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t aaV I lH I M I
OHicc, 225 Washington Avenue, Democrat Hall; Editorial Rooms, Ohio Levee, over Barclay's Drug Store.
ornn.Ai- vwww or coc.vtva.vj) citv
AVhcn history does Justice to tlio four year
cf rudienl rule now cloig tlio world will bo
furnished n chapter of political trickery, fraud
nrd chicanery without n parallel. It will
speak of powers uurped, of purtl.uii villainy,
of bribery nnd corruption that would lmvo
wrecked any other civilized Koverninont in
ehri t'-ndom! It will "peak of tho pre-cnt
1 5iigre as ono that halted at no outrage upon
popular right.', to gain party ends. It will
speak of state, constitutions thrust upon a poo
pic who had unmistakably repudiated thorn; of
representative duly elocted by the people,
who were denied their sats, and of tho ad
mission of representatives to seat who had
been clearly dnfeted by tho ballots of quail
Uvl oter.' In that history the .Missouri
r i,teted '''ectii'ii ca will stand out in nil
ill enormity; but enormous n it is it will be
1 almost ri'pvtnM in it f-haracter by
t blanker criminality of other diwds .
'i wo coininitttn of thst hottso of congress,
v. rwliolmiiiRly radical, have reported ud
urstly to tho claim of Anderon. from Mil
an allowing full pluy to all their party
r 'udii w, and yielding all they could yield
' ' party nice, tlnty could not find It in
U. ir heart to say that Anderson's eompsHl
t r, .Switzler, was not entitlod to hl seat.
Twice, therefore, they rejsorted against his
1 .aims, fon-wd to aeknowled.! that the void
cf the poople had unmistakably chosen Switz
1 r Jtut of what avail were those decision
with n congress lost to n sense of honor and
joiti.t!'' In dofitinee of them, in defianceof
pri.plc, 1."V viUI Ai.d' rmti to hi seat,
a . I lni, hj haiiii' a they, accepts it.
No wander the radical press aro silent in
it w of thi outrage. There is a little decency
left to thf jmrty that tHilsU the tongue that
Wuuld oomuicml and approvu this outruge.
lie nest radical ftl that such crime degrade
V.a .r organisation, and while for "party's"
akr they may not suy o, thsrir ruejwet for the
ght debars them from even an attempt to
J:fend or palliate.
It 1- altogether probable that the present
ra li al legislature mill not adjourn until It
isktet negro children into our common
f ! - V Th- glaring Injustice of such mi
trage; the aboliit eerUinty that three
1 it h ( the twiplu of Illinois r hostile to
i- I, a tnesvure, f.r nothing. Th negro
m ,-t conciliated. He U a tout in unibryo
4:. must poms forth issort-aged to tberadl
rj", party. It Is purely n lioartlesss jwlitical
d "Jge -party lUraiagy. HottMt tywjwthy
f r the ntru hn nothing U do with It.
What the ullVict of "Uh a inudifteution of
tur laws a would give negro children a free
px s t our public school, will be, we can
s.arc' ly foresee. A law h repugnant to the
p ojl- at lare may, ksjIUy, fall still-born.
If tt do not, however, It will letd ton demoral
ization and degradation of our common
schools that will, and ought to, eventulute in
tL-T dfitructlon.
In Cairo tWre are at lsut tlve hundred col
.1 liildri.li ho whould W enlitM to ad
r on to or !ioolf. The jmronw of those
c'i.I Iri'ii do nt annually pay twenty dollurs
rx- all told. A levy of fifty cents on the
cnu hundred dollar -.forth of all the property
cwued by n eg roe In Cairo would not pro
duce fitf dollar I To school the five hundred
children of these ple, wwstld ( ot ten thou
caud dollars por nnnum. Hence, we see, tho
white 1 itlxen of Cairo would be taxed yearly
sum of nine thousand nine hundn d nnd
ninety five dollars to educate negro children.
The atvrt, 'hWi avorion the white
r 1 ! 1! 1 feel for the black cannot even 1
lt ateil out of hi bosom. 1 1 U a jwirt of hit
nature. The conluenee of tld rUtnof feel
iijg would develop ltelf in ' a divided house"
an "lrreprible oonilict" that would go on
r.tll the school became all blaek or all white
"nil one thing or nil the other."
Open the doo of our school houses to tho
negrotM, and if you retrain the impulso oTtbe
white children to eject tho sooty race by force,
vi u! r the house for their solo occupancy.
Until tho sensibilities of tho whlto child are
blunted, until ho becomes di'baed in thought
and action, until, in fact, he loses sight of all
his superior attributes ho will harbor an
aversion for tho black as a companion and
class-mate, that will show Itself irreconcilable.
So fur M Cairo is concerned, therofore, tho
odious measure the legislnturo seeks to foist
upon tho people, would if enforced, empty
our school houses for the solo and exclusivo
uso of tho negroe. Tho directors would thou
intcrpoio their power by refusing to nea
taxes for school purposed, and thus would
topplo to its fall tho proudest Institution yet
reared in our city.
It becomes necessary for us to try to get
along without tho valuublo us.istanco of tho
Island of St. Thomas. The committee on
foreign relations Imvn refused to ratify tho
treaty for its purchase, notwithstanding they
were thereunto urged by the JMnl.h tommis-elom-r.
Tho earthquakes to which that littlo
sea-bound camel'a buek is subject, give It
"great shakes" which should distinguish tho
American peoplo only. "Wo chargo tho re
fusal to ratify tho treaty to radical hostility
to tho "shakers."
AVho supposes that tho charges of corrup
tion against scnutor Fenton of New York,
will bo serlouily Investigated? If they are
truo and Ponton takes his beat, howlllonly bo
"hail fellow well met."
Mr. Grant, thowifoof the president. elect,
hns n pair of such tiriy foot that they artf tho
admiration of nil tho belles and beaux of
"Washington. Tho sizo of her shoo is no. Ii,
smaller than tint of hur young daughter.
Tho 'Metropolis City Item' is the name de
cided upon for a small local paper, soon to
mako ill appearanco In Motropolis. The
'Promulgator' says that J. Parish Stcelo is
agent for tho 'Item' company.
JlctropoIIs bonsti of tho preienco of a ve
locipede. James Shirk sails It.
The people of Metropolis are, m wo
predicted thoy would be, exasperated at tho
"daguerreotypes" of the unmarried ladlos of
the place, recently given In tho 'Times.' Tho
pictures, were very coarse, not to say scurril
ous. Tho Vienna 'Artery' nominates A. J. Kuy
kendall n u candidate for a scat In the con
templated constitutional convention. Tho
.MetrojKills 'Promulgator' mention Geo. 'Wat
ers, of Pope, and II. .M. -Munn, of Massac, In
tho samo connection, hut urows its unwilling
ness to advocate tho claims of ntiy gentleman
until some decisive incasuruA aro tuketi in ref
erence to the convention.
The residents and jHisers-by on Commer
cial Avenue above Twentieth, were tho un
willing spectator, yeterday afternoon, of a
street eeuoof the mot brazen and Indecont
character. Two depraved women, in a state
of beastly ,intoxication, were lcing carried
home from a den on 20th street, by their "fol
lows," who wero also partially overcome by
liquor. Ono of the women was so perfectly
limber, tfmt her man was compelled to carry
her on his back, which he did without paying
the least attention to tho arrangement of his
burden, which, part of the time, was heels up
and head.downwards. He fell from the side
walk sovcral times, sustaining, apparently,
no Injury whatever. The other couple wero
not quite to drunk. Uy monopolizing the
sidewalk they munaged to keep on their feet.
This unseemly spectacle was presented
about one o'clock In the afternoon, when citi
zens with their families wero enjoying the
out door air, or taking their afternoon wulk.
How it happened that the shameless men es
capvd the clutches of tho jolic wo uro not
apprized. A night or two in our ca!abooo
and a tine of $25, would probably teach such
Individual that cur citizens have feelings
that are entitled to respect. Both tho men
wero strangers.
A dozen or more gentlemen of Cairo call
jpon colonel McKcaig, through tho Cairo
'Time,' to announce himself as u candidate for
the circuit judgshlp, made vacant by the resig
nation of judge Olney. "Whilo we place tho
highest estimate upon the colonel's many good
qualities of head and heart, and recognize him
us a courteous, excellent gentleman, wo should
bu sorry indeed to ee him succeed to the
bench, while wo have among us such an emi
nent Itwyer and profound jurist as tho hon.
Wesley Sloan. "Wo wero in strong hopes
that, laying aside all political considerations,
tho people, by common consont, would settlo
upon judgo Sloan as Judge Olney's, successor.
The Firt National Uank, of thi. city,
(whose revised card is published among our
new advertisements to-day) takes placo among
tho fir.t bunks established in Illinois under
the national banking law. Its career bus
Wen one of continuod projority always
commanding tho fullesl confidence of the
public. The cashier Mr. C. N. Hughos, an
accomplUhcd financier and business gentle
man, has bean connected with the bank during
the past three years, both as nn oillcer and
Tho "Cairo Ilusincss Chart," just Issued
from tho 'Hulletln' ollice and dollvcred to tho
ndvertisors therein named, is a specimen of
letter press printing that exceeds in neatness
and beauty of finish any like work erer exe
cuted in Cairo, and such as can be surpassed
by no Job ofllco in tho Northwei.t. "Wo refer
to it as a proof of our ability to perform in
the highest stylo of tho art, any kind of fancy
colored or bronzed job work. This, we fuel
confident, will be the verdict of all judges
who inspect the ' Cairo Business Chart."
Hon. Sain Casey, senator from tho third
diktrict U winning golden opinions from men
of all parties. It is an admitted fact that a
better man than "old Sam Casey" doesn't live
in Illinois, or anywhere elso in Christendom.
With a heart big "as all out doors" he seems
to live solely for his friends.
The court of common pleas convened at
10 o'clock this morning. The grand jury was
empanneled and churgod, wheu the court ud
journed until half past 1 o'clock p. tn. Tho
business of tho afternoon was confined chiefly
to tho calling of the criminal docket from
last term.
Tho street rumor that Jorry Coatcs, for
merly of this city, was shot and killed on
board the steamer Mississippi, In no doubt un
authorized. If anybody was killed on lmrd
tho Mississippi, it was probably Mr. John
Colts, tho mate.
Miss Leo Hudson, with her "Mack Ho.,'!
under the. agency of Mr. J. M. Murr.iy, passed
Cairo, Saturday evening, for Monjphis, whuro
sho proposes to fill a two week' engagement.
It is discovered that a good mai.y inou
military bonds have been redeemed ut tho
statu treasury in Missouri than the statu ever
gnvo authority to Issue. Tho tmtural inh-r-enco
Is, that somebody husboeu stealing. Itut,
ns tho state has been In tho exclusive control
of oxccnsivoly loyal men, the legislnturo is at
a loss to imagine how that can bo.
Anna Gurgarin I wealthiest 'lolrnas in
Kussin. Wo timy huv '.o iiifiiriiiiitinti '
enterprising young men t her nddie-. is
Moscow, mid that her
u morcliunl with
100,000,000 rouhl ,
Tho iudL'cs of election will meet at tho usual
place of holding elections in thi-ir repfctive
wards, to-morrow, to sit as a board of registry.
Let tho voters of Cairo bear this fuct in mind.
The St. Charles, Sunday, January 31.
W It JiitnM, N V; A !'' '"i"". fh'""" '
MrIrui;l(ii,.':tl.oiiU; J llnuhll. Memj.hi.i
V II Clwmniin. Ontralia; J A W m.lrrnn ity;
W O ritlun. Mobiles I lrker, rily;
W II Jockton, Memphis; All IJw-kky, Mmfij
JAOlWw.Ky.j WSCpltoirii,prliiSacld;
OeoHrwncp, Ccnfrnlln! Dunbar, (Wins
Jolm Ainernon. U S A; V A lnm Mi..i ,
K C'olWn, Ml Vi ruoDi H ; Hwswr, IMiumn
JirriH Wny, N T; i;hilci W S T;
D It Hustings, Cuatrulu; H U 11tn!, t . i.inlia
Capt. Sandusky announces that ho is in tho
field for the office of Alderman from the third
ward. He runs for the "JoW'.-r house."
For AhliTiiinii.
We are anthoritcl to nnnonn- e Op' I I.I.I M II.
SA.VDL'sKV a candidate for Abb nnan from the
third ward, ntthoen'ulnirclfcirtoretertion. to
For Mayor.
t'Mtr lluUtti7nu are authorised In nnune the
name of THOMAS WII.ON af aen,li.iuc for Mayor
of Cairo at Uie ensuing clwrtor el'tln. to
For City Attorney.
Wo are authorised to announce that h 1. Jl.TI.KIt,
Kq , will be a candidal fr rc -etnetton to the olllee of
City Attorney, mbject to the decUion of the democratic
For City Jlarslial.
W'n areautboriuxl to nunounee tfiat JOHN CL'HllAN
will a candidate for th olee of City Marina) at tlio
enntlnreharter eb-ction, Mitjeet to the ileeiion of the
demf"!ratic party. te4
tt'earo author!rel to antumne MICHAKI HAM
IlItlCK !w a candidate f.ir the ofbc of City Marha,
uect to the del'ion of tho democraut jrty. to
We are ntitliorlfd to annwtie.. that DAN. McCAIt
TI1V l aeandldate fnrtho offle of aty Marshal, sub
ject to tho decision of the IieiinyraUe par:;. te
For City Treasurer.
Mr rMr Ileswe announce wo its an lndei"Bdet
eandKiatcfurthe ouieo ofCityTreanifer.snbjeot, how
eier. Ut the dlKn ol the voters of Csviro.
We ere authorises! toantsnune thai J 'UN It VI.A.Vf)
unraadldateforthe oraeeof ':ty Tr-urtr, ut-).iet
to the dwlsioo of the drnoerlie par.y. te
W are Mthoritd tt. nawtuor J. II. TAYLOR as a
esmdidatc fur the oflice of t n Treaauxer, i;' 1 1. the
decitioD of tho democratx' parly. t
Fftr I'ollce In(lstrntr.
.Mr. ar I1ee nnnniinme n eand,',',' for I'-Ik-
Majirtrate. Murity ileMaawlaspellof inekneea
of la o ami a half years' duration lmve left uie In nt
of the office. It Is my chief support, and a thie I the.
last tune t shall tmk ottkn, l bp my friends will not
forget me. II. HHANNH-riV.
.Mr. yj&r Plea.e announce tn m a cendblat
for tho oflico of Police. Magistrate, isitjeWt to t)i dei.
Ion of tha ilemoeratle party. t1aJAiJ K- K VAN.
For Clly Clrrk.
We arc authoriie.1 to announce J, II. HI'M!'HiiEr5
as arandidatofor the olftce of Cit flerkat the ensuing
election, sutjject to th ileelsion cf (he democratic
party. te
Mr. :ifrI1eae announce uie as an lt.lepaswlrnt
caudiiUte for the olneu of City Clerk at tba ennlng
ejection. t J., w. UAIiilKK.
Mr. I'Mitr Please announce me a. a candidate for
tho olUco of City Clerk, at the cnsuinij charter elec
tion, suljeot, however, to the democratic rly.
I hereby announce myself a ramlidate for the otllee
of C.ty Clerk. sub)e t t rCKUlati'.iH nf tl.edemo.
cratic (arty. tte JOHNI' HKI.V.
Weareauthriwd to annMinre JOHN I'. KAOIN as
a candidate for tho ot!i eofity Clerk, subje t to tho
decision ofthe democratic party. te
CHItlTlAN'HAK.aywntman wiib family ;ieided
in lyjl near the mouth of Itcd m,r,i.r m VatiClt ,
Miss, lie w.v the son nf the Into Christian Hak, de
ceaseil, nf Najioleon. Arkan.as. He has nut bven
beard of since the war. Any information rogardiui:
the said Christian Huk will be Ihaukfully re'i I, and
ho or hia family will h-ar of something lotbatr ailiau
tage br corresp.)iidm w.th the Iude of I'rubalo Court
of Dcslti county, Arkanas,at Niiiilcon.
ftbldJt JOHN II V DR.
A Cant.
A Clnicyman, while residing in South America a a
missionary, discosered a safB and simple remedy fur
tho euro of Nervous Weakness, Early lHay, Disesvses
of the Urinary and Hymnal Or;aos, aud tlio uhole train
of disorders brought on by baneful and vicious habits.
Great numbers havoberncareu by this noble remedy.
Prompted by a desire loU-nrfit tho alllictr.1 and un
fortunate, I will send the recipe, for preparing and
using this medicine, In a sealed em elope, to any ooo
who neo.lslt, rata or cusk-;t. Address,
Station D, nible House,
febl-d3m New Vork Qty.
OAMEI. HllltU, I IlOB'i'.W. Mir.I.I.ll
Presldfni. I . " Vice-President.
C.N. UClillKS, Cashier.
C'olkH.tlou l'rumntly Attended to.
KxcUauKe, Colli, Uank Note ami United
MlHtea Hrcurltlis,
Bouglit vixcl Sold.
Iutcro.it Allowed ou Time Deposits.
Eitatc of William A. Jlackrr, tuctaw.
The underinl ha!!! ben appointed administrator
nf the eMlto of William A. Hacker late of the county o
AleiiimltT nnl Slate of Illinois, deceased, hrreby RiTe
nntiro that be apix-ar IWore the county court of
Alexari'lcreounty, t the court Iiouso In Cairo, at the
Manlii. oil, in thuthltd Monday In Man h next, at
whlcli tlmo all rirrnn hiving claims nwlitBt said es
tate aro notified and requeued to attend for the purpose
of bavinti Ihn fame ndjmted. Allponnti Indebted to
Kind e.tatfateiequejtedtoin.-tko Immcdlotc payment
to the undenlgnni. ...
II. WATbOS WEIIH. Administrator.
I).Ucl this g)tli daynf January. A. 1). lS-twr
ToJarneM. HrynnU Frederick llue, M. M. II. Me
flure, Younii I). Oarner, nnd all others inlerbl :
Vou and 'i'7i of you are hereby notified that at a
Mile of land at the doorof the court hou In tho city
or Cairo, In the county of Alexander and State of Illi
nois, on the 2uth day of June, A. I). IC7, for tho Sta(-,
county uinl -cliool Uies nndco-ds, due and unpaid for
Ibe yinr A. D. I bee.vne the purchaser of the foI
lowing devritml lands situated in the county of Alex
ander and State of Illlnof , uhleli atl lands were wld
in the rmmea of the persons below set forth respecmc-
- '
In who.e name a
Mtt l and puid.
J.imea.M. Jlrynnt,.
Hume ...............
nwqr nwijr
awnr nwir
tr. , 10
lw. 1 1
ineur swnri tMIs
uwor svrqrt Ojllj,
sw qr wn,r
ieo qr nwqri
1 10
19 lis.
.TOll Is,
Frelern-k Iu-..inwqr swqr
M. M. I). MeClure.!nirqrnwir
And that uu'thuSTth day of June, A. 0
IC7. at u iile
of lands ut the ti.aeeafoi
resaitl. and for the Slate, coun
ty nnd ehool taxes and costs aforesaid, for aaid ywir
. li. Uoo. 1 became tho purchascroftbefollowint; do
crlll lands situated In tho county aforesaid, aes.
d and sold In tho names of the persons Ixdow i-ct
In whose name as.
Missed and rold.
Vouiitf I). (Jarner...
Same M
InwiV nwqr
15s. ,3w.
lis. !3r.
pi qr
And iliatthe tfrne irlren by law for the redemption of
thealUBiIeserlbel nns.nni eacii ui "'!",
chas-l as afjreaa.d on the S-H, ,ay of June AD. I.,
will expire on the 31th day of June. A. I. IS, an
that unices i-e-uer r.xleemcl I hal apply for a i ced
Cairo. January lsci-dSw
To William V. Garrett, It. A I'.'.mw'lMn. Win. Wis-
II. N'.ble, N. HiinAer. Win. It. A.lams, John Aber
cr..mbie, a. Delaney, M. D. liunter. l'eier Hinder-
sr. i ft.. 1 . I n s s. 1 1 n Mfi
tillr. A. D. Stewart.
Wm. Ioker, Mary May, Mrs,
IhiltiiH. T. It. Kllis. Charle
e Thrupp, r i noi
k.-.i. i ...... ... I !....! !. Mnrvan .
Ton and ea-lmf yon we hereby notlhoil llut at a salo
or iants an-1 lown nnn cuy iur ws
and dintnet sh(a taxes and costs, due thereon for the
year A. D. IrW.hcldat the door of the court hoii.e in
thecitv of Cnim. county of Alexander and Mute of Illi
nois, T. the nnderipiel, beeamo the purelwer pi
eswh of the fnltowlln; descubed tracts of laml isikI elty
lots, on the day and date t opposilu to them respect
hrsMy as fdlnws, tit :
lKu or
July ft.
it i
eVj of nw rpi II
ne qr toll I
strqrofsw qri'j 11
8 M
It A EdHiundton
n lt
tswrnrnf nwai
9 II
8 H
19 II
a IS
s; Ii
Wm Wi.enun.-lnwqrofse qi
i same ;su'qrnr ne qr
Ir.lirs Sullivan. .'Ktjof nv qr
,.M H MiClurc... seqrof sw jr
'M I.ani '.no qrof nn.
iAIbeitli Phiibi seiir ......
I' M Mews mvqroinwqr
M Laiai .,. of w qr
i same .. Iseqr nf se qi
Jo. nh Thnrn 'ne ur of se ur
3 M
8 ID
a Q
a o
s'lSi Si fi
lliilrs Wlutaker.. neqr of sw qil s 15
,(i A. i: Ibiilfj ..,seqrof mvqr,27,15i '.'
John llolgrs. sw qrof si qi, -r l; 2
samr w'.ornwqi ,27 IV 2
! same n qrofswqi,7 I'' '-
r l on oral 'e", or nw qr, Jc n
Pat.. IW.k-,1 Ii. nrnf n. nr l.'i 2
Jus Mllll.vll .scqt ufuv qi,i,l, -
II P Cral.. . swqrnf seiiriilS' 2'
ume,..m icqrofsw qr,! IJ l '
till Nolle sivqrofswqr, 15,14 2 j
N llunsaeter.... h ofnwqr IJ 1 .
r. ....... r r. . O ' I ' I 10
... ... iiniui uh tin
7 IS
I in
1 qr
Jh Abtrriuuilila e qr of ne qr
simc..........;ii ye ur ne or
d Delaney
M D Gunter..
Wll 1MU ,
frl lie ne qr,
on Island 27,
frl se nr
.ej of ne qr.,
James Mitcliell se qr of se qr
Peter I.undcrvill se qr of ne qr
same 'nr qrof se qr
A Drilewait j.eptof se qr.
0 Hi
X Id
sol it)
Wm Dixker...... lot 22 pi lie qr
Joelfi Morsan..l Of aw qrlSil5 2
All of tho abovo described lauds I villi; and
bolns lu tho count y of Alexander, ami titatu
of Illinois.
s c
i i
Date of Sale,
is I
July 9 li........ Mia Phillips !iH.2.'i
do Msiy Jlay ; I' 4
July 80, ISCi ...Til Hills ! S2I
do.. -. Til Kllis ....: 7 21
do PbI" Doi....-m. M M
do Charles Thrupp 10 25
do .. same. 15,25
do .. K Vintenl 6 M
July 31, lSia.... K T llotbiook - 12 5
do Charlea Tliriipp - 8 22
All of aaid city lota buiiiif situated ill the city uf Civir",
county of Alexander and Slato of Illinois, and tbnt the
time given by law for the redemption of each of tho
nbovo described tract of land and city lot from mud
a.ile, so purcluucd aa aforcsaiil on the 2uth d.iv f Jul,
A. D, )s6s. wiii exiiireon tbo2l)tli day of July. A ('.
In70; and that tho tlmo civen by law for llio t. It inp.
tlcm of tho abovu described tract of land, froiimiid
(.ale, so nureliMCti as sfnresald on tho Itli day nf Vi -glint,
A. I). ISttf. will expire on ihe V davof Auku-i,
A. H 1S70, and that that tho time clven by law for tho
redemption of each of the abovo dewribed city bits,
from aaid sale, so purcluised an aforesaid outficalu
day of July. A D. leei), will oxpiro ou tho 3Ut day cf
July, A. D. "TO, and that unless tho uboo dcsi r f""l
tracts of land aad town lots aro. respectively re leea., i
according to law on or before tho day onwbi.'h Ii'
tlmo given by law for the redemption of eat h of tb m
eplrcxas abovo act forth, I shall apply for ad.cHt f i
una possession of the same. ' '
Cairo, February 1, 1809-daw
1 i
or and ia-ession id tho Mtne anl inai me nnie tnni
by law for I he redemption of the alio derilel land,
aii f esv h of them so pun-ha.eil as aforosaid on the ijtli
day of June, A. D. Uv.7. will expire on tho Kill iiloy ( ft
Juiie, A. D. !?, anil that unle-s sooner redeemed I
kIwII apply fcr a dee-l f..r and pos.esslon of the Mime.
Mwnapii wrK,t1AK piTz'oKltAl.U I'ltrehoser.
man, r.hSA Million. M I'. riiurr.rt. iii
tt O Itillllp. 1' M Mews, Joseph Thoru. Odes
Whitaker, . and K Ho.Kes John llodae., I' t.or-
i..,.. i i-.,.. Miti.liMI. II. r. Crais. II.
Importer and WhoUaale Dealer in
ivim:s, IsItVS, TOBACCO
Afir.xT roe.
IJest Ilrantls uf Cream and Slock Ale
Imported Ale of ninei'tiit Kinds.
No. "5 Pino Lkvkk, - Cairo, Illinois
y ii o is u s a ij u c; k o c k k .
3Vt e n O H A INT T,
Ao. "0 OAio Uvee, Cairo, III.
Special attent'on uiven to consignment and filling
or.lere. dccgl'Bedtf
decil'ti'if N ion Cmai aci .t AvrKBt
Itcul Estate, litiiui aim mock nrokers.
Will attend fo the uyment uf State, Cvuntyand Oitr
Taxs, nnd nil lai-nesi pertaining to a GhNLIUIs
Kioimi Stkkkt, teeond door from Cum. Ate.,
decSI'Mdlf Cnlro, III.
' . m t L 1 . . .
I '
Xj. OaXs-CTjM,
llii Coimiicrolul Avenue,
Infcrms tho oltiians of Cairn and vMnity th.it ! h
ou land onouf the tersest and lisnstissortwletoeko:
llry .'omN, Fancy d'omlx uud Notions,
In wllwii Irtlnals, which hsot!r .it srhi that w
d.ifyoom petition.
W ill sell Prints, fur t bratsds, at ffsim." to I2S-
Yard a ide IHeaelsed .MOslin at
llmnyyard aido tdietin at I
All-wool Klannxl at -
White lUunkeU (-r iir. at . t' '
Ijirtte aiss all-wo ibaiUe ImwN al I
New st)le ladie' Clouks ut MWaud upanrils
Good I.inseiat .......-...-...-.- St"!
Weant aud very heavy clniU and tl-
ured Pnpliii,KT yard, fruuu...- 3otol(
Hilk Pilins ai "
Gol )anl-ide Merino at - ..
Abirge uvrlinuiil of
lllnek uud Culiiied Alpiuas at 125 cent-
And niuueroits other sljlea of DriRs GsmsiN corres
pondinitly low.
All-linen Handkernhlefs at... 0e
All-lineu TtiHi-liiiif, por yard, at l'-4s
Gool Talile I.ilien - 4"'
Irish I.llien, vnrd wide "
All-wool Socks ')
I.adlea' Merino Hole . " ;. .'...12. IV.
Merlna Vndershlrtsand Dniwcri ..
Alsb, a largu assortment of , J,
ypnzxoy Crooclsa, J
riitehas '
AleianUcr Kill UlovtH .. S
Krviicli Corseta........... M 1 .
Jtound Coil.s.. 10t
lint" all other Cuwa eorrojiondliigly low.
It W therefor to the Inlere.l of every jwrion buying
goods tn call at
iaa C'oiiuii'r'li Avenue,
lbiforo buying cboulten.aa money eavi-l U, moni y
"Thankful for Uie Mil l'.itrona(e heretofore n
tended to us, e hope to rei eivu tlio samo In future
I dccil'iadtf
, MMSSBasasssiMMSsasss
Is. UIsVM.
nil. II. WAUDXRll-Reaiilened, No. 69 Wai
llnutsirivl.iH'ar EiKhthatreel. Otnoe, over Post
iiifiee. waVe houra, 10 to 13 a.m. and 2 to 5 p.m., i
well supplied with fresh, healthy vaccine matter.
i ITUUIHAXK-My roiden on Eighth street, a
1 I low flRiiresumUn easy iMytucnU.
)an2tdll U.S. HAItltELl

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