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Time of Arrival nnil Departure, of Molls.
(Cairo Post Olllce, February 2, 1800 )
itislvm. IlKrAllTK.
(Timo if clnitiny.)
North itlirotigl aiwin.m.... J uui.m.
JVollli (nny) 4i45p.ni 11:00 1 III.
South Ihrotichniid wny). 4.00 n.m ll:0p,m.
South (Memphis AN. O.J.. 4iW.m 4:00 p.m.
Ohio Iliver mllto- 6:00 p.tll C:00p.in.
Mlsllppl lilvor route,
T't dya nnd l'rldnys... C:i0pm 7:00 p.m.
Charleston, Mo., Tuesdays
Thiirmlnya Saturday. 11:00 n.m. .. .11:00 n.m.
Tlir.lMta. f.na Iftlnml nnil
tarda Ko...... fl:00p.niFri. 7:0J a.m. Sat.
tOhio Itixo rollto departs every iluy except Monday,
j;m tJiuiiAM, r. m.
At Iho St. Charles liotol, Immediately, porno
good, experienced first clnis girls, to All posi
tions tt3 chambormnlds, dining-room girls and
in the laundry. Thoso who can bring good
recommendations mid nro not nfrnid to work
will bo employed nt good wnges and prompt
pny. fl3tr Jkwktt Wilcox & Co.
l lltK! Kill 111 FIliKM
alor I water J I wntorlll ureal inuiieo-
input! llnrgntnst bargain I Tho stock of
clothing, furnishing good?, boot, shoo, Ac.,
Ac., which wai saved bySternhoinicr& Marx
from Iho Into lire, will bo sold nt 00 por cent.
les than cost, nt thoir now placo of business,
Ko. H 1 Ohio lovec. Cull soon and secure bar
gains as tho goods will bo sold at n grout sac
rlllee, by order of tlio underwriters.
.notice TO TAX-PAYKKS.
2 otlco is hereby given to tins tnx-pnycrs of
Alexander county, Illinois Hint for tho pur
pose of collecting tho state, county, district,
school, special, pnupor nnd court house taxes
now duo for tho year A. 1). 18JS, I '.yHI be in
inv oillco in tho city of Cairo during tho
month of February, each day from 10 o'clock,
n.m. until 4 o'clock p.m.
I will be at tho storo-bouso of .U. P. Gtin-
thor, in Oooo Island precinct, on Monday,
jinrcit m, mou.
At tho Iioihp of Thomas Martin, oso., in
Dot; Tooth precinct, on Tuesday, March
2, 1H00.
Dated at Cairo, 111., February 1, IHiiO.
fcheritrand ox-Olllclo Collector of Alexander county,
Illinois, ii'iovTiii
Life insurance.
J.'-nor Jluiletiit: -My lato husband, Louis
"Weil, doci'ii'pd, hud a policy on his lifo for
C2.000 in tho .Mutual Henutlt Life Insurance
Ccmpiny, nnd T am happy to aeknowlodgo
tho j roinpt payment of tho same through Mr.
"W. II. MorrN, Agent fur tho company here,
and 1 would udviie all persons deiirlng Lifo
limiranco to call upon .Mr. .Morris and tako
a polley iu this" good company. Kono but tho
w idow nnd orphan can uttlmato tho value and
necessity of Lifo Insurance.
Aunu.vr.v AVkii..
Tile KmlKiniit Aid Society.
Tho Kmigrant Aid Society, of Southern Il
linois, organised in this city sovoral wooks
ngo, will, now that it has i-ccurcd its charten
enter upon an active career of usefulness, with
nil p'M.ibh) dNput
To placo tho society in an eluictlvo work
ing order a small sum of money to pay print
ing nnd traveling expense, will be called for,
but it sufllcioncy for this purposo can bo rais
ed, no doubt, without much difllculty.
Everybody is so favorably impresed by tho
avowed purposes of tho organization, that ho
will scarcnly withhold any assistance ho can
extend without detriment to his own attain.
Otk of thest! purpoos being to bring the rich
bills and valleys of lower Kgypt, now lying
wild ami neglected, into a stnte of succos;ful
cultivation, no friend of the country can
ivithhld a helping hand and an encouraging
"We shall watch tho progress of the society
with Inter: and concern, ratUfied as wo
nro. that It i dmtlnod to do good work for
Southern Illinois.
A DniirritiKi lllnek Kuacnl.
There Is a shrewd colored scamp, known as
"Frenchy," who frequents our wharf-boats,
in pursuit of hi nufuriout calling as u swind
ler, gambler and confidence man. On Sun
day jut a HtrcrigD man nnd woman were ac
co'ted by this iH'gro, who Inquired if they
desired n hotel. The strangers repliod that
they did, but as their tnennt woro limited tlior
would b to imt un at a chonn house. Tho
party left the wharf-boat headed by tho
t.egro; but not unsn by a boy who knew
tho negro k churuutur, ami felt usurolthat it
was hii purjioto to beguile the stranger out
to the negro quarters, where he und his con
federate, would rob thorn. He thoroforo fol
lowed them, until no doubt was left as to tho.
purpoje of the negro, when ho ltoldly stopped
up to the strangers and warned them to pro
ceed no further, as the negro.was a notorious
rascal, and was taking them out of tho way to
rob them. Taking tho boy's advice the man
a.nd woman returned to tho wharf-boat, leav
ing the negro In a high stato of rage, and
threatening most vehemently that he would
have that boy's heart's blood.
The lame negro was ?ent to jail some timo.
ftgo for practiuii.g his confidence gamu upon
a. lot of groon Grangers but ho has not been
detected in u tithe of his villainy for tho rea
ton that ho changes his clothing every day,
thus eluding tho vigilance of the polio..
Hut tho path of Frenchy Is not strewn yHth
roie, notwithstanding hissuccosa in. nvpjaing
tho punishment due to his acta of, Yl!iiny
'Xwo or thrco days ago a gentleman camo
dwn from Nashville with a "gang, of men. for
the loveo work south, lie was a plain look
ing man, roughly dressed, and just the fellow
Frenchy thought, to bite at his blU, He at
cordingly approached tho "overaeor," took a
seat by him, laid down a, yard with a Ave ceh
plcco ou It, and proposed to bet. The over
r looked at the hnpudenCaarkey a moment
and then, without saying a word, erkcd u-pis.
from hu sldo coat pocket, and .with u crush.
ng rorco brought the butt pf it down Qn,
j. iu) .cranium, 'iiiat it was necessary
for tho strangor to toll the nogro twice,- to
"got out o! that'' need not be supposed, for
unn was not tne caso. He left the stranger
Kith far less ceremony than he approached
We hopo the polico will keep a aharp eyo
on this fellow. It is tho tricks upon strangers
practiced by tho nharners who loaf .v,. t
wharves and depots, that have created In the
tainds of somo pcoplu that Cairo is almost as
bad A place aa .Memphis or Paducah,
"Lot V Have Pence."
"Woll, tho olcctlori iso'ver, and wo nro sin
cerely nnd hoartlly glad of it. If nny body
intends lo "wlmlo us" for our part In it, wo
ask that ho uso "neatness and dispatch," that
wo may bo entirely through with the thing.
We want peaco. Lot us havo it. And now
to hnston tho advent of that "wliito-vrlnged
messenger," wo will sav that, if wo havo in
sulted unj mnn, scandalized any man; slan
dered nny man, wo shnll hold ourselves In
rcadinois tonccoptnpologios howevor humblo,
at nny timo betweon ton nnd four o'clock.
And that tho wholo excitement may bo allay
ed in tho shortest possible maiinor, wo hnvo
printed two thousand blank excuses and
apologies, two forms of each. A free intor-
change ol those, Willi blanks properly uueu,
- . ...... .
will haro a decidedly oily cilect upon our
agitated political wators. .
jiinnic .mi. l is to boused wnoro ino ne uns
passed. Ko. 2, Is to bo oiactcd from any
gentleman who has tweakod your nose. Ko.
3, is an apology for general cussedtioss and a
disposition to break things. Ko. 4 is n con
fession tliiit if things had b'.-cn ns thoy wero
when they ought sot to havo been liko thoy
woro when they wero so, nnd that it is not to
bo oxpocted that thoy were otherwise when
they woro so, and cannot bo If thoy did, why,
then, why bo It to, if they wero soV
Gentlemen wlio-c
nti"cr is not molliflablo
by any of these blanks will persist In vuin
that ho found his causo of o lien so in tho de
velopments of tho cauvuss. Ho is mad about
something else.
United Stnlm Jliillronil Conductor' Life
lii.iinuicu Coiniinny.
This excellent organization among tho rnib
roau conductors ot tne united states now
numbers seventeon hundred members, nnd
will soon embrace overy mnn pursuing that
calling who entertains a prudent thought of
tho future.
A an indication of its valuo to tho widow
nnd orphan wo reclto tho fact that on tho 12th
itist., Theodore K. Corwin. of tho Toledo
Wnb.nh and "Western railroad, was shot and
killed by a passenger whom ho attempted to
eject from tho cirs for refusing to pny his fure.
Mr. Corwin was n member of this Instirnnco
Company ; and ulready havo wo seen a notlco
to tho forty-flvo conductors of tho Illinois
Central railroad to forward thoir dollar, each,
for tho benellt of .Mr. Corwin'a familv. Tho
total amount It (will como into possession
of is $l,700n grHtoful holp to a family in
straightened circumstance. Thu wholo
amount will bo collected and paid over to
Mrs. Corwin within two weeks from tho dato
of her husband's death. The in.titution em
braces roads extending from Mnino to Geor
gia, yet the longoU timo involved In col
lecting and paying over benefits is sixteen
duy. Lifo Insurance companies on other
plans ordinarily rcquiro from sixty to ninetv
ItciiiurUulile (Inlet.
The election yesterday was characterized
by r. quiet which, considering tho exciting
cauias at work during tho day, was most re-
marknblo. A few persons appeared at tho
ditJ'orontjilaces of voting who wero a lit-
tlo fatigued from a practico of that part of
light gymnastics that h vol red a frequent
crooking of tho elbow, but wo saw nobodv
uproariously or decidedly drunk; hoard no
angry altercations, and If nny disturbances of
any kind marred tho dignity and peaco of tho
day a knowledge of thorn has not reached us.
There were, of course, loud and probably ear
nest usos betwocn tho pnrtlzans of oppos
ing candldat, but none of thoso scorned irn
bittored in tho least by anger.
Tho polls wore closoly watched, both tick
ets bolnt: represented by competent, and, gen
erally, good natured challengers; so if any
illegal votes wero cast, they wero certainly so
nearly facsimiles of tho genuine as to docelvo
the best judges.
We referto the good order of yesterday,
with feelings of pride. Voters bad ucce?s to
all the "liqiildudinous alimentation" or
"boomer-knlckul" thoy had appetito or capa
city of stomach for, notwithstanding the
maycVi closing-door proclamation ; the con
test between tho candidates for the principal
oilieos was hot and close, yet an equanimity
of temper and a complacency of disposition
woro preserved, that put a fuss or a light be
yond the scope of possibility. Such u result
is most creditable to our citizens, und speaks
Nolumea in praise of their coolness and self
poes!on. A IIiiiidrnlTMKoi Coming,
During tho month of March probably about
the l&th, tho IlllnoU Tress Association will
held their annual business meeting In this
city. The members of this association repre
sent about one hundred newspapers. In
what manner shall theso gentlemen bo ontor-
tained, during their stay in Cairo? Tho mat
tor Is worthy of tho attontion of every citi
zen. ICottirnint: homo, every member of tho
fraternity will lmyo something to say of Cairo,
its surroundings, Us advantages and enter
prises. To say that tho notices thus called out
will not, in u great degree, bo colored, en-
largcd or curtailed as tho writers may bo
hospitably or Indifferently treated, is to mis.
tako heman nature, greatly. AVe. must on
tertaln our distinguished guests handsomely,
if not extravagantly feed tuem, dance them,
steamboat ride them, and if the crowd furnish
tho novelty of an imbibing editor, that lindU
vidual must be "Walkcr-and-Siuoned until he
criua enough.
Tho fruit growing regions' about Cobden
wil be. vuitoUi end it is probable that the as-
eociation will, before returning home, wako. a
tour rrom Cairo to Kw Orleans on board one
pf out palatial, stoamors, and return by way
ot Jtiobiie per railroad.
La, tho matter not of sulllclent consenueace
to enlist the attention of our city council, as
ll .11 1 il . i Tl. . f A ir .
u uiu inai oi 1'ooriar ns nopo it win be uq
regarded, and that Cairo may make tho most
out of tho raid of Illinois quill drlverj,
Hotel Arrivals.
(TunSt. Ckailta Hotel, Monday, February ii.)
W H Mitchell. Centralla; K J Ayre. Villa HUjje,
w ii h," Cl1!,lc''l':i V1 JtiUrls. C A V It J I;
M J Cliaw. M.inphl.i W II WoSj., Ind;
Mrs Mann, C'blcwo; W KKnem. til louls:
J V, , W A.liloo Chicago:
tJ.?!?' PtttaLurK; A Noib,0, U r;
W H (jurtin, N yj Hflottactreii I) T
J N Hooth, k I.oui; A WincTbt'uIf.,
'ti'iiT Nitur Council.
rru, !tUnn. nf fnii.n tinvn occasion to COH'
tnlato themsulvni unon the superior tttiont
called by tho election yestorday, to tho'legis
lnttvo department of cur city govornmont
Tho six gontlemen comprising, ,tbof solcct
council nro substantial propel.
first class business men, and posscsied of that
sound judgmunt, discretion and forecast that
rentier thetn'VnVnliaWo in tliolr present posi
tion. Thev have no interests or aspirations
that in any manner clash with tho interests of
Cairo, and aro eminently nracticni. :men in
thought nnd action. Their names nre as fol
lows : From tho city at largo, Geo. 1). "Wil-
llnmsoiiand William Martin, J'lrst nru,
James S. Ilourdoa: Second ward, l. W.JJar-
i . . . .... . i-.. ... i.
clay; Third Ward, T. () uanaiiaii, i-raiw
Wnrd, Louis Jorionicn.
Tho remarks applied to tuo members of tho
eelect council apply with equal lorce iu uiu
members of tho board of nldcrmen elected.
Thev aro for tho pooplo, and will honestly la
hnr fnr lio o1f,.- .nlin ritr. 'lllCir IianiCS
nro as follows: First "Ward, F. Thcobold;
Second "Wnrd, II. M. Hulen, vncuncy; .John
"W. McKoo; Joseph Mendel; Third Wnrd,
"William Lonercan. Gcorire Hendricks,
to .vacancy; Fourth "Ward, Jnnios Kenncdny,
Joseph Jirnnklo.
Tho select council, tho entiro board ot nldcr
men and ovory, ofllcor of the city, nro demo.
crntic in nolitics tho radicals having been
routed, "horso, foot nnd dragoons.
I'ort List for the !l 1 Hour endlni;
Two o'clock, 1'. 31.
Gen. Anderson, Coluin.; Tueont. Evtpnrt(
Silver Moon, Ciiicina.itii Marv ll'Uston, O.j
(I. A. Thompson, HlMntrck, "
Wcttmorelanil, " Knbt. llnrn. "
Hello Ht. I,otil, St. Louis: Oulcktep, KtanTille;
NaliTllle, Nilivillei Julia, Vlek'biirg;
M. IlamUtton, Jleinjilil.j Wni. II. Ilrown, Kalinnris!
fie ii. Anderson, Colnin,; Hello wt, I.ouis, Menilu;
lilimarck. fct. I.oula: HlheiMoon. "
Julln, " O. A Tlionion, Ark. HIt.
Taeony, " Itolit. Ilurn, Cincinnati)
M. HninUetoti, KvntiKvllle; Mnrr Houston, Louisrille;
fJuiekftKi), ' WeMMorelfiail, O.J
.Na-liUlU, .Vashrillc.
"Wo arc nfrnid Mr. G. Hog has lied. Ho
told us, in his peculiar stvlc, on the second
day of February, that the winter was over.
Kow, wo ask Mr. G. H. "what kind of weath
er did wo hnvo yesterday and tho day prcvi-
ous?" If It was not wlntor weather wo will
swear it was the hottest of summer. Go to,
G. II., you'ro a humbug, nnd tho only chance
for you to escape tho Imputation is to dcclaro
that "it was such a short bit of winter that it
ought not to count." Yes, wo acknowledge it
was short, "but remarkably brilliant,'' nnd
The sun has been shining clearly all day.
and tho snow has almost entirely disappeared.
Tho temperature, which was as low ai 21 ys.
terday morning, has risen to over 40 to-day,
nnd, very probably, wo havo really scon the
last of wlntor for tho season. At least we
hope so, for It was a sorry sight yesterday
morning to sue our garden shrubbery and
willow trees covered with green leaves, and
four inches of snow on tho ground beneath
The Mississippi is about stationary at St.
Louis, and navigation: to points above that
city, as well ns on tho Missouri, has como to a
sudden stand still on Account of tho lato sud
den change of weather, which has filled thoso
rivers with Ice. Tho Ice Is not heavy enough
below St. Louis to Intorfero with navigation,
and it Is probablo It will only last a few days
In thu rivers above.
Tho.Ohlo Is falling from Evatuvillo to Ma
rletta, but rising again from thence to Pitts
burg. There Is eight feet water reported on
on the falls at Louisville, and nine feet water
In tho channel to Pittsburg. Tho Mononga.
hela is rising rapidly, and several feet more
water is expected at Pittsburg.
Hero the river it nearly stationary, but hat
fallen about two Inches during tho past threo
Iluslneis has not been so good as for some
days past.
Thg Hisinarck discharged bore 153 dry
hides, 75 boxes oranges, 15 bbls salt, for re-
shipment to Nashville, Tenn.; 12 cases roof.
ing felt Tor Chas. T. Hinde, Cairo; 210 head
Toxas'cattle, 48 bbls rice, 15 boxes oranges, 7
pkgs mdso for reshlpment north per rail.
Iho Quickstep brought 80 bbls whisky. 100
pkgs sundries for Cairo; 72 bbls liquor, 10
tons sundries for roshlpment south.
The NaUivlllo brought for' Cairo, A. Mack-
ie, 50 bbls meal; (. I). "Williamson, 1 barrel
krout. Shohad also for roshlpment to St.
Louis, 2 hhds tobacco : MomphU, 337 sheets
fahd pieces Iron, 10 Lbll'mlons: Kow 'OrWni.
5 hhds tobacco.
Tho regular packets this ovcnini: are tho
"Wm. White for Paducah. the Cumberland
for hvousvllle und tho,( Gen. Anderson for
Columbus. Tho Great Hopublic leaves for
New Orleans to-morrow evening, and the
Talisman for Nashville at noon to-morrow.
-5fl7Z Hlf ainer t.OUl.SVlI.I-K. I.unk, ma.teri
. I'.?1. " I1 lf."' asaboToTU-MOItltOW, Ktb!
rnry , ut.l o'clock, p.m. ' ti
i t ., or liw apply on board or to
.. M.j'.&bcKI.Kr, Agent. Cairo,
Homlar Fisokot.
tWyZzt.'Nu flmi sltle-wfmol steamer
II U (AM PTiiN Mm. i uil fiaiir. rt-yj
.......... . vaiavsirr iunsr i .iut vit:irl
I,eeit tif ,f(itlttMfltX aM iriteVmedialo land.
Kvery Krld.y Kvenlntr OB rrvl of the
Order" for .iipnllei ( i nurchoaed at Calroor Mem
phis promptly attended to h directed, Planters alons
U'JiiSIXh'fJra.i'.'lJ'f'd'w'1 ir 'to!!" "ttffW Pt)ie
and their putronuf
If respi'iniiijr bliicei,
For rysbj. IHaaf, or
iii&irTTUkWvMt apply ou board
inr uriii i, or on the
'llafnbler.m. rewitf
-" lJLy JL7asols.ot.
The liglit ilruuxlif ;iaaeii(.'rr Steamer
It. Y t.OltTIIIIHN ...
j. m. iihvn.i v .
i Master,
en Cairo and
S ,11 male rexulcr IIAILy Tltir-I'u'lar-tti,
IfBUMn f'ulro every e "
cepte 1 ut fitoiiYlnck
Tin Wli t.i'iiih,-cLu; J wiueii,
and ih rdiniul, nd thu CuruU" '
river packets,
For fre jjht or 'ig i.id en 1
ilmlayH ex.
.New Orleans
1 1 Tennessee
I Ho
J7IOU SALE My'rociilenee f!i 4th Mfot( twfi An
1 rles lilsh, eialit rooms nnil kitelicni un n.xture.Inl
in compieio repair ; itmrai ti "
iell rllli or witliour.Aittlituro. AIo, my Inw 1 miry
nun on en n rn Hire. Tcrm'eiwy. j "" uu-
llKO ui by .assisting njoin UlenoiInK of llilj W-pnwty
'XPOU SALK-tiireo Itslrnblfi, reKMenees i at bar.
H gains. ' fcb'Jt( JOHN W. TltOVKUt.CO,
ITOtl HALK-A lino two-nlnry 1'ranio ilniico, siilt
J ablo for storo br saloon, with tlWollinit. "Unn'J1
uonimcrcini ncnne, nemeun r.iumviim
tecntli street. A bargain can bo hail by iipiilylnK to
moat an early da.y JAMK3 HXtlMHil.
ITIOU HISXT Cottiiuc with 0 room on Washing
.L Ion iiennoauilTciitli etrcct. Apply to
feblMtf ' "' ' V. W. THOltNTOX.
'ANrritinAlasiinflAr rViimir Orilrris. nt Ml cln,
on thcilullur. for nil kimli r hurniwr nnn iiuii
ilers' Materials
In tlin tfjrniaiie of tliu eondltlons expressed In a
rertnin limrtKiige or deed of triift, eseeuted by (Scorge
Ni.i.r.i la lifrcbv L-lvcn that ilrfniilt liav Ini: oceurreil
date 1T111 ltdny of July, lWH,nnd duly recorded in tho
nilli.11 nr ihn Iliennler nflieeiN. In and for Alexnnder
i. ..lifn... r.t trm iroritrriin i.fi)rirn 11. .111 ii.iiii. ij'iirnik
eounty. lli the Stato of Illlnolx, In look "Ij," papo J87,
Ac, paid mortgage or deed of trait cnnvejiiij! lots
ntiiiiiM!rin noTeuicen tMinnu I'lKiii.-rn up;. "'!
. . . 1 ... I'll H .... M.t fatm In vnl.l
county nnd State, we, the imdersn ned, ling the duly
appointed administrators' nf fald Alllli.on,tolioin said
Uiorlcsuo wan made, nnd who In now ilecensed, will,
on Friday, the flflb day of .March next, A. I'. MX al
lo o'1pc1c In tlio forenoon, of tlmt iby, under and by
vlriuo of the power of sale contained In mid lncrtK.n?o
ordeedoftriut, eell at public miction to the hlfilie-t
bidder for eali, nt tlio otlico building of Hie Trustees
of the Cairo Cit j I'roperty, ut tbecornerol WaibiiiKtou
atcnuo nnd Elgliteentri .treet, In faid eilyof (Virn, it;
.1.1,1 i.i.itni. un.l sintf. the nlKio ilcM-nl-d lots or real
estate, to satisfy tlio purpose!, mul conditions of taid
inortuflije ordeed oftruM. hald property wdl ! cold
wlthoiu redemption. CIIAWIAN fllimnK,
Cairo, III . Kfb. 13(.t.l ,linlni.imtorf, .tc.
Notleo I. Iiereliv irlven that default liaruik' rni'iirroil
in Hie iK'rforiniiuee of tho eonditiont esprcfied in a
certain niortcapo ordeed oftrnt. eieouted by Terry
rowers to tn luiteremi (ieorKu 11. .Mliamn, iH-nrnu;
lAti. the Slut dav of NoiemU r. A. I). 13. and duly
r.-corded In the otlico of tlio Kit-order of Howls in and
for Alexander county, In tlio Stato of Illinois, in book
"K," passo 11, Ae., alil mortirif 0 or ilee.1 of trust
ronteim; lot miiiinere.! eiM l loot niuo W), in
block nuinU're.1 lliirlcen , 13), in tlio city of Cairo, In
i-Mid county and stutc, we, tho liiiderlctied, beuiK tlio
duly appointed administrator bf .iidAlbnon,tiwhom
s.ilil Inortt iae was nvl, andwhom now l'fajil,
inl!. .,11 1'niliir. llin llfihiUv of March next. A. II. If-rfl.
at 10 o'clock in thu forenoon of that day, milernnd by
Tlrtueof tlio jKiwer . if ale contained In Mid inort(?iKo
or deed of tru!, sell at public auction, to tin- butiett
bidder foreah, at tho omee iHnl.lin ..f tbc Trustees
of the Cairo City Troin-rty, at the corner bfVahini;ton
nvenuc and Kightecnth tre t, in sid ily of .r", :n
aald louuty and ftato, the niie .lewriUd lots or real
estate to eati.fy the pilrpvt. anil tonilitions of Mid
miirti:Ko or ditsl of Inist. fmd pronTty will I e-.l I
without redemption. C 1 1. I'M AN lllfilH.t:,
ru..i.n r-n,
Cairo. III.. Keb. IS. ISO-td Administrators. Ac
Ii herebr citen that default lismoir oeeurrH in
thf nprrariiitiip,, of thu twi.il. turns einfessrj n cer
tain inorteR or deed of ttut, rxeeuied by JofliU'
I'lLhlni?. Jolin Cushinir od Ueo'.i T Cu.l.u.;. U
Smnutl tilauts T.ylorod Kdln r.roas. Trustees
of the Cairo City Property, beann 5 dt theSihdsy
of Mm'. 1WI. and duly rrcunUd in the 01U0
ot tli 1L corner of DeeJ. In and for Alexanler
county, in th Slat' of Illinois, In lluok 1. of lvlt,
oa pK zJ, Ac, sa a uvitttg or urm 1.1 iru.-.con-vutin
loti nuinUired rlz (CI. neren ti and eidit 19).
In'block numbered fifteen (li, la tnr tint addition to
ttmillrof Cairo, in taid cou.tr an l sit", e, lie
UoJerilUDf il. said Trusters, will on Friday, lh &ih
dy of March neit, A. V. liti. at 10 o'olouk iu iu
lorvuoon oi wmi uy. unurr uti i ny nnue ei in
iiower of sle contained In ll MoMkso or deed of
tiuit, sell, at I'ubbe Auction, to IIih bKl"l Udder,
for eli, at tlio (Bee butldinc of .Mil 1 ru-tee, corner
of Wntlnj;ton atenue and hibterntli etreel, lo stid
slty ( I Ciro, Id said county a ,d .klle, tli abuio
deecribed real eUie or lots of land, to satisfy tbe
ptirp'sfs and cooillUnoaof raid morlkjo crdeedof
trust. Hld property will ro en d without redemption
.ri'l adsad will bzetiiitii to tho p'lfehsrr on such
sale. H.hTAATii TAVI.OIt,
Trustees ot lb Cairo City I'rotrty.
1H4, Cairo. III.. y.bTHii) 13,1 Si 9 .liJ
Is hareby cisen that defaolt haslne oeetirreil In th
performance of the condlUnos exptihsv-t in acerlnln
mortKaxitor de-l of trust, execum.i br JoilnuCu.h
Inr, JodnCuitiingaoil (ieoivs I. Ciistilos;, to Samuel
Htaata Taylor aud Kixtu I'arsom, I r-'.ei of tins
i.iinuuiiT i-fBiieiiT, Dv.rinK uaio ine oin ilsv i,r
Maicb, 1IC4. and duly recorded In 111. otllee of th
ltecorir cf Deeds in and for A ex.m lcr county. 111
thtJ(at oflllinoi. la Hook 1. of Iinls. on ra,. r.t
Ac, said liinrti;!. or deed of trust Co sejioit Ifcts
ntllntreil CD III, two Is), tbreo (3), four It) and (If.
(i),io block numbered bfteeu (14), n the tlrstalJ lion
to Ilia city of Cairo, la iud coilnir and st.te, we, the
undersigned, ell Trustee., sltl on Krldav, the lib
duy of March next, A. 1. Mi, at 10 o'clock n. Hie fore
noon of (list day, under and by urlu i.f the power
of ssli. contained in said Mo-t;e or deed of trust,
sell, at l'ubllo Auction, to the inuhest Udder, lor
cash, at tl. of)ie buidllni; r.f amif Trustees, corner
of Waihlnjtnn asenunand Kli'lilrentli street, In .aid
city of Cairo, In raid counly aud State, tti.
nooia uescriten real esiale or lots or land to eatlify
t ties purposes and condilioni of ssid inoitzaito nrdetd
ofiru.t. nld property will eoid without rolemn
lion, and a deed will U executud 10 the purchaser on
such sale. . HTAATM TAYI.OIt.
Trmte.of the C. ro C ty I'roiorly.
IMted, Cairn. III.. February I'i, W). ,
To I). II. llolbrook's e.tat, and to all -ron inter-
salii i oftlty lots, forKeneral uorporat.on, linirrorciiii iit
fund and interest fund tuxes, fur tho oIit nfi'mro. in..
rorthoyirI jT. beld at thnuonrt houso in emd eity,
on Monday, tho 9th day of ticceiiiber, 1S1T, I, the tin!
dcrsigned, bcoamu the purchaser of ouch of llio fol-
..... -y. y,,t a nioi. i. u in tin; rum till or
'.!?IOLA''"",,'r' nni1 tjwl" "f Illinois i
In whose name as- r B
ses.ed and sold. 1 J.
I. II, Holbrook's estate ., 17 a
same . is in
auie jj u
. 'n 'JO ii
nun uciuioiirneijueii ny raw Pir the reilcmt.tion of
i'i VU'Mit,U'i'i,J W1" MP " the Vtl!
i ii i "" unless ooner re
deemed I shall apply for ad.-cd for and poiseiou of
Uated toiro, IM.iFebruary Is, la ,Uw
To Holder of past aue 0 .ud i0 per cent.
Notice ih hereby given, pursiunlton resolution of
the city ppuneil at its lust ineetliiK,tciull pereons hold.
Ina! alx (G and tost 101 tier cent. IK tL. UH .
of thecfly of Cairo, kn-i Whfch aro iiow,.i.t .n... ,,..'!
-, i i?.,?,il?rt,",r"i,h. t!''!""-d Interest thereon
W 111 tie nu id Upon oresentat nnnt mv r.in.. ...i it.. I
i r, '. n . W 6A l W stopped' ti, ii
and after that date.' ' vVm.T. IlKKItWAHT,
febl7dl0t wll"'l" ul "lu ouy oi uuiro.
250 L-aWW
Will be given for information that will W. thaovl,
n?,1,"1 5r,,ct th vtty or parties whoYot 'on n?e
, . .HAKFUltD.MOllltmd. CANUEE.
Ljg! eb. ID.llwa-dSt), Insurancn AKenk.
300 1)0IjIA-?lVEW-AiKD
!LiPvl!Hil0.r.Dii?r. lnfrmtiOM MHIIcn4
ii,. s.a n ii, (i.t 1. sy orpurueH who caused
!!."." rA2fi.ne 8 " "Wannary rail, by, which four builds
Cairo. teb.Bj3j,y.qa,i ' InSupu,t)e Ageuts
A Clergyman, hilo residlnar 'in South America as a
... , -.....cvu cum unu Dinipiu remedy for
'rW ?r wkk"e,'. EMiy.lX'cay. UieWi
uf tho Urinary anddomfnal Orans, nnd the wholo train
if fiit.nr.li.pt. .--,..v.i t i .. . i , . ss
ri,;t r..T.sls '"Ft?1 3121 -H" T,ul0l,s hablta
Great numfcera IiavebecncurcdV this noble remedy
Prompted by a dcajra to benefit tho afflicted and un
fortunato, 1 wiH ond thu rccinn fnr i
r,l.... ...... -.u u i rn. ,
JWiSI'tl T. IN
I KM . I?
Station D. lllhlo House,
New rotk Cify.
I !. i H'- t
I eainoTnaNsraa co.
caiko cur
Q1IA9. T. 1I1NDE,
A. Or 33 TvT T,
.7 i . ; J
TliroiiKli Hills of I.ndluc Kvcu"to ell
Avullnlile I'olnta by ltnil ur Wnter.
. i
The following Ilont eomnrlse this I. Ino nnd will
run In tho fallowing order t '
iArrhu at Cairo, Arrivuut Cairo,
llOftls. J HOW. ,
XrMer.'MAsteri'Tur.sdiiV. t ti.tn
'f'aturdayl a.m
r'..:. ..... i . - .
Maim, busier i
1IKI.I.K MKMI'lll.x,
Thursdays p.m
MemUy,! n.m
irraae, .iiasier.
atunlay, 5n.m,Thur., 1 a.rn
Arrive at Cuiiu,,Urho at Cairo,
now.s. tr.
Ul l ir rti. is..., i
Archer, Master J lsniu y.oji.iii
Friday, 1 a.rn
i .1
MAII11I.I. ctTr,
lllike.'Mftsteri Friday. 6 p.m
nunday, 1 a tn
.. ii
Velnsd'y lam
i,i:.ii.i.iii i
'Conliay. Master!; "
llaner. Master: Minder. S p.m
Connetin(:atJ!t. Iotna isnth
.Viirtliirn 1. 1 ne Packet Coiiiinii-,
ICtokuk I'neket Oompitii'.
OmnliK I'nrket Company,
and Vailims Itnllroixl Lines.
At Memtihis with
.llcnililils nnil Wlillr Itlser Packet Co.,
Arkansn. Hlsir I'arktt (.'onimii y,
.sieiuplil. nnil Charleston 11. It.,
and .MIhsIIiiI A. Teniies.ee II. II.
At Wksliuri? with
V n ino Itls er I'nrkrls, and
Vlck.liuri: ami .Meridian ltnllroad.
Olvtne Ihrosigh MU l"ling and t iekeu to alt evsiUb'.e
tiointi by rnilor riser.
II.S.r III.SIT .eilV.I .Tfcriifc.
Office; uu WbSrf-U).
U. F. felrwON, Ticket and Ps.nger ARnt.
SiarOAIIir ' isIXK!as
, 'fTPjTe- "-onsisitnK j mi; ioiiui
rJSfcErSl'n'li'l passenger steamers:
.... ..r .1.. . I .
Mrf .Master IIAlll'KIt- .MXVrW
..Master I WOOIti
19 . ..... Master UAVl! ..CTerV
.Vlnuall InUrnienlatelandinrs.anl civlnc wiee.iJ
VIIA3. ft Jll.SI'b. M.ll.I'"
deeircsd Ortk-e oa WharlUial.
S !' K X M S II I P C O n P A TS Y
w.n.AnTiii'u ,;MOT,'if.er'
VII V Ci A es.e.essessse.eeseelJ ''""
utii .:"WMt ?'
m.ivi: :Aiiiioi.ii...-..H in 1 moaisv,
. -. -- I-K."!'!) I 1. I'V M .
.....r,!S 1 nuvr.n, jna.iei
7.7. ik tni.i. r:Mf .r . er'
.M .Ml I.N W K. l. t'll . '
IVF. Illl , As; 1 1 M jvi'i,i i'i-i.'i.
iV,v V-iV.T . " nitEKNOlUlll Mast'T
Vi W.l oV -
CoinprisInK all tho lln( t und l.irne.t boat, out of ar
. .... -i .i..,i(ti.r m,!1 tunvn Cilro
.ino in inn I.I..I.C .iiiuu. -.-.....
for Now Orleans eveiy oilier d.sy, connecting t cw
Orle in with Oi enii Line of Steainera to
Liverpool, Ns sv York, Ilo.lon, anu.s.ais e
tmi, 'I'eiu..
l'isst niter nnd Shipper can reiy on oim inc.
Ii4t leuvim? Cairo punetiially as im. m hi pay
lurticnlar attention In n" way ireici t; i " ei. in...
lo NoVT.Urlvans. . tfl ,t,iL fcalro.
ortleo, ini Wharfisiat. Publlv I.atidlns;.
EW.KlOTfl'as.enijer and Ticket Ai;ent.
iJlllCe, Ul 151. Vliunr innci.
.... .,.t. t:T l.J af A IV. V.IN'S..
JOHN II. AVIH, Hup't, Memphis, Tcnnosiwe,.
asasj Tho splendid sido-whoel
Leave Memphis every TUESDAY, THUHSDAY and
BATUKDAT, at 6 p.m., for White Hivcr, conneotlBKat
Duvull's liluffsvith the Memnljls and LitUe-Itocli HaU.
road for liltlle Kook and J(o( Bprlngs. Time tom
Meoupbls to Lime iwi eeiwmw.
! freight ana.A,aeusttJ4reeeipt.eiliM. Ibe tUve
flJne a" lower rates than any other rotito.
t;,v' ) " gtc dn Wharf-boat.
,ii , i,l 1 '
;:ui.: .r.Ilt
-a.'.xaujuv ityaJM-srAM x
tHttl Consisting r thp' following,
'ftTTtt"i inTIil r in SleHs:
Leaves Cairo SuijiUy drhurday at 5 p.m. "
. sr : xCwrVvWfW, r "
DlVtTEIl-..;,tr,I',or I 9WAIKU.-v "cltk
weaves Cnfrb Tuesday mvl Friday at 0 p.m.
noWARD ....Maator WitlOIIT ..-..iOetk
Lcavia Cairo Wednesday end Saturday at t p.m.
Making all Intermediate landings, and paying tiar
tlcnlax attention to packet Freight.
n to racket Freight.
CUAS. V. HINim General Agant.
Office on Wnw-rxxi

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