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Time of Arrival and DcjsartHre of Mailt.
, (Cairo Post Office, Fatrnarj S, 1869.)
(Time of closing.)
JNorili (through . ?:18J-2'"'1?!SXP-!n
Koilh (nyl... 4!45p.m......lli00p.in.
Houlli (ihrougli Anil way). 4;00.m-..ll:00p.m.
Kouth Memphis AN. O.J.. 4:00 a.m...... 4.00 p.m.
Ohio Itlrcr route. 8:00 p.m...... B:00p.m.
MiMlo'l'I'l ",Tcr route. .
r-,..,l. nn.l t'rl.lflV... 0:00 n III...... T:00 tl.lll.
Charleston, Mo., Tucudavs
Thurs days A Saturday. H'OO n.m. .. .11:00 a.m.
flnnln l.lnll.l l.twl
VmiZT:.. fliOOp.mFrl. 7:00 n.m. Sat.
Ohio Itfvo routo itrrtgCTory ilrty w;pt SloniUVf.
J. M. OKAIIAM, 1'. M
For oyster?, go to Louis Herbert nnd pro
euro soma of his Mobile Shell Oysters.
Tho bargains given by Ggldstina & Iloson
vntor in calico?, muslins, nnd nil staplo.nrti
ctss in tlio dry goods line, is attracting tlio
attention of all prudent buycrs.tf
Fiiti:i nntn I'litEtn
AVntcrl water II wntcrlll Great induce
monlsl Dnrmiinsl bnruMiinl Tlio slock of
ilotlitng, furnishing goods, boots, shoes, &c,
ix., which vni saved byStcmhelmerA Marx
from tho Into lire, will bo sold at 60 por cent.
Ic tlum cost, nt thci now plnco of business,
No. 84 Ohio lovec. Cill soon nnd secure bar
gain!, as the goods will bo sold nt n grcnt sac
nfice, byordor of tlw underwriters.
Notico is lioreby given to tlio tax-payers of
Alexander county, Illinois, that for the pur
poso of collecting tlio (state, county, district,
Khwl, special, ltntipur nnd court houso tiixtw
mv duo for tbo year A. J). 1808, I will bo in
k.v Olllce in tho city of Cairo during the
month of February, each day from 10 o'clock,
sun. until I o'clock ).in.
I will bo at tho store-houso of M. 1). Gun-
tber, in Oopso Island precinct, on Monday,
31 arch lt, 18C0.
At tho .hotuu of Tlionias .Martin, asq.,in
D.g Tooth precinct, on Tuesday, March
2, 1600.
Dated nt Cairo, 111., February 1, 1809.
Mvriit'imd cs-OlSclp Collector of Alriandcr county, ,
uiiaoi. lenaw.n
It is n fact that no ono can gainsay, that
only oho enndidnto will bo designated for
each of the olJlccs to bo filled nt tho approach-
i.-t; primary election. as a natural conse
quence, a considerable number of aspirant
vo doomed to inevitable dif appointment,
i - . . . . .
nwry pvrton is npi to entertain a verv
Ligh opinion of hi own merits and jwjailar.
ity j nml this opinion is often contlrrncd by tho
Cattury of votc. This being true, tho de
tented candidate is pnmo to attributo his do
fcat to uufair menus never for a moment
thinking himtolf deceived by tho insurances
r f Mijijiort given by liis fellow-citizens.
There aro llvo candidate in tho Held for
nomination for thn oflleo of city clerk. Four
of these will have their hopes and expecta
tions dushed down by tho result of the prima
ry election. In fact, tho larger numbor of
fwplrnnt will Iwdl'iippolnted, nnd tho smaller
number gratified.
Now m tho "die is yet to bo cast," let every
ttmdidnto in the Held determine that tho pri
mary election Wbp conducted honorably
and fairly; and lot him further dctermino to
submit to tho ruiiilt like u man and u demo
crat. Tliu deposition of candidates to attrib
ute thuir defeat to any canto except ihoir own
unpopularity, is quito universal. Now let us
have none of tbU after noxt Saturday. It Is
with tho candidates thunsulve to slmpa tho
character of tlio primary election. Let them
do this, nnd submit gracefully to tlio result.
Tho large number of candidates in the field
lurnish n source of intlnito grntllicutlon to tho
radienK They nro waiting, with eager antic
ipation, for tho day of ".oro-heads." Thov
kro niulou to pour brine into tho wounds of
dofentod candidate; anxious to ussuro thorn
that tliey are Imilly nbtised men, nnd tho vic
tims of tho most nefarious chicanery und in
famous frauds. Thoy nr waiting for tho
cliuneo to insure tho defeated that in a Jnlr
net uon tuey would triumph beyond all ner
p.dventure, and that, in vindication of their
own rights und iiiniiiiuess thoy ought to "bolt
and defeat tho nominees. Now, for tliu sko
of doeency, let us havo nono of this. Let ev
ery man who think that he cannot nuletlv
fcubmit to tho decision of his fellow-democrats,
withdraw from tbo content, and not becomo u
tool of designing, mliehlef.making radicals.
Dccidu now, uud kucp the peace hereafter.
Three darkle., v: Samuel Mullen, "Wii
liuin Sehofiold nml Gt.-orgo Gillepsle, being in
tho condition of "hall fellows well met," con
cluded to gtvo diversity to thoir'pilstliiio yes
terday evening, by u set-to at fisticuff.. Sev
eral blows were genorously received and
promptly returned by ench of tho pnrtios,
when a policeman stepped in and invited
thm up to tho 'squire's otllco. Tlio old func
tionary sent thum all to tho cnlabooso fur six
days, as a warning that our qulot and dignity
ru not lc di. tui leiJ, oven by it negro. Tlio
fight took place at tho low negro don on Com
mi relul avenue, above Fourth.
Thrwi negrous uttompted to j.lay'tho ''ku
llux," yesterday evening, on n negro familv,
living on Tenth street. They entered tlio
Coinioil, disguised in masks, and asked for
-tr. This being supplied, thoy demanded
food, und being accommodated in this thov
demanded money. At this Juncture a num
fcer of nogro nun happened In, and being up
prized of tho character of their vl.ltow,
suntc bed oil the ma.k and revealed a trio of
ii'oir own color. Tho
lu-muxes uoltoa and
succeeded in mnkini;
their oscupo.
Fat Collins picked up a small pox cuso yes
jrday, in tho person of Henry Mulder, and
DTiveyed it to tho sister' hospital, ntr
the Mississippi lovec. This hospital contains
nly ten or cloven cntes now, most of which
are convulosclng. Jim Iirown, a negro, i. In
the old barracks, treating his own caso.
A negro barber, namod Carpenter, wa
Sued five dollars and sont to tho calaboose 1.
squire Uross, Yesterday ovoning, for ilugg. !.
.Kumg uia ut'iiur-nuir,
Tho African 31. U. Church on Washington
Avenuo and. n number of tho dilapidate!
buildings adjneont uro being torn down.
Call at Parker's solo stable aiitVinspect trie
horse Jonson rnllod off nt $100. Tho winner
Anally succeeded In giving nwny his prize, by
ruadlng n friend to take it "unsight and
unseen." "Wo don't know the nnhi'o of tho
last victim. , . .
A soro leg somotimes serves n purpbso, after
all. A broad-mouth boy wns' munching u
hunk of bread on tho market houso platform
yesterday, when ho wi.neco9tcd by a bread
les boy, hobbling around on ono foot.
"Sammy, I say Sammy, if you'll givo mo
some of your broad, I'll show you my soro
leg." Ho got the bread, and complied witli
the condition.
It is n fact that ought to bo kopt boforo the
pcoplo, that the city of Cairo boasts of flvo
lines of packet steamers, that bring' to our
wharves tho people and products of tho
country from nil points of tho compass. It
behooves our morchunts, shippers and pcoplo
genernlly, to throw nil the business thoy can
in the way of tlio boats forming these lines.
Thoy am of incalculablo benefit to Cairo, ut.d
should bo encouraged in cvry possible man
ner. Tho llttlo steamer plying botwecn Cairo
nnd 3Icmphis brings numerous orders to our
merchants every trip, thus greatly adding to
our business, and widening tho knowlodgo of
tho fact that our markot, in point of prices,
can successfully compete with St. Louis, Lou-
isvlllo or Cincinnati.
Tho bill abolishing the court of common
pleas Is not yet n lnw. Tho veto of tho gov
ernor on tho first measure was sustained,
whereupon Senator 3iunn introduced nn-
othcr bill, and under a suspension of rules,
hurried it to n voto. It is now in tho hands
of tho house, nnd the belief is entertained
that it will 1io killed in committee, or open! v
If partle hnving books to donHto to tho
public school library will inform tho secre
tary of tlio library association, 3Ir. E. T.
Ilurllngham, whero to cnll for tho books, thov
will Iks collected, covered, labelled as "do
nated'' with duo credit to tho donor, and cat
alogued. V poor, miserably clad woman from
Clarksvlllo, Tennessee, wns in town yesterday
evening, begging money to pay licr way to
Jsnndolph county. Sho carried in hor arms
an emaciated infant that was fairly parching
from fever. At tlio very sight of tho dls
tressed creature, tlio hands of citizens instinc
tlvely found their way to the pocket.
IhofrOltOOO bonds to bo destroyed bv order
of the city council, uro simply unsigned
blanks, having no ntoro binding focco upon
tho city than uti equal numbor of comic val
Tho rejKirt that coal had Wen discovered
in Alexander county, near Santa Fo, given
through tho 'llulletin' several days ago, re
ceived Important additions, no doubt on its
way down to Cairo. At all events tho dis
covery is shorn of much of its vuluo by re
ports or n Intor date. Tho discovery made
may lead to "rich disclosures," but of them
selves nro important in so far only as thoy
servo to timulutu further examination and
inquiry. Excavations in tho sido of n hill, nt
the jKiint nnmed, revealed n spongy substnnco
resembling coal, nnd often found in tlio vicin
ity of fields of tho latter article. Beneath
this Biibstance was found what Dr. Harris
denominates gypsum. Of this thero was u
stratum two feet thick. Further soarch re
vealed n bituminous deposit resembling coal
in the but process of formation. Xenr the
samo locality specimeus of pure anthracite
coal were found, but as there were no evi
dences of its oxbtenco in quantities any whero
in tlio neighborhood, tho conclusion was form
ed that thoy had been deposited wlieru found
by somo designing party anxious to drivo a I
profitable land trado.
The examination now in progress will pro
bably determine, in a few day., whether or
not wo havo bituminous coal in Alexander
Tho now city charter is, by this time, n law.
Tho voters of Cairo will thoreforo bo cnllcd
upon to elect a solect council, or n sennto to
our present houso of ropruiontatives.
It has been alledged, and with much truth
too, that many of tho ovils that havo arisen
uudor the dillerent adminUtrutions of our
municipal government, aro chnrgeablo to
hasty, or budly digested legislation. Tho sec
ond board provided for is intended as n pre
ventlvo in that particular, It being hold that
any meusuro that passos through lxth bodies
will bo vory apt to bo well mutured. Pre
rcquUitcit to u out in tlio select council nro
$1,000 worth of real property, a whito skin,
und ago covoring tho period of thirty yours.
Tho applicant for n scat must also bo u resi
dent of tho ward from which ho is elected,
uud the possessor of Incontrovertible evidence
that ho i chusablo with tho masculiuegondor.
Tho election will probably tako place at as
early n day us practicable, In order that both
boards mav enter tnvm n ilNnlinrmi nf ltnti-
duties at the commencement of tlio next fltcul
Parties wore prospecting in this city, on
Saturday, for an eligible ito for u .tnum fur
niture factory. They aro said to bo gentle
men of respectable means, practical men j
and that thoy nro well nsured of tho many
udvontugos Cairo possesses for tho successful
prosecution of tho lino of inanufacturing'in
which thoy propose to engage.
It is a mattor of surprlso that Cairo, nnd
not Kvansville, Is not noxt to Cincinnati In
tlio rnanufacturo Of furniture. "Wo possess
all tho advantages that distinguish Evnnsvillo
and many to which it lays no claim. Thero
is not, in truth, a point in tho United States
more inviting to tho manufacturer of furni
ture thun Cairo. If tho locality woru superior
in no otner respect, tho item of freight that
brings Kvansville nnd Cincinnati furnituro
this far on its way tosouthorn markets, would
of itself enrich any ordinarily prudent Cairo
manufacturer in llvo yeurs.
John Uodgors, from Now Madrid, not ap
preciating tho strength of Cairo "boomor
nlcker indulged in potations deon nnd fre
quent, and, as a natural consoquonco, bocemo
ue wns brought boforo 'squiro Shan
nessy, who Inflicted tho lowest flno upon him.
In consideration of tho fact that tho drunk
was very plain, and not altogethor inten-
.27" l ' w
Wo publish, to-day, tho last of ,, aeries of,
'flvo articles, tho burden bf which is Cairo, i
tho future eat of camtnerco nnu manutac
turcs and tho cnnital of tho United Stntos
Tho frtctj embodiedtin tho articles, nUhongh
thrown together with that haito that alwny
nttonds the preparation of mattor for n dally
imnor, nro forcible, manv of them new, and
'-. ; i w
all of thorn uhaucstlonable. A portion
them, as their naturo indicates, cost both study
nnd research. If, howorcr, thoy add anything
to tho conioquertcobf Cairo, oven in tho csti
ination of those undor wlioso oyes they havo
directly fallen: or If thov serve to dlsslpntoi
liny mens uro tho falso impressions nnd ignor
nnce concerning Cairo, a part of thoir mission
vill havo been accomplished, nnd tho labors
of tho writer abundantly rewarded.
Among tho negroes who frequont our
wharf,,thoro may bo found as shrowd rascals
m oyer picked a pockot or broko.opon a bank
vuilt. Ono of this character met n negro
womnn, tho other dov, who expressed a dc
siro to co to Cincinnati. The negro sharper
ot onco assured hor that it was quito fortu
nato that sho had montioned her desire in his
presence; his master wns the ticket agent nnd
ho (tho sharper) ' could buy her n ticket for
two dollnrs, tho prico being threo dollnrs
Tho wench wns over-jovedof course, nnd hand'
ing her supposed bonefnetor a llvo dollar bill,
started with him to procuro thechenp ticket.
Arriving at tho mouth of n lovco cellar, and
ndmoulshini; her not to follow him down
stairs, as his mastor dldn tnllow women down
there, ho descended, himself, passed out tho
back wa, and nmdo off with tho money. Tho
woman never lieord of him afterwards
A gentleman who is largely interested in
Cairo property denominates tho citizens of
Cairo as u "community of ''yawners." His
letter is entirely too caustic for publica
tion, and could servo nogood purposo if mndo
public. Thoro nro rival interests eager to
snop up, and employ to our disadvantage, the
vory facts wliich our correspondent charges
to the account of our people. In tho Inn
guago of Sargcant Snivel, we beg to assure
our friend that "things is working" to the
advancement nnd glory of Cairo, nptwith-
itanding tho condition of affairs of which,
with somo justice, ,ho complains.
Goldstino & Itosenwater have just opened
n splendid stock of new goods. Thoir lino of
iress goods is very flno and calls for tho par
ticular attention of the ladles. In domestics,
cnlicocs, trimmings nnd notions thoy present
n very full assortment. All theso goods wcro
bought very low, nnd will bo'sold ut corres
ponding prices. Cnll in thero nnd inspect the
fresh stock. The new styles, nnd low nrices:
tho great variety and excellont coudition of
their goods should fill their house, from morn
ing until night, with discriminating custom
Thero will be n cotillion party clvon this
evening in Coyno's ball alloy, corner of Divl-
slon and Poplar streets. An invitation is
extended to nil who tnko a plcnsuro in pnrtlci
paling in tho dance, or in obsf rving others
participate. A good baud of music and com.
potent prompters havo been secured. It
Tho gymnastic class is a success. You can
join it nt anytime, nnd 3Ir. Uurlingham will
givo you the drill already givon to tho clnss
without extra charge. Lndlcsand gentlemen
nro invited to visit on Monday and Friday
evenings, at Philharmonic hall. fobll3l "
(The St. Charles Hotel, Wolne!Uy, Kehnury 10.)
C O MiComm, Ht Imli J W Hood. Ht Luulti
)1 I)ti, Chieago;
(t II (ircen, Clncmnnll;
V U ImaniiiK, Ceutrnlu;
mi viii, in.;
W1I Aro.M& w Chicago;
KI'awo, I'silucali;
J li rauRlil, J nil
w it wiuprnan,
W (J Sniiion, "
u I) Huckman, N Y;
C A Klexnmlrr, N X;
H I, t'n.ey, Ky.j
J W Mitchell, Clnrlnnntlj
J A Uibbx. cllv:
W It I'owell, r.oiilrllle;
U II Xayles,
C L Knton, HI.;
I) Wel.h, cltyi
L U.Moorii, ChlvAKo;
Thoa Rat!', 1ml.;
iw uiie, mobile.
Port I.lt for the 914 Hour cnilliiir at
Two o'clock, P. 91.
(Jen. An'leron dlum.; Win. White, PaJuenh:
Umet. tiruiidTowpri llelle 8t. Lonl, ht. LouU;
HelleMeinplti., Memphis; Hilrer Spray, Clnnuti;
CinoU'rUinl, Kranuillej M. K. Fornytli, Vlckotxiriu
.Norman, H.M.bhreve, B
1'. W . filTwlor, N. O.i Ituth.Ht. liuis.
fien. Anderson. Colrm.! Win. Whlto. 1'ailiieah:
Hell? hi. I.oui, Memj.liU; C'umUrlund, Kanlllo;
Hil jer hpray, N. O., M. K. Foryllii
...ii iiiiiii. lutiin aiemnii i
er. I.oui.villn!
Comet, Xevr Uiliiw.
The weather Is clear iviid beautiful and tho
mud has nliuot disappeared from our hido
walks. It will take several doys, however, to
clwur our streets. May tho day. not bo far
distant when willl bo able to cover them
with gravel, and protect tho sides of those
which havo been raised from washing away.
Tho .Mi,h,Ij.pi was still falling at St. Louis
nt hut account, but considerable rain is re
ported and a rise of small magnitude is looked
The Ohio is fulling at Loulsvillo and Gin
cinnuti, with six feet four inches water in tho
chuto over tho fulls. It is rising slowly from
FitUburg to Marietta with nearly seven feet
to l'ltuburg, and a prospect of about four
font more water ut that point.
The Cumberland Is aguln rising with six
feet on Hurpeth Shoals.
Here tho rivor has risen eight inches since
last report, end considerable drift is passing
out of tlio Ohio.
llusiness has till' further fallen ofT, nnd
may now be really quoted dull, as far us ro
shipinents and receipts nro concerned.
The Norman added horo 100 bbls Hour and
u few tons iu,sortod freight.
Tho Hollo St. LouU discharged it few lots
Cairo freight, and 175 bbls Hour. 44 bundles
sash, 10 doors, for Nashville, and a lot of
scrap iron lor Tennosseo rolling mills. She
recoirctl-mrro SO tons sundries arid 18 mules
for Memphis.
Tho Cumberland brought out 344 pieces
stoves and hollow wnro for reshipment to St.
Louis, threo eoops poultry, 13 pkgs sundries
for reihlmueiit touth, nnd tbo following for
Cairo: It. J. Curiditr, 3 boxes eggs and butter,
Uhomiis O. Grcor, 140 nloces bulk meat, 20
bbls potutocs.
Tho Hollo Memphis rocolved about 30 tons
iron and sundries for St. Louis.
The favorite Armada is tho rcgulur mull
and passenger packet for Kvansville und ull
way landings this ovenlng
'1 ho Win. White, Cnpt. Northern, clerk
Jimmy IJoverloy, is tho regular Cairo und
I aducuh packet this evening.
Tho magnlflcont Kuth, Capt. I). It. regrntn,
Is ndvertlsod for Now Orleans and nil way
points this evening. Tho Kuth is one of thu
Hncst stoamors OT.et built Tor tho wostorn wa
ters, nnd is woll oUcored.
The splendid OJtjrj of Cairo, Cnpt. J. W.
Mnlln, is tho regular packet for Momphis and
wnv points this evening.
Our morchnnU and shippers should rcmom
ber that tho Molllo,Hambloton is tho regular
Cairo and Memphis packot to-morrow (Fri
day) evening. In sustaining her thoy should
tako Into consideration tho fact that thoy aro
doing thomsclvcs and our city as much J ben
efit as thoy do to this nico llttlo packet nnd
her moritorlous officers.
Thirteen steamers, includlnt: tho six boats
belonging to tho A. it M. S. S. Co., and tho
Great Itepublio,. .Thompson Dean, Mollio
Able, Hismarck, Commonwealth, Lizzie Gill,
and Mississippi, havo'entored intonn nrrange
menttornn In connection with each other
from St. Louis to New Orleans, leaving St.
Louis every 48 hours nnd "nnkinc iiO duv
trips. Tho boats aro to Icavo punctually,
whethor loaded or. not, so that shippers nnd
passengers can nnvo n roliablo titno from
which to muko thoir nrrnngemonts, and not
oo componeu 10 wnu in suspenso two. three,
or four days, whilo at other times, two or
threo boats pass in ono day.. Ofcoursoono
or these boats will Jcnvo Cairo overy other
nay tno Jtuin noing tne nrst.
rtotfen Is liiTcbr citll to tli lioliIcr nf nn.l .Inn
llonils of tlio I'llv of Cairo, (lint there rc-inndm m On.
siuk in: lunii.a' rrori'iiii iimicr vm nnnroT.i. iiiinm
oi mni'inoiixnnu, inrro nunnrcunnii clarity iiollRrw.
I willrii'flw projosau nt my olllce on Momlny, Kt lw
inrViTi. 1S00. fur thoMln to tlincitrnfitiirli l,nil i n
inn irnninnu conuiimn fix-ciiipii in nornon 4 oi fl
City Complrollrr.
Kiflv-l nptc tit lnnili.IT inllfn tifirfti
of Monnil
Citv. fn IiilRkl cnuntv. llllnnU. tliri f mil
es . e.t f
Vilhi ltlilci-1 Xi nfivt liiiiiroviil land nmliT lvwh! f.-iuw
nn orchard of HIJ nupln trees. Kood fruit, four l'och
nif cr-fnillng pri.iit lie on tho mail IrlinK from
i;nicionta to villa Kliiuo. y
A barirain ran lx had In tliu nbau tiremuto If nn,
pIlH for tome nt an early ilny, "
.11.1111 WAbLACi;.
U MCKllw SeTCiith iitr-pt, nmr WnjJi. Ax,
M I X 8 T
33x-.ssjasi Band. ,
FurTiin Mnlili, Fcliruarjr l'JIh ul 13th
ST tut
The large"! orKanlutlon now in exmtcner.
ix-ta CiiiFlinn.; th .MnKnlfirent Uuartrttri
civee, wie ureal buniranil Dnnrx
Inn; llio Ornml
Trlpiito Clog Danro
len ii-ription of th
a W'omleiful l'antlieontiKKjn-
f the following lioautifiil Kcenea I City
Hethlehamt Jllrth-plnce of Chrlnti Mount ttiltary
it the Criflrtxioni
Iron iterlpwllli lila Armr! .ViiaImh an i:illl SI
tiuriai J i.vr in ijoru nyrun, r-
(plena: Kolillrr'n llroainof Home: Shm nt ie. f-torin
Arise, Thtimlpr. Llghtninsnnd the Wreck.
KormliiK Tito Grent Shot In One.
ON HATt'ItDAT AFTKitNOON, nt 2 f'c't k, f'r liwlif
1 rhlMicn. Aflinlsnlon .to cent ti nil nrl of the
rice nf A(liiiNion....................V)ceiil.,
lleervel 8'nlii......
,.7i cent..
1A)W (IAYI.f)l!I. M.m.r.
JOi: C.ATLOUD, G..url Agent..
felrfklu JOK MACK. AdTertUlnic Acent.
1'nUic not lee l hereby glren tliat there M'll! m u
peclnl election held fur thu purl uf electing nil
AMerinnn in the Ni-ond Won I to fill the rnennry wa
nlontil hy tho re.lijn.Mii.nof Alhert Hnniika, onTuen
day, the day of Kebru.uy, Iwo, nt tlie engine lion...
of the Arnh Kiroronipany, on Comim riul aienue. op
poilto rr uuh treet.
,iini piniiic nonce in iu given mat lliero will be a
ney. police mairitlruie. ronu rnf U'jilnnim mi-ntin
y. ,
and Tweinii otreet.
Hy order of tho elty ronnell.
feUttd JOHN I'. FAWN, City tlerk.
The firm of Purker A I'hlllljw h. tl... d.y been li.
solte.1 ly miituul conw nt. Iiyn T. Parker i nuthor
IzedtoreeeiTakll inonle. due, und y nil the Indebt.
edneMof IhMirm. I). T. PA UK Kit,
Vtb. C, 1WJ-.IU THo.S. II. PHILLIP!-.
DIt. II. WAnD.-VKU-lle.iUenp, No. Wnl".
nut utreet, near Klichth utreet. Omee, over l'ot.
Oltlec. Oltleo hourn, 10 to 11 a.m. and J to J p.m., 1
ell niipillel with freh, healthy rnciino matter,
IltTH, PeZMIII nul.r, will
i Till.- KVKNIMs. IVbrtii.ry
CHAS. T. HIMlr!, Aeut. J
learo Cairo
ll, ml Da cMii,
Tho flno side-whoel steamer
H.W. HAMlTON...Mater MA J. PAl'I Clerk,
Leures Cairo for Memphlii and all nterme li ito hind-
Every Krltlny KvpiiIiik on nrrlvnl of tlie
Orders for mippllei lobe piiri'hneilnt Cwlroor len.
p)il promptly utteniled to a-i dirile-l. Ilautern almij
tlie rner and incrchantu In tho two cilim will find the
llnmlilctontoben mutual benetit, nml their patroiiftKc
ri'.H-viiuiij uiiriivu.
For freiicht, bMte, or infurinatiou apjly nuliourd
the wharflutj, or ou the Jlainbletoii
Tlie IikIiI draiiKht pakeenaer rileumer
Altff 1V.M. WII1TK,
It. V. NOKTIIKUN nter,
Wlllnnko ri'tiuler DAILVTltM'M hetn. n Cairn nnd
PivliiPiili, leaiiim Cnlro every ocain pnndaya cs
itpled) at five o'clock. '
Tim White connecU at PiwIueuhwitMhe New lirlenint
and Ohio rmlroivl, nnd the Cumberland Mnd Ti'iiuomvo
river riucketd.
KorfrelKht or panKe n
iv on umr l, nr to
.M. J. liUCKI.KV. Asent.
Cairo, Illinois,
WANTKO Alexander Counly Orders, nt fcO
on the dollar, for nil kindu of Lumber nnd Ilui.
ilera' .Material
Ollicpofthe Cairo City Tuny Company,
and alley Kerry t-'omiiany,
.... , . . Cairo, IllinoU, Kebrnnry 2, 18i.
Notice is hereby uiveu to tlio ritockliohfera of tho
above named cninpaiilen, that an nnscnient of nix
teen I U) iH-r cent, upon the cnnital Klii.il.- ih..r...,r i.,,u
ailurbeen mado bv the liirnetniu m.,1 il.nJ n.i.
HtocKholiIerH uro required to pay tho name nt tho oltteo
of tho treasurer within ten (10) day from tho dmo
heroof.m aeeordnnoo with thn bv-l.tw of tho comoii
" feVdlOt TnoMA8 W- 1IALI.I1MV, Her retarj-.
A OarU.
A CliTgymun, whllo reslditiK in South Amrrieu an n
inimdoiiary, discovered a safe and simple remedy for
tho euro of NenoUH Wcokne.u, Early Decay, DUonsea
of tho Urinary ondHeminal Orcanii. and tho wholo ir.iln
ofdhiordcrM brought on by baneful and vicious habit..
peciAi eieciKin iieiii lor uiopiiriHoor eleoiiuK u AN
(h riiun in tho Third Ward, to (III the raenm y rcn
loniilhy tho resignation nf Jarnea 111 an, on Tue.day,
the 'M dar of February. 1S.9. at the uihct at It. Hhkn.
urea, niimoers navo ueoncurcu uy tint noble reinudy.
I'roinpted by a desire to benefit tlio afrtictod and un
fortui.ato, I will vend tho recipe for preparing and
ojdng thin medicine, In a scaled envelopy. to nur ono
who necdaJt, rait or etuis. Ad d rem,
, Station D.lliblo Koune,
frbl-dam New Tork City.
i ',
,4-iiU Umm tii i
I ' tilt it TRAxsrxa co.
I' - ' wiuirsoiT.
CAt 111) CITT
r li A n r no at,
Q1IAS, T. HINDE, . '
Tlirnnirh llllla nf I.nilliiir
Rlvru to all
Avnllnblo 1'olnU liy Hull or Water.
H T Tj A M S II I P C O 31 1 A X Y
oxr jn "A7" o n. Xs b i. s
W. It. AHTIIl)H. ,
I.I..1K. UILIi
Cf OI M ON W K , I. 'I'll . ....
..CAItTKIt. Sla-ter,
..IU'ltK Miwivr.
-1'WiltAM, Mantcr,
..WII1TK. .Mailer,
-O'NKIL, Muter,
...CONI.V, Mater,
,..J(1NK, Miuter,
..(lltKK.NUUOlt MAft't
CoinprtmiiK all the finet mi l largi t lioataotitof 6t.
Ono of thosboin line of tteamcrs will leave C.t'ro
for New Orlenm every othpr day, connecting at New
Orleans with Ocei.u Line of Stamcr to
Liverpool, Sew York. Ilntton, anil Oalrea-
tOII, TtlAli
Piipn(erii and Shipper can rely on ono of thf
boat leuvinj Cairo punctually nt Move. Will PM
fartleiilnr attention to all way freight. Mow Memi'li -oNewOrlean..
.. ,. CIIAS. T. IUNJlK,
' ' ' Oentrnl AxPnt, Cairo
Otttop, on Whrfl.l, Public Ijindtn'
KM. P. f ISSON. l'A..etiiter and TIUet Axent,
Olbce, at Ssl. Charle. Hotel.
,S T E A 31 K It S.
Tlie following ltoat i omr th.s Une and wilt t
run In the follow r. order:
M. K. KOUSVTII..-....7.l:;i(lI.r.U, Hlc r.
91 A HULK CITV .niNWAV, Ma-ter.
CITV OF CAIIK)....... MALIN, Jlaiter
PromU attention will 1 ln' l to all Ui.ine.. , n
tru.tvd to thnraire of llieio lKt.
Krebrtit and Ticket Oltlre Incomianv whntMoat. ,1
froal of City Nniional lUnk.
CKAS. T. lll.MU iieneriu Agr.'
KI). r. fclSPON, Tlrket and pAencer Aitent
JOHN II. DAVIS, Mup'1, Munph.. Tennene-
The splendid side-wheel
M1IKUTV No. a,
Leave Memtihi. every Tl'ISDAr. THfP.IUYo I
r-ATUHDAY, at A p.m., for White Hlvrr, ronnectlnr At
ImvaJI'a lllutl with tho .Menit'hi und I.ltlle IU:k IU-.
roa-l for I. title lt. k ami Hot hpribg'. Tllua troni
Meinphi to Little Hock, ts hour..
KrelKht and 1'aovinKer reeetptPil over thBlj
Lino at tower rate than any other route.
OIIAS. T. HINDE, Agent, Cairo. III.
Ortrf-u on Wharf-boot
.fjT Thosplondid
SimirTl I'lisxeiiKs-'i Slcainon
Ill'lllCON .III.KK. Mauler.
JULIA . ....L(rKU'0)l.MaU'
LU.MINAHV Ll KEIt. Maater(
II. .M.hllllKVi: ...I AUTKIt. Matcr.
I'nCllro coins utiitream every HI'NDAVfml
TI'E'DAT, nnd on down trip every TMU1WDAY an I
bUNHAY, making clotc connection with
Vlckaliurx nml Meridian Ilallroad,
Nelma ami .Mrrlillan Hallroair
New Orlrnna, Jiirkimt ami Orcat Nortbern
Throueh reoeipt" ulvpn t' nny nnd all points on th
stld road, Willi r.v kil. for Yaioo Itlver.
MMt'lal utteiit.un iriveu to all war bu.iiiem lt i
Cairo uud Vu kUir.
CHAS T. HINKI, fieneral Acent.
Olfiee nn Wlinif-hoj
Mt ifiUlff
t Vilicl.ttn.. ..f ll. i..ll.l...w.
, , . I'W.IIDIIII V. ..IV .UllWf.l.l
TCi.1.in1tit V(. ...... ,r. .
iiic iii.ua 4 .. iijt . oiteim in ,
1UbOL'CHET MUr 1 I'OWLEII.m Clei .
Leave Cairo Hun. lay unit Thurvday nt .' p.m.
DEXTEIt Maiter fiUAM.MEIt Clei .
Leaves Cairo Tiloduy mid Friday nt 6 p.m.
HOWAltH Master WltlOHT Cler
I.ratca Cairo Wcdoexduy nnd l-atunlny at 5 p.m.
MakliiK nil Intcrmedlntu luitdin, uud payiutf par
tlcillar uttentlnn to Paeket Krelcht.
C1IAS. T. HINDE, (lenernl ARelit,
Ollico on WlmrMiotit.
Toyv -iTrTFTO? 0O3VI3?uJ.3NrY
Oomposetl ot tlio following
8I.M8 Master I HAItPEIt der(
Loaves Cairo vcry Sundayat 5 p.m.
6TH0NG Master EUAN cieilc
Leaves Cairo every Tuesday nt 8 p.m.
HAUMON..... Mater WEAVEIt Cletk
Javes Cairo every Friday at 6 p.m.
orOpecUl attention given to way buslnew betwsen
Cairo und rinhvillo.
, , ,,. . CUAS. T. HINDE, General Agen
de2l 'm office oa Wlurfboat.

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