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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, January 28, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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The tinriMtn ulvoii by OoldTtlnc & Koson-
watcr !u calico., tmylins, nnd nil f tujdo nrti-
ol in tliu dry t,'x"U line, H nttrucung tun
nttentlun of nil prudent buyers, tf
Put Mocklur imnoniifoo his iintric in con
nection with city clerkship. Moekler
Holy nnd Pnglh urn now in thd field for the
tamo office, mid havo ulroudy givon tin; win
'nss ft good deal of spirit and spic'incss.
A largo flat loaded with fruight oars for the
Iron Mountain railroad, was towed by the
city, yesterday uvenlng. Tho flnt contained
m. box enrs and threo or four platform care.
This speaks woll for the progress of that
important thoroughfare.
Tho stock of beautiful dreis goods, embrac
ing poplin?, reps, merinos, etc., nt Uoldstine
V HosonwatorV, arc very cheap, fushionable
and desirable. No storo in the city presents
a better s election in this line. janl!2-3t
The 40,717 barrels of flour reported by in
yesterday as having passed through tho hands
of Mr. CJ.T. Iilndc, of this city, slnco tho
1st day of January, was the total amount
rcshipped from tho entire city during thut
period. Mr. Jlindo reshipped about one hulf
that 'pmntity
No ono will forget tho children's drew ball,
t bo given nt tho St. Charles to-morrow
night. It I t"" iu"Vol nn affair, and promises
too much miiii'-i'iiu'iit for tho little ones and
gratification for tho older ones to pass out of
mind for n single hour. Ticket will be itied,
w. umloMtand, to-morrow.
Tho editor of tho Pndtienh 'Herald' is ex
("vised by a fonr that Cairo will never bo h
largo oity. As tho only hope Paducnii has
for distinction lie In tho probability that sho
will bo recognized us the suburbs of Cairo,
the fear Is quite natural, although groundless
If t'aat odltor will hold still Cairo will make.
something out of Pndueah notwithstanding
'! many drawback)-.
Coyne's ball nlley has been thoroughly re
paired and repainted, and I? In .tip-ton .order.
Tho saloon, too, has been overhauled and
Mocked with tho finest wine and liquors af
forded by tho ninrket. No invites his friend
n cull on him, and avail thomselros of thu
(dvantngM he offers for healthful patinii! and
cole. ' ' ;
'Alley open every
day of tho
To 'Times Niysthat the 'llullulin' vestor-
i:iy Announced Con. Sweeney as a candidate
" ''Itr trrmnurer In ono plnro nnd for city
i '.vim! in Mother. This being a season of
'iptun, our neighbor - vUion, like th1! moon,
v;i certainly atfccted by a thadow. Any
pft-r of the 'llullctin will find corrobnrte
live proof of this by referring to yestcrdny s
papor. AVe couldn't make such :i ridiculous
ni:i:: yuty.it nn;!i:
Water I water It water!!! Great Induct
ltvnts! lUrgalnt! bargains! Tho Uck of
lothitig, furnishing goods, boots, shot, Ac,
V ., which wns saved bySternheimcr ft -Marx
frui i the Jate lire, will be told at SO per cent.
I i-ii tliun cost, at their new plnwi of buiui,
Nn. SI Ohio lovev. Call msoii and secure bar
gains, av tho goods will be sold at n great ac
:ie, by order of the underwriter.
Those I lint run Sec lull Dimly, en it lir
Mini lo kfr 11 it I it 1
TaWr l!mther uro now In receipt of one of
! argent und tlnot stocks of spectacles and
i-glse 'M r t.ll'. n j to tho public in this
market, consUting i.f .-tevl bowod spectitehc,
f-l.t ll, vulcanliced rubber and ctwl fraiiiel eye
H'iiisw, in thv must ftuhlnuablo and oxquttiio
!; ', for ladle and gentlunTcn.
ThcjrtfHl wire purfhuied of the celcbrn
; 1 inMinfMluriiig ojiUetan firm of .lames "W.
TwtH-nA C., PhUndidplila, l'a., nnd M-loctc!
l t. firt I'lusatiptii-iaii f tlmt cilu
AV- tp prttjmrwl tit furnUh nuitlicnitttlful
ir -uuieitt., for drnwinu', iturvoylng nnd civil
'nyerliig: itlno pbilo-ojihical. Hftroliomi-
I 'ntruiiient, 4Vtt f tluwcu-lcbrtitc'd mak-
- Taiihii Hkotiikk.
ilr, III., Jttnunry .':, ISftO-Oi
LhVM. iii:iivint.
M . A. Wiiist'xi !.a lcu appolntttl town
m i trt'rtnr, tier .1. W. Stuwurt, ru'lgncd.
Tln it a firt rati npjioiiitmunl. ' Out." will
alwuyn be fiwud n htuid, ami u a collet tor
lie irrfectly tlrcleM-.
Til.' ferrybuut Cairo inukfo dully trips to
IA tmi No. 1. The round trip forms a real
.. vtiit exoiirnion. During till lino weather
there should bo frcqui-nt employment of tlio
opportunity tbiii otl'err.l for a plemiitiit ride.
Capt. Hill Sandusky Is ulvwixj. allvo to tho
plensiiro o' his pursuugerx.
Tho (Jood Tcmidar held a fetlvul in
hrosts Hall, at Villa lildgc, a few ovenlngs
ago. wjiloli win onliveneil bv
music, dancing,
Uintiugiiud tableaux. Tho
laru and tho entertainment
uttendunco wni
highly crcdlta-
M" to tho munngot-o. !
AVonrogladto learn that Mr. Writers,
wboo dwelling ut Villa Uidge was destroyed
by flro tome ten days ago, was insured to tho
moonlit of $ 1,000. That sum doe. not cover
hit loss, but it will enable him to rebuild on n
H.n .llor scale.
A number of drlft-Jcrkers nro availing
themselves of the rapid fall of till) rlvur to
ground their Umber. Quito a force was en
gug6d along tho levee this morning, In tho
work of converting logs into firewood.
Thirty wood chopper are wanted In Mis
sissippi to chop cordwood and get out tics.
Sovcnty-flvo cents pur cord and twolvo nnd a
half cents per lie nro tho prices offered. Sco
Tho lino' steamer .Molllo Able Is said to
... i been the eccno of n festlvo occasion nt'
Is tw Madrid, on hor present trip down. The
town went on board, wo hear, and Joined in
th'.- blgget und liveliest danco of tho season.
On Saturday night, of last wool:, tho ttoru
of Ym. Cuithead, at Clear Crcok, in this
county, was robbed of a largo quantity of
ury goods. The next day tho yoods woro
found secreted among thu laavc und undor
growth on Ulg. Island, only u few miloa dis
tant from tlio hcone- of the burglary,' and
wcro returned to tho owntr. A wutch mis
set for tho thieves but they were not caught
"Vc accept, Its nut altoguther undeserved,
the frequent assurance wo receive that the
'Ilullctln' is popular with tho lnutso.i, and n
fuarlcss and energetic friend of Cairo. Noi
paper ever yielded so much space to tho dis
cussion and encouragement of those under
takings among our people looking to tho nd
vancemoitt of the city, or to n defense of tho
rights nnd clnims of Cairo as connected with
those other enterprises less local in their na
ture. To do this is a work of love with us.
becauso wu are inspired by the certainty that
Cairo is bound to Workout a destiny that will
distinguish her as the lending commercial
city und railroad center of tho Mississippi
That our labors innv be moro ilTectivo in
this behalf, wo ask. wo Itnploro citizens who
gain a knowletlgo of facts that aro calculated
to uroinuto tho well be ng. or to add to the
business distinction of tho city, to communi
cato them to us either by letter or orally.
"Wo will employ Mich information to tho best
advantage, If wo know how, and thus present
to the minds of thousands, facts In our favor
which otherwise might have remained within
the narrow compass of a single breast. Como
on, then, with your items concerning our bus
Iness, railroads, commerce, manufacturers or
what not, and if you realize no other reword,
you may enjoy tho satisfaction of knowing
that you havo discharged a duty apparently
trifling vet rtidly of tlio utmost consequence
tointorests with which yourown aro identified
Wo are glad to loam that this hlghlv im
nortant tirojcct is making most favorable
progress. A gentleman who accompanied the
Cairo directors on a tour of inspection, last
Tuesday, informed us yesterday that tho work
will bo finished to the crest of Logan's hill by
tho first of February, und that tho force of
hands arc working how at tho foot of tho
bluff. Tho tlmk-r, to tho width of sixtr feet,
is cleared from tho runt'? of the road, which
now proenU u clear, open vista, wiMi gcntlo
curve.-, ns far as tho eye can reach. Tlicro Is
an abundance of gravel directly along the
line, nnd this will be generously employed in
tho grading. A four foot embankment ncrb'S
tho bottom will furnish u reliable thorough
fare to the hills at nil times when It Is po-ci-
Me for tho ferry-boat to land at tho river ter
m in ii-; und such occasions ns these nro like
niigels' visits, or truths from the pen of a Pa-
ducali editor few and far between.
On tho blutr,'!u sight of tho road nnd com
manding nu extended view of tho Mississippi,
arc a number of as fine sites for residences ns
can no found within twentv miles of Cairo.
"When the tiuilM-r it cleared from tho bottom,
residents at thut point will have an unob
structed viowof Cairo nnd probably of Mound
In a few years tho-o sites will contain ele
gant suburban residences the locution will
prob?' ' '.no a Covington to our Cincin
"Wo uiinounce the favorable piogrcof tho
rimd with plcusuru. Nothing contributes
more to tlio upbuilding of n city than the
prosjicrlty of tho country surrounding It; and
to poopln thu rich and highly productive
country around Cairo in all directions with
Intelligent farmers, garducrs, fruit und stock
grower it is only necessary to provide tho
cheap means of inter-couimunlcation furnish
ed by wagon roadn. This road to Illandvllle,
and its excellent connections at that point,
throw us Into rtdiablo communication with
nearly one-half of tho producing urea of
llallard county. If, on thi sldo of tho river,
we should build it tutlielent McAdamized road
to Unity, In les than four years tho popula
tion of tho country portion of Alexander
county would bu more than doubled, and
thuussnds of acres of ns fertile land as there
ir in the world, would be brought to the high- !
est stnte of intelligent cultivation. It Is tho
one great thing needed to bring Alexander
county - uut of tho wilderness'' und thoontiro
energy of our people should lend itself to the
work of providing It. It Is within tho reach
of nur moans If we will only think so.
I MIOItr lls(ll'nK IIV TJIK "I.OCtl,."
The "Iik'u!" of a Cairo papr ought to bo a
smIiii. An individual Ioa fortified ugulnst
tin evil t i which flesh I heir, is liublo to nn
ocvctsional imlulgi'iicf in expression 4 inure
emphatic than clegni.t.
We nrr concii)iiH of an lionet dichurgo of
our duty. Kvory day of our life we besiege
from twentx tu fifty citixoiii. for item. If
wo obtain u -tingle one, our efforts uro well re
warded. When, then, we present it dish of
twenty item dully, and employ ut least six
hours in the work of writing them up, wo
feel our duy performed, at least to our own
siitl-lVtioti. Vet wo now and then hear of a
tender soru-heiid who grumbles. Something
occur with which ho i Individually connect
ed und it doui not find Its way into thu paper.
True, he didn't inform thu "local" of It oc
currence; true, the "local" could obtain In
formation respecting tho matter lrom no
other quarter, still he Is slighted, und to
slight iilm U to publish a papor that is almost
worthless. Hut, ' says somebody, ,lit's ulo
cal's place to find out such things." It's notu
local r place to bu superhuman moro than
un Asmodctis. Cairo, nt best, is but a barren
field for local items; and throw out tho do
ing of tho police courts, which sumo very
nice und fasttdldus reader would exclude,
and you hnvu u meager show Indeed,
We arc always very thankful for local
news. A few gentlemen of tho city appreci
ate this fact, und for tho sake of the paper,
wbch to a great extent gives character to tho
city, they take time to call on us to givo us a
knowledge of occurrences or transactions
whch thoy think wo may not otherwise ob
tuii). if all citizens were equally kiud, gen
tlemen who uro to aggrieved when fiuy nota
ble nli'air with 'which thoy nro associated Is
not noted, would huvo no occusioii to gro.wl
and grumble at tho paper. Wo nro us griev
ously vexed nt persons In possession of knowl
edge t 'v p.il.He ought to havo, wh6 put n lock
upon their lips nnd say nothing nboui it, as
they pirsibly can bo with tho pnpvr for its
noii-perlormuuco of Impossibilities. "Wo put
the matter mi u different ground. "Wo ehargo
such pcr-ons with dlrellctlon of duty a no
gleet of duty they owo to tho city that gives
them support. There nro public projects and
tnu-iji. i-s an fool and in contemplation
which the good of tho, city recpilrcs (should be
publicly montlpnod. Any citizen who. locks
in his own breast Important facts concerning
these, falls In his duty to tho community; nnd
when the samo individual carps nnd growl
because tho paper don't publish tho facts o'f
which no is tlio solo and silent custodian, lie
assumes u charncter with which wo don't caro
to deal. "Wo aro thankful that there uro pre
clous few of this kind of people In Cairo. And
in dismissing them wo will say that if thoy
don't liko tho 'Bulletin' they needn't taku It
"M'o do not want any man to suppose that his
fifteen conts n week pays for the paper nnd a
great wcignt of personal obligation to him
besides. , .
Tho third number of tho Southern Illinois
'Teacher' will mnko its aiiPearanco this even
ing. Copies niny bo purchased ''at tho book
Teachers nnd friends of education in Egypt
owo It to thomsclvcs, and to the section of the
stale in which they reiide, to extend to tho
'Teacher' n cordial and liberal support. Its
mission is n commendnblo one, and if the pnper
is well sulalned It will effect a good re-ult
for tho great cause in which it is enlisted.
Tho eclipso of tho moon, last night, involved
nbout two-llfths of the fnco of that orb, not,
however, entirely obscuring it. It touched
the "northern limb," fas tho almanacs tay)
about hnlf past 7 o'clock, nnd by 10 o'clock
had reached its farthest point on tho surface.
After midnight u full round moon shono
brightly out, ns If It hud gained brilliancy
from tho shadow It had passed. The ccllpso
was no doubt a big thing for J'aducali ; but ns
n Cairo ccllpso it didn't amount to much.
-i ii
Tho police business this forenoon wus nar
rowed down to a singlo case, which, upon
trinl, amounted to nothing. A party of con
vivial gentlemen met in a levee saloon last
night, and during the sports Incident to such
occasions n participant, who hailed from
Mound City, conceived hlni'elf Ill-treated
Tho evidence failed to support the Mound
Citylte's conception of affair.-; showed, in fact,
that the individual of whom he complained
wus not present. The case was dismissed,
and tlio talk nhout the charter election re
sumed with vigor.
L. "W. IJjrLcr announces himself in this is-
suo us an independent candidate for city clerk.
norm, a ititi va us.
The St. Charles, "Wednesday. Jauuury 27.
f. Y Cttio, .V T: Mr 0 Oiln, Odin;
W Kri'tnmn N Oj 1( J ?! Vay, CIiichco;
I Arl'iickle A tilfc. Ponri: A W (loran. M loin.
T J Cliiiimn, Curlonifu.'e; H Ki'lt. Carlxwdiilej
Ji.Itcal. " J ttxinli-r. IOUistri.c
J O tiomi, St IhiIs; c w I'ntion i wife, Uutra.;
M' K J I'ulUiu.lVMralia; C L filch, Mobiles
J Ji .Mc.N'ii kle, Mu; Wm Kilf. Upturn ill;
J r.N'U'sani.M Ixiiim; C CMtMirliunl, Illinois;
s S Cnul;, llliiims.
I. NiHIIltTIl A uic.
lai' lkln, lilinoi.:
Ml. Wtlirliitin. pill..;
V VVikIwih. I'lttslnirK;
J I'rmial Tenn ,
Cb liunlick, I. ill!.' Hock;
Mis lliirilick,
M. ri'arker, Illmr...
,V W (fertiT, Tcnit
J II WiUon.K)..
!)('(;. II. .U ;
W IamUII, N T;
W W I'h.llp., .N (),
J W Port,
KillHunter HtlxjitU,
V II Terming.
Mr Murk, Anna,
(.'ft Ilullock, Ark;
h h liunlick, I.ittl Jtock;
Mr- liimliok
.S IClilk-lit Iilnl Mlfr, III.;
J M Mi-f'AiMen. I.omsi :
r II l.i-H is, Villi lliiltris
V II .until. K.s
S J KlfUlltlg, .Mdlille.
MI- .'Civ..in, N Vs
. w lupiwi, JloiMlc;
I) I'ntnWUti. Uil.,
Ml- ioiliKi-r. nt lmn;
1. Wliistin A if. I'M A.
V t' (larrt'tt A son. Ala;
T I. IicKiii-oii, Ti'Uii,
m nMU'rii A IsJr. lils;
Mr- I.i klmrt, Iliirlingtou; T J Tjhi.M Uiui.
I'm ! 1. 1st for llir Tvrnl'-roiir Iliiitr rml
liiK nl Two o'clock, I, l,
Ooii. Anili-rson Colum.; Wm. Whit, I'aHucitli;
Alkku, .Vi'H Orleaui; Molliu lUiiiMctou, Mem.;
WnimnitA, ' OuMiiiioiim.ilili. .t. I,ouu;
Cutniwrliiiiii, Hmnsvtlli'i Ssm lirnvrn. "
lOiiivillc, Loui.tillc; Km Kill-, I.nuiMillr;
flu W Kultoii No. 3, l,oui.
r,m Amli-rson. Coliun.; Win. Wlut, I'.vlu'-uti;
KhI I a 1 1 . lli-liimrit; .Mak, Cincinnati;
(kiinmoiiMalth, N. ).; Waiisnita. I'lttslHjr;
I.ouivH. " CutiilrUil, Ksatwtill;
Unit Knlton No. 3, N 0.; nuh Ilromi.M. Jxits.
The beautiful spring-like weather still con
tinues, to the 6uqrUo of ull. Tho mercury
Indicated ncurly CO degrees at noon.
Tho Mississippi is still falling at St. Louis,
and there is only three feet water above that
city to Kookuk. The Illino'l' and Missouri
are nt a fair stage.
Tho Ohio is still falling ovory where. There
Is only five feet water over tho fulls nt Iniis
villo, and four feet In tho chnnmd nt Pitts
burg. The Cumberland ! fulling, with Ave feet on
llarpeth Shoals.
Here tho river has fallen sixteen inches
sinco last report nnd is still going down rap
Idly, ami leaving a deep deposit of mud on
the levee In some p!ace. Messrs. Ilendrlck
A: Co. keep u man employed to push thu mud
into the wuter a the river falls, and will thus
have a clean wharf beforo their boat. "We
hopo their good cxaniplo will bo emulated by
Business has been rathor dull since last re
port. Tho Mollies Hmiibloton brought up u fair
passenger trip, 10 lulcs cotton for rcshipmcnt
to Louisville, and u Tew lots sundries.
Tho Louisville added ai5 bbls flour and
meal nnd "JS pkgs eggs for New Orleuns and
wnv jMtints. Sho left well laden.
Tho Cumberland brought 1,140 bugs corn,
18'J bbls potatow, 128 bbls flour and meal, 8
bbls whisky, 280 pkgs furniture and sundries
for ru-shipmcnt south, and tho following Cairo
freight : JI. S. Harroll, 5J doz. chairs, t table,
1 washstand; C. T. Hindo, U bbls gunnies;
Parsons, Duvls A- Co., 1 box waro ; Thos. C.
Green. 15 bbls potatoes "Wm. Klugo, 'J coops
poultry, 13 pkgs eggs and buttor; 11. Meyer,
1 pkg tabacco; II. Korsmcycr, 1 ditto.
Tho hlgli-headl Armada, captain Gus.
Dusouchot, is the regular mail and passenger
packet for Kvansvillo nnd all way points this
Tho Win. Whito is tho regular daily packet
for l'aducah at 5 p, ,n.
The swift Hello of 'Alton, having' been
starved out of the St. Louis and Alton trade,
will bo here this evening on her way to New
Orleans, on tho hunt of ft, suitable trade.
Captain Hruner otpects her to'mhko tho trip
from St. Jiouis to Now Orleans In sqvcuIv-
,th,reo hours, running time. ''
The comfortable and good running steamer
Molllo Ilarnblcton, Capt. H. "W. Ilanibloton,
has ontored tho Cairo and Memphis trade in
tending to leave hero for tho lutter port every
Thursday evening, There Is n largo umount
of way business which tho larger packets do
not wish to bo troubled with and for which
thoy ehargo enormous prices, but which con
stitutes u large proportion of tho trudo of
Cairo. This way business can bo attended to
nt much lower rates and still pay u smaller
craft like tho Uatnbloton whloh has time to
nttend to it properly. "Wo fiopo our citizens
will do all in their power to stistnln her, ns
thov will find their orders much increased bv
hnvinir such n boat in that trade. Sho leaves
this evening on j(trst trip, ,. and wo hope
sho will hnvo a good dne, as she is ft very neat
sldo wheel stfnlhcr with line accommoda
tions. , s -
Thecargo of tho Shark was left out of our
rcnori vestordav on account of a press of
otheVtnnt'tcr. Tho cargo wns received at this
port, and amounts In tho aggregato to, threo
thousand tons, not including n bargo of wal
nut lumber which sho nlso had in tow., Tho
principal items of her cargo arc: 12,000 sks
corn, 14.000 bushels ditto in bulk, .'11,821 bush
els wheat in bulk", 0G2 bbls flour, C7fl sacks
oat, 2.10 bbls mcnl. -
Tho wheat In bulk on tho barges of the
Shark is shipped direct to Liverpool.
Tho Cairo elevator being now in operation.
farmers along tha.llno of tho rnilrond, need be
troubled no farther by cneklng their corn, but
can reshlp It in bulk to C airo, whrro they
can find ready snle or shipment, whichever
thoy prefer. If they wish thoir corn sacked,
It can bo dono here, nfter arrival In bulk, nt
much less expense than they can do It ut
homo. If thoy will tako tho trouble to count
the cost of transportation, insurance, ware
hotisonnd forwnrding charges to othor ports,
they will find that Cairo Is tlio best market.
Tho Leclnre, sunk on the Ohio river Falls
lat Suturdav night, was raised by tho Ohani-
plon in two hours nfter work was commenced
nnd is now In the docks nt .Portland, being
Tho Km No. 10 bus been raised and Is be
ing repaired in the docks ut New Orleans.
Tho Tennessee has been ghrcti away to Mr.
(J. O. ltussell, who, it is understood, "will run
her to thq Itocky .Mountains when the season
opens. "Wo say given away, for although
there was a small munoy consideration
in the transaction tho boat wns worth more
than double the amount paid for her. Sho is
fully worth $12,000, and with, our views of
tho bufiness prospect for tins coming , season,
wo fully bidlevu -tho Tennesson cannot bo
bought. In four months from' to-day, for les
than $15,000. Shu Is really n fine stcmrilionl
of her clus, and ho never made money only
K-causc shu wns unable to obtain admittance
into such trade us suited her rapacities.
.11 1 i Th ft runmn tamr MOI.I.U-
r -w.mi iciv i, w i unipt. n. "
will Iritt iroa ntxirn imTlll'ltSIU V ttiftlslli i ft-'
Kor freight or pas,tg apply on board. )4nU- Ji
Dally 3?ftoltot.
Tli litdit tlmnxlil sii(;vr M.ninr
W, n W3T. 1VIIITK,
It. Y
Willtnnk n zuli r IU1I.T Tl'.IIS l-lwn Cairo and
l'.vlucalt. Iatiiii Culio Try cicaliiit (suuJitVs cx-
cptcd t lit o'clock.
Thu WhlUiconn;ts at I'n4jii(viliM'ltMliNwOrlsn
and Ohio ritilroml, nnd lit (Tumlx-rUtui uud TriinM-
rltr m kct.
l or irclfflil or imiosjep apniT on imn, or 10
M. J. IJUCKI.KV. .ent,
JaiiiUlf Ciro. Illlnoi
For Clly Allornry.
T.i tlidrnocriiy oft'alrv'
I'ritrnt huiincss rcquirini: my presence at siwins-
ni-ld, will jir nt mo from RhinK my pr"iul atln-
Hon to tho muuriH'irnl cantiMs nnw in prar. I
thwforo wllhdratr my rmmo a ranlldats far th
iKtsitionof Cily Attorwr, with many thank" ami th
ilci H.st;fi (4inc of gratttml to my frwri'N for th a-
nHraise of sm cess thu fr rI mi in.
t . r- AI.llKir.MT.
Voariinittliorixnoanniunctht I. I'. IIUTI.HIt,
Ko . will l n cn-lhllo for r lction to th oflW of
City Attorney. utyet lo the dwismn of th ilcmorratu
Itrly. "
For Clly Mstralml.
W are authorized to announco that JOHN CUI1HAN
will Ion camliilut for Ih olhe of Clly Marshal at th
miiin:rhrtrtr clcllon. auljt ct to III dwmou of th
dcniocratio xtrty. tc"
WVnro authnritd to t.nnounn MICIIAMIi HAM-
IlIttl'K asacitiiiluliitcfiirtheoilU of City Marshal,
ult to Ihodouinluu of lha dni'" nttic rty. I-
W nru authurizl to iinnoiiitc that DAS. M-CAIt-
TIIV U arati'lld.ito forth ofnnofClty Marshal, '!
JihiI to Ih ducislou of the Democratic lrty. t
Kor Clly Traiirr.
Mr. :j,ir I'lisneannounc nm ai an Indcpoinlcnt
csndldntoforlhotttTof CityTrra-iir'r.siilywt, how
ever, to Ih decision ol tho Totem of (.niro.
tv con.svi:em:v.
WoariiaiithoriK-dtonnnnunc that JOHN IIVI.AM)
Is aranditialn for Urn iiltlcof City Tranrr, sulject
to th di clsion of the democratic party. tc
We are authorized lo nnnouifn J. II. TAVI.OHiun
ramlitlato for the oftlco of City Tr caurrr, ul)j ( to tlio
decision of Hit dmw rutin Iarty. ti t
Vor Police Moiflalratr.
Mr. I'Autr II a announce tn a ciunlnlHlc fur Po
lice Magistrate. Hei-urity dchU and n spell of alcknen
of two and a half yonrs' tlunttlon hare lft mo in ii' e.l
of the office. It is my chief support, and as this lit tho
Itut tiio I shall aik ofllcc, I hop tny friends will not
forget inn. te'l II. 8HANNEAJY,
Mr. Xiisr Pleas announce mu as a candidate,
for tlio oltii'e of I'olico Magistrate, fuljecttothadecli
lonof the demwrailo party. (te JAMKS HVAN.
Kor Clly Clerk.
Mr. y.diitr Ileum announce me ns an Independent
candidate forth office of City Clerk at tho ciisiilnj!
election. to !.. W. DAHHKII.
Mr, Mitur Please i.iuioimeo tne at a caiullilat for
llm oftlco of Cily Clerk, nt th ensuing charter elec
tion, subject, however, to tho democratic pttrly.
I hereby announce myself it candidate for tho oftlco
of City Clerk, subject to tho regulation of thedcino
crutlo party. tJ JOIIMMIKI.V.
We are authorized lo announce JOHN V. KAOIN as
a candidate for tho otncoofCity Clerk, subject to tho
decision of the dc inocrntlc party, te
t. n t, a wj. . a.
Having purchoKed theentir stock uud llxturcn of
Aug, horsmeicr, aro prepared lo do all kinds of
ii h h and 8 1 o a in Fitting
In a neat nnd workmanlike manner WearoaNopre.
pared to repair nil kinds of Hits fixture, and by our
prooessof bioiulni; and glldniK make them In every
particular as Rood lit new, Those bavins inwli fix
tures, will please giro usu rail satisfaction Kiinruu
teed in all eves, C. K. YKAOKIl.
ATTKNTIOBi, CANIKO l-There will bo a spc
clol moetlni; of the Cusino held nt tho hall on
Thursday nlaht. 28th Inst., at 8 o'clock, fur tho trims.
action oi important business.
lit' order it llu, iirnui.
C.Mtl.1,. THOMAS, Hce'y.
Tiint's please copy. J
lIi"ASTKD-At the otlUo of the Cairo lliillctill.
YV mcrduntH who want Hill Heads, Hills of Lading
andl'.whter printed,
c.siiio ctrv
CAtrto TnAsrra CO.
qiias. t. iiinjh:,
J. Gr 3U 3NT T,
(ja mo HjLlxois.
Thiontili HUN of
Avullrtlilc 1'olnts liylluil or Water.
N T K A M S II 1 1 O JH P A X Y
3NT 33 'XTiy OHJjXiANB
AV. It. AllTIII'It .
,.rIITi:it. Mastsr,
III lliv, Mit-ler,
I'KHltAM. Master.
IU Til .. .
i'.m i.i.m: cakuoi.i. .
.WII1TK. Master,
. i:NTIMKl:V, Mastei
r..ii: (;n. i,
o-.-mkii,, Piaster.
.CdNI.Y, Mler,
JUNIW. MustiT.
Comprising ull the lln'.l an I largest biat out of H
(Hi of th above linof steamer will lenve Cat.
for New Orlcaim every other d ly, connecting at Ht.'i
Orleans with O i-nti l,ln of Hteami rs to
I.U n iiool, Xrw Yiii'b. Huston, nml (Jal-e-Iiiii,
I's'seiiijcrs anil .ehipers can rely on on Ihej
Ixat4 lesivlnc Cairo punctually as nNiie. Will pa
rmrtlcillHr attention lo all way freight below MtiutilrV
to New Orleans. CH.ta. T. UlVK,
f.enrl Ait'-nt, ('.tiro,
ntls-, on WhartViat. public jsndln
ED. V. MsWN. I'i-encr atnt Tie kit Aernt.
omee, at e. Charte Hat.
bc S '1 K A .11 K it N.
Th follow in llrtt coiniinM. this I.n.r nn 1 Will '
run . the fi.llwinK': ! i
M. I. FOKSYTII Zinnl.Kl!, Mastr,
.MAillll.K ( l i t ...! ;.U AY, M.u;. r.
niTVdl'Al.TOV . .THOMPSON, Mler
IIKM.K .MKMIMIIN. ntlNi:, Maser,
I'rrnpt attvb'i'in will he i to all business la
tro.ted to the car of th UmU.
I'reiKht und Ti.-k.el (HIku .ucuuipany wltarf-tiuat, ,i
front of Cltr National lUtuk.
Oil AH. T HINDB. Ctiwi.1 AriuI.
Kl. K. Sl-O.N,Ti ki t or. -I IWrnf-r AU.
1M. LirriiK uock
JOII.V II. llAVIw, Miji'l, Memphis, Tennrs,
.jp"'1'". The splendid side-wheel
MAY FLOW Kit, co.m.mkuci.w. ami
I.te Meuiih etcry Tfll'AY. TIU'IUIUY an
STt'ltIAY. t ' in . fi.r White ItiVer. ennt ttnsi
Ihivitll's I Hull with lh Meiiii.bisan.l I.itlle Itor k IU(l
roa.1 for I.lttl It" k and ll"t .'-print;- Tium lrm
Memphis U I.ittt. Km . . l hour.
Pxaght and l'Mnt; -t rl4d orr Ihealmi
I. me at lor tl llsan nr other rvttl.
tllAf. T HINDIS, AkhI. Cairo. Ilk
OtUer ..a Whw f lw
The sdndid
PiiMsiMiuiT .Sl':ini'i
llf.AKK. Master,
it cnico.v,
t.l'MINAIl Y
I.l'KCK. Master,
ii. m.niiui: vi: .....t .itTi;it, Muter
IV.. t. nro pi.iig iipsinuia every 1 NIVY mu
TUIJ'DAY.aridiin.lywnti.p u ry Till IlflDAYtWt
hUNDAY, liukillK t lone cotiiicitiou Willi
VlrksliurK 1 ?Irriillnii llallroail,
Hcluin nml ?Irrlillnu Hallroatl
Jtrxv Orlenns, .lurksoii ami firral Norlrsrrit
Throuith riveii.li given to any and all points on th
aaul rouds, with I'm kets for Yazoo Itiver.
."pecUl attention Klvcn to all way busiiifM Udwci i
Cairo and Wksl-tiri:.
CHAsl. T. HI.MlK, Roieral Aceut.
Oihco on Wharf.boiit
-A. 01331' O OniFyVKTY
Consistini: of tho following
Splendid Passt'iigor Steaineni
Leaves Cairo Sunday and Thursday at A p.m.
Leaves Cairo Tuesday und Friday at 6 p.m.
Leaves Cairo WcdneiMlay and (Saturday at 6 p.m.
MnkinR nil Intermediate landings, and paying psr
ticlllar attention to racket rYclchfs.
CHAS. T. HINDI-:, (leneral Agent.
Ottico on WliarM""ti
. ifrV Coiniiosetl of tho following
g: fcTICAJrlKKS:
HIM8 Master IIAIII'EIt iVik
Leavea Cairo every Hunday nt 0 p.m.
STItONtl Master KOAN cicrW
Leaves Cairo every Tuesday nt 6 p.m
HAIIMON Master I WllVVIIlt ...,,CIbi.
Leaves Cairo ovory iTlthiy at ft ji.rn, 1
rpecl'il attention jnVli to uy huslilesa hetwe.
Cairo and NasliTdte.
CIIAH. T. illDK. (Jcurral Agen
dcc2l 'C3d oilltftt ou Wh.trlUM.

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