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Office, 21$ Washington Avenue, Democrat Hall; .Editorial Rooms, Ohio Levee, over Barclay's Drug Store.
"cm no jealous;
The Puducfth 'Herald' commends tlio fol
lowing "Jitufl" from tlio Memphis 'Sim' to tho
attf ntion of tho Cairo 'Jliillottn. To knock
tho shape out of nny air castle it may have
created it ij only necissary to remark that
tho -Memphis 'Sun' is tho organ of .Sum Titto;'
that it mission is to wrlto Tate up to tho dig
dity of si railroad king, and to aid him in the
ex'Hjswl purpoto of Dwindling Memjilils out of
legitimate and indispensable railroad privi
leges. We glvo tlie article from tin 'Sun'
Cairo Jkalols.
Tlio Cairo Kvenlng 'Hulletin' repeat the
timeless story that General "West and Sam
Tate were interests 1 in tho proposed purchase
n'd ra'" of the city a t took in the .Memphis
and Little llock railroad. Tho paper also
put tho cart lx-foro the horo when it says
that (ieueral WutL was induced hv thn no-
y.i; f I'aJi:' all lu ntt'-mjit tho extension of
lis roail to that nine4. There is notliinc to
pre ent tiiat conitimmution, iiuvo that its
jiretent achievement U not so important as
the acquisition of another finished road lead
ing frjrn Hlfkiiiati to Na'hvillu. One thing
at a time, .Mr. 'iiulletin.' I'aducah must !c
c.mo an imixirtant railway center, and for
the reit'on tliut the Ohio nlay bo bridged- at
that point. To reach thn Northwest from the
Oulf Status, a network of roads will ultimate
ly converge at I'aducah. There, n single
bride is ri,uired. and neither the Cumb;r
land nor Tennessee river is to be separately
spanned. (ienerul West and Sum Tate did
propmo to connect .Mumplii and Paducali by
rail within six mouths, if puld for the ser
vice. This Memphis and I'aducah road will
bo built, and another, perhaps, on a line al-:r.-stparulli
l with it. itut those facts will
only add to I'aducah's wealth. It is very un
fortunate fur that great witter tank, come
times called Cairo, that its iieculiar location
and intervening twmnp. make the place in
a (ilV frni tli South, and equal) v unfor
tuna'.o that the Ohio canuot there bo bridged,
far the reason that tho Northern shore is sup.
pesed to bo lower than the bottomless pit.
Til.- iJea t which the 'Sun" gives exprea
iijt), tuat PuJucuh mutt liecotnu an impor
tant railroad eonfcsr Wnusc the Ohio river
can bo bridged at that point, is eminently
silly The Ohio ran bo bridged at ton thou
sand joiiit. eitiier altovc. or below I'aducah,
b t wf. ) is jlisk enough to suppose that at
t .icii cue of tlicH ten thousand tNiinU there
will grow up, a it consequence, '-an imjHir
tant railroad rvrit-r.-' The Ohl" can be
bridged at Cairo at muoh loss cost, and with
lot than two-thirds tlm pan, f.spiirM at I'a
I'., ah but to render Cairo a railro.td center
a bridge l nsftherdirol nor required.
What earthly purpose oould a railroad
! r.dgt at Padutah erve ' The railroads
traversing tho South aro of aditTorcnt guage
from those in the North, hence, if there woro
a hundred bridge at I'aducah, a train of oars
would never crot ono of them I To talk,
th' i f . nnei-ting two railroads, or two sys
tems of railroad, of different guago', by a
brvlgt, is to talk of th exondituro of a large
sum of money for a very foolish purjKo. It
will never lie done. No sensible capitalist In
the country lias a single dollar to aid u pro
cto ''iHxiou oven to common sense.
Furthermore, it there was u uniformitv of
gsiage characterising tho Northern and
Southern roads, l'adutah oould not more ef
fectually stab her vital intereta than by the
r nstnic-tion of :i railroad bridge that would
c.viatc the neculty of even a change of ear
within her limit. The bridge would complete
a Lt ntiuuuu lino of road, and I'aducah would
le a way point where train might or might
. otft 'p, as they do at Pulaski, or any other
way point bvtwtjen Cairo and Chicago. The
idgc would divast her citixens of any op
I - rtiinity to realize a dollar from the "hund-
"g ff any oxcopt local freights, bocauso tho
fr i-;'1' train, with closed doors, would dash
! v, i sibly without tendering thu compli-v-nt
of n whistle. And through passenger
who might, otherwise, stoit for a meal, or dur
ing a half day, would look out of the win
dows, as they whizzed by, and thank 1'udueuh
for that provision that obviated it halt for u
r l.ange of cars and dinner. Hut, as we have
.'iown, all this it not among tho probabilities.
There is no likelihood that uniformity in tho
gauge of Northern and Southern roads will bo
brought about, tuid consequently there is no
likelihood that a railroad bridge will bo built
at I'aducah.
Tho fiug at Cairo, in which Tate's personal
organ of tho 'Sun,' indulges, has been used
until it is threadbare, and is as foundationless
as threadbaro. Every diop of swamp water
to bo found on the delta upon which Cairo Is
built can bo corked up in nu ounce vial. Anv
senslhlo man who will give tho topography
of tho country u passing glance, will discov
er that tho 'Sun' man is moro facetious than
truthful. Ho will oo by that glanco that tho
Ohio, Mississippi fta oacho rivers furnish
drainage which render the existence of a
swamp impossible.
There never was tl foolish lie more perils
tontly urged than the lie that Cairo is ur
rounded by swamps. Kvery passcngor that
passes up or down tho Ohio, ms at least opti
cal evidence of Cairo's entire exemption in
that respect ; yet thero aro men, hero and
there, who prato about "Cairo wumpsV r.s If
tnoro wore virtue in a no anu somq dread fa
tality about tho truth. ' The 'Sun' niun has
been Impoedtpon by tomo- falsltler of this
character, as his concluding paragraph nmply
. lir
The editor of tho I'aducah 'Herald' says
tho decrees of Heavou uro in favor of Padu
cah. "Wo aru glad of this us it assures us that
thero is yet a llttlo hope for that peoplo; aud
wo aro glad, too, that tho decrees (being ir
revocable) were published boforo Heaven
found out what an illumination I'aducah is.
If developments hud been waited for, tho de
crees would have emanated from tho directly
opposite source.
In his produce circular for December, Alex.
S. Macrae, leading Liverpool produce mer-
chant, discussed tlib'feaslbillty of direct water
communication between Cairo and Liverpool. !
Tho press of St. Louis awailed him with moro
osccrbity than tha occasion demanded, hoping
to accomplish by ridiculo nnd sarcasm that
which was beyond tho reach of nny facts of
which they could avail themselves. In his
January Circular Mr. Macrae replies as fol
lows: Having assigned a sort of navigable supro-:
macy to Cairo over St. Louty appears to have
roused the susceptibilities of two very influen
tial journals, namely tho St. Loul 'Hepublt
can, under date of Deccmbor 20, und the
Missouri 'Democrat,' December 21. They do
not charge us with "wilful misrepresentation, '
though with lively criticism and rather didac
tic diatribe, they use tho implication, "post
prandial glas," and tho words "credulity,"
"ignorance, ' "ludicrous mistakes," nnd other
remarks, all of which I accept with tho good
humour requeMed.
Now, I cannot but feel sure, that kindlier
critics, such as tho Qulncy 'Daily Herald, '
22nd Dccombcr, will acquit mo of such un
merited opprobrium. The 'Herald' iy
"here, while tho circular commits no real
error, "it fails to do Justico to the upper Mis
sissippi. Thus then, however imperfect in
my Mittissippiun exponition, I wrote with
perfect Information before me, and its to "ig
norance and "ludicrous mistakes' about
American rivern and steamers, it U simply
impossible! Kngland know well, and wonders
at thoc mighty streams those gigantic flat
bottomed steamers and if she did not, the
terrible holocausts in which they too often
play apart, would to her sorrow, make their
topography plain.
While tuus defending with all ineekne&s
the "anumptlons" of a respected xjrtI',Ti of
the St. Louis press, they mutt pardon me, if I
rebuke with spirit, their ridiculing any at
tempt at economy in commercial charge.
Tho pen is their profession, but produce is
mine, nnd if they could see as I see, tho ex
acting commissions and charge that their
countrymen's transactions aro subject to,
they uould laud, with editorial ability, and
not hold up to sarcasm, anybody, however
humble, wh would sec economy tako the
place of exce. Theoretically uud practi
cally I havo, and ever will proU-st against
the enormous taxes trade is subject to among
our very selves, and set an example as far as
in me Ikj. of smaller profits but quicker re
turns. It is to bo hoped that n reiterated con
sideration of tho quction of direct communi
cation may lead to Its certain development.
In dismUing the subject for the present, I
would aik tha 'Republican' and the 'Demo
crat" to examine themselves, ere they cross
pens with "Ignorance" again ; and inquire,
which has most occasion to hang its head, so
far as direct trade and steamcs. &c. aro con
curnod St. Ioui or Liverpool? Livcrool
sends her-stesniers and traders to tho lakes
and rivers, contiguous (in a sense) from
whenco tho ciant Mississituii draws its sourcol
.lvcrtMMl runs her steamer to Portland, llos
ton, New York, Philadelphia, ltaltlmoro,
Charleston, Savannah, New Orleans, (ialvcs
tnn, Aic betides which, her traders enter al
most every other !cser American port! Hut
bow about St. LouU T Will tho 'Republican'
and the 'Dumrvrnt" inquire how many steam
ers and tailing vessels St. LouU has d'espatch
od to Great liritain ?
NEWS PAi(inMlfs.
(.11;v!h1 from our late it tellers in. J
(mitt mwl I lie Alutmnm Claims.
Tho statement was quoted around the capi
tal on Tuesday, that general Grant had an
nounced himself as opioed to tho Alabama
claims treaty, but it received vqry little cre
dence, oven among those opposed to tho docu
ment. Tho president elect s persistent reti
cence sustains tho doubt in tho promises.
Thr I'a Mc Central Trauslt Uallroad.
Tho project termed the Puciilc Central
Transit Itailroad and Telegraph, introduced
by senator Kellogg, on tho 2Cth, proposes the
construction of a railroad from New Orleans
toCamargoon tho P.io Grando and thence
through Mexico to San Bias on tho Pacific,
with branches, tho mot important of which
is that to tho city of Mexico. Under this bill
tho Louisiana Central Transit Company, nd
the Texas Central Company are authorized
to consolidate, aud when tho company shall
have constructed ten miles of railway and tel
egraph, aud uftor commissioners have exam
ined and reported on tho condition of tho
road, tho company is authorized to Issue Its
first-class mortgage bonds, maturing in thirty
years from tho date of issuo at the rate of
twenty-flvo bonds, of $1,000 each, bearing six
per cent, interest, payable annually in coin.
Thetu aro to bo signed ofliclally by tho secre
tary of tho treusury, and this indorsement
shall ipsoaeio constitute a first lien mortgtge
on the road for tho protection of tho govern
ment, and so on until the road is completed,
which shall bo within six yours. Troops and
munitions of war shall be transported at rea
sonable rutcs, and the proceeds thoreof uro to
bo deposited with the secretary of tho treasu
ry, and applied to tho payment of interest on
tho bonds. A sinking fund is to be provided
to pay tho bonds at their maturity. The bill
grants eight sections of land for each nillo of
tho road. Tho laborers on tho road have tho
right to pre-empt forty acres each, at ono dol
lar por acre, for a homestead. The road is
less than fifteen hundred miles fn length. The
measuro was referred.
Ilr. MuiliV Parttou.
On Tuesday afternoon' tho Maryland dele
gation in congress proceeded from tho capital
to tho white houso to add their votes to tho
petition before tho presidont for tho pardon
of Dr. Mudd, ono of tho alleged conspirators.
si is generally believed that Dr. Mudd and
tho othor political prisoners will bo pardoned
beforo tho 4th of March.
Steamboat Iusuectlous,
Tho steamboat Inspectors nt Pittsburg re
port that thoy inspected 161 bouts last year,
18 of which were built durirg the year; 1 of
which was for Florida, 3 for southern rivers,
1 for St. Louis, C for tho maintain trade and
the others for tho Ohio. Thou arc also 1 boats
for,tho mountain trodo olmoit completed.
Health or Chicago.
During tho past week tho mortality tf Chi
cago was 79, showing n good condition of gen
eral health.
A child bitten by a mad dog, last Septem
ber, died pf hydrophobia t few days ago In
tho town of Lakeview. Several dogs have
lately gone mad, and tho inhabitants nre
greatly alarmed, many of whom go armed.
The following coinplitiienwry paragraph
wc clip from the neat columns of the Com
merce (Mo.) 'Dispatch', will thanks :
A new dallv paper has been started in
Cairo, by J. II. Oberlcy & Co. It is neat,
clean and spicy, editorially nnd typographi
cally, and Is called the 'Cairo Kvenlng Hul
letin'. Mr. Oberlcy has becu idcutitled with
tho press of Southern Illinois for a number of
3cnrs, and well know.- tho v"tq rr lir peo
ple. His abilities as nn editor arc well known,
and need no encomiums at cur hands.
The following itenw is I ruin the fame
M r. Nathan A. Luim nnd Miss Catharine
M. Thomas, were married oi tlio Stls day of
January, near the parson's rrMdn" by the
Iter. Win. Lusk. The bridt, bridegroom and
pnrson were all mounted oi horseback. This
was on equestrian wedding, and with no
holler motive than that of itecplng out of the
deep mud.
The editor of the Metropolis 'Promulgator'
made a tour into the country last week. He
ways that the wheat looks well, considering
the open winter, nnd Unit he learned that the
fruit Is yet uninjured. Hj surfeited that
awful dinner appetite of his at the bourd of
Mr. T. It. Armstrong, who, fortunately, U a
well-to-do farmer.
An insane woman of Metropolis named
Mrs. Snow left that city 1a4 Wednesday and
has not been heard from since. The 'Pro
mulgator' twiys the unfeeling husband Is quite
indill'creut as to the fato of tho loor crazed
A great revival of religion is in progress in
Shawncetown. If the morality of that town
'inproves any It will bo an Incongenlal nlodc
for Lusk, of the 4 Mercury."
The census of Scott county, MiourI, for
I8C8, shows n total population of 5,050; of
this number 2C3 arc colored persons. The
number of males is 3,011 ; of females 2,GSS
There are 3 deaf uud dumb person in the
county; 5 blind, anu t insaiiK
Pa iti., January 2C. Later Kip Janeiro nd
vicos state the Paraguayan army was totuliy
defeated in n buttle al Villetta.
Loxnos, January, 20. The 'Times' says if
the idea of Messrs. McCulloch, Wells and
Washburne, on financial aflalrs, uro accepted,
United States bonds will boonu footing with
those of Massachusetts.
The Heamshij) l'erricre, which sailed the
1 5th for Now ork, returned to port to-day In
a damned condition, having hud six person
killed on bourd nnd several injured- No par
ticulars. Mr. Green, of Louisville, son of
Hon. N. S. Green, a passongor, Is safe. The
agent in New York thinks tho accident oc
curred In tho engine room. The easualitios
wero amoim tho crew,
jjT 1 1 . CU N N I NG II AM ,
Whel'Klt' sad lu-uil iVilf r ir
Fauci- it Maple
X H "5T 0-OOXS
Uents' furnishing CJootls,
Illiuikcts CiiMMiincrcM and Jcuii.s
Utat Calicoes
Heavy Brown Domestic
Hoop Hklrta
OOO ileut'a llata at
...73c. each
A Splendid font of
b )
HayirnlU do"vt'clitocall iaai examine my tock
before purchasing elsewliore-
.No. 00 Ohio I.cvrr,
decirC3llt CAUtiJ. IIA
WANTKU-Ali-xanilcrCouniy OrdiT, at Ml ets.
ou the tlpllar. fnritll kinds of Lumber nml llnil
deri' Materials. W. W. THOUMO.N.
JanlJdtf (
1TirAriTKD-:alro City fterlp, at 10 tomta on tli
YV dollar, for all Ulndsof Lumlr and nuflilrr'
Matbrials uenerslly. W. W. TIIOll.NTO.N,
jyj-ISS T. SMITH,' '
tceiiS.iv(nlhan. Eljthth street, Cslro, III.
MIK.-S T. SMITH, liaring refitted her llafr Iri.lnif
saloon, on Lotnmcreliti avenue, hrtxeen Kroiitli and
fciShtli street, now kepfi constantly on haud n lance
assortment of hair, conslstlui; of Curls Switches,
Braids, nto. Ladle can also have their hair combed
nnd dressed In any of tho latest ntjles. Prompt alien
letitlon paid to the filllnc of all orders Public patron
aco solloiled and satisfaction guaranteed. JanVS lm
I wish to (n
Thirty White Wood Chopper.,
iMunml men I to chop wood and ret out tie in Mis
sissippi. I wilj pay
75 CMtts per Curt! aud 1-4 l.il cruta uer Tie.
Ills dcsirahle that the men come In ndraDci and
prrpnrRiorwiPiriamilles. railages will I iire)vl
for men without means.
Soite but anber, reliable Jlen need 1II-.
Fnrfi'rthcr Information rail at thn t,im rtiiti..tin'
nllies'. 11. II. LAKH Momnhl.. Tomm
JanJlw '
AiuuuKicr uouniy, I '
In tTiemM'-ffOamielKtaaU Taylor anl Wwin Par-
pn-, irusirrn oi inn i,irn uiiy rroporty, vs. John
Minn Oi Hill tociiforco Vendor Lltn.
PuMli nu'irn Is hprhr trlrpn. i)ia( If) IMIflllinAo nftk
dK-ri-ut order rntcrrd In th aboro rntitlcil onus.-. In
tv tobtr. A. I). !-, of tho 0:t.A-r term, A. I. of
Ihe circuit court of aa.u ountv. on II... l),tii ,inv t
am .uuiii;, j, ."nu iiarmsn, .iasir in t;iian.rery
for Mill court, will, on tho 83th iky of Kebruary. A 1)
15(,9, at II oVdock in thn forenoon of s.ild diy, ll at
liuiu uuunuu to mo iiignfsi i.iuuer, lor casii, at tlio
sOUth-itst door of Ihsinurt limia,. lntli.ltv.irrni.
in said county, the following described real t-sUtc
"ii.m't- mo ursi n lumon 10 ins; city oi Cniro, caanly
of Alexander and iilatn of lllinol. fimi
Iit numbered nine (91 In block numbered twenty
seven (8J, as known anifdesls-nated upuntliertf irdcd
map or plat of th saiil first addition, to said city, to
gether with all and aincular tho tenements and here
ditamenu thereuriio belonging, In saturation of taid
ii.itc, win, inirf-si anil rtsis.
JOHN J. HAUJIAN, Mstr in Chanpery
(ji.ro, I.I , Jnuu.ir ti. ls-lir
Alexander County, '
In the mailer of Samuel M.it Tajlor nml Kdttln Pur
sons. Trustees oftlm Cairo City Property vs. Ho
eannit .-mith. widow, and fr'nntiy yimth, Tlic.
fi.i :li. .i.i... initli nnd Uosuiinit Smith, children of
Patrick amitli, dtrcvasl On Hill to enforce Ven
dor's Lien.
P n.. . . hereby KUen, that In .ursuncoof a
decretal order entered in the alinte rniill..! an. in
the c ivuit court of iald county, on th ciijt.tli day of
OetoW, A. I. Is6Sof IhcOeloborterm, A I), lt6,of
said court, I, John (J. Harmun, .Maxter in Chancery f'r
said court, will, on ttm itttlt day of February, A- P.
lrt, at II o'clock In thn foreman of said' day, tell at
public auetlnn to th" highest Idder, for cash, at tho
ouih-w et door of Ihecoiirt homo in thn city of Culro,
In suid tountr. the following deuril.l t. ..f.i
uate in tho flrt nddltlnu to tha city of Cairo, county of
...'Ahii.ii:i ,U. iniFUl lUIUUM. WJ.MIIJ
l)t numberel twenlj -ono (il) and trrcnty-lMo (K
i. uiw. m "IIIUI-. I niPiAii -sia (w;, a KJIOH n unit lieslt;.
ratel Ui.n the re- .rdf man or plat of said first addi
tion tOKtidcjiy, foK'therwlthuIlandKlncuUr thtn.
einent" ml hrnilitamenM thereunto belunKliiK, In
iti.f tin of sanl decree, besides iulere.t and cost.
, ... JO,;Q- HAIlMAN.Masterln Chancery.
Cairo. III., January 8a. Isw-tw
Altxanijer County, f
In the miller of .-Mimiel 8tHatsTa)tor and Hdwln P.tr-
sons. Trustees of tho Cairo City Prui-erty, v. Kllaa
Miortell-Ou Kill to enforce Vendor'. Lien.
Put 'i- notj e is hereby gien. that in ptirsuiiniof a
! retal order entered in the aboti. entitled cause, In
the circuit .-ourt of said count , on tho eighth day of
tMobor A. I. I'Cs.of the October t-rm, A. I). Ibc, of
said court, I, John i). Ilarman, M.uter in Chancery for
said t ourt, will, on thf 2tU day of February, A. I).
IStft, at 11 oVIouklu lh foreniKinof taid day, m-II at
public auction to the hixhcst bidder, for fash, at tho
south-H .t door of the court house in Ihe oily of Cairo,
in Mid county, thn following ileerlUd real estate, sit
uate In the rtrt addition to tho city of Cuiro, county of
Alexander mid ftbtUi of Illinois, tn-wit-
Lot uuiulsrr tno I'.'jmUwk tminN rcl tenty-fito
(til, us known nnd designated on the reonlel map or
plutof said fir-t addition to said city, together with all
nnd singular the teiicmenuitiid hereditaments tner
unto IjeloiiEliii:. In mii-fneiion of said dwrce, with
interest mm costs.
JullNli. HAHMAN, M:iter in ("bancs ry.
OiiM. lil , J.uiiutr) hU'-ln
Alotandur County, f
In the mutter of r-umuelstxitsTavlor und KdMin Par
sons. Trustees oftho Cairo City Vropcrty, vs. Cathe
rine McK.me On Hill to enforce Vendor's Lien.
ln Mic notice Is hereby eiven, that in pursiuncn of a
decretal order entered in the atsive entitled rausc, in
the circuit court of said county, on tho ciichth day of
IX tober, A. I. IS-", of the October term, A. I). 1, of
said court, I, John (j. Ilarman, Master m Chancery for
said court, will, on the I'.th day of February, A. 1).
Ii4i. at II o'clock in the forenoon of aald day, sell ut
public auction to the highest bidder, for cash, at the
aouth-ttcst door of thn court house In thcciiy of Cairo,
iu said county, tho ful'owinit described ral estate, sit
uato in the city of Cairo, county of Alexander and
State of Illinois, to. wit t
Lot numbered thlrt)-nlne (39) la block numbered
fifl)-ttto(M), at known und designated on the recorded
mip or putof said city, together with all ami siiik-uUr
tha tenements and hereditaments thereunto belong
ing, in iitisfa-lloii of said decree, with liiterust und
cost. JOHN . HAHMAN, Mitatorm Chancery.
Cairo, III., January ii, IwiMtd
Alexander County,
In the matter of Haniuel filaats Taylor and I'd win Par-
11ns, Truster of th Culro City l'roperty, e. Luther
K. P.irk-On Hill to enfono cndor' Lien.
iniblio notice Is hereby Bien, that lu pursuancn of a
dtcretal order entered in the aliove entitltil cause, in
thu circuit court of wtid county, on tha eighth day of
October, A. I). 138, of tho October term, A. U. HM, of
mud court, I, John Q. Ilarman, Master In Chancery for
wild court, will, on ihoMth day of rebruary, A. D.
19. at 11 o'clock in the forenoon of said il;iy,ell at
publlo auction to thn hiBhust bidder, fiirtiish, ut tha
south-west doorof tho court house In tho tit) of Cairo,
ill said county, thn following described rial cUt.
situated in thn city of Cairo, county of Alu-vinder uud
State of Illinois, lo-wlt! ...
Lot numbered sixteen (!) in Mc: nuinb.'rcI twon
tylwo (;-'), iw known ami designated upia the. rts:'rd
e'j map or plat of said flty, toKuther with all and ain
cular tho tenements and heredilameiiU Ihc-r.mnto be
loiiKirig. In satisfaction of ii'l docreo,- with Inturo.
aii.fcotti.. J01INQ. HAHMAN, Master In Chancery.
Cairo. 111., January a. lv'-'-tw
pixo, . XXXXxxolta.
Stuaiuboats ami Harjrcs Doclioil
Itopairs l)out lit Nhtu't Notice
) and in Tin; mwT po-?siiili:mannkh.
Steamhoat l.innlior 011 Hand,
llcpnli'liiff on I.cvt-c A 1 1 t nilt il in.
JotiI9dl( Hupcrililciident.
Importer and Wlutlcsalc Dealer in
Vest llraniis of Crenm and Stock Al
Iiu ported Ales if Different Kinds.
No. 75 Omo Lkvkk, - Cairo, Illlnobs
3VE e n c n A N T ,
No. 70 Ohio Levee, Cairo, 111.
Special attention Riven' consignment and IIIIIds
orders. deciJPMdtf
00 TO
Ni. Kill CixttractAi. Avmcr
Koal Estate, Homl nml Stock lirokcrs.
Will attend fo thu payment of State. Cotmtvand Ihw
Taxes, and nil business i.erUinin to a (tLNKKAI.
KiniiTii Stkkkt, second door j row Com. Axe.,
detril'G&ltf Cairo, III.
e w a 1 1 u l Lvrirwvinu VAXs
IT ,
Xj. 33XjTJ3VE,
Commercial Avenue,
Informs thn cltiieus of Cairo and vicinity that h lus
on hand one of the largest and licit assorted stuck o:'
Dr)" (i'ooJ, Fancy (JihmIs anil Notions,
In Southern Illinois, wlileh he oiler at priens tlul wtlt
defy coiiiiCitiii.
Wo will sell Print-, forlvst lnd, nt frmn.8 to lJJ.-
Yard wide llleit-'hesl Muslin at...... Viix
Heavy jard wide Hhreting at...... IV'
All-wool Flannel lit..,.- 3V
White lll.inkels per isilr. at 5-1 S"
ijrL-e .lie ull-HHiil iluiiUo Shawls at 4
Nca st)U la llos' Clouks ut $3 l)and Upwards
C.cxyl I.liioysat 20
wepiint anu ery nwity eiuiiiiu itoii hi,-
unl l'oi'liii". tier ard, I roni ..l3lot-s-
mi Poplins ut 7S.'
lioisl yanl-ttide Merino at 44
A Urge assortment of
lllauk nml Colort'tl .Mpucas nt 2i cents
And iiiuiierous other ktylc of Dress Goods eoern
Iondiiiicl) low.
All-linen Handkerchiefs at
All-linen Tone linir. iter yard, nt...,
lvf. SO
(iood Table. Linen
Irish Linen. Mini lilc.. ..............
AII'Wool Koeks
lavllcs' Merino un
Merina Undershirts and Drawer . .
AUo, a large assortmeut of
Hucli as
'satin trimmings
Alexander Kid Ulort TS
Kreuclt Comet..: , ... 1 OU
Houutl Vorubs , 10r
And all other G001I.1 correspondingly toto.
It In tliercrurn to the interest of cury persoubuyui
goods to nail at
122 Commercial A venue,
Heforubujiug elsewhere a money saved U tnony
'"Thankful for tho liberal pitroimgo heri;toforo x
tended to if, no Iiojhj to nwuo thu samo iu future
ilecgl'Mdlf " 'M'
H. II. WAKONEIl-ltoildenoe, No. 89 Wat
nut street, near Einhtlmtreot. Oltiee, over Post-
OiHce, Office nour. iu 10 it u.m, anu to ii.iu., 1
well mipplit"! with freah, healthy vaoclno matter,
1 171OU MAIjK My rt-sldenco on Kl;lith blrect j
1 .JL low UHurv anu on easy payiuvmj.

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