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Office, 225 Washington Avenue, Democrat Hall ; Editorial ifcooms, Ohio Levee, over Barclays Drug Store.
1 I J
Tho chnrtor election of yesterday was tho
nost important contest of tho kind that hai
.... ...t !l . J .1. - . t...1!n nf (ill r
icojilo and inflamod their passions; and In tho
eult niny bo coin tho triumph of democratic
ionization In tho city and a victory of tho
letter elements of our society over kfoniiida-
I. 1 !..!.. r tnflllcllpA. whlph llffl
inntno tho foundations of morality, and
iluntlnj; seeds which, in time, may spring up
a u Lounttiul crop of crimes. After tho
temocraoy hud nominated its tickot, Mr.
. .... ... . .i
onfldence, impelled to tho act by anger and
iid counsel, bolted Iho party which had more
Lnnr.r.coc .inferred upon htmofllclul position.
w 1 1 r j k 1 1 ... i nu.ia .......--. - - - - - r - -
man Mr. "Wilson is of positive trulls of
i n . . i i .. . .. . I. . .
rK 4 n i,unir mil.pii.il. Iri nflitnp. )in rinrfP4
ill lis 'encrgiys; and, fertila of expedients,
. - - 1 -S - -i ...!.. .1 lit 4 -.1 1
vaneu cxncr cncu: ueinir. loo. an iu cuia-u
1 -.1.1 it
i 1.1 r . linn n uuiiisjsji ut, n ijtr iiitu utiiiiuw
llnl II lllliu uuu wit,, u wu iuiuiih;
ignlnst thu mdlcftl foe, ho was formidable
At. . - A. 1 II A
ri w
. i i ... it. t i ...
mi wni iiunnrcroni miunes. no nau iiiaiiT
rtonus in tlio democratic party ; menus tried
. . . .. . .....I
inutruo; incn i.ioi mo ciass mat earns ntiio
"or consequence.., and lcs for money. These
ic tok out of tlio democratic party, and they
olnt 1 hands with prominont radicals of tho
ind crush him oncu and forever. Ncvor be
fore in tlio history of Lalro was such a pecu-
i?ir rmjihlnsMiin fanned. In It fnn!d lie Keen
tho most pious fiod-and-tnorality radicals in
Cairo church jnombcrs of tho most earnest
.1 . . -l.-.l. - f . .. r .1 . .
tereJ reputations; moral radicals joining
liac.li With i mm Till fellows, who muko n Hv
ingby reading the History of the Four Kings;
Good Tamplar radicals lyin down in friendly
political fellow. hip with the men whoio call
ing they are continually assailing; in short,
it was h sort of hot'-h-potch commingling of
r.iaturiu! good, bud und indifferent. Vo
know that h.any good citi.ns votitl for Sir.
iiioii, beciiuso that gentleman has the cs-
tcom of many good peoplo; but looking from
the outside at the combination which gathered
about him, wo aro compalM to lay that it
presented ut onco nn unique, contradictory
and, nt the sume time, formidablo appearance.
That Air. Obcrly trlumphod ovor it Is it won-
aar, aiu prorss mat tho democratic organlr.a-
IUn . f 1. . . 1 .1 ....I
that n few radicals are in tho city who, out of
roniidtraticril for llni imlilio wnlfuro run rii
tixivu nrii uaice ami rniuia tn ii.i nm tn tun
. M . ... ..
highest b'ddvr. During tho contest before
fttf. rrptrimrl ulAnttAn Hml Ilia njint.it .tii.At1.
inc. Mr. Obtrlu did not aik ami citizen to rote
for Aim; ho did not court any inllusnce: did
not, in any tnannor, cater to that disposition
of tit r tlli mind whkh requires deinsgogu
ijiii to uii.iro ouccess, and ho carefully held
himself n!o f from any entangling local alli
ances, lhi knows that lio owes his election
to thu moil valuablu portion of our people
to p I nf- hard-working lsborlngmen;
the enterprising citizsnu; tho conscientious
business men. Ho knows that he received
tho bitter hostility of that fraUrnity oil led
tho "portlngmon," who ourn their bread in
the sweat of other men's faces. This knowl
edge may give tunoto his administration, but
wo will ndcuvor to hold tho scales with nn
even hand, and impartially oxecutv the will
cf tho legislative body. Dy tho results
of his administration he will will
ingly ahido; und, being Judged by
them, stand or fall. Submitting to no
dictation, ho will consult iho lest intcr
t of tho city in itvory postiblu way; and, n
tho beginning, regardluts of nny prussura
that niny bo brought to bear upon, him, hav
ing nn oyo single to thu good Und welfare of
the city, with tho consent of tho council arid
board if aldermen, ho will pluco In the por
tions to bo illUd by appointment, honest, en
ergetic and efllwmt inuii. x
TICS. It is now definitely settled that tho contest
for tho vncunt t bunch in thL judicial circuit
has r arrowed down to David J. Iiaker. Esa,
of this oily, 'and Iho llonesloy'sjo-Jn,1 of
I'opp county. Of tho'very -gqinirul disposi
tion, to usohow politics In this canvass wo
freely partake, fouling that if there is any
department of our government1 tb'at, Mliluld
bu placed above the strifes and blckorlng., the
Jcalousits and' bittornc3ses'of 'phrtyiollttcs,
that department is undoubtedly tho judiciary.
Thero over has and vor should bo an effort to
keep It uneontamlnntcd in that regard : 'arid
we observe, wftlTefclliigiVf'srncora'autfifac-
-t ion alike oflortrin tho present contest." ""
Judgo A. Mj Jlrown, pf'ulaski county, n.
radical in politics, who was named in connec
tion with this'judgeship,, inforinpd usooently,
that tho first nnd principal gentlemen who
urged him toHi'raV(H3acyf beto'ngell to tho
filcmqoratic party;, ;and thftt,hu.Jiaagbsorvell
in canvassing the master with his fullow-clti-zens,
n decided nverslon for a political contest,
cS,urherm6rttHldgo, Sl6ariVh'lJ'n'demo
crat, is in tho, Hold jn conipliuce with tho
urgent solicitations of .radicals and democrats
uliko, among otheri Iho more iWrominent radi
cals of the county in whloh M lycs. He j
warmly supported by' Ihe 6olcdnda 'itmti
no ivimu.j, i.ur.i inpuriu DOUUium liuiiuir
and will rocoivo tho sujiport of a larga mm
her of radicals in ovory county in thu circuit.
On the other hand,, wo are quito ftirn'thnt'Mr,,
Baker will be voted for by a nurabor of demo
cratswarm personal frionds of his. who do
not acknowledge thn
legitimacy of tlio'
lash lu such a contest.
If SUuh H inirlt oli'.rtl
rpravail gcnoraliy, if inen wiirrlso"all'.vi pirtV
una guurcii jor supunur aiiiiuy anu uxpri
enco, our circuit bonch will bo graced I
Judge Sloan, than whom thero is not a p
founder jurist in Southern Illinois.
.S 1 i -
vicToinn viCToiiti !
The Bolter-Radical Cohorts
A Hotly Contested Fight!
Every Man on the Ticket Elected!
Tho political light of yesterday stands with
out a parallel In tho history of Cairo. Jt was
short, desperate, sharp but decisive IJedeuth
the ballots of faithful democratic veterans, the
bolter-radical cohorts went down; but not
without u struggle that will long bo remcro
bored as the sharpest, most strategical and
obstinate that marks the political history of
Cairo. Tho radicals, aided and abetted by
largo number of democrat who sot at deflanco
tho usages of their party, contended with the
democracy that remained true to their colors,
with the energy of desperation; but tho
loud shouts from patriotic democratic throats,
that awakened midnight uchocs last night,
told of a glorious victory I Knough of demo
crats remained true to their party, to meet
and vanquish the foo at overy point, and
most nobly did thuy perform that duty I
Kowhera whs the democratic lino broken;
wbontver the cocmy assailcd it ho was driven
back in disorder and defeat. The gallant de
mocracy, never before so fiercely assaulted,
nobly vindicated itself, and tsugh', its faith
less followers that it can triumph without
them; and that, in the future, if they desiro
a share In tho fruits of victory they must
stand by and fight under their colors.
Tho victory, considering the character of
tho contest, is most grutitlylng.
Here is tho result in detail:
Tho following result obtained from tho tally
sheets last night, may Ixj accepted as reliable,
although nototacisd:
7 V ill?
5 H s, s-
? ? a ? a
!" s" f f a
91 ise a its sit
Si 14! W II! 8)1
10? 871 90 4CS 791
0J IS-1 S 171 4S4
03 1W fi 1W tn
3 ISO ti ISO 481
H3 ii 61 IU5
1JJ 25i 91 K47 774
111 SCi 104 25) 7D4
111 ISI 43 162 fill)
lhi 2; 40 m 717
19 180 31 W an
Name of Oirt'lld.ito.
r .t4r
John H. Obrrlj.,
Tli'tnmi Wiliiou..
..... ......a
V, Ililller........
for (Ml Cleri
Patrick .Mockler.......
L. W. Ilsilr.
h'ir Clip TriiUnr
John llylauJ......
Tiiunia. J. Krrtli
AW MjrtUl
Mii'haM lUmlirlok
'r Wu .Vifutrate
II, Miamtf .y
fi-rl 0'i Ol) at tAtsr
Oto. 1). WillUnjon...
Wlll.Mii Marlin
John V Tfincr
ftrtf Ward
rivlrct Council J a. H. Itranlrn...,. US
. ' Jawi-tt VVili-(x.......L CO
Aldermen Kri'.l Tlirnltald 103
ltolwrt Campbell 03
fifloot Counell-P.. W. ,HrrlsT.....,..,...;l 2$1
AMi'hni'ii-John W. MeKee....;. 1&
II. M, lluli'ii, vat'Hiio; ..151
J.Keph MonJftl.. -...in
John i-aoklirrKvr . ..U0
Danlfl Artir lid
W. lUllenhoum 1 ,....11U
TAirti Ward
Hrlect Counoil-T. U'Csllahsn SI
V. Vincent 31
Aldermen Win. l.onvrekn 63
, W. Hi)iirickr i;iicjr...j..i..... 47
Dminia UiYine 17
N. I.Wiokwij8...... 31
Hflrct Council I.ouis Jorgonsen , 271
Aldermen J sines Konnilr.r,..j...j.,-.jV;r..ias
Joionh Kriiliklo .
JUilll lAVIllll
1.1... it.m
,vri r. vitobtt ;. .
thoTollqwjng geqtlernen aro elected to nil tho
vafjous ity dfllces during the ensuing fiscal
'jrer: ,
John II. Obory, mayor; Patrick lockUr,;
city cl'er'li ifcowis.P. Rutlor, cUy aUarney
Xfd'ormeu Fred Theobold, John W. Mc
Kce, Joseph Mendel, Jt,- M, :IIploni Wm..
Lonergan, Geo. W. Hendricks, Jamos Ken
nodaV nd Jhloph WanCte. XJ. til
I Select Councilmon Ooo p.
Wm. Murtinrasl fiV liiar'den,
r. W. Bar,
ilTf Timothy ()'CllahaQ'andwLou! Joren-,
;. .f,
A remarknbh) revival of religioa is prevail
ing in Carbon. During the past ;silaht
WJf us over t'
rwinvod ittl'' Ji
mi prul)..: 1
riMi'.er ' '
1 t
iuItihI iiercons have tmas
I R fhiir'cKr'6f thai pHcsi
Mm A Logan among this
1 unable' to tleod lk'prsn
nd Joined, .bj latter
Tho supporters of tho so-called "citizens'
tjekot,' yesterday, resented with spirit nny
Intitnation that thoy had coased to bo demo
crats, justifying their opposition to tho demo
cratic nominees by tho pica tuftt politics
should not enter into local elections, but that
every voter should be loft frco to'voto for tlio
best man.
AVhllo wo sincerely hopo that tho prevail
ing disaffection U only temporary, We cannot'
dispel t,h conviction that it will huvo a de
moralizing effect upon tho party. "Wo insist
that no democrat or number of democrats,
loss than a majority, havo tho right to defy
tho expressed will of tliwlr party. "Wlion the
.majority ceases to rulo tho minority, than or
ganization is gone, nnd tlio party becoinos tho
proy of tho opposition. It may be truo that
some, say all, of tho democratic nominees
wero objcctionablo men; but tho fact that nn
unquestionable majority of tho party had de
clared for them should have boon tho govern
ing consideration. To Ignoro und defy tho
decision of tho majority, and to follow tho
.bent of individual Inclination, or to yield to
porsonnl projudico or dislike, is to disrupt
tho party, nnd imperil its nscendency.
That plea of radical purontago that politics
should not htor into our charter elections,
must never be admitted. If there wa, in the
United States, u radical vlllago of oven flvo
hundred inhabitants, that Ignored politics in
tho election pf Its city ofllcers, tho democracy
might "sco that'' and "co five hundred bettor,"
by ignoring politics in n democratic town of
ono thousand Inhabitants. Hut 11s It is tho in
variable rule of tho radicals to maintain their
organization and fill all the otllces where they
arc in the majority, tho suggestion to al.n
don politics In our city olections to let go for
naught our four hundred majority, and give
radicals an equal show in tho race for our
"flesh pots," must not bo enter tainod for a
moment. The city of Cairo, with Its 10,000
Inhabitants, is too largo, and tho right to its
control of too high a consequonce, to abandon
oven, in part, to our political cncmlus. Fur
thermore, upon the preservation of the demo
cratic majority here, depends tho future us
condency of tho party In this congressional
district. Put politics asido in our charter
olections, and how long will it be before radi
cals fill overy position of honor and trust in
tho city 7 And to say that they would not
emnlov tho patronage of their positions In
such manner as would best conlrlbuto to the
accomplishments, of party ends, is to give
them a character for unsclfishnc.s and politi
cal indiflorenco to which they urgo no claim
themselves. Adopt, for two years, tills no
party siiKtrcitlon, and you turn tho city over,
irredeemably, to radical control. Then preach
your no party doctrine, nnd they will laugh
at you for nn idiot. For every office, great
and small, a radical will bo found, and tho
democrat who ceeks position, oven by appoint
ment, will have his pains for his reward.' So
It is everywhere, where tho radicals havo the
upper hand, nnd so it would be here.
Collated from our latest tolrsrsms.
The First Job.
It is conjectured that the first act of the
now president will bo to placo Gen. Sheridan
in command at New Orleans, and Sickles in
the District of Columbia, vico Gen. Stonoman,
whom ho will remove.
Dancing XIURfr.,
A'nutnbor of Now York nnd Philadelphia
negroes are bent upon n participation in tho
inauguration ball. Thuy have addressed a
note to Mayor Howman, chairman of the
committee of arrangements advising him of
their coming. Ho replied that tho subject of
color had not been discuiscd in thocommitteo,
and that no respectable person would bo de
nied admittance. Cataloguing themselves
among tho "respectable," they aro putting
pomatum on their heads and practicing tho
double-shnfllo in anticipation of d high old
tlmo at tho inauguration break-down.
,1 . it
Vox Poiull, Vox I)l.
The judiciary c6ininittees of both housos of
congress, are said ,to bo, overwhelmed with
petitions, particularly from blessod New
Kngland, tho burden of whose prayers is, that
the p'rehmbio to the constitution b'aso' aiilehd
cd as to acknowledge Almighty Uod thosourco
of all power in civil government; Jesus
Christ as the ruler among nations, and his
revealed will us tho supremo authority ;' fur
ther asking that on of the objects of tho
.constitution shiujbc; cjatediJ9..btoJbrni
ana const unto a christian government. That
this is tho out-cropping o7 puritanisin or the
religious intolerance of, JoWi nglnd-is not
at nil difficult to conceive. Neither comnii
teo has glvon the inattor the slightest atton
iloh.' ' '" '1 i
LOa.t' CaUl,u. , , , , ,
Tho impression now prevails 'that Elihu II.
"NVashb'drne'wlll'bd thbtiiwitifnlsUr'xo Paris.
head of the stato department. It is no longer
doubted tlml'6'rnrit'wniTlboul him a cab
Inot noted for its conservatism, honesty and
integrity. The presonce of prominent d'en)
oqrats, thereforo, bocomcs u necessity.
The Civil-tenure Act ami iTlilK"
THe" senato"hftd qditdVsquRbb'lo'1 over the
proposition to repeal tho civil tenufy ljiw, on
Monday.- Thore is a manifest disposition to
let tho law stand a feeling not at ull .weak
ened by tho recent osprosslon, on tho partjof
tne prcstaent elect, or a determination to call
gentlemon to his cabinet whoso appointment
would most llkoly rouiotWhostllMy of In
fluential rudicaVcoiribinattens.1 Tho contest
il bitter, iha ornmt.hniw nitf nn jiU!ti. n JL
cidod ,tnnd Bgft!nit a rep-wl A Toto wm bo
,Uved off JongM plble. Mesnwhile
Grant will do as he jilfMM, .bidding tjisj, hlU
1 cl congress to raise a fuss at it peril.
Uoiiori,to Amlrj ... '
Noil ifonday aUulltmora delegation will
wait upon Tresident Johnson to tender him
tho.hospitulitlcs of tho city and a public re
ception whllo ho is.in rout,hpmoward.
Cairo Steamer lunk.
A toleirram from Memphis, dated Monday,
says that thn stsatuor Fairy Queon, owned by
parties in Cairo, struct a inner in uiacK nvor,
TJiurady night, land unk. M8ho was valued
at $8,000. Insured in Cincinnati offlccs. Klio.
will, probably, bo raised. The Fairy Qucon
is n Cairo steamer of which wo had not heard,
unless sho is tho sumo built by Moisra. Keod
& Mann.
A veloclpcdo mado its appearanco in Cairo
yesterday, and being tho first, attracted con-
sldcrablo attention. Sovoral gentlemen wore
laughably unsuccessful In their attempts to
ride the critter.
I'r Circuit Jndgr.
Editor Hul!dii! Hpo niinounce tliat DAVID J.
HAKKK.Jr., Is a rundulalo for the otltce of Ju1k of
tlio Nineteenth Judicial District.
Election on Iho 9th Jay of March, IBM. to
nartnz Wn noliclt'd by tiemons of liotli political
pirtlei town for th JulKhlp of lhi Ninetetnth Ju
illcial lllrtrlvt, nt an rleetion to he held on tho Wh tlnjr
of JUrch, A. D. IS'", I now wnnounco myself ni o can
didal" fur that oinci-, and pledge myself to the peopln
that, ifvlected, I ill ditch-irce IU duties Imiartlillr
and to Up ht't of hit hUIII and ability.
Estate of Jamei Hordtn, decerned.
Tim iinilerjiL'neil h.ivins lee n Minointed Adtninlii-
trutor nf 1 ho estate of Jan. Ilonlcn, lulu of the county of
Alexander und Hlate of Illinois. ileoeaed, hereby
KiH-a nolienthat ha Mill appear before, tho county
court e.f Alexander roun'y, nt tho' conrt-)ioii 111 thu
city of Cairo, at tho April term, on the third Monday
111 April next, ut which time all peion having
iluiliH atjalnut an! etate ore notllied nnd requetel
to attend f r the purt-u of havios; ths:imeai(jiiU'd.
All perixins lndebtet to faid entaU) are reqiio-ted to
tna!;oimmvdiAtnpu)ment in iheuiidorilcned.
Duteil this Villi ilny nf r'ebnurr A. I'. .
fW.vr W. U. K01tUI3.Alin'r.
OEt rot
The Stw York
TjasrioNT PIAXO.
The e Piano embrace all tho modern Improvements;
are warranted t'uu years, and ntn tho bent and clieapet
luttrumtut in use isnxlni; in price from
$400 to 9X.OOO.
Tor Church, fohooU, I.oii;ea and Tailor. Tim most
prfect Organ known. lUtcnt Kiiv-aHlI 011 all in
ttruinent. Every Instrument warranted to givo natl.
faction. lUtujinR in price from
$lGO to 91.QOO.
Wheeler it, IVIIiou'm
J.ockStitch NeuiiiR Sfucliinc.
.Stitch aliW mi both ildu.
Tiioso Moi-hlnos aro uarranled throe, and will lint
forty ycurii and, a family uuuhiu nretiriiirpaned.
l'riufa amo m in other cities, theru Lwln ouu enliib
llsheit prlrafor thovi machines Uirdiyhoui thoy(im
try. Instnietion free to portion havinihosuiiuehiiies.
bend for illustrated circular.
,' M
Cirovrr St llaker'a
' II
Klftth" Stitch ' Son In? 'Mncli lues,
Sewing direct from IwoflpopU .without rewinding. Es
pecially adapted for geueiol family uio and light man
ufacturing purpoict.
IiOOk'-StltcV M'ucls'liie,
owinKallkoa botlnidw,aadiriJ(ailpwd particu
larly for the in"of tailors, and boot aud shou iiiunu
fcturr. 1 1 1 1' 1 1 a
-( r
further particular andJUustrated circulars,
1 ,n'Kgfiftfilrefrf
S b'lil Calsro; Illlttola.'
1 a
1 y ee !(
No. 180 OoatiisouL Avsspa.
122 C'oiiiiiiortinl Avenue,
Informs Iho cltiien of Cntro nnd vielniiy that he h
011 hand ono of the largest and best aborted stocl; of
Dry (Jondt, Fancy (Joods nuil Notions,
Tn Kotilhern lllinol". which hooficrs nt prices that Wilt
defy competition.
Wo will foil Prinl, for Iwtt brmid.", at from.M8 to i4i
Yard wiili) Illeaeiimi jnilin fti
Henry yard wldo Shcutlng nt... liu
All-wool Flnnnel nt - m M
Wlilto lllankets per plr, nt f 8"
Largo alto all-wool doublo KlmwU nt........ 4
.New atl linlle' C.oak. at S-1 (Wand upwards
(Jooil l.inoynt 2W
wegaui nnu Tcry nea viiiwiuiu nui. m-
ir..l Inn1 In... tier vanl. from.. JSlOSOj
ilk l'npllnn nt Ts
(looil yard-whlo Merino nt I'M
A large nortment of
Illnck and Colored Alpacas nt 25 cents
And numerous other st)len of Drem Ooods ccrre.
oiiiiingly low.
AIMInen Hnndkendilef at 1 Nfc
All-linen Toweling, vr yard, nt.. ' HV4C
Irlxh I.inen, ynnl wide -
All-wool Sockn - - ?XS
Udle' Merino JIo.i . 15
Merlna Undershirts and l)raern U3
Alo, n Urge nortmcnt of
3jnxioy Goods,
Stieh u-
Aldzunclrr Kid Glove..
Krencli CiimrtK -
Itaiind Cnmlii ,
...S)I 75
... 1 OO
... lUa
And all other Goods corrcumhnyly low.
It Is therefore to tho Intercut of overy peraon buying
gooU to cull at
122 Commercial Avenue,
Ilofr.ro buying elsewhere, a money s ired Is money
Thankful for the liberal patronage heretofore ex
tended to 111, wo hope to rccelvo thu saino In future.
docimdtf I,. HL.UM.
Oaii'o, Xlllxxoisssi.
CAl'lTAL . .. . . $100,009
W. I'. IIAI.I.IDAV, J'rralilrnt 1 '
A. II. S.M'I'Olll). Cu.lileri .
WAI.TKU IlVSI.Ol', AkoUtnnt Cniltlcr.
A. II. HArTOltl), i
Exchange, Colli, and United Slates Bontlt
nought nutl Sold.
Drpoiits Received, and a General Ranking
,. , iiiMimvis Conducted,' I
deoJVCSdtf . . 1 ..
U 1.. l;VJ
. 'rt-0jflL,,I3tTl.,O-
t- ti sm
He -rfr
t . .1.1'
President. I Vlco-l'reuldeat.
C. W. UUOUKS. Caahler. -
Collections Prdiuptijr' Attend'eel to,' )
.iriiuii;Ml . ' '' J
Kxchauir! Coin, Dank ffolee and Vssltsxl
Stle Bceurltlca,
Interut AUowctl on Time Depositlt

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