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Tlio bargains ylveti by Goldstlno & Rosen
water .In calk, is, muslins; and Ml otnpld iirti
olo in tho ilrv troods line, is nttractinc u
attention of nil prudent buyer. tf
Tlio ft. Cliiirle", Monday, January 25.
il Vnnc.il. Aritann,
' WltttfMoll.MI".,
.! 6Uiy, St. Mnryi
nnJolin,at. l.oni;
J Morris, Chicago;
K li l!ii!nll, Hoton;
B Jinan, Ontmlm;
NWOawv, ib
A K Orr, S. Y.i
G H ftwite, Mr St Charles;
H Itaiidal..St. Louie;
.1 Lynn, N. T.i
J A l'tllik A lady, So Ex Go)
Ol'enk.N. V.i
j UHtmeuouse, ciiy;
-IA Wlndram, ollyi
W EOrcutt, Chicago;
Jllltihm.Pt. Louis;
A Mars, city;
1) Kennedy, Central!.-!!
K W ChlcheMer. Illinois
no Marshall, St, Louis
t it: fim. "
It l Miller A lady, Hosfon
nui:: fiiikii riit:::t
"Vntor! watorll watorlil Grcnt induce-
monts! Rariralnsl barcoinsl The Mock o
clothing, furnishing goods, boot, shoes, Ajc,
Vc., which was saved bySlornhcimcr& Marx
from the lalo Are, will bo sold nt 50 per cent,
loss than cost, at their now placo of business,
No. 84 Ohio lovec. Call' soon und secure bar
gains, as tho goods will bo sold nt a great sac
rifice, byordor of tlio underwriters.
Those Hint vim Sen lmt Dimly, cnii be
Mmlr In nee Plainly.
.Tflbor Rrotliors nro now In receipt of one of
the largest and finest stocks of spectacles and
cyo-glasM over offcred to tho public in this
market, consisting of steel bowed spectacles,
Shell, vulcanized rubber and steel framed oyo
glfti, In the most fashionable and exquisite
styles, for ladlos and gontletncii
Thwogoods woroiiurcliased of tho celebra
ted mnrititncturini; optician Ann of James
Tirwu & Co., riiiladnlphla, Pa., and solocted
"by a first cIrm optician of that city.
"We nro proparnl to furnish mathematical
Instrument, for drawing, surveying and civil
engineering; nW, philosophical, astronomi
cal instruments, Ac, of thoc celebrated mak
er. TaIikii IlnoTiir.Rs
Cairo, 111., January 25, lBCD-Ct
,JiTitr.' coJA,Hi:i,.s.i'Aiit(.ni.Anvim: Dinito-
Ono A. J. "W'ordcn, of Ulundville, inflicts
upon tho readers of the 'Times' n two column
communication, tho excuse for which U found
in.hU dcslro to bring our jirete nylons to legal
learning into di'ronute. AV'o shall dispose of
nil his vorboso platitudes with a very short
shrift, chiefly by saying that 31 r. W'ordcn at
tributed to u opinions and expressions that
wo neWior hold not emjiJoyed, on tho occa
sion to whieh ho raters, nor before that time
or tinea.
There was not a sobor, sensible man in
honrinjf who does not rcoolioct that wo dis
tinctly anil rather emphatically told Mr.
Warden that if .Mrrfck" stole tho horso in
Kentucky and brought it to -Cairo, and was
tore found in tho ossion of tho animal,
the larceny wr.s completed in Illinois, and u
warrant for th" guilty party's arrest could bo
suy out lxfore any Justice of tho peace. AVo
nlo told him that if ho could identify tho
jnonuy Morriok had fraudulently obtained
from him, mi action would cvttniiily Jo whero
tlio property was found, WV ventured these
fuggiptionsiu all kindness to Mr. W., seeing
that he was ii vripplo and hearing him protest
tliHt the accused had - loo of his money In
hlt'lMoket." Hut Minded by passion, orsoino
lst esciuubht oauae for iiliiidiie, Mr. " vc
humeutly protested that wo had not stated
tbd.luw; thathedidn t tarn u d n who we
wore, b'd "bet a hundrod dollara it was not
the law" and, going home, he writes n windy
ooiiiiininlitition in vindication of our ositlon
ami to iht enfusiim of his own.
There was no earthly reason why Merrick
might not havo Ixen brought to punishment,
unlet It rotted In th..- superior Knowledge ns
uind by Mr. A'., who iudstM tho cae was
hopolea. uult the prisoner wus sent Wk to
luetttttcky. The ncc.isetl might have been
brotijiht to itooottut litre, wWo thu stolen
property wa found i or ho might havo Wen
enrriud bock to Kentucky undfr tho law re
lating to fugitive from jintieo. 'In eithor
oaie tho cltisftfis of Cairo would have extended
gonoroua aid. ' M. IS. II.
Tin: rAi:iio. ok jkn.nh: uom:-mi: i.mil'm;ls
The trial and conviction i.f;i oolprad woman
namwl Jounlo I!oe. for the killing of her -il-logd
lnubnnd Aleck Ituic. urn still tr(uh In
the mind f many of our roadors. Jonnio
served a couple of yars or more in tho poni
tcntiary, wlion borfrloml-, believing that she
hud paid a duo penalty for ridding the com
munity f one i f tho wort negroos that evor
diigracwd it, hikI ono. too, who had threatened
and repeatedly attempted to tako her life,
potitioned. thu govornor for her release. Tho
prayer of tho petition was grunted, und on
tho 2d Instant tho prison doors woro opcin-d
und Jcnnio walked forth. Keeling exceeding
ly grateful, she essays a card of thanks which
wo publish below substantially ma wrlttun bv
her :
"To tho citlronsof Cairo my most respect
ful friend : I nddri-s vou by public letter to
roturn to you my humble and slnrero thanks
for thu yreBt kindliest you havo shown mo.
i uuiuioi xpros me grcut gratiUeationormy
heart to think tlwt I am onto moro u froo
woman enjoying the sww-t air of liberty, and
relriuod rom that shamofnl Imprisonment,
und all . ' my friends welcome, mo. My
frieiuU, hi time und tide proves all things,
oven o tho future will provu what my doflru
und intention. i. I Jo not iulondto cast
myself away bocauo I havo buen in btuto's
jiriwii ; but I Intend to hold my head above
tho waves us loug as lifo exists. It shall not
bo cast in my friends' faces that thoy done
good for my future welfare, but I did not do
good for myself. I now havo nothing to g'tvu
mo trouble, und I intend to make my future
dayii happy and my friends shall nyvor havo
to tako mo out of such trouble again; and I
roturnmyslncerothanks.totnr. J, O.Morgan
for writing tho petition and to inr. and inrs.
uuvn. ior miuK to interested as to tako upon
thorn to get metiers in order fur ma to -iln
mTltborty. Headers please excuse a)l mis
takes as 1 am j.. t .. .. n.pli ' 1 in education'.
TJiU is mipood and written to tho bet of
mv Knowledge. 1 shU here eloso, ond what
1 havo ald I hope will bo a satisfaction (o all
tlie coiilwunlty, nnd may God blias those that
Intoraedwl-tu set tho prisoner free from bon
dage, und reward them hero and horonfier,
UoodMiyo. 1 nm more than obliged.
Mr. Jknhiu Kohk.
Tho stool; of beautiful dress goods, cinbrao- !
iiig poplins, r-jw, merinos, etc., at (Joldstinq !
Ajvllosinwater', wo very ultoap, fH'UloimbW '
und doairubU. Xo toro in th6 cfty prefenU !
n better selection in thIvlino. jan22-3t
AVo received yesterday, tho details connect
cd with n doublo murder which took place on
the lino of tho Iron Mountain railroad, nbout
four weeks ntro. The murdor wns committed
nt that point on tho road nearest Capo Oirnr
dcau, and tho victims woro a Mr. Kelly and
his wife, who recently lived in tho fourth
ward of this city. It appears that Mrs. Jvclly
and n neighboring woman named Mrs. r it
irorald. quarreled nbout n tablo fork. AVords
ran high nnd tho women separated in n fever
of exasperation. Tho samo evening I itzgcr
aid provided himself with n revolver, und re
nnlrhm to tlm shnntv of Kollv. shot him
dead In his tracks at tho flrst Arc. Mrs
Kelly thereupon seized a stick of stovo wow;
and dealt Fitzccrald a blow on tho shoulders
Kelly aimed at her head, but tho muzzlo of
the u stnl was knocked downward, nnu tno
ball took effect in tho woman's leg. Seeing
that she did not fall, nnd having no further
chanres in his revolver, tho fiend seized tho
woman by tho throat, and with tho butt of
his weapon dahed out her brains, no tnen
Immediately lied tlio country, and i believed
now to bo in Memphis.
A fow davs after this bloody occurrence
sister of Mrs. Kelly paid the neighborhood a
promised visit, and found only tho now-made
graves of hor sister and brother-in-law. Sho
nt onco returned to Cairo, and from hero went
to Cjlumbus, where, detailing tho occurrcnco
to hor landlord, sho was informed that tho
murderer had boon his guest tho night prcvl
ous, and had that very morning loft for
Memphis. For cold-blooded tlendishncss this
bloodv affair stands almost unparalleled.
rOMCE matt tins,
IMnn It. Slunuwy, P. M.)
Tho cases before his honor, "old Dick," for
trial this morning, didn't amount to much.
A white woman named Lizzie 1'aimcr had
been drunk. She was very penitent, it was
her first offense, and should be her last. The
fcpiiro believing in tho sincerity of her protcs
tations, pcrmittod her to go acquit.
Hill Green was charged with public inde
cency nnd tho carrying of concealed weapons.
Xoithor charge was proven. Accused dis
missed. AVin. Fay and James ltoynolds had been
taken to the calaboose tho night pro vlotts very
drunk. Their appearance was almost pitiable
ragged, hatlcss, shivering quivering crea-
turcs, pennllcs and on tho verge of dolirium
tremens tho squire discharged them with nn
admonition to go nnd sin no more.
Anderson McGaw, n negro, smacked his
unch of five against tho parson of Madison
Lee, and threatened to dress off tho suid Mad-
u it la McCooIo. A iluo of io nnd cost was
imposed, which Anderson promiied to pay, in
part, to-morrow morning.
At this point the court arose to talk election
and take refreshments.
Hedge Miller, having relieved his shelve
and counters of his old stock, has returned
from the eat with u large nnd very choice
selection of tho thousand articles of clothing,
furnishing goods, etc., that constitute n first
dais clothing store. Ho hit tho market at
tho right tima, und consequently received
bargains which ho intends shall inure to tho
advantage of his customers. Ho has every
thing tin iriiblo in thn linn of winter clothing,
u magnificent stock of hats und caps, n largo
supply of elegant picco goods, trunks of nil
size4, kinds nnd prices, und all tho novelties
und necessities in tho way of gents' furnishing
goods, for which any want can possibly arise.
Having this lino now stock on hand, nnd his
merchant tailoring department being in full
blast, ho Invites his friends, or rather, tho
friends of Miller A Miller, to come and see
A boat containing u party of three gentle
men who had resolved upon a day's hunt In
Kentucky, capsized whllo being rowed aoros
tho Ohio, this morning, nnd throw tho entlro
party into tho water. Thoro is great cause
for thuiikfi(luoES that tho mishap resulted in
nothing more Rorious than tho loss of tho
guns, etc. Had tho river been rough, los of
life would ha70 been inevitable.
AVo do not feel nt liberty to mention tho
names of the persons that constituted the
I MM - .
F. K. Albright, esq., has withdrawn from
the contest for tho oillcoof city attorney, as
rdgning us a reaon therofor, h business cull
abroad that would pro von t personal attention
to tho omivusi. This withdrawal will be re
gretted by Mr. Albright's many friends, who
intended to lend him u hearty support, be
lieving, with tho community at large, that ho
would havu mado an industrious nnd otlicient
city attorney In tho event of his election.
Jack Hodge has nearly completed his con
tract on tho Cairo and Unity road. Two days
more work will bring his job to n close. He
has corduroyed nbout two miles of tho worst
roud that marks tho bosom of Illinois. It Is
to bo regretted that tho county court did not
conceive it desirable to mako tho road sixteen
insttud of eight feet wide.
A correspondent of tho Times,' In utter dls
regard of our feelings and aspirations, connects
u with thu legal fraternity. Fortunately for
tho honornblo profession with which wo real
ly urc connected, Ids purpose Is covered up b"y
such a mountain oi words mat tow persons
will detect it.
Tho candidates entered their appearance at
tho masqucrado ball last night, and their big
hearts went out iq strong affection for every
body. It Is rnthor remarkable how clover
sympathetic antjvklnd n candidacy for office
renders u man. " ,
Tho Acadomy of Science hold an election
for otlicers, yesterday evonlng, which resulted
in tho selection of tho following: President,
J. AW Coo; Treasurer, II. AVardnorj Secre
tary, John 1). Mnckie;
Curator, Gcorgo C
There buiug spme confusion about tho idan
tiflcation of tho McCarthy who has announced
himself ns a cuudlduta for city marshal, wo
will remark that tho gcntletnun In question is
wan. -McCarthy, our present ciuet oi police
i i ii
John Currnn announces himself ns in th
Held for" the city marshaibhip. "Tho plot
tub rsisn cisMO'l MlSOLtJliDK BALL.
Tho two hundred persons who participated
In tho masqucrado ball given by the Coiro
Cnsino In Schccl's hall last night, havo fixed
nnothor "ercon snot" on memory that will
provo ns enduring ns life. Tho ball was, oy
oil odds, tho most harmonious nnd agreeable
one of tho kind over hold in Uairo. 'inoiargo
hall was densely thronged with ladies and
gentlemen In character and fantastic costumo
that furnished an Impenetrable disguise, ui
thon'ph tdensintr. chasto and Inccnious. Much
of tho costumo was provided through tlio skill
o J r" . . ...
and excellent taste of tho wearers, nnd con
tributed not a little to tho show nnd merri
ment of tho occasion. Tho affair was truly
festive, gay and refreshing, nnd win prolonged
"Tlio floods, first Ixirnof tho frosty mora,
in tholreiutern circuits ronmedj"
when, full of tho ball and its varied and ex
hilarating features, tho participants partook
thomsclvcs homoward. Tho music, which
was by Cramers band, nnd tho refreshments
by "mine host," wcro of the best nnd most
Tho management descrvo tno nigiiesi
prniso for their unflagging ellbrts to mako tho
occasion just what It was an honor to the
Cairo Casino, andnn affair long to bo remem
bered by all who participated.
Tho Cairo Casino, for wuoso bcnciii tins
ball was given, is n benevolent institution
that embraces many of our best, wealthiest,
and most influential German citizens. Any
city would havo felt proud of tho material
that entered into tho procession yesterday.
It was nothing less than u half n hundred or
moro of well-to-do, active nnd prominent bus
iness men, and public spirited citizens. The
Cnsino Is a society that deserves to prosper,
and since it has directed attention to itself, It
will tako a broad hold upon tho confidenco
nnd respect of the public.
Tho How J. AW Coo, rector of tho church of
tho Hedcemcr, will lecture beforo the Acade
my of Science, in tho Athcneum, this even
ing, commencing nt half past seven o'clock.
ScHts nro free, and tho public Is invited.
AVo hopo to seo tho purpose of the Acado
my of Science to furnish our citizens whole
some and in'tructivo pastime, properly en
couraged, by a full houso this evening.
Port Mat for the T wenty-four Hour Elid
ing nt Two o'clock, I. 31.
Altr.I VAl.
Oca. Aadcrin. (vlurn.i Win, Whit?. pAdtieah:
Talisman, .NaliulIo; W. It. Arthur, N. O.;
Mintirom, uinoinrv.ui; in'lina.1, "
lloxrr, St. Lotus.
(Jen Andr rM.n, Col urn.; Win. While P.idueah;
w. it. Arthur, M. Louis Mlnnroln, Memphis,
Indian, Kouisvilk'i lUir, Pilt-buri,'.
Tho weather is again clear and tolerably
pleasant, although tho morning was quite
old. At daylight tho mercury indicated
only 30 degrees two degrcos below tho freez
ing point. At noon, however it has risen to
tho closo neighborhood of 40 degrees. Tho
pleasant weather seems to be general as re
ports from Memphis, St. Louis, Cincinnati
nud I'itubutg nil read alike, "weather mild
and spring-like."
Tho Mississippi is falling tit St. Louis at
thornto of ono foot per 2t hours.
Tho Ohio continues falling from Cairo to
Pittsburg, or, as that sounds like falling up
stream, lot us say from I'lttsburg to Cairo.
Thero is only ilvo feet water In tho channel
to Pittsburg and six feet in the pass over tho
Cumberland river is nlso fusing fast, with
scant eight feet water on Harpeth shoals.
Hore the river has fallen eight inches slnco
last report, nnd continues to rccedo nt about
tho same rate.
Ilusinvii has been ruther dull slnco our last
Issue, as steamboats havo been quite scarce.
The Talisman brought 147 bars, 32 bundles
iron, 48 pkgs roofing, 14 pkgs leather for rc
ihipincnt to St. Louis; 1 1 C pieces iron for
Memphis, and 20 hhds tobacco, 80 bids flour,
and 10 tons sundries for reshipmcnt to New
Tho Arthurdlschargod tho following freight
nt Cairo: For Cumberland river, I" hhds su
gar, 05 pkgs molasses, 52 sacks coffee, 60 pkgs
hides. For LouUvllle, 203 hides. For I. C.
It. It., 2,300 boxos raisins, 03 hhds sugar, 40
bbls molasses, 285 bbls rico, oranges and sun
dries. .Sho also had 230 hhds suL'ar. 327 pkes
mohmos, 200 tons pig Iron, 100 tons sundries
for St. Louis.
Tho Shark and barges was preparing to
leave for Now Orleans with n tow of barges
laden at this point. AVo cannot givo her en
tire cargo until to-morrow, but it cannot bo
loss than two thousand tons probably more.
The fleet Quickstep, capt. Dexter, clerks
Jack Grammar nnd AVulter Pennington, is
tho regular mall und passenger packet this
evening fur Kvansvillo and ull way points on
tho Uuio.
The neat and comfortablo little Paducah
packet Win. AVhlte, capt. Northern, clerk
Jas. Uevorly, is making reuular trips, leav
ing our wharf overy evening except sunday,
at 5 o'clock. AVo are glad to learn that tho
accommodations she oilers, and tho urbanity
anu huiiness qualiucations of her officers uro
building up n paying trade for her ulong tho
Tho Richmond from Louisville and tho
Commonwealth from St. Louis, nro both due
here to-morrow for Now Orleans. AVo can
find no boats advertised for New Orleans to
day. Capt. C; I). Conway and clerk Henry Deit
rick are now on the Luminary, St. Louis and
A'icklurg packet.
Capt. Aleck Zoiglor has gone back to his
old placo as commandor of tho Hello St.
Louis. AVho don't know Captain Aleck
Peoria, UllitoU,
The Firnl and ttcst InatUution of Iht Kind in
the United States.
Wcfkly Heneflt from W to $10 in eate of slcknos.
Every trun or Female of Healthy Constitution uun U
a meintit-r,
Thu Inititutiou is l(-Klly incorporated under the
laws of Illinois. Hor particulars upj.lv to
dc51dlf General Ajent furbtate of lllmols.
Th fdsit rllnntlii .iaAHia t tt .T.tl
nrwwsssawsr it j i its 1 1 itviiit 1 1 1. -sin 1 1
will Iraro IjalroiwahoTft on THURSDAY tlioS8t!i7lnt,
rorfrflKlil or pagp apply on hoard. Jnnl6-2t
Xa.lly Paolcot.
Thn light draught paMcnger Steamer
It. V. .N()IlTHi:nN t Master,
J. M. HEVEKLY Clerkl
Will mako regnler DAILY Tltlly bclwecn'calro and
I'n.lup.ih. learinz Cairo eicrv CToninn tHundara ti-
ti'ptedl iitntiio'glOftj,
The White conftcctnt I'.vlueah wltS thqNaw Orleans
and Ohio railroad, and tho Cumberland and Tenuesseo
rlrer packet.".
ror ireiuni or rnssago niipir on iionm, or w
Jl. J.HUCKLEY, Aent,
lani-ldlf Cairo, lllinoix.
For City Attorney.
To the democracy of Cairo!
I rgent lui'lne.n rcnuiriiiK my ireeucc at aprltiK
Held, will prorent mo from gllii2 my Krsonal atten
tion to tho miiurilclpHl canvass now in progress. I
thereforn withdraw my name a a randidatc fur the
position of City Attorney, with many thank anil tho
dccpeMjfeellngi of gratitude to my friends for tho as
suranco of success thus far given me.
F. K. ALnrtlUlIT.
Woarcanlhorlzeit to announcothat L. I'. BUTLElt,
Kq., will boa caudidato for re-Mcetlon to the olticn of
City Attorney, suhject to tho decision of thodemoorntlc
party.' te
For City aiarihnl.
We are ntithorluvl to uunounco that JoltN" L'L'IlltAN
will jf ii candidate for tho olllce of City Marshal at the
onuin( charter (lection, suljeot to tho deoi!on of the
lemcxratlc party. te
Wo ro authorized to anuounco MICHAEL HAM-
HlttCIv as n rnndldate for tho ottlco of City Marshal,
sulject to the decision of tho democratic lrty. te
Wrt ftr.t ntitlinrlr.l Ia nnnnimii llmtilW. MrPAt!.
THY lineamlidato fur the orllo of L'llv Marihal. nub-
Jcct to tho decision of the Demorrntle jarty. te"
For City Tremurrr.
Woareauthoriteiltoannounee tlwt JOHN II VI. AND
U licatidiilato for tho olf.ee of City Treaiurer, siiWwt
to tho decision of tho democratic party. te
Wo arc authorised to announce J. II. "AYLoll n a
candidate for the ottlco of City Treasurer, ml ject to the
lecision or win uemryraiic pany. te"
For INitlce MoKlstrnte.
.Vr. iifr I1ea Announce ino a candidate fnrl'o.
Ilro Mni;j. Irate, Security debts and a ipell Of stokheM
of two und n half years' duration have left ma in need
of the ottlco. It it my chief support, and as Dim Is the.
Ut tfmn I shall aik ottice, I hope my frivads will not
rorget me. te II. HIIANMiriY.
Mr, tUitar I'eao announce ino n candidate
fortheottieo of rolicoUgiiitrate, suljeet tothedci.
Ion of the democratic party. (teJ JAMI1S KYAN.
i. -
For City Clerk.
I tiftreliv ntlntiimM tn v-l t il nnmlulfiff. f.ir 1,m f.ffn
of City Clerk, mbject to the regulation of thedHiv
cratlo party. te JOHNP.HELY.
WenrefttittinrlEert In Annriiiiici. JOHN I. PAfitN tvi
a candidate for thn office of City Clerk, subject to tho
decision of the democratic rirty. te
Wants, For SaU, For Jlent, IkU Found, and
J'ersonal, published in An column Jur etyht
tents a line, or one insertion,
WA NTK II Alexander County ordrns at win.
on th dollar, for all kind of Lumtr and Hud
ileri.' Material!. W. W. THOIt.MON.
JnIHtf ,
'WrAXTKIl-Calrn City Srlp. at fflceiit.f.n Ihu
dollar, fur nil km Ii ol I.tnnlT rid Ilinlder'
Man rlalt generally. W. W.THOUMON.
Wholenalo and rtctall Dealer In
Fancy anil Staple
GCUU FuritlililoK Goads,
ISluiikctM, C'as.siiiicren hiiiI Jcuiim
neat Calleoe., ....... .............,.iaKc,
UeLaluea '40c.
Heavy Ilrowti Domestic 17c.
Hoop Skirt.... . ..OOe.
SUOUetlt'a Hat at ... 73c. each
A Splendid Lint 0
llii)cr.i will do well to cull and cxamlno mys
lieforo purchasing elsewhere.
1 lock
No. OU Uhlo I.evet,
Havinit purchaieJ theentirn KlocU nnd fixtures of
Aug. Kor.meycr, aro prepared to do all kinds of
Gas and Steam Fitting
In a neat and workmanlike manner. Wo are afso pre.
pared to repair all kinds of (Soft fixtures, and by our
procesH of broiuing aud gilding nuko tliem iuuwry
particular o good m now. TIiojo huvlnr such fix
tures, will pleaie i(Ito,ii a call natiafaetlon guaran
teed in all cuies. C. F. YEAOEK,
lanDdtf K. K. MUltitAY.
Wlahc. to Inform the public that sho ha a
Ladles' Hair Dressing Naloou
On Commercial avenue, between Ninth nnd Tenth
Mreeti. HI111 uUn inanufactures Curia, Svvttcltt.,
Watcli-Guardi, KurItlng, Ilracelcts, and
all kind, of Hair Jewelry.
Ladies may havo tho combings of their hair rnanu.
facturod In any desirable stylo. ' Jun2Sdtf
At thu Ofllce of tho Cntro Ilullctlu,
DU. II. WAUDKIl-Il(idenco; No. 69 WaJ.
nut btrcet. near Eighth atrout. OIHce, over l ost
Olhee. OtHcehoura, 10 to 1 a.in. and to 8 p.m., U
nell fiupplloU with fresh, healthy vaccine matter,
CAino cirr
Wll AliriJO AT.
ciino TRAMsrra c,
TlirnuKn utlla f LnitliiK tilvrn to nil
Avullable Point ly Hall or Wiittr.
S T U A M H 11 1 V C O n i A X Y
..rAUTT.lt. Ma.tir,
.Ilt UK, Ma.it.-r.
..lltAM. Mn'terl
...WHITE. Malrr,
.ENTltlKE.V, Maritf
li'SriMt.. Mml.r
I.I . 7. IK ii 1 1. 1. .
C(IM.M(. WKAIiTII ('ONLY, Ma.lcr,
OLIVK llltANCII JONfy, Maxtor.
Ccmpritllig all tho fiiutt and largent loats i...tr.f f-
IU...fll...L.iA 1 , .. . r - , r .l liirn I
for New Orleans every other day, cormect.nj? at N
Orleans with (voan Line of Hcamcrs to
Liverpool, .tiv 1 orl, llolon, and l.nlvt -ton.
Paeni;eri and Hh.pi ers can rely on ono tf
Iit leatinK ( airo punetttally n alve Wi.lpay
o New Orleans. ClL5. T. HINDI;
(lentral Auenu i n'ro.
wiiiep, on nariiiai. niwic mu i.i
ED. K. 8IS-ON. I'a.uijer aul Tlck t Am nt.
Olhee, at fit. Charlet IlolU.
"jl TEM I'll I. S AND ST. LOL'LS
S T i: A 31 K R S.
T! f- " w - s V .-.'i
tt n t. -U,'.vi r (rl' 1
up. fc thn I. n and w "I I
.11. I'.. FOIISVTII......
ZI.Kil LIU Mat-r,
.-..TIIOMI-XiN. Mu".ir.
rlfANE, Mt ,
.. MALIN, Matt r
IT's OF CAIItO ....
l'r..mt.l.llr.' ,n will I
I !: I t'
hit r '
-1 n
Kr itht Bd T:kit ixU- intpar.y ' -r' '-- '
front pf City NalionaJ Haak.
CHA?. T. lil.M'E, f.rtTl AKnt
ED. K. alreON, Ticket and laB'i Ak--V
.HIIIN II. DA VI, Nnp't, Mcii.pl. , Tei.t.r .
a" Tho splendi'l iIi-whri'l
Lwe Memph t-ury Tt IDAr, Till I.iDAY ut 1
HATt'ltDAY, ut 1 1 m , P-r Wh tn Itivr r. t -.-r.ef tlnaaf
Duialt'a lilutt urith tim M'Hiphii and Liltleltk l-i .
road for Little lUjk and !f..r ."pi T.nso frr.r
Mmph to I.'iile INN k. Ii b'-'ir..
Krenshtnaiid raeaier-t rfeipil utr !!.!-.
Line ut lower rate than aar other r"HV
CHAi. T. HINDE, Agent, t .r . 1.1
tlteii -u Wi u.f .
tfrswt't3 PiisciiKt'r Stonmcrrt
.Il.'I.lA .... . , I.'KKia 1 M
I. L'.M1XAUY... ..........m.H KKIt. Matter,
II. .M..SIIHKVK ..C AUTrh, M' r
I'u.tilro Koma untiMm erry hi MHV 1. 1
TrE-'PAY, and or. flown, irp evr'y THU."" VYr
M'NPAY, makinKCloieonnnfrtion w.!!
VlrkalitirK ml Merldlnn llullroad,
Nclma and Meridian Jlnllrond
a in
New OrleuiM, Jarloon and (irrnt .Vorlli. ru
Throuijh rcempt alven to any nnd all jr i'i T
aid rMd, with Vaekelf. for Yukmi Ibnr
special attention Kiven to all wuy buimcsa Letart .1
Cuiroand Vieksliurc.
CHAS. T. HINDK. (ieneral AK nt
offlco on Wharf.U .t
.-flTw-.N Conltin of tho followinj;
afefSiiIcniIIiJ Pnsnii,'cr StcaiiH'r.:
DUSOL'CIIET. Master KOWLElt .Xler..
Leaves Cairo uuday and Thuuduy at a p.m.
DKXTElt Matter OIIAMMKU... m.Vit K
Leave' Cairo Tuesday and Friday at A p,tu.
IIOWAItD Mailer WItKiHT Cler"
Leavea Cairo Wuducaday anl Saturday at 0 p.m.
Makinu all Intermediate hindinKi, and paying 3
tlcular attention tn nickel Freluhlt.
CHAS. T. HINDE, (!cnerl Ajtent.
Ultk uon WIuirMfoat
SIMS -...Master HAltPEIt
Leaves Cairo oicry ounoay ni 0 p.iu,
6THONO Master'! EUAN ........Clerk
U-au-H Cairo every TiH'S'lay at fl p.m.
HARMON Muster WI1WER Cleric
Leaves Cairo overy Friday at 0 p.m.
Speclal attention iven to way business bctrmt a
Cairo aud Nashvillo.
CHAS. T. JJ1NDE, General Aecn
dccSl'MJ Ofilco qu Wharfbat.

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