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litrrrlprornlril Fn vols.
Tho editor of tho Metropolis 'Promulgator'
innocently inks if republicans nro over per
mitted to fill ofllces in democratic communi
ties? Jf tlmt editor can foreo his iiicmorv
North (through....
rvomi innyi...,
South (throilKhntlri Win i. I:U0 n.lii
Month (Mrmphl A X o.).. 4:f0n.l'fc
Obir Kltcr route 6:(X ii.lti.
MLwtt.pp I'lvnr UltltO.
Tiirtayn and rnil.iyn... fi:(0 p in.,
t:iinrU9tin. Jin., Tiic.dnvs
Thursday s A Hntiird.t) ... 11:00 ii.Iii .... 1 1 :00 nlit.
Tliebo, (Soose Island mul
ftUitsKc u:00p.liil. TiOJn.in.
. 1 1 :(V p.m.
,. 1:011 p.m.
. 0:U0p.lll.
. "mi p.m.
of Arrlvnl mill Drpnrttire of .Mull.
, Hiiro l'i)I Ofil 'o, P.hriiary 2, 18fiU )
f .isonm Tin'!?iVfi'r!'M""'') M-acl 80 fts to covor 11 period of four or th o
: p.m Uioopni. years, no can recall scores of instance?, with
out leaving tho limits of Kgypt, whoro radi
cals woro olevnted to olllee, over democrats, in
domoeratio localities. David J. linker is a
radical, and Cairo is tlio stronghold of democ
racy, yet David J. Ilakor lias been mayor of
Cairo, alderman, member of tho board of pub
lic works in fact, ho lias been honored with
ninro unices at tin- lunula oi democrats in
Cairo, than any democrat that can bo named
John W. Trover is n radical, yet .lohn AY.
Trover win elected mayor of Cairo over onu
of tho most prominent and deserving demo
crats of tho state of Illinois
Every ward of the city is largely domo
eratio, yet there hie not been a unanimously
democratic board of aldermen in Cairo for
ninny years. And this liberality character
izes democrats everywhere. Jiut how do rad
icals repay it 7 "Whoro do you Hilda demo
cratic mayor presiding over a radical city?
AVlicre, in the United States, has any demo
crat received at radical hands such favors as
tho democrats of Cairo havo showorod upon
David ,1. Ilakor? To this question echo will
answer "where," from IMuino to California.
Ohm Hlvi) rotlle deprirts ct rry ilnv except Mondays.
J. Jt. (llt.MIA.M, 1'. Jf.
Wo are pleased to learn of an inereii'-nd in
lerost in '"tr Hood Templar organization.
Its number nro increasing rapidly.
We observe that our follow citizen, Mr.
recoil White, is filling up his lots to tho street
lavol. He will greatly improvo his liome-v-tend
The radical club have n meeting to-night
in intr' new building. It has no ref. r-
nee to tho Judicial election not ii hit of it.
It Is to prevent a demoralization of tho party.
MU Liston, an old resident of Cairo, died
in St. Mary's Inltrniary""last night, after ,a
protracted Illness.
"Frank "clinchers, editor of tile Murphys
boro 'Argus,' was in town to-day, dressed In
a most gorgeous array a lit escort for Villi
ken's Dinah.
P. H. IIo didn't say who is tho .siill'erer.
Aleck Daemon, the keeper of a down town
restaurant that has been tho sceno of divers
disturbances in times pad. is about to depart
for Omaha. ..May his honest thrift Micro pros
per, r
The rnin and miow of yesterday and the
fevur', freezing temperature of lust night
played havoc with tho ponchos, if general
throughout Southern Illinois. Sharp, dry
weatliur is not fatal in Mint respect, but freez
ing weather on tho heels of rain, generally
doiv- the work of rufn for tho fruit crept.
-Mr. .fumes Sullivan had $400 insurance on
Lis frame building, (destroyed by llro yester
day morning) in the I'lituain irisuraneo com
pany, ruproohted in this city by .Messrs.
Candeo A -Morris. AVJiilc this sum will not
replace tho building, it will, if properly in
otcd, realize him ti better return Minn the
I'liilding did.
"Willio'' Vost and his blooming bride arc
onti wedding tour and will include "Washing
ton in their round", looking in upon tho-Inau-guratlon
ball. Tho president will bo ghul, no
doubt, to take '-Willio'' by tho hand. '
Fun and excitement will rule to-morrow.
The officers havo the names of over forty
merchants, draymen, agent, saloon-keepers,
etc., who aro doing buines without n license,
and intend, to-mnrrnw, to bring them nil to
grief, unless in the mean time thoy fortify
themselves by licenses. Stand from under.
If Cairo has been anathematized more on
account of one thing than another, that onu
thing was tho usurpation and villainy prac
ticed in times past, by tho police. Tho force
ns now constituted we boliuvo to bo honest:
but every component part of all our police
organizations has not proved ommllv reliable,
Pluck-mailing ha hern almost as common ns
nrrosts. After night-fall men havo been nr
rested for pretended oll'euses, and have bought
their liberty rather than pass tho night in tho
loathSOUlO Calaboose. llnWilshiivri rmiil liliu.L-
lliu itnlu pupils of the Sprinellold Hich until to t'tenno nrrost ! noil (.1 rnnrri.ru Imvn
1,1 I. , .... .. . " . : ' . "' : "a-' -
...u. iKiiiii.cu among iiienisoivos a noon scared out of their last dollar. Details
band of negro minstrel., mid propose per- might bo furnished, but wo un. disposed to
""""Ul i'uioio me puouc. joos tiiti pros- icioiiiivion tako tho pint, referring to it in
unco ot tue legislature doir.oralize the iituioN general terms mil v. to pavo tho wav for tho
l"'1""" pnugnoiu, oris tins organization in remark that thodavs of such otllcl.il villainy
i...r...sn ,. Itn tlio standard of morals preser
red In the tchoola?
A Ciiril if TIiuiiUh.
Tho undersigned desire to return their sin
cere and heartfelt thanks to the Hremen and
citizens who so nobly, and in gome rases at
groat personal ri-k. nided us in preserving
our property -from destruction by llro yester
day morning. Their kindness in our time of
great need will be ever groatly remembered.
Scott Wiiitk,
John- W. M'Kkk.
The Unltud Statin District Court, after u
tesslon of two days, adjourned yoMerduy, 12
in., and tho ollicurs took the evening train for
.Sprlngileld. Tho docket was a very Miiull
una, aud mott of thoni... hud been mljndod
between tlio jmrtics before tho meeting of the
The n. t n-ular term will be held in October-
ana corruption are ended I Tho dnvs when
men may, without appointment or shadow of
authority, usumc tho rolo of policemen, aro
al-o numbered with the past. This seoms to
bo tho resolvo of the people, and of tho ser
vants Into who-e hands they have confided
the city government. Tho 'IJullolln will
fearlos.ly do It duty in holding up tho guilty,
should any such develop themselves hereafter,
and In extending praise to tho honest and de
serving; and nil thus acting in concert, wo
shall bo Insured ollieial honesty und fidelity,
As Memphis l Wooing hot quarters for and some advance towards wiping out tho ef-'
ther and shop-lifters, we need not be sur- feet, of tho past n.omr-doin Ll corn,, if '
I.rised at tlmmlv,.,,. f 11 , ... V .V '"'7 corruption
; ... '. " ri-iniiuiii oi t iii'iii oi i losocliarL-et . in u im.innrn win. ...
in Cairo. Tho police then. nr.. nfW ...nl. t .i ..... ""l'
r nig oi inu city reputation, i lie past ma
Cairo. Tho police thorn nr..
Sontry, with a full determination to rid the
city of their accursed pretence. Wu trust
tiiHt every ran-al that touches terra drum
bT.-( hfter Lit .-p.iu; .ti fri M.-mphlt, nmy
do so to hi sun. ..v. Cnlro lias had to do with
.Memphis thieves, und finds them the mod
utihositiitlng daro-duvils of thu country.
Thwo tiwlng ttatu and county tines due on
H)ronal projierty, will avu eot" by pavin;
tl" sfino j;t unco. Tho law i. thus t' If'niiv
person shall fail to pay tho taxes charged'
ngaiiot him mi or before the llrt dav of
.Mnrrh, the eollwtor nuy distrain hN personal
property 1 proeei d to sell Mm sum.
Cui!t.ftr' .,itlce at tho court homo in Cnlro,
AliMiiidtr county, Illinois. Oilieo hour,
from 1 o'clock ji.m. until I o'clock p.i lur
ing this month. hoiu. II. .M vkk,
H ri u lf-omfiiu'iiii.N..ir.f.li' ni'i.T itj, pi.
C .iiu, III.. .Mti'li a, Iwsi.in
W'litii lo Ailirrtl.r.
It Is ope of thu irrinttut iiiistnke- into which
intelligent business inuti fall, tlmt it is no'tlmo
I" odv.jilUt' when hotiiM'M it .lull unil drooji
ing. Now the o.act rrvorso of this is true
hen your rival, aro doing littlo or nothing
U thu time for you to "rii.h thlngt." It ,nv
not bo dillicult to keep your old customers,
but whut ,ou should strive to tl 1 to ..Tiiro
Iievt ontf, Wliutev. r you havo to sell, there
are always some who wish to buy, even in
th-most dt pre...,l .. .noti.. Find litem out,
thtjui your wares, jiur.uaHe them to buy
c jou rawer tlun ft another. When buyers
are reluetitni, sellers must be a. ll It it
ii..iihur elifuji nor prolltublv to u behind
you- coniur and wait for trade to revive.
Jieii lnulnes it tlulle.t, advwrti. In tho
firsftplnee, that is the very time when vou
iiksi nut-d to advertise; seeondlt, that Is
when people devote most time to reading
ncsptii r.. nud wlo-u your ndyi ni. irittttt is
most gnuuUv hMtiii. ' '
There is n one logged man Iiing in or
neur Cairo, who it playing trick upon the
jiL 'jdt). II 1 u young niMii, ver.N illthy in
priou, an ei)oniMHi tolmcco-chewer. ami not
inei to hit grt,g ttlw.iit every fifit-.n iiiluuttt.
'J'his individual Is oolleetirig'moncy to buy a
1 U he says, i'oollshly thinkhnf thnt'liti
( oit,.4 symputhy thereby, he repp's at him
h df to doiuovraUl n an nx-rebol si.l.h. t ,t ter
iiiit. lidlow, wh ohwwod up Yiuum ;i, u
Li.nn ry man would oyUUr-cratdiors ' To rad
i ho repr.ttiit hlin.ell'ii, niu -.tidier,
vb.i ut hot, killetl, hung, gutlixl, . pi ctured
! ; burned mor rebels, during the . ,r. tlmii
in j other tlv men living or dead .' When,
1 v mch menus, he aetpiiras a fow dollar., Im
cUt .trw hlutcelf, and is K'on no more until he
v aiiU more money.
h "t long n be- determined thf '..ilmdy
bit the ladies !. tl.l contrilnjl t..rtll.-a the
"jr, lituo of his corl- I,.. umi tnt no ladv
f . ma pay more than Bftven ceut
luiUrriy totl'arod morel In i
. . like flie othtrs, l- wa. u iii(.
r, according to the probnl'
.. .. - inquiring of one neighbor t
' ' t next. 2sov' this man dot-n
' ' "!, and wouldn't Imvo one n a
! deprive Otlillo" of his '. .
ri not surt-, indeed, that ho is at
i La !o of hw J of joh and
m ino rmiHing lug JlO
in I
i ollec
. rpLwl
:irit ft
. .1. It
l illoil."
i 1 1 .rry
' i.e.
i I SAU bejj, uua, us tmoasloli d .nandl,
d a UHiou or relwl horo of the most do-
. i
f saor Ajfas-izhai airivod .
!. intention of .iirveyui- !
I.i v,it r-.n a cou-i mr
past may
and will bo improved upon, and all goodcltf-
zens will hail with pleasure the evidences of
Improvement, as from tiino to time they may
dl'cloiu themselveH.
Tlif I'niir In Town nml Coiiulry.
A few weeks ago agoawomaunud five chil
dren arrived here from Kentucky. The
woman whs entirely destitute hadn't five
cents in tho world, and tho children worohulf
uaked, sick and hungry. It was noblo
charity that suggested their prompt relief.
Thy were fed, clothed provided with a
rough home, and a low days ago were pre
sented with a sewing machine, with which
they can if they are not trilling and shiftless,
earn their own liviii". ,
It is a strange infatuation that poi-'-usso
some families who are at the point of starva
tion, that they cuu lwlter their condition by
going to tho cities. 'Phi, OI. ,n,i ,U( t trll0.
but It Is only one sin'ee-.ful ease lor a hun
dred that have come and gone poorer If pos
sible than ever. If widows und children can
not live among their relative, and friends,
in the country, whore provisions and fuel aro
cheap, whuro a littlo industry in the summer
will provide food for the winter, what can
they hope lor in tho city, whuro all the noees
suries of life aro costly aud can be hud only
for the cash? Xine times out of ten, y.js,
nineteen times out of twenty, families thu.
exchanged their country homo and chance
for a livelihood, for the uncertainties of tho
I city, come to more pinching poverty, sullbr-
inif, sicklies, ami ilmith. U e mlvite all very
poor people, therefore, and particularly
widow, with large families of nmull children
to remain among their acU:tIntanoo aud
friends, and to carefully avoid tho cities. The
coldest charity of the world Is that of cities.
In tho rush and scramble for tho almighty
dollar, the paupur, although under foot, 1.
scarcely semi; and the cry for bread that Is
kindly ministered to in the country, in the
city fall, upon deaf ears. Keep away, then,
poverty-stricken women and children, keep
awiiy from thocltv.
Tho county court is still in session and will
not adjourn, probably, until Saturday. It Is
full handed with business, but the detail, aro
not of public consequence. As tlio clerk Just
now has upon his hands tho work of thrco
men, it is an auspicious time for call Ino- upon
him In a social way for tho interchunge of I ing very plain hint
long stories, election talk, et cetera and so
forth. IMaku him see tho point of your jokes
by "nudging htm," if you find him vury
woro about (100 tons 000 being from the
Illinois Central railroad and tho remainder
from Hendricks & Co. Tho principal items
were .'1,000 bbls Hour, 1,6.10 sks oats, 00 wag
ons, in pieces, and i.j Mils pork.
The Whito lirought 50 hjids tobacco for ro
shipmont to Xew Orleans, nnd 50 bbls pota
toes for Memphis.
The receipts of the lllsmarck aro much
lurger than it was supposed they would be
on her arrival, and will foot up to about -ICO
tons .'IflO having been shipped by C. T.
Illnde and tho remainder by Heiidrick A- Co.
Tho principal items aro 1 12 lihd.l tobacco, i00
bbls Hour, PJ8I sacks corn, 2001) sks oats, 00
bbls pork.
The Virginia discharged .18 bbls potatoes
for Chicago.
The (Sen. Anderson discharged .10 bales
Kustern cotton here, and tho Js'ornum 20
The Tyrone brought .1" pkgs dried fruit for
Chicago, 11 hhds tobacco for reshipment t
Xew Orient)-, 1 horse and 100 pkgs cedar
waro for utchcz.
The Cumberland brought 200 balos hay for
Halliday Uros., 13-1 sks wheat for Chas. Ual
ligher, Cairo, 100 bags barley for reshipment
to St. Louis, 100 sks corn, 1 hhd tobacco, Kt
bbls eggs for 2scw Orleans.
The Wm. Whito, dipt. Northern, Clork
.Jimmy Ilevorly, is the regular Cairo and l'a
dncah packet this evening.
Tho Armada, Capt. Gus. Du-ouchet, is the
regular Cairo and Krunsvillo packet this ovu-
The City of Cairo, Capt. Malin, is tho regit
lur packet for Memphis thl evening.
The Nashville, Capt. Wiley Sinn, is the
regular Cairo aud Xashvlllo packet to-morrow
at noon.
Capt. Jlcn Howard resigned command of
tho Cumberland at Kvatuville. His place is
supplied by Marion right.
This tnornlnrj's 'Times' contains the follow-
Wll A 11 I'll ") A T.
CtlRO THANK) fit CO.
1IAS. T. 1I1NDK,
jCSk. Gr 33 3NT T,
X'lnonuli 11111m of
Avitllnlile I'olnL Itylln
I.iKlliKT ttlvm in nil
til oi-'AVatff.
K.M I'll IS AND ST. LOl'lS
The fllowl)iB HtmUi t'omprlsf tins I.lie
rnti In the f'Hoignprr:
r- I
Ilea t.
.rrhc nt Cnlro,
rni-nt tui u,
lli:i..H?T. l.)t:i!S, iTiitwIny, S p.m ssatr.(iy i ,,,,
'Main. Jlatlwi i
CITV OKCAlltO, TlmrwlBjrfi p.m M. n iar.l ut
Jtuliu. Motl'-r)
DKU.K MliMl'lllis, ftsaurthtr. 5..m Thar . 1 a.t
Cranr, Jlatr. I
.Annul Cln..Arr.ter I
iwvi. I r.
(1TV OK AI.tuN, 'Wtlal'y,.'r.iM rn.U.T, I
Archer, .Mutter t I
(Juito a woll-dresscd negro woman unfolded
her grievances to 'souiro Slmnnesv, vestcr-
day evening, and the old gentleman, over
ready lo vindicate the right and punish the
wrong, took cognizance of her case, nnd put
oilicer Iltinsaker upon tho track of the mas
culine ilarkoyof whomsho complained. "Wil
liam Kussell not a cockney as tho name
might indicate, but n genuine Nubian was
the man. William had smacked his bunch of
fives in horfaco tho night before, and out of
compliment to his blow she wears a rood-
sized lumi-sphorical dab of black putty under
either ove.
Jloth parties wero at a ball at Freeman's
Vo hear that a fine side-wheel slwimer
will be built next season to run as a Cairo
and I larksville packet. It Is to be a -VorA-
cm enterprise, but will no doubt bo popular
in tho South. Perhaps the captain of the
m. lute could tell something about it.
BUkf. Mntrr;
Conuiiy. Masttr
Usury, Mattfrt
C'Hll.ih.tn. Mst-r
VtMny, 5 p.m Soi'lar. Ian
Stiwlity, I .ni Wr.lns.ry la fj
Tho report of Mm Superintendent of Pub
lic Instruction of the State of Illinois for
ltjllT-'liis", contains !17t pages.
The number of private schools in our
State in ltiS, was oSl ; number of graded
school, .VJ4,
The number of new school houses liullt in
the State for 1SW was l)i!J, at a total cost of
TotuI number of days taught by female
teachers in 1 SOS, was l,10d,2'J.1. Duy.i taught
by male teachers, for Mine year, was S0.V'-".
For Circuit Jutlt-.
.'Jiur Hillttm . l'lru-o itnnounrt. that IA ll J.
IlAKKIt.jr., t. n rjinliiUtv fur thr olllrt. of Jiittci of
thf .Ninslswitli JiI'IicihI )i. trial.
KlM'tiou mi the Klh tiny ef March, luv. p
Wholr nillnlier of leiclierj In tin. .it.,
nan, aim tnat was llllam's Joking way of rr ism w.u m fi.'ir
, . . - 1 .w. .WW, ..... V, ......
uiigiiging u niuy io uauce tne next iut with
him. lie was fined f j and costs $4,05.
.i - .. ii ...
Alexander county pays ninety-two cent,
per day for tho euro of each pauper charged
to hor account. This amount covers food
coarse clothing, washing and mdlcal attend
ance, this is equal to 20 pur annum for
each pauper, which, striking tho tax-payrs
as high, the inquiry : cannot our paupers bo
cared for at a less cost? Is ouite common.
Wu can only say that they havo not, in the
past, been provided lor even at tho present
price. "Wo learn, Indeed, that tho paupers
aro not only better cared for than ovr be
fore, but that several hundred dollars have
been .uved to the county by tho adoption of
tho present plan. AVhether wo might not
economize still further by letting thorn out to
tho lowet bidder per day, the overseer of the
poor to bo the Judgo ot applicants, we cannot.
J of course, foretell. Tim question Is one that
interests ovory tax-payer, and we feel sure the
county court would gladly embrace any plan
that promised to bo equally feasiblu and less
expensive than tho prcont. Hut what is that
plan ','
llotrl Arrival..
(Tho Ut. Charles Hotel, UVilni'sility, March 1.)
HitYing Ix-rn olintril by j.frsons of ' n political
jMtrtii". to run for tho juilK"thip of ihc Niiielveiilh Ju
ilielal DUtri. t. at n rleolion tu 1. lu ll ou the Wh day
of March, ,. I'. I"1'. 1 mm annouiicc in)-'lf us a enn
Jlilulffor that oflW, flii. I ptnlgn tnys.-lf to tho peoplo
that, if i'lrt'lp.1, 1 Mill illx'tiitr" It. ,iitu . iiiipurtwlly
sad to tlulx-stof my skill and al-ility.
wr...i:r S1..UN.
IJSOIl SAI.i: t)ll llKXT-Nri-..ti1M... s rfKjm..
.1? I'lMorii, out hiiililniK'. threi. Kt.-..riisr lwu.t
mii.I jsixti riitli slr. t t.. I IIK P.
nOHJf fillKKN A fill.HKHT. lnv ..
I.SOH hAI.K-Tl.r.,
CnnnsotinKat.St. I.oui.Hith
.Vorllirru 1.1 lie 1'itrkrt L'timputt)',
Keokuk 1'nrkrt t.'onipuiiy,
Omnlin Pnrkrl C'oiupniiy,
nd VhiIimi. llnllroatl I.lnr.
At .Munplut ilh
.Slt ioplilt nml Vliltr llltrr I'nrkrt Co.,
Aikuu.ut lilt rr I'nrkrl t'oiiiiitiiy,
.SI no pit I. nml :linrli-atmt It, It.,
uFel .lls.l..liil iV. Tt nor. tee It. It.
At Vii kslmr with
Vsimi Hls i r I'nrkrts, ah I
VU'k.litii'K nutl .It I lillnit Ilallronil,
Ciritiii thrmish billi livlittxnH. I., kr. i ufu s!
pelat. hy ran or riTr.
til A". T lill'l.. 1.1 '! AX"' I
Uairtroii Wluif losl
KI. K. SI-oN, TM'kttn.l l'..UKrr a?siu
srlAlliY Itl.K!-Xfja
iilCS&. CVnsj.ting of th f.dlr.wtn;
- sfci.fc ZTJT' I ' 1 ' " s." '' IO
M.lfr HAIII':it....M... ' .
..MJrr Wtiuim .. ,n,'
Mft.l-rt WILWKH... . .
.. Matttv I'AVl ,, :
itim. Ifslijitf)
ik'ir:iM i ... r 'p. .1 lr.
J'HI.V W n: i Kit Alii.
IjSOK ltK.T-(otiaK 'Ii 9r. n Wathiiitf
J; toil uti'Uiin nml Truth strt'i'l. At-tvi..
Ukm all inlMfinoHUltj Liu.l.u-.. aiul -,Y,nj
uHcnlKiu Ut nay buolat-tii.
. . . viias. T. m.Mn, n.-r.l Atf tit
lttl'0l Cwa. -oi . ,
TLANTIC A.N I) M IjsM.n.M ppi
s i' j: A .11 N II I I V M i A .v V
ISX33-VS7- OIlZi33 ANS
llSIIuieln. Ii. II.:
t) I.ftlllp.nn, 111;
t-'npt I'i'Xtcr. )ti Lou,.,
T A Witidrarii, city;
J I) btlwo..k, Md l ily;
J I'rolh, Kvanstillr,
A I! lai'kmton. st Louis;
P KArmthy, 111;
V : .Ntlsoii, lii.l;
C n Wright, f'lni igo;
CPVl.ll. ll.Sl l..m,S!
I A (ijhi-wilh, fill, iiitmti;
II W Van VIkIi. III.
J It Duni'laon A w, Cliloairn:
f II Nfltoii el Louis: "
Mr. Smith, Md (;.iv.
W It ll.ilx ock.Md tits:
.1 1! (inns, N Vj
M Anathy, III;
K J Smith, .N Tj
It II Kent, Kv;
W II ('hainiiAn. CVntralia;
.1 II Hahlmrd,st Loiiih
I) (.' (iilc, Jlohllr,
I'url l.l.t for thr Al Hour. KntlhiL-
, . . i. "
(ifi, AiiiUr-on, OJuin.; Win. While, rulucali;
Ili'lleMotiiblii., MfinphisjAlK'f I Iran, N.O.j
.Noriaan, Vlrjilnli , "
M. 1.. Port) th, SI Loiiit; KiiiinaNo.3, "
Mclnoii... Dei O r, "
llismnrck, " Cimilx-rlutid, Kruntville;
Louisiana, Cinciiiiiatl; lloosa,
Mury llouttoD, Loulttille; Tyron, Na.liv
Ocii. Anderson. ('olutn.J Win. Whltr, l'mltirah:
;niatrlund, Kruntvlllc; Mury Aher, LonLvilis;
.Noriuan, Villain,
II. K. I orylh, Vli'k.l,ur; Drxlrr, , "
I'.tniiia No. .1, Uinnnnalii Mary Hountoii, X. t).:
Mtlaoltr, llliiiiarrk.
Alirr Drun, " Louisiana,
" r A M'E I) - Alexander t ,untv (lr e t
. on ihKiMUr, for nil kinds of Limn , -
drr.' Materials.
W. W
tit Ml 1.
I Unit.
Tilt: STKA M Kits
pOP. 31 KM PI! IS.
XV. It.All'l lll II
lll'TII ,
I'Al. I.IXK ('A ItltOI.I
1.17.1K ;n,i.
fMtTKII. M-' s
lu iii;, Mitsur,
n..l'l.l! AM, .SU.trr
WIIITK. Mn.tfr.
!- II., Mi.'rr,
r-sHTZjU. "'"""ffl" K l.Mltn. Malm,
J-CiMCma.if r, will .m... Bi... this, KVKX.
.. I'llAH. 1 UIM.K, Asent.
Xrt.iiy Xftols.ot.
Trc light draught passenger stumor
II. T. MlltTIIKllN
j. .M.iir.yhiii.r
- t'lirk.
lie) e Memphis, St. Louis; T) nine, Njthvllla;
I'lakXarhlo, (kos.t, Mfiaiihl.; Sr?
Dloiator, o ,. .,
I' pon the ove of it new admlnl.tratlou it is
advisable to arrive at a pgrfoet understanding
rutpcutiiiK the status of thu city marshal. Tim
charter piovldes Mint the marshal shall norvo
the iiroco..et of the city, and havo all the
powers iuelduiit to tho olllee of eountv con
stable. The act crealiii; thu court of com
mon ieas invested him with authority to ap
point deputies. Tlmt act having been re
pealotl, of course ho is divested of nil the pow
urs It conferred upon him, his right to up.
point deputies with the rent. So thu marshal
now, Is simply the creature of the charter, in
oU'oct a county constable, hi. deputie. having
no legal existence.
Wo were requested to make public these
facts, and to add that future arrots by unau
thorised purs!!., will in nociiku bo roeoirniaid
as logal, where objection is tillered, and that
the poroii making them will be hold to u
strict accountability.
There woro no police casus tried beforo
ulro Jlrow thi. forenoon, and none dock
cited for thy afternoon. The watchmen of tho
night made a water haul.
tievtjral civil coses woro tlisixwd of. in
which tlio public has unconcern.
Th runt,. ;7.i. l ... i I "' "'l six inches In tho chuto over the
ov inn, in mo i-.uiinet (itiimis aro now fnlla
nearly Aill. the minimum nu.nbur, wo under- ! , , ' ' "v " " T. "" two
),.!,... i. i , ii.. 1 iii uieciiiini mini nt lliu c into.
stand, haviiig ulioaily been ruachod. Mr. i ll,r.. il. -I..... i.... , .
Itolu-rl Imnti 1 ) i 1 . v...ir mis luucp lOIHIICIies alien
Itohert hruth, who hn. been vory vtivo In hut renort. wl.L.i. i. l...... , i ,
.don Is spoken of Husin,-. continuos good.
( Th rrcc Ipt, by tho .Magenta f-om thi, port
rr,a.Nli,an,PoVluek. ' "B tl.
...Tni V'""ft'"aeeUBl l'luf..li ihuXfW Orleans
nd Ohio ni. in.ul. ami tl,.. rv,..v ...i ,i - .: "
j rlrjtekiU. '''"
, Kor freight or ps.iX. nnl on U.ard. or to
' unnnr J-litxKLKr. Asent,
Miijxiir Cairo. Illinois.
..i.i . r. iilin.11,11 Jll.il-.-, JI.i.'1'f,
I.O.NTI.VKXTA1. ..(iltKKXUl'lill Mi-tr
CoinpritinK'nli th" rliie.l nnd Urn- .l l.,.i. utof m
One ,f thr linnf .learners ill IrutH Curr-j
for Xew tirlean. ivrr other dv, t'oanreliii t .Vs
Urle.'in. Willi tK-uii I.IIH" of sieu'mer. to
Liverpool, ,ri Vurk, llo.ton, nml t.'ult r.
on, irot,
l'.sfii;rrt and shipper. eHn rely on on of tli.j-
l.irfts leittins Wu panetiutly hs lt?. Will uti
iwrlletilnr all. niiou lo All w.trirrlirht.hrlon' Mt-liiplM-io
New urlins. CIIAS. T. III.M1K,
tlelieml Aent, P r
Orlire, nn WlmrrUut, 1'nHie 1. undine,
Kl). Y, rd-)O.N, ra-.eiu'.'r and Ticket Aitcnl.
OltKje, nt St. Ctmrlp. Hotel.
.The lino side-w heel steamer
l!.W.JIAMl"ro.V...MaM.r MAJ. I'At'I (lerk.
!io"" C'a'' i,l"ln'''"'' a"'1 ";l "" ,'''" hind
Kvrry I'rltlny Ust iilii ,w,jvi ftf thv
. . Trttlii.
(Irilcrs IiT .11 r,Illle In lu, I, nr.. I ... I ...,. . .
I Phis promplly ii.iendrd , li iiriVrle J'Uit ti'r! aluiii;
t .t- liver and inrrehant.s in the its e,t,e I ,,,! t r
i r.i,i?yl:.' """U ,lJ "",,r
Thu weather continued to make itself ns di.
agreeable as pof.lble until a late hour last
night, snowing, raining and sleeting. This
morning thu greater portion of tho cloud, had
disappeared, and tho sun shone fidntl v thiough
a cloudy haze sometimes coming out h, j,u
glory. Tho mercury was some degrees below
the freezing point, and only ro.o to 'I'.'at the
hour wo write. A strong wind ha. been
blowing trom the north all day, subiecting 7". mTi7u.,7.".. "
steamers to much inconvenienco and uddiiiK I ,Al)lhs "AIH DK'KSSIKO.
tk tin. .11.. ! . ..I... O , JS
... s..u ui.vuiiiiori ot urn temperature.
The .Missi.p,i is falling steadily but .lowly
at St. I.oui.-, wiih fully nine foot water In the
channel. Tho Ico ha. nearly disappeared,
but the present cold weather may inakumoro.
It is not probable, however, that enough will
bo formod to terioiifly obstruct navigation
buforo milder weather ensues.
Tho Ohio I, siui lulling its whole length
with four feet i tl0 channel to Plushon-!
I ll.... i. o
Wlkhe. to illfoiin the piil lie II, .1 ,!. w4
Laillik' Huh- Di is.lliK Suloon
. Ladle iny have the eoinlonu.s nf ih...r l,,
fai'liiud in nil) tlemriiMe .Ijle.
JOII.V 11. DAVIS, Sttp'l, Memphis, T.'nnsjw-
. fpyfl The splendid .ide-wl el
.MA Vri.t)V i:it. -O.M.Mi:il( IA.Ii nml
I.lllKU'l'V .No. M,
Leave Mcmph.s et. iy '1'riXHAV, Till 1HAV f a I
"A I I'ltDA V, nt Ji.m., for loir liiter, eonii. . thitr n
Dmnll'M lllntl with tht Memphis nnd l.ltthi lloek li t,
ro.t'1 lor liittle l.oek hihi Hot Siirinui..
thit; r
1 in " ir to
MeiiiidiiH to Little llovk, Ss hour-.
Pruishts nnd i'assennrrs rw't'ipled over th" at?
Linn ut lower rates limn nnv iMIh r route
CHAS. T. IIIS'IH:. Aaenl. oro. Ill
umeumi Wharf-'titi
J HN Q. HA U.MAN t; CO.,
KUABi USTA'a'H Afl.'J.J.Vr.S
bringing abovit the on;
a. t!u piobnbK iHjitnlii.
.ir r'" !11 IU'. J l'"Ui v ,My Tw. f'-.n.sh Ah
i ,! . '? 1' Ir;i'.irtj J ..nveymier. of all kinds.
im.ie Mj. ,i('j tluorj Onip Liu. Uix-sidtf
ir. -jt-t -yrin 001VXX:iVX.r'ir
. ot&OS'. C'on.i.tii'g of the following
tfejfSplt'iidld l'lisscngcr .Sleiiiiicr.s:
IiUnOUOHIJT ...Maler I'OW LI'I! ( . . .
Leave Onrn Siiaduy and Thursday nt ' p.m.
DKXTKH Miutrr (illAMMI.lt I
Lonvea Cairo Tiirmlny mid Piuliv at r, p m.
I.entes Cairo Wednrsday und Saturday ul 6 p.m
M.tklmr all Ultf-rnie luiii, !,. i.ml nnvinir tin
I ticular littention to Pa.-uei preiuhts.
HAs T IIINPK. lenrrid Auont.
' Dllii'O on Wlarf-boif

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