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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, February 08, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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time of Arrlvnl anil Drimrtistse f tMnlls.
vCalrofpst USV ,lwinlKry.V,l09) ,
imuvrs. . . .rAnT.
( (Tnnt of cloning.)
North (through...... ... 3:8nrt.m...'3oiA
North (Vm) 4s4& ji.tn.A.H:Mtn.
Kouth (through Mitt wbt)4 4:W.m.t.Jl:W riu.
Mlrslppi ItltrTOIIt, ' ' ' ' ''
7uiliv timl Fridays... C:00p.lll....il 7:fK) li.nii
Charleston, Mo., Tuesdays -' , ''
TnirJiv.VRtnrtlTt lliOOft.m...ill:(WA.trt.
Thntw. OoosOlslnndVind ' .
."mttnfV 0:00p.mFii: 7iOnim, Sat.
eOlno Uivo route ilopurtH every r ".Wl W'.V
i J, M-UiltAHAM. d' M.
.-. : l
For oystoro, go to Louis.llorburt.ijnd pro
cure somo of hW Mobile S.hel) Oysters.
; -, r 1 i'i .
Tlfij bnrgains given ly GohUline, & Jtoscn
water in calicos, muslins, nndnll.iHapIe.iirti-'
cle in tho dry goods lino, is j attracting Uio
BttoJitionof iill prudent buyers.tr. ..
i 1 " - if-'.
Thcrewlll be a regular nlootlng of tho Cairo
academy of science at Dr. Wardnerft ofllee,
Ihij evening,, February Q,' lBfOj'- ptT.7 ', oclock
precisely. It John D.'Maokik Suc'y-
Tho fifth' lecture of the course ',ripw .being
C. Iivurod boforo tho CUro academy of f clone o
will bo, delivered nt'tho A,Ui6riaum, v'n, Tues
day tining, February 0, I869J nt''7. o'clock,
by Mr. Geo. C. Egirleston. Admission frco
fcb8-2t John D. 'MicKn:,'cc'y.
Fiitiu t'liiKM nitEii:
Water I water 1 1 water I'll, Givnt. iuduco-
riontKl Unnrn""! turi'ntn? The stock of
clothing, furiiiliingoi.vbntA,ihoo7,i &e.',
iL.., which m saved by Stcrnholmer & Marx
from thu'liilS fire, will bp' oll ut'iO'jwr. tent,
kit iTtosVcoitt. nt their nor .jjjir 'f71,nincf.,
No, 84 0"htn Jevcc- t'nli trnd "cure biir
gaiiif, ft.UhSi'otXlti'will le'soVf lit great' suc
riflee, bVortlfcrof thenndM-wriUH-.v: 7 t-
Notice is hereby given (objc-'fdi'iiaVcYs of
Alexander couuty, Illinois tliat fft.r tmi pur
poso of 'collecting thostaKv. .coiiiUywdjjtrict,
fcltuol, special, pa ir-"" nnd court house taxts'
i.ov'dmstfor thd year A. D. lP, 1 tfilfbe in
myofflcA in1h6 clty6f liry'Mtfng the
monttiiif TeliruusypViich. iliiyif wtu,l6ni:clock,
Invill bojit the tKoru-hoUMi of:-Air. I). Gun
thcliu (foixid. JJlntjJ.rc'.Olf.day,
!Whi4t. tPW: 'tot iiJiT . j
At tho .lioiisuof . JhoimtA.jAtiattSi.-fi.i in
JJt-g Tooth jral.rcti ptr JI'tAtrrnrch
2, MM. . '. ' ' "
inifo'd'at 6'firoIll., FebraAfy 1, 1803- .
s . ftivA .v)i.r C.Nrtr.(twA.ii.Ur rt'Ilht)-, .
i. r-ti n .or! f t
To Xomjiialu 'CaiitlMnlw ft)V I'r.ftlllcos
To liolttlil on S'al nrlit , Vttiruurylbt 1 600
-on.- ';
Thedeniortitlc elector.' ofthv.clt.VjOf Cftiro
will tiirvt in thoncventl wardv.oiu Stiturday,
February ia.'ISM, for tho jiufjipso JoTballot
ig for cnndiilntOH for thu following-'otlicfs,
v!.::. Vmtiyjtj'elly cb-rk, cJty rtoJ'urr, c'rty
attorney, city nlimhiil mid (mtfiMHeO mngls
tn.toi uu aldrmn fir the first wtrd; two
itldcrmcn fur the aucumL wnrd; one aldennim
tor the third wiinl, nml two.itlderiDt'U lor thu
f ;irth wnrd.
The following will bo tho, regulation of
ftiid prhutu'V elootion i
lt.- Tire voting shall bi'lbnllot.v., '
2d. Tharu hhi.ll bu tlir judt and two
c'erku 1or ooh word t folUw:' -
,1 uutlB l'lrV:iT Jatm'ttJnrIaid, Jw.
ilelvuiiKif, and Jon, JlriM. . . .
C'LKKRti irarinn Abloittxi )nbt. ,imvtb.
Jt'DOKfit b'wond "W'nitl A rito'rt .'ti'ehbuch,
Lawrenco J. Ilyrne, imd Alojytndttr.H..l.rv5n.
C'l.ritKf Thonm AVInb'T ' MYiI Hprnco
Ilannon. . ' ''' ; K,
J ui.o Third Wnrd Ti'"olby ..O.Cnlln
han, ltobaru Uribwh, nud-O. '1 JiTttiir
CtKr.iiS lJoninrd irc.Miif)u!u4, rnd, ' Win.
J. "Walton. t .i
lunuss Fourth "Wtird Jiitne Carroll,
"Wmu lwugu, and Win. V, ThKiitAii
Cu:i:ks Jehu AN. (WUn' rfiMr-Wm. A.
"Wit:. n.
31. Nn nut. itliiill bo ptirniittjyl VNhuUougo
H vot.iT "!' of hi owii ward. . , ..
4tni Aiy JiiotiibiT of the I)iinot:ntIo par
ty, iiMr y',i,itlod to tvtoht thochnHoroleo
t!oh, may Tfirterft thin oleetMHlitl.vrhcn any
pWiip qUjirlBjfc tu vuto (.hull .tie. cli'iijlengeJ,
Loforttlio i permitted to llop jiit hU . lrallot,
t'.k'l fab'crllxj tu th. folbjTi'Iiig deflaratloii,
viS! , ,
'! Iflthv 4 i ! . mull of liuriAf lliill I' trill Voto
Ir.fjiMjWfi'1, - 'inwinn Vntlim tfli Jti'wcrto
n ' ilm v!uw:"n "f Hi.' ntiiiiiiuM.f of .(ivjirilnury
(, ii, mi'l tliat 1 hiii u voter of lltU mini."
flh,. Th,o PftUs ahi; be opurtjf o'clock,
p. in und eI(g,nt,q,o wJuuk.ii.iu.n.Jord bnll bo
nt thtimntm phtuet u buvo btviui idcsigunted
for tho gmteral tdttitlpn wi :tiev Jai't'-'Titb'day
of February. ' Tlu ilidicu VluOiiIi)iii vdintoly
orwthp-cJoriag ot'nrnjollKc'yi to can
vak the vote mid ri'irtlho h'Vuit. wllli tl(o
naiiou ami ut ot vott ri, iiumiiatejy to tlio '
ib-. oi rutk city ' -ntr.d coiiiiiiitirtbuu duty
it hidl bii. ti (UHifihiei und rrttlfy" Unit g.iini',
inko piibllcntlon thereof, nhd dlJlflaUy dc
t.iu the jiuliiil.noili. ;.L,.u;Ltf JW'll iciult.
id ;ho Ciiirin Kvuihig,. Unlletlu:' Hi NJOIl U
p v tlaltbln. r ' '" ut'iiiv
Cli, , AJUvw.fyWllOoi the '
t'c'wtt. Aiifi lbi' it-hi . laceii arorwr.ftp'lired to
pt.blk.ly pledge tllWnJi'tvaii tn-' ftbidl'- the .
reilt flpifi,! prlwry, (.7efV)f1HVtlMr,St
uw jiiJiiiiiiiuut UiM-eoi.
'II' HI wit.
of iho ptowoel iu w.idk.bLUt!erj iii"v.'ts.
- '''(la ft-fiISftitiiti'.
Vfted for will lu in.iulrCf!
Tho .-andldute.
to take the fulluwtiig loil;o.t i . f,
Wo, thp uuawineU r.ni(li(iui,.'4i fof filyiriopt n
J .Itl3.l.
ii iinna;u: t,. In
Tlio'oi(ij:eia of Ollnton. Kv.'"ro wreath
t -te4 uvor tho jwv'sne of ,U(p ..'("Wtjon rull
tt ad -bill. -'"Tho- Colrtfrtbuar;' 'DispMcb' . says
tWu'vepyVt, .ti ytirwu't iiiitQHg1 tlW'liutoiiT
ll. 10 thHKf tltntllW imh'opitral rail
rmd eouipimy iuwo taktii tiierprocotiii hand
aKd V$yii4i?.l.d, j',ut! JVi.thFVJ.n sixty
day. -Wiiilo w rrfit Uik .tliis'jcport h
unrounded, wiitru,iigveiii)Irid with
tho bolipf that the u,..-! !t )U -jmiit wjti, nji
duottpwliuoti iJ'(jidd Ui" iflmofi" Central
Btaud'jityoTfriri it'iltogeth't;', It.fs'jVtCQO
bity In our t'ruilrond otviuomy". too jiressing
to bo longer Ignored.
VUf JU'brt?l'Upifft!iiV'WtitIiMl hi til" !v CMnous, tunny un
K".,ru, tfrib., uv4 "uVtV.JJXtill; thu tnestrooU in wagon.,
r- V ' "r" " Ul ' "txituifr elut tioii, tbo oveninL' tho
'rtitf tilww-ih .... ...
6t..forUi. Ui;L.'"vtV'i... .n.'.' t amt beiieel largo
iitsir.ss nri.b."
Wo havo waited long, but In vain, for stm-j
pie justico at tho hands or the Cairo corn.
pondent of tho St. Iouis 'Itopu1 licon.' Our
wharf may bo lined with steamers, our ware
house crowded with freights, and our busi
ness facilities taxed to their utmost, but "bus
iness dull'' is tho stcrreotypo comment of thi
correspondent. Kvery fow days wo send
southward two or three thousand tons of
crain: almost every duy wo forward from
five hundred to a thousand ton. of miscolla-
ncotH freights j every fow days heavy trains
burdened with stock iio north j everyday tho
fivo lines of Cairo packets pour largo contri
butions of trado into our band.'", but all this
extorts only "business dull" from this corres
pondent. 11 i kriown that since tho 1st day
of January tho shipments of flour from Cairo
have fallen but little short of tho amount sent
forward from St. Louis, forming nn item of
business that would bo n wonder in any othor
town the size of Cairo in tho MisfWsippi val
ley, yet "business dull" 13 tho word sent out,
with almost unvarying regularity. If tho
gcnornl aspect of our business actually had a
dull seeming to this correpondent, we can
carcclv hope for the time when ho will .'opcrt
"business livoly." Tho constant prcsenco of
monster steamers at our landing receiving
hundreds of tons of freight every day, many
of them obtaining full cargoos; tho piles of
boxc in front of our wholesale houses, and
tho apparent full-handodness of our retail op
erators, have produced upon our mind tho
impression that business is not dull, but un
usually active. And such in truth i the real
It is joitively asserted (oWr laU informa
tion to tho contrary notwithstanding) that tho
Hon. A. M. Ilrown. c-f Villa Ridge, is i can
didate for the vacant benoh in tho nincteonth
judbial circuit. Wc have known Judge
JJrown many years, nrt a tho able editor of
the l'aris 'Kontucklan,' and during the pa; '.
nlncvearsnsa resident of Pulaski cosintr.
He it u gentleman of rlne attainments, nnd
most citimable citizen, who takei a promi
nent prt In all projecta having for their aia
the advancement of the country, either ssor
aMv or materially. While as a lawver, he is
cin.t,dod fair abilities, no periou concede to
him the fitness that gives him strong elilms
to tho vacant judgship. lie would make a
careful judge, nnd hi honesty no man puts in
question. Conceding to him all that his mot
zealous friends claim for him, he fails alike in
point of legal learning und experience, to take
rank with Judgo Sloan, who is also n candi
date for tho fame position.
Tho quiilitlcatloiu of Judge Sloan arc of a
reklly suporlor order. His mind, well stored
In the beginning, has been ripened by many
years' service on tho bench, to that now wo
have no lawyer In tho circuit, (able as our
bar if acknowledged to bo) who is o thor
oughly fitted for tho vacant jugcshlp as ho
is. If, therefore, it is desirable to enlist
in tho udminittration of justico tho best avail
able talent, the people will not fail to elect
Judge Sloan as our next circuit judgo.
The editor of tho Mound City 'Journal'
persist in tho statement that tho Cairo and
ineenne railroad company lias avowed a
purpose to locate tho depot In tho bend of tho
river beyond our city limits, unless our city
authorities surrender Commercial avenue to
enable the company to rcch depot grounds
at tho extreme point.
With all duo deference to tho 'Journal's'
source of Information, wo beg lcavo to ay
that no Mich demand hat been made, or alter
native presented, and that there is no proba
bility of any dilllculty or disagreement of
uny character between tho rullroad company
und thu authorities of Cairo. Thq .terminus
f the road is fixed at Cuiro by tho charter, it
U to tho interest of all parties to havo it
hero, and here It will be. Tho selection of the
depot grounds and tho lino of approach ther-t-
will givo rise to no disagreement, tho au
thority of tho 'Journal' to tho contrary
notwithstanding. Will our contemporary,
who has persistently circulated his misobiof
breeding information, do u the justloo to ap
ply thereto our antidote.
The characters of our candidates were
dif octed yesterday in all part of tho city.
The tongue of slntidcr and detraction wagged
tho live-long day, aud aueh stories as wero
passed from mouth to earl we never heard
tho equal. A man can mako a rascal out of
himself by ovlnclng adosiro for nn ofllco that
somebody elo wants, with more expedition
than in any other way iu tho world. The
moment ho iiniiouneea himself tho tonguo of
defamation Is set iu motion, and his merest
peccadilloes are magnified Into the most mon
strous transgressions of law or decency.
There ! icarcoly n candidate in tho Held,
who, if current reports aro true, bus not
stronger claims on a cell in tho penitentiary
than an otlleo under our municipal govern
ment. Characters that wero good aro torn
into ihrcds, for tho reaon only that they
njv sustained by candidate. Hut it Isalwaya
m. A vitiated tasto Is gratified for nwhilo
tho ilietion U held and tho traduced candi
date is re-Instated Into public confidence, a
iittlo the worse for the wear, to bo sure, but
it man for nil that.
t..W.L illlt tVl ll fF.ll U.ul Aillitn t...
number of them in jnaskn, and dressci high-
u funtiistic. w ill tiarado
led by n brass band. In
innfipierodo ball will bo held,
hall will bo filled to ovcr-
Uewing. I hero will bo merriment und fun
beyond measure j but nothing to which tho
moit fiutidioiu can object. Tho most porfect
order will prevail. The crowd will bo com-
pupd whollyif respectable Indies mid gen-.
ti -men, una everything conducted in tho
! -t harmonious and genteel manner. ,To
ti end thoo enterprising gentlemen, Sack-l-cir
and Ivochler, pledge themselves, apu
thitt n kuUk'iunt.
e weather yentorday was romarlcablo for
pring-liko warmth und genialty. Our
.;pal thoroughfares wero crowded by tho
ion of the city, Washington nvemie,
;hout its whole length fairly swarming
:egunt)y dressed ladies and gentlemen,
! , in family groups and by dozens. It
;:ila.duyuir children, who, In thoir fine
f. '
V, ,
iwin uiu uay ouiruoors .-.igiit-seelng
piomonades with tho "old lolks.''
Thbro will to nn adjourned mooting of th
city council to-night.
The books for the public school library
have arrived, nnd, during the week, will Do
cat 'ogucd and put upon tho hclvos.
Kyan and Susanka have resigned thoir seats
In tlin bonrd of nliWman. Tho Tacancle
thus occasioned will bo fillod on tho 23d In
stant nt thd general city election.
Mr. C. Winston, of tho firm of Harman &
Co., has o far rccoyorcd his health as to do
Mm streets ncain. Ho was
fniiiird tn bis mntn three weeks, at times
very seriously 111.
Tho stockholders of tho Cairo and Wand
villo Turnpike road company hold a meeting
nt the ofllco of Hallldav Uros. this nttornoon
If nnythlng of public consequence transpired
it will bo noticed in these column lo-morrou
Skiff & Gnvlord's ininstTelswlll give ft mat
ince Saturday nfternoon, for the accommoda
tion nf nnrtics. nnrtirnlarlv ladles and chil
dren, who cannot attend tho night perform
anees. Admission, f.O cunts; children 2!
If wo stnv awny from Cairo what will be
come of tho" local of tho 'JJullctin?' Lusk, of
tho 'Mercury.'
He'll bo able to redeem himself from tho
contamination of former contacts with you
nnd will not havo to nay your'hotol bills, nor
loan you money to get homo on.
"Luny"was abroad yesterday afternoon,
making'his neighborhood vocal with his in
sane ravintrs. Tho ttoor, rrnzeu creature uas
iusttus)d thrbuL'lf n protracteu coiiiineiiiein
In Mm n.nltiliooso. wlinro llO W.1S PIIICCU lor
safe keeping. Having a rationnl interval ho
was turne'd looso In tho hopo that his reason
had reasserted Itself: but hi caso appears
hopeless, unless a euro can be found in tho
hospital for tho Insane.
The countv clerk, Lynch, and associate jus
tice, Howley, mado a survey on Saturday of
the corduroy road recently completed by Jack
Hodges between tho Mississippi river and
Unity. The work was well and faithfully
performed, according to tho term of tho
contract, nnd is an improvement that our
country friends Tvill duly appreciate It
spans n section of road that is by all odds the
worst in all tho llvo grand divisions of tho
" iuooim
In n rejoinder to Marshal Hogan's late re
plication, published in tho 'Bulletin' Marshal
Halle, of Columbus, exhibits ii hankoring for
blood. Hear him, through the Columbus
I am now through with all newspaper ar
ticles, but any private communication will
rccoivo duo attention ; and I pledgo myself
that tho bearer thereof will bo treated with
uvorv courtesy and politeness becoming a
As the cause of aggravation, pro and con,
has been vory great, wo suggest corresponding
weapons, viz: spring mattresses nt a hundred
yards, tho parties to whirl nnd fire slmultane
ou1y, blindfolded and their right hands tied
behlud them. Weapons to be furnished by
Myrick, who brought about tho quarrel.
At the end of nlno months tho Hibernian
1'iru coiupuny )iu tuceiivdiwl In scouring its
allowances from tho city. Tho rmion urged
for tho delay was that tho company did not
keep Itsolf In directive working order, whon
in truth, tho main reason fur that condition
was tho want of too quarterly dues to buy
hose and other Indispcnsablo apparatus.
When wo call to mind tho thousands nnd
tens of thousands of dollars saved every vcar
by our fire companies from certain destruc
tion, nnd tho hesvy exponso involved In keep
ing up tho organizations, tho quarterly al
lowances from tho city, seem n poor and in
ndequuto rtniompcnso indeed. It Is tho boast
of our citizens, and its justness is recognized
nbroadjjhat Cairo has ono of tho most effi
cient tiro departments in tho United States.
Let it go down, snd tho increased premiums
on insiiranco that will bo exacted from our
property-holders, will form n sum exceeding
by twenty-fold thu plttanco given by the city
to sustain it. It is, therefore, nn net of wiso
economy to deal liberally with our fire com
panies. Their members bravo any kind of
weather and danger, and work for the public
good with un unselfishness that challenges
our highest admiration. A p6or return wo
mako lor all this ; and to miiKo that return
grudgiugly nnd under protest is to paralyze
their zeal and weaken their etllciency in tho
good cuuso in which they are enlisted.
noria auuivaus.
(The fit. Charles Hotel, HunJay, Kehnury 7 )
I A Vl!Ht., ft J.uu; Mrs S O Jlaker, Ky.;
J Sar, Ky.: W Srnrs, Ky.J
A lArwrnlfinl, KTMmille: W J,oran, OntralU;
i: Ji.liii". Mcnmlii":
I Johnson. M Lou,
J L JUriH-r, Kiunsvillc,
Joefiajlori), N- V..
J A liiMw, i-i'v;
J II Victor, Ky.j
JCantuill, "
A J Hums.
W W Ut iitley, i:v.ni,T,!!e;
Ceo Molfiiu I, Jrrsy;
Vf II Chapman, t'entr.1 ,
Jl .M McKeo, M boms,
; II Kirkp&trit-k. UA-,
(ieo Iloorif, "
A II Cotx-laii'l. Vermont:
C A AlexMieler, Troy,
iieo nix-ii'-e, (.eriirtu ; t II Jictireur, Aliunyi
Mim Jfunie Itol.liiii.. Jn.; Mih Jennio Hunt. I.!.;
T M I.e K, l.oiiintnn j ItOblilsliiirKh, I.ou.sviliei
H II llemlersoii. N. V : J W Clarke. N. y.i
J M .K'MIlllll.l.OIIISV.;
J C Meily, I.oiiist ,
TJ Kisht r, N V.;
A Ilium, Ccutraliu
Til tirl' t. hv.!
A II rarmlrc, ill ;
Port 1. 1st for tlic 1H Hour iiiilliij,'
Two it'clnrk, I. 51.
. . AUIUVAI.S.. .
den. AmleriMin Cohuii Wni. White, Paiiuoali:
hurt (ilion, e t)rlii,ii: Hun Accord, ht. I.m,
I.e;al Tfinter.
.Mary Alice,
All", "
l'uiiliiie Csirroll, "
Nushvillc, .N.ixlmlie,
.N'miii.iii, Muniiitiit;
Uoosi, r" " '
lIcllu.Mciill'hls, "
Hisiiiurck, "
David Watts "
City of Alton, "
CumU'rlaiid, Krniisr.D'i,
t tArmsda, t ' ; "
'Hello Vernon, 1'ittsburgi
City of Cairo, M(inrnc;
Tiv.-ony, rjjiport,
nnguur, i.oiiiivuil'.
fjen. Aielrson, i"liitr ; Will. White, I'uducah,
Hon Aooorilt Kaolin,,. 'ortfJlbvu, Clueiiiiuitii
IMvbl WiittsT, 'I NiUhvllle, .Vasliville,
I.eiul ToiiUur, I.ou.siiiic, cuinhcrlaiiU, Kvausvilie;
llclli. Mwiiihiti, JlwoiilnsjAniiadu, "
Helle Vernon,
City of Cairo,
i n'M.iio. urruu, ri. l.otiis: coosn,
Norumn, "
Hisinarck, New Orleai.-;
KilRoiir, "
Alps, rutsbtirg;
City of Alton, Vickl urir.
Iho wouther Is again cloudy, with an oeca
sioiiul shower. Tho inorcury indicated CO
degrees at noon.
Thu .Mi.isii,i is rising nt St. Louis ut tho
rate of three inthea per twouty-four hours.
The river is rising at Louisville with six
feet water over the falls. It js ulso rising at
Pittsburg .with nearly feoven feet In the chan
The Cumberland is rising again with seven
foot wator on iinrpeiu ononis.
Hera tho rivor hai risen fully thrco foot in
tho past 48 hour-ohd is still rising rnpldly
llusine.'S has been hiodornte.
Tho Ileo and barges havo been receiving
freight rapidly sinco Saturday noon, but as
hor list is not yot'comploto wo cannot state
positively what lior receipts arc. She will
certainly recfivo in tho neighborhood of.2,000
tuns perhaps more. .
Tho Nashvlllo Jirpught nearly 10b tuns
iron, corn nnd sundries, for reshlpment to
St. Louis and Momphls. She roturnod Inst
night with 75 tons sugar, molasses and assort
ed merchandise.
Tho Cumberland nnd Armada each brouirht
good cargoes, aggregating fully 250 tuns.
Tho Hello Memphis and Lollo Vernon dis
charged considerable Cairo frdk'ht, nnd tho
ueno .nompnis receivcu so tons lor Jleuipiiis.
Tho Whlto brouclit CO tons uxo handles.
wneon stuil and sundries for Cairo. St. Louis
and Memphis,
Tho Paulino Carroll discharged hero 311
head Texas, -15 hhds sugar, 250 boxes ditto,
150 bbl, half bbis,nnd ke-'s molasses. 41 sacks
coflcc, 19 casks cocoa nuts, 00 sacks Hois
I) Arc seed, 002 boxes raisins, 60 keirs tar.
20 nkgs sundries for- reshlpment to Chicago
and Cumberland river.
Tho JJismnrk received -100 tons corn, pork
nnd flour.
Thu Win. White, dipt. Northern, leaves
hero this evening forl'aducahnnd wny points.
Thu irreat. Mississippi, dipt. N. S. Green.
Is advertised for New Orleans this ovoning.
A colored ucntlemnn, named Frank Nor
man, who has n lively sense of his own rights,
has brought suit for $10,000 damages ngainst
tho Carrlo Brook, one of tho local paokets on
tho river above, because hu was not Permitted
to sit down at table and cat with whito people
on that steamer.
Tho propeller Favorite, being rather top
heavy from n load of 200 bales of cotton,
rolled ovor in one of thu southorn bayous n
few dvs niro, and spilled off nbout 100 bales.
Sho then righted up nnd rolled over immedi
ately to tho othor side, and spilled out tho re.
mninder of her cotton und also several pas
'orTwo A'lKlits, Kcliruary l'4th isn'il 1.1th
AT Till
Tho larccst orK'liitation now In nistenrr.
Oicm Coiiiediaiis. thu Msn.ti. cnt Cfuarteltei
Sfi'Kfe, tlm tJrrat Sonirand Ihnt lsn. tl.e rirand
Tntttde Clo; Isncc. The Wonderful ranthtoptipion
icn iiocriptiou r.f the followiHK U-autiful c n C ity
of Hethlchami Hlrth-r-lMe of Chnt: Motint t'.-Urary
and the CriirirUiou, llnrul Mare of Ird Ityron; Na
poleon lU-newinit his Army; ,"apolon an r.tile utM.
Helena: cornier' lirmmot iiomv;Anip ui6a,nioim
Arises, Thunder, I.'ghtnniftaud tb Wreck.
FormliiK To (irtat Rlitis In One.
ONSATUUHAr AKIKKNOON, at So'ctuck. for Ia.Iiet
and children. Adin iH"H50 cents to alt parts of the
Price of Admiioti.......... .V rents
Icejtrifd hwi'.s... ......T cents.
JOK CArl.OUt), Oenerul Air. nt.
fcUl Ht JOK MACK, Adrertlsini? Ai?ent.
Public notice is hereby xiTen Hint there Mil' be a
special t-livtmn held for tho urp6M of el tinman
Alderman In the pwHind Ward t nil th rai'uwy
siorifl by the rcsliiatmrt of Albert Cusvika, nn Tues
day the tf-ld ilay of February. at tlicri.nn Iioum.
of thu Arab Kite company, on Commercial uu, op
posite Seventh street.
And Hi4ic notice i also Rivn that then wiW I a
ti iaI elwtion heU for tho purpose of eletinK an Al
tfxnnan in tho Third VVaiU. tu All tbv tataiiwy uouu-sione-l
by the roiKbalion of James Ilynn. - n Tiieolay,
the a I day of Kebr iarv, lx., at the oRV of II hlaii
nessy, police magistrate, corner of Washington rnu.
ann jweiiui sireri-
Hy order of the ity council.
r.(31.V. Cilyfl.rk.
Trw light draught passenger Meamer
J. M. HKViUtM'.,
Will inakw rcKOler HAII.V THIPS l(ween Cairo and
I'aducah, leariiiK Cairo eury vitniii.undios ,x
Ceptodl atfiteo'clock.
The Whito connect nt 1'a.lucjili wit! thuNewOrleana
anil Ohio ralIro.nl, and the CumU-rlund an I Tt iim sce
river pMikft.
Yot freight or paioare apply on fowl, or iir
M. J. Ht'CKl.KV, Atfcnt,
jsn'iiltf Cniro, Illinois.
JOH KAI.K-S.;enty Ihotxsn l saty lath, at W
per cent. Ies than tho market price.
fcUl'.t H.H. HAItllHl.l..
ir.VNTi:il Alexand. rCoiinlv Order, ot 0 gin.
1 1 nn tlieniur, i"rau Kin'ii oi i.iimiier nii'i nnii
ders' Materials,
DH. Ii. WAHD.M-.ll-llo.iJcii. ... No. Ut Wul.
uut street, iiutr KiKhth street. OMice. over I'osl.
tjmcc noiirs, iu iu n n.m. nun a id ap.ui., u
nell siipplicil m tilt Iresh, ln-altliy tu'Ciih' itiott.-r.
ell i
ll'llin ,
A A sMled c.)iAmunieat.on of Cairn IvIkc,
fyVn. 17, A. K. Mel A. M., ill he hHd this
tMoti'lnyleseninit, Krhruery S, A. l.TV'bS, nt
S o'clock. -Vlsliora fnitmlly Intllil.
Hy ord. r of the W.'Mr ClIAri. KOltltfaT.
And tatisfy yourselves llutt Meloulf sells nil kiiiibto
ST'ivxxi.ily Groooriofii
Cheaper than nny man In Cairo'. Hcst'coal ml, lii-i,.
per nallon i ehoiec butter, 'm cents per jhuiuI, und nil
other things In proportion.
Don't forget your Cn.li.
Call nt 3.'1 1 Wmduncton avenue. febl-tf
totiue; . 7
Otice of Hie Cnlro Clly Ferry Couiuny,
and Vulley Kerry Company,
Cairo, Illinois, Kebruiuy 2, I'jO.
Notice la hereby given to the stockholders ofihu
ubote named companion, that un assesmetit of six
teen (16) per cent, upon tho capital blicl; thereof, ha
tills duy been made by tho Hirectors, uiul thut thu
Stockholder nroreiuirxl to pay the eamo nt Iho oflloc
of iho triaturcr within ten (lUi days iroui the dale
hereof, in accordance with the by-laws of th" cnimu
lilc T11051AH W, IfALI.IDAY, Socretury.
A CrU.
A Clcrcyman, uhilo reslduiK in .South Amcri' ii n a
inisalonary, discotcrud a Hafoand'fcjliiple remwly for
tho euro of Nervous Weakness, Karly 1'eeny, HlicnHCH
of thu Urinary and Seminal Orfani, mid tho whole train
of disorders (nought on by baneful and vicious habits.
Great numbers halo beinciucd by this noble remedy.
Prompted by a ilcho to benefit (ho atllicted nnd 1111.
fortmmto, 1 will tend the reelpo for prcjinrlng nnd
using this modiclno, Iu sculed envelope, to any one
who needs It, raci or ciimui:. Addicss, ,
. Slatlon 1), lliblo House,
fubl-dSrn , fw York City.
' ',1
' Winn!
J '. !!
J. Gc 23 3NT T,
ThroiiKli Kills or I.ntllnu irlven to all
Avalliiblc I'olntH l,y Hull or Water.
; T. I Lrl A
stu-ssi'KciAii A'rrK.vno.N T6 fohwaudino.
,Vse lit
3ST 23 O 2FJ. Xi 33 jOl. 1ST S
W. It. A UT 1 1 L it
....CAIITIIK. Mmfcr,
MMlintK, Mti r,
-..PFAHAM. Master,
.WHIT K. Miuu-r.
I.I.7.IK (ill. I.. ...(iM:II,. )U,'.gr.
co.mmonwha i.Tir ctiM.y, Mater.
Comprising nil the fin. t and largest 'ti out ' f Si.
l.'UI. t
Onctf (I en'-.vc 1 ne of steamers ill It ate Ca i
for Nc Orleans every other day, connecting at N-'
Url'-nns with tvean Line of Steamers to
Liverpool, New Vnik, Ilostou, nml Gnlvts-
lllll, If IMS
l'A.. nirer and Shinttern ran rely on one nt these
Issati leaving (niro punctually as aliove. Will y
tKirtrftilar attention to nil way freights l-low Mum
io New Orlonn-. C11A. T. HINDE,
- - liviierul AKeni, cs ro.
nrifR nn Whsrffsf. Public Land nit
r.D. V. Sli'ON, l'irr and Tieket AgeHt.
UI!Kc, nt tit. ttarien nnui.
STF..I Mi:itS.
Tho fol rlni Hot comtre this Unu and still tv
r:n 11 th- rnn'r ns order
M. K. l OHM TII...-.ZF.HiI.F.!t, Ma!..r,
9IAHIII.K riTV. . fl.VWAT. MiUr
CITV(II'A1.T(IX ...THUMIiN, Matte-,
Pr .rrti attention will l lld to all bii !.' 13
Irnst...! to tl.e i are .f thes Uts
rirbt and Tn ket tithco In company wharf-liat,
front p.'City Naliprwl Hank.
KL. F. M-oN, TK-ket and l'cviiner Asent.
JOHN II. DAVIS Slli'l, Memph , T. nnest.
j.w". Thu splendid sido-wbeol
I A VKLO WKIt, ro.MJIKHCI.tli and
!.eav.. Memphis . very Tl K-l AT. THURibAYnal
t-ATl'ltl AY, : ' J. -o . f T Vtl. U U.ver, . ..nni- . i.tta,
Jmirs Html Kltf. th- Mmii an I LHif lU-ek It
rn.. for I.it Hoek and llt hpriiH(. Titn-- from
Mempb I- Lull.- lbx k, ti iHturs.
Freishts and l1a-ii?rs iM-smrfed Aver th atsit
Lino i iovsir rat-" sSkmi any oJk r wtm.
CHAS. T. HlSDf- Ait, Onro. I.
UrbcuMi Whafl-ijit.
Tho splendid
INiKss'iiKcr Nioiinit'rjs
Jl'I.IA.... . . .UK'KWtXlD.Misstr.,
LOII.VAHV .... I.l'Ki:!!. Master.
ii. .ii.mti:vi: .,t AiiThi:, nmt:.
PixCairo en ng nn sire ,tn every M'VDVV and
TUtoD.IT, aiiiloii iloua trip every THLltflDAV as I
bl'NDAY, rnuKii close connection with
VIcksliiirK ami .Meridian llallroad,
ht liim nml Jlerlillnii'ltallroad
N'tvr Orlrnus, Jnckson unit Orrat Xorlheru
Throoji. r."e i lsifnen th any and Ml points on th
said rna4,vvilti Packets, for Vnaxi Hiver.
.epVTal aiteniion Knen to all way bilslnssn lxJtvr-.t
Cviro :i I Vi' ksl.ortf
CHA-. T. HINDK. fieneral Aitent.
OIHeo on Wharfdoat
rA.CKET 001VI3?VTvrY
fizF?". Consisting of tho following
isriSSplL'Hdlil I'ltsNfiigor Slcniiier :
I f-'JfCHKT Master, FOWLIHI Mr.,
I.rnvoe Uiir I Ciinday and ThurmlA) ut i p.m.
lll'ICICS'A'Kl', .. ,i
IKXTi:it Muster OHAMMKH tier
I.oayt j Cuiio Tuesday nnd Friday nt 1 p.m.
Leave Ca.ro Wednesday nml Siitur"liiy at 1 p.m.
Makmif nH,lnlermeilato liiilins, . Midjuiyiuj; paj-tienimrTltuktnin-hri'Aekct
Frfliil.is. " w
. 1 CHAH. T. HIMIK, fit neral A ecu I,
Offleo ou Wlmrf-bo.'!.
firr. toinpoitii oitu.'on"iii.
KIM, Master JIARl'EH C'brr
Iav. ,Cro every Sunday at 5 p.m.
sTKUNb Master I KtlAN Cleri
Leaves Cairo cttry Tuesday nt 3 p.m.
LWu Cairo every Friday nt 6 p.m.
6-.peolal attention given to way holiness IkjIvu i
Cairo and Nashtille.
CllAS. 7. II1NDE, General Asen
JecSl 'CM Oitt jo ou Wlwribjat.

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