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f jOflice, 11$ Washington, Avenuepemocrat Hall; Editorial Rooms, Ohio Levee, over Barclay's Drug Store.
Official impek of cokxty ami citv
cMitu as the head of UNINTER
Years ago, when St. Loul and Cincinnati,
and other cities nbovo tho mouth of the Ohio
:vtr v.cre small n Cairo now Is, tho com
v.orcc of tho riven, throughout their length,
was not as much during b whole year as now
ir n day, or any hour in the day, floats upon
tHi.io wirtcrs. The great Mississippi valley
v.s n waste, inhabited rnily by savages, savo
t. tss cp'tion of n small settlement around
t clr titk's or forts ; the wants of the pop
Ijl. jii few, and the interchange trifling.
Tno necessities, of commerce were amply, sat
i c:l by flat or keel bouts that, once n year,
i..aJt trip from 1'ittsburg and St. Louis to
V w Orl-nns, the captains and crews walking
I a I. at thdr lelnurs.
1J jt y urs jMisl, mid with the tide of cml
ti came tlip demands of commerce,
nit i . l."Uii,,.'iiiojnnatl and the clttto
tl. rivors ootid tl their jKipulation
1 t! i. tf thottnd. The country filled urn
t 1 brought forth its increase, and tho
v. - ti if ("inimjrce wire so great that other
c x'.ti wi-re sought by which to supply the
C ..iv.U of trade. Hence railroads were
farted and built, which now raver.e the
in all dfrfctitle!, l.rihijnSg into cultiva
ti n lar J. once considered Worthless. "With
t ix' ntion of facilities has cotne the in
U"!uiod home and forcign"demandJ'f(Jr"tlfe
ijr...n, ll'iur atid .production of the valley,
' : t V -sBTii'ltnu h demand imperative for
draper transit. And, yiulding to this demand,
t lewhero In the heart of the great grain
r'rcng region of this valley Is to arl) the
:y tf at will be an entrepot to supply, this
r reirjn iV mand ; and thnl city will be the
L'n f j navifftiUm, or no twit trill go aline
t't nt ir hrrt it ttn nlu-ayi find a full had,
a r turn withit hindrance.
L in now examine, a little, the progress
f Cairo towards that wninwice, and the rwa
t s f:r its continued progren.
Until the lnilWlHg of- the Illinois Central
- J, its adviinomtit was not worth the
-t Kiftwi jenr ago there was not a
I .it t f any ie or description that claimed
'air j as h'-a li'iarters, except wharfboats tied
t tl.o tr " along tin ihoro of the Ohio riTjr.
r- ' ri.-hipj.ing l.u.ii4 fvrmed thenum j
( f Cairo's commercial consoquence at i
t at period. From this leginnlng the bull
r c of Cairo has enlarged, until now tho city
I.. ;i of several lines of daily packets, dopos
I....g at )vr wharves the products of tho sur-
i" Ir.g i "luutry and yrly nrrirals and
(.'-partufu to tbu number of four thousand!
A. err pj.i ling inrreaso will, within -trr
t i ..ike the arrivals twenty th-uand
vcr.". laaring to our whrvetheonuraoui
amount of ten million tuns snnnatly. And
v - re vehWf rcfj-lvlnj; or di harming any
fr iLt l.f re, hus a viel bein injured by ice,
: obstrui ted by laek of -water.
Fi the firat time, e?eli arc now loading
v ;! gr.i.n at our elevators for shipment di-.
r ' ! L verjol. Th will be fuliowed by
. -:ur'... the arrivals will tvuuh tho amount
1 1 .rrg'' ne.firy to tranort to Kurope
t' - grdn cf tho treat valley, which will I,
a" J is n -w, oit-ring her from all tho coun
fv a1 v-' u-. The reasons for the cuntinuod
r " ff Cairo ar.- apparent. Tho foreign
r.finand for breadstuff alio creatos a demand
r r cheap freight, and the shortest possible
tl at n ln(erviW K-tw.-uii the harvest
r.l t' e point of consumption.
"NV1 cn tho rivers above us are closed by
c and vesels cannot, go alwjve Culro to
M.X.ouis on thu.Miissippi,'or Cincinnati on
'. Oh' river, the shipment of grain br rail
i either of these cities would nt meet the
!innd. for nnyday tho navigation maybe
i Istructed between thein and us, nnd the
t.iuch needed grain be thus locked up for
:.tb. What i required by-this now com
i.i v Is a city in tho center of the graln-g-twing
Wet, whose port is always open and
from wliofc; wanhou-es a constant supply can
be had
Tho farmer of Iowa, Mluneiota and "Wis
c nsin want an outlet for their produce. They
i ava tried Chicago, and tho delay waiting for
tie lakti to bo vluurod of ice, thecuU of ware
Lj'.ning and.handling, take away all profit.
The hold good when applied
t M. Louis'. Low wuter in 'ih'e fall after
harvest, and then tho closing of navigation,
beginning from the 1st of November in1 the
pjH-r Miwipippj nvc,r, cntnllsi nil the objec
tions that aro urireil iiiruinit
Auiiut Cairo, liowover, nono of thvm Pi)y.
ifiu.. - the rlyor ii,oj)CU Above St. Louis,
n-id tliro is Water for' tho baj-gei or itealrii
liats to gft out with tholr'loadi,' then tho
rivtr 1 open to Cairo, with sutllcient water
fr larger boats and barges below u. Wlu-n-ier
thu railroads have to carry jgratn or any
j r ducts to Chicago or J?t! Louis for storago,
tiiivvait tho opening of - navigation," Cairo,
through tho Mississippi river, .pfl'ors a never
'ail'-ig highway that may bo u.ed without let
or hindrance at all time mid all seawim.in '
th" year n-vT onlailing expense of storage
iur voxutiousi delay ff months ' beforo tho
producer gets a return.. Appreciating this
(. jr. lition, artificial moaus to reach this head
f nnlnterruptod navigation, aro being pro-
ided with nil the' energy for which tho
American people are noted.
Tho Illinois Central railroad, tho Cairo and
Vincennes railroad, tho St, Louis and Cairo
railroud, tho Cairo and "Fulton railroad, with
its extension to the Pacific, aro hastening
tVlrfrmini at Cairo, each like tho Unger of
fati, pointing tho peoplo of tho valley to tho
1 e& 1 of navigation.
"When th valley of tlto Mississippi is
! vl pui.alateil; tho banks of its river aro
studded wlhclte, 'and' ihV huy throng,
through tli-.'lr channels seek markets,
vessels, whoso keols have vexed the waves of
tho ocean, tho Thames, tho Mcdltcranean, the
waters around tho islands of Australia, nnd
"even tho China sea, will bear to our wharves
the products of the killed trans-ocean nrti
r.ans, and bear away tho golden harvest of
the west and northwest, and tho snowy staple
of the sunny south.'
There is a class of men lit Cairo happily
day by day becoming small by degrees and
beautifully less who are always inimincnt
danger of severe attacks of Taylor on the
brain. Just before municipal elections this
peculiar disease nnmes lis most virulent
form, nnd prevails like a raging epidemic
.among men 'who, In past years, have been
in the habit of sucking sustcnauco from
tho public loal -mtn wlw have made oflice
holding a business, and resent as an Infringe
ment of their natural rights any expression
of n deiro for ofiko on tho part of n person
not in their ''ring.' During trie last past five
years, these men have had matter pretty
much their own way; have nominated oach
other;"haro"bolllPrth"eir chc'ks like thVo of
a trumjx-u-r lnUawlac.the horn of their own
praise; have plucked many a nice greenback
plum from the municipal tree, and have swnl
lowed all they plifkcd with the relish of men
who know.'' good 'thing when tfiey can taste
it have boon,, In fact, matters of albthey sur
veyed, dictators in a small way, controller of
the.deitlnles of the city, and the skillful ar
chitects of Hi evil day. .LastcVcSr these men
wore clamorous, and predicted that the suc
cess of Mr. Holdcn would bo the success of
Colonel Taylor j bul, as soon as the election
was over, their voices, died into silence, nnd
the city wagged along, practicing economy,
reforming the cjrjU of previous Administra
tions and reducing the public debt. But now
the .time, fur the. Taylor epidemic has come
again, and one or two men have it almost to
thy death. Not satisfied with th truth, in.
tent upon getting their arm into the public
treasury by fatr or foul means, they are con
structing falsehoods of tho most gigantic pro
portions,, falsehoods uu foundation! as air
castles. Vi'o ask all good citizens, nil the
tax-payers, who have heretofore given au
dience and implicit bcllff to th'eso clamorous,
chronic otflce-seokt)!, to guard against their
falsehoods and look beyond their words to. tho
motives which induce them to wag their mis
chievous tongues.
Yo have nothing to say In behalf of Colo
nel Taylor. He Is In every way competent
to skillfully uie In his owe defense the wea
jKins which any exigency may require, iiut
we wish to say that mot of the men who aro
now denouncing him are ignorant of any fact
which can be ued In justification of their
abue. He may entertain opinions concern
ing the city government which are erroneous. ;
but doe any lnxly know anything about hi
opinion on any subject of municipal policy,
except that he, in common with all other
titir.ens, wishes to see honesty and economy
prevail in the administration of our public
affair ? If any purson has this Information
he has more than we poies. "Ve know Co
lonel Taylor u u gentleman for whom wc
entertain high regard; u democrat of un
swerving fidellity to hi party; a citizen
whoe oil U in Cairo; whoso lntcroti are
bound up with its destiny; and whose opin
ion is ontltled to respect. If any peron be
lieves we will denounce this man to conciliate
a few sore-headed office-seekers, that person
is mistaken; arid If any person believes we
would, if placed In a position of trust, give
up our opinion ot hi or any other man's de
mand, that person doe not know tho metal
In our composition.
Hut how nbout the foolish men who are al
ways setting up tho Taylor bugbear before tho
peoplo? Sonic of thorn, pitiful fools thatthov
are, aro honet; but tho great majority of
them aro scheming politician, who live by
grinding their own or somebody else' axes,
and when in office the plastic hand of money
can form thorn into any shap into vessels
of honor or dishonor.
. Wo believe tho democrats of Cairo will not
regard the clamor of tho foolish fullow who
are trying to rnako capital out of a threadbaro
cry, and will act the part of wlso citizen by
sele:ting for tho office to bu filled this spring,
tho most competent men in tho party who are
willing to serve them.
It is alrendy mooted In congress to extend
n protectorate over tho island-of Han Do-'
mlngo; and advices from Washington, yes
terday, inform u; that n movement I on foot
lo annux..tho whole island of-Hayti. Should
this poljey bo adopted, ) it will lead to a mot
delightful mixture of the race, and make ti
a motley nation indeed. 1( will do more to
put In force thu equality doctrino than any
movement tho radicals" havo yet made,' and
will send negroes into congress" without let or
hindrance: for tho sable constituencies In that
I island will bo sure to bo represented by "men
l and brothrfn" of their own huo ; and tho
radicals, with all their antipathy to tho dusky
eitize.li w)icii St is proposed that ho shall sit
beside them as an equal legislator, will be
compelled to open tho doora of tho Capitol to
liim. j
When tho railway across thu continent of
America is comploted, there will be constant
convoyanco by mean of railway and mail 1
packets for passengers desiring to travel round
the world. This grand tour will bo S'.'.OOO
mile In length, and will cost $1,C00, wid will
bo accomplished in about eighty days. Tho
American tourist will bo ablo to visit Eng.
land, Japan, China, Coylon, and Egypt. Ho
will cross tho Atlantic, North Pacific nnd In
dian Oceans, tho lied and Mediterranean Seas,
tho continents of Aniorica, and tho delta of
Egypt. Ho will bo ablo to leave Now York,
say the begmniug of May, and to arrivo homo
again about tho middle of July.
Tho primary election sytom Is in high fa
vor with tho democracy, because it is emi
nently a democratic method for choosing can
didates. It brings the party to a participa
tion in the work of ' designating candidate.",
and therefore precludes the possibility of
packing, bargaining, surprises and manage
ment, to defeat the will of the majority. Tho
people declare directly their preferences,
and do not delegate that power to others.
Tho primary election system Is jn favor in
Cairo, and itfwill, beyond all perailventure,
subsorvc the wishes of the majority. It takes
away the occupation of convention manipula
tors, and permits every member of the jiarty
to vote for his choii-e among the aspirants for
oflice, and does not compel him, as conven
tions do, to exercis that privilfje through a
dolcgato who may or may not remain true to
his trust. It is in favor because every man
properly estimates tlw liberty he enjoys to do
his own voting, and will have tb guaranttw,
when his ballot is deposited, that his prefer
ence will tell in the ballot-box.
Look around, search and enquire, and where
among the ''bone and sinew" do you find men
opposed to the primary election jystetn ?
With one volco our mechanics and laborers
declare that that syste.ni is belt that permits
every democrat t voto his own sentiments,
.without tho interwnti6n of a'dclegato. Tltit,
if this class is satisfied, tho majority Is satis
fled. Hut wo may go further, and say tho op
ponsnt of the primary election system aro
remarkably icarco among citizens whose pur
suits will not Allow of their classification with
laborers and mechanics. Individuals who may
esteem themselve skillful In the work of shap
ing conventions, see in the primary election
svstem no field for an exercise of their skill.
Ihey are brought directly in contact with the
people, and tho people form a b -Jy ton large
and unwieldy for their manipulation. That
such individuals cry out agalnit the system is
not to be murvcled a'.. Its adoption (to em
ploy language more exprcisive than elegant
"knocks Othello' occupation inttf1 a cdeked
hat." Hut theso aro few in number may,
posiibly, be rountod on the fingers of your
hands. When, ll .-n. the candid voter hears
any person declaiming against tho primary-
election system, as a system, let that voter
search for thu cause of thu u.&imoityt- aud hi
admiration for the ystem will be Increased
instead of lessened?
A';ir.V PAllAGltAPJIS. (
CvlUtnl from our UtvittrlrKram-M . i
Tnrtuijna Prisoners.
The president, having pardouejJLjr, ,Mudd,
under sentence for life at the Dry TortUgas
fur complicity in tho ifiiuninntion plot, will
now take up the cases of Kdward Spangler
and Arnold, two other prisoners confined ut
the jntne place on the same charge. Spang
ler, however, who was the carpenter t Ford's
theater, has two more ye-ay to survo, and tho
evidence submitted to the attorney-general,
set-in to be conclusive that he was con vk ted
on fabricated evidence. 1 1
Itadlcalltin Ittrir AkIu.
Georgia Is to bo expelled from Congreu.
The Reconstruction Committeo will, to-day,
report a bill declaring that the statu has not
been properly reconstructed, and is not enti
tled to repreicntation in Congress, for the
reason the statu legsilature has expolled the
colored member. Four of tlio lx member
of the house from Georgia will utain the
forth coming report.
A Cutsarilly Hijicilltiit.
The clerk In the departments huro have
reiorted to, novel expedients to ccuro an in
crease of alaries twenty per cent., from. July
last, which If passc-l will take about $.',000,
000 from the treasury.
Thev have been advlied by radical mem
bcrs to get some democratic member to In
troduce tho proposition, thereby securing the
democratic vote of tho home, and giving at
the ame time republican members a chance
to qutotly Toto for It, on the ground that thu
projosed large exjxwliturc did not come from
the republican party.
A titeii lu Ativuucr.
Memorials from Wcitcrn Pennsylvania
ha vo been laid before the house judiciary com
mittee uking that an amendment be reported,
to the constitution providing that the religion
of Jesus Christ bo declared tho only true one.
Xo.AIurc l'acltlc bublille.
An eflort was.mado in the ienaten Thurs
day to reeoiuido'r tho r event defeat of .thu biU
granting additional subsidy to tW Atchison
or central, brunch of tho Pacific rullrouVbuto
It wtis Most by C5 to 20, an Increase iff two
votes against tho bill sinco it first rejection.
It is another dour indication that no more
subsidies willliu granted railroads. . . .
t m,,, P.- - ' ''
The Alubuiitu LlultiH Trial)' ;.
Will fail to be ratified, and the whole ques
tion will go over to the next nd ministration
for a renewal of negotiations undor n new
minister. Suuh is tho almot concurront opin
ion of tho republican iilomber of tho commit
tee on foreign nflalr"of tho senate and' of th'o
sonator on the floor. An organised opposi
tion to tho triaity seems t have originated in
NuTorl: and IJoaton among claimants for
relief from depredation commlttod by tho
Alabama and Shenandoah, 'i'huy have pre
pared memorials and arguments against the
treaty, which thoy aro sending to leiiutois,
Porons who have seen poor Carlotta, Max
imillian s widow, recently, say that the lady
never was bettor looking than ut tho presont
time. To all appearance alio Is scarcely t won-ty-flvo
year of ago, her complexion 'is very
clear and her oyes aro unnaturally brilliant.,
She, herself, seoin to bo awnro that sho is
vary good looking, for sho sponds, bv far,
more time in drouiug than alio used to do.
Tho firm of I'nrkfr k Phillips liu this day tx-en tils-
snlrwl fir mutual consent. !) T. I'arker Is author
ised to rt celtoull tnonlM due, and pV all th indM
..dn of tho firm. O. T. PAKKLIt,
Feb. 6, lfW-dlw TII03. II. PHILLIPS.
(Huciriaor So Parker ii Phillips,)
And doaJcr in
liny. Corn. OutM ami Ilrnu,
No. "2 OAi'o Ltrte,
Cniro - - - XlXixxois.
. , . : ' !
l'nr Circuit JudRt.
Having t-t n ml itH fy persons f both political
puito Jo rtui for Uir Juilgutilp of the Nineteenth Ju-
lirim ll"i ri' i, m mi I'lrciiuu w uv iiv.i. v.. ....
of Mrol(,,. l I now aonttiiico mys;If ft a can
didal for tl.nt fil ", an I tiled-,'o tnyst If to the jopl '
. . ... . . i . . t . . i , . i
that, IIMKtO'1. I Will (Iisi rmrpe in umi" nninnnnj,
aadlo the best of my skill and ability. .
tVryi.ET Hi.OAX
For Alilcrmnii.
If P. W. Iiarelay will bo a candidate for the S-'ejwt
Omnell In the .ond Ward, lift will recede th aup
jrtof MANr PIUKNW.
fMr ll'thtli-U William Kliue'will "run for the He
tret Council Intli'Kourth Ward he will be voted fur by
many irr.ncTopj.
IfWJHbmratlon aaU.,eorBc;I.iWlll'u)n will
lome cVndidal- for tho S'l"-ct Coinvil from tho city
at lareo ttif y will flte the entlinstastie snpjwrt of
If LoKUbwill tnd for Alderman of the first
Ward he will reooivr the support fit
William IxmTKn will rceelre the anpport of many
fr.Uindsifhtv.uill conntlorun for thsAldennanthlp
of the Third Ward.
If IlnshrJ Pitzjendd and William Mrllalo will bf
roine candidals fur Allermn lathe fourth Ward
tli-y will ii the supixirt of i
WeareaiilhoridtOanuooncnCnpt. WILLIAM II.
PAMiL'.-JKVasa cnndidato for Aldrrtnan from, the
third in? I, at thfriiHng,hrte relation. if
' For Sliiyor".
To thfl Ieinoerattr cltlsens of Cairo:
I announce m)elf Macundidate fortheotneo of
Ma)orof this city, saldect to tha arfjon of the primary
...... . i t..i.i nn ua,...,luv ISlli Intt.
WllUll W 1 " , f. u . . ' 'J t - I
A word of i xi.linatlon In this conaoetlan may t in J
. . ... .... i.. i i . . ... i ,
nofiry, ami is iisrcwim ruhothivv v
tltn.' HTcrl weka since, my name wa froly can.
t.-1 la connection with the mayoralty, t could not
then t tut that the holdlnij of tho olilce would nee
Mrily conflict with my private buslns, In which I
wasunssMo ptcunlarily to make aay sacrifkes. Thi
oIfl-ctiotihaT.n?ben rcmovt from my mind, and
theiarntst Milldtatlcms of many democratic cltiirns
bemjeonimned, 1 hare constated to become a candl
lite, and submit mr eJaiTn to you, with no other
jTrtmN orr',."l nt of my IS,IITn, than to
fuliU the jutioi' InrnmUint upou ni as nch tu ilie be.t
of my knowle-Is", skill and ability.
Very respf'ful'J-. HKAltnKN.
Cir", IUmi, Ftbrury, !?"9-t
Complying with rixUCt, verbal and written, of a
larv numUrof eillsni.', I hereby animus myelfa
aiaadidate for miyor fr ih cnsulnj; .official year;
Mibjset, however, to the declMmi of tho dernoeratif
irty of Cairo, at the primary election to 1 held Wit-
. . ....... i skttir -
nrday.lMli in-t. un.- n. uui.ih.i.
Cairi, HI., KsilfcJ.jS. . te"
, 4-
For City Attorney. .
Ml...rlA1.A unnAtinen that L P. IllTl'LHl!.
1 , u ill I a candidate for re-ek-otiou to tho otlka of
... ... . t...i.(K. nf(l.A.l.m4,alli.
t;lty .Mtorney, iinugws iuuiju".-invw i.-...' w...
For City Slaralittl.
Wjuo authorized toannounee that JOHN CUIIIIAN
will U'a candidate for the ottice of City Marnhal it the
ennlnt charter election, suMfct to the dwisin -.f th
deniratn. party te ..' j
Worfre uthoritel to anuntutra JltCILtKL HAM
Bltll K hs a and. lt" tr the ttic'o of C5ly Mr-lul.
Milji-ct to the dwi.ion of tho democratic party ee
We are authorised to announce Jhat DAN. MrCVli
THV Isaeandidateforthe ortieofCity Marshal, Hit
Jeet tlh decision of the iK-tnocrallc tarty. te
t 1
For City Trcaaurer.
Mr. IMi'ir I'leme announce tno aa a candi. late for
re-eleetion to thofflc of Cily Trea-urer, aubjes-lo
thedeljion of tho democratic jarty at the eoinilig
primary ele.dion. te'l WM.T.HKEiiw.siw. j
Mr. lUuvr peeannoutiepme as an Independent i
caadi'Uteforthe offlco or Oty Treasurer, mgwi, n
ecr. to the iK-cmonof the voter of Cairo.
We are authorised to announce that JOHN 1ITLAM
Uacandldatefortho offiieof City Tre.v.iire r, -iildM'f
to thodi-cUion of tho democratic parly- ? i
We are authorised to annouuee J. H. TAVLOIl as a
candidate for the office of City Trea.urer, u jeet to the
des;iion of the ileinoeratlo j-rty. - tc
Fur Police MRllrle.
Mr fiiisr Please announce mu a candidal for Vo.
bee Magu.trat. ,ecurity debtantaspellofaiclcnei
of two aud a half ) etir dunition have left mo in need
of the Hkw "I my rhifcf support, apian this Is lh
ln.t tiuie I shall "tBec, I hopo my friends will not
f.ttno. , Itofl ,J1, HIIANNEftaV.i
M'. 'M" Please annouiieo nu' a 'a andldala
f.,r the olBoe of Pollep M.utl.trote, mbjeet to the dei i..
m of the democrat! pJrty. t""l JAMIW UVA.N.
For City Clerk,
lles.o announeo nm as f cflnftita7v fr
the othce of City Clerk, " ject to flie dft irl;i of Umn-
i. ruts' at the euiuititf primary cle"fioa
It is well known that .law n.t UsusjMi'-crut. I
Uw a wsular hard.nl5t, iik.I aud JtUrmfl
' iYonkao conUWwy U a J?vs,l Uis ". 1
i,iK uo h) iXK-ritical pn liutioin. My elaim ami ea
' imbiliU' VKvUy geucrjJIy IiWTii by,.a liiajniity of i
lyieeltlieiu, whom I a.l; to iiupport an.lle.i i.ie. I
hoeltiieiu, wnom i a.uioupii. ......-
lau. worked forandwith democrat, on all occasion..
,iee I e.mo to Cairo i m prosrc? aadlnt. -ruf, w
,ere. and, If iU, 1 11 n Vf M ,,J'
. : .iZ: 7.. .t... iuf..l Ion of all. Mvrem-
.t....... f .h. rv . (in s.ai.f'tIonof all. My r-
t .
dchoeln on WaMilnsifii avenue, nt to tlit - Cut.Mu
i. .,..i'..liV A
! We ure aulheriied to announeo J, 11. HUMPIlHKVS
I as a r audidate for tho otflf o of City Clerk at thesiuuir
i elctioD, ul.jet to the doclsion of tho dtajo-nno
! party. to
4 Vr. FArVltMe unimutwo ino n. aii Indi pen l at
I oandidate forthe ottlceof WiV
I elM-tioa. ' " "Al'i":.-
Vr fMir Pleom announeo itie as a candidate f -thi
otlke of Cily Clerk, at tho eusulns charter el- -t:..n.
cuUlsfot, however, to tho democrutlo party.
I I hereby niinounce mysejf a candidate for the offl. -'
of City Clerk, subject to thu regulations of tin. m
crati'partj. --J JOHNP.IIKI.I
Wo aro ftitthorirod to announeo JOHN P. YMH'
. a candidate for the olfleoofCity Clerk, aubjec' i
decision of the democratle party. it
DAMEb lltritl), I ItOIIT. W. MlLLR.lt
Pre-ident. I Vleo-Presldent.
C. ST. IlUOHIiM,. CnlilerJ'
Collections Promptly Attended, to.
Kiclinngc, Coin, . Ifiuik .Nols nuildVllltta
Kt'ntc 'sccrirttlc',, - ,v
, '" " . 7.;; ii
i lll'l T
33onslit xutxcl Sold.
Intfi-esl Allowed on Time. Depo'Tti-.
f"bldtf ' f'A .
Oo.ix-o, IlXaa.soirii.',f
'." i- :
- . . . -arw
. $100,00(1
IV. P. IIALMOAV. Pre.liltntl , ,
A. II. SAFFOlin, Ca.lilcri ' "" -, , ,.
WALTKIl IIYsjr.OP, Assistant' Cnsliler.
y.t... in l f I I iariK
Esclmuge, Coin, nnd Unltel Stntes BonJ
lloiiKht and Hstld. '
Dtjmiis lUetictd, and u General Danhrif
limine! Condutteir.
decIfC.ltf '
122 C'oiHiiK'rthil Avs'iiue.
O O 1 C1
Infvifiii. the ritlreiw of Ca(r nnd vlidnlt v llwt he a
Oti lnuid one of the UrvcM and ltiMorte.ioulof
' taav
Dry (iooiN, Fancy d'oods and .Notloif.,
In SiMthern lll.nom, whfc h hutlfe atr.rici that wilt
ilefyeoin petition.
W'n w ill ell Priat. for bM braniK at frmiia.8 to I Mfi
Viirdwide Illea hel 3rtltl at -)V
Heay yard Ide . heetlng at 11" (
AII-wim.I Klaniit-I iit..-......-.
Whit IllanUets jr pair, at- M 1"
Iirce site Ml-"l 'biiible MiawU at... ... 4 hi i
Newslylis ladfiV UiikaM 3aiid HpwanU sataSf.iHS
riKl I.ltlM'Vat
Hepaut and very heay ehunBesHe and Bk-
uriil Poplin, per ard, from ..Mtos-
Silk Pi)Jiii at 'i"W
(ilMnl ard'ilc Mvriim ul... 4
i m rr T f X '
.7 Id
.' ' ' ,,ss,
.Wjje a'or'tinent of
ltlnck nnd Colored Alpacas nt 2o cent
AndiiiimeroiN' 'othn t)W ui 1'roM Mood orrrs
juindinitly !
All-lmeii Hniidkerehief nt..
Ali-linell Toiielme, T.vnril, at,
(irKl T.lhlc I.llli'tl .
Irl.h Linen. tui w,yo,,.,
All -Win. I 4M'k"j...f.UU..a....t..J.......M...
l-llie.'.Merin.s lleiir ...S-f.
"Meriiw Underidilrt" .mil I 'rawer
" t4
Al-o, a litrst- .Wniil of
arfsxioy 3roocla, ,HV
au;b a
LA( ' ' ' v
.T fl?-
ft I l lX
AleMiiiiler ICIil (Jlovr MM
KvrnrU Cornet..
lluiuiil Ciimlii,.
r 1
Awl ull other 6'owfc errtuhnyly (W.
It I. therire to the luterc.t of every peronUuyliii(
g.;i.U toeallat
' 122 Commercial Avoniie,
1 Itefure laiyinaltfIiMO as money saved is money
' '"Tl'iaiilinil forthelitral patronise heretofore ex
i tfiiiliul to in, e hope to rcilvotho lama lu future.
' DUTT0.VS, Eh i s
j dec-aioiltf

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