolished iu
what will consbt tho dutle of city marihur'
A flue, large Now Koundland dog has
ftrayed i r baon toleu from the owner, who
advertlx sfora retiimof his eanlnoihlp, In our
''People's Column,"
An immense nd and white transparency
that is to proclaim the whereabouts of "Win
tor's Kuropeun Hotel" wasdrnyed to its posi
tion yeAterduy morning. An individual of
dim vision (but othorwUo respectable) read
tho inscription, "Winter s Ktiiiopiau Hotel.
With u t'oiiuiicnt whiub was t.Wumouitt to
' I II bi- duni I" he pasied on, Inflnituly
disgiulud that such u parade should be mudu
to cutfb tb.j ciutom of nogroos.
A df-W bun, I wearing a pair of eye vcy
. tklllfully ei in blaok putty, porambulatod
tho wrvcu tms murulng, jirouluiming hi
ability to vhik a very largo assortment of
white nun, and to literally chaw-up all tho
uegrutw that could bo brought within his arm'
U:gth. Ptwlbly Wis ble to aeoompliib nil
hb cluliis ability to do; but his a))gurauco
unrnUtakMlly Biigge,U that hu has found it
rulh' r'U 'h work fa-
Wo referred yesterday to a caso boforo
'squlrd Rross wherein a white man named
Ocorgo Schlammcr complained that n negro
woman named Jenny illioms had stolen
from his premises certnin articles of house
hold furniture. Schlammcr is a Fronchman
of ordlnnry Intelligence, nnd, but for a dirty
person, of rcsnectablo apnoaranco. Tlio
wench, Jenny Williams, is the quintessence
of tilth and ugliness. Sho is one-eyed, carries
lips as largo as a pair of boxing gloves, and a
variety of odors strong enough to float nn egg,
Hor old calico dress was in tatters, displaying
lmr only undcnraniicnt. which was a coarse
manllla cofl'eosack. Over her bend she wore
a section of a ragged bed-quilt, and on her
feet a pair of coarse, lop-sided brogans, nbout
tho sizu und not altogether unlike an inverted
coal scuttle.
With this loathsomo crcaturo Schlammcr
had bedded durinrr tho nast three years. He
promised to use her n his wife, and during
that lone period sho had cooked and washed
for him, receiving no compensation whatever,
rnwilling to g nnkod and hungry any long
er, although solaced by the embraces of a rod
ical Frenchman, Jenny concluded to break
tlio partnership nnd provido for herself. Tho
miserable lot of dilapidated furnituro was di
vidod, and becauso tho wench appropriated
more than her share, the shninolea white man
instituted suit against her for larceny. Tho
progro-s of tho suit developing a question ns
to which one of tho parties wn tho real owner
of tho truth, tho charuo of larceny fell to the
ground. Thereupon tlio degraded man insti
tuted n suit against his sooty paramour for
tho use of abusive language determined to
make one case "stick" if ho failed in a half
Wo didn't think it possiblo for any creature
wearing tho human form to excite in our
breot the feelings of digust and abhorrence
this Schlaniuier did. Faced by tlio revolting
crcaturo that had shared his bed for years
listening to the scornful laughter that greeted
his oft-told talo of nhame, ho changed not a
featuro nor moved muscle, seemingly bent
on tho slnglo purposoof entangling his negro
mltrej in the meshes of tho criminal law.
lloo't that bo K negro should greet his viion
at every turn ; negro should olleml his nos
trils; negro, horrid, frightful, furious nnd
fiendish, should fill his dreams nnd muddon
his thoughts as long as ho di'groeos tlio dirty
white skin that marks him as a son of Japliet.
A HtO.MIXK.XT KKATl'Iti: OK 01)15 IIPjl.MlSS.
Citizens who aro not frequently culled on
board our wharfboats bv builiio.i or inclina
tion, havo no just conception of tho amount
business transacted thereon. Wo have at
'airo, beside thoo belonging to railroad and
transit company, thrco largo wharfboats,
who-o utrcreuatustorHtru capacity will reach
five thousand tons, litis immense space is,
to n great extent, constantly occupied by
grain, produce, merchandise and furnituro
for reliipmcnt. Tho hvunsvlllo, asbvHo and
other packets, Including Cairo within tbu cir
cuit of tholr trips, ure constantly contributing
to this bulk, while tho larger boate, running
south, nro lessening it. Sucks of grain, bar
ruls of Hour ami pork form great hillocks at
one hour of tho day, and at another aro In the
bowels of some monster steamer dcstlnrd to
tho great i-outheru markets. It i hiizarding
little to say that mr. Chas. T. Hiude, of the
Cairo City and Atlantic and Mississippi
company's whurf-boats transacts a larger re
shipping business than any. other man or firm
on the western or southern waters. This and
more h has tho facilities and business ability
to perform, in manner entirely satisfactory
to all parties concerned.
On Poplar street, between Twelfth nnd
Thirteenth thero is a pile of frame rookorles
that form a nulaneo and disgrace to the
neighborhood. It Is thp common rendezvous
of black and wdito street.wolkors of the low
est degree, and Is frequented by the lowest
specimens of humanity that visit tho city.
No one can pun the streets thero utiles his
cars nro otl'onded by the coarsest expressions
of prJanity, or tho most hocking vulgarity,
from the lips of the habitues of tho ploce;
and tho difen-e and filth and loathsome or
glon that abound there, no decent man can
over know. Squiro Shannosy expresses a
determination to wipe out this foul spot, nnd
w ulnceroly hope, with tho decent residents
of tho nelghltorhood, that ho may do ho.
Certainly lm will bo seconded by all who
know anything about the depravity ho pro
oe to assail.
I'ublio sentiment lias settled in favor of a
eboi.-c of our eoiididutes for city olllces by
primary election, Owing to defect., which
our present experience enables us to supply,
a few were dissatisfied last year, but tho dls
satlsfaetlou was no greater than Invariably
attends conventions. Furthermore, the al
mot unanimous decision of tho democracy in
favor of primary uleetions stands good until
revoked by the same power. Under that de
clion ho election wllUbe held this. year.
.Sullleiently in ndvanco of tho day of tho
primary election, rigorous rule hhould bo set
tled upon for Its government rules that will
peremptorily exclude all Illegal votes, or tho
votes of every piiowho.is not li full sympathy
with the democratic party. Thero is-no rea
son wbv till' may not bo done. There is no
I reason, In truth, why primary elections may
not bo conducted with till tho fairness and
poxi'tefness that characterize elections provided
, for by law. When thoy aro so conducted
they unquestionably call out the sentiment
of tho majority, loaving room only for sore
heads and fVutlohlsts to grumble.
'H' . . i HI .i
Elliott & Haythorn continuo to lead tho
van of boot and shoo dealers. Tlio largo ad
dition to their stock of boots and shoos, em
bracing a splendid variety of ladies shoes, is
' wortliy of special attention. Thero is no
1 want in the hoot and shoo lino that they can
, not supply, nnd in the matlor of prices they
I defy MiiMwsful competition. People ns nnt
u rally go to their storo for boots and shoos as
Ihoy go to bed to court "nature's balmy re-
storer.1' jonlOdit
Tho hurgMiiis given by Goldtino & Itoseu
utur In unliutM, muslins, and all staple arti
cle In the dry k li limv is attracting tho
.'!! I i ,1' all rodent till VtTn. tf
Au accident of n somowhnt acrlc-us charnc
tor, yet not without its laughable, pccullnrl-
t ios. occurred last Thursday ovcnliiK at n
point nbout two miles nbovo tho corporntion
lino in tho direction of tho Cairo farm. A
young man whoso nnmo was given to us ns
Elisha Sellers was engaged in tho work of
hauling wood into town, and having, on thai
day, sold out his load, ho concluded to hid
dull caro becono by hoisting in several snif
ters of red-hot corn iuicc. When ho loft tlio
city, about sun-down ho was so decidedly fad
died that cravo doubts woro expressed con
cerning his ability to reach homo. Ho started,
however, nnd nt tho point wo liavO indicated
his feelings evidently overcome him. At nil
events mr, llartlino arriving tlioro with his
market wagon nbout 8 o'clock at night found
Sellers' team standing motionless in tlio mid
die of tliejrond. Unablo to rouso any driver
bv his calls, ho concluded to leod tho team
from tho rond nnd hitch it to n rond-sldo tree.
Proceeding to net upon this idea judgoof his
surprise when ho dirovered hellers lying on
tlio ground fast asleep, on a lino parallel with
tlio road, and tho hind wheel of his wagon
resting directly between his shoulders. Tho
drunken man had undoubtedly fallen forward
from his seat, giving the lines a jerk in his
fall, that stopped tho horsos, nnd falling
nsloep ns soon as he struck terra-firma. Mr.
11. relieved tlio young man of his "night
mare'', placed him on his wagon, nnd allowed
him to continue his nnp.
For tho most elegant, fnshtonuuio nna sea
sonable dross L'oods. embracing tho latest
styles, go to Ooldstino and Rosonwntcr's. tf.
Illcforn Kcfialro ShruinoKi-y.
'Squiro Shoimcssy sat in his magisterial
chair this mornintr for tho decision of two
cases onlv. Mincrvn Itocks, a black wench,
flung her bunch of fives into tho countennnco
of Murv Morrison. Fined nvo dollars nml
KHcn Morrissoy got drunk whoopplng
drunk. Sho wallowed in tho streets, hooroy-
ed, flombaiigednnd "sashayed" promiscuously.
Callihon carted her to tho calaboose, where
the shado being congenial to her soro eyes,
ho desires to stay. Sho was given n enrd of
admission for soven days.
It is n generally conceded fact that in tho
line of ladles' dress goods nnd tho various
grades of dry goods adapted to this market,
messrs. Ooldstino fcPosonwoter have display
ed great judgement nnd xasto In their pur
chases. Their storo Is full of nttrnetions, in
truth, and it is no secret that their prices nro
as low as Is consistent with the character of
the times and the quality of tho article. There
is no want iji tho dry goods, clothing, boot or
shoe, or notion lino thut their houiu cannot
supply, und the throng of customers that one
sees thero every day argues that thoy nro fur
nishing tho people great bargains In linst-clnss
good. It
i ,
Wo proposo to arm ourselves with u colum-
blad, a bucket of shrapnel, somo beer, n
double, buck-action, rotary vnlvo munuro
fork, a pocket full of hand-grenades, n jug of
nitro-glycerlne, somo moro beer, u braco of
1'ulxhon guns, two brick-bats, and, possibly,
somo moro beer. Thus equipped, we'll spend
a night In that "haunted house, on Second
street, immediately In tho rear of tho St.
Charles," or bravely perish in the attempt.
Wo want that perpetual motion rocking
chair for tho use of our cross babies. Tho
"rushing currents of wind" wo shall appro
prlate, that wo may, if necessary," compete
with Dan Munn in tho art of "blowing."
"Who'll 'gineT
Tho stock of winter clothing ot (Joldstino
and ltosonwater's Is not surpassed in point of
fuidiionoblc make, character of material and
low price, in the city.
Port I.Ul for I In- T rut y-four llntir Knil
liiKiUTno o'clock, V. .11.
(fin. AnilorMin Culain.i MiU're
v. r.iiiiii'uiii
I.iiUh I'linilcr. ritt-Miivi
T. 1 Hone r, "
i;,,i,t. I'aiion, "
I.,miimIU,, 'vvT Orlmn;
.Mflnolte, "
liU-KuH, "
Mliim-ola, Memphis
Coo, "
.1. W. (iurrt'tl, Whrclwg!
Om K, Ark. Ilucrj
;incti'1 KiaiiKvillc;
Atlantic.rn. J.mil.
in-uter, imuii;is;;
It'll. Aielersou, Oolnni.i Mlllirey, I'aJnculi;
.iiiiiiiihiii, uiiiuiiinaui
(,'tira S,
()in.'Ktfi, Krnnivillei
t'oo-ii, "
lAHII)tlllt', l.'lllilllt;
il i'gnu; tl I.onin;
lloim r. IliuMiiil'li
T. I), lltimer, X. O.i
J. W. (iarrt tl, "
Hulit. Knltiin, Mimihl;
Tyrone, Nmlivillei
IliUIti MouiiiliiH, ft. I.oui",
l.iltlo t'tindur, "
Tho weather continues cloudy and rathor
told. Mercury 10. Tho indications for a
snow storm woro very good this morning,
but wo may havo all sorts of weather. Our
umbrella is broken, and wo therefore confi
dently expect falling weather. Wo aro dili
gently endeavoring to raise money to buy a
new ono, however, ami If wo succeed wo
know wo shall havo a long "-pell" of dry
Mild and (lightly moist weather is provull
ing at St. Louis, and has roachod Pittsburg.
Tho .Mi.sissij.pl is still falling steadily at
St. Louis, and noriso is roported above.
No boats havo attempted to navigate tlio
.Missouri for several weeks, although it Is bo
lieved to bo open for a considerable distance.
Tho Mississippi is only open to Qulney, and
closed to Keokuk. Tim Illinois is open to
The Ohio Is sllll ri.sinVruphily ,ft j.oulsvillo
and Cincinnati, witli ten feet water ovor tho
fall-.. It is falling fust at Pittsburg, with ten
feet In the channel, buthu indications wero
favorable to moro rain and another rtso". Tho
Ohio yus falling as low. down us Poinoroy
yesterday, and will bo fulling' ut Cinclniiutl
Tho Cumberland is again fulling, with six
teen feet on Harpetli Shoals.
Hero tho river has fallen threo inches since
our last report. Tho Ohio is so much higher
than the MissUippijOmt u very swift current
running out of the former.
ituiiuess lias not been as nntlvo nsat lust re
port, but still tho receipts by rail and river
havo been very fair. Tlio Quickstep brought
13H hks corn, 238 bbls flour, '.'0 bbls potatoes
arid a lot of sundries for our Cairo merchants,
and 01 c sks corn, loo bbls potatoes nnd Hour,
80 bbls whisky, 60 bbls hominy nnd sundries.
100 pkgs furnituro nnd lco pkgs castings nnd
other freight lorrcsnipmont south.
Tho Atlantic's barges nro receiving largely
of Hour and grain nt tho Upper warehouses
near tlio docks.
Tho lluth has been detained by low water.
but will bo hero this ovonlng. Sho will re
ceive several hundred tons at this point.
The Hello Memphis, which hns been laid tip
hero for somo wcoks, departed for St. Louis
Inst night, after receiving hero 15,000 feet of
walnut lumber, 4,280 cedar prdes, 100 bbls.
flour, 120 bars nnd bundles iron, and n lot of
sundries for St. Louis, and several tons of
way freight,
A very largo quantity of southern freight
is on hand nwaitlng tho arrival of steamers
nblo to carry it.
liioablo and generally well informed river
editor of tho Cincinnati 'Commercial' pre
diets such a general revival of business in tho
coming spring monflis as to cause steamboat
stock to become much more valuable than at
p recent.
Tho St. Louis paiiors of vesterdav glvo tho
particulars of tho recent arrangements for
extending tho St. Louis and .Memphis lino of
paekolH to vlcksburg. Tho steamers Julia
and Luminary of tho old Vicksburg lino have
been bought out at a reported price of from
$.'13,000 to $10,000, nnd tho Hublcon will prob
ably ho nllowcd n plnco in the now line. This
prevents nny of tho old lino from being c.'in.
polled to run in opposition, except thoShrcvc,
which will probably not try it, but peaceably
return to liar first love tho Mi-ourI river. '
Tlio general management of the Vicksburg
lino will bo that of the present Memrhis
line, as tho intention is to keep enough boats
running from St. Louis to tho latter port" to
niako a dally line, with tho addition of the
icksburg boats.
Captain Ucasly, of tho lino steamer Will S.
Hays, Is In town, having left his bout at
Memphis nnd como through bv rail. His
boat will bo bore, bound for St. Louis, carlv
to-morrow morning.
1 ho high headed Cumberland, captain Hon
Howard, Is tho moil nml passenger packet for
Evansvillc and way points this evening.
Alio 11. ti. Tumor, csptaln Yoro, is tho reir-
nlor pnekot for Memphis this evening.
'Alio Ituth, captain II. It. Fe'Tnm, hnvintr
been detained ;y low water, is advertised for
cwOrlean' to-night or cnrlv to-morrow
Tlio Columbus and Puducah pockets leave
punctually oil arrival of tho evening train
jrjion MKMPIIIS.
Htenmprll. 8. TI'ILNnil. rntc. miner
-Will lrnvo Cuirr, THIS W KVIXli. Jun.
It. at lio rlm k. CIIAH. T. HINDU, Aitcnt
learner I.AlJV i.r, llnrke. m.vtvr.
ill Iraro Ciilro THIS nVK.M.Vri. Jun.
It), m o n clock. WAS. T HINDI:. Aitent.
k Mcaincr TIIUMIVUMIKAN, Ptppr,
ma.tor, will
I(fii Cairo THIS P.V
nt n o'clork.
t.HA" T HINIiK. lvhI.
Want, For Salt, Fur Jtcnt, I.oat, Fviinif, and
Personal, pnbllaheil in thin column for tight
cents a tme,or one imertion.
LOST On ThurJoy i-vcnini-, a UrRo .S't wfoun'l
lanJ ikn. Hx. to Hhite (rvi; nunf, "Koyit.'
Any ono will riffire 81 tewhrf l.y It-utiiis loin with
Capl. Illnilc. nt Oik (!nlrn Citr Wliarfq.ut. lnnlC-tf
ArA.Ti-:ii-:oiMv t)KiKiw.
Al'l'lv I.,
Y jiaiotllt JM. W. TltoVKllA CO.
-Alexan'I'-r Cuui.ir OH ri-, at Mi , u.
on tliei,,I!:ir. fur nil knnl
in l i.um'M-r un-l
II hi.
Her'' .tlalrnali,
1 ilnlliir. for nil kin U of I.iiinlMir mi l lln.l l.-r'
.iiaifrmiHui-inr.iny. w. w.tiijkmj.,
I7IOII UK.T An olilcu bii-i lit-mi i.t t 11" o
OliloLfUC. Al'J'lyto H WIIXJ.N -O.S
I' jMUi sAi.i: oil HTj.r.-c.ir.Mii ui tt my
Iiomo owt r t-nnnif. I, mo Maftinir, ( -r uUr -uv,
anil oltit-r rnai Ii.i.f ry, r.tl in en,. J oflt-r Al , i-t.-rt-litiuit',
IV liy fiofct-t, uitli six rutxtu ouri-Uiic. AIo,
ilwolliliKniOrooiiit. All r-r halt- ,l . tmly tr m it
ruifly; iion-ri,itilcii'-e t ( ouner t.'io it.uun. titiuit l
cornt-r Comtnfreial ovt-nne anl UHli Mrrt. Alrly lo
Innlltlst JOHN W TIIIlVKIt A (1)
FOR SALE. " " "
f.lOH SAI.K Ktiiiri-tiHN Willi iiii i-iilnvi. Al"
J.1 fly to J. 11. (ireeniliM, orut Dr. Kit Pi's olhVr.
rMtll hAI.K.-lH.OKhu-rt xuf luii'l in Akxaii'l. r itii.l
' Piila.kiroiintic.-i, In tracts ! s'nt 'np lwi. m
r'ilinomnof thonnet f.irmllig lititl tlinlrf-M! Iiwl
In the state, Korlist apply to
nnl,llw.u2t No. 71 ()1im I'itc.
1VII. II. AVAllU.MZK-Itcsiili'ncx,
.No. f Vi.I.
X nut siri'ft.iicur r.willi trcti.
m ,.t .
Dllicii. oiitt'B liour. 1U to 1'ia.in. uii'l 'J t'iSp.iii., i-wi-ll
mipplioU with fresh, htulthy taccu.i- iiuttt r.
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3VT 33 H O II jCL. 3T 1 ,
Ao. 70 Ohio Levee, ('ali o, III.
tipuuiul ultriitiun Klvrului-oiiaixiiiiieiitH nml tilling
ortlt-rs. il,-. nl'tMit
0vixof Illinois.
W. I. IlAIililllAY. I'rrslilciili
A. II. SAKFOHl), C'ukIiIii i
AVAI.TKK IIVSLOP, AiUtltnt Culil. I.
Hint tori,.
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i:.cliiiiif,'p, (,'olu, uml Unlti'd Slates
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D(johUh Ileccheil, and a, (Itmrul
llYihincits Cundnctul.
ri.VI.H -Usui
J Cairo Jlullt.lui.
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ThroitK HUN of I.nilhiK lvin to
Avaliamu l-ouiiw nyllitll - AVnter.
KU-si'ixiAi. A'rrn.NTioN to rnnwAitDi.No.
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Cuinprisilig Ml thu flni-t mi l Urgent loatr out of 8t
Oan of tlio rImho liiic.iif tU'Uinirft Will Kuvo Cn.r.
r Si Orlpnnn fwrv ollmr tlnv. cnntiei'tuiu at New
Oiloa.n with Uccan I.iui- if Slvainf ri to
,lt ( rjiool, Xt ii York, Ilittton, ami (.'ulvt -
I nn, i cini,
raift-nitoM nnl f-hlppfru ona n-ly on "ii" J lUw
IkhiIh iviiiii Cm to iiiKlually iu uloif. Willow
imrtioular ntti iitiou lo nil wuy fmikrlitK U-low Mi-tnpliN
to Nuw Utlianit. CHAs. T. III.NDI
(iriii'riu AKt'iit, cniro.
OlfH't'. mi Vs"lmrfl'Hl, 1'iiHio I-'iinlniK.
KD. K.filS'iON, l'.i-vncrnml Tlcki't AK'iit.
Olllfii', at CI. Cli-rlf. JIuIM.
tfTv LINK or
5mj S T i: A M K It S.
Thn follow inn Hoalu rnniti tlno Line nml will l
run .n the fallowing iirilrr;
l. K. FOIISYTIU Zl'.Ifil.ni!, litcr,
.tIAItlll.K CITV i.NWAr, Ma.trr.
hi:i.m: .mk.miuiin cium:, Mstrr,
I'rcniptntlrnlion will l. hiI to all bHin-i in
trilKtnl to the ruri uf ttirio
I ri iulit ami Tn ki-t tlltloo itirmiiuuiy whuf-Ut, In
front uf City National Ikink.
CIIA9. T. HIMi:, (irlifrnl AkI1
I. SilHSOX, Tnkrtaiitl lluntfUX'T AK"tt.
JOHN II. DAVIS, Hii'l, MttnphiK, Trnutw.
. 4?2!!7'- Tlio plpiuliil idi'-wlipol
r.vssi:.(;i:u stkamkks
I.I1IKUTV No. 14,
I.".ivh Mrmiih-j. i wry TI'OKAV, TlllICHIAV an
SATI'ItDAV, at 4 n m., for Vihltn Itlvir, rotinfotlm at
1)iiva lllint with the Mciiiiilim ami I.iltlf Itt. k IUU
rtwl fur I.ittlo Hm k ami Hut l-pniM. Timo (tout
Mi'tiiplii" to I.iltlf IEihU, in holir.
KrviiihU ami l'aiMiKn tiii'iptt"! ort-r thn nlir
I.inu at luwvr ratt' than any nthrr rontp.
CHA-1. T. HlSHK. AK-ut. Cairo. 111.
MSkuoii U'tiirf-Irt.
3P-i.OIS133T 003Vr3PL.Irsr
tf&LZt. Tlio M.U:ndl,l
v-ir&cr Vixvuiivr Mcanicrx
.1 1 ' I, I A .... I .' m K W X ' I , M -1,
I. I'.MINAUY M M'Ki:i(. Muter.
II. .M.MIHKVH .C.I1TKI1, Mal.-r.
Viva Cniro isonu llpHrtan try hllNDAV lUhl
Tl lPAV. an ion tl-wn trip crv THLlInDAV an I
hU.NtlAV, inaktnj(i l"c roniiwn.nii with
VIckaliurK uml .llt-i'lillnu ItullniuU,
St-linu nml .Mci lillitii Uullriintl
Nrw OrlrnUa, Jnrkxin nml (.rent Nurlltcri
Iluili outl.
Through r.t't'ii,! itt-n to any nii'I nil tinli on II.
MM rou'lf, with IVkcU fnr Vam Iliiir.
r-jitjlul utlnntitiii ki It'll to ult May bualiiHM l-tnw,
(Mm au'l Vtklturt(.
CHAS. T. IIIMiK. fitwrnl Aut-nt.
UMk'o uii Whurf-UMt
tfS ConUtlriK of tlm following
igiSSili'iiillil I'lisowitriT Sti'ninprn :
blVH'CHKT M.i.tr , l OWMIIt.. Ork
l.i ait-n Uuro hiinJi.y uml Tlnirkiluy at A p.m.
IiKXTCIt Mifltr . liltAMMKII (Vtv
l.-at Cairo Tui tlny uul i'li'lay M & ji.ln.
IIOWAItU .M.ud r U KIlillT :ip.
I.i i' Cniro Wttiiowlay nml hulnnl.iy at A p.m.
Mukini,' nil liitiirmiNlihUi laiittintr, ami inyliiu uir
tlmihir attention to l'i t--t Ki.-Wihi.
CIIAS. T iMMlIC, lit iifial AKfiil,
(IIBiit) on WlutrM'tui-
1jC. O X-Z H: "X" 003VX3r-ta.33"V
. JhVTV CniiiiuwtMl iiftliu riillowinf;
HJMS Miwltr i haiih;i: Cloi.
I.eitH-d Ciilioovcryriun'luy at S p.iii.
iiTltON'! Mailt r Kit AN ;ur
I.i'iiu t.'iiii" mory Titi'Mlny at p.m.
I.viuort Cairo every I rnlny at ft ii.ni,
eefipoplnl nttralion gnon In wuy Ixisiaow Iwitwu'n
Cairo uml Kuthvillr. i
C1IAS.T HIM i:. (icneial Acont,
Jpo31 'CStltf
Ollicu oil Wluilbcwt.

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