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, , ..Office, 22 c Washingtottenuc, Derrocrat Hall: Editorial Rooms, Ohio Levee, over Barclay's Drug Store.
vi11 ? tp the
lit nt with
official papek of count vax i) citv
the ovbax issumievtioxshaIj,
Wlifit policy the jiresciit administration
will adopt in reference to Cuba is involved in
uncertainty. IntimationsJ.invo been thrown
out to the effect that thu new president Is
deeply Inlercted in thti pending difficulties,
and will not long defer eloctsivo action.
It is ovident tlmt the public is not correctly
iidviie.1 as to tlio progress cf the insurrection.
The Now Orleans 'Hullutin' say the govern
Mont dispatches from Havnnn continue to re
port victories for tliu government, with much
If.n t tl.o "Ititurfoiili" ("mm lifdtfe mill iiili.
jugntion. .f tift then comes our steamships
latUn with refugees from Cubit. At the same y,
til;,'! n'.l curie sugars have, ndvnttctd in price,
id private advices announce tlmt n'Jitforco-1(
m r.'j finen and nrms And their wav mv.sto-,'
us'y into, the JslwtuL There can be no ?
dj'M hut flic revolutionists liisV 'ftuttlH
u'asiry by a general acl of e,manc!rmtlon. "
Th 1 1--' m like cutting the dykes of Holland. j3
It i determination so to destroy the
pri . "-'y if tho inland tlsstt the conqueror will ,,
dt;iu . i) advantage from its acquisition.
Tbi il.i, uiVf u,rvly to eudurs nil ossiblu
C iu: jT-.i'-e before ultmljoii. i"J
It t: o I iiitsxl otntoa will regard thcconlliet
m. .;.-.. tig on in Cuba, and comparo it with Jj
t .r ; ,.f international law, it will bo found M
Cat it is exactly what Kurop proclaimed
utii President I.in.oln admitted in regard to
our own contest. That is, , it i , civil war. :
Hero wiii comiiif tics the right of the I'nitod
Stat s t exercise n sound di'vrotlnn as to ii;
wL '. party most deserve Its sympathies, or to
or .ti n fhUloS." In a civil wuTe'itlier ;jj
.i:tu;ty Iw right-in th fttinatiun of for-ii-ii
n,rn. They may eUblih rotations
w.t'i ' cr r both, nt their option. Neither to
right to charge such govern
nh iirfpr&jW hiterferene e. For .
thetCiJi Mwur" iintlius a (((ivstiou refurri-d to r
furcn f jr decision. It is u ipjtrstloii whou ro-(J
suit must be doubtful, ntid no foreign power
ran W expecttd to divimi which combatant
is rigf t bHUe It i iinpolble to nnticlpnteCJ
whl.l, party will b. ucoeniiful Hence, in ail j,
CA'it of civil wur foreign nations huvo lif-:o
fered in their opinion, wlmn thn rult forVj
which tlm combatants contend has been at
tained rtl cists srhprt' provinces and colonial ;u
dtpndecis have ttriu-W for aWolute Indo-'5
Kindn foreign nation hvu recognized m
thft succe of thu prorlnce or colony nt dif-'jjf
ferent period f tht cdntost. tj)
"Foreign nation may be their own judges (j
of iht progress and results of n civil war.vj
They are not ltotiad to await th recognition i
l)v either party to a civil vnr of the results )
-to it" antagonist." n
Any other principle, continues the fame i
buthcrity, would enable clth-r party to a'
civil war to MocVwlu and Snfiiblt th other
from all couunnrcl&l and diplomatic inter-
ccurse with thw outer world.
It s ms to l? the ctntion, therefore, p
that th" prescient will speedily taVo dcisiven
Ktcps, in,tlii inattsir, as liuhuj been authorized '
to do by congress, lie hoiild talc a position J,
at mi-e. if old HKiin is to deport her pplo 1
to, F'ernande IV an horrible Ulund on the
cd lutir and near th- i"U of (luinen and
pursues this war to the i tormlnatlon of the
jirc ptrty and production of tho most fertile
country In thu world, the United States enn
nct be expected to with InditTeronce the 1
CcmUMination of n jxiltey o barbarous and j
destr ictlre to hvr coinuiorulal Interests. )
Prait'cnlly, th" United State lmsgtiarnnleed
to Spnln her Tenmlnltig possessions on this I
continent ..Practically, till, policy has ex- (
cKid'd the I'tiltitl Stntw from an equal jiar
tlc'jtat 'n In the ronimercii of thosu jiose- - -sic
ns by sustaining a joalous mid excluslvo .tt
tarliron American product. A just reading wr
of the Inn of nations will now nllow tho United
States to revjttw it, jxdicy and iU position, J,"
and to withdraw the vilu'tlon of silence or of y.
its cxnniplo trom h war ss-agvd In the spirit of
Hjwel.it Mcetiu
Cairo, llch 11, 1.
Called for general busines
Present The Mayor, nndkiilmen Jor-
Martin, O'Cnlllhan tJillinmson
: s.v'.
I)e)oUs RcciWttl, and. a Ginrtnl
iMiK.is iknulitctm,
I'rcl'l.'fit. I' Ve-1)'
.. IILSJIIKH, (Valuer
Col lections Promptly Attfndi
iklllful and reliable i-arpontcrs, and four !u
joring men nt such rates of wages as they
ciui arrnnge for, not to exceed curront rates,
in of inid carpenter and two of saidjabor
srs to compose a gang and enen gang 'to bo
miployed on sepurato streets or avenue,
Commercial Avenue and "Washington Avenue
to be flrst repaired, and tho other streets In
such order that tho side-walks nnd cross-walks
most out of repnir and most ued, shall bo
first thereafter attended to, u snid coinmittco
may direct.
2. That said Committee on .Streets are
hereby authorized to purrbiuo such material
as way bo necessary for tho repairK referred
to, not however In greater quantities than
mny bo required for use during tho current
month; that contracts for larger quantities
shall be submitted to tho City Council for
their approval before they shall be. of any
binding force or effect, and thatKnid Commit
teo shall report at each stated inmjtjiig; of both
boards of thoity Council their n'cfions and
doings sinco tho previous meeting. Provided,
that where, in the opjnion of said Committee
thu sidewalk or crosswalk is In sdcli condition
that it Is Inexpedient to repair it. rejwrt of
such fact shall bo made to the City Council,
for their' further action thereon.
On motion adjournal.
.tony P. F.ifiiv. City Clerk
Kit-hangr, Cola, Hank Malta
Hlclra ttctirlit,
3ESou.kXx Ajn.sdL Bo
(.eclil MeetinR.1
' Uir... HI.. Starch li,
I Prcunt: The mayor and aldermen Ilrankle,
Carroll, Oilmen, Hulun, IIendrkU,,Kennjdy,
Lohr, Loncrgan, Mendull, Uedman and Theo
bald. II. Ciluncllmon: Jorgimsoil, Martin,
I 0 Caluhnn and "Williamson. 4.
j Mayor Obcrly deliven.-d his inaugural ad-
! dress as follows :
lllntriil nit Thin. ( Oenlleilien-Mtwber. of Hie City Cuuil"il
Alloirrd on THm; llcjl . M , threshhold of u new ollleial
year in the history ot Cairo, you have met
Oalr of Illluoi
tho earlier and mon barbarous a-'es. Vt't
trust till step will be tukun before anothtr
sugar crop shall Ihi dOstrovud, and Cuba. re
duce 1 to tho desolate Mate of.lainaica and St.
Domingo, aud other statui recently involved
In n civil war. Tim abolition of .luvery is of
tour, i a llxed tact In Cuba; but lot civiliza
tion n vii a much wuU of blood and labor
A pt'ia'ble
I a
longer a f
jtldgo rr
The election of Mr. Maker is no
matter of doubt. He has been chosen
of tho A' IX Judliil circuit by n majority of 'J'
about ono hundred nnd fifty vote. ik
Vhllo wo Injlleve that Mr. ilakor wlll
prove u greater niifce'S than Olnev, wocan-1".
! t 04'
not stille n regret that tho pcojilo hnvo failed -of
to avail themselvos of tho superior talent of
Judge Sloan. It was with Cairo to decide"
the contest in Mr. Sloan', favor, but the dcm-Va
ocrals Ignoring party lines and hundreds of
thorn staying away from the polls, thoy en
compassed his defeat. Two hundred less than
the usual democratic majority in Cairo would
hnvo elected Judge Sloan.
The radicals voted for Maker almost to a
man, and for tho reason that ho is a radical.
Who supposes that if Maker had been a dem
ocrat nnd Slouu u rndlcitl, that Maker would
together In your official capacity this evening
to enter upo'n the dlcharge of tho important
duties which your fellow-citl.Hii' have ItupOf
' ed upon vou." Tliis occasion l then-fore onu
of more tfian ordiuarv moment, and 1 feel im
pelled to avail myself of the opjortunlty
which It uflurds me to call your attention to
matters, In my opinion, bearing upon ths) In
terests of your constituenta, and also to cer
tain measures of local policy which, In tho
laniruai! of tho charter. I 'Sltern expedient
Tnc only EMST-CLASS HOTEL it for tho advantage of the city. '
I. now in th m.t Gentlemen, the position vou occupy ns
hiin..n.icrgone. 00uncilmen Is on. of rranonslbllitv. Th.
TIIOHOITGII RKXOVATj character of Us cttlr.eni and th. advantages of
-its location nave much to do with tn. growth
The r cummer. .. , of a cltv : but th.ro ar man v causes bevond
Tormas, aO OO Por 3 dependent of Its location, which mnV contrlb-
ute U Its trrowth and prosperity. If th.in.n
who enact its ordinances, and thoo who.
BKKfJ Carrlefl So Hurt Trom III, duty it is to uxtctlto the Will of tho municipal
ST. of CHrKr. I jj.ju,. ,re BUje ,nd honest, M city I lor-
Day Hoard, T,rrhj.Fiee Dollnm rr tuaato, anil its iniurosi will nt ie raiartuji
ouv'uo luaiorcu wian wiic miiu aMii j-iiu i cy
craland stat. goVernra.uts are at a great dis
tance from us, are clothed with something
like nivstery, nnd to the casual observer seem
to bo tn. fountain from which household hap
plntis, ns well as national greatness, Hows;
but'nn analysis of cause and tiled in our
American system of politic would prove that
th. "loeAi governments oi inn lanu tne gov
t'onior Market nnd Court Slreci
ThU new, p.vua.
ru, elecani anu weu-a.1 o - - - . -i
Mm-dforiheteon.t.-nr.f u ernm.uU of the township, counties nnd cit-
nt nfier January 1 Jih The entire hoiu. la nj je4 bring either hapt)Ine or diacontent to
elenllr furnished, eontalulnu excellent n ... 3inl,l, ullliin thir Inlluenca- that
tho a."rommo.Ullon of lady U.r.ler, an.l , the hoUSCllOIUs sllliin msir inuuenc, mat,
conseniencea fouml In th be.thonelu thi in loci, ineio aci upon, give inuo in aim uia.r
Three eligibL
awrue a uiodenai. u., th. eharncter of tho grander governments
e eligibly altualeit and well tntshedt I ;,,.. .,i v lun tli mulilfd.
rponvi ob the nrt floor will ! renteu on n-a -- -
lermsioacoouienani. jm jmi corjKiraiieii nviegun-iiivii, mu "jiu
who compose It Itavo llttl. reason to complain
even thougii mo nation is comroiieu nv cor
ruption and funaticism, or domineered over
v epauletted ignorance; but when tho mu
nicipality is led by extravagance, thought
lejnesi and corrujitlon, the people who com
ASSOC!.! ivoa It will havecood cause of complaint even
thouch consummate statesmanship, honesty
Peoria, Illinois.
The Firt ami IUst Tnttitution of the d st.rling patriotism give shao to the pol-
the. United Mate. iciua m utw-m ni.
, irillll IU llll iruHilllun, nnti i am i h iuai
Weekly Ilenefit from M lo tw In ra. of s
Kvery mn ur Krmale of Healthy Con-litutlni;
k rn.mU'f.
Thia Institution la legally incorporated urn)
I .1111...... I.' ....... I ... . . 1
ilevltdtf General Agent furSUio of 111;
3VC 33 IX O IX J. 2NT
A'o, 70 Oifo Levee, rulro
Hnei'lat nltentlnn uiven to censiennient and
onlera. dec
If. V IK 1ST,
I) n. M.Kit i.v
liavo received u single radical vote. Strip
mm ot his politics, and there Is no legitimate
Hrguinent in )U favor that would not apply
to Sloan with ton fold greater force. Hut the
contest derided. Judge Sloan has been de
feated by hU party friorids' aiid Maker elected
by his political oneinies. Of this there can
Lo no quuition, for had Cairo democrats been
governed us Cairo radicals wuye, by party
con'ideratldris, tho rWult would bu jireclsely
tho row-ps'i of what Is. - i
Norti: Carolina has rutilledtholOtliainend-ment.
Iliiller. Laid, Eggs Poultry, Cm
Can I'rtiit ami Y g .' t u It
llnvanil (Srnluois CnmiiiUalon,!
Eighth Street (north aide) near Ohio
IT'or IStn.lo,
.1. K. FUOST, AkoiiI,
An ordinance in regard to funds cell,-!!
by tho Street Supervisor was presontedld
referred to tho Ordinance Committee.
An ordinance in relation to the fun dsn
lug from licenses to sell and retail vir,,
nplritous aud fermuntod liquors, was rcudd
referred to thu Committee on Ordinance
An ordinance in relation to tho removf
appointed oUicors and their term of office, i
presetted and reforrcd to tho Ordinal
Th6 following Joint resolution was prcsi
ed, aud on motion of Councilman O'Callill
was adopted, und referred to tho Hoard?
Aldermen for tholr concurrence: .
Kesolved, by tho select council, the boanj'
aldermen concurring,
That tho commlttco on street.- urn hcr)
authorized to have thu aide-walks nnd ornj
walks (generally) repaired, whoro, in thj
opinion, repairs aro needed and are prop.)
and, for the purposes of such repairs, said coi
mitteo aro hereby authorized to employ ti.
to surmise who can doubt Its foundnc, noth
lug could be more dltllcult than the naming
of a osttion pf greater responsibility tliHn
that which you am now enteriug a position
requiring cool-headed deliberntion, tact und
.wisdom, und from which even thu suspicion
of corruption and the folly of prejudice should
be suntmartlv excludtd. I am sure, uentle-
men, you will meet tho responsibilities of the
position wisely und perform its duties well.
lN.U THOIll.t;l (OMl'LAINTp.
Whil. our cllv i not as prosperous as it
should be. much of the current aud deprecat
ing clamor about It is the offspring of either
ignorance or falcohood. In every part of tins
land labor is raising its voie. in complaint,
and trade and commerce are languishing ;'
but the ovldenees of hard times aro not more
plainly marked in Cairo than iu most of tho
cities of the union. Wo should therefore
bear with philosophy our share of tho burden
of unfortunate results which have been
evolved from the events of the last past eight
eventful year.
ltecogni.Ing this fact, and allowing It dun
weight, we hould remember that our duty
requires of us a diligent search after, what
ever local causes nmy 'bo operating to retard
the progress of our city, so that when found
thoy may bo removed. The advantages of
our situation nro great; we can loast of tunny
enterprising and public-spirited citixon;
tlio'vast country which spreads out in every
iltrcuon irom our Miourua i very loruie
enterprUo, and point tit to tuthti pmh wliioli
leaus 10 coiumertiai grenwn. u uecu not
seek for tin explanation ofthU fact. Heavy
taxation is tho mill-stone, which is bearing lis
down. Wo mny concentrate s ithin our cor
porate limits nover s many railroads; may
trumput our own praUa .continually ; ..may
toil and strugglu .to obtain our proper plae'e
among the cities of thu nation; und yet, while
burthensomo taxation weighs upuii our uili
r.ens wo cannot udvanuo to creatueKa. Mann-
faeturers nnd trade shunlioavily taxed cities ;
and within their limits outerprmu lauguUhea.
portiouully, in which enso the tax falls in u
greal nicasuroon tho consumers of town pro
duce, on the consumers of all articles "
factured by labor within the city. In this
way tho expense of manufacturing articles be
comes too great to allow capital to continue
iu business. Capital will not remain in n
town if its profits fall below their ordinary
proportions ns compared with other town.
Tho great problem, then, which you, gen
tlomen, are asked to solve, and in which tho
rich and the poor nro nllku interested, is:
How can the preent h.avv ruto of taxation
be reduced? Tito first duty of the council in
this regard will bo to get the finances of tho
city well iu hand, and' obtain n perfect knowl
edge of their condlticn. All tendency to ex
trnvnganco mustlx, lopped ofT, and tho princi
ple must obtain that tho tnxci laid for a defi
nite service shall not exceed tho expense actu
ally incurred in rendering the service, and
that (lie expense of all services rendered the
city shall be kept within tho revenue. If this
proposition shall become n rule regulating
vour action, city orders will coon approxi
mate to par ; you will be able to pay all
bonds a tliev become duo ; the rate of taxa
tion will doorcase, because the orders paid in
ns tnxe will then hnvo a purchnslng value
aimo't iwun n greai a now; coiisciueuuy
the work which may then be done will cit
only about half the money It nowcot: and,
therelore. tho revenue neeu not no near a
M rent as tllat which Is now collected. Let mo
hrielly illustrate this. Our trta-uay orders
aro evidences of the indebtedness of tho city
to the poroiis holding them, ami tliev mny he
paid for all city taxes but that lovled to cre
ate the intercit fund. When the amount of
taxes to be collected, does lint exceed
tho imiount of orders out,, ordos are In '
demand, null should he nesriy at par.
Vhv are thev not. then? Tho reaou is
ohvfous. The people have no auranco
that nt any meeting of the council nnew grist
of orders,"in excess of tho amount of taxes to
be collected, will not bo urouitd out. Now,
thu moment such an assurance can bu given,
the evil of greatly depreciated orders will
hnvo been remedied. I am of the opinion
this nsturance can be given, and in this way:
Let tho tlnanco committee of the council, be
fore the levy of taxes is made, prepare a care
fill estlmateof tho amount of money that will
be necesary to pay th expenses of th city
for tho current yea'r so much for tho general
fund, so much for th. Improvement fund, and
ac.rtain amount for contingent expenses,
etc. Then let an ordlnanco bo prepared pro- j
hlbitlng the expenditure of any money for
general purpos.s, improvements, and contin
gent expenses in excess of the estimate of the
finance committee; and, providing, too, that
b.for. any work shall be undertaken, an ap
propriation mast bo made by th. council. If
at any time extraordinary and unoxp.cUd
expanse should of ntceaMlty be incurrod, let
bonds and not orders bo Issued as evidence of
th. Indebtedness And arnln. The ordinan
ces provid., that ta llc.ases to sell and re-
tail vinous, sniriiout or r.rmentoa liquors,
in less quantities than a gallon, shall be patd
in th. local curroaor sf the United Stntes ;
and. also, that the money collected by the
street supervisor shall bo in currency not
crip. Now, this roveaue, if my most car
next efforts can obtain the result, must not
only bo paid to the officer who shall collect it
in money, but shall bo paid In money Into the
city treasury, and in mv opinion it were well
If tho money collected from these two sources
of revenue were set apart as a special fund
nnd exclulvely appropriated to the payment
of the wages of persons employod in repair
ing sidewalks and streets, and in procuring
materials for tho same. I am also of the
opinion thnt the fnx on dogs should be some
what increased und mado payable in legal
currency, and should be paid by the Marshal
into the'treosury la th. samo kind of curren
cy, aud that this revenue should also be
thrown Into tho special fund for the payment
of city laborers. My doing this, tho council
will establish a rule that will give to the labor
ing man money nnd not depreciated scrip,
while nt tho samo time the volume of the scrip
issued' will be kept down very materially. In
this way, I believe, city ordors may be made
to approximate par; and tho moment thoy
do, and confidence in the determination of
the council to never issue more thnu an
amount equal to the amount of revenue to be
collected is fastoned upon tho publlu mind,
thnt moment our orders, like the city order
of St. I.ouU, will becomu useful at a local cur
rency, und buy thu holder almost as much at
nit equnl amount of legal tender or National
Hunk notes. I therefore recommend thee
suggestions to your thoughtful consideration,
n unc woiss; anu how to my tok it.
During the curreat official year many
necessarv public Improvements mutt be made,
nnd in making these the labor of our own cit
izens should onlv bo omployed. The side
walks, crosswulta and footways in every part
of the city are in a bad condition, ami true
economy requires that, without any unncces
sarv di'lav, a sufficient force of workmen
should bo employed to repair and thus save
thrni from cutnp'loto destruction. Inasmuch
as the cost of these repairs will be small, and
the benelit general, it may be well to pay the
expenses out of tho general fund, leaving tho
cost of all new sidewalks, etc., to be paid for as
the amendment to tho charter provides, by
the property benullttcd.
I U I 11(1 V KUKNT OF TIIK crilKKT-,
.Man v of the afreets of the city are also In a
bnd condition and demand your immediate
attention. Dirt has been filled in upon the
Avenues from six to twenty inches above the
established grade, und, lu nuuy places, wash
es in rainv weather aud covers thu sidewalks
with mud'. I believe It would be well to take oil"
the Avenues the superfluous dirt, nd may be
fifi.iitirll lllliril iii level them to a v (1 Inches below
, ...1 ..... I. i..... .l.r. i,.ttiii.l idiW'iw nnil
s ' Viwti a. visa .-. va tf ; v- si
1 vet there is something which, crippling grade, and put it into tho washed places
p energies, prevents us from properly ti-ing ih cro-s streets running from ) u.hin
i opportunities which inulte us into fields of Avenue to 'Walnut. Thco treets in
weather aro 11)11101 ImpasMible, and a small
fill would improve them ami neueiu mo enure
cltv. Under- u .former rule of aMiient
the property abutting thu ; streets fiud wore
required to pay the cost "f the lUKn, and it
thin rule still held, it would be manifestly un
,i t t-i act upon the suggestion wli i ll L hnvo
made. HilU the ainendniolit to-the charter
ue tabli-ln a diii'ereiit rule of aeo atiuont-T-that
the c,t of improvement hal. o- 4e-.
cd upouall tho property beiielltt' d. Cm.
ui.f.ii.iicrs tlru tb (lilermlno what pr m-rty A
im.ifltted. and It Is altogether probufdu that
and business losos all sprtghtlinoM., und Oll-HialUll'..Ul.iWrflJ:irltt W.MtiJiLJ
wearily puces along. And not alone upon ayenufs tjicy .oudlijeJUd Uv lhi Ji-l.fu
property holders, but also on labor taxation f My 'benefitted tlmton;the eros AtVttel
lavs n heavy hand. Tako our own city. A hnvo mentioned. AtAall qvuiiL, iinjinivc
small city like Cairo cannot produco u jargo incuts upon those streetsnro bo Imper itivcj
revenue wUhoul prrsslng severely upon its dcuujipled, tjiuu recoiiiiueml tlmvn 'itu
laboring classes, unless thoir wages rlu pro- tf) suggestion ivjiiell T have just n..ivu-.
Thu firemen of Cairo aro as efficient ns tliosi
of any city in the country, and the council
should second allthnlr efforts to guard against
tho dangers of fire. Tills can bo dona in no
moro etl'ectual manner than by providing
tliom with cisterns from which th'cy may ob
tain water for their engines. Promptly, at
the tap of tho alarm bell, these self-sncrifl-cing
men rush to battle with tho flames, but
their ellorts arc frequently rcadcred futiioby
tho fact that uot one of thorpubUo cisterns in
the city will hold n drop of water. Construct
ed of briolc, half built at best, thoy can never
be made available for the purpoics for which
they were Intended ; and every consideration
of public safe'tv requires that other mid bet
ter cisterns should bo provided at once.
If wo delay much longer, wemaylpivo reason
to blamo ourselves for inexcusable neglect
of duty. Large nnd strong public cisterns,
built o'f wood, are an imperative ncccessity to
our city.
I deslro to call your particular attention to
the city :iilabooo. It is wholly unfit for the
use intended contracted in fts dimension. '
dark, tinventilated, the abode of vermin and
obnoxious smells, there is i-enreel v an offense
for which our ordinances provide a pcnnlty
that call for punishment equal to a singl
night ii incarceration within its loathsome
walls. I suggest, therefore, that you instruct
tho proper standing committed to take into
consideration the necelty for its Immediate
enlargement nnd. general' improvatnont';or i
what, pcrhnpvwould hotter servo tho ends of
ju-tioo' mid thu cnu-e of humanity, tho'pro-'i
priety of . erecting an cntirelytiiow: building;
KIIlKMfc AND 0NTAflt0W lIK.VBrjS.I '
I need scarcely urge upon your'attentlon
the necessity' for the ndoption of the best
possible inenh to shield th. city from the
ilinter of epidemic ami contngeoui diseases,
to which 'Cairo; in common with . nil river
cities,' . subjected. ' A pest houtc', suitably
furnished, remote from the thickly settled.,
tiortlon of the city, eoual to any cmorccn'oy
that may nrlc, Is n demand of ordinnry pru
dence, and should be provided. Proper dili
gence in iolnting thu victim: of Mich disease
and the adoption of precautlonary'in'casures
by the citizen, would insure tho city exemp
tion from disaster the vnlue of which cannot
be mea-ured by dollars and cents.
The nineteenth section of the ordinance of
thecitv require tho comptroller to enter Into
a bond in tho sum of ?.riOO, with good nnd
sufficient security, conditioned for tho faith
ful nnd Impnrtlal performance ot the duties
of his office. A larger bond than this can
not. In Justice, bo required of an officer whu
receive u yearly salary oi oniy in ciy
orders; and" I therefore call your attention to
the fact that he frequently has in his posses
sion from ISO.OOO to $100,000 bonds, ready
to be negotiated. Nothing th.reforu nut the
honesty of th. comptroller stands betwe.n
th. city tnd great loss. Now, us It would not
le just to ask tho comptroller to give more se
curity, I r.commend that the bonds bu made
a special deposit in one of the national banx-.
of tlm cltv, and that they be drawn out only
mi an ordVr of tho council.
The inorai ss.H-belne; and good order of
thn.clty require that the police ordinnucea
should be rigorously enforced. In the face of
tho municipal law, "bawdy lion., outraging
all sense of decency, obtrude upon the most'
public thoroughfares of the city, and their
keepers without concealment ply thwir nefa
rious calling. The ordinance "declare this
houc to be public ntiieaiuv., and Iiiim,u
beavv penalty upon tho owner of any build,
log, iis agent or attorney who may let or
lease it to bawds, 1 know it Is the tiio.tdltU
cult of all tasks to put down lewdness, but
while the ordinance stand, an attempt, per
siatent und continuous, should be made to en
force ll. Thi attempt, If it fall to suppress
the evil of prostitution, will make It tcek tht
liy-wMV of the yUy and. llkignurder lurk in
There ! imothcr avocation of di.grat
which the police force hould n.iver allow any
man to ply with Impunity that of profes
sional gnnibling. The Imwd often de.erves
pity, and I more einned ngnliisl than sinning,
hut the profesioiiul uauibler cannot otlur unv
oxcumi in palliation of hU vocation, and stand
before the world with the mark of rascality
upon his brow, lie i the enemy of eoeloty.
I ahall require the police force to do all thoy
can to enforce the ordinance, against gambling,
and I recommend that the ordinance, in tin
regard be revised and Hindu more strlugeut
than thev now nre.
VAsiiiANrn ami tMrof.rr.iiis
It would be well, nlo. If the ordinances
againt vagrancy weft made breader, o that
a elas nf mon, who are thieves and bullies
Infest tittloons; nnd rob and maltreat unwary
people, sometime, n'.uuiiiig to act us police
officers of tho city, anil at no time making a
cent bv honest lal'ior, could ' arreted'and
driven from the city or eUe put at labor upon
the streets.
Gentlemen, to your consideration the sue
getinus 1 have miido aro re pee t fully submit
ted, and I urn satisfied they will rrcelve that
uttentlon at vour hand which their Impor
tance demands, Let us, gentlemen, go t
work iu the performance of our duties dili
gcntli, and with faith in the future of Cairo.
1 have that faith, aud believe that If them Is
wl..b.m in the legislative councils m mo ciiy
ami energy among its cltlaen. t'uiro will yet
rise to commercial greiittW" not less renowned
than that of Cairo of the. olden time, which
tilled Itaselles and hi companions with as
tonifhnient ns they approached it, and th
,tret of which were thronged with mer
chant, and traveler. from till, parts of the
On motion of alde'viiinii Carroll, theuddrci
was ordered published Iu the city papers.
The official bond, of Michael llambrick,
city marshal, and Patrick Moekler, city clerk,
were severally pte-euted, approved aud or
dered mi file.
The official bond of John Hyland, city
triiasuier, win prosentetl and road. On motion
of couneljman AVIlIinmsoii. a eeioct committee
of thteo was raieod to examine and report
forthw ith. The mayor appointeil councilman
Williamson ami 'aldermen LutiygHli and
Tho mayor njipoiiitciltluifiillOMlng standing
eoiiimittcos ror the ci(i:i;eiit ysiur:
l) Sjreots--Winaiiisou, chairman, ulty at
v t .e. ' larger T ' ' -
(Continued oil e'outlll I'fi I

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