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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, January 23, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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aerie MLtAXf ATOM.
Tho collector's ofllco will bo closed to-mor
row (Thuwdav)' morning 'until Ffibrtiaty M.
Thoso. having business with tho sheriff will
Jilcii'0 Will on wenara x uzgorniu, who rcprc-
i . wi-l V 1.1 I.-
sent mo in.lho sheriff's office.
jan2CMlDt L. II. MYKRS, Sheriff.
, Tho class in iymnusties will bo formed in
Philharmonic llnll, 72 Ohio levee, Instead of
Elliott's hnll, as advertUcd. The former hull
i found to bo" much better adniited for tho ex
ercises. Tho class, will bo organized Monday
Terms, $5, for a course of twenty lessons.,
jtin23d3t E. P. BfiiiiNOHAM.
Kllttl HKKIi FIllKtt J
AVoterl water 11 water 1 1 1 Great induce
ments! Uariiitiiisl bargains I Tho .stock of
clothing, furnishing goods', bo6t," shoes, &c,
&c, which wps snved by Stcrnheimcr& Jlar.x
from tlio luto uio)( will bo sold at 50. percent.
less tnnn cost, ni meir now piaco oi ousincss,
2o. 8 i Ohio levee. Call eooii and securo bar
gains, tho goods wil bo sold at n groat sac
rifice, by order of the underwriters.
Tho St. Charles, Friday 'January 22.
It 11 I.nnc, .Madrid llcnd: .1 Harris, Madrid llcnd;
TI.Htle.Jr, SI Louis; M Henderson, Mo.I
V It Chapman. Centralis: J M MoVadden. Ky.2
H Adtitmlorfcr. Cincinnati; K Corylll, Chicago;
H fl Kane, Illinois; H It llrowni DoiMnlno;
J W Florence, Ht. Iouln;
T O Hiilloc);. Chicago:
(ten lounp, ijiirirtiH;
OKOdell, MnniiJ Cilys
.1 Mlliilcy, Illinois;
II A titcnord.Ccntr.iUn;
.iSMcele, liidlauu;
It I'. Tllm.lv. SI. Ij.uU:
Hit Weston. Illinois;
T D I'rnlt, N.
.? A (illiln, Ccntralln;
A Hurrah, Indiana, ,
W II llnund, Memphis;
J K V,rl)lri( Tenn.i
J r Harper, I'.t v n
H-A Uordtm A wife, Chira.; (I F Sargent, N. r.
TJie fomolo who proprietory! tJiOjhurbor
fordemirepi, near thu corner of Tenth nnd
Commercial, was urged to chango her quar
ters by. tho owner of the property, nnd com
plying moved further down the samo street
rjhe had scarcely settled Jiorwdf in her :ntiW
fmarter when tlio landlord, being apprized of
iiie cliaracter of his tenant, suirirestcd to her
tho propriety of moving again. Yioldlng to
r""" mn;ii niu nuiurojin iiecp.'Hy,'
8ho set out again nnd
iouiuii suoiter lurtiicr
down town, it is thought that her present
landlord Is in ignorance of hur cliaracter, and
will, when informed thereof, start tho migra
tory feinttlo on another move; convincing her
of tho truth of tho ssylng that "th6ro Is' no
rest Hir tho wicked."
; ,
Van U. Hall hm Joined the Methodist
diurcb, on jirobation.
"Old Han" Leo, sovonty-eigbt, .years old,
nnd thirty years u resident of Cairo was re
ceived into the-M. K. rhureh"latoly, having
never before attached herself to any church.
Wc- hear of a big hog nt Villa llidgo that
wcigliH r.70 pounds. Leaving Hen. Hutler
out of the question, whero Is a bigger ono?
Chits. Unmet, the representative in tho
houso from Sliawnwtown, mTfdTTrsh"oe"cV in
opposition to Fuller's raHroud. bU);niiiVedne
day last that was rcplvtu with sound scimo
nnd loi?iort Jjhall w o bear from ('niy ? 1 '
Silvurburg tho Cairo book binder is build
ing Up a jji..m1 trade. ,
Tlftirrt 1 n Lruom raetnrv In Cau'.i, Jjirning
otnargoqimntitlos of the very bot kind of
(Joldstino & ito.-eiiwntor jjlvo Tiargains in
carieoes, mitlin, and nil tlmstaplo drygoodi,
that havi' secured for their establishment tlio'
t.niiiB of the heap sturv. jan'i'.'-.'tt
Tlio city market is no longer crowded with
cltijiens tliat woro wont to throng its uMes
and platrorms. Tho lieening of butclier's
thos in different part of tiieoty ha;grout
ly le'seiiwl its patronage.
A ncgro.boy Ml, from th)higli sidewalk
on Comiiuiroial Avenue near 30th dtroot yes
terdaji nnd frarttired Ills arm. 'Hp was trying
U walk the railings
Tho tlnoU (Ihh that evur tiuklo.1 tlio jmlsto
Ti.ii upicuru aro nowM-liied. oiuthoj Hiv
in Kfiitue-ky. T!'Vy aro prinolpnlly bn-ls'ond
KViiW-ryv the nifMt jialatablo "llsh that
Vrk on tho Cairn & A'inevmios railroad
is jirogru.iiig most favorably. AnV number'
of teams and laborer. .an till lind nipjoy
mont thereon, however. ' 1 ' ' j
A Ccntrallan named Uaugh, was swindle!,
to uul, Outof ?l,000 by the patentee of a sjdii
n'nj;. idling, doubling and twi.tlng "inuy.
He arreted Id man and thiie;iu I now pend
ing, O'MoIvi'ny, of tills bity, being re
tained for tho defense.
Joe. Cormiek it vice president of tho V. S.
lUllroiid Conductor Insuraneo Compuny.
The company ha already p.ild for several
dead rmiduutiirs. Joe continues to speak tt
his acquaintuuevs, at iimiuI.
Why don't somebody bring a velocipede to
Cairo? A vulocipudo livery uttiblo would pay
For tho mint elegant, fWiionablu and sen
(ioimbh! dress gomls, umbraeiug tho latest
ftyles, go to Goldstine and ltosonwatcr's. tf.
Mr. E. P. Iturlinglmm bns secured thu
Phllliarinunlc hall for tho umi of ' his class In
light gymnastics.
Wo wish It understood that nothing in
praisoor cxtollntlun of tho morlU of any can
didato for otHro under the city govorumojit,'
fchall appear Incur columns unless It is paid
forrtourregulnr rates. This npjilios, of
course, fo candidates before nomination.
After tho democratic ticket Is put In tho tlold
wc inteno to lend It an earnest support.
Yo are glad to ob.ervo that a number of
our n(Srman citizens havo oiganiaeJ thom
fiolvc: far tho formation of fX pjnimn Irass
band. (Jorman bands aro uiilforniTy tbo host
and muii Iiiiiij-, uiid counting ovbr th6 mat
torial wo liAva In Cairo wu hall bo muclj.
Hiirpriseu it tlio now nun U uooa not attain-n
point of proficiency that will make it an hii
btitutlon that will reflect credit on tho city,
Our price for announcing candidates ,for
cltyofIW.1, y oo, ucopt for aldermen fbr
whleli wo charge 2 60. ,
In this, connection it may not be ut of
jdacotp add that anuouucenlcnta ifaust bo ac
companied by tho cab. i 1 !j
Tho bargulijs given by Goidsthio' & !Roien
water in Calicos, muslins, and nil fitaplo?rirtl
clcs in tlio dry goods line, is nttraoting' tho
attention f 11 prudent buyer, tf
Tlio dovollon of Jho fUqrald' to tho inter
ests nnd enterprises of Poducnh is worthy of
m,.llicili j;jcn
proinsej ,iMl
nil prnlse. mo ocvoicu ocnnaer, agent oi,tno
wns i
s not noro inspired by
oy ttio
promised destiny oi jus great metropolis
1 .
than is tho editor of tho 'Uornld' by tho fu
turoho conjures up for th realization of Tn
ducah. That city is small now, "not quite,
tho 'Herald1 says, "as largo ns Now lork,
but, small as it I( tho sun shoots out no moro
rays of light than that ambitious town docs
lines of railway on pnper. "Wo append
list, with tho, explanatory remark that th
roads aro not built, nor chnrtorcd, nor serious
ly contemplated, but what diU'oronco docs
that make to n city "fifty miles nbovo tho
mouth of the Ohio, and the Ico-i'orco.t" that
stand an insurmountable) barrier bctweon it
and tho deep, unobstructed wntors that flow
from Cairo to thoGulfpf-MexIco? Thiscon
ditlon suggests tliQ necessity of tho following
rpads, nt, least, which aro only r. few of tho
number that aro to make Paducah tho greaU
est railroad center in Asia, Africa, Europe, or
America: Tho Now Orleans & Ohio: tho
Memphis & Padunali ; tho KHzsbcthtown &
Paducah ; tho Paducah & Vlnccnnes : Padu
cah & DuQuuln; Illinois Central; Mobile &
Ohio: Paducah & Cairo: Evonsville, Hen
derson & Padiicuh; Paducah & Metropolis
ht. Louis & Paducah ; Paducah & ban Diego
If tbeso roudi aro not built tho world will
remain irills present stula of Isolation, cut off
from Fadtfeah, and from "that point on tho
Ohio river, too, whero n bridgo can bo easiest
built across tho river ' to no plnco on tho low
batiks opposite If tho "world doesn't kick
hard against any such a consummation, we'Jl
seeto it that silo Is annexed to tho island of
ht. Ihomus, and them shaken by earthquakes
Until sliu eoinpnH to rtny tributo to tho cilv
that humiliates itsoll by tho eonfefslon that
it is ' "not qultu as largu us Now York nnd
only threo times lanior thrtn Cairo.'1
V young man, saund in mind nnd body,
called nt a fourth ward family yesterday uf-
lornoon, nt nnhour whejijio, correctly conjoc-
iiirciixiiat tug inuio fciuo oi 1110 nouso would no
ubounton biisluitfu. una asked for somcthlnir
to cat, Tho nero servant supplied him with
ii luncheon of cold meat und bread ; but this
didn't satisfy tho young gentloman, who, al
though' a leggar, assumed tho rolo of chooser ;
"I want n hot dinner, mid am irolnc to lmvo
It,'' was Jiis Impudent rosponso to tho servant's
remark that tho meat nnd bread woro the ex
tent of her available cntnblej. itYoa urn
afraid of mo, you black thief," ho continued,'
"and if you don't get me n warm meal I'll
put daylight through you in a half second."
Throwing Ills luncheon nt tho hcud of tho ser
vant, ho essayod an entrance of tlio door, but
dj'dn't pass.it, and for a very good reason.
The servant seized an uxo that wns near nt
hand, and dashed after thu saucy beggar in n
style thut ndmblihhcd him of thu necessity of
getting out of that with all tho speed possible.
Ho heeded tho admonition, nnd took to Ids
heels, tho negro clo'cly following, and passed
tho gato tho moment thu uplifted n.to camo
down with a crash upon tho top of it. It is
conjectured that the young man has mndo nil
tlio out) fr liot oicuh lie UlUinli to limbo at
that particular residence.
II.tKf'I.K Hilt A I'O.VV.
Tho chunces being nearly nil taken isptlio
ralllo for n licatitlful grny jiony, (readily
inaniigeil by cjlhur Indies or children) the
ownership will bo decided this evening nt
Walker it Sl.-on'a billiard saloon. All per
win hnvlng chnnccs are urged to bo present
und take part In tlio ruille, which will taku
jilaco tit 0 o'clock. Don't fall to como out.
Mr. A. N. Coyno lms tikcn clinrgu of tho
bull alloy und Miloon on the comer of Poplar
and Division HtrcoU.uud given it n thorough
overhauling. Helms put down n now lloor
on the iillevj repnia-d, rppnlntcu nnd refitted
the saloon, stockod It with tbo purct liquors,
wIiich nnd ales nnd cigars to be hud in tho
market. The ctdnbllshntuut will bo thrown
open to thu public to-morrow, when Coyne
will be pleased to greet his friends, (insuring
tliein in ndvnncc of good treatment nnd good
'. During the day u match guiuo of ball will
'conio oil' between tlio most expert players
lu the city. Everybody is invited to como
uml witness it without money und without
W" listened with pleasure, lut night, to
the rovorlierating putls of a passing steam
boat, am! woro curried buck by thum to tho
time when tbo old Hannibal, Victress and
Ivanhoo woke tlio echous among the hills that
line thu river, and told fit tlictr coming, hours
before thoy became visible, or "turned around
tho bend." AVo lovo a loud-jmlllng steam
boat a well for the memorios us tbo echoes It
always awakens.
Thu alleged forger, taken in charge Jiero
on n dispatch from Columbus yesterday,
was turned loose. The pnrtics who tele
graphed for Ids arrest inadu no effort to In
vest themselves with n light to tlio possess
ion of his body, woro very knowing and
overbearing, nnd their iinartucM eost them
I tlio loss oi their gtune, ns It ought to have
Albright, who uunouncca himself as a can
dlduto for city uttoruey, accompanied Ids an
nouncement withu dew,' glittering, gladden-lj
Ing reminder gt, democratic days, In tho
shape of a five dollar gold piece.
Hylund for treasurer, McCarthy for mar
ahal, and Fngih fbr1'cUjr clerk, announco
themselves in another ,iColumui They
walked up to tho "captain's olllco'' with their
.Lincoln skins.
, Tlio ca)lcoball, given, by .Jho Nonparoll'BO'
clety ut tho 8t. Qhurles,:Jast1 might, was n
success oyer yvldch the BQqlety may justly
felcltiite Itself. Thero were over ulxty
couple present, and nil entered Into tho fes
tivities with a spirit that gave zest to ovory
fcaturo of tho occasion. Tho mouagemeut,
lunch and musio wcro everything thut could
bo desired ; and when, nt an early hour this
morning, tho participants teperated, every
one felt that ho or she had passed a season
of i are enjoyment, und ono thut memory
wouul cherish ns a glad spot und a joy
perversely Dlfnu to tho many and superior ad-i
vantages presented by Cairo.,. Thoro is no
point in mo unitca states wnero tno manu
facturo of furnlturocan bo prosecuted so'pro
fltably and advantageously as in tho city of
Cairo, yet thore is not a.slngle establishment
In tho city or within ono hundred miles of
it, exclusively devoted to tho manufacture of
that article
AVo spak 'within bounds when wo say thai
$2,000,000 worth of common furnituro i
annually shipped south via tho Ohio and Mis
sissippl rivers." Thero ihunot reason" .why
every dollar's worth of this might not bo
manufactured at Cairo. AVo have, within
sight of tho.city, groy.es of walnuti gum nnd
poplar timber sufficient to supply tlio demand,
in that line, for half a contury. Coal can bo
brought to.our,doors at a small per .ccnU.abovo
tho cdst 'of mining, and wo aro at the bead of
uninterrupted water communication with
tho great markets of tho south. This condi
tion; of-Hsclf,- gives uf Ttiarkcd"'a,dvahtagcs
over Cincinnati, Louis villo und Evans villo;
but this Is not all. AVe havo an odvnntngo
in tho rato of freight sufficient iri Itsolf to
constitute a paying profit. Tho bulky char
acter of furnituro renders it an undeslrablo
freight Tor thomall steamers, that ordinarily
nnvlgato tho'Ohio, and tho consequence is it
is taxed with a freight equal to ten per cent
of its original cost, to bring it out to Cairo.
Electing Hero tlio broad guarus and spacious
boiler decks of our Mississippi loviatliuns, it
is rehipned nnd carried forward at a comr
paratlvoly trifling cost. Tho freight to Cairo,
saved by tho Culro manufacturer, would ena
blo him to undersell markets further up tho
river, and still' havo u "considerable margin
left for profits. Put it would bo enough for
southern buyers to know that wo possess tho
ability. to supply their-demnuds o"t Cincinnati
prices with tho freight hither lidded. Tho
vxpenso of travel and the titno saved, would
bo considerations that would concentrate their
uttronago on Cairo.
How much longer will men of capital re
main blind to tho extraordinary chances to
innko fortunes bv the manufacture of furnl-
ttrc, presented, oven pressed upon their at
tention, by Cairo, Illinois?
.1.: 1
Tho stock of beautiful dress goods, embrac
ing poplins, reps, merinos, etc., at Gqldstino
&dtoicn water's aro very cheap,' fashlbrSnblo
nnd desirable. No storo in tho city presents
a better selection in this line. Ian22-:it
A pnmphlct entitled "Technical Memory,"
by Mr. G. G. Mayo, has just been issued
from tho press of tho 'Hullctin' olllco,
Mr. Muvo Informsiui.that tho treachery of
his own mcinorj' suggested tho necessity of
an artificial mctlioTl, and tcing incited to re-
carch thereby, ho received most vnluublo aid
from a classical work of English origin,
earing date 172 J, tho author of which claimed
to hhvn'recelvpd bis first' Im'presvlons from
another work, published in thu year 1CC3.
Partly perfecting his system, and satisfied of
its priceless value as n strongthener of mem
ory, Mr. Mayo imparted n knowledgo of it to
classes in different parts of Ohio, us far back
as thirteen years ago.
That which wn reduced to. a system then
Is ns perfectly In tho memory now us at tho
tlmo of Its committal. JJy employing this
method tho weakest and most fickle memories
can remember that which tho strongest can
not retain without it. Tho tldollty of Mr.
M's memory, In thin system, lias been fully
tested by leading citizens, and so surprising
woro tho results of tho test that our Academy
of Science, becoming interested, propose, wo
understand, tocr.'.l tlfo gentleman out.
Tho pamphlet, to which wo have alluded,
contains mention of ono' thousand dates nnd
events, nnd considerable miscellaneous mutteV
of interest to every one. All this, however,
Is only an atom of tlio treasure that. .Mr. M.
claims to havo stored iwSy,Jtl"rougb lils meth
od, for his own use- Tho curious and in
this behalf their namo should bo legion
should call upon Mr.;Muyo.,
rocKirr hook -ou!m ami hintoiikh.
Mr. II. Mm Palm, of Cincinnati, and n
guest of "mino host" of tho St. Charles Hotel,
loit his pockot book yesterday rooming, and
bad abandoned all hope of tlnding it when
Pat Connor, an attache- of tho house, entored
his uppcaruncu and handed nir. Palm his
pocket book. Pat had found it In tho billiard
room, und on the moment of uscertaining to
whom it belonged, restored it. Mr. P. re
warded Put s honesty by handing him $50.
Pat considering tho rowurdoutof proportion
with tho service, handed $20 back, remarking
that iUO paid him extravagantly. Good for
There wns not n slnglfa case before tho pol
ice courts this mornlug. Tho growing mo
rnlity of our city is wonderful.
Port Mil for (hr Twenty-four Hours Eud
lK at Two o'clock, V, 91.
Gta. Ai)dron. Colum.j Win. Whllo, Piduesli;
IarliiiK,Me)ni'liU: Mllorey,
Commonwealth, .N. o. HuMon. 6i. Loulai
Irgiurn, quickstep. Kvuniille;
,Jt',r',Am . -,!' "x J- "l'. Cincinnati!
l'fytona, LoulaiilU-j Irena, Ht. Loula.
Orn. Andpron,iklmn.f.-vvmi WJilt; Piducali:
Utlli-kuK-p, Kvainoillp;
Ham J, Huln, Mempliii;
Virginia, IouUvillt-
(IrcH-tlx-ck, New Orlrann:
I'eytona, New Orlians;
(V)mmouwealtli, Ht,
Utnry Ames, '
iMrllng, Ciuulnnatl;
I.orena, Pittsburg;
Tyrone, NiistiTllle.
Tho weather continue clear, and beautiful.
to tho astonishment and Wight ofovory ono.
Tho temporaturo Is almost warm enough to
cause tho buds of fruit troos to oxpand, but
wo hope It wilUtopshorjyifatipoint ome
persons 1'olievo thnTthobuds will not swell
until tho tomporaturo, eaehes p degvec8.
AVo havo no means of knowing" whethor this
h truo or not, but hope it Is.
Tho mild woathor'itlh" continues north of
Cairo, but it is quito cold nr.qund tho head
watorsof tho Ohio, ' Th'o Allogtiay is full of
floating ico at Oil City, whilo it is only warm
enough ut Pittsburg to thaw slightly during
the duy, and freezes hard every night.
Tho Mississippi h gtill vlbrrtlng nt St.
Louis yesterday it was rising, to-day it is
"Tho OHioTs fall Ing from OSlro'Co'PUlsYursK-
Thcre ls nlno feet iwatof. repoTttjd "oVer thri
( jnlls, andsli'feot scant ittsliuVg.'. " i
ho Cumberland is tailing, ftjf jvlth only'
A rlso Is predicted! frosa-jtho Tenncssco
river on account of tho snow along its head
Hero tho river has fallen flvo Inches glnco
our last rcportrrind will probably go down
rapidly for somo tlmo, ns no rlso is reportid
coming from any quarter. Tho present flno
wenthor cannot Inst very long, nnd nt tho end
of it wo will ngain-fliid rising rivers.
Uusincss continues tair. Alio wmmon
wealth discharged hero 70 hhds sdgiir, 187
bbls molasses, 3-15 sks Osago orango ,sced, 38
sks coffco, nnd lObbls rice, for reshipment
north tier rail; 47 hhds sugar, 30 bbls'molas-
scs, and several lots sundries, for roshjpmcnt
to Cumberland river, xno liuieKstop tirougiit
1.10 nk-f furniture. 3'JO bbls nnd sks, potatoes.
40 bbls HfiuorsTSbbls flouri 20 tuns sundries,
for reshipment south, and tho following Cairo
freight: Thomas & Green, 17 pkgsj1 P. S.
Harroll, 37 pkgs furniture.; JCundlff& Pro.,
5 pkgs.; Peter Cuhl 35 bblir meal, 13 bags
shipstuff; C. AV. Green, 19 bundles socks,
The Nushvillo brought 64 sacks nuts, 282
bars. 69 bundle- iron : C bdls paper for re
shipment to St. Louis, 2 hhds tobacco-, 26 pkgs
eggs nnd butter for reshipment to now ur
leans. v -
Tho Sam J. Hale brought the following for
Culro t C. Pucchter 200 sacks malt; AY. II.
Schuttcr 12 bbls whhkoy; C. Schults"2B pkgs
mdso: D. Avilllainson 31-boxes mase; 11
kits mackerel ; Strutton, Hudson & Clark 20
kegs pigs feet, II) "boxes mdsp; Halllduy Pro's
:i3 bundjes gunnies. -Tho!rroesbeckrecelved
hero 77 cpops tur
keys and geese, CO Coops chickens nnd sevenil
tuns assorted freights
Tho Henry Ames.dischargcp several tuns of
groceries lor rcsiiipmciii norm .-i i m
Tho favorlto and comfortablo stcaincr, Ucn
Hownrd,"tnaster, Is tho regular mall and, pas
senger Vpacket for Lvansvijlo nnd m way
points on tho Ohjo rver this ovenlng.
Tho ym. AVhltc, Capluln forthern,clerk
Jas. Uoverly, is now running regularly be
tween this cltv und Pudticuh, leaving Cairo
overv evening nt 6 o'clock, and Paducah every
morning at 8 o'clock, with the exception of
Sunday. The A Into hus recelvei a new out
fit of furniture, ivc, In her aibin, nnd ' '
plcndid order throughout.'-'-AVo hop sho
will be llbernlly pntronlzeu.
Cnpt. J. H. Arohur will bo'diero to-lnorrow
ovenlng in command of tho City of Alton,
bound for A'icksburg. Tho great popularity
of Cnpt. Archer will cnsurqiticcoss to the
Alton In her now trade.
Capt. Tom Harmon, of the steamer Tyrone,
armed himself yestordny beforo lcuvlngCn!ro
with seven revolver.', three cavalry 'sabres,
and a huge columtdad, luteiiding to 'J for"
fOino river oditor oT Pndiicah who had Started
tho base slander captain Tom was about
to milt tho river and!go Into the Insurance
business. There is nothing better calculated
to get captain Tom s "mad" to boiling heat
than an insinuation that hu could possibly
turn his ack upon his old and llrtt lovo tbo
river and go into nny othor business. Ho
would not- even condescend .to open n gold
mine, unless It could bo opened large enough
to run n steamboat into -it.
f Tho Memphis '.Sun' says: "Tho once lu
crntivowMcmphi and Nflw'Orlcans' trado is
extinct.'' Tho great facilities for cheap re
shipment of Southern freight furnished by
thu whurfboat and rullroud wart-hoiio sys
tem at Cairo bus cuiued all freight which Is
brought out by Memphis packets for points be
low that city to bo roshlppcd here. Tho
Magenta will next trip extend her trip, to
Cairo, 'mill already tho MollJe Able and Mis
sissippi, both ilrst-chns steamers, niako Cairo
tho terminus of their trips. hat wo need
now Is a gnat'-r number of good, sjpalj,
l0ats to bring out freight for Nrw Orleans
from points above Cairo, to bo rushlppcd on
on thoso Cairo and New Orhnns packets.
7on vicKsnuiiG.
- .itir 'a Hi-iiHrI.IZZIi:oiI.l,.o,.V..i,mat-r,
ry at i.o uiw h l ll.vs. T. II I. Mil;, As"nt
U,ily 3FolK.ot.
Tl'f I'kIiI dran'lit pt'ii-iiKer Stf anu-r
It. Y. NOllTHKnN
JJillmakft rPKiilcr DAILV Tltll'.S l-twtn Caint and
r.i'lnrali, IraYini; C.dru ewty evt-ninir (Siindaya
copied) at flvo o'clock. '
Tliu Whilo cowtmtU ut I'mlm-ah witS lh Jinw Orleans
and Ohio railroad, and the Cumberland uud Teunca.i-o
rvcr iw-kifii,
KorfrciKlit or u.ia.-tKe antilr on iKitnl, or to
n. J. uuuiu.l.v. Ai!nt.
Cairo, lllinoln.
. .
For City Attorney.
Wo aro authorised Id announce F. E. AUIKKillTni
a candidal) for tho oltlc-oof CityAllonn-y,tiljcct to
the decision of tho iK-inoeratlc party, te
Wo arounlhoriied to announce tliat Ii. r. UUTLKlt,
K-j , will l a candldnlo for r-lcctlon to thu ofllco of
City Attorney, auliject to tho dculnlon of the dtiuocratie
party. t
For Clly Marshal.
'e aro niithorizcil' to announce that DAN. McOAIU
THTlsacandldalufortho oltloofCity Manhal, mib
ject totlio decision of tlio Democratic parly. te
For City Treasurer.'
We aroftuthoriifd toaunounce that JOHN I1YLAND
is acandldatn for the office of City Treasurer, subject
to tho decimon of tho ileinocialld parly. te
For City Clerk.
Wo nro Authorized to announce JOHJ P. FAOIN as
acandlduteforthn office of City Clerk, subject to the
decision of the dein6cratlo party.
Wants, For Sals, For Rent, Iiost, Found, ' and
Personal, j.nbilt4f in tfcs coliftnn for .tight
cents a line, or one insertion.
TTTANTICD-sAiexiuiiicrCouuiy Orders, at SOvtl.
ll on (lie dollar, for an tonus ot i.i
umber nud Bull.
ders' NaUrial?'"-"
r u .uriuTnv '
MTANTKU-Calro City Scrip, ut COcenUon
i f aonar, ror nil i.mus oi
Luinber and Iluilders'
Materialn oenerally.
mTu H At. SI My reaidenco on Klglilh ulruet, ut
V. low Uvurenund ont-usy paymonlii.
aaadit. 11.8. HARKEI.L.
iMut l'-
'' ' tiillld ILLINOIS.
Tliroiil(li 1111U nr. I.nilliiu K've" to a"
Avnnaoic a-oinia njriiatii or Water.
NEW O H. Xj 33 -A. IM" S
IV. It. AHTIIUll....
CAUTKIt. Mftoler,
.llt'ltK, Matrr.
..1'D.liAM, Iiu.t r,
PAUIjIjrK CAItltOIili.
WI11TK. JImI. r,
HNritlKKN. Mivler
M.7.IK OII.I. ...
-.O'.NKII,, Mwlcr,
.CJ.M.V, Mater,
..JO.N'KK .Malr,
...OltKK.NOri;!! Mat"r
Comprising nil the flnwt nnd largef t I mats out of .
flnn nfOii. nlMivp 1 in-if itiaiiiirt will leaVOla.rj
for Nw OrloatiK orry otti-r day, einuetini: at N.-w
Liverpool, Xer('l0,Ve",.0,,' n"'1 u",v"
Uril'UIlS WHU X.IIHI Ui civJliri
l'aMenwri" and febiMxrv en rely nn y. im-w
Imatn IcaTinR .'n19 jmil' tlially IX ntflU-. -WJJI X
twrtliMilsr tnntin to nil wnr fn-iBht Mow JIrmtili
tu Nw Urltuua. CIlAe.T. IIIMH
Offlei'. on Wharf!!. IHiMie Undins.
V.I) V. H !.-" . I'iwcj)Kr and Twkot Acn.
omr', utSi. Charlps llotPt.
Tho fMiiowimt Iloais -niotn- this I.lnp and v..i !
run in tin- fifll'JWinK i-rJi-r
91. K. I'OUKVTII...-.ZKIOIKII. Mat-.-,
31 AltllhK CIT V ....... ii IN WAV. Mv-
itni.i.i: aiK.iii'iiis iiA.M,ji4i.r,
CITY OI' CAIItO., TiU, Jl-aler.
PrornMaMpntion will l- l-d to all lumrn in
tro'lr-l tli" fnr- of Hipki l.l.
l-'rriL-ht inil Ti. k. t Otlk.-.- In . i.lnlUir Mharf-UMil, IU
front uf City .Nuliiilml IWink.
CHAM. T. IIIMr c.rnrl Aztnh
EI), y. M-WN, Tlrkft and IWwsgft Asmt.
JOII. II. DAVIS, Siiii'I, M- n.l-ii t, Tnitsi .
rrin. cnW.mllil fiol.u-lrt-rt
JIAVKLO Wl.ll. CO.l.lIi:ilCIAI Ufl
I.II1K11T V Ao. ii,
I.-r Mrmnhi. ttrrv Tt'IMlAV. TIIt"ltIlAV oa J
i-ATt'P.IIAr, nt 11.111., fr Vhil Hi-r, riiiuiM-linn at
ill' niiillMilli tli Mfliil.ln-anil I.lttl II'vk lliul
f..r I.ililo lt- k uii.l Ifi.t M-r.iiu.. T.iik Ipotn
Mi iiiphi" to Lull ltiK-k, IS tuur.
i-ritfiii4aun r.topviiKvr ri-i-ii oirr inr io
Line at lonr rt? Ilwu nuy utln r ruule.
( in.-, t. lll.-MHi ,k'nt. uniro. 111.
Uttkuon Vluu-M.si.
-..;; Tli.. .,l...l;.i
r'TZTiftrTr I'llfvMrilKt!!' SU'llllltTM
Ht'lllCO.V .....III.AKK. Mwlcr,
.H'l.lA ..!.( h'KWlKJI), ahU .
I. L'.Ml.V.mv .U'Klill. Matter.
II. .M.MIllti;VU...... lAltTKl:. Miv'r.
Iu Cairo ir'iitii nni.lrc.iii i-u-ir hlNDlVnnl
TUKSI1AY, nnd on down lr i ry TlHiltSAV and
ttU.N'DA V, maiiiiiK i lwc ri.uiif ti.ti with
Vli-kaliurK nml ?Ici iitliiu llitllroail,
Nt-liuu nml 31 1 rlillnii Ilnllroiiil
v Orlcana, Ji-koii mul (Jrtnt .Vorlhcrn
Through m-flr-U ulicii lo miv uml nil ixiinU on ii,
fftld road, with rdfln for Vnio I!lcr.
Hpcolal aticnliiiu Kicn lo all way IhuIiihj U-twvcn
Cairo and Vickliiira.
HAr. T. IIIMIK, Ocncrnl Audit
Ultin- on WharMoil.
CoiiiiUtlni: of tho followlmr
iSplciidld Piusi'iitfcr Stcumrn:
DUfiOUCHKT. Ma.ti-r I KOWLKIt..- .anrl;
I.eaTes Cairo Sunday nnd Thumday at fi p.m.
DEXTKIU,... Mailer (IllAMMKIt XletU
I.eare Cairo Tuctday ami Friday nt A p.m.
lIOWAItn ..1;..MaiU-r WHIOHT i-Uefk
I .em cm Cairo Weduc-kday and Saturday at 3 p. in,
MakinKoll Intcrmisllalo landings and iwyinit lun.
tlcular attention to Packet Freight.
- CHAH. T. IIINDK. (leneral Aceut,
Offlco nn Wharf-Unit.
.siitvi .
Composed of tho followinc
81M8 Muster HAltl'Elt. Wcf I
braves Cairo every Sunday at o p.m.
8TUONO Mater KOAN Clerk
Leaves Cairo ercry Tuesday at & p.m.
UA11M0N....,. Master WHWEH Ckrk
Leares Cairo every Friday ut 5 p.m.
JMTpoolal attention given to way bualncs betwui-u
Cairo and Naihyille. 0
CUAS.T.IIlNPE.aonernl AKen
rio citT
w il a a r bo AT.

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