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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, February 26, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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Time of Arrlvnl mill Drpartnre of Mails.
(Cairo Tool OMce, Kabruary 2, 18f.lt )
(Time or closing.)
.. 3:00 p.m.
...11:00 pin.
...11:0)1 p.m.
... 4:0(1 p.m.
North (llirnitgl n:lii.m.
North (wny) 4MB p.m.
South (through mid wny). -hOflii.m,,
Month (Memphis .vN. (.).. 4:(HJn.m.,
Olilo ltlvcr route 3:0) p.m..
Mll"lppl lllvcr route,
Tucsd.ijS nnd Fridays... 0:(0 ) 111..
Charleston, Mn., Tuesdays
Thursdays AHAtnnlnj .. 11:00 n.m.
... fiiUOn.lli,
... 7:00 p.m.
..11:00 H.tll.
Tiiri', nonso is.unu nan
HnntftlV O.OOp.mKfl. 7:0lii.lii, Hut.
Ohio Ulwirnufe depart" every duyoxrcpt Mondays,
1 J.M.ll!AI!AM,lM
For oysters, go to Louis Herbert mul pro-
euro fomo of his Mohilo Shell .Oysters.
Plant's Knrtlcn seed, warranted to be
the growth of 1808, for sale by "William M
Pavld'on. lw
At tlip .St. Charles hotel, Immediately, some
good, experienced first chus girls, to 1111 posi
tions Ri ehainberiiiuld, dining-room girls and
in tho laundry. Tlice who can bring good
recommendations and are not iil'mld to work
will bo employed at good wage iiiiiJ. prompt
pay. fl.'ttf Ji:wKTT"'n.uox & Co.
rutin fiiikm FiitffFii
"Vulorl water 1 1 water 1 1 1 (5 rent induce
ments! lliirgnin! bargains! Tho stock of
clothing, furnishing goods, boots, shoos, Ac,
&0., which was saved byStornholmeriV: .Marx
from tho late lire, will bo sold at GO pur cent,
less than cost, nt their new place of business,
2v'o. 81 Ohio levee. Call soon and securo bar
gain', n the goods will bo sold nt a great sac
rifice, by order of the underwriters.
Notice is hereby glren to tho tax-payers of
Aluxandor'coiinty, Illinois, that for tho pur
poo of collecting tho state, county, district,
school, special, pauper and court home taxes,
now duo for the year A. 1). 18CB, I will bo in
my ollico in tho city of Cairo during tho
month of February, each day from 10 o'clock,
n.m. until 4 o'clock p.m.
I will bo at the store-house of M. J). (!un
ther, in (Jooo Wand precinct, on Mondnv,
31 arch 1st, 180U.
At tho house of Thomas .Martin, o-o., in
J)og Tooth precinct, on Tuesday, -March
1!, IBM. ; -
Dntwlat Cairo, 111., Fchrunry 1, 18!.
f.oilH MYIIIW.
hcrllfnnil cx-OIIUtic Collector (r Alexander folillty,
Illinois fr1.Hvt.tt
A well to do fanner by tho nutuuof .Moore,
living near Ccntralla, Illinois, not long
fcluco married a widdow lady of that vicinity,
considerably bin junior. It scttus that the
grown up children of tho woman wore, v'ry
much opposed to the wedding. Tho other
morning when .Moore win proceeding to his
stable to feud his horses, ho was mysteriously
Mid fatally shot. The murderer is supposed
to br .4 ton of Moore's wife.
Curio and Hodge havo embarked in thu
nuciicn business, and propose to sell any kind
of property at '2J per rent, commission or
nothiny, according to tho circumstances and
disposition of their patrons. They mean
what they nay, and invite tho patronage of
cvorylhxly who Im northing to sell. .See
their advertisement.'
AVo tender our thanks tsi tho members of
Cro""it City Hand of Kvatisvlllo, for tho
compliment, yoslorduy avening, of a delight
ful M..-cniido. This hand Is under tho1 lender
ship of Mr, Warren, an accomplished mu
sician Mini composer, and is unquestionably
oiiuufthe llnest musical orgatilnir.atiuiM In
the nertliwost. 'u regret that wo wero not
Ht the ollico to extend the usual courtesies,
Accurdiiii' to h r lit decision In oun of '
the petty court of California, in the uio of
the roblixry of a OhiiiHiiniii by a negro, tho
Chinaman In California bin no rights which
u nogro is bound to rotpeet. It was decided
that where'a tho Chiunmau, by the luw of
California, eanuottettlfy ualint a white man,
and vthuruus by ihu 'ivil rights bill of con
gress a negro has the same civil rights as h
Trliito man, therefore John Clilnamau
tigaiiKt SmiuIki has noeaie, because he could
malio no oharg. We call tlm attention of tho
Hon. Cliurlo Hutniiier to this mattnr. Let
him look Into It or never say human rights
"Wll:or it Siskou' n-t:iurant is I'reequent
fcd l,y fitixens and strangers at all hours of
the Uy mid uIkIh, mid the universal tortl
tunny U that tho iiihii who ireldos In the
culinary dtjinrtuienl knows jirecUoly how to
cuter to rond ppeiitM. When wo mako
tho fact known that Charley l'fillerllng Is
tho aatumr, tho cornieluos). of their judgment
will Imi indorsed by every citizen of Cairo.
Charley h undoubtedly tho autocrat of cook ;
and Walker it SIhoii urn scarcely less cele
brated fur tho vourtoy and klndnes they ex
tend to nil thislr patroii!., (), round and try
out o:Chrbiy k dinner leaving the ohole'o
of tb viands to him, mid you will remember
your onjoyinent of the nual as long as you
A llruloi Son mul Fnllirr.
John Vineont, who lives about six in'-loa
from Oolumbufc, cmiiio Into tho ios,(w,ioii of
bis father's jiruporty several years ago, on tho
piume thul ho would clothe and feed the old
man during tie remnant ofhls days, liutoad
of fulfilling hUprouiho .John Yineont 1 s show
ing himself to be a brole. Ho cruelly beats
his old father, now ottering under a great
load of iiifiriuitiH. eftn.os to clothe him,
grudgingly givos him enough of coawo fool to
sustain life, and unfeelingly rofusos to mirso
him in aiuknos or ovtm i.up)ly blm with med
icinoi. This tutiio John Vincent hasa daugh
ter, says tho Columbua 'Dispatcli,' whom ho
has kept ehttlnotl to n log, for weeks, fowling
her k he would a dog, and often houtiii'; her
because fcho is engaged to marry a man whom
hu, Vincent, dUlikes.
If the neijjhuorfc uf John Vincent, fail to
pull Jjiin to h fearful reckoning for bis (.hock
ing brutality, they fail in a duly suggested by
the oommoowt fading of humanity.
The largest dry goi. U Jobber in Now York
told last year, ?l'J,uu i.oo'jj th nsit lurgpst,
f :.o,'oo,iuo while eoino half dozen other
houses ure sit down in fr m 4-1,000,000 to JO,
000.000 show lug u ,vory heavy business for
NcRro IVoich on the IlnniiinRr. A Shumt-
lrs White .Mini.-
Ono of the most impudent negro wench.;
wo over saw was brought boforo '.Squire
Uross this morning charged with drunken
ness and disorderly conduct. Her nanio was
Luclnda Fields.
It appears that this wench is kept by u
white man. nn A No. 1. orldnal radical.
About 1 o'clock this morning, "Imr man"
being considerably "how-eomo-you-so," step
ped into a bagnio on Poplar strcot, kept by
ono Kiiilna Smith. Luelnda discovering his
presence there, yielded herself to tho control
of tho "greeii-oyed monster," and providing
herself with a stick of stove-wood eittered tho
room where her faithless follow was sitting,
mid commenced a promiscuous smushlngof
things. "With her bludgeon alio dashed out
the window-glass, then the sashes, and wound
up by tapping Miss J'hnuia several times on
tho knob, bringing therefrom qtilto n copious
flow of claret. Exhausted or satisfied by tho
ruin sho hud wrought, sho peremptorily or
dered her man to leavo that and go homo
with her, which ho did in the most huniblo
and submWslvo manner possible. When last
seen thoy wero arm-in-arm bonding their
stops homeward.
On tho charge of drnnkeness Luclnda was
lined $3 and costs, $!),C3 In all, which she paid
and left the court-room. At u laUr hour
warrant wa iMiied for her rc-arrost on
ohargo of trespass. As hcV funds wero about
cxhnustcd, nud as her man will scarcely bo
nblo to stock her again, she has a lively pros
pect of a ten day sojourn in tho calaboose.
flic Klir KIiik A AVutiilrrrnl Invent loll.
Many o( our readers have heard of the won
derful achievements of Ihibeock's Patent Fire
Kxtingulshnr, but accepting them an creatures
more of the Imagination than reality, have
invested them with no consequence whatever.
Hysomo tho Idea of combatting tho progress
of a serious conlhigratlon by tho contents of n
six gallon zinc cylinder, was sneered At ns
preposterous, and tho whole thing put down
a a humbug. We aro' about to havo a prac
tical test of tho merit- of thoso little llro-fight-crs,
right here in our city, by which It will
bo shown that they can accomplish nil that
lias been claimed for them.
In Chicago, recently, i pyramid of tar bar
rels, with shavings saturated with coal oil,
was permitted to burn in n strong wind until
the llamcs had reached an Intcnsltv and vol
ume bullovod to be "beyond the control ot any
human means, when one of thrse extinguish
ers commenced playing upon it. In less than
threo minutes thu pyramjd stood a charred
mass, the lire having been completely drowned
out, with b.-s than three-fourth tho charge of
the extinguisher. Other tests wero made
wltli liku wonderful reults thu whole being
certified to by a committee from the Chicago
Hoard of Underwriters, in whoso pro-ence tho
experiments wero made.
Not Coining.
Owing to sIcknoM In his family lllshop
AN hltohouse, of this d!oeee, will not bo ablu
to visit this parish on Sunday noxt, to ad
minister confirmation to tho candidates In
waiting. Ho will bo here on Sunday .March
TheOood Tenijilers of Cairo bnvo roquct-tcd
all mlnistors of the Kvangellcal church, to
preach a sermon, on Sunday next, on the
subject of temperance. In compliance with
tjio requet a sermon of the churncter desired
wil bo preached from tho pulpits of the
Presbyterian, Methodist, IUptist and Chris
tian churches. Seats free, and everybody is
Tim alarm rung thin afternoon, was ocea
sbmed by the commencement of a fire In the
roof of .Mr.. . lack's wash-room. The Humes i
wore extinguished by a few buckets of water,
thus depriving tho engines of a chance to
squirt. Kd. Siwon and Chris. Agn wero
the extinguishers.
Altrlitluit lCiuinrlt (iinriU.
Tim memlMirs of this company are notified
that thore will be a meeting hold at tho
commlsiary building on .Saturday night.
Young men of good standing who may havo
a deoiroof joining a military company, are
Invited to attend the meeting.
I-'ree Iiimi'lie mul I In le I'n t i oiin. '
Kree lunch I Wo havo partaken often und
liberally of the juley meats, the inatchloas
soiiw, tho well served vegetables and number
loss stouiaehlo ooudlmoub that havo piled the
tables of or.r chief saloons, and wondered why
the namu of the blessed originntor of "free
luuul'ici." was catalogued among tho thu un
known. "Would you believe it, render, that hijru iu
Cairo, aro men of respectable eomlng, whoso
only food Is that obtained nt freo lunches
economical gpnthimeuof luipoouniotH circum
stance, who tuko no breakfast that thulr
nppetltirt may bu ,koon for tio 11 o'clock
lunch, and omit dinner that they may relUh
thu free midnight repast. Such men there
are, and If you could seo them at lunch you
would moderato your hato for Shvlock who
wanted only his "one pound of lld-h " that you
might more heartily dlspliu these cormorants
who gulp down two pounds.
Do free lunches nay ? Ordlnnrilv thov do
net. If a largo crowd h drawn together, and
it good portion of it loitera behind to "llvo old
t'mes over ," a compensating return is insured.
Tf, however, tho crowd consists chlcfiy of
country jieojilo who havo fasted "J I hours,
and after "licking tho pluttors clean," psk for
soino more ham and beans, nud u quart of cider
for nix, why then there Is no mor.uy in it.
Tho proprietor may throw out gentle hints in
vain to custoinoM of this kind. Their de
vouring saturnalia goes on. Jlrcad vanishes
faster than colors from cheap calico; sausago
travels faster than slander In n country vil
lage, and soup disappear with limpidity only
nurpasised by tho public funds during it
sosslon of tbo legislature. Satisfied with till,
but not satiated, they untie their wamnius
knots, saunter to tho door, express themselves
"obleegcd," and promising to patronlzo that
house ovcy tlmo, disappear.
In cases of tht kind free lunches don't pay.
Tho proprietor surveys hisompty dUhes, then
thp dlmo retoived for tho elder; und
always after piat hates uvery man ho seos
wearing roarso boots and a country wamnius
Tho machine, as stuled, js cylindrical, lij
form, woighlng when cbargeU lor use, nootu
00 lbs. It is readily ndjustablo to n man's
back, mnv bn i..irriml iTnvwhcre, nnd works
Itself t ' Tho "propelling powor Is generated
within the Instruinftit, lind Is of suiliciont
forco to throw tho water ft dlstanco of sixty
feet. Tho' water bclnc super-saturated With
carbonic nefd one i'llon lifts the cxtln-
O" I i
eulshinc or oin-nchhiL' iironcrty of nt least
o a 1 ci - -
ono hundred when unprepared in that man
nor. Hut, vto.haYO pot space to enlarge. ,Mr.
Ilnhlo flmith, ' agent for southern Illinois, is
now in tho city, and proposes, at an eariyuay
(duo notion of which will bo given) to dem
onstrate, by a public trial, that tho Kxtln
guishor deserves the high eulogies it has
called forth from tho press, and from thoso
who havo wltnosaud Its success in combats
with the destructive and "devouring element."
Tho secretary of tho treasury hns directed
tho solicitor of" that department to prosecute
the pilots of the Ohio river steamers United
States and America for manslaughter in con
nection wltVtl.n Ion of 1 fo by tho recent
collision between those steamers.
Hotel At rivals.
(Tho St. Clisrlrs Hod-!, Thais.!, Kbrury 2i.)
J Murlr, Chicago;
J A Windmill, I'ityt
J II Mct'iim, f'cntrilln:
A M Van Mark.'tnilnvr;
II MnthaigentKl ir., I lull
.lus Korlli. Kvmmilllrj
II Chance, Ht l.ouln;
1' W l'a.ivin, ChlraKo;
Mrs Allen, Jit Vernon;
W l' Dunning, Centralis;
N WCiinr, lad;
, M (ionfan. Ilr Co;
J W lleeil, Tenn;
(i Ktyer, Ht I.oiil;
m I lelii,
W A Wmlioii Aw. StI.oiU;i Wftton, ft I.oiiIh;
V H I'uisnn, Ilo-toii; I) (1ilon, lloston.
Port I.UI for tlic Ul Mount riidliiB
Tvo oVIork, I'. -II.
(Jen. An.lerson.Colum.; Win. White. I'mlneali:
flreat Itppul.lle.St. I.oiif; I.onntilli'. Louie vlllr;
City of Cairo, " Ariim ln. l.vano i He;
llenrv Amos, " M. 1' l or.th, leksbtirK;
Johiri.ilniiil.'ii, Nii.hrille; I.orens, l'ltuUirRt
Of n. Anilerx.ii, Colinn.; Win. While, l':i'lii"ah;
re:t llepuMle, .V. ll.; l ily f Cuno, Meiiiphij
I,illillle, " Aiiieelrt. l.viUHVille;
llrnry .Mne. ' M. K. Knrth. M I.oill;
I.orena, M. Lvuln.
A light rnln lust night relieved thulilllious
's of tho clouds and atmosphere, and to
day is bright and cheerful. The temperature
this forenoon was nbout -I", but In thu pres
ence of the gloriods srnshino It sceiiud much
Thu Mississippi i falling slowly at .St.
Louis and the river Is full of floating ice
which extends ns far down ns Commerce,
thirty-five miles ubovo Cairo. Thu ice below
St. Louis is but slight obstruction to steamers,
but navigation continues suspended ubovo
thnt city. 1'odostriutirnro crossing-thu Mis
souri river on tho ice at Atchison Kaunas.
Tho Ohio Is still falling at Louisville, Cin
cinnati nnd PitUburg, with 7 feet water over
the fall, and 0 feet iu tho channel to Pitts
burg. Ico is floating freely out of the Alio-
ghnny rWcr, nnd the mercury was down to
17 degreps two days ngo nt Pittsburg.
Here tho river seonm to havo swollen abou
ono luchbut the wind Is blowing strongly on
the river ami Hint tact may account lor an
apparent swell.
Jlusliies continues moderate, and freight is
slightly in execs of tonnage for southern
Tho Ardnmu brought 73 pkg assorted
frcigt for Cairo merchant, nnd .'10 bbls whis
ky, aO coops poultry, 75 bug. oats, 10 tons
sundries for rcsblpmcnt south.
Tho "Whit brought 131 pkgi wagon stutT,
103 sks corn, -several lots sundries for Cairo,
and 1 hhd tobacco for N'ew Orleans, and sev
eral tons sundries for rcsblpment to St. Lout
nnd othur points. "Wn nre very glad to seo
thu business of this neat little teamer increas
ing. Sho deserves siicoii for hor own merit",
and is a much needed convenience to all who
dwell along the river between Cairo nnd I'u-
Tho John Luin-don brought out 200 bags
bran, 10 dozen pkgs cedar wnro for .Memphis;
C hhds tobacco, 100 bbls meal for ew Or
leans, Tho (Sreal Republic received heru nbout 200
tons assorted freight being- compelled to re
fuse morn in order to bo able to fill engage
ments below. Sho will be as deeply laden as
sho deserves before reaching Memphis.
Tho Henry Ames received bore about GO
tons oats, Hour, pork und bacon.
Tho Lorena discharged nearly 20 tons mur
chundiso for Cairo.
The Luminary, Capt. Dan. Conway, is tho
regular packet for Memphis and Vlckbiirg
The Wm. White, Cupt. Northern, clerk
Jimmy lleverly, is the rogulur packet to
Paducah every evening except Sunday.
Thu new and comfortable steamer John
Luinsden, Owen AV. Davis captain, and
Dong. Davis mot Ike) clerk, will lenvo hero
this evening punctually. This is an excel
lent opportunity for those who are compelled
to visit King llrownlowV dominions. Tom.
Wyntt nnd John Kinney, knights of th
throttle vahe, and S. Wrench, havo charge
of machinery and aro experienced and care,
fill men.
pOlt M KM I'll IS.
- ninmi HlenmerOITr of CAIItO. Mnlin, inii
uj3RCter, will leave an ubovo THIS KVK.M.M,
I'elirasry i'.'i, at C o' look.
Jtoinilar Paoliot.
flUT'Tho lino sldo-wheol steamer
U.Vi. HA.MITON...Masler I MAJ. PAUL Clerk,
Leaves dim for Memphis ami all Intermediate land
KvciT l'rliluy nvt-nlnu o nrrlvnl of Die
OnlerH fur Hin.i.ln.a to l, nurehneil nt Cairo or Mem
phis promptly uttemieil to as directed, l'luntrrii along
the ruer and inereliaiiti In tho two eitlen will tlnd tho
llumbleton to bo.i mutual benefit, anil their patronage
iireiipeciiuuy solieueiJ.
l'or freight, p:iHiuo. or Insinuation npply na bourd
the wharflioalK, or on tho llutnhleton. fetiOdlf
Tho light ilrniiKht passenger Steamer
It. V. NOUTIICItN , Master,
.1. M- IIIOVKICI.v Clerk,
Will in.il.o reu-iiler DAILY TltlPH between Cairo and
raduenli, leaviiu; Cairo every evening (mimfuys ex
eeptedi at five o'clock.
The While connects ut I'ailucah wit tho New Orlcaiiu
nnd Ohio railro.ul, und tho Cumberland und Tonncssi-o
river pai Keia
For froiuht or passago applr on board, or to
M. J. UUCKI.KY, AKont,
JaoWdtf Cairo, Illinois.
i"I710K HAIiK My ref Mt'iiro onntliMroet, twoiito--
J1 rlet hih, elKlll.NMlill""l, HliviisiiiKB"Jinire, i
hi complete repair l wnol. eonl.iin'l store limine, w ill
sell Willi or withoiir furniture. Al", my law 1 lo'")'
mul niUeo mrnliir. . Termywy. My frlen.l oli-
feb2lbt o 'l-'.Vl.'.
fiXHl HAI.K Three ileslntWe '"'i" , t', '"A"
J) K'llns. felriitr JOHN W. TICOVI-.1l A CO.
TTIOH 8AliE-.i fine ino-stnry I rume House, suit
4 able for iloro or miIooii, with .IwellliiK. situnteil on
CoiiimcR-iiil avenue, between Klliteeiitli imil-Miie-teentli
utreet-. A barKnln can he h. I hy J'P''1.,1 ,0
me nt an enfly da y JAMI-.S t.MIMHII.
Foil 11KNT CoUhko lth B rooms im Wnsldng
tun avenue ami Tenth atreel. Apply lo
UrANTKU Alexnniler Couniy orders, at so etn
YV on tho dollar, for all kliul of i.tunix-r nai
iler' MnterlftN.
WVW. T1I011.NTO.N.
Kstnte of Jamca Jlordcii, ileceiixetl.
Tli limlf. raleneil hnvitlff lieoll nDliuillteil AdinlnlN-
trntorof tiieesliitf of Ja. Horilen, lain of tho county of
Alexander and Hlnto of Illinois, deceased, hereby1
liotlre thnt ho will anuenr hefont theeoiintr
eourtnf Alexander county, nt tho eoiirt-hoane in the
city of Cairo, at the April lerm, on tiio inirn Jiou.uy
In April next, nt uhleh llmo nil pcrn'iis having
rlallns aanlnst snld e.-tivle nre notHlHl nnd requested
tonltenilfur Ihe purMise of having the same adjusted.
All persons Imlebled to said estate nre requested to
mnkn linmednile payment lo the underpinned.
P.ite.l mis -nil liny in renniary ,v. n. i'.
fib.6a W. N, I'oltllKS, Adm'r.
Notiee l liereliy given thnt default having; oeetirred
in Ihe perfounanee of the eowlitlofn expfeel In n
eertalu inurtsao orilee.1 of trust, executed by IVrry
Toners to the Iteverend CeorK" ll. Alhntn, iienriiij;
ilnle Ihe'.'lsi day of NovemW, A. I. lm, and dirty
reeorihil in the olliee of the Ihrorder of ll.-eds m nrnl
for Alexander count v, in ihe Mate of lllilnds, in lok
"K,"pce '! morlKiCP or ilewl of lrut
ronrevini; lots niimlK-rrd elijhl (H) and nine (HI, 111
bloclt nuintM-reil thirteen (l!i), In th eiiy of Cairo, In
said enmity nnd Mute, tho iiniloilu"l, b.-iriK the
survivor of thu duly appointed wliiilioslrBtoni of
said Alliiison, Id whom sail morlx"1 was
made, and who Is now ilcct-AM-d, will, on
rniUv. lh nineteenth dav of .Mnn-h next. A. I. IS'-V.
nt lUn'eliH-k in Ihe forenoon of thnt day, under and by
virtuei. f the povterof Mileeotitallied in said iihtIkoK"
ordt'iil of trust, sell at ptiblu. nuition, to the InKliest
bidder for rash, nt the otilee ImilduiK of the Trustees:
of tha Cairo City l'roperty, at the corner of Wanlniuttoti
nveuue nail Ki:hteenth Mreet, III s.ndeily of l siro, In
sold eiuiiity and Mnt, the nlsive desrrill lots or real
estate to satisfy the puiposes nud rolelitions of smhI
mortKSXO or di ed of trust. .Slid property will I snld
illioul redemption. ,ii.m-.m.v. nii'i'i.!.,
SiirvuniK Ailmmislnitiir, Ae,
Cairo. 111.. Keb. ss. istn-td
Notiee Is li.-r.-Iiv citen that defulilt IwvuiK ("-earre.l
In tho tit-rfiirman.-e of the conditions, rxiirrn-eil ill .1
certain miirti:ascurlcedof trust, exo-utssl bjKleorm'
KclhiKKto th Iteieretid CHirKe II. Alliiison, U-annx
date Ihe 1st dsy of July, Iv-I.und duly rwordcl In the
otlli.-o of tho ids-orilt r of Ii-eds, m nnd for Alexander
comity, In theMute of Illinois, In IsM.k "I,." pax SsJ,
Ac, snld UlortKUe nr ilied of trust t-fillvcvUix lots
nuinUrl seventeen (171 and eighteen ilfl, 111 Um-k
nuinlt-red thirteen (13 In the city of Cairo, in said
nunty nnd niale. the umirrsirneti, ijeins ino survivor
of the duly appointed n.ltiiliiitrtor of said Alliiison,
to uhom said mortK'K1' inmle. and Mho is iiovr
.1 1 ...1, 1... .1 ........ 1. .
,.-Vl-.13,'ll, Hill, 1111 rfl'lH,, IIMT I, IMF -
.March next. A ll. I 6'.'. at 10 o'clock III I ho
forenoon of that day, under aril by vittu vf Ihn
txiuer of aoJe containet In ssid niortusi'ii
or ileetl of trust, sell nt pilMIc auction tu the lushest
niiiusr rur ran, nt tne ninee nimuinK 01 ru-iee-of
the Oim City Property, at thcuurncrof WashuiKtuii
nvenue tui'i r.icmccniu sircci, in sniu -iiy 01 i.jirn;in
snld count) ami Mate, Hi" alsive de-.-nld lots or real
estate, to s-itisfy the purposes and conditions of oid
inoriKKe or ueeu 01 irusi, ruin props-riv miii i soi.i
without ledcmptloii. CHAPMAN flll'Ifl.K.
nurriTiiiK .Minnni-iraior, w.
Cairo. Ill .Feb. ti.l'J-td
Is hereby siren that default hsrin oeciirr l m
the ovrroriuaiirncf th coeditloas eii.ressrd in rtr.
tnfn morttrnue or tired of I'list. rttcuieil liv Jushun
I llfhlnu. Jollll CllshllliT and lirorcn 1' fii-liiii In
Hainllel htsKl- Tvor and Kdm I'ara ii, Tru-l'H
of the C.nroCitr I'rooertr. bearinr date ll,.Vini.
of .Mar, IMI, and duly reootd-d III the ottiti
of the Hfeorier of Dcof., In and for Alexander
county, in tha Hints r,f Illinois, In Ilmik I. utlimU,
or, psj tJ, Ac., a d nior'fsijit or deed of trust con.
revinc lots nnniiM-reii six 101, seven .i aie: r.tlil (b),
In block nuinbrreil tiftrra Ut,), m ihr first addition to
tho riiynf Cairn, in ssiil c-ountY and state, we, ihe
undtninnsd, sud Trustee-, ei'l on Frelsy, the S;h
dvy of Maruh next, A. D. Ui.V, alio o'clock in tha
lorenoort 01 tiisi ny, utnler iml by virtue of the
power of snle contained id ssid Mort ife or deed of
Irus-, sell, at I'ubllo Auction, to the hlilhrst bidder,
for cn-ll, si tho otliue bulldlliK of -0.1 1 ru-lees, corner
or Wast iniflon aventlM and hij:hteeith street, in it
ity of Ctio, In sa'd county n- d Wtste, I ha above
described res esta'e or lots of lonil, t- satisfy In
I urp ses and coiMlillons ef said inailsS' . rdndof
trust. Mid erooerty llt f e so d Hillmiit redrmoiion
and ad'ed Kill bo xieilted lotho pilftdia-er on slluh
sl. H.lsTAATa T.ll l.UH,
I'ruslees nf ilia Cairo City I'roM-rty.
Dvled, Cairo, 111., February U, 18.-J ,u.
Is hercbv siven that defsult havlni: recurred In thu
perforinnuvtiof tha condlUous rxpriaavJ in t.c rlsiu i
tnortkMs'o or diol oftruit, exccu.ed bv J..slu 1 1 uli '
in., Johut'UstiinK and iieoruo I . t'lishin, to auiuel I
rit.uis Tsjlor nnd K Jw it, Parson., i ruie of ihn ,
Cairu Cil l'roiwrly, larlmt dale th Uith day of ,
Match. IsOI. and duly recorded In III- i-lliee cf the
Kecorder of Deeds III noil for Alexander e.xintv. in !
the. iiate of Illinois, In lbxik 1. o( Deed', mi pase as, I
Ae,, HSld llir.rtfc'iKe or deed of Irn-t ci.V. ) lots
nuiuleired nn (l, l ('.'), Ihren (J, four Ol and Mru i
(Jl.tn block lilltnbeied tlfteen (1,1), .n h' firstiidil.ti -a
U the clly of Culro, la said county nud tte,we, tho
... .I...I.......I ...I.I I'..... ... ....
u't'iri -liiuc., r'.e. MHmrr-, nm ,11, r I I'll.. , I III- Ol fl
ilavofMaivlmoxi.A. II. IsflJ.nl in o'clock i,; l,.r.
noon o that day, iinderniid by vcrui-
f the power
oi a.nu eoiiiaioeo in t
veil, at 1'uhllQ Aucllnn
p said MurtfcMKCordee. oflru.l.
i mfiin0. VV , ""'"J-f. '"r
bud.llu i.ffciid lin.l-i-i. comer I
L-nueaiid Kl.-bii ei.tlt -treel, in ,,. .
i said ooiiiity .ml Male, Hint
ussll, at tf.e olliee bud
of vVAshlnuloii avenue
city ol Cairo, In said county .t. Male, Ihn
niMveilrsvrilieii real esialu or lots or bind to satisfy
tint purposes nnd conditions of ssel m .itun;,- or deed
of irtlst. siald properly will be sold oitle nt to lemp
lion, und a deni will Imi , xcmiled i.i ihe purehaser on
such site. S. rfTAAT'i TAYI.OK,
Truste.aof Ihe Cnlro (My I'roi erty.
Dated. Itlro. 111., Fehiu-vry IS, M't, ,ti.l
To D. II. Holbrook'a estate, and lo all persons Inter
ested You und enidi of )Oii nre hereby i.otuh d that at a
sale of city lot-, forcfiioml corporation, improvement
fund nnd interest fund tuxes, for ihn city of Cniro, III ,
for the year IsCT, held ut tho com t house in said city,
on .Monday, tlmUtli day of December, luiir, I, thu mi
derslKiied, b.-cunio the purducer of each uf the fol
lowing described clly lots, situated in the said city of
Culro, county of Alexander, and Ht.ito of Illinois ;
In whose n.iiiiu as
eased and aold.
D, II. Ilolbruok'it estate.
same ,
And thnt tho time given bylaw for the redemption of
the ulsive described city lots, will expire onthol'th
day of December, Me), and that unless sooner re
deemed I shall apply forndeed for und possession of
Ihe same. A O. rdoUNIIITKlt A CO., 1'iirehasers.
Dated Culro, III., February 1 ls.'.'J dJvr
Tu IloliU-ra of iiu'at ilue O anil 10 per cent.
Culro City Ilnnils,
Notico is hereby given, pursuant to a resolution of
thu city council nt it Inst im etinir. lo nil jicrsons hold
I n it alx (0) nnd ten (10) per cent. Interest beuruiL' bonds
of thucity of Culro, ami which aro now )it duu, that
said lionds, together with thoucertied Interest thereon,
will bo paid upon presentation nt my otlU-e, and if said
lionds are not presented for payment on or before the
20th Inst , interest on tho mime will bo stopped from
nud ufter that date. WM. T. HKIIICW AItT,
Treasurer nnd Collector of the city of Cairo,
A Cnril.
A Clergyman, while residing In South America n a
inlsslonury, discovered a sufo and simple remedy for
Ihn euro of Nervous Weakness, llarly Decay, Diseases
of tho Urinary and Heinln.il Organs, mid (he vv hole train
of disorders brouuht on by baneful nnd vielom habits,
(ireutnumbora havebocneiired by this noblo remedy,
l'rompted by a deslru to bene lit the ulllicted nnd tin.
fortuiutc, 1 will send thu reeipo for prciiarlnj; nnd
u-ilngthlN medicine, in u sealed envelope, to niiKono ,
who iiucdsjit, vast or ciiahck, Addn ss,
JOdKI'il T I N.M AN, 1
.... autiim D.lliblo House, I
febl-d3m N, w Ymk tity. I
esinh cirr
Wll All riMIAT.
I'AltllV TKAStsrSB CO.
JilA)i. T. HIS'DK,
ufV C3S-33 1ST T.
Through HHla of I.mlliiK kIvcii lo all
Avnlliilile I'ulilta by Hull or AViiter.
The follow mi; Ilonts e.uniirisii this Line nud mUi
run In the follow in-order:
mkmi'iih 1'aci;i:th
IAmIvo at CnlrnilAirtieat Clro,
IIIII.I.i: ST. I.OUIH, Tudtty,ip.mSaturdyl n-m
Vr-fr. Masler:!
CITV iin siim,
Thurlay .' p.mj.Moinliiy, I n.tu
HalHrdny, ."lMii(atuir., I n.m
Malln. Master 1
lli:i.I.K MCMI'III:
Ctane, Ma-ter
VlCIChllUltll l'ACKBTr.
Arrive at Cniiu.
,Vrnve at Cairo,
CITV 01' ALTON, IWedfid'y.Spm
An-her, Master ; ,
MAHltl.KCITV. 1 " "
, Mnteri I
IlflllCO.S, I Friday, 6 .m
IllaVe. Mn-Urj I
fvinunv. Maslsr:
1'rela), I n.ti
.unil-iv. 1 a r.
M. 1- 1'UlftVTII, HllilHny. 6 p.ni
Wednsd'y 1 a.m
llanuy, -Muster) 1
Jtl.lA. "
Callahan. Mnter 1
ColiilivllliKntPt. lAiilisMitli
.oi thrrn I.lne I'nck. t Coinimtiy,
ICt-fiknk l'Aclset Compuiiy,
Ouvnlin Pnckrt Coniin)-,
,snd Vnrlotis llallrond I.lnrs.
At tlriiipbti with
.Iri.i phis mul IVblte ltlr I'nckrt Co.,
Arkansas Itlvs-r 1'acket Cojupsiiiy,
Jtlrniilil mul Clinrleatmi It. It.,
nnd .Mississippi SL Triuirsstr It. It.
At V:. kslHITK with
Vnxnu lllvrr I'arkrls, and
VIckslnirK uinl -Slrrlillail Itallruatl.
tiivlnx through bill-Iiellnand li'-kets to allavaiUkle
isunti by rsrt or river.
CII.VN T, IIINDF, tienernl AK'nU
Olhcn on Wharf-bwat.
KD. F. MON, Ticket and I'assener Anent.
.,r&7 Conslstliif; of tho followin;
fttZsilendhl passenger steamers
HIM- Master I HAIII'Kr. VfU
hTltONU -Master WoOIev tiers
HAIIMON Master WKWKIt , (Ink
joii.v i.c.sisiii:.,
HAVLS .....Muster I DAVM.....V..
. Clejk
MukliiK all int'Tiiieiilate laiulinits, aixl nmnr. epscuJ
atti,Uon tu way latainee.
CIIAk T. IIINDK, C.enerol Aent
de;l 'Ced (ithVcoii Whnrfliiat
! O M I A X V
2NT -A7" O XI Xj 33 A. ZvT S
-jffxTs. Til K rTKA M KIIN
(MKTI'.II. Master,
......lll'ltK, Midler,
I. A I) Y (JAY
ri.i.UA.M, ,siw ter,
WIIITK. Masier,
i:vruiKi:Nr Misie(
H'NIMI,. Master.
I.17.ZIK (ill. I,
.....COM.V, Muster,
Jll.NI. Master.
i.iti:i:.M)iiiii Ma,r-
I C'(r.N'TI.N'K..'r.l
I r-.tHiLriMlllL-nil tilt
I olilpnsllii, an m
filiesl and UtH st Isutsoutof f
Ono of the nlsive III f
sfr Orleans evvrs oilier da), e.
Orlcms with On. m I'm- ofSteatoer.
. . , .-.,, ,, , ...
Mvci imol, ftevv Y ink. Us. i
. "" "
sI'Miuers will leave Cnrr i
eoiilK'.'linx at New
Ion, unit (iiilv es-
Pastemters nnd Shippers can rely on one of the
InmIs Icuviiiu; Cairo puii.-tii.dly its hIsivi- vVdi P1
latilieulnr utleation to all wny freights Isdow Memphis
to New Orleans. CIIAS. T. HINDU.
Oeiiend AkciiI, Cairo,
Oniee, on WlmrflsMt, I'llbllc l.alidlliK
HD. F. HIK-ON, lUssetiL'er nnd TH'Ket Aiseni
Othee, ut Hi. Charles Hotel,
.lOII.V II. IIAY'lS, Hup't, Memplils, Tcniicsse
jttf The sph udld shlc-wheel
2g3, iASHi:x(ji:u stk.uikus
M.VVI'hOWKK, CO.M.Mi:uClAJ, anil
Leave Memphla every i CODA Y, Till ILSDAY mid
HATCH DAY, nt f p.m., for White lliver, rnnneelinKii'
Duvull's UliUI with tho Memphis and 1.1111c Hock ll.sll
roail for I.itllo Kisdt and Hot hiiriiif;s, Tunu from
Memphis to blttlo Itock, IS hours,
Freights unit l'usseiiKcrs Kt elpted over tho.'ilsivw
Lino nt lower rates than nnv other route.
CHAS. T. HINDI-:, AkciiI, ;.uio. III.
Ottico on Whurf-lKsd.
,fT Consisting of tho following
ejryj-SgSpIl'lldld Plisseilj,'!1!- Sli-ninpiM
I DUrfOCOHF.T Muster I FOWI.KH clerk
j I.cuvcs Cairo .Sunday nud Thursday at fi p.m.
DKXTKlt Muster (iltAMMMlt 1erU
Dcuves Cairo Tuesday nud Friday nt 0 p.m.
HOWAItD Master WltlallT Clorfc
I, eaves Cairo Wednesday nnd Paturday ut 0 p.m.
M iik I n nil Interniedlato l.nidini!s, and paying wr
tlcular attention to I'ucltut Freights.
('HAS. T. HINI)V:. lieiiernl AkciiI,
Ollico on Wliarf.boat.

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