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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, February 27, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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Time or Arrlvnl nml llrparlurr of MnlU.
(Cairn IVst OIIW, Ksbriniry 2, 18(rt 1
AShlVK. liM'AItT.
(Time of uhHinjr.)
Norili (iliroupli aiiMn.m.... 3.0"i.m.
North ()) 4:41 ! 11:00 P "'
K)iitli (thtuuKlinmt way). -I.OOii.m lliOo ji.m.
Sntnl, 'Memphis A N. O.).. lieu n.m...... :CX) ji.m.
oh " Hir route A:oip.m. it:W) ji.m.
. k. pp ltlvur roulv,
Ti' -10 nou fri'iays... mini ji ;iv p.in.
Charleston, Mn., Tuesday
Tli i I'l' A fwni da.i . 1 1.00 ii.iii ... .1 1:00 n.in,
Tlidn'S, Uoomi Inland mill
Silitnl'o. t G:Wp.mKri. 7:0 J . 111. Nit.
01.:o Ulie rout departs oicry d.iy except Mondays.
' J.MlSltAHAM, 1' M.
For ovsti'rs, go to'Loui Herbert ami
euro some of Ills Mobile Shell Oysters.
Plant's garden feed, warranted to die
tlio growth of 1808, for snlo by William M.
Daudsun. lw
Visitor to the gymnasium will only bo
admitted, hereafter, on such nights m mny bo
i l Pi tied.
;inleli Clauif of llllllnrda.
There will be a mutch game of billiards to
TiiuUnt Walker & Sissoti's, between two
cVunphm jiUytrc Don't full to bo present.
1 hi- wind last night was cold and cutting
ti. i. assurance that old "Winter is not quite
rn v yt to tumble into the lap of Spring.
At the St. Charles hotel, immediately, some
-.- !. "Xperioncrd first clats girl?, to fill po'i
t ..s chambermaid-, dining-room girls mid
'.. i unitwlfy. Tho-o who enn bring good
? imrndstiiorn and aro not afraid to work
v ' 1 ewpkiywl tU s;d wage nnd prompt
j fl3tfj .Ikwsjtt Wilcox A Co.
hiik! nil k:: niu::! :
Wt'rl wUrfI wjiicrl!! Great induce
. . llargninsl bargains! Tho Mock of
t' :',,tig, furnishing giods, boots, shoos. &c,
& . whirk was avi-1 by SternheimeriY. Marx
ro:n tho late fire, will bo told tit 00 por emit.
l -is than toil, their new place of business,
N s4 Ohio levee. Call soon and secure bur-
vs. t Tin g'v -"I' wtii im 501(1 at a grcai yuc-
-y order of the underwriters.
Nvttc is hereby given to the tnx-pajcnof
Alt i under county. Uliri, that for tho pur
v f evlles ting the stit, county, district,
y 1 ' spet Ul piuj-er und court houic taxe
civ Nie fw th ytuir A. I). 1903, 1 will be in
T. f&em in th city of Ciro during the
i : ui cif FvUrury, cuoh day from 10 o'clock,
a a . until vrlxk p.m.
I villi bt at th tQre-houe of M. T). Oun
I.lniid precinct, on Monday,
Man h in, l?W.
At tho hwu'tf of Thomtis Mnrtin, o., in
I).-.- Titk prwlnet, on Tuedy, .March
.-.eda: CV- 111.. February 1, 1809.
1.0UH MrKlis.
et-Urw CUrhir of AI-nnJrr rounty,
4, frlJ-it
1 "xpr!eiMr.tf tU present tnn teaches
ui thil ampin provision should be made in thu
rA-r fur lhi rar? f atnitll pin patients. I
Th' of dctnrVticn between etiunty Hnd j
Ct rntiMibili4.v timM be plainly drawn,
nad -ucii Hrmngt wuiiW made as will inuro
iM-IatioN of Mnall.pox ciai, In the future,
a. hh ' they ilcvi'lio theniielve. The
be h hI welfare of the city demand this;
SlT. ! vi MW tho mm enmideratinns would au
- ti tbe t reason of u board of health and
ti n jointiBsit .' j r. per number of health
cdi r,lv U "sin"t!. :t Mtn only fair that
te"xp4t Iscurrad hould 1 borne by the
( i.atr. II" thi. i It mr.y, howerer, another
y sJawMltl Nx find ui x iadi Jerently pre-p-l
f.wth"" advent of th loathsome dlM-ne.
It retMt ttSMonut Nlai ritn be and should
b ' 'r.itI. by kuitble provision for the rc
l.ua ami --are of the uaferturikUr.
V-offr th. susgton now bstiit
has me tooarka-iwledjethnttwo new ((,
.. j ii iliu!y settled part of the city, cannot be
rpruuved to tlm room awl as a pet ho'ifni for
t . reAfon that It I full.
Tlir I'hiIucuIi IC nliitkUit It I veil.
T' j daily 1'ailuet.h Kcntackian' wai re
i i'i, fated on lb- 'u int., by Mmmm.
I' . lier, Mnrtin ii: ?.. under the molt tti-r-i
g i.ispU-M. Ti.-! r t.riutor are gentlumcn
cr t .''.initnd grist uxprinci, auduro blc'sed
nit'i that vorsutility of talent which inu t
nv.ru thorn MiccrfM. Col, l'mllmr, lately of
fi .-gin, ii guiitlciimii of fine abilliie and
uu. .'i epri iif a ti nowjpxpor man, i thi
lr r uhiuf. Hi asiistunU nm C'apt.
S I and Col. Martin, fine writer u'hd be
c upliihed goritli-ni.tii. From tlii fchuwiilg
i. . i'l rtHilyb w tlmt tho 'KwitttcUiuu'
will inmund tlitri.il ability geeoin tojiono
niploywl by the pros of Keiituuky. The
Mvi i'tuckian' will deicrvo tho support of tbci
t.tiy.n of l'uilituith, and of all who wai.t a
I vi, alilu und couiUtunt politicid, iiuMauud
c .mmerclul daily. A' beforo the politic-, of
tan puju-r will bo lii'iiiocratic,
Kriulvi'liiK Ifiita Ctmiir,1 ' I
I lie lllinoU It-gt.hituro has, In part, recog- (
rif"d tho juti" '- of Alexander rountyV'plaim i
ijr h-lp from thu -tate, In thocaroof thoi.i'.il- ,
titudt of paip.'i'5 foi.tud upon'lier fr.nu J
abr. ad. TJiQ bill .rtting usldn thu statu ttunw
pain by our tti.paym during the no' f
..... ... .. . . .in i... . i ...
'h jvun, yiii ue a ihh iin noon n ii re
tcivi' thi lgnHt'iri of the governor.
AVlth its provisions wo aru nnt'hltoxcUit r
familiar, but an- inclined to tho belief that
ten per cent, .it' the amount Is to ha paid over
to the Orphan's Asylum.
The taxable property of tho MunlJ'fa'afo'iU'
j.i,f.ou,uuu. sni) nato tax on thu amount, ii..-
priLoni year, isnoom :0uuu. Tl.otwoyeap
. A. ... '
will furniili something over no,000, !
Monsr. Lawcnbe:; & Co. are ungaged in
1 i ' .ilnes of shipping walnut hinder fr.nu
tho country round-about Cairo to LlyiifU
They have already sent forward vory lievv
consignmonts. " ' ' '
Wo aro gUl to learn that thoy have .p
polnted Fum. Ktvuiour, a Cairo jiilot, an '
gontlcman wcl) known umong our.itiUw i ,
aa their agent, Using his salary at f 2,00o pi'
annum. It will bu Ids business (o siljio , ..
tond tho running of flat boats to 'NiSw '
Joans. Tho company mado largo pun h
of conjagc, etc., in thin city yMunlay5, loavi .
aevaral hundrid dollars in tho Jmnds
Iicnl Hmii In llrtrf.
Hodges & Carlo Fold n largo assortment of
horses nnd mules yesterday, "(log cheap."
Over Iwcntv woro sold at prices varying
from $30 to $100.
Ouu of the wiitQ bosscss of the negro schools
of this citv, 'striped a colored girl, Arabelln
Davuiiport, with a cows-kin day or two ago, for
guuciiig him. It is boliuved tho otlensc and
I punishment aro about equal, both being con-
The panorama of New York City will go
the rounds of Ilckmaii iew. jinuriii,,-ucm
phis, Jackson, I'aducah, and then rotttrn to
Cairo. Old "fussy, ' tho agent, is much taken
with Cairo, and avows a purpose, of retiring
hero on a fortune, when ho gets tho fortune.
Hill Lonergan has a pair of Toxas bullock
hmn that measure four feet from tip tq,tlp.
Having flammed out tho "Hollers' in his
ward in a race for alderman, ho talks of wear
ing them.
A fow extra copies ofthe-'JliUlolth' contain1
ing thp charter amendment, can bn had on ap
plication at tliu ofllcc.
Tho foreman of th6 'Unllctln' job rooms ia
engaged just now in turning out the flnc3t let
ter prc;s printing ever oxecutcd in Cairo. A
business card fortCarl Thomns,,thouccci,
fill sign puintist, is n sampla that will bear
the closest scrutiny.
Tho maple buds that worn beguiled into
full bloom by the recent gonial sunshine, paid
tho penal'y of their forwardness Tho snow
and cold weather of .Monday and Tucdity
killnl them. Tho jSench bud fared better. ' 1
AYhat shall we do with tho battallion of ed
itors that intend to lake Cairo by storm soon?
This a question worthy of tho conMdtration of
every property-holder in Cairo.
Tna Khawncetoivn -.Mercury' and Jletrop
'PromulgaUjr'.insut tippn.n. party, wrangle for
tho vacant judgeship, all unconciousnoss of
tho fact porhaps that their articles in that
connection are calculated to drive u largo
number of democrats Iwm the support of Mr.
Goorgc L. GolHdy hwlcft raducah, and if
l'aduoah is nothereby relieved of tho pres
ence of a "softv" and a ''squirt, we arc a twor
judge of human nature. Ho obtrudes a card
upon tho attention of tlieHfrald' renders in
which ho y : "1 nm free to confess my at
tachment. or ihtlottd uir,ori(s w)io have
honored onr place of bu'sineHwIth their j)or
yons. Memory will often reproduce thtlr
imugei and their sweet smiles will be prosent
to lighten up my pathway of life."
If hu cot o'ut Af tota'n without his landlord
and tailor having "uttachments for his bag
gage, the fact probably furnlhes another ex
emplification of tho-'a'dage-: A- fool for
Thr Klrr lwln;;--A AVoiulrrful III vintlnii.
ilany of our readers ItaTtJ heard of the won
derful Achievement of Hancock's Patent Fire
Kxtinguisher, but accepting thorn a creature!
more of thu imugination than reality, have
invested them with no consequence whatovor.
Ity iomo the idea of combatting tho progress
of a serious conflagration bv the contents of n
1 six gallon cvlindor, was sneered at as
rerostcrou .and tho whole thing rut down
ai ft lmmbug. "Wo nro about to havo a pmc-
tlcal test of 'the merit- of theo littlo Uru-flght
crs, right her in our city, by which it will
bo hown that they can accomplish all that
has boon claimed for them.
In Chicago, recently, a pyramid of tar bar
rels, with ihavings taturittod with coal oil,
was permitted to burn in a strong wind.until
tho flames had reached an intensity and vol
ume believod to be beyond the control ot any
human means, when onu of these extinguish
er i ommeticwl playing tipoirit. In less than
thr tniuuti's the pyramid stood a charred
maw. tlm fire having bean compluttdy drownad
out, with less than three-fourth tho charge of i
tho extinguiihor. Other tests were made
with like wonderful results the whole being
certified to by a comtnitteo from-the Chicago
JJoard of Underwriters, in whom prcencotbo
ejtjteriments were made.
The machine, in stated, is cylindrical in
form, weighing when clmrgcd for ue, about
.'0 lbs. It is readily tidjutablo ton mans
bok, may bo carried anywhere, and works
itselfl The propelling power I generated
within the instninftritand ii of suflicient
forcu to throw the water a distance of aixty
feet. The water being mper-saturated with
tarbonio acid ga, onegljoii has thu-cxtin-guishing
or qticn lilng jiroprty of at least
onf hundred when unprepared in that man
ner.' Hut, wo havo not spucu to enlarge. Mr.
.1, ltaldo .Smi;L, jig.int for oiirliorn Illinois, is
now In tho city, and propowxt, at au oarly day,
fduu notice of which will be given) to dem
omtrato, by a public trial, that thu Kxtin
giiiHher hnorviM1 ttonliigln 'eulogies It hni
called forth from tho prV anil from those
who havo wltuiMed its miccoss in comlmU
with tho destructive and "devouring clement."
"A colored individual named (leorgo Hob
iiuon visited a restaurant kept by I. -wis
Drctdun, and not receiving all thoso nttcn-
tions and courtesies ho confoived to bo duo to
J,if color, he bespattered nrid'ii with "mouth
mu,v unsiaringly. IIo even went so far as
t0 question thu fair fame cfj.hu restaurateur's
,l(u(vriial ancestor. ;llaulQ up bof.ire his
nonor, 'quira Hhannessy, this morning, he
uUompti.'d n vindication of ngro rights, but
. . . .
tho i-quiro failing to recognize unprovoked
assaults upon whlto citizens us among tlioio
rights, mulcted Mr. Gcorgu Itoblnson in tho
um of tlvu dollars and tlm trimmings. Ac
tively bestirring hlnuelf tho negro found a
friendly wench who loaned lilm four dollars,
j J having an old silver watch to jiajvu, .ho
,.iiOVod theso mt fitii in itlnhnner that kept
" "TI-'-J "
wm 0ut of tho calaboose.
Oeorgo is faid to bo a vory sauoy negro,
who many a timo and oft Jiai thad his
mouth slapp6d,for his VuVpudont talk to whlto
A lloston papor nays that tho chief of jio-
lii'o of that city, urged on by ijiany com
plaints that street loafers had boon insulting
ivpootahlu women, for the purposo of find
lag out who aomo of tliese follows wore, at
tired two or three of his trusty policemen in
Motni'ii's appurol, who walkod through tho
-trocts. In tho morning, ono of tho'o police-''
mu ii reported twonty-hoven mon, who had in
ulvingly approached him, many of whom
v, "ro regarded us some of tho I vt men in tho
Hnin Houiton Menmirca Horil with
Cairo Uoy.
jHarpor's Drawer furnisliM tko following
local story oi Bam. Houston:
Usually, Sam. Houston mado a point, on
his wav north, to stop thrco or four days lit
finim to nnlov thn.iUbinff. On ono occasion
1m had located himself kon tho stum guard of
a wharf-boat, whlln u bo', bcnt.ott tho same
lma iinis. Imil tnknn tin tiotl on a woou-ooai
moored a fow feot oil'. Hoth woro patiently
ttu-nltini' results. Ailhe intorcstillL' junctdro
of a bito tit tho boy's bate, Houston throw out
his line, which became iiopeicssij euuuigieu
with that of tho boy. Thorn was a pause.
Neither soomod id have a word lit for the oc
casion. At last Houston broke tho silence:
"Sonny, go elHowhere and and then
wo 11 avoid entangling alliances."
"You blasted old short7 coat," rdtortcd tho
bud of promise, "go elsewhere yourself nnd
flali." ,
, "1 apprehondi you.aroa vcrjv.sauoy .boy,
returned tha senator, "for whom there is by
no means rods enough to pickle."
"Xow, look hero, old skeczicks," cried the
.boy, fully ngitated, ll den t want Jo quarrel
with you; nof nobody like you. i or inu
is Sam Uawson, nnd you live in Texas ; and,
like evervbody olsc, voti stole a hosynml had
togothcro; and now .voti nro putting on a
big shine, yofi old! thief, and calling yourself
Sam Houston." Saying which, this very
nmiablo creaturo gave a audden lurch, and
milled tho honornblo "cntlcinnn's rod from
his hands nnd into tho river.
In relating this in his characteristic style,
Houston snidi "I havo met men in dobato at
tlm !nr. on tlin istimin nnd linon.tllO floors.of
congress, but never was I so completely dis
coniflttcd. Tho boy had decidedly tho best of
inn. nml frnin liU lnol-. 1 ktlOW that wllt'll IIO
satd I stole n "boss," In his heart of hearts ho
believed it."
will wagor our. "whito ncck-tio that
that bov is now tho local of the Cairo 'Uul-
letin.' Shawnootown 'Mercury.
Not si bad guos, Luk. The. local of tho
llulletin' is as nearlv th" "enlargement" of
'that boy as anybody elu. Tho story was
communicated bv us tb tho Kvansvillc 'Jour
nal' ninoteen yours ngo, word for word, as re
produced by 'Harper.' It wa founded on
the fact that Houston did, occasionally, stop
nnd fish from tho Cairo wharf-boats. Tho
impudent boy, however, IsthecreHture of Im
agination. - n a , W .
Tho Emmet Military Company will mee
to-night at 7J o'clock, in tha Commissary
building. All tho members are requested to
attend promptly.
i i
s '
Temper-mice Sri'iiiont To-iuorrmr.
At a recent meeting of tho Good Templars
of this city MrAloihua CusUlijg was charged
with tho duty of requesting tho Christian
ministers of the city to deroto the Inst Sab
bath of February to the catiie of temperance.
In tho dischargo of that duty Mr. Cushing
addressed a communication ,to the several
minister oftha city, asking them in the
name of the order, to devote a surmon exclu
sively to the "monstrous and provuiling.sin of
intemperance" Tho ministers addressed sig
nifying a willingness to comply with tho re
quest, a temperance sermon will bo preached
at tho hour.of.half past 10 o'clock to-morrow
from the pulpits of ull the ovamjclical church-
ci in th city. The communication of Mr.
Cushing was handed to us at an hour too lato
for insertion in this evening's paper.
' ,
K i i m r t CunriW.
Kesptctable young gentlemen of Cairo, who
havo any military ardor, or deiiroa means of
puitiinc and recreation, should unito them
selves with tho Emmet Guards, an Inde
pendent military company now In process of
formation. The arms formerly used by the
Fenian compay minnte muskets, in prime
order, will bo appropriated by tho Emmett
Guards, so that tho only expense to bo incur
red will be for uniform. There will be n
mooting of this company in tho commissary
building, this evening, where all person., de
siring to jolacan makeapplicatioui-
Harpors' Monthly for March caricatures
Fagin as ho appeared whrn Informed of tho
primary election.
Purtlou of Hartley I.rfHrr.
Through tho untiring efforts of Mrs. C.
Shalley, a pressure was brought to bear upon
Governor. rainier that resulted Iti'tho pardon
of Uraney Lcfllcr. I.alllor, it will bo rocol
lected, was sentenced to nn imprisonment of
tweiity-llvo years for tho killing of Mr.
Charloy Kurtz, and had served out about
flvo years of his timo. Mr. Shelly honring
that ho had conducted himself well as a pris
oner; and, relying upon his nsnurnnces that
ho Is ti changed man, mado tho effort for his
roloasn that hn might relieve hor of the bur
don of his two littlo girls who aro now old
enough to feel, in som.i measure, fur their
father s shame. He will arrive in Cairo, pro
Ixibly, early next week.
llull'4 .tingle Cement.
For mending earthenware, china, glass,
marble, porcelain, boi.e, wood, cast-iron, rub
ber, leather o'.c, Halls magic cement Is pro
nounced to bo the one thing ncoded. Arti
cles mended with it aro firmer at tho point
mended than anyvrhoro elmi. It is really a
wonderful preparation, and being furn!hed
for cents per bottlo, no family should bo
without it. An agent for tho salu of it is in
tho city, and will place it within thu roach of
all. Thompson & Caldwell proprietors, 502
North Cth street, St. Louis.
- n T
Fire Last Night.
About 1 1 o'clock last night the flre-bells
woro rung, bringing citizens to tho streets to
behold nvolumo of smoko'iihd tho glaro of
flame on tho upper confines of tho city. Ma
ny returned totholr homos and beds, while a
few braved tho cold, piercing winds, and hast
ened to thu scono of tho conflagration, which
was at thai, poiiu u,i tho Ohio Lovco whero it
is crossed by tho road leading to Mound City.
Tho building involved bolongcd to Mr. .Tas.
Rldor, and was used by him and Dad Cloin
onts as n grocery. It was a good sized now
frame,' two stories from tho ground, and stood
entirely apart from any otlur buildings. Tho
flruuion mado a noblo ofl'oit to reach tho
uround, ho tho grc.il distant and tlm coiuli
tion of tho streets, put suctt-ss boyond their
rench. Tho lire, thcreforo, was pormitted to
accomplish Its work without ct or hindram o
Tho house nnd most of its cjutonW wuro do.
atroyed, tho property savedl being of littlo
value and badly damaged. 'J ho origin of tho
flro is unknown. "VYo hear t(at tho housoand
contents wore partially Insijred, by compa
nies represented in Cairo.
ttultfil Hlate Illntrlct Court.
The first term of tho Unitodi States . Dis
trict Court, will be hold in tho court house,
in tills city, next wcek'cotnmeilclng oti-Mon-day.
.Itidgo Treat will probably arrive by
thu morning train to-morrow.
Kindly disposod towards our follow-belngs
vkc adinonisli them that on Monday next,
thero will bo a grand descent upon all persons
in tho city, of whom licences aro required,
nnd who hnvo failed to tako thorn nut. In
this raid draymen, merchants, saloon-keepers,
ihiuranco agents, auctioned, etc., etc., will all
bo visitcdT No one will bo overlooked, so let
all prcparo for thu coming.
Trlnl of Ilabcock'a Patent Fire Kxthi
((tilaltcr. fin Mnmlav ovenine- at 7 o'clock, on tho
commons in tho rear of tho St. Charles Hotel,
Mr. J. ltaldo Smith, agent, will givo a public
exhibition of tho merits of UabcocJc's Firo Ex
Citizens Interested (and who is not 7) aro
invitod to bo present.
Considerable consternation was created in
the recreation room of tlm Academy of
Lorotto building last night, by tho breaking
of a coal oil lamp. The contents of tho lamp
wcro precipitated upon tho floor, nnd catch
ing tiro burned with n fury which, lor a mo
tni'iit or two. was utiito nlarminir. The flanios
were extinguished, however, before any dam
ngo was dono. A
It will be necossarv, uiiilor tho latOMtnend-
jiientJ to tho charter, for tho board of alder
men to elect n chairman. Wv speak of this
to pave tho way to the additional remark that
we consider alderman Carroll well qualified
for that position. Ho is moro than an ordi
nary good presiding ollicer, and enforces his
rulings. Wo know of no butter tit tut 'in tho
board, in that respect.
Shall our miserable, wide and high smell
ing calaboofo disgrace the corporation anothor
year? Tho commonest humanity suggests
that bo displaced by a new, larger and more
suitable building, with all possilde dispatch.
Will our now "city fathors" take this matter
in hand?
Ilotrl Arrlvali.
(Thr St. ChitU.i Hotel, KriiUy, rVliriiary 1
CI.Kiton 111!
W II Chupmsn. l-Vntmllni
J A llrotin, 1'ittiibtiri
J HiiMtnsnn, Iowtj
J 1'ottli, Ktr)rill;
II Cihn,
T J t'lriott. I'ailnculr,
11 V Ilrrr, Md City;
i M Thurston, N O.
A Y. DH-klntoii.sjt l.ouisi
W II rihoil, Otuoi
P Hiinnln, Ark;
J A Wimlmni, it);
HA Klshi, tidTotirr
W II llarmonnt. Ohi'-aijo;
T J Wrl.h, fiii'-intintt.
It V Mull.
JJIIo-ikfr, "
rt o l.ei, V It,
J Cartin, 111;
W llruiiill,M l.oili;
K Miriiimn, Oluo,
1. 1) lUjrell. Ark;
W II J'jini 11.
Port List for the ' Ilonr uilliiK at
Two o'clock, P. 31.
0n. Anilrron Colum.s Wm. Vlill., l'u'lueub;
W. It. Arthur, i t. Lout; lirlinx, Mrmphi;
Luminary, " tjiilkil'p, KTansnllc;
K'lliiKs. " Norman. "
Ijvrrrnci'. " lko V.rtr, 1'ittsliiiri;;
Tyrer,allvllll: Ionlilm,
llrllr.i. I...ul.. .M'inpliU; lliith, N- O.i
Cam. J. Half, Cinctniuiti.
nm. AuilriK'in, (Mium.i m. wrilir, l'itii-.itr.
Dntlini, Clnciiiii.iti; I.utiiltisry, Vlcktliuru;
Sam, J. JUIr, Hnnpliifj (iilckstrp, HTausvilif i
Norinun, I.nwroneo, l.'luWnnntl;
llllvM, I.otu,t. Ixiul; Tyroui', .V.udnllc;
mith, lonlilus, .V. O.
Tho wsathor was vory disagrceablo yester
day afternoon, notwithstanding tho beautiful
sunshine of tho morning, and tho temperature
fell rapidly until morning whan tho mercury
stood at only 'J0. A slight snow foil last
night, but not suflicicat to make any show on
the ground. A high wind prevailed all day
yesterday and last night, preventing tho Pu
ducah packet from making hor regular trip,
and materially hindering larger boats. This
morning thu sun rd clear, and tho wind was
not so high. Under thu Influence of tho clear
sunshine tho mercury rose from 20 dcgrcci at
daylight to 'XI degrees at noon.
Tho Mississippi is still falling at St. LouL,
and will continue to do so .until the vrcather
turns wanner,
Tho Ohio is still falling everywhere, with
0 foot on tho falls and R furl to Pittsburg.
Considerable ice is running puH Pittsburg.
The river nt this point is about stationary.
lluslucis is quite brik.
Tho Luminary received about 00 tons as
sorted freight here, filling her out.
Tho Quickstep brought JIO pkgs Cairo
freight and 25 tons potatoes, flour, whiskey
and sundrius for roshlpmnnt to .Memphis and
Now Orleans.
The W. It. Arthur is recolviui:' about 6jo
tons tobacco, flour, corn and siindrloi, und
will loave this evening with a full load.
Tha Lako Erin brought a largo tow of coal
for Cairo.
Tho Tyrone brought 2 horses for reshlp
merit to St. Louis, 3r, hhds tobacco, 50 bbls
pork 10 tons iron, 30 pkgs cilar ware nnd
several lot sundrjrsfor reshipmont south. She
returned soon afternoon with n modurato trip
of groceries, oranges and assorted freight.
Tho magnificent W . K. Arthur, Capt. Jones
loaves positively this evening, for Now Or
leans and way points.
Tho Jlolle Memphis, Capt. Crane, is tlm reg
ular packet for Memphis this evening.
The Cumberland, Capt. Hen. Howward, is
the regalar picket for Cairo and Evansville,
this evening.
The Ituth discharged 300 Texas cattlo, SO
tons stool in bars and bundles, 25 hhds sugar,
131 bales moss, 110 pkgs sundries for Chicago,
34 crates waro, 20 boxes oranges.
Tho Wm. White, Capt. Northern, Jimmy
Hevorly, Clerk, is tho rogular Cairo & I'adu
cah packet this civoaing.
Passengers from tho Pooria City, who camo
up on tho Kuth, say that tho Peoria City was
sunk by running into tho bank in tho log.
IT""" a SUamor W. 11. AHTIIUK, Joni.s, iii.ii-.-jJUHC'
i . will leutu as above THIS KVKNINO,
l'ctiruary !(7, at Uo'tlocl;. .
chah.t. Hindi:, Axpat.
INU, Fcbruar
Htrainrr HKLLK MKMl'illH. Ow.
master, will lcanas uhoto THIS KVKN-
''tUruary 1, at oVIiwk.
1 llu It. .... . .
U114S. i, Ui.iUU, ,14Um
emm TRAxurrn c.
wii Aiirno.iT.
QHis.,T. 1I1NDE,
ronwAimixt; and commission
A 3r 33 3ST T,
ThroliKl1 Hill of Lntlltiu Stlvoii to all
Avuliuiiic I'oiiiin n- nan or y nirr.
: ismk : 2Br.' I ,H01, :
TI. i.Ih.i tln..l. .....tr.ri... Il.i. t.im. nnil Ulil
I Iin iiuiiiniii l.WH. .'.....rv .... --'
run in the follow hit; order i
Arrloal Calro.lArrteritCal.-t.
I. A Ik M ' l't.
lIKI.I.rHT. 1.UUIS, 'Tai'ilay.ti.mjiturayl a.m
ZlgK r. Mitr;, I , . ,
CITV OKCAIIIO, TlmradayS l'.uiMoil'li)',l a.m
....... .......... i
ll 1 Wln wvmj , I . '
f .1... Ma . 1
IHII.I.'i: ill'.MI'Hl"', Saur'lav. 5 p.mjTlmrs, 1 a.r
ITIlIll', .WU'UT. I
vicuyjiuito PAOttur.-.
lArrnf at Oairti.
Arrhnut fair ,
Ar-'liar, .Mnptwr
WlMlMd'y, ft UH
I'rKUy, 1 iiT
Mtlll.I. CITY, .
ltrilirON, il'rliloy. i p.m
lll.iVn. Mailt ti ,
M.'MINAItV. ( " "
L-!iiuiiay, 1 a n
I o
Wudiwit'y 1
M. K. KoitoVTII, .sunlay, 4 p.ui
llmii v. MarttT. i
(lliiluii. .nanir. i
Cunnv. liiiKAtSt. Ixjuisuitli
Nnrthrrti Line Pnckrl Coiiiiiy,
Keokuk I'ackrt Coinpaiiy,
Omaha Packet Company,
Mil Vitrloui Itallronil I.lnrt.
AtMi'inpliit with
Mrtiiihl una Vhltr lllvrr Packet Co.,
Arkniiaitt Itlvrr I'aektt Coinpaiiy,
.Slrioplili and Charlcaloii It. 11.,
and MWlill Ttlturaar U.K.
At Vickidurit miIIi
Ymou Itltrr Packcla, anil
Vlckaliiiri; ami .tlrrlillan llallroatl,
(iinni throiish l)ill Ivliniiii 1 tiek'-ti to nllntallabl"
imMitt hy tjl" or rus-r ...
1 C'llAS. T. HINDIS General Asnt,
Oltlc on WliarMut
Kl. F. M.'SSON, Tlckf I and Pien(r An-at.
. f&ft Coiulitlng of the following
'V'.lfl'.""4! rpl -nili'l paascngcr steamers t
M Jl-s l.nU'f HAItl'KIt- -..tVrk
TAI.1M5I A.,
tiTKONG ..SUitfr WOOIW ....-.arW
11AKMO.V Wi:VVKIU...-......(ArSi
JUIl.V l,L'.MNI)K,
DAVIK. Master 1 IA VI?... CI tin
MaUltic all iBtrin'niat lainlius, and l'inK speci.
nttriiilun to .iy liuaif.i-"'.
CIIA.S.T. KlNIsK. (irn.-r J Aril
rtMjl'Ul OtlMr on Whuftntt.
N T K A 31 S II I 1 C Sf 1 A X Y
coiii'KOMisi: uxi: stomeiis
-?"5?drf- TltK hTKAM Kit."
IV. 11. AltTllfJl . .
CAItTlllt. Ma.itr,
I'AtM.M: CAItllOM ,
.ItUCrv, M'W,
.lT.iUAM. Malfr,
.WIIITK. .Masti r.
KNTIlllkKN, Mtr
I.IZZ1K tJll.I .n'NUH., Mu.lr,
CI.11.TU. K.lliTII '.-!., ?lM.r,
OMVK IIHA.XI1 .....JOM, Matrr,
t'OM'I.VK.N T A I... .f.;UKKNOUSII Miut'r
Compr'Slliif iJI lln im-l Mild lrst linnloiUf C
Ono of tin at'iv llfif f it. :ii) r w ill l are C"'i
forNi'wOrlMiiaiwi'ry.itliiT dir. 'otmocting at N't
Urliaai with Oi't-in l.un' of rtlin,r to
Llvrrjiool, Stw VorK. IIoton, ami (Jalvrt
ton, Trxna.
r.cnRora and Shippers cmi roly on mi f tho
Uinti leaving Cinro piiiii'toiilly ninif. Will rsy
l arM'-uUr attnitKiti to all ar frHightstlow Murnpft
in Nr h Orlwina. CIIA. T. fllNI'K.
Ubii. r.d Audit. (Uiru
lillicr, on U'liarflwit. I'uMii' L.iudniK.
Kl. K. .SI.-."ON. r.iwKiiiicr and Tn-hl At.
OltK'i', :it t. t'lrnrn llntvl.
0f.O33:33T OOJVXBPV.aNT'Jr
JOHN U. PAVIM, Hisfi'tf Mempliii', Tminow"i
sBsa q'1t splendid sido-wheid
L111KUTV tio.H,
I.nun Memphis mvry Tt'K.SDAY. TIIUIWDAY an.l
HATllltDAV. ntftp.m., for White HiTfr. eonnN-tlnK v
HiituII'm Willi vi ltd tho Meniphla and Little Itok Ko-i
road for Little Itrx-1: nml Hot HprinK". Time faom
Mninphla to Little Itock, 4S hours.
KrKiiiht.H and l'tt.-.miiKi'ri rwelptdl over thu atwto
Linn at Inner rfttca than any other route.
C1IA4. T, 1IINDK. AkiiI, Cairo, III.
Oftli'c on Wlmrf-boat.
aputv-oajtaao? ooivcr-a-TsT-x-
fizZTl. Consisting of tho following
ittSrSSplciidld Passenger Steamers:
DU.SOlJOHKr Muster l'OWLKit
Lenten (.'aim HiiiuUy and Thtimduy ut .' p.m.
I IlllXTKK Mmter (JHAMMKlt -CVrk
LeuYca Cairo Tiunduy mid 1'rldiiy at 6 p.m.
Lcarea Cairo WednrHilay and Haturilay at 5 p.m.
MukiiiK all intcrranillate landings, and paying p'
ticular attention to i'uuktd Kroli?hfs.
CIIAH. T. IIINDK, Heneral Agent,
Office oa Wharf-ooi
CAtlm r

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