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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, March 08, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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Time of Ari lml ntnl Departure of Malls.
(Cumo - Oil) o, IVbrtVary 2, 18(X )
jUiiuvks, DU'VnTx.
(Tlmo of eloilng.)
forth flhmiigh SiWii.m.... XOOp.m.
.North ("") Si4ii.m......lli00 j in.
SomiIi (thtbujthatid way). 4:00 n.m.'....;i1ioo p.m.
HMtlli .Memphis A N. O.J.. 4i00n.ll! 4:00 p.m.
'Ohio ihlpr route 6:U0p,m GiCOp.in.
Miseiasirr1 ""IT n.nip.j
Tunulay l'nclHV!... fi:00p.m 7:00 J.m.
(iliil(n,Mii.Tii((iiyfl i ,'
TJinrcilny A'Siiliiilnv.H:nOn.m....lliOOn.tti.
TlioLw, tiuotv Island uiul
SanteKe O.OOp.mKrl. 7;03 n.m. S.iU
"Ohm litre route dptvutucvprvnln'iixropt Mfindnys.
J..M.It.!iAM, I. M.
Thofo owing stato and county taxes duo on
personal property, will save coils by paying
thuMinoat once. Tlio law is thus: If un
person shall fail to pay tbc taxes charged
ajrainsl lilm on or before tlio first day of
March, the collector may distrain his personal
pro'verty and proceed to sell tho same.
Collector's olllce nt tlio court houo in Cairo,
Alexander county, Illinois. Ofllco hours
irom 1 o'elork p.m. until 4 o'clock p.m., dur
ing this month. Loui If, Mr Kits,
fhPTitTaad ex-ntaViopollpctnr of Alexander county, 111.
Cairo, 111., March .1. 1-.m.w
lumy .Suveill
Uy buying yourn"ccrif.i of ,1. II. Jlotcnlf,
who keeps a largo nnd select stock of the bet
family supplies, nnd rolls cheaper than tlio
choapeat, No. n.'lt "Washington avenue, op
positu tho court hoimo. mnr.'tf
New clothing of tho latest and most fush
ioneble stylos, just roeoived by J. Lehning,
No 1" Ohio Lcvoe. Also n fino variety of
piece goods, embracing tho most desirablo
pattern?. The exceedingly advantageous
tonus upon whbli these goods wero pur
chased, onablos 3Ir. Lehning to tell or man
ufacture clothing cheaper than any other es
tablishment in the city ; and for proof of this
ho would ask the public to try him, or call
and examine the goods and ascertain prices
Jf tho person or persons who, on Saturday
night last, took from my premises, ono barrol
of saupr kraut, mistaking it for whisky, will
return it, 1 will reward them with one gal
lon of lager, and no questions: asked. D'vo
hear. if u. Ui.oms."
Cairo Lodge No. 2:!", A. 1'. A A. .M., will
hold a stated communication thi (Wodnes
day) evening. ,Marh 8th, A. L. T,,8C,i, ut 7J
o'clock. Visitors fntlornully invited, lly
order of tho -U. Cham. FomiKaT,
I. noil llirvitlea.
County Court adjourned Saturday evening.
The rite of confirmation was administered
in the churMi of t)i Redeemer, yesterday, by
Ilishop Whitcboue to eighteen applicants.
Tho building wi crowded to excel.
Next Wednesday the present city officials
U'o iltttt U th mpw ones.
TUrarcix retail liquor establishments
in Uw city, dfuiig biuiness without licsn.so.
The name of the proprietors will be enrolled,
to-morrow, on tho docket of II. Shannessv,
The fclvw-lion for circuit judge will be held
to-morrow. Kvery democrat should voto for
Judre Sloan bicause of hit suneriur ability
nnd bacauM h h a democrut.
The wither ywterday was dry and cold.
During thu proee.j(3lng night It wa very
A little boy while IuiiidIiil' from ahrxl
near the custom house jeaturday, to a pile of
tana ik-kiw, irurt ins cliin ngiiiuit hit knees,
forcing hi .uth ahuu.i untirely through bi
tongue. For a moment it was thought that
hi jawi had been dUlocatod.
The top mania i prevailing ninuii the
youngsur.jmt nm. Ills not ait uniomtiioii
sight to tee a many as thirty or forty of them
in mfcio group "plugging lor i;pt or
'Just for th fun of the thins."
A radical correspondent of the Golconda
'Herald' speaktnir f linker's candid iipy for
the circuit Judgship, says "the rcpubllcum of
uio vljcult reel themsulvt'S under no oblltrti-
tlonn to support a mar. whom a few rppubll
cans of Cairo would foit upon them."
We shall, no duuht, be accused of exaggera
tion, but weaaiertit, nevertheless as n fact
that a negro, rolllit;; u Meat block, near the
oud f the market houo, Saturday ji. m. was
beset by twenty-three dogs. A little terrier
'.oiumenciiig the attack was klckpd oil; and in
Ioj. than three minutes twenty-two other
dog. came to thu riouo. and mad thu darkey
cajiituhsto. Doga ef ovory size, kind, shade of
color and pitch of Lark acenwd to fill the
whole market space.
IJannon hua our thanki for lalo papers. Uu
is a lury elite: priwng news dealer, fully up
to the roqulrwnenU of the tlini.
There are only soven children now In the
orphan asylum. The number Increases and
diminiihe., scareeiy over, bowover, fulling
lielovr the prasuut uuniber.
A e&lorul individual named Kenney is en
gaged in theoomiiiendi.blo work of touching
the Ud idua how to shoot, in thu brain of
negro men mid women. He liu a night
school for uuih ti i nnnot spare tlmo Tor studv
durius the hour .,f daylight.
C;nubi partial living in tho neighborhood
of the orphan asylum, aro guilty of tho mean
oit kind of potty larceny, in this, that they
have freely supplied themselves with fuel
from the coal and wood piles of that institu
tion. Arrangomonti have 'been ' tniido that
will Insure tho next fuel thief that is delected,
u liWul charge of buck .hot.
The asylum greatly needs a coal and wood
bou.o. The fuel stolen during tho pa.t year
would, If restored, pay for ono.
"Wo heard u dozen ' person's, yesterday,
Cliargo their headaches tothoover-bealed and
fiUtlowiting utmopbtre of thu churches.
Crowded , building-, giH.u window, and
M'-vos kept al a rid-h(;ut wro certainly pro-
v wttivo ofjuch coniphunu. in ono of tho
cliurclies n lady fainlol twice, and other
were compoiloa to icavo to avoid llko cotue
i;iiaptor VII ot "Mary tlsrordj or th
rei,Li vojuiiteor ' ih ongerly looked tor. Tho
Mtr.ti)u 'I'roiuulgatof' is tho only paper
that will oonUIn it. and antlcioatini' Mil 1111.
inual domain!, the publisher lias printed a
I'urtlei in thu city, doing an unlicensed
1- i-iiiuM will eave $M,9S Iiy fortifying them
si ves with a license buforu to-morrow ovon
Tlu. outgoing oflkors intend to arrest
C ' rtftinijueni in tim city. ' 1 '
Tfse llegulnr Advertising I'nlrom of the
Kvciiliiff Rutlcl In.
Tho columns of the 'UuHetlii' point with
unerring certainty to the most enterprising
and reliable business houos and professional
men in tho city, utir roadors abroad will
make a nolo of this fact, our local readers bo
ing cognizant of it already.
Persons contemplating tlio erection of
building", tho fitting up of store-rooms, ote.,
should call on John Madden, carpenter and
builder, at Iiis shop on Twelfth street between
i-opiar aim vt auington Avenue, ills supe
rior is not in the city.
Tho City Nationnl Hank stands No. 1. in
tho confidence of tho public. It numbers
among tt stockholders tho most substantial
business men and capitalists of tho country,
nnd is managed by gentlemen of ucktiowlodg
ed financial acumen
Tho First National Uimk of Cairo, among
tho first banks cstablUhcd inthostato under
tho national banking law, has met with un
interrupted success. It is controlled bv our
wealthiest merchants nnd tradors, tho business
being directly uudcr tho eyo of tho nblost
financiers of the country.
Illinois Central ltailroad, tho largest rail
road in tho werld nnd ono of tho most. success
fully managed, it not forgetful of tho ndvati
tages of judicious advertising. Facts of in
torest to tho travuler aro ,sct forth in its ad
Tho Peoria Mutual Hcncvolent Association,
i represented in this city by Mr. Louis Her
bort. Ladies or gentlemen may provide
against want in timo of sickness, by tho pay
ment or small nnnuity. It is an institution
that warmly commends itself to all prudent
O. I). "Williamson i ono of our oldest and
most extensive grocers and dealers in boat
store, and is widely and mot favorably
known. Patrons aro not scared off bv tho
preseuco of the book-keeper, John N. I'atton,
notwithstanding his ovor-shadowlng propor
tions, and astounding musctilnr development.
No. 70 Ohio Levee.
Dr. A. G. Holdcn denti't, corner of Kigbth
and Ohio Lcvoe, executes work prqmptly and
scientifically, without, as dentists usually do,
charging all tho money a patron has or ox
pects to have. Go around and gape at him,
and he'll tell you all about your molars, inci
sors, etc.
Look around the city and select tho most
skillfully executed signs and ten to ono you
will see the imprint of Carl L. Thomas there
on. Ho in on the top round of the ladder in
tho mattorof lgn painting, buying few touals
anywhere. Corner of Eighth and Cominer
clI Avenue.
Tho oldest and one of tho heaviest whole
'ale groceries and liquor establishments in
tho city, is that of Messrs. IJ. Smyth A Co.,
Ohio Love. Founded when the citv was in
its infancy, it has been attended bv uninter
rupted success, constantly growing in public
confldsnco aid widening the circuit of it
Tho Cairo Hook biudory, Martin Silver
burg, proprietor, Is a llrst-class establishment,
turning olf ns good work us can bo done any
where, and serving tho demands of the city
and surrounding country most satisfactorily.
No. ".'i, Ohio Lovee, third floor.
ChasT. Hinde, forwardiag and commission
merchant nnd agent of tho Cairo trnnsfor
company i. doubtleos, tho most extensive
operator between Pittsburg and Now Orleans.
Having unlimited storage capacity, and being
agent for nevera! lines of steamers bis facilities
Krf unsurpassed
Thr SlcClniil .Suit.
Th'city council met in special session Sat
urday evening, to provide for a vigorous de
fpnse in the MeOlnnU cao. The committee
to whom the matter had bt-en refprri-d, r-
Hrl(d that th' were at a loss what t do in
thu proiuiaes, and asked the council to be re
lieved from a further consideration of the rasp.
Thereupon the following resolution were in
trod wed and adopted :
I'esolved, bv the city unim-il of the citv of
Cairo, That tho city attorney be, and lie 1
lipreby authorised and litructwl, to uommii
nlrat' with counsel in the city of w York,
and to take all atich other step as In his judg
ment may bo neoe.ary and projter, witli a
view to ilufundiiig tho attachment suit com
menced and now pending in the-city of Now
York against tho city of Cairo, in which K.
AV. Met limits is plaintiir.
Ilisolvod. That the city clerk be, and he is
hun by instrurtod. to furnUh the citv attornuv
cvrtitied cojdw of all records and documents
in ins olllce which the citv attorney inuv re
Unsolved, I hat the city clerk bo ordered to
fiirnMi, forthwith, to the citv attorney a cor.
tilled copy of thee resolutions, together with
tho vote of the council thereon.
This Is business-like, o far as it directs u
vigorous defense of the city's rights, and will
speedily lead to a determination of tho ques
tion of liability to pay, etc.
Tho advertisement of Mesrs. Vitcher it
Henry appears in anothor column. Thoso
gentlemen have tho heaviest general hard
ware establishment In tho city, and will bu
found in all respect aqual to tlio demands of
trade In their particular line. Thev aro ex
cellent bulnos men, giving their personal
aunuion toinu wants of customers, i,nd will
be found ablo and dlsposod to couipeto with
hip larger maraets ol the country In supply
Ing parties who buy to sell again.
Lull in and look through their extensive
establishment, and you will bo satisfied that
tho hardware department in tho city, s fully
up to tho requirements of the times.
An Individual, sandwiched by two females,
rati against Mr. Mcllale, on tho sidewalk last
u'.fU and caught him by tho throat With
out waiting for further developments Mcllale
dealt the impudent ruillan one of his "usual,'
and knocked him several yards out into tho
If that individual had a contract for taking
Mr. by the throut, be doubtless knows by this
tlmo that ho was a great fool fir not sub
letting it.
Some iarty unknown, euterud tho premises
of Mr. liloom, on Saturday night last, and
i"l. J oU' n '.barrel of ssur-krout, under tho
delusion that it was "Hfiuiir for ty-rod."
Hloom don't euro about bringing the thlof
t"gii' f, but want his kraut back. To insuro
iU return ho promises tho thief ontiru oxemp
tion from prosecution, and u gallon of lager.
If that barrel of spoiled cabbago Is not rolled
bat k. in answer to these ttromisRi. It is In tin.
I hands of a very woaa thief that's; all.
The report gained currency tills morning
that Mr. J no. O. Uarmait was in a dvinc con
dition. It nllbrds lis pleasure to contradict
that report, and assuro Mr. ll.'smany anxious
fritmds that ho is still cOnvalesclne with ev-
nry prospect of a full and early recovery of
nis accustomed lieaitn.
"We havo not that faith in tho reported nur
cbnsn of tho controlling interest in tho Mobile
anu unto railroad company, oy tuu lorolgn
bondholders of tho Illinois Central company.
that wo should liko to have. AVo hope it is
true, and tf stnut it oniv on account or tlio
Heavy liabilities of tho former company, that
could not probably be disconnected from tho
Hold Arrlvnl.
(The St. Chnrlr-s Hotel, Ninclny, .Mnri'li 7.)
K H I'nrkrr, rlt
H H t.ymiin, Ohio;
v. iiiiMinpu, u;
J vnou, I'aitueali;
H(l Ty(r. N ii
H Thliidron, limiilui
T Oosher, do
flf o Sponeo, odltii
H Wolf.Htl.oillM
.1 A SWnlilnn. lntf
li rrocior, lT
W Wolf, St Louis;
V HCIiniimnn, Oiilntlln;
J A Wiiiilmin. oily;
.1 Thoma, f ml;
Wll Orclmrd. .V Y
JSIiiolds.t mm. HI I.oulsi
V M Hnlpinan, Ind:
IH'Qiilmby, St I,oill;
JI Ilitrnman, "
J II lloinmi, "
J M KnMerly,.Mpiniitii;
Mrs Uiinnih ,i
JKIlclly, ..
;;i nuowie cii rag";
I'ort I.lnt fur (lir J Itntim Kudliif;
To ii'rlork, 1'. ?1
ncn. Amlprson Colum.; V'm. White, 1'aiIup.iIu
0. A'lnti,..o.i
City of t!nlro, Memtilili";
Slofla, Pittm nri:;
CumlxTlniiil, HvnnsTillci
Ariiuiln. "
Tnllsm.'Ui, Nnslitlll. :
Jno t,iimitrn. "
I.1HIC Villi. "
lleltt' MpiiiiiIiIs, .St t.oms;
Clifuin, Cincinnati;
Luminary, VlckoUint
llirhinaml, l.otitniiiip,
til) of Alton, Ml. I.dui.1
fiatid Wutts, "
I.ort'iiu, "
... .. .11 l.iri l(.Jtl!ll " I.I..'. , .tllll.,ll.
City of Alton, VIok.-i'iirK! (Iiitilicrlanii, KvansrilU;
(Myof U.tlro. Ht. Loin. Artna'ia. "
nn 1m.I....r r-i... . ll't.ll It... I.
I.iiIp (illll, John l.nnndon. Nhrillc:
I.uininurv. 11 Tfruiio.
ii. Alien. iHiiMiiaii.
blmmrook, Cincinnati, 1 1 1 1 Memphis, Mrmphin:
i.iriua.(j'uiunrI Pinion.
irim, i. v., imwu ii mis, iiaiprion,
The wenther yesterday was cloudy und
cold, and to-day a light drizzling rain is fall
ing Willi the tempcraturu considerably
Tho Mississippi is steadily recedlnir at St.
Louis, and the ice between that port and Cairo
gave boats considerable troiiblo during Sat
urday and Saturday night. This mild weath
er will soon clear it out, however.
'Ilia Uliio is still receding its entire lencth.
with C fest t inches in the canal, and 1 feet
0 inches in tho pass over tho fall.
Here It has fallen about 4 inches in the last
24 hours.
Tho steamer Lumsdcn brought a Inrco lot
of iron for thu south, several packages fur
St. Louis, nnd returned with about 1,U00 sks
Tho Talisman brought 67 bars iron for tho
railroad, and about 20 tons for tho south.
Tho Armada brought for tho railroad 3
iikgs stone, K. 1). Hendricks 0 pkgs sundries,
Jiecrwart, Orth Ac Co. U stoves, Warren Ac Co.
1 box. A. Frazicrditto, K. Hullo cV Co. 3 pkgs,
Macklo & Co. 2 boxes eggs, J. C. Sullivan
10,000 staves and the following for tbo south:
00 coons notiltrr. 310 bbls flour and mewl. 1.1C
ski corn, 22 easts meat, 22 pkgs eggs.
Tho Cumberland brought A. M. Cundiff
1 bbl eggs, Kills Ac Son 60 bbls flour. Chns.
Galllgher 40 sks wheat, Ilcorwart, Orth Ac
Co. 10 plows, ror Now Orleans, 30 bbls
whiskev. Memphis. 207 nktrs sundries. Few
lot for other points.
1 lie J vrono brought 33 hdds tobacco, 300
bbls meal, 80 pkgs cedar ware for the south
Iho Lizzie Uill discharged here for Chica
go, 157 bbls rice, 2!i0 boxes raisins, 100 boxes
orangos, 112 sks seed and 327 cattle.
The O. I). Allen brought K. IJ. Ileiidriek,
l2cattto; discharged for Louisville, 110 pkgs
oranges and lemons; Cincinnati, 70 boxes
oranges, and 30 bbls molanscs.
The Citv of Alton added 110 bbls flour, and
a lot of otficr freight for Vicksburg.
Tho Richmond added from K. II. Hend
rick's, 2,M0 bbl Hour, CI sks rye, 0,000 feet of
lumber, and went on htr wav rejoicing.
Tho "Win. "White, Cajit. Northern, Clerk,
Jimmy Hover! v. is the regular Cairo nnd l'a
dttcah" packet this evening.
The r.uth Is having a rotiirh timo of it try
i..K . kpi out iron ot. Lotus, i HasnniiirucK,
yesterday, reported her aground at Grand
Tower for a few hourji. on riiiturdav. and wo
ing te get out from St. Louis. Tho Shamrock,
lower for a few hour, on Saturday, and wo
now hear of her aground at Hat Island. In
all probability she will be out this evening.
'Hip Kvansville Cornet Hand supplied with
the new St Louis instruments, ami tiuder the
leadership of J'rofossor Huck wero out on a
pleasure U p on tho Armada yesterday. It is
a band f i.ly five months practice, yet its
execution sas pure and smooth as that of old
Kor Circuit JudjfP.
'Atr i)Uu Hpnse annfianpo that IiAVlI) J.
IIAKKIt.jr . Is a enndidatp for the offl'e of Jmliro of
Hip Ninp'ppntli Judh lnl Dlptrlct.
Wo ti -u on tin- Vth day of lnrr.h, IH'jO, te
HaTini; Wniohclted by persona of Jxdh .political
pwrtlen to run fur the JudKhli of ih inetpenth Ju
lioial IlUtrlrt, at an ppotion to U IipM on the 6th duy
of Mnrvh, A, ll. ISO), 1 nw announce myplf as a can
lldatefor that offlcp, and pled;o myself to the people
that, if i lectPd, I will tisch:iri! lt iIuiIps impartially
and to Hi lt of my alcill and ability.
3Drtily raoltot.
ThP lijjht riraiiKhl passenger fitcauwr
i:, r. .NoiiTiiKiiN,. M4ntor,
J. M. llKVKItl.y , Clerk,
Will tiiakii ri'Kiilpr 1AI1.V Til 1 I'd ltwppii Cairo and
rlutuh, IcttvuiK Cairo eery menlne (tlundays ex
vYitPd)ktnveo'i:lock. Th Into c'iirHK;Ln at I'liducah wit's the New Orleans
nnd Ohio railroad, and the Cainbcrland and Tmitieu
Kor frt'lht or iiajisaifn applv on tmaril, or
....... J.J.1IUCKI.EV.
. Illinois.
Tt-o b vxl x- Paoltot.
i-vfJ5uTlio fino sido-wbcel steamer
H. W HAMlTON...rastPr MAJ. l'AUf, Clerk,
I. ihus Cuirofor Memphis and all latcrmediato land
inn lirct y Friday Evening on arrival of the
Orders for supiillpa to bo puri;hapd at Culroor Mem
'.'" pnniiptty utlpmlPd lo as dlri-otpd. 1'tantprn alone
ii r".r ttn,f nierclianta in the two ritlea will And the
i. Uli, !!' ,"J " mutual bcniint, and their patronaco
lrpspi.ftfiilly aolipiiod.
h.lV.'i J,,,'l'l"u"al-,or iafurmatlon apaty an board
thewhjufboats, or on the llamblpton. fefodlf
rppriiV ,',!,'',u'r h'' a11 oft whom it may con.
Take; nolin,, t,ht on tlio 27th day of Jiuie,, A. I). 1S7.
uv nolo ol uu,u and towu and city lou for th hiia
lion niimllpr ,.r.l,l....n MM in m.n.hli, -J.
!i'b1 i 4A'JU,l'i, und iorauzii cumber three (3) west of
he third principal meridian, containing elghti iree.
ntlmi-onniyof Aliixandor and flute of ITllnotiVanil
lliat tlip titne for the rpleinptlon Ihereor from ial J ealo
Stiaxsdtn kOUld iuViKW&H, flnhn-tr.
I.I, ,1 i.n,,..l ..
?'.,. usi'S ono ami unpaiu, minccu, thcrcoo.
y"r A- l0! hel1 IH''ynca of law. M the
court hiMUe n, tl,., city of Cufro, Alexalercouaiy;
hUto of ihinoN, I purcbiupd tlm follow inKrl'ol enut.
lo-wil t Tl,i.,,;,ii: i,ir.,r , nArih.i .? ' .T. ..T.:1
T7IOH HAIiE Oil IlKIVT,-NeTCottno.8 rootilK,
'Cistern, put uuildlnjri, llnoo lota-cunier Iiouuxt
null rciAii'i'mu Biivvm. 111.11'.
mnriiitf nmcKN .i mi,iu;uT. Mtyilt
-ITIOR SAI.E-TlirPO lcr?.f ryM.loneo t ar.
V ciiiii-. rjvhgjtfj JniN v. TittivKitAud.
IJtOIl 11UT Cottiiuw with 0 room on Vnslilriir.
! ton aTvntto nnd Triilli utreet. Atiplytn
'I'TrAXTKO TopxcliiWRnSOncri'sofliiiKl In 1'u-
T t lnKi county lor unimproved city irniorty.
Ajiply to
1: nil i.i;j,i,ii,
V7AXTKO-Alp.vnlt'r County Orilpri", tit H) cts.
ilrrs' .M.ttcrinls.
T T "ii inoiioiiar, lornn Kinas ni l.iimnor niia null.
To 0 11 Alllinn, 0 ort vr KcIIoks. John (1 Stmcll. S
Mlftalf ill nrihd ki u n 'inn.. tr.. r.. I... .
l araons;. "corir iienancK. J ll llrtlin, John H
Kruin, llavld II llmrkpn, John V MtMiUm. l'atipy
Ciles, snitbrr hflii, FDAtlieitoii, ChJtlM Tliomm,
.f orjp MctlocV, John STijIor.M.itinda MtichlMnn
Jtniri Ttiommon. M Hmltli. 'lnill,l H r,.
- , - - Z. . . t i...i. ' . , i w t nt.
William Mew ail, SI It nallnj., Aia Nix. 1. I. I.ijhtl
nr, A. C. Pltkmon and F. Vincfiit, and all ollirn
. uill r iicu I
You atnlpachnf lou mr licrrt.i .i,n.i it,., . . ..i.
of landaatlhe door or the rnurihomr, in tho rlty of
An th Q'ih .lit nf I
w "!V uiiuoiaic UI J I 111 I) I.
" ) ui.HllliAi I'. I
June, A, 1I.1SC7. forllio Slate, rntimt
SCHOOL and Oilier Uill Alld COila dun nn.l imnil.l fur il..
ypar A. II. 1SS, I became the purtliaitrofllie follow ma
mnu at vTiD-d city ion and lart.it, sjtuatid In the city f
fi rn miI.. M.,.I1,1K.. . .. ..
v-.... .r u.iuiujfii inert-in ni ueioiv net lorill, anil In
me ruuniv oi Aisiatiuer and stale nflllinon, which uhl
"'ir as't'sen, laxeu anutoiii ia Itie names of the
pefioiit Ltiow sptf.,rtli Miiectltlyi
Date of l'ur
Tit v o ... a.
..cised. Ta art ; i City. Ot w hat
and Hold. Aiiuiunn.
June 29, 1S87!(1 II Allison.
i t:is'
aime - M I
IfisorceW Kcllnlg. IT t:t
; pam . 16 1,1
John () Hlancil ..'I4 :'
Ain' . If oil
: lllf IT C
:Tavlor A. Partona .t'i 3V
'('toift lltiidrlcl. 1 J rA
, Taylor A. 1'arions.... 16;lllt Addition
jTaylor I'ltioniM.... 8ls lit Addition
iTaylor A. 1'aiiun H
I.1U1C MM...H.N MM.'M Ii tin
Mm(.m mmm. SI
same II
iii. .... ........ 22
i&ttiC eeaiieie a3
AltllC J2(
sanip r.
in .....It
aims Ti
line JS
1 TS lit Addition
Minn .ilT
is City
U. I'k'kpnon nnd
I r Vincent., ,11
v. 'i-vrioii ana
J. II. Ileylin
p t w
nw or
IT 11
; sn
3 M
'i lun
3 hi
a1 ki
7 4)
ll 40
J! l
i SI
John M Krum....
hf ne r
Iiaiid II. Ilmrkpn....
P. Mp.MiIImd. '.J!le hf.wnr
up or
is is
lUtopy (ill flpt clif.M-iTt
I'ntipy lipv hpim. ... w pt eif . nr
2 11
i' aiii i riin ...... m. i hp up
21 10
Llu.ri-i Tnonikf.... Iiiiiup qr
t'nknonn pprfon...-.'fiwPfnl
i: H
(isorgn MnlUiclc..
John.-. Taylor...,
whfaw.ir ITU,
. nr 4i'll(
ufruet'nl qr .-'il
svi qraeqr iw M
Marindn ilirilnlduu
samp 'nw ,ir . nr
Jim. Thouiiu andjw sw ijr
iw I I
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ii. Pinna-....
imp .nw qr
WiafiHdS.Chaiitnan. Hscqrilut I) 10 17, 1
sam . sif ii r
William alpnurt..
p hf lipiir
tpqr(ioiilj iu i
hffra't'l hf
' t'l l
17 It
1 IT
1. SO .4
i V)
S )
5 10
M. M. IUwlinr
Asa Nix.....nM.
-..jo hf nu sr
....'hp sw (jr
l,t kp qr
n p nr
w Lit,
n 17;
samp ,
I. l.tKhtnpr.,
That tin. lunu fur tlm riilcinji-tiou nf the alwii-.(,.
rd-d lot,la:id and l.reinm.,. all nf li.hr. ntuj.
pd In Alpxnndprpoiuity, otutpof l)lmiit, will paiiir.
on tlieJOth day nf Junp. I0S.
,. i- .M.lillliillT, liir. hu., r.
Cuiro, III , Mir. h I, Iho. martillw
yMth UtH, (H , .JkflM,h h,
teMr . xnt.na m the rpl i-iuih hminp n,
iindprauniH, under Hip firm ntmi'if JuhnO. Umumh
A On.. Iihi bppn dlsolrpd by inntiial rnhM-nt. lUtn.ir
from Jmiiaryl, se, J..hnt Karmaii rpliruiK fnun
wiunrm .Mr. iiinsiou u Mullioflb'd t poIIpi-i all
iieia hup ii,p iatp linn, an'l kwuiiip Hip ri)tm-nt
lial.ilitip.. JOIINt). llAliJIW.
Cairo, III , March S, Xi'fi.) C W'INnTON.
In rrtirinu from thp real i'iUUi tHiini, 1 diwirn lo
rt tiirn my thanks Ut the numerous patnuw who I, nr
nir u iiiiiiiiwr i fiir Pinniil III" trim im-ir lni
nPH., nnd inott hpsrtily rpeointiipnd Mr Vlnton. nn
dprwhosp inatmi(piipnt Hip littslnpo uf thp firm ,4
lpn ronduptPd forlhitru.t Hum ypara, and who will
contiutiu tho biKinnigi. i4 a Ki'talmiikii of undoubtpd
iMiiinPssrapapity kui nouer, nnl in pery wy qiiui
bU to .ilil,wl(inl)' ilipeharKe Hie ImiiIiiph of a rtvil
estate acpntatKi ornupr.
marStUt lli'Hpi'olfiillv,
rjinusiKPrs salk.
W herpak. Slirv A. SfithntL hv hi.r r..pinln .I.-....1
li-arinuda'p the tlurciith day of Jutir. A. 1). IM, und
rrordpd In liook "V" of dppdi.. on mrn KIL.t. .In
the recorder' ottlce of Alexander county, Illlnoi., ilid
ponspy in fro to th linlerilnpd, William J. Allt u, Hip
followmc demribctl lot, plppn.i or parrel Of land altil.
uid in Alfxandvr county, Illinois, vis. Lot No, thrrp
Wool: No. oiiei nine, In block two, one. thrne, four
nnu arp, in mock tnree, ono, two and iliri4-. in bh k
fourionif, two, three, foutand fits, in block Asp; iivp
ami six, In Mock sui oop, two, ihrpn, four, tlo and
mj, in black iern; one, two, thrpe, four Snd fisp, In
block eiiht; ou. two, three, four and live, in block
nlnn ; oup, two, lliree, four, are and an. In block ten ,
ami Uiiiik partof thu county diviaion of the old town
of t'nlt), anil In section thiriy-six, townahin nftpen,
pouth raneotwo we,d,of Hip tlilrd prlniunal meriiltaui
and WHO Iho public wjuuro In .ml town of Unity, m
will more fully npicarliy refcrencp lo the ,.It ofaald
town In the recorder's ollic.i of said county. The
imrlhPiistqu'irtcrnf tho pouthrnit quurli r. ofaKiion
thirty-aix, townhlp fifteen, south rmiK" two wrt, con
UinltiK forty acrpa texeppt saiinj; and rescmiiKOiiu
quarter of aniM.re, liicludniflliepnilo sraiP)' 1 lis
now and hcrptoforp known aituatrd nn a Miiall inouiid
in mid tract), alo, thp northwcatquuilerof thn aoulh-wpktiiinrtprofpiH-iion
tliirly-ono, In township flftupii,
outh, ratiEo ono west of tho third principal inpridt
Ian, containini; fifty.onii acres nnd ftl-lo: ot uu acr's
ulso thu follow insdeacrild loU. pIpcpm or partols of
land in laid town of Unity ; iot una uuil Iwo in niuurn
mix, beiiiK part of aectioit thirty-aix, towuahiplilluoa
outh, riiiign two west; also, as known on suld pint of
town of Unity, lots oae and two ie tqtuire ll), mid lot
mm III i,ulo nrivil, nil llTli ,11 pqillirn llni 111 P4III
town of Unity, Hip cruntor nxpreisly abandoning und
waivitiK all rluht of hninvsteiid exeinplion. In irild.
howetcr, that if a certain nolo pxpcuti'd by amd Mary
a, P11U.1JV11 iu jsiiiiij. ivjiKcraun a ior iwwuiy
Uve hundred dollars, tinted e?en date witli Mid dppd,
and payablo alxty doya from date, and iu paid dppd
rnor particularly di'soribod. ahoiild nut bu well and
truly laid when the same occamu due and tuyiihlp,
thun the said William J. Allen, or his IpkuI rpprornla
tlvi'H, miaht, on tho rrqucatof thu holder of aunl note,
protend to sell Iho oboie described properly or any
part thpfpof, atptitillc vtn'liin to the highest bidder,
as ly tho terms of said deed are provided, and upon
inch alo make, execute and deliver to tlio purchaser
or purchasers thereof a deed u feo simple therefor.
And whereon, suidnotn hun long slnon Income duo and
payable, and the sum of tweuty-eiftht hundred and
thirty-two dollars and twenty-fim cenU of principal
and interest now remaina dap and unjiniil on said note;
now therefore, notice a hereby ((hen, that ut the re
uuostof tho holdcri of aald note, and In piirsiiam p of
the teriiu andcouditiou of naiddced, I, ihopuid Wil
liam J. Allon, unrier.tik'oedi will, on Mondav tliu(th
day of April, A. U. 18UI,' at tho court house in tho city
Cairo, Illinois, nt the hour of tea o'clock n in., nf uaiif
day, proceed fe sell the property hereinbefore de
scribed, or no much thereof aa may be iitceasury, to
aatlsfy aaid amount so reinalpinK duo on aaid note at
aforeaald. with tho subaruuent intPreat that nmv .
crua thereon, and the caa'eaitd expemca of this Iru'nt:
anu will execute and dellTtr to tlio purchoaor or pur-
chaaera thereof a deed Ihorefor.
n . . WILLIAM J.ALU'.N.Truatcu.
Cairo. III.. February W, ItW.
ttUiUri as tae aSSve af she Cuir e BuUxlia.
j i f
t, .' o , t
lis .?
t; s - .
1 ' 8. Sib 0
Wll A II I'll OAT.
'1'hroiiKli llliu r I.ndlnir ulvrn to all
A vniiitnic 1'olnu by Hull or Wutrr.
rsIlX'IAL A'lTI'.NTlO.N TO rOltWAitHIMl.
TIip folloHlntr lkiat-4 eotninc
tin I. nn and mi
run in the follow uik order :
Airise at Cnlro.iAtr.spnt Cuitj.
lloatii. hj.i. I IP.
llllM.i: hT. I.ODIM, TiiPlay,fli..iiiNtnnlyl n.ir
'dialer, Stiutrr; I
C ITV tll'CAIIUl, Tluinolay ji.rnMotnUy,t B.rc
Mnlln, Matpri i
HKl.t.i: Mli.MI'IIH, suunlny, 5 p.m Thtin , 1 a.ir
Crane, Mantcr I
lArrlrn nt Cairo
Arntcat fa.ri.
I'm!), 1 a.c
An hpr. Mfttpri
, M"tpr;
IIUVp. .Mniter:
Friday, 6 p.m'nnday, I a r-
Conway, Mii'tpri
llini v. Majpri
eunilay, 6 p.m WpdiiSJ'j 1 a.
rnlMlwn, Mapr.!
Connecting at fet. Iutswilli
N'orthtrii I.lne I'utktt Coujibii-(
Keokuk l'arkrt t'oiiijiitny,
Omnlin Pocket Company,
and Vnrloila Ilnllrond I.lne.
At Memphis with
3trniiliN nnd AVIillr Itlvr- I'ntkrt Co.,
ArkuiiMia Itlsrr l'n ket Coin jimiy,
.1lcioilil nnd Chnrlealon It. It.,
nud .Mlsll)il A. Triiiieaaeelt.lt.
At WloUirswith
Vaxou Itlvrr 1'acket., and
VIcktliiirK and Jlrrldlnn Itnllroad,
fiitlBj throtish ImII lftifnxuid t kPt t alt aradabV
jiotnt hy ra.1 or nvpr.
' 4 .i,iiwk,.t...-i.
i,II.V. I. Ill i,. .lrrni,
OttIPe m Wharf boat.
KIl. V. hlrvsiN, Twk- and I'MrfneT Au--nt.
tejrllAILV i.i.Kl-iva
rS3 f,.,iIltlii. .f tlm rlllftflfi"
isitrJscSr'ldendld paieng.r steamers
,.Jfot.r I IIAltl'KIt
.m . . .....Ctpri.
.Mk-iPr WIUVKK- .
.IOII.V M'.11HIK.,
DAVH...M- MastPr I HA VI- . n :
llfiVltti: all inUrifwnUtr, Undines, and emu atxei,.
Htu ntlon to way Uuiihih.
LH.V9. iii.-wr.. i r,. i..: a.', l I
daoSt 'end OrtKe ua hrflo)it
S T i: A HI S II I ! C O 31 I' A X V
comi'komisi' ilm: stkamkils
IV. It. Alt'l'lltMt
I.AIIV t-A V . ... ,
ItU'l'll . ,
( A It 1 Kit. Mast.r.
.IH'ltK, Mter,
.rr.iiti?i, jiastpr,
...WIIITK. Mastrr,
,...i:NTItlKK.V, 3!as!
1.1 '.IK I1IM, . .
fkt ,111V 11' 4 fll.l
.u-.-sr.lli. Jiwir,
OI.l Vi: lllt.VM'll -...Jtl.Sl'S. Mwter.
i-t.ji.t, .siajtpr,
C0.1TI.K.TAI. ........OllKK.NOUUII Mom r
(otniirislnft all thn lin.-.l an 1 uict bojtoutof b
Onp of thxabovn linn nf itramera will lcuio Car
for New OniMiia ru-ry other day, rnniuirtln at Ut
Orlmim with Umkii l.liinnf Ktcatners to
I.I verjioot, .Vcsv York, llontou, and Ualvca
tou, Trxna.
Panenctra and Phipppr ran rtlyononenf iImvj1
liati lehvm Cairo punctiuilly m abuip. Will pm
partwubr itttiiiitlun to all way freieht ldow MeinptKi
Ul l('W liriPUIIIl LIIAI, I IlltSI'fn
flPttcrnl Ak"
Offlcp, on Whiirrbiiai, I'ublu
K.hlSSON, 1'as.eiiKPr und Ticket Am
put. Cairo,
1'ubllO IlldlUS.
et Aiteat.
OIUlP, at lit. t-liutlea Hotel,
JOHN II. WAVIH, Hiil, Memphis, Tpiiiiop
jfsy1" Tho splendid sldo-wheel
lilllKHTY No.!4,
I.po Mrmuhla escry TUKSIIAV. Tlll'IWDAY an 1
HATt'ltDA V, nt i p.m., for Whltoitirer. ronnpctinKal
Durull'n lllutl witli tlio MeiiiplilM and I.lttln Hook ILmI
road for l.ittln Itixk und I lot Hpnnc.. Tlinu from
MPinphia Ui lilttln lhCk, 48 hours.
KreiKhta and 1'anaeuKura receipted oior the aim
1.1 no at lower ratoi than any other route.
C1IAH. T. IIINUK. ARPnt, Cnlro, III.
Olhcoon Whurf-boal,
Consistini: of tio followinu
Splendid l'siMiiviigcr Stcaiucrnc
PUrfOUOIIKT. Master l'OWI.Klt ,. .jOtU
I.putch Cairo Huudny und Thursday at S p.m.
DEXTKIt Minter OltAMMKll .Wiu
Leave Cairo Tuesduy and Friday at & p.m.
WM.'A. I.OWTII,..Miwtcr WiUOHT 'c,
T.eaca Cairo Wednesday and Baiuruay ..
Makinirullinttrnimlliitu lundinaa, and paying MO
llcular aUcntion to racket Krpifhla.
W1AU. t. m.

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