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Oflice, 225 Washington Avenue, Democrat Hall; Editorial Rooms, OhioLevec, over Barclay's Drug Store.
- . - - r-t
A nucoMixa acq,uiesence.
Tho defeated cnndldntcs demeaned them
selves yestorduy ns It wni expected thoy
would do. Wo saw nono of tliem counsel
ing with radical sore-head combers; heard
none of them predicting defeat for4 tho tick
et, nor giving vent to any personal indigna
tion or noroncw over tho result. On tho con
trary, wo hcurd from them tho expression of
a determination to support and work for tho
whohKlckot, without erasing a name. Wo
hoard them combatting the iiMaults of radi
cal! and bolter upon tho nominuM, and do
fending tho fairness and precision of the pri
mary election. Thoy wero surprised ut tho
result In some particulars, but with that sur
prise time wu. no admixture of anger or ro
Hontment. Mr. .John V. Holy, who'c claims to u candi
dacy for the city clerkship his fellow demo
orntsjailed to endorse, submit like tho true
and faithful democrat that he is, and avows
liiiimlf in favor of thu tlckot, tho whole tick
et and nothing hut tho ticket. Despising
belt r: and the tricky radicals who aro using
them, ho propose to lay oil' his coat, roll up
Ills sleeves, and to enter tho light against
them with n warmth and vigor cooled not in
tho lea"t 1 y the decision of hi fellow-domo-T.its
' st hitn.
.Jc "c h 11. Taylor, who failed to secure tho
n. :..n::it.on as it candidate for Tcasurur, is
ni.t.i r in rtifled nor chagrined by tho ac
tion of lit party.- HoojK'iily proclaiini his
j ' rk Dti .j'j'ort hh urosful competitor,
nn 1 the n ?t of the nominees to a man. His
submission ii most, graceful und-democratlc,
and cmimamls tho admiration of all consis
tent i.ie:i c f the party.
.lchn 1'. Fagin, aspiring to a candidacy for
tho clckshlp, arid defeated only by( olght
votvi, AubuiiU o,e vary body know he witild,
q 1 . v ai 1 contentedly, censuring no ono;
but 11 n.n. Hiding the tuel sml zenl that out
stripped hi own, and matched tho goal from
his grap. He delarus for the ticket, and
an active share in the campaign that is to re
volt In its election.
Fran Mosrs. Jlrrrwiirt, Ilyrnc, llluni-
(threw, ictarmy, jrnoia, r.yun ana cur
rcn, wulmve it t personally heard tmcxpras
! ' 1 C fc .lirg over tho result, but the atsur
a 11 .a- i V) us 111 reliable shape that they
nro ' 1' mtt creditably to the will of
tho party, and purjKiso an activo participn
ti .11 In tho impending ilght in bchulf of tho
rigu.arn iiiiineo.
Th iiuLlu acimloenco In tho choice of the
d' i ' it majority, utterly iloomtlt tho
manning radicals, and is u source of surprise
to bvitrrs. Thu primary election has been
held, and not a ainglo defeated candidate sub
i.iits lull -'if to radical manipulation i .Such
u result was not anticipated by them, and as a
Oil. i tmu it disarrange, their plans most
j..viok r) They exjmcU-d a large harvest
if reheaJs, ami threo or four dofcatcd and
dl:ai!i Ul omdidate to lead thorn; but
gathtrii g only a intoruulo crop of tho for
. j;r at. i obtaining not even a word of com
f .t ir 1 1 1Ut, thy procMl, at a great
di.n lvat tage, to the organiautiou of their
fjn cs. Tliey will not havo even the un:r of
drir.ot mi y t- veil the odious radical shajni
their opposition i destined to ussumii; and
will, th'n f jr, fall mot signally to sugar
crat it as u 'cstizii movement," tho -'people
1 rojvtt, ' or in any other tylo that will
j r-( 'i -!-t- nt democrats from theupKrt of
th ir ti'Kt t, and from their lotilty to party.
They witk, plan, chuiiw, log-rull, pipu-lay,
fj' i! l'-r, irt) liutlly about "lrihnva
ricitu nM," and of fraudulent iiuinlnations,
but everv man dervlngof thu nnino of dem
ocrat will rwi-t their inducements; and hold
them us mcmlK-r of n yxiry that has as a
jiarty puruud the dmuotjfacy, with u, venom
cf butt betti-r beflttiug personal euomies thuu
p lltlcal rival. Krsry democrat' dosurving
th li-' aired namii of domocrat vill give tholr
fcVrew 'y !. viixl trnM and pitfall' a wide
let' vA ruiimin stidfatly among his
lv.i" 1'.
77. TlfiKKT.
including the
T" vr nr.-,
at. I
f ortl 'i-. Of this nuinbor oiy i nro Irish
men, aud yet tho b6reheads and radical.-- aro
J Tit ' j .ibiut thy IrUb iiiQiiopvlisung nil tho
ofll i . There nro 11 vo Germans on tho tick
if Theobnld, Walilor, Mendel, Urnnkcl mid
J' rgiiifin. Thu balauco uro Amorlcitusi It
wovild bo dllllcult to dlvldo tho olllce In fair
cr jiroportions among tho different nationali
ties in tho city.- And yet the soreheads
howl Well, lut thuui ; they havo been put
down t fti-n buforo, and will bo again.
Our levee onntonlporury, speaking' of the
Grant Club meeting lu,t night, says tho
charter election, or city olllcors, wero not
mentioned by anybody, nor was tho meeting
callod'for any such purpose." '
Now, If there is n man in Cairo billy
enough to boliove that tho moeliiig of tho
Grunt Club last night has no connection
with tho charter election, ho is tdmplo enough
for a straight jacket, nnd tliouldn't bo per
mitted to run nt hirge.
T'm i nitiiig resulted exactly ns ovory man
with th e grains of common genco supjioscd
it would in mi organization of tho enomie
of di'iiuurncy. It was not expected' that tho
whole iiioiiiblago would partlolpato in tho
j ip.iration ofa progrnmino for tho coining
light. The plans will be laid and tho pro
f.. . i m- hcttled upon in strict ncoordnneo
with radical strategy. A fuw mon '-dark
lanti rn, conniving follow, will 'cut and
d , the programme, nnd tho party ' will no-
lit it.
Bolting democrats and radicals soem to have
a decided aversion to tho Irish; and, hero In
Cairo, always denounce tho regular demo
cratic tickt as an Irish ticket, and by this
cry oadoavor to enlist against it the prejudices
of Americans and Germans. Somewhat tardy
at the work this year, tho members of th
bolter's radical party havo at last raised tho
cry, and now, on every street corner, thoy
are damning tho Irish and damning tho dem
ocratic tlckot as an Irish ticket. In 18C4
JJr. Wilson succeeded In becoming 3Iayor
by loudly crying tho anti-Irish shibboleth,
and it has been determined to attempt to
break down tho present ticket by tho same
policy. The attempt, of course, will bo fu
tllo; and yct,itrango as it tnny stem, thoro
aro Irishmen who aro so lout to shamo as to
be members of tho opposition, and to join in
tho denunciation of their own race. Ufcd by
men who hato them, they arc base tools, ana
tho work In which they aro employed is as
dirt us their corrupt hearts. Joining with
men who havo always damned for
eigners and in particular tho Irish
they aro now denouncing, who? Tho editor
of the 'Bulletin,' a man who, at nil time?, has
defended foreigner from knoiv-nothlng as
saults, and is now hated by tho know-nothing
clement of tho democratic party because he
has stood up for our foreign-born citizens
with flrinncti, and has givim hard blows In
thcir.cnuse. That any couslderublo number
of our Irih fellow-citizens will unite with the
opposition in tho present contest wo cannot
boliove. If thoy do, they, strike a, blow at
thoir own interests from which tliey will not'
soon recover tliey inakg enemies of their
best friend., and do not make frlcndsjof tho
men who nro now their bitturcnt enemies. Wo
are surw almost every Irish democrat In the
city will not onlv vote for tho regiilar ticket,
but alo labor for It with diligence and cn
tbtniu.1111. in 1
Troublo U browing in the radical homo-
hold. The president elect has developed
within himself an Andrew Jacksonlsm that
has spread tho direst apprehension among
the radical lights that tho people, instead of
Xuw England and her pliant subjects, havo
secured a president. His reply to tho con
gressional committee who Informed him of
his nomination, means war, unless bo Is per
mitted to maintain tho dignity of the uxecu
tiyo department, and war utile tho constitu
tion is brought to tho light of duy again, nnd
accepted as tho chart and compass of congres
sional notion. Ho nn-ans wnr, not the weak
and etleinlnato war waged bv Andrew John
son, but "war to tho knife and tho knife to the
hilt!' Hear him:
'I am convinced, from tho various commu
nications I havo received, nnd from what I
havo heard, that some of tho persons I shall
choose will bo opposed by combinations of in
fluential men in tno party which hat support
ed me, tt"t Ittamt th'y ore unfit, but became
thftr iiori'.s leire thr phtcr fur their, own
frirm. '
As for tho tonure-of-otllco bill, repealed or
unrepealed, he dob not care n straw. Ho
says :
"1 shall havo no more hoitancy to chango
inv own appointees if incompetent, than those
ot mv prein-ces'ors in omce.
1 must bo trov-
emeu by my owh mens oi ntne, nor win i
.'iv. unv inillciitinn of mv nnrnoes until I
t . . . ... v.. -
M'nd thl nominations into "the senate for con
Gentlemen of th radical persuasion, how
do you like the talk of the pre-ident elect, on
tho very threshold of otnee? Does it not In
dicate n i-trouz tmriio-u in the man ot vour
uhoiooto "uutno tho rosponibilitvr,of acting
ju"t as ho jleaes defying tho interference of
an intermeddling congra-s even defying tho
power that made him presidont ? Verily it
ljoks to. And then, his purpose to Invito to
n .eat in his cabinet "omo men who will bo
opposed by combination of intluentlnl mon
In the radical party!" Thero's the rub. And
what If one of tho.c men should be tho abused
nnd fchnnu-fully traduced General McClcllnn?
What if tho new president hould elect to do
simple justice to that vlllllled patriot by mak
ing him secretury of war? Tho thought is no
doubt maddening to radicaliMii; but who can
nw that tuch a "llrebrmid' U not In hand to
cast umoiig them '.'
Wo await developments with anxiuty, Tho
radicals havo undoubtedly "caught a tartar"
havo elevated a man who neither agrees with
nor feurs them. IIo 1ms ii marked Indivldu.
ality a will of his own, and proposes to at
sort it in behalf of tho pcoplo apd in behalf of
u violated and outraged constitution.
. A bill bus bceu prepared for siibmissioti to
tlie legislature, by u commltteo of tho Chica
go City Council, proposing tho establishment
of threo now park", of not less than throo
hundred and twenty or more than ono thou
sand acres each. It is proposed to extend
tho boundaries of tho city so that it will em
brace about tlfty square milos, nnd hnvo it
surrounded by a boulevard not more than
eight hundrod nor less than six hundred feet
wide. Tho project is a mngnitlcent ono, and
if carried out will bo enormously costly; but
it is (ortaiii that the rapid enhancement of
tho vuluo of tho proporty near tho proposed
parks, and tho sub.omiont inereaio of the ba
sis of taxation, will inavitnbly bucomo a
fourco of revenue to tho city, fur in .excess of
tho expenditure. '
Tho grunt itetor and, iimiingor, Sol Smith,
died in St. Louis mi the 4th iust. Ho wus u
man whoso 1 i tV and cliurnotur wuro u vinillia
tion of tho theater. On tin. world's stago ho
played hit part well.
(Special Meetinfi.)
Cairo, III., Kcbmrary 12.
the Mayor for general bus-
. , Judgo O'Melvcny presented to tho Council
tho return to th alternate writ of mandamus,
asked for by Fox, Howard & Co.
Tho following resolution was then adop
ted: Kesolvod by tho City Council of tho City
of Cairo : That said Council horcby approvo
nnd adopt tho return to tho altcrnato writ of
mandamus Issued ngalnst said City Council nt
th relation of Messrs. Fox, Howard ii Co.
Tho following resolution was then read,
and on motion adopted :
Itesolvcd, by tho city council of tho city of
Cnlro, That Alexander O. Holden, tho mayor
of said city, bo, and ho is hereby authorized,
cmj)owered and appointed by, for and on be
half of tho said city council of the said city of
Cairo, to authonticato, sign and swear to, if
'need be, tho return niado by said city coun
cil to tho alternative wrft of mandamus issued
niraiiHt fftld cltv council at tho relation of
Messrs. For, Howard it Co.', by the honora
blo supremo court of this state, now in session
in tho second grand division; and further,
that ho bo authorized to tako snid return im
mediately to .Springtlold nnd lllo tho same, or
procure somesnfo messenger for that purpoio
to do so.
The mayor appointed L. 1'. Uutler to con
vey said return to Springfield.
Alderman Kittcnhouso then offered tho fol
lowing resolution, which was, -on motion,
Kesolved, by the city council of the city of
C ulro, 1 hat tno resolution paseu at tno 101
meeting authorizing tho nppointmoul of n
commltteo to dctroy certain 0 per cent, bonds
now In tho hands of the comptroller, bo and
the same Is hereby rescinded, and said com
mltteo discharged" and ordered not to proceed
under snid ordinance.
Alderman Itlttenhouse then ot-red the fol
lowlng'rcsolution, which; wni adopted.:
Kesolved, bv tho citv council of thu city of
Cairo, TJiat tno city treasurer do mm no is
hcrebv authorized to pay, upon presentation,
out of tho sinkini: fund created by ordinance
No. 75, all past due C and 10 per cent.interoi.t
bearing bonus ol ttie city, and on mi sucn oi
tno above Uescribeu bonus as snail noi J rum
bonds of the paisagoof this resolution.
On motion adjourned.
John P. F.un.v, City Clerk.
C'aiie airnnltmi mill VU'liiltv.
The 'Missouri Ucmocracy' is tho name of
an ably edited democratic paper published in
Capo Girardeau by Gruello i Going. From
n recent Issuo wo obtain tho following news
Abratii A. Cnrtrlght, a citizen of Capo
Girardeau cpunty, left his home, last Septem
ber, and falling to return, It was conjectured
that h had been foully dealt with. A few
days ago tho bleached liones of u human skele
ton with shreds of clothing attached, wore
found In a secluded spot a few miles from tho
city. An examination dlclocd two perfora
tions of tho skull, corresponding in izo with
a bullet. Tho fragments of clothing ideiiti-
tied tho remains as tho.e of Mr. Cartrlght,
and diligent Inquiry brought out tho fact that
ho had been murdered by three men, named
Isaac and William Hinkla and Joseph Trot
ter. Tho guilty parties are under nrroit.
A party of Capo Girardeau deer hunters
troed two horse thlovoi In Mississippi county
last week, near Texas Uend. Tim haying of
dogs brought them to the spot, hut there being
no present evidences of guilt the trued indi
viduals wero not molested. About two hours
aftcrwrds tho party mine In sight of the snmo
men who were now i iunUd on good hure.
The hunters made cwao, nnd caplurod ono of
two, but tho other, nbfttidoliing his animal
escaped in the nokhWing ehnpparoU TIio
horses were secured and returnel to Mr.
Margaret Keys, frwni whom they , had been
tolen tho Thur.day previous.
The Grand Army of the Ilepublic, or so
much of it as it domiciled fn Capn Girardeau,
propose an appropriate celebration of Well
ington's birth day. How can that .patriptlc
organization, that hntei i-obels so intensely,
excuo tho chief rebel against tho crown of
Two men approached the door of Ii'hli.s
Sehrum's residence, in ilolliugor county, -Mo ,
ono day last week, called the old man to tho
yard, seized him nnd domnndod his money.
No help being at hand the old man revonled
the hiding place of his circulatlng.medlum
$250 in gold, and $250 in greenbacks. Tho
rascals appropriated tho amount, nnd then
galloped awny unmolested.
If, ufter surveying tho tlold our .radicul
Senator shall concludotlmt tho election of tho
radical candidate for the Judgeship in this
circuit is at all doubtful, ho will securo such
action of tho legislature us will ndd Johnson
county to tho circuit. Tho six hundrod rnd
ical majority of that county will seouro his
election beyond nil )K-rnilventure. The tur
pltudo of such gerrymandering woll that's
nothing, in radical ostimatioii-
They aro still at work upon tho Jlusisslppl
quirttiun in congrosi". All orU of proponl
tions nro inndo and all hinds of bills proposed.
"Wo confess that wo fal very little interent In
tho notion of tlm house upon this iiilijuot. Cer
tain it ii, that, let tho action o
CKingm li
what it may, nnd let the action of Mississippi
bo what it amy, tbo jmrty 1 power will nevr
oonsont that thu stnU shall osoroiso tho pow
er aud prerogatives of a itutt unloss sho shall
first bo tied huhd and foot to the Inforiinl car
of radicalism.
nnd after th passage of this resolution bo pre
sented atnt.onco Jor payment, Interest ehall
be "stopjxjd; and tho treasurer Is' h'ercbv nil
thorlzod to irivc notice to tho holders of said
Slxtoon physicians of Washington have
prosonted a momorial to congress against tho
oxistlng duty Imposed on foreign drugs and
medicines in daily and common uso, uiey uo
ing articles which do not come In competition
with any of our domestic products, Inasmuch
ns they uro not tho production of our coun
try. In somo Instances these duties aro more
than ono hundred and Afty per cent., thus
Imposing burdens on tho sick, as well as nn
onorous tax on country inodical practitioners
who furnish medicines for which tho poor am
not able to pay. Owing to tho high tax; med
icines aro so adulterated that itUdltucuil to
obtain them in n pure and genuine stnto. As
thoy nro ccessnrles, and not luxuries, tho
memorialists pray that tho tax be taken off,
and that tho sumo amount bo derived from
John C. Heennn, accompanied by f?cnator
Xaglcc and Itcpresentatlvo Josephs, of . Phil
adelphia, visited tho Governor of Pennsylva
nia, Thuriday, and tho former asked that Ea
ton, tho murderer of his brother, might bo
respited. He did not object to his being Im
prisoned for life, hut did not think his execu
tion would ntono for tho death of his brother.
For Circuit Judge.
llavinsbcMoliplti-(l by poreons of both HltN-al
ivirtio to run f r tho Jii'lnchl of iho Nineteenth Ju
dlelAl tlidtrfet, t n eli-ctlon to b. heM on ! lull ly
of Mnri.-h, A. I. 1"0, 1 nnvr announce my'-lT as a can-
that, if fltx-lo'l, I will discharge Its duties tmimrtlMlv
and to th herl of my rklll atul ability.
For City Trrurrr. '
' Coln,MH, Keb.lS.li'W.
Mr. yjitar I'pae announce mo al a candidate for
the ottiep of City Treiuurrr.
. . .-u . - WM.M. DAVIMoS.
Mr. Miu-I'letnc announce me as on Independent
candidate for tho oftVo nf City Treasurer, uljjccf, now
ever, to thcdK'Uionol thv oi-rnof Csiro.
For City Clerk.
Mr, .Viir I'leano onnwimea me u nn IndeiMiiidi-nt
ean-hdate forthe ot!l'-e of City OerU at tho ensuing
Olertlon. te Ii. W II.WIIII.K
Willibnpniilfdr thnprrlieniKin and ronviclion :
In the ypr 161 tli-iHilWlni? known m th lUilroud
llnu.f , lhi-n itiiAti-d on tho ralliuad strip of land weot
of tlm tin-rent freight depot of the Illinois Ointral rail,
rojul. KAl-'FOltli. MOKHIS A CAMiKII,
Ak-ent-ilUrlfurd Fire Jp.urani-ti Cumpiiiiy.
Cairo, lVbrusry is, lfl-d9t
JPorty Ono SVClloss
Timocoit Tiir.
Stcootso? XowYorfe, City,
-AiTiirt'i.i.v SIIOWI.NO the
Business, Bustle & Confusion
itc.ii.is a virw or Moat tha
700 Horses and Carriages,
lplilcnof Shipping &S!cumcri
Jlrorrssions, gViIitarn ompmuts,
Bands of Music, Shipping, Stoamboata &o
At fchi:thlliitinnnni:xid.matory Lecture will
U- gum, giviurf it.ach aluab(e kiiuwlxilse oi
xuw yoaiii AM) its ii:oii.e,
Of srn-at muiortiinee to n truiiKt;r. and of Rtncral
Rud iustruLtnc luforuiitiou lo 1; Lll WXUl .
Tho following building! liavo been placed
on tbo I'unoruina tho last vear, nt tho
expense of $3,000.
Tho Crystnl I'nltice on I'lrc,
SiewnrtS ainrlilo rulnee,
Tho .llctropolltun Hotel,
Tho St. Nicholns Hotel,
Taylor's Saloon Si International Hotel,
Tho Intorior ofTaylor's Saloon,
Thu rivorotnts House of Industry.
Uiiruum'x American JIuseuni.
Doora oin nn hour btfore the Taaorauia roove4.
-ix me
A. T XI E N 33 TT 3VX
?Iouila)', Tiu-.itny and AV ilnc.diiy Kvrli
lu(,', t in-nor y 1.1, 10 mill 17,
At half ms( 7 oVloi-k.
Tiii'.rtuy anil Wt-ilnr.iluy, t (iiiiuit ni liiK
ut 'J o'clock, ii.iii.
AUMWnlO.N 35
Mil HI I
.. onl. C'hildrt'U
:r tnu.
I 1, .'.
: 4 , !
ll.Kil'lf No. 1 OO L'OMIUU. 111. v v l
l'reldnt. I vieo-rresiaeni.
C. N. IICGllKSj Cs'hlcr.
Collections Promptly Attended
Exchange, Coin, Hank Note mid VlllCM
Htntei Hccurlllcn,
Souglit AXLCl Sold.
Allowed on Time Deposits.
Cftii-o, IlXiiAOitss-1
W. I. IIAr.Iilll.VV, Irr.lilrnl
A. II. SAFFOIll), Cnliler
AVAbTKK IIYHI.Or, AssUtant Cnshler.
I W;P.1IAI.I.1UAT tt w
K.velinnge, Coin, and United States Bonds
IloiiKlit mid Hold.
DcptolU lltcchcJ, and a Qencral Hanking
Jlnsinen Conducted.
122 (:oiiuii!iiiiii .iv(Miui;
Inform, th i-itiaon. of Cnlro nnd Wnlnity th.it ho hi
on hand imo of Ih largoat and Ix-.t Howled j-IOdlsof
i- i .-.. Ii t
Dry (iooils, raiu-r (Jofids and Notions,
InHoiithrrn fTllnot. which hwntfrrtnf urleeftliat will
ilcfy i-oinfMitloH.
't will nell l'rint", forlx-t hnind-, nt fromniH to 12Ua
Yard unto III.wIikI Jtu-liii at
lli-y ynnl wiilo hhetjtlaijat ... . 1
All-wool Kkunifl nt
Wliil llUnkHii t pair, iit..........f ,1a,!
I jiruo ! all-"l douW i-hM nt S
.Ni-w tyl lndifi Clook. at Sni'iuml iiitiU
flood Lluvftt....... f Hnt
Kltpint and vwylMHVy iiIWijioAUh ilfld
url ropiin, pr )isrd, TVoiiu .35(0 Km
Sill; l'ojhn nl
(lotxl ynrd.wkl .Mt-rinn hi - w
AUrj?o uortm-iit of .
iilai-k and Colored Alpaca at cent
. -
And numerous other of Ciood,0rr'
iondinKly low.
All-linen Handkr-hU-fH at
AIMiueu T-vilin(r, iryard, at...
(tool T.iUc I.lneu
Iri.li l.int'ii, yard w(do
All-noo) Sook. i
l.ndie.' Mrrilin llo.e
Moritiu Undcr'hlrtu and Drmur.
..M.-o, liiriivj)rtini')it of
C-oocls, ...
Pitch M
satix riuvMixas
Alr-cnmU-r Kill ii
Kt i'iioli Cornell,.,
llimild C'oniln
$1 7.
.. 1 Ot
,. lOu
And all other (rW mru'wdvifly h.
ll ik th.-. l'"i-1" Hi ""' of avery pswdoiibuytnt;
giod lociilliit
VJtii j.oiiiiM's,i,lal .iviiuiif,
Itcforo UiyuiK oliwwtWOt m money suJ'y nonsy
'"twnkful fur Ul" Idwnd iitronaKo hcretofgro ex
tended to ii, P nopo to ro'i iu t!it :uuo In future.
ducSrwdtf .". ' HI.UM.

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