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Office, 225 Washington Avenue, Democrat rfall'; Editorial Rooms, Ohio Levee,, ovey Barclay. Drug Store.
Thoro aro fuels not generally known In re
gard to Cairo as tho present and future railroad
centor. "While tlio flgurus presented may not
be peifcctly accurate, thoy nro undor rntlicr
t'aan over estimated.
In the following estimate wo lmvo taken
Cairo as the center, and drawn a lino with a
radius of live hundred miles, and Includod, in
L.Iu and in jiart, tvronty-threo States, with
& lc;.!;th of railroad equal to 20,630 miles fln
h'acd, and 2,600 miles projected and under
way. Thu whole length of railroads in the
United States is about 45,'703 miles, showing
t at .iiM'j the radius we havo over half the
I ngtli in all the United States j and a careful
grvoyof tho map will demonstrate tho fact
t at the grent corporations of the country
Li w Luvo and aro seeking this place as their
t -t '-i The Illinois Central, with its con
r at Chiciigo with the railroad system
(ft'or ,rth, stretching nvray into .Minnesota
i')i- n land, is met hero bv tho -Mobile and
01.. 0 i -ad which roaches, in one unbroken -j
1 re tj the gulf of MihcIoo, binding at Cairo
t" c in-. 1 of the elk with that of the magnolln
ard ralm.
Thu Cairo and Vincenncs railroad, under
l r..ar.agtment of the groat Pennsylvania
('Tf 1 is a westward continuation of the
''.at center at Indianapolis in their
vestvard course from New York. These
o met bv the onlv Pacific railroad that
can Ic operated. throughoutjhe..y.oar,.lroo.
fra.i snows and ico blockadoi, and Tree from
t. i parched and watcrle plains character!;;
?"f; tl: country between tho j.nrallels of lati
UJ '7. tn which Cairo is itttated, and Uio
' :J, i ri which El Paso Is situated traversing
t c states of Arkansas and Texas, and Chihu
ahua aid Sonera in northern Mexico, with
1 rar.cjjes to Guaynmu, connecting nt San Dl
rjp with tho 3'aclflc coast railroad from San
Francisco to Los Angelo.
Tho Cairo nnd St. Louis road is an exten
sor ci the general railroad system that runs
I.- C3 parallel with tho liisisslppl river
alov. to:, slant iiavlgati"n, seeking a contin
ual c .tlct to the son. Mooting at St. Louis
t!.c Nwrt'. Missouri and Central Iowa, soon
ti )c flni'hwl ! and on tho completion of tha
railroad bridge nl St. Louis, giving us an un
l ri !,:.e t tho northwest, as far n the
thr jb ot the Iron horso's breathing is heard.
Mc.phii, with her oaitern sea board and
jutl.crn connection, feeling tho impetus and
tentr Hal force of the grent center, hastens
is'.'.l l.cr Jinwund jvln her fato with ours
Vt'n submit, as worthy of consideration, tho
following comparison of distances;
I , ii ! ui VwiM-o to Ne w rot k, through Cairo,
ft 191 in !' nanrrr iiun ny ci. i.owt,
;i -".la Frouclwo ' M. 1xtl ..........
1 ti New YuQ.....
-.i tUn -e frm Sn Kraaeiwo w N. T ... .S t)
I.. S .J Iruncivu In ('lile;o ......
ig to New Vf...,.. ........ .......,.... 99i
I tABct- fiwiti Hmi PraiKlsae W N. V.
I - -1 -n l'rnrtt to Cairo
Tn whvle length of tho road is capable of
aj-ta.iittig u oiulution that will produco
r..Jgh along tho line to give employment, ut
'"ulle rates to the road, reducing tho
charges fir through freight at least onc-hal
cveretthvrof tho other routes; for on this
Lr.u WfjJ, water and coal aro abundant, nnd
lu (lltimtto causes for 'delay itnd dangors to
te traveling jnihlio totiohlng at Cairo, tho
rlvir renter of tho United Htutw, where,
when tho nnrthurn rivers aro open, parties
tMng plntsiiro or prolll have a choice of di
rection and manner of their further prj;re.
In wlnUr, when navigation is closed abovoui,
cur grand railroad center gives lines as un
limited as the points of tha compass for choice
tho grand Mississippi river, inviting with her
unceasing flow, tho traveler to make a tour
of the maguitlccnt domain she traverses on
her way to tho son.
And when tho tide of travel shall bocome
toi great for ono line and commerce demands
more channels from tho inten'or to tho sea
coa't, we havo only to turn eastward and cros
tho Alleghany mountains at the gap used
clnco the Indians wcro driven backward, left
by tliegre.it Maker of mountains as a passage
between tho east and tho woit, and not twenty
miles from a direct lino from Cairo, the great
est river centar, to , Norfolk, Virginia, tho
best harbor on tho Atlantic.
Tho harbor n't Norfolk, the gap in tho Cum
berland mountains and tho confluence of tho
Mississippi nnd Ohio river, on the eamu lino
of latitude, with CCp miloi saved in distance,
is not luero chance. And whoro naturo has
plainly nnd unerringly marked tho "path"
when tho inountniiii.woro Iret upheaved, and
the brooks began to collect their strength to
form tho great rivers aud roll onward to
ocean, there will bo built the next grand link
of our railroad syntein eonnfcellng'u-wit)t tho
southern, and southeastern network of rail
roads having a common termini at Cairo.
Tho .Mcrppolis 'Promulgator1 is guilty . of
tno ucmagoguory ot descanting upon Colonel
MclCealg's prison oxpcrlcnco during the war,
under tho doluslon, no doubt, that sensible
men will permit their sympathies to blind
them to all othor considerations in tho present
judicial contest. Tho fact that Col. McKoalir
suffered tho horrors of a rebel prison pen
neither HihU to nor detracts from his qualifi
cation! for the bench, however much it may
distinguish him in a soldier nnd a patriot. If
it doe, in tho liiuno of common Itistien lot us
elect ono of tho soldiers among us who went
to death's door under tho flnir of their eountrv.
and returned armless, legless nnd cripples for
life. If tin U to bo the ineasuro of capacity,
Col. McKcu'a is far from tho most deserving.
Special meeting.! "' '
Cnlru, 111., Feb., 1, lbCT.
Called by tho Mayor for tho transaction of
general business.
Present, his honor, the Mayor, and nldt
men Artor, Carroll, Gibson, llalliday, Lohr,
Keilly, Kyan, Itittcnhouso, Susanka and Vin
cent 10.
Monthly reports of Ii. Shnnnesiy and Y.
IJroia, police magistrate ; of A. Kane, mar
ketmaster; of jmjIIco constables; and of "W.
T. IJcerwart, city treasurer, for December
and January; of J. Martin, city comptrol
ler, from July 4, 18C8 to January 4, 18C0;
and tho final report of M. liambrick, street
supervisor, wore presented, and on motion
received and ordered on file.
The final report of John llowley, ex-city
collector, together with a receipt of Fox,
Howard S: Co., for $815, to be applied as part
payment on their judgment against tho city,
was presented, and on motion tho report was
received and ordered on file, and Jacob Mar
tin, city comptrollor, was appointed agent
of tho city, with authority to retain tho ro
ceiptand attend to tho settlement of tho samp.
Petition of John Tuomy for merchant'! II
censo for ono year, was presented, and on rno
tion granted.
Petition of James Kennedy complaining of
n nuisance in tho neighborhood of his resi
dence, was referred to thu Hoard of Health.
Petition of sundry saloon keepers complain
ing of tho injuslico of tho non-cnforccmcnt
of tho liquor license law in regard to whole
sale dealers, was referred to tho Mayor.
The comptroller stated tho city was Indebt
ed to the express company for freight charges
on belting. Alderman llalliday moved that
the city treaturor be authorized to credit tho
company with tho amount they wero indebt
ed to the city for corporation taxes, aud to
pay the balance of their bill out of the green
back fund. , '
Tho comptroller stated that under ordi
nance No. 75, ho had adrcrtisod for bids for
bond" pMt due, and read bids.
On motion tho bids wero referred to a com
mltlco consisting of Aldermen Vincent, Gib
son and Artcr, and the city nttornoy, comp
troller nnd clerk, with instructions to report
tho amount of each bond, the rate of interest
and when due, to tho city council, at an ad
journed meeting on Monday night next.
Tho comptroller read the bids of the First
National Hank and John ". Trover, for the
uso of the city funds, under ordinance No. 75,
as follows: First National Hank, 5 per cent,
per annum; John XV. Trover Gpor cent, per
Alderman Gibson moved that tho bid of
of tho First National Dank bo received,
which was carried by tho following voto:
Ayes ArUr, Carroll, Gibson, P.cilly, Py
an, Ilittenhouse and Susanka 7.
Naya Lohr and Vincent 3.
Alderman llalliday excused from voting.
Alderman P.lttenhouso ''moved that tho
city clerk notify tho city treasurer of tho ac
ceptance of tho bid of the First National Hank
of Cairo, under ordinance 75, and that as said'
bank, propose to pay interest on the deports
of tho city, the treasurer be requested, if in
his judgment it b safe to do so, to transfer
the dc)Kiits of thw city, to tho First National
Hank. '
The motion was adoptod by tho following
A yos Carroll, ltyan and Susanka 3.
Nays Lohr and Vincent 2.
Excused from voting Arter, Gibson, llal
liday, Keilly and Ilittenhouse 5.
Tho Committee on claims presented tho fol
lowing bills with recommendation that thoy
bo allowed :
Of James F.cnn, work on streets (cuili),$ 4'J 00
Of Thomas Nnughton, work on side
walks 75 00
Of llichaol Mahoner, work on side
walks 73 00
Of Thomas Sullivan, work on side
walks 16 00
Of Jacob Kisor, sundries to small pox
patient 3 25
Of Cairo City Gaa Co., for gas in street
lamps 180 90
Of Carl L. Thomas, dray nurnlcrs... . 7 00
Of J. XV. Strawhal, dlotini; prisoners. 237 00
Of G. I). Williamson, for oil 2 20
Of John Hogan, removing carrion... 10 50
Of James Koss, for coal 25 71
On motion tho several bills wero allowed by
the following vote:
Ayes Arter, Carroll, Gibson. llalliday,
Lohr, lleilly, Kyan, ltlttehhcuse, Susanka
and Vincent 10.
The committee asked for more time on tho
bills of Iteed it Mann, and XV. J. 'Allen, which
was, on motion, granted.
The following billi wero presented and
read : , .
Of Pollco Constables, salary for Jan-
Of John jlogan, salarv for January
OfXMartlm-1- ' - !
uarv.... - t3 J-1
50 00
""no oo
Of John P. Fairin. " if . . - J' . 100 00
Of A. Cain, " 11 "
50 00
25 00
100 00
(If Win 'P Hnnrunr't.
lP ll-.tlNI fn Pmimr-in 11a.ij
, 80 do"
Jl JlillllllB Will . .
Ut Jotin liogan, xor removing car
rion Of James ItossJ for coal;..;.'.'..-...
Of K. J. Maginnis, for building bridge
on Poplar street, at 2lst
7 00
2C 00
37 50
On motion, tho sovoral bills 'cro allowed
by tho following vote :
Ayes Artor, Carrpll, Gibson, llalliday,
Lohr, Keilly, ltyan, Klttonhouso, Susanka and
Vincent 10. '
Tho bill of M. Silyerburg for binding files
for clerk, $50, was allowed by tho following
Ayes Artor, Carroll, llalliday, Lohr,
lleilly, llyan, Itittonhouso and Susanka 8.
Nays Gibson 1.
Alderman Vincent excusod from voting.
Tho bill of Carl L. Thomas, for painting
ign nnd dray numbers, $23 80 was pre
sented, nnd on motion to. allow, tho nycs and
nays wero called with tho following result:
Ayos Carroll, lleilly, llyan, Ilittenhouse,
and.Susnnka 5. , ,
Nays Arter, Gibson, llalliday, Lohr and
Vincent 5.
The mayor voting in the aflirmativo tho
bill was declared allowed.
Tho bill of the Hibornian flro company for
thrco quarterly allowances, $300, was allowed
by tho following voto: , ,
Ayes Cirroll, Halllday, 'Lo.hr, lleilly,
llyan, llittenhoue, and .Susanka 7.
Nays Arter, Gibson nnd Vincent 3.
The city attorney staled that Dr. Honard
had obtained judgment ngalnst tho city for
$15, cash, for medical sorvlcoa nt city jail.
Alderman lleilly moved that the judgment
and cosU bo paid in scrip, nt tho rate of 70
The ayes and nays woro called with tho fol
lowing result:
Ayo3 Carroll, lleilly, llyan, Suwnku nnd
VIncotit 5. '
Nnys Artor, Gibson, Halllday, Lohr, and
Itlttenhouto 5.
Tho mayor voting in tho affirmative, tho
motion was carried.
Tho following bills wero referred to tho
committee on claims?
Of Ernma Irwin, nursing small pox pa
tient 35 day S
Of David Davis, nursing small pox pa
tioUt 15 days 22 50
Of J. Johnson, freight on lumber 0 35
Of A. J. Holden, for telegram 5 00
ii . " lumber 30 00
Tho bill of 11. J. Maginnis for building
steps and crossing on "Walnut street, $2C, was
referred to tho board of publio works.
Tho petition of sundry resident! asking that
a crossing bo built over "Walnut street at
Thirteenth Mrcct, was referred to thepad
of public works, with Instruction to rcceivo
bids nnd havo same built.
The resignation of Albert Susanka, alder
man fom the second ward and of James ltyan,
alderman from the third ward, wero presented
and on motion accepted.
Aldermnn Itittenhoiuo oflerad thu follow
ing resolution, which was adopted :
llesolved. Thatnn election be ordered for
ono alderman in tho second ward, to till tho
vacancy occaioned by tho resignation of Al
bert Suanka, alderman from laid ward, and
ono alderman from the third ward, to All tho
vacancy occasioned by tho resignation ofnl
derman ltyan from said third wnrd, and that
proper notice be given thereof for said elec
tion, to take place on Tuosdar, tho 23d day of
February, 18C0. ,
On motion adjourned to meet on Monday
evening next.
John- P. Fagin, Cltv Clerk..
Collated from our latest trlejrrom. 1
lluprlo Work.
Although it is conceded the chancos for
passing tho Pacitlc Knllroad Omnibus bill
through tho present congrei aro blight, still
the committee aro at work strengthening
tholr measure. Tho senate committee will
sonn determine their final action, which pro
bably will bo to report the bill embracing the
route on tho 35th parallel from Littlo llock to
San Francisco, Union Pacific Eastern Divi
sion, northern route, from Lake Superior to
Pugot Sound, and Oregon branch of Central
Pacific. An amendment for a branch from
Shrevcport and Marshall, Texas, to tho 100th
meridian will also bo considered, nnd prob
ably favorably. Tho bill as now agreed on
docs not satisfy the southern senators, and
unless thoro is a distinct undertandint: favor
ing tho project for an independent road fur
ther south, these senators will resist tho pas
sage of the omnibus bill.
necouslruvlliig Uulnry.
Tho Metroolitnn Pollco bill, now ponding
beforo tho legislature for Qulnoy's especial
benefit, i causing no littlo stir in that village.
Hoth purtie aro divided as to whether or not
the bill should pxM. Tho 'Herald' admits
that a chango in their pollco is very essential;
yot it thinks that Quincy can regulato her
own local affairs. The '"Whig' favors tha
bill. A change is greatly needed, but wheth
er or not tho metropolitan pollco. would bo
any better is a question to be teted.
Wit ltl. I.
It is quito certain that the committed hav-'
ing in chnrgo tho bill fur tho Ohio bridges
will not tako definlto notion in tho proposed
general law this season, and tlo judgment of
tno committee, at nil ovents, u uvcrso to tno
long spans wanted by wwstorn men. It now'
seems nrobable tho railroad bridco nt Par-
keriburg will bo completed beforo, congres
will framo a law on this subject. Tho com- j
mittee will report recommending tho passage
of the 400 fcot span brjdgo at(CincnnuJi. (
Off For Teaiicut't i . -
Prestdont Johnson Is mttklng preparations
to return to his home in GreonviUc,rennes
seu. A portion of hi. family -left.Saturday,
and ho will go wjtji tho remainder about tho
middle of .March.
The K'andolph County 'Democrat' say's:
Tho wlfo of .Mr. Wm. Harmon, residing'
about seven milos north of Cho.tor, committed
suicide. by hanging on Thursday, night last.
Sho had been in delicate health for somo
months nnd required constant attontiou. On
the night named 31r. Harmon was attending
her and fell nslcop. After a few minuted ho
awoko and sho was missing from tho bed.
Tho inmates of tho house wero aroiued and
tho out-premisos soarohed with no success.
Somo of them started to ft neighbor" i aud Mr.
II, returned to tho house, wont up stalr, aud
thore, suspended between the roof and floor,
was tho Hfele3i form of hi heart's atlection
his wife.
m... u .... t Ti..V.n A- llMlltn. ) iMa ilftV lMfn t)l.
olvp.1 l.y mntaal eonneat. Dyaa T. Parker I author
iwd to rvcoiTO nil monlcn due, nl pay nil tho Indebt
edness of tho firm. r. T. IA IlK Kit,
Kcb. 6, UCa-dlw TJ1U3. 11. riui.iiii a.
(HuctcMnr to I'uruer m. i'nuiii,)
And dealer In
Ik'jiy,. Corn, OiiIm ami IJran,
No. 72 Oa'o Levee,
Cairo - - - Illinois.
Kor Circuit Jiulf;e.
Havinif lxeii olicilid bjr peron of both potltfeal
pirtiri to run fnr the JudReililp of the Mneteenlh Ju
dlelal DIMrlct, at an election to lo held on tho 9th day
of MAreh, A. D.JfW, I now nnnounco tnywlr m a can
didate fr that otn-'p. and pledfio myself to the people
tlist, if !ouvl, I lll dFrlian,ti Its duties Impartially,
and to the best of my f kill and ability.
V,TJl.r.r SLOAN.
. i yor Aldermnn. ' '
UI. W. ILvplay .will bo n candidate for. the tfoleet
Council In the ppcond Wnnl, ho will' receive tho up
portof MANV FllinXW.
lUiitr IhlUtin If William Klii?owlllronfnrtlio Sp
((tttiiktinall In the Fourth Ward ho will bo roM for by
r mw -Mi. - Mxsr KixcTonsr
H William Htratton andTloorRe I). WilliMnto" will
t li.ii UaIjm. PminrtH fmrr (tin rltv
l-ail'll'". i u fciiw '-'. . ..... r'rf .
at lurco they will ft-cfivo tho enthulatl' support of
If LeoKIMi will stand Tor' AVMriUn-bf tho First
Ward tin will rwire the support of
William' iWergan will receive the dtipport of many
friwids If ho will con:nt to run for the Aldirmanihiji
of Ihf Third Ward. . f
If Ili'hr I FiUjeraM and William McUalo will
come eandldui fr Aldermen In the Fourth Ward
they will t-iie the support of
We are nuthorlied to announco Cap(. W I Mil AM II.
SANDUSKTas a' candidate for Alderman from the
third ward, at tho cnumg charter election.
Kor Mayor.
r. 1 1. . & .n rs .!.! milium nf Cntroi
A ' HIV 1nilVM.I-''"" "
lannounee myself Macandidafo forthcotneo of
t,xtrnr ikit oiiv. itibtert to the action of the primary
tlectlontobohtldonRiturdayntlilnit. ,
tM nr.iri,i.nilnn m )m rnnnt'Ctlon may K'tll
nece.ary, and Is hrewlth nubmlUcd for your reflec
tion, fovcral wecki ulnco, my name was irnij .
viv.od lo conntlon with th mayoralty. I could not
then e but that tho holding of the otflco would n--arlly
confiict with my prhnfboslnei', In which 1
wnunabla pecuniarily to mako any acrlnc8. Tht
objection harln? been rfftioTel from my mind, and
tluitaruettolk;iutionof many democratic cltirens
tieins continued, t havo consented to bocome a candi
date, and submit my cU!m to you, with no other
promio orilelii, In the ovent of my eleetion1, than to
fulfill thoduties tncmnljenlupon roaMuohtothcbet
of my knowledge, skill and ability.
Ve ry rp''tfully, J.W. ItEARDK.V.
Oilri, Iltinm, February , IWO-te
OompHlnp with rcqUMU, verbil and written, of a
Iro number of cltuca. I hrrcbyannouco myself a
aeaodldate for mayor for tho emulnc ofilelalyear;
uii, liowovcr, to th decision of tho democratic
imrty of Cuiro, at the primary election to 1 held Sat-urd.-iy.Wth
Cairo, 111., Feb. J, 1503. te
I'lir.Clty Attorney.
W areaathorlil Jo announco Hint t. V. IILTI.KIt,
Bq , will I n candldnto for re-election to the ottlce of
City Attorney, utyot to tho decision of tho demooratle
!""' ,.T ,f
Furl'lty Mnnlial.
We areanthoriie.! to announce that JOHN Ct'Itll VN
will bva candidate for the ottlce of City Mantlul at the
enulne charter election, .-ulject to the deoiioa of the
demoeratii- jxirty. te
W. aro aiith'irlred to announce MICHAKI. HAM
IlltICK nun owidldatn for the office of City Marhl,
till jqit to the dceilon of the democratic Jrt JV te
We are authorized to annonnco that DAN. McCAl!
THVInenlidatefortho offloofOity Marthal, nub
Jeet to tho decision of tho Iiemecrntic jrly. - te
For City Tremarer.
Mr'.'rAitot Please nnnoiineomeioj acanclldale for
re-eIetion toiheotni o of City Treasurer, nubjoet to
theilwulon of the democratic party at the coming
primary election. tc') WM. T. HKKHWAItT.
Mr. Wiiw I'leanc announce mo us an Indepmdent
candidate for the otHce of City Treainrer, subject, how
ever, to the deolsion ot tho voter of Cairo.
We are authorized to announce tliat JOHN HYMND
uaeandidateforthe omoeof City Treasurer, mbjeot
to the decision of tho democratic jiarty. t
We are authorized to announco J, H. TAYLOR n a
candidate for tho ortice of City Trea.urer, nil jeet to tho
iteeislon of the democratic party.
Kor Police JlnRUtratr.
V Winr rieace announco me a candidate forl'o.
liee Magistrate. Hocurity debt and n spell of .Ickpon
of two and a half years' duration hao left mo In need
of th office. It H my chief mipport, and a thin U the
liftt tlfiW I Mfalt ask nfflce, I hopo my friend will not
forget me. Ltv-1, , , II. BHAN.N&3Y.
.Mr. Wiwr I'leftKO announce tno on a eanduialo
for the .illke of Vollco.Mimu.trato.autJc'ct tothodt-eis.
lonofthodcmoc'ratlepart)'. ltel JAMU TIYAN.
For Ctty Clerk.
.Mr., Jiiii-r-l'lewo .announce jpp as a eni'WkW Hr-
. . ..i.i. ....i.i ..... im .1... .loi.iuinn ttt illil.
IliColftce 01 v. uy l.ierK.mujvvi iviw'i""
oerauat the riuuing primary election.
ItM wellkuown that lam no Uijjut df inocfut. I
am a regular hard-fitted, renff and J.t.n .iatJMW.
(VoukimwcoiwUtency It a Jewel theef tiiiie.) t
waUe uq hypocritical pretentions. My elfuiud ca
pabilities are pretty generally luwMn by uuuajority of
thocituieiis, whomIiu.ktOHUpp6rt'andelot me. V
have worke.1 for und with deinocratu, on nil iknsrjiIoiw,
hiiico I ornne tu Cairo .-. mj: prosiieU-and int. reti uro
here, ami, lfelecte.1, I hope to bo ablo to nrform the
duties of the offlce-lo the iatlfACtlon of all. My resi
dence i on Winhliifton avenue, next to the ltholio
Church.' llespectfnlly, Ac," "
We ate aiilhorized to announro J, H. HI'MrilltKTS
n enndldati.fr the "M "f c"' Veriest theJfWuiiiR
election, Mlbjett tn the dectflon of tho Jjuiik r.ilio
parly, tc
Mr. tMvrVlw announco mo as an Indejiendem
candidate for the oilU-o of City Clerk at the n-uut;
rleetlon. c I"w .BKlt.
.Mr. VJttor 1'loAiq announco mo asj oanduluto jor
theotlleoof CityCletlt, attho enniliiig ojiarloi- il .
tiiui. ubjiet, however, to tho demoeratiu jmrty.
1 hereby nnnguuco myself a candidate for the e
offilyCIerk.su'Jeet'0 theregnlationsof the'.
emtio party. Ite) JOHN I'. HKLlf.
WoaroautliorlwHl to announco JOHN I'. FAiilv.e
a candidate for tho oitieooruity Clerk, subj.
decision of tho democrat lo party. t.
I'rfsldent. I Vlce-1'rcsMcnt."
C. N. IIUGIIKS, CaMilcr.
: i !vf
Collections Promiitly .AUcmlcfofV-
Exchange, Coin, Dank rVtiten ami United
htatcx Hccurltlcs,
Ut J
23 o vi slit ivaxel Sold, f
. ,i J. i.
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Into rest AlloVv'etl oil Time bciiositsi '
febldtf N . .-
Cairo, XXlixxoisi. '
nt 11.
XV. V. lIAMilOAV, l'rridcntl , . , ,
A. II. SAFFOUI), Cnnlileri - . . .
WALTER 111'SI.OF, ttltniit Cashier.
a OT4TTTYl.Olt. I W.l'.HAI.T.inAT. '
Excliantrc, Coin, nml United States Bond
Iloiiglit ami Hold.
Depoiiis Received, nml n Veiieral Ranking
Rttsines Conducted.
Xj. 33XjX73V,
, i ,
122 Commercial Avenue,
JnforiiM the citizen of Culm and Tlelnlty Hint hn n
on hand ono of the large! ""id lnlniirtil utock of
Dry tJootls, Fiuirr (.'nod- nnd Notions,
In Southern Hllnoin, which heothTH ot pricen that will
defy competition. ' , .
Wo will e Print., fur brands, at from...8 to 1S4
Yard wide llieaehul Jlulln at 12
Heavy yard wide Sheeting ut n -
All-wool Flannel at aV
Whlto lllanket per inlr, of.............. H
Ijktbv nlzo all-wool double MiAwl. at.-... ...
New stylo ladle' aouliK nt$a Wand upwurdH
000- I r.lneyut W
1-Uegnnt and very henry changeable and fig
ured Piinlmr.pcr yard, from-.. ..-mJoIoS:
ilU l'oplln ui . i
lioon yarn-wine .nexiini hi - m v
A large nnortment of
liint'k and Colored Alpatns at S.t rents
And nnmeroiw other tTleJ-of Oress'GOodi "corr
IKiiidingly low. . , . .
AU-llnen Handkerchief at
All-linen Toweling, per yard, at,..
(loo I Tuble I. men...... ;
i t-va i
Iri-h I.iueu, yaril wide
.I.hiI SieKi..
f ..Ii M..rliw. Iln.n .
)lerin.i Undershirt ami Pinners
. . i i s t
AUoSnurgeTiii.irfnrof? "C JFK KX
Fmoy Goods! HfltMfc'
..iKiiijir ! n
.in t!n. i.-Miii- iiUTTdyS'El!1
l'rc null Corbet j..rJ,11n '
Itoiiiiil CoiiiIi m 'J''. if 'il-'t
And all utlier GowU (rmpwdm'ulyoyi.'.t
It Ih therefnre to the lntret of erery person Imyms
gootU tu call at
122 roiiimereiul Avenue,
lk'furo buying ebewhore, iu money saved Is money
"'xlmiikful At the liberal putronaga hcrclofore ex
tended i Mu ll"l' t0 th a"10 f,m,re
diV-'lWdlf ! IiU3I.

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