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llnis. 4. II 18(1? ami
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Office, 225 Washington Avenue, Democrat Hall ; Editorial Rooms, Ohio Levee, over Barclay?''' HQCKWW,
"i X ?
cvieo, Illinois
i J i MtltMH .f
. . .. (tnt invin I f rf '
ti hi place in thu senate, tlio other day,
mtor Munn denounced tho bill providing
tho improvement of the Illinoi nnd Mich
n cunal, as n "Chicago trick and swindle,"
erein, for onco Injiis lift, Munn wns about
lit. Tliu bill in tlie form presented opened
i .1 -r.n.lj nnd Tor tllO
uoor k1 i
lUgurutioii of ii sjstcm of lt'rnal hnprovo-
nts at onco disastrous to mo unum-mi
It is j-.ito probable that there wcro not a
lfd ;-.ui si untor opposed to the improve-
entof tha IllinuU and Michigan canal to
e extent of building a lock nnd dam tho
ily Improvement", fay the advocates of the
11 t;...t .err contemplated or desired. Hut
t. ' . If no other Improvement
- - - . . .4,... I t.anw id nr I III
. - l - lJlVV- iv s-w j " .
tL r i. :. ; t and extension of tho Illinois
; n canal, tho iinjiroveinont ot tne
It k and othrr river-.' This em-
river in the state the Ohio,
I ig and little WaWh, Ukilw,
, and every other water course
the name'of river. Itlpravides
appointment of wre commis-
wuuld b, under the law, all jsow
v iould jHirfeet contrarts, that
state far million(of jlollars ;
1 i. ploy a many agents, superin
t .-ineer, draftsmen and'othor jnsr-
might please, and ax their rate
's.'.-n. Here, then, nr' MvSriPBrfr-
i provided for who might or might
l.-ased, commence a system of
ivc . . . nH)Ht tftai wuiu utterly osiui.-
. , and all this, say the friend of
rn him nothing but tlie "construction
. . i damn in the Illinois and Mteh-
1 M
I- - ..
. 1'
t. t
r 1
I .
tt .ir
ti i. - t
r i
.;! v nfrrn rowmMlonwri ' Thrwi
I r erve th- purHtu, and a the
. naml i a rontiderable item,
i-iid of dollara would bi fnycU
g tlM nuiilW to what it hnuld be.
.i general authority giv to these
rr in the bill, a tnrtr Utn'r in
. y and everything that mayctuno
n -ad of oanal and rivnr improve-
fv woiild haTe fvoo.tjoo to make a
i.. i.t with ; but there is no power
t r ' a tl.em fmm ttntriag into eontraet
i j . the faith of thu ntnte for ten
' ' ..,ur f d'dlars ote! (Vrtnlnly -uch a
lar. w -A b- UiroH in the extreme, no
isu ii l.-w I "nt, decreet and onscientious
t ..iuur might bv. Hy the term
t f ti I u they are wholly urirestrulned, and
if t' ty choitao, All up tho old raual and
' .j. ti r w cue, or do anything ele in tliu
way f wil fiing. deining or extending our
wnt r c ir-. that mwify ran aicomplish.
Km! r, all this, and tontru.ting it with
vt:l : r-mi ncs from the iupjorters or tne
1 , t' at i ly ' a lock Mid h dam are wanted,"
it was vry'niitural for Mr. Munn to insist
t'.at t' b .1 lwhp,Jo as to spcify that
wu' t lit nkl that tho work contemplated
I " t ':i.;ilv drriUtl ; that tho number of com-
uiiiOiii'r bu !emil to three, and that the
-1 -. -,t hoiild be jcillcally ct forth.
II w honest enntor could objit't to thi aftwr
iTtnr g thut tliey ught nothim: beyond tho
in rovi'im iiU named, forms un. enigma for
whirh wo have no solution, ltefuslng to
iri.ke ti r liii thus tangible and pcciflc; ro
. . n ; ti Utlrc the power, dutittmnd rpon
.'if of the roniinIlner. ; refu'ing, in
J':i t, n Mmit the application of the bill to the
I!'.n''j ..id Mi''liigjn cuuul, tho member
?." it l.ave b fti perversely blind or deplora
1 'y igi. r..ut who failed to see mi absolute
I -i'p(!e t- involvothf dtate in other outlays
t ,in t'i v V'-rlmlly urirol a purpose dMion
rn in it inocption and apt, as wc have said,
to open the door to fraud, embezzlement and
( cry peile of villainy into which men may
I v tempted by a promise of pecuniary reward.
If tip frn I of the hill hud nothing to com
al, why did tliuy rvfuo to limit it cojo to
c nform'to the avowt'd object f The trim
tcr.i'iwi Bignel by Munn. The whole
t'.ing was a trick and a swindle, cut and dried
I y thu Kt'heiner. and triekstur of Chicago;
, - A t ! change dsired would have placed
tie creatures beyond grabbing diitunce
1 -un tho bag of thu treaury.
The inonoy-uhangur of Pari are often tho
victim of swindlers, who havo many ingeni
ous wayn of "doing" even the cautious monoy
tncrchaut. To get a cheque cashed at the
imo is the great game. A fow day buck, a
dwindler of about thirty years of age, with
dark hair, whiskers and moustache, presented
himself to a steamboat agent in Taris with ft
letter of introduction from London, in which
tho man was described as a partner in ft high
ly respectable ship building house of that
city. Ho at tliu saino time oxiiitiitou ti regis
tered letter, Just received, which contained n
cq lo for 100 on a London banker. As a
letter of introduction required tho agent to
'Villtato tho negotiation of the cheque, ho
htllxed his signature to it, nnd mentioned
wlicro the stranger could get it cashed. Tho
rext dny, however, tho man, having obtained
tho money for It, disappeared, nnd subsequent
Inquiry was proved that all tho papers woro
.orgeries. A "gontloman" an Kngllslimnn
lias just di.appcared from n very well
known Paris hotel, after not only living thero
for tivo month without luymont, but who
i mtrlved to borrov soino 10,000 francs of
ho landlord. Tlii is ; ono of tuoso inon of
genius out of place which ono cannot help re-
Tho Now York 'Herald' dlscusse at some
length tho probable ultimate' effect of the
Pacific railroad upon the Mormons nnd their
peculiar initiations. Tho editor does not
think it prebnbbi that tho (icntllei who will
iwarm to "Utah to unearth the vast deposits
of coal and Iron there, will absorb the Mor
mon raco or wipe out polygamy. That end,
ho predict must be accomplished by sword
and rifle. Tho Mormon will resist any effort
looking to their expulsion, and clinging to
their many-wlfo abomination they present a
knotty problem for our wise-head to solve.
Tho 'Herald' thinks the matter worthy tho
serious and immediate consideration of (5en.
Grant. Various schemes, it says, havo been
propose! in emigre for the removal of this
unsightly oxcroscencc of Mormon polygamy.
Ono member proposes the division of tho ter
ritory of lf tah among the neighboring terri
tories so that the Gentile may out voto and
votu out the saints in thoir local governments
Another member nronoses a military sovirn-
ment, another the Mormon dologato tho
admission of Utah n a state. This last would
be ndisswtroti experiment to the saints, and
cannot bo ontortained by oongros. Nor can
we safely wait until the anti-Mormon popula
tion of I'Uh shall be strong enough to out
vote the .Mormon population of h hundred
thousand. Nor, if it could be done, would it
be the witeet .oourU(to buy,out the prophet
and hi followers, and buy an island for them
in the Paclflc and settle them on it ; for tho
skilled industry of these Mormons ii too vnl
uabl to bo Ion.
"We know of no better pkui, continue! the
'Herald,' than that of u sort of military gov-
eminent over Utah, for tho jirotcction of
Mormon and tin siiiprcton of polygamy
nt tho miiiiii time. A law. imposing a heavy
internal revenue tax upon the Mormon for
his second wife with two on hand and with
n heavier tax upon the luxury of n third, and
o on. still inerwing the tax to the prophets
maximum of thirty-nino wive, would lo apt
to havo god effect. Hut it would bo vastly
improved with n premium to every single
man marrying a surplus wife of saint and
adopting her children. After hat ha been
done for the southern black in the name of
the freedtnen's bureau, extending to the mar
riage relation, we do not see why tho territo
rial system imre suggested might not be adop
ted for Utah.
Those who affuct familiarity with affair
lhirid theenrtains, cobble up the following
diplomatic 1at!
Mr. .Motley tin histo'lan, and President
Lincoln ambaador to Vienna, is to tukg
the place of P.everdy .lohiifon. Among tho
morn doubtful rumor afloat Is one that Gen.
Sickle will be sent down to Mexico to relieve
(Sen. P.osecrans. It is probable that Oenural
Itosecrans will be recalled, for it is said that
among other thing General Grant doe not
entertain very high opinion of tho "White
Sulphur negotiations with General Leo and
company last summer. Kx-Governor Cur
tin, of Pennsylvania, has been mentioned, a
the probable man for llusiia. Nothing is
said of Prussia, from which we may infer that
Mr. Uancroft will apt there to remain,
aad ahty Mr. Marsh, our repro.entativo at
Florence Harvey, at Llbson, may nt last
expect to be relieved, salary or no salary,
and tho tnos which Messrs. Halo and Perry,
Minister and Secretary, havu made of it in
Spain calls fur the removal of hoth. As for
the Chevalier Webb, having ihown that lira-j-.il
win entirely to small for las capacities, ho
U probably looking out for something larger.
Thero is a decided morx'mcnt in favor of
tho immoilinte recognition of the independ
ence of Cuba and it annoxat.oa to the I ni
ted State. An exchango deprecating delay,
savs i "It becomes a very mrious matter for
tho United States to consider our preiunt and
future relation to the Island of Cuba, and
act at once with reference to our interests.
Everv dav destroy what it will tako time
and million!) of dollar to build uptigaln after
tha hland conic Into our hand. It is not
for the intoruU of this continent that wc
hould lot uny Kuropean Power desolate
any part of our territory In tho first place
thero i no sense iu tho idea that a nation in
thi aire has a right to iiosse a colony. It i
In opposition to every ruling ana civilized
principle of tho nineteenth century. Much
lo right hu any power to desolate u forcibly
held colonial po.sessl6n, when that colony de
sires to hnvo what wo claim i duo to all
mankind a government of its own, where
everv section can be represented in common
with all the other districts or province of the
government. Cuba ha nevur had this. ,Tho
only privllego sho ha ever received is that
of supporting old Spain in her indolence, ig
norance and arrogance."
SITY. Thi Institution, which wn to do so much
to make farmers of the youth of Illinois, with
out expense to the state, doe net seen to he
a success under the present management, not
withstanding tho large sums appropriated by
tho state for its maintenance. A correspon
dent of a Chicago paper says:
"The halls arc dirty, and do not appear to
have been cleuned nco thu term commenced
six month ago. It i aid that tho regent
has been nbsent for about one half the time,
attending tho legislature, delivering lectures,
attending Sunday school convention!, etc.;
leaving tho institution to run itself. Thero
has been coniderab!o oiDoition to this man
ner of running tho school, among the Wrd
of triUitu-, nnd Iloarn that a rt'form it to bo
instituted. It is charged that at present tho
school i in the hand of sectarians, who use
it to promote their own Interest more than
to teach thoso brain In of loarning -relating
to ngriculturo and the meolianio art,' a i
roquired by law."
We published the other day, tho details
of Mr. Wallace s aainatin near Atlanta.
Georgia, by a Dr. Harden, whom Wallace
had availed in his pu)r for black-balling his
application for membership in tho masonic
lodge, after promMng not to do So. Tho
n"(isination was cowardly, nnd greatly exas
perated the entire community. Darden wa
Confined in Jail, but thu same, night wat forci
bly taken out and carried a little way to a
quiet place in the woods and "shot and killed''
by a part v of unknown men. Land 1 pretty
cheap nround Atigtttn nnd there are fine
chances for settler-.
f' MXi-I fM
A recent writer -ay it i surprising how
infectious tear are at a wedding. Klr.t of
all the bride crie because she is coins to le
married ; and then, of course, tho bridesmaid
cry, perhaps because they are not ; and the
fund mamma crie because she il lose her
d-d-dnrling; and then the fond jwpa crio
bcuuu he thinks it proper; nnd then all the
ladle cry because ladie as a rule, will never
miss a chance of crying : and then, perhaps
the groomsmen cry, to keep the ladle com
pany, nnd all this band of Niobe seein rather
to enjoy this Niagara of eye water. All ex
cept thu bridegroom, wc have never seen him
cry. No, nor even whimper.
A Pennsylvania physician cloroformec
faithless wife and her lover Into oterniV.S, SYRUPS,
when reluming unexpectedly from a distance,
ho found them occupying hi chamber.
Jlou.rliold Fursstture, Bar Ftxturt, &c.
The im-lsrilirned will ell at auction on Monday
next, the 2M inst.. commencing at 10 , c'0' ");
at tha cnrnr of Washington arcane and Tenth itrecl,
u l.irKc lot of
111 dsleaiU and Beddings
llnr I'lxturen,
Asserted l'uriilt ur,
OiirriMivurr mill Glassware,
Kitchen and Dining Hoom Furniture, etc.
anil crery nrttele of
win nrinc,
mrl."IJt HOIK1I3 A CAlU.r:.AUtlinnors.
Tken op. m front "f my reielem e (hit morning,
(Mfcnh th 1M iKOMiiall nure Ml UU", one of them
14 k anl the other a dark Uy, both lut ten hand
hlRh. the Mark one luvim; about its neck a pieec id
'"flie i.wn'erbv eomiag fomanl, estaWishms hi
n.ht of yrow Wf
marKM" .
Terms of sale oaih In hand, and ct
fsred wdl lei sold positively for what it
marlMJt HOIKllS A C.tltliK.
W.J. ro
II. Wat.
Jj. P.Uul
iv. Iii Mnelf Yi lour, nround
block elflitj one. Yo thrV- ' A r i,d V""' , iT"
sontll raniretwo wst of the third ,r ) ) l ,u
njj al, the public squari la I . t , , , ' r 't . !"r
."l0 re'order' om. e of said (rL, . Vh
tiln L 'i;, ',w'"''lp flnren. south r,,1,,,.,. lv t , f'
now snilhrr..t,.rri b.. ' "'' " 1
In sniil s.n .1 sunned onu
L" ' .! 1!" ' !'". ! northwest onnrior ,
ni ill u, mnJ
.oath rai K..one ' Vv "Vi '." Uma'h K " ' r
lan. ennta.ViV;.; ''.!". ,Jr,'1 .l'r.'".''l-1 ' " '
sO hefvlloiV,nr;',ls.crir.lu J , . i V rc
a'lfn.i.lt0ai"Vt-mtv J A:.,,,,wlor''"r ,Im '
. hem irl t ir.. ' "no and 1,. n -marc
Al IVKfi",, . ..- a known mi sml! o'at r t
Johk IL Mm.v:KrM ;.;n
Gko: W. Vau,
derifCSdtf ,y 'nvi flu" a",'1' V 1 '
J.! ?"ii .' .nml in il den
WJf. II. OltKF.y.
1 Tit AY M L'LK.
Tak. nnuby the siihs-rlls-r. in tins eity, mi the
iiiiirnincetthfllBtliinat., ailarlc Imy horse MLI.t.
i.Hlllliaii.tM8ti,'rJorI3yenMof ase. .No pO"'
titnarkiles!nniaWe. .
Whj ovrprr ly Hn his rii?lit of t)rprly nl jwj
injehnrses can setire posnssion of the jnlmal.
marl'1 IlA.Mr.li llh..
-J Alt B. STOLKN i'r 1 Y. V Alt D I
"l1en from lUutnetoear the farm of Jam- Kecne.
in lUllsnl eolintv, Kenlik-ky, oppo'de """'' .'.'A'
i . .1 . ini 1 KW iti.l . n L'mv roan MAI!L.
Sail nur te HUxit IC hands hiRh, mo )eara old i Irfjs a
itaiv miiti tiiwi tail. :i me ie w "" 'i,H,u
. iJTii. ... .v,i. v. ...... ih. ...',,!. I nm. helne white
half w.y up; and luu the letter V oratweu on ineicu
.n. ijk tu me kihih, un- ri-rjp.-i "
hlfw.yiip;aadli.stlieiexier r imii'iw 'i""
mare jV. dfliverd at Wood.. lie, M?J,,ffr,m-
yi . lie I le
mirlS-tll '
From the en tieAr tlie tartil 01 jame ntrni-, "v
iiite Mound lit, in lUUr I county, Kentucky, !
I .. .n'.i . ink in. i n lirluht orri l mare
MI LK. trie arro tne 'K aim suouim-rs, si
x,m t Id thi spruu, and l almut fourteen an I n half
handshil..aii lhasaWacKiianoaiiii luii.
I wll ii s; s rewapi ir uic inui- "
for the mule Mie, delivered to me at w oouniie. .-ii-
Cr.ken mimit . ui.shi.im.
marl HI
iewnne., slioiilil notl. .
same Kc-kiim. ,hi an.lp.111 ,s
J. Allen, or his leml r i ' . :( n:.l
lllctof die holder of i.r I ! 'e
J described property -
""'ue to lln hlirhesi I.. M. r
AUorncys ninl uimipinr.',iiivd are prnri.).w, mm uP. f
deliier to the tnr !'.tt
Ovii'o, Illlaxoisas. n fee simple ti, n f.r
, a, ""'e Ix-emn-. in-ur.
iie'Ml attention eiven to Admiralty nnd Steai.tifht hnnn.. I .n
hllsines. ernls .if T
OllU e ... Ohio T.evie. Itoonia ii and on , , 1 r, .
i...if.. n m-.(rviti inn liiurMs .
j.tii -is i --rw
F. K
Calru, Illinois.
Olllce, corner of ll nml' WohIu.Av..
In Eiv rihaniiessy i new.urioi, .
janSO.ltf .
'Jie sai 1 tv .
v lh v
j Hit i '
of fa
'v ls
Comiiiorclul Acniu',
JAMi:r- IIA11T.1IA.V,
The only Licensed An-ti meer in the city, hti) aa '
sell on commission all kinds' or
TP vix-xxitixx-o ,
And makes prompt returns en all at.
dee-.Tfesdtf -
t. I. AYKlt.
YKltSsV: CO.,
lllCIQUOi, KY.
Tlie Town Us ltraltlrners aud lluslnrs.
The X. anil N. W. Hnllroail, A.C
Utekman, Ky., Marvh IT. 1W.
Ieur Uidletlni ,
Tho appearance of thl hnrg aiiggost a
question. Is tho river encroaching upon tho
town or tho town upon the river? To us it
suggest the position of a littlo hoy on u slop
ing and slippery plunk ; to hold on is no fun,
to let go and slide i certain destruction to
the nether portion of his pantiiloons.
My arrival wn at 5 a. in., aud n perambu
lating lamppost guided me through the de
serted streot until, In tho diUance, shone tho
lamp of tho "Planter' House." I made
tnvself comfortable and nodded before the fire
until breakfast, which over, 1 sallied forth In
quest of adventure aud items.
Think of it, oh you Cairoite. who tlilnk
that strip of oarth 80 feet wido nnd 6 feet
high, from whoso cret you oun oo into
thu second storie of the neighboring
houses in tho city nnd upon tlioueek ot pass
ing steamers, the most elevated position man
should take. I went up a ,rUght,of 130 step
and there to the right and left, glittering in
all t)io beauty of the morning aim, flowed at
my feet the mighty Mississippi. JJackof me,
to" the right, lto Kast Hickman a collection
of residences dotting every available knoll,
with their yards, decorated with evergreen
and interlaced with !order of flowers and
walks, showjug ta'te and refinement. To thu
left, even down to tlie water' edge, is "West
nickmnn, wliich, from the appenranoo'of tho
largo warehouses now falling to decay, is on
tho decline ; yet there are sumo very tastofnl
and highly ornamented residence in the west
cud. Tho court lioiuu. Is like so many of tho
old country houses that It I not worth tho
description. It Is disgraceful to nny county
to jeopardise the interests of thu. people by
keeping records in a place alike at the mercy
of rats, thieve and Arc.
A short distance along the street brings mo
to a house, the sounds Issuing thurofrom cur
ried me back twontv-tivo year, when I wa
a little urchin, who scorned a haudkerchiof
when the hlrt sleeve was so handy, at upon
tho benches without backs, and dangling bare
feet in the nlr", chewing wheat Into gum, stu
dying tho mysteries contulned in Webster's
elementary, with u face as dirty nnd as big
letter in tho postollice" n- any of thorn.
Tho town is eligibly situated, ami a thor-
f ough engineer could locate n dyke at the up
j per end at a cost of not over $1.1,000, which
would give porinaneney to tho city, and ro
, claim enoutrh land from the river to moro
iXj otjh
t uiatatL
No. IUU Ohio Lcvtr, C.MUO, ILL.
E(aU of EuntiUt Caiuie, ilceeastil.
The undersigned harm bren apointe.l eieeiltor
of the lt will and iMtatnent of l.iineiia
fan.h-e, lata of the county or Alexander ami main
of Illinois, deceased, hereby ies notice that he will
appear hefore the eounty court of Alexander uounty,
at th court hou.eln theelty of Cairo, Illinois, at tlie
.May term, on the third Monday in May next, at
w hieh time all persons haTlni; claims ag lnt said es
tate are notified and requested lo attend fur the pur
pose of having the same adjusted. All iersons ln
ilslited to said tate are requested to make lmmeli
ate mimentto tli uadersli;ned.
piled tlu lTtli dav of Mare i, A. V. W.
liiarlT-iw flK.MtV H.CAMIEK. Kxeeiilor.
C.V1KO, tl.I.lNOIS.
Will attend to the sale of real li.te, merflhandl-
furniture, .to. U ami properly ,J' 'i'iS
two ami nee nan r i-.-m.' r
one.fo.irth the . omin-atMir n.iHilly 1rs - - ln n
AnV ler-on reellllll llllll-en or ii.-i ....... r
tt rotefe.iilK.iiatl..n. slmll I elieerfully eerieJ
for notliiiiK. . , ... ,. ., ,
The iKitrotiace of the puMi-' is.fdli ite.1. ,
VrtlpJ-iitiirei-nt ut Parker &Hi.lKe'sLIeryhia .-:.
A commission und auetlon hoil.e vi u; i opemu ui
few !; due U"Uee of which will be Risen.
(Suceosor to John Q. llirman A Co.,)
AUCT ION 33 x: rt .
--.i ..ii. u..i i'.uia. nm Txas. furnishes
hu.- .iiu fit. ' - i , . i ,
bstra'ts .f Title, and prepares Cnnsvyances of all
kinds. Ofllee, .No, Tll'Jd floor) Ohio Lesee. marlllf
Whole-ale ell I K. toll Dealer in
Fancy mml Minnie
; nts' l'umlsliiiig fiowils,
ltliiiikvtx, CJuswimcroN ami Jfu'ns
C. K. YK.VtlKK A '".,
Hnvini; piin.du..l the entire .to.k and fixture, of
An. Kor.mejer. are prepansl to do all kinds ol
(ins aud Steam Fitting
In a neat and workmnnl ike manner. We are also pre
pared torrair.ll kinds of (la tlamres.aiid by O0
.rfessof rotnini..iitfi;ildini;make them IneT.'ry
Kirtn uUr as st-Ht a. new. Thye liastiu sueh na
ture. ill plea-e KV" " " r",hrM,r.f""'i'.V.'! KUaron
lel in all eases. . Y . .;K"
Un'idtf Y. I.. MLHltAY.
',yM' KHLKltS,
l'Arll lO.NAUI.R
Boot ivaacl Shoo 3VJCrtlK.ox'
Ticentitih atrft, kttwn ikiitytm ant
J'ujilnr utrtrtu,
(Nearly opposite the liiurl llon.e.V
Keepsii-plendid .t.s-lcef the ts-st material, and K!
Hiirkmen, and nm nil or-lers on sliutt notiee.
Mendinc done matt) and ehvaplj. I Weiiajje s.,
i,-.,,i deif.'l wdtf
llrst C'ulleora
Heavy llrovu Ponaeatlc..,.- if.
Hoop Sklrta ,T v"f..i.
500 tieut'a Hnta at. cacu
A SjiUndul Lint of
vnm) hoods and kmhhoideicies
YAST. PA It K Kit,
transfer gives utihoundcd satisfaction, a It
opons u now and direct routo to Chicago.
Tho tonus of tho s.ilo havo not been mndo
A telegram from "Washlngtod say : "It is
settled that MlnUtor Halo will ho recalled
from tho court at Mudrld. Ho is aid to bo
incapacitntcd from tho dischurgo of tho duties
of the position from his unfortunate habits."
How is this that shining lights ef the "God
and morality" party have "unfortunate hnb
iU?" What are they 1
Tho Chicwo, Ilurllngton nud Qulncy rail, i than pay. tho expenditure. nu).,rs will do wll tocall and examine mystoek
road comnanv have purchased tho road from ; The .M.sliville and .orii.we.irn railroad ' ir.-ir..BB.w-....
Keokuk to Kort Mainon, Known as me jvco- . , -o , cu.N.Nl.NUIIA.M.
kuk and St. Paul railroad, und will immedi. it can bo made to sustain itself theconnectlon j0. oo Olilo
alolv extend tho lino to Ilurlington. Tho "a t" noinaue uy imm u.v.i.r..; auu tne pro- .lean-win " , -..
ject is now complete, aim soon aiuuuer city - annx 5
will join it destiny with your. and grow to -
greatness together. . J -ljiOlt KVKltYTlIING IN
From tho ateo of tho stock of goods, u good i Jj
neigliborhood trndo is dono, nud closer com-
..nrntiil uvidumirft ,.n hilt result in tmiA In 1 rTTT. BOOK XjX3NTtE3
both. Cairo muitleu men snouiu Wuy tlio to- ; -,.. -
hacco and cotton concentrated at llickinaii, ' to
and Cairo merchants soil nt the same time all '-'- ' .'
line of good they can compute with other ; H.IXIS'ON'N,
cities in prico and stock. 1 l '' ' '' ' ' ; 'r
If thi ia worthv h place in your columns 1 ; :
will let you hear from mo ngaln. J. ( d.jrtf l . Avisvr.
iHncrrssor to Pnrker A. lMillllpa,)
And dealer iu
Hay, Ciirn, Oat and Ilran.
A'u. Ti OA 10 Lw,
0.ix-o - - Illixxoi.
JOII.-s W. VllOVKK 4i CO.,
Ki!htli sUeet, swond door from dim. Are.,
(,'rent Hrltnln, I Southprn Germany
Ireland, I'mtu-f,
Northern Gcrinany, Sueden,
Also, '.vsiwe T.ekeU from
Lirerjioolf Vxiruon, Havre, Anttwji, Jirtwmi
urul Hamburg, to New V&rk,
Or to nny point West.
IseriVtlleetiona Iiudaon an oinl in Kairepe.
H. 11
Drnlrr In
Jru IsioiiMs I'roiltieo, Coal H
131 Gwnmrretaf .Ir?iua, Cairo, I U.

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