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Office,. 22 5 Washington Avenue, Democrat Hall ; Editorial Rooms, Ohio Levee, over Barclay' Drug Store.
a .v T
I I -
t rrr
r A i
AiiioiKliiiuit Croatliiir tlie Nclfct Council,
Providing for Public Improvement, VAv.
A. CerllAril
Copy friim the Heerrlnry of
AN ACT toiunund an net entitled "anfActto
reduce the Charter of the City of Cairo,
and tlif several nets amondutorT thereof in
to dm', nnd rovixti tlio same; Approved
February 18th, 1807.
Uc it enacted liy tlio peoplo of tlio Stuto of
Illinois, represented in tho General Assem
bly: Kkui toy 1. Tim legislative authority of,
said city of Culro shall bo exercised by n body
to be styled tlio city council, which shall bo
composed of two branches, ono of which shall
be i .I'led the .'elect council, and the other the
board f aldermen, and all the power con
forrcd and restrictions imposed tiiion tlio city
count it bv tlio charter to which thin art in nu
nmeiidttnttt. shall lo and arc hereby conferred
an 1 i. . id ujion the city council hereby
trc.it. 1.
Si i J The -eleet council shull consist of
tlio nmyor, to be ulocted us now provided for,
ami m other members to bo elected ut tlio
mx, "inrral elwti'm under the city charter,
one nl wnom ahull 1m elected from each wnrd
by ti e qualified voter of tho ward, and two
."ull'r fleeted for thi city at In'rgebythe
, rtt 1 voter of the city. The board of
nidi mien shall consist of twelve aldermen,
now in ollicc, or to be hereafter elected as now
roik l f r. Tlie member of iatd select
j .'i X' Bpt the , ;uayor, shull bo eUctcd
ri. 1 1 , ! tU' ir ofticcs fur two yotirs, mid until
tlie i ' ' 'i'.ri and I'uttlificutiou of their sucoes
.rlj provided that half of the said seleot
cxirr 1 to be elected nt the first election under
tin ait, lOmll Mid Uiuir folllceS for' mi'- year,
t!.yt to sen, fur one year to bo eIcctVd nt
their first meeting by lot, or ns tlie select coun-
( I ir. iv iron
I ir. w lion ilttcrmltiP
X A meinbor of thu lulect vnuucil
'hall, at the time of his election, be not los
I.. .! 1 . I. - '
than tinrtv uars of ac, u white cltiveji of the
l'mt 1 State and mi owner ill fee of real pro
perty irrsnld citv,to tho vmIiiu, uvfrnnd above
it.' imberaheV, .of not If si llilin oiie thou
.tid, llvirhundroil r!nrs, said value to be
determined by the Mate and county ittuHnrs
book of the previous year.
Si;,4. Iletore miit 'member of the. select
coun il hull tnku hl reat, he shall thW and
ub'tribo an oath that be will support thu
l Otistitiitioii of the iiiiitil Slate nnd of thU
tt an 1 (he provision of the city charter;
that he will faithfully discharge the duties of
Ills otlicv, nttd that he posteties nil the ijliHlitl
cnlinus n ijuireil by this net, and is not subject
t any of the diipulillfrttions thereby im
posed Six 5. Any member of tho select council
,t! i) t uim.h to'pre.4 the mmlilleatious pre
suited by this act. or any of them, or becomes
s,ibjiet to Htiy of the iliHiualilleatlons specified
tU,r Kiia.l In iIhviiimI thereby to have
Mil itr 1 his iillice.
Kt Til-- mayor, whun preent, shall
pr lea? all meetings of the elei t council,
: . 1 t!.e b .trd of Kldermll shall elwt one of
i leir n j'ulwr to tx: chairinaii thereof; but in
tlie aVfiu o of the mayor or chnirmaii of the
? v 1 f d b rnien, either branch of the city
c UU' d mav eleet a leinpurury chairinaii.
fR 7. The city e.lcrk eliH't'esl as provided
fir by t'ii charter to which this is nn amenil
nient fluill make and keep r. record of the
Kiiii 'to of each branch of the city council,
ar. 1 s'i'iM attend their meetings for that iur
po.i excefit when suid he-arris meet at the same
time, whuii the lionnl of nldt.riiien shall npfxiitit
u temporary clerk. In cae of absence ot the
city clerk either board may npjwiint a clerk
p.i t' it).
Hn H The first election under this act
sliull ) -Id in the several wardt at tho next
t; inrii flt-.-t icin. at the same timu and iu the
same manner m is now provided for by the
i 'iiirt'T and ordinances fur other city officers,
an 1 i ."-U.i.i 1 the duty of tho city "clerk to
jlvout l"itst five days notice of m''d rtt eleo
t on. The members of snid H.-ltct council
sl.iil i lit. r upon their duties at the nmu tlmo
u iil.ii-r city ollieers to li eloetl at the nuxt
; ncral ele-tinn, and tho registry of voters to
itielc in the pn-Mint ward of snid city,
fi r said election, shall 1 a valid registry for
a' t"'o ;it'"t- mid purjHii-es nf cuid llrt elec-
.She. 0. The returns of Miid llrt election
uliiill bo made to tlu city council of Miid city
1 1 now jitvvlded by ordinance, and the city
nerk snail notify the ineniburs ofaido
'i t i"UH' il t'i tin'Mt ut some siiitabln ldiicc,
within thro day after the tenth dav of
.March, A. I). WJ, fur the purpose of or(an
I int; tlielr IhiiinI.
. 1". iiilW tor ordiiianeos ninv ic
o.i'; tinted In eithur brum It of the city couii'
', I it th- luneurrunt action of the two bod
ics sha'l be riHiiired for the jiassitjjf of all or
utiinuees anil niter their pnsii;o ny one
l mi' ii they shall be sent bv the cttv clerk to
t'.e otln r IlmIv for their coiirideratioii mid ae-
tli u. I pou the pau;o ofciieli bills by both
brum hi s of the city council, tho city clerk shall
in-teiii me ;iimn to the mayor tor ins ap
proval and sljjnatine, as now provided fur by
the city charter mid whh like effect. If ho
aiipnno hushiilUI.'u them: If not ho shall
n turn them with his objections, to the board
in whit It they oriinnted. Tho objections
flail bo entered ntlaruo on tho journal, mid
the bill be reconsidered, nnd if, after such re
consideration, a majority of all the members
elected to each board shall areo to puss tho
.nine they shall becomo laws.
.-5KC.il. All elections oi onicors to Do ap
pointed by the city council siinll bo bv bal
lot in joint mcetiiij of tho two brunches,
which meeting may bo convened by Joint
resolutions of tho two boards, or may lo
c.illed by tho mavor. citv clerk, or any two
members of olthor board by personal notice
tn i"ich member or by leavilif; written notices
st their uminl places of abodo twenty-four
hours uoioro each mooting, or in sueli other
wavas may bo provided bv tho citv council
A majority of nil tho member elected to both
lunrds shall bo necosnrv to thoolcctlon of all
S'ich olllcors.
Sue. 1'-'. Tho provisions of tbo 0th, 7th, 8th,
Utli, 10th, l'Jth, Kith and l tth t-cctlous ofartl
lo 2 of thu city charter, to which this act is
an itinuiuliucnt, uro hereby mndo applicablo to
tho select council herebv created, nnd tho
powers thereby conferred on tho city council
nnd tho regulations and restrictions thereby
imposed uroulsn hereby conferred and im
posed upon tiio suld select council.
Ski;. 1.1. "Whenever the city council of the
city of Cairo ahull dctarniino in tho manner
provided in 'tho charter of raid city to which
this act is an amendment, and the ordinances
j)ftscd in pursuance' thereof, to make any
public improvement in mid city, and thecoit
or estimated cost of such iinp'roveincrit has
been duly niccrtalnrd by itm city, it potitlon
shall bo presented by the hinyoY of said city,
or on his neglect to do so by any on of the
gelpctjiouiicij of snid city, to tlis circuit court
of Aloxnndor county or to tho Judge thereof
In vacation, wliiglrpetltion ahull set forth the
character and extent nnd location ol such im
jirovement, nnd the cot or estimated cost
thereof, and shall particularly describe
tho real citato to bo benefitted or in-'
jurcd by such improvement, and shall
give the name or nnmci if the owners
of such real property, or if, tho owner
thereof i unknown tho "petition shall
so state,' nnd suld potitlou' shall request said
court or judge to appoint commissioners to
uncertain the proportionate benefits over in.
juries to accrue to all such real estate de
ncribod in said jKititioiiy or which tnay bo add
ed to raid liu bv thccomiukioncrsn4 herein
after mentioned.
Sr.f. 1. "When said putitlon hn been filed
in said court or With tho judte thereof notice
jdinll bi k'ivon by the fclty clgrk to nil owners
of any of such rial eHatu by publication for
fourteen day in u newspaper publUhed in
the city of Cairo, that on n day in said notice
to be named, tho laid city by iti attorney will
Appear before; suld circuit court or its judge
and apply for tlio appointment of five com
jiilsiioners to determine the injuries nnd the
proporliouutu bcncilu . which muy accruo by
renon of such improvement to each separute
parcel of the real etntu'mentloncd in raid pe
tition, and to such other real citato as said
commliner mav decide to bo injured or
benefitted m hereinafter provided, and for the,
piirKe ol making an aoiimeut to cover the
rot nnd cxpiiU of inch iinproTcment, which
said until o nhall particularly describe the na
ture, lociition and character of such improve
ment, the cost or estimated cot thereof, as
nlso tho real estate and owner or owficrs.thore
or, so inr n Known a.n mu tamo.ni! uucu una
deicrlbed in snid petition. ' Tliu notk'es provi.
dod for in this section shall bo tiled with the
commiitionuri, together, with the publihur
i certilicnie oi puoiiciuion uuu miuu ou rciurucy
..... i.l. ...... ..r .til.ll.....ln,i ...iff 1... v.ifnM.Ul
1 . 0 I I! .1 I 1. II .1
by them . itU thric assessment.
'.Sec. 15. On the day named in said notice
tho said court or Indge, if no sutllcient objec
tion bo madfc, .shall appoint live discreet rcsi-
lent and freeholder-, ol said city, ns uic.com-
mlsoioners'providrd for In tho protruding sec
tion of this act, and shall name one of snid
commissioners to net as chairman and anoth-
r to act ns clerk-of tho commiion. If said
tM'tition is tiled iu term Utile tr. snail be placed
on the docket, and tlie judijn shall cause the
nppoiutmeiil orcoiitmtsiiouert.tv i piitccuon
record. If said petition Is j)restel in vaca
tion the judgo shall file it, togC1or with his
appointment of commissioners, with tlio clerk
of said court. Suid commissioners shall bo
sworn U'fore the clerk of tliu circuit cuurt lie
foro enteriut: upon their duttcv, to faithfully
and impartially perform thu duties required
of them by this act, nnd the ordinances of thu
city made in pursuance thereof, nnd to make
nlf thoi'r u'ses-iiis-nu und estimate uccording
to law and to tho lest of their judgment and
understanding; provided, If tho owners of
tuo-tUrd of the lots described in laid pet!
tlont-hull nominate two of said commWonors
to said jude, he slmll appoint said nominees
ns two oi aid coiuiiiiionurs, and shall nlto
upitoint two other cotumisiloncrs, and the
lour tuns npKinicu suau appoint n uuu. -v
majority cf said commissioners shall bo a
ipiorum'to do bu'lne.-, and tho decision and
report of such majority shall be n valid and
binding as if the whole number of commis
sioners nppoint.'d hnd united in tho same.
Alter tieini; sworn, miui couhiiis-
sloners shall give at leat fourteen days pub-
lie notice In u newspaper published in suid
itv of Cairo, of tho day on which they will
mn'ko personal examination of tho real estate
to bo injured or benefitted by the improve
nunt described in said petition, and will hear
evidence touching the estimates and nsse-s-
ment to be mndo bv them; and they may ad
journ from day to day until nil parties inter
ested shall have Had reasonable time to no
fullv heard.
Si:r. I. After Uie commii-sioncrs have ox-
nmilieil nil tho real estate named in snid peti
tion thev may report iu writing to the said
court or judge nuv other real ostntenot named
In said petition but directlv benelitted bv tlio
. 1 . , l 1 f . .t.l I
improvement ucscnueti in sain ieiiuoii, ami
thereupon the owner or owners of raid real es
tate shall be notified in tho uiauuer provided
in tectlou fourteen of tills act, and commis
sioners tdmll be appointed In the manner pro
vided iu section fifteen t thl act, who hall
nuallfv and act in tlio mine manner as tho
1 S .r 1.1. 1 J-. I.. -..1.1 .1 !!
commissioners iiroviueii tor in mini eciiuu ui-
teeu; and tho persons appointed to act under
said section fifteen may uUo be appointed to
act under this neellon.
Si:c. 18. After tlio examination and licitrini:
liroviilcd for In section sixteen nnd seventeen
has been concluded, and nil parties interested
in tlio real ei-tato to he asosied under und by
virtue of the several sections atoroaid tliu 1 1
have had full opportunity for a hearing, tho
said commissioners appointed under Mild sec -
tious sixteen nnd soventeen shull together
proceed to muke an usscssmcnt tiiscssiug thu
osts una expenses 01 1110 improvement spec)
(It'd In said netitiun und commissioner's report
together witli Iho expense und cost of collec-
tion, in tho manner following, to-wit: to ouch
lot or parcel of land doscrilod in suid poll-
lion, or in suid commissioner's report, shull
bo nssesscd in tho ratio of benefits its proper-
tlonato amount of specinl benefit bv reason of
such improvement over nnd nbovo tho injury
thereto, if any; having a duo regard 111 iiiuk-
ini'iL-io, 11 tiii , tttt. ...j, t. nuv tuttttt it. ttttttt-
intr sucli nssessinonts to tho vnluu und locution
. . . . it. 1 1 ,
of ouch lot nnd parcel ot land so assessed ns
nearly us tnay bo, and tho residuo of tlio
costs of such improvement to bo paid by equal
nnd uniform taxation or out of thu iinnrovu
mont fund of suid city. As soon us suld as
sessment shall have been mado und ngreid
upon by said commissioners thoy shall forth
with mnko out nnd prepare nn nssess
inont roil in writing; which said as
sessment roll shall contain a par
ticular description of ouch lot or
parcel aforesaid, nud opposite tho snmo In up
proprluto columns, in $ und cts, tho
value of eueli lot or parcel aforesaid and thu
amount assessed ngulnst each respectively.
Said assessment roll shall bo addressed to
tho Judge of said court, and shall when com
pleted, bopigned by said commissioners and,
so soon as completed, shall bo filed witli the
c!ork of said court, accompanied by a report
signed nnd sworn toby said commissioners
nnd showing that us euch commissioners they
huvo made Mich assessment according to law.
und to the bct of their nblllty, without fear,
;favor or partiality. Suid clerk shall there
upon file suid.uss'essment roll nnd report und
recof d tho sninu lit bis order book. Kvery
person dissatisfied with suld lissesJinent mtiy
within twenty dnys nftcr tho filing thoreoV,
nppcul therefrom to tho circuit court of Al
oxundcr county, und may cutuo a bond In u
sum of fifty dollars (conditioned toprosocute
his Miiiduppeut in ensu Judgement Ij rendered
against said lot) for each separate parcel of
real cstnte, to be filed with said clerk, who
shall thereupon place upon the docket of suld
court ti separata appeal for ouch lot, entitling
tho snmo "Tho city of Cairo vs. Lot No ,
in Ulock No. or othcrwiso describing
tho real estnto named In tho appeal or bond.
If more thnti llvo appeals are perfected tho
said judge shall on notice from thu mayor,
by .direction of the city council, Jiolil n
special term of said court for tin; trials of
said Appeals, mid ho shall hear evidence con
corning snid us'C'smcnts so appealed from,
nnd muy confirm, amend or modify tlio same.
tiy.i; 19. As soon as t lis assessment is Hied
with the clerk' as nforpsuld, tlio com
missioners shull give public notice for ten
days in n newspaper published iu the city of
Cairo tlint tins assessment has been filed with
tho circuit clerk, und is open to inspection
nnd examination, and thut nil persons uro re
quired to pay the amounts nsesed ngainst
the respective lots within ono hundred dnvs
thereafter, or in such time, nnd manner ns tun
city council may by ordinunco direct, nnd thut
in defutilt of such payment judgment will be
entered against the defendant. All pay
ments of such assessment idiall be made to
the city treasurer who shall report each
lepumtu paymont to snid circuit clerk.
.Skc. 20. At the expiration of suid hundred
days, or other time us above provided for, iu
the case of euch lot or othr parcel of real es
tate, in which no appeal has been taken as
hcrelnbeforo provided for. when the assess
ment has not been paid, tlie said clerk shall
enter upon tho judge's docket aseparato cauo
entitled, "Tho tity of Culro vs. i.jt no. , iu
block no. , ' or describing the real estate as
described in tho iissesitnetit, and ut the next
regular term of suid court, or at a rpeciul term
to be culled nt the request of the mayor by
direction of the city council, judgment shall
be entered In each ciiibo for the amount of tho
assessment or any unpaid bnlanco thereof
upon the lot named and costs. Tliero shall
be no defence to the entering of said judg
ment, except payment in full or iu part of
said assessment, unless It bo shown that the
lot ngainst which judgment is about to be en
toredis not on the assessment roll tiled by tho
commissioners, or thut thu owner was not no-
commisiuiierr, ur 111111 uiu owner was
tilled of the appointment of commissk
provided fr by thl net. Kach judgii
entered shall include nn order for tin
ssioners, as
ment to
ie sale of
thu real otute, und tho clerk, on request of
the'mayorund city council, shall Issue u spe
cial execution dlrc'cUd to the sheriff of Alex
ander county, who shull advortiio and sell in
thu sume mu'nner ns real estnto is cold under
ordinary Judgments nnd oxeciltlons.
Ski', 'il. Tho real estnto sold bv virtue of
tlio judgments provided in this act may bo re
deemed nt nny time within twelvemonths uf
tur tho sale tliertiof by paying to the purchas
er, or In his nbfftice to tho said circuit clerk,
tho full amount for' which tlio same old, with
tho addition of twenty-fivo per cent. The
sheriif shall execute to each purchaser a cer
tificate of his purchase, describing the real es
tate und tli amount paid therefor, which shull
bo nssiirnable, and ut the expiration of twelve
months from the date of suld certificate, If
such real K-tuto is not redeemed, ho shall exe
cute a deed to the uid puruhnser, or liLs su
tignec, which shall convey absolutely nil the
right, title und interet of tho owner thereof ut
tho ditto of the filing of said uisossmeiit.
Skc. -2. When no uppeal is taken, and
when tho uscmcut Is paid before final judg
ment, all cost rdiull bo paid by the city. Tho
commissioners shall be paid by the city coun
cil such reasonable compensation per day
while act 1 vol v engaged iu making thu nsscss
incut in the city council may determine.
Sec. 2:i. Appeals by nny party interesetd
nnd writs of rror shall be in nil cnes to the
supremo court from any final judgment of the
circuit court, under this act us iu other cases.
.S:c. 21. For all tho improvements within
said city heretofore made by the authority of
the city of Culro, and for the payment of
which tlio suid city has Won unable to col
lect from former as.setsnionts tho amount re
quired to complute tho payment therefor, by
ren-on of n derVctlve power in tho city char
ter or informality In making any assessment
heretofore, or by reason of any othur cause
whatsoever. 1 1 111 mid eltv of Cairo is herubv
authorized and fullv empowered toollect o
much money us shufl be inve-Miry to complete
payment for such improvement so made, by
a now a-sossmeni of the property benefitted
by such improvement within suid city, upon
tlie like principle of the proportion of bene
fits, and in like manner us hereinbeforu pro
vided for, us nearly as may bo, so fur us the
sume proceedings hull bo required. Provi
ded, however, that such ler.-oin ns may have
paid to suid city the whole or nny part of nny
former assessment uiadoon account of .such Im
provement, shall bo credited with tho amount
mo paid upon nny ussessiiieiii iiiiuur tins hoc
. 1 ' . ... i. 11
tion, und only
1110 balance, 11 nny- suau re
1 main, tdiull bo
collected from such
j tholr heirs or assigns, and if tho now usse-s-
ment herein provided for shall not amount
to tlio sum so paid upon tho property under
t such former assessment, then the said citv
shall refund to such person or persons, hi
heirs or assigns, the dittVronco betweon thu
; amount puiil nnd tho amount last ussessod
1 upon their propurty. And provided, further,
that it shull bo no defense to thu payment of
tho assessment herein provided tor, that tho
improvement has been heretoioro madu or that
1 ttttj tttt iitwt HB.'.."nn - .w.
1 payment of thu sume, or thut no notico
' ' -1 .1 ..t 11 1
any former assessment has boon mado lor
under tho new assessment herein provided
for is given to persons to uiuku tlio improve
ment In front or adjacent to tholr property,
anything in any part of tho charter or for
mer ordiimnees'of tlio city or tho law to the
contrary notwithstanding.
Sue. 2.1, Sections numbered sixteen, seven
teen und eighteen of article numbered threo
of tho uct lo which this is an umundmoiit, und
so much of section numbered iiinu of said
article- numbered threo us provides for tlio ap
pointment of threo commissioners to consti
tute a board of public works, bo and tho sumo
uru hcroby ropeulcd, nnd the wild board of
public works uro hereby abolished und tlioir
olllces hereby vacated.
Si:u. 20. Suction numbered ono of article
numbered llvo of tho net to which this is 1111
amendment is hereby umunded by striking
out from the second paragraph of said section
tho words following, viz; "Amount of ono
thinl of tho us'ossu'i valuation of nil tho tux
ublo property, real und puraonal, of said city,"
nnd insorting in lieu thereof the words follow-.
inir, viz: "The sum of two hundred thousuiid
dollar, provided this restriction shall not
apply to nor.iiivullduto the issue of bonds to
railroad companies under any general or
spoclul lnwof thlsstatn.'
.... n HU.... 11. ..I.- in..tl nt i.lt.l fllf
t3.y. l. XJItlb UIU Vl.jr tutlMV.il ut cunt v- j
shall in'nddltlon to tho authority Sow confer
red upon them to issue bonds for general pur
poses, liuvo nn authority Uj issue bonus to nn
amount not uxcoedingne hundred ntd fifty
thousand dollars !u settlement .of nuy judg
ment or other indebtedness now existing
against snid city, suid bonds to be Issued in
such sums as muy be deemed expedient, to bo
made payable twenty-five yearn nfter date, to
benr u rato of interest not exceeding ten per
cent, per annum which Interest may bo made
pnvublu sciiii-nnnuiilly In the city of Now
York. Provided suld'clty shall reserve the
right to pay off any portion of(said bonds out
of nny funds 011 hand not otherwise itpropri
utcd ut nny time ufter tw years from vhc
date of said bonds.
Skc. 2H. Said city council shall in addition
to the iiuthorlty now existing to levy general
and pcclul luxes, mvo iiuthorlty to levy und
uss.es upon all thu property real und personal
in suld city now taxable for general purposes,
a special tax sutllcient to pay tho interest on
tho bond', authorized by tho previous section
of this net to bo issued, "which said lax shall
be set aside and m specially appropriated to
the payment of said interest", und used for no
other purpose whatever.
(Signed,) F. Couwi.v,
rfjsker of tlio House nf Uprcsent,.tl c. -(Signed,)
.1. Douojikutv. '
t-pp.lkf r of the eliate, .
Approved Feb. 10, 1H0U.
JoiiN' M. Paiaikk, Governor.
U.vrrKt) States or Amkiuca M
Statu or Im.i.voih. ,
Office of StreU.nj : - -
I. Kdwurd Hummel, Secretary of thq
State of Illinois, do hereby certify that tho
foregoini: in true ropy of 'An Act tonmend
an Act' entitled "An Act to reduce tho Char
ter of the City of Culro, nnd th'e sevornl nets
nmeiidatorv thereof into ono nnd revise life
snme." Approved, Feb. Id. 1807. .Approv
ed, Feb. 10, 1 809, now on file in this office.
In witness whereof, 1 hereto set
mv linnd und nlll.x the Great Seal of
Seal State, at tho city of Springfield, this
10th day of February, A. 1)., 18CJ.
Secretary 0 Slatt.
AN ACT to amend nn net entitled "an act to
amend an net mtltled nn act to reduco the
charter of the city of Cairo und the sovurul
nets amendatory thereof into ono and rovbe
tlie same." approved Februnry 18, 1807;
npprovod Kebruury 10, 18G9.
Ho It enacted by tho people of the statu of Il
linois, represented in tno General assembly:
Thut the act to which this is nn amendment
shall bo d coined a public nqt, Hnd be in force
from und ufter the passage of this uct.
This net shall be 11 public uct and bo in forco
from nnd ufter its passage.
(Signed,) . U C. Cjmi.d.-.,
Hin,ilc(-rnf the House of Itcp., pre. ti-in.
(Signed,) .1. Douoiikkty,
fpf .iter of the Keiute.
Approved Februnry 10, 18GD.
John M. Palmku, Governor.
United States (f Anierlra, ,
SUteof Illinois, J"' ll'lke of Sfercury.
I, Kdwnrd Hummel, secretary of state of
Illinois, do hereby certify thut tho foregoing
is a true copy of nn net to nmund tin uct enti
tled "an uct to ftiueud nn net entitled
11 n uct to reduco the charter of thu
city of Cairo nnd tho several nets
uinendntory thereof into ono nnd roviso
the same; 'npprovod February 18, 1807; ap
proved February 10, 180!, now on file iu this
Iu witness whereof, I hereto set
, mv bund and nlllx the Great Seal
of State, ut the city of Springfield,
f tills 1 1th dav of Februnry, A. 1).
ska 1..
- . " 1601). KpU AltD ltUAIMtl.,
Secrotnry of State.
A Sriisnlloii.
A considerable senation was created around
congress on .Monday bv tho exhibition of a
radical paper whlcli'iiiiikus tho positive state
ment which it claims can bo substantiated
bv documentary evidence that representa
tives Wilson, Allison ami Hubburd, of Iowa,
have received f 100,000 for getting through
congress a lull to change the locution of tlio
Sioux City branch of the Pacific railroad.
I'or Circuit Jui1k-.
I'Mar ILIItli t Please nnuoiiiiee Hut DAVID J.
l.AIir.K.Jr., Is a rmi'lul'ite fur lie" olllt e of JihIku of
IIih .Niiifli'fiilli Jii'lii'inl litri''t.
r.leetlnn 011 tlie fill day of Starch, Iff 0. t
llaMin; U'l'ii solli'ile.1 hy person of lotti political
pirties t'lruilfur tin" JlUlKI-nlifp ef lilts Nilieterlith Ju
ilivlul Dislriet, ut nil eliflioii to ti Its ll oil Hie Ml day
nr.Miirt'li, A. D.lsui), I now announce myself muemi
tlidute for thut olllee, nud pletlpi myself to the petiplu
Hint, if elii'lol, I Hill ille)iurj;o it ilutle impartially
and lo ill j hest of my skill nud uMlltj.
Wtel.KV SI.OA.N.
1 will nttcnil to tlio nine 01 rem i-stuui, iiiuri-iiiiuuist,
I furniture, meek ami propurty of any and nil Uind, for
..1 Ixilrtvu, t.i.nt. t'iiiiuiil4l(tn. Im-iiii ltlutlll
It) U tttt'l t'lt" tt'.tl t ...... --, 0
r.turili tlitt t'liiiiDpiiution usually olmria'il.
Any porson foi-lin himself or lnMsi-li'uuaUij to pay
Hint rate nf compensation, shall be elieeiiiil'y kervnl
for notltttiK.
Tlio pati imago of Hie puulio Is Holieitril.
OnVo at present ut Parker & IlodKv'a Livery Stable.
A commission nnd 11111-11011 house nil! Iw npened Iu
11 few day-, diiontiiaoof which ill bo given.
m. sjiirnrgiT- IW ir " - -
TXXaa BOOK 31iX3T33
Nt, 100 (XmutiiCMiu AviNVt.
' , r , tjfot f!r
ft- , . -im trif. t
. . ss isl
AI.1T lll
it ' 1,
Sowing IVtaoliiuoa.
Tlie Mew York -
f- if!
Tlieo Pianos nnlir.venll tliemo'lornlniprn'.einentss;'
nro wurrnuted five yearn, ami are the beid anil cheapest,
liistriiuK-litK In use milling In jirlcofrom ,
41400 to SjltOOO.
For Chiirelies, S'h(os, t.nilce and Parlor. Tho most
perfect Organ known. Patent Knee. swell on alplln
triiincnts. llvt-rvlnstrinnent warranted to Klvoitatls- -
faction. lLinging'in priee from
$lCiO to $l.QOO.
. t
IVIiecli -r A. Wilson's , , ,
. ..' ..' '
Lock-Sliti'li tScivIiiK Jlut'liiucs; "5b
. 'Ktltuh alike nil both hides. , ,
These Mitoliines are wurranlcd three, ami if ill last
forty jinrsiiiii'l, as it family machine nrtirsurpased.
Prkes snmens In other eille, there lielliK one e.stnb- -lislil-d
price fftr tli-t ma"hliR's throughout tho coun
try. Instruetlon free to parties hatliiKtheso machines.
huml fur lllustrittint uirt-ul.tr.
(Jrovi-r tt linker' ,
Elastic Stitch Seeing Jlnclilncs,
Sewlim ilM l from two spttols wlthmit rewinding. Ks
poo lull)' uil.npted Inr Kencrul family use und light man
iiracturiUKpurixjteS ,,. .
I.oi'k-.MHch Ituihiiu,
HvwinK alike on loth sldi-, and nn ailat'tetl partltiil- '
duly for tlm use of tailor, itml Ixiot uatl slioti mnu-,
i:vi:nv mmuuse wmuiastkd.
Kor further particulars and illii-trntrd circular.', ,
J. C. OAltNO.X,
fol.lVllia Clro, Illlnuls.
Xj. 332JXT3VT,
122 (:iiuiiortltil Avt'iuie,
Informs theeitirens of t'llrn nd rlt-initr that hn lias
on int.it. 1 olio of Hie larifei and best iianrtol stuck of
Dry (ood., Piiiicy (Jood nnd Notions,
lii.Stulhern Illinois, w liieh he oilers at prices that wilt
We will net! Print', for beet brands, nt from.,. to lie
inrilnliie liliwiieti .nisiin ut
Heavy yard whit Sheeting t...
I Si
.-v li
ft 50
.ii-wiii I'laiiiiei ui ,
eil(.i lllattl.'.itd l.t,r lutlr. nl..
Larue slie afl-wiitil tltiiibl i Shawls ,-ii
V..L.' .t la lu,li.i 1,t tLrf ttt 11 Ulitttil llituttnU
(lootl l.insevsiit - - - Sde
ICleijiint una lery hemy eliiuiKeat'le ami liK-
nreJ Pophus, per yard, from- 'aStoI'M
Hilk Pophus ut 7V
Gootl jurd-wiiio Merino' ut -too
A luro nisnrtmeiit of
Itliicli nnd Colored Alpacas nt centfi
And nuiiieroils otlierstjloj of Dross (ioo.l eorres
poiuliiigly liar, '
All-lliit'ii Haudkiivliiefs at
All. linen ToMi-hiitf, per yard, at
(ItKxl Table Linen
Irish I.ineii, yard witlu,,
All-wool r.ii!'K ,
l.nlles' Merino Hose
.Mrrina t'liilershlrta and Draw
Alrot a laifie nssorlinent of
3Eixxoy G-oodSf
Hiinh it-t
Vlilt VETS,
At nmlcr Kill tllove SI 73
1-ieiirli tlort-c
Jtoiuitl t'omlis e
A nit nil other (100J.H correpumiuyly low.
it is thorel'uro to tho interest of every person boylne
jjoodn to call at
122 Commercial Avenue,
lieforo biiyinji elsewhere, iu itiunny saved is moor;
' ""Thai'Uful for the liberal paltouago heretofore
1 tt-nilvtl to us, wo hopo to rtvoivo thu tamo in future
Je. '.'l'CS.Hf Is. UliUUt

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