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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, March 19, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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Time nf Ari lvnl anil IMirlr of Malla.
(Cir. I'o-t Ollice, February 2, lsco )
(Time of doting.)
.Will (tlirnilKli... .......... .i:soa.m,... 4:wp.m.
sorth ("iiy)..... , ' P.m HiOO p in.
tomtit (Ihroujrli and way). liOO i.m...ll:00 p.m.
fhinth (Memphis A N. 0.) ) a.m ''
Olu') ftlver route ft:UO p,in...... 6iO0p.ni.
Mniippl Hlser route,
Tin ! nnd 1'ridny... fi.OOp.m 7.-00p.m.
Ciirle.ton, Mn Tuesdays . .
Thursday A ftitunlas. 11:00 a.m.... 11:00 a.m.
TllotxM, C.Oo.te UlAIV1 'itl'I , . . u ,
fraiitaKe O.OOp.mFn. 7:a.m. Hat.
hi'. Ilivc route departs cv y'ji KA H JEm!? .".'m.'"'
Dav boarders enn secure first-class fare at
Walker & Sis$ons restaurant at $.r. per
fisar Hereafter oyster soup will beserved
at the morning lunche. As heretofore
the invltntlon N to all to come aud feast
without money or price. f
mrlii 2w Uiiak. IM'irrKKLiNO, frup t.
Money Harerlt
By buying your groceries of J. II. Metcalf,
svh "keep tt largo nnd select Hock of the best
fauiilv supplies, and sells chenpor than the
l;apet. No. 'Mi "Washington avenue, op
posite the court hnu mnrOtf
l hereby given to d"l!nn,ucht stock holders
of the Osiiro and lllandvlllo Turnpike Com
pntiT that unlet the balance duo on their stib
e riptions l paid by the first day of April
. null will ho cf inmcnccd to collect the '
v . Hy order of the board.
R. II. Ci NMNtiHAM, Treasurer.
Marssh K ' dtd
BnrsraiMf in Ileal mill l'rrannnl Proper!-.
n Thursday, Mjiri-h the 18th, the personal
',i rty of K.T. V.o, deceased, will be sold
th mill on the Levee near Twenty-third
'reet.y conitinir. in rt of wagons, oxen, a
lot of lumber, one steam boiler, (good
i.etr,) and Wlt 3X),O0fl feet of MiW big".
Six month credit will be given on Minis
ft --ding note ana approved security to
1 ivA by the pneebiKr.
On Friday the lPth at tho Court House,
mill will be sold to the highest bidder
' r .a. Tkti rer.s retumklr property will be
Id wUAtrnt frrr. dtd.
I.nrul Ilievltlea.
Vuat. with hi new "bettor half" i in
tl.e city. Marrlugo Inn hud a rentarkable cf
ft .ton Jake' gray hairs has turned them all
i '.i k.
Cmln, tko rntlleal piui;cr, ronlemdateH
a rrnxvrnl to CMeajfn. He has been succeed
ed in otSve by K. 5recnc, Y.u.
A jlowuty, drizxly day U Friday, .Mnreli
I. : l'Jtb, 1V..
Linef ar want to be ntloruey for the South
. . diitrlct of IllinoN; (Irahain wants to re
the V. O; and Taggart, inco it has been
di-cuvewd th't of the immense apjirnpriations
r -r the 1m"' in, only twenty ccnU out of each
' ,lnr U bHinUy MplM to tin purpose n.
t r.dej, wauU "m finger in that pie" to cor-
alwc ef oourse.
('trie kV IIdc null at auction to-morrow,
two bnote'and a lnrgt number of mules and
I. r-e.
Tk plantaM of Uallsrtl oounty will eiilti
Tjte ihi coMixy trm. the largest breadth
c't'laicro ever xrown In the county . There
t- n btur toiaioco ;ron In the United
S jts than tlw -lk or.uel ' ef Itsllard.
M r. C. S'lton I anln on9nl to hi
r -, m by itknt-i. Me had not fairly reoov
eel from a jirotravtad lllm- when he wa
aain attaekatl.
ilr. John Q. Harmau i ttiil cnnfn.ed t
bi koo oMiduetnent tlmt i". itelf, an
;'nei to one of hi fie-'tilkir imtnr.
Klliwt - 1 1 ay thorn have Jut reeeived an
(t'.er lxr; iiitalliiMii of near lMit and
; .h., laUin.and ehlb'.rmV weor, a welt as
. ver, tiling in demand among the sterner sex.
I'lum ihia new tock thty are Milling rheajier
than ever.
Our Coliimbu cotnorary I- mit slngu
tarly tmtdur of hi- reputation hi whole nu
t being miieh alter thetyle of the sensi
tive plant. Our dilution lo him the other
dty, meant as p!etaittry, eeem to have "cut
l.liu ti the iiuiek:" and. indue? home h del-
ii'.uiJv eixuplalno that ".Mose Harrell I? in
the habit of dbptaylng hU brilliant wit by i
calling buine won who virlt Cairo thieve?,
(maimer auu incuniimrie. .suite iiarren
i'ld.ilei In n u Midi hubit, and if Hob. Sum-
ruer - .kull had not bee u us tlili.k n the thick
et ia)o-lug stone In hU otliee, k would not
I.eVe tken ort'vii'f at our alliuiuit to lilpi.
Hodgs"tV;( mil'-. niietiotieHr, adrertUe their
arpvo in another column, to cll at unction
on Mouday next a lurje lot of bmuidiold fur
niture, bar fixtures, etc., in tbo building at
the corner of Wellington avenue and Tenth
street. Person In need of beds and beddii g
nnd the thoiuacd other articlus that nro re- I
nirel in housekeeping will ecur great bar- '
gains by being on liuml to bid. Sale will
Con uelu-e ut In o'll.M k.
I, link at Ilie Kl((iirea.
Thetouuuge of the teamer that have
landed at Cairo between the 1st day of March,
and the 1st day of March, lf0!i I
"llJioH, thrtr hii.i'Ur l and ii'nrly-vne Mn
i. i m'jr hum) fit ' rfii.nine iontl
PeisKMi sbo uUWt to scorn the advuntage
of Cuiro a a commercial osltion, will please
'auk a Hot: of thU ' The touuugn of steam
er oned in Cairo .. eluded.
The Cape Girardeau 'Democracy of hi-t
week, any: "A lonibinutiou of wliUky, run
eway iiorfe and trte, eauscl the instant death
tf a, former named 1 .-. The bone boceming
scared, runaway and threw iu iutfucicatel
rider agtilrut a rondtidu tree with a force that
cru.bed his hull into a hundred pia
A siall portion of the moiioy earned by the
(hildren of the public school at their but ex
bibitlon whs. aprcrlatel by them to the
punshasu of aiatuary to adorn tho high school
and library rooms. This morning the statu,
ary arris ed. Among it aro full size bunt- f
Clsty, WtdMer Douglas and Hhakspcare,
31 any of our citizens cannot uudcretand
hosv Klliot and Haythorn sell lxot8 and fchoej
wo very cheap. The mystery Is easily ex
plained. They sell very large quantities und
arc at'ficd with n small profit.
(flpeelul MeeliHK.J '
Culm. 111., March 18, tW.
Present The chairman, Cnrroll, and Al
dcrmeii Urankle, Gibson, Hulen, Hendricks,
Kennedy, Lobr, Lonorgan and Theobald 0.
The following Joint resolution of the Select
Council, referred to the Hoard of Aldermen
for concurrence, was prcsontod, viz :
Cairo. Illinois, Msrchl,18C0,
Resolved, by the Select Council, tho Board
of Aldermen concurring, That tho committee
on streets are hereby authorized to have tho
sutewniks and crownIK., generally, rcpaireu
where, in tlieir opinion, repairs arc nceticu
and are proper, and for tho puriioo of such
repair said committco are lioreby nuthorlzed
to employ two klllful and reliable carpenters
and four'laboring men at such rates of wages
as thev can nrranto for. not to exceed cur
rent rates: ono of said carticntors and two of
nam laborer to compoau a gang, ana eacn
gang to be employed on separato street or
Bvcnuosj Commercial aTcnuo and Vashlng
lou nrenuu to be first repaired, nnd the other
streets in such order that the sidewalks and
ero-swalks most out of repair and most used
shall first thereafter bo ntUudcd to ns said
committee mnv direct.
That suiu committee on streets aro here
by authorized to purchnso such material as
may bo necessary lor the repair referred to,
not, however, In greater quantities than may
be required for use during the current month;
that contracts for larger (iitantitics shall ba
submitted to the city council for their appro
val before they shall bo of an v binding force
or effect, and that said committee shall report
at each stated mcctim; of both boards of tho
city council their actions and dofiiL's since
the previous nieetlriir ; provided, that where.
in the opinion of said committee, the sidewalk
or cro'-walk is in such condition that it U ex
pedient to repnir it, rqwrt of such fact shall
tie made to the city council lor turther action
Approved, .March IP,
John ll.'Oimm.Y, Mayor.
On motion ef Alderman lirankle the reso
lutions were concurred in bv the following
vote :
Aye? Aldermen Carroll, Urankle, Hen
dricks Kennedy, Lonergnn and Theobold C.
'y (iIIkoii, Hulen nnd I.obr it.
The following petition was presented, nnd
on motion, of Ahlerumii Kennedv referred to
the committee on markets, vir.:
. ' fnlro. Mureh 13. I.
To the liMtiomhle Jlnjnrnnil City Ctrtlliell oftlievlty
(ifiillcnitii : We, thutiudcblgued. rea'wlvnts
of the Fourth Ward, in tho city of Cairo, un
ilMrxtanding that there I a public market
houe to bo ectnblMhed in said ward, would
recommend to your honorable body n a suit
able place and central )oint, the building now
aiuV formerly occupiwl as a market, fiaid
house is situated on lot '21 bliK-k 18, in the
Ilrt nddilion to the citv of Cairo, at tho cor
ner of Nineteenth ami JVpkr utreets. Hy
having the same established your K'titioner,
a in duty lumiel, will user pray.
II. WutrcvMr. 1!icm sxn'.M aoi.nmn
Tiioma- l,inii, Wt. K 1.1-n
.Samiki. AtUM.
and ninety other names.
! !iu I!, (ihiu, praying that a
jiroportlonate amount of his grooery and mer
chant Hckiioo be refurwled. wm read, nnd on
motion of Alderman (iibson the prayer of the
petition wa granted by the fallowing vote :
A Aldernmn Carroll, ISrankle, OIVmuii,
Hulen, Hendrick, Kennedy, l.uhr, Loner
gall and Theobold V.
Shv .Vone.
The following petition wa4 read, vis :
i t ihe Mynr, lc Onm-ll, nut Hntrl nt tMernwn
j of the ciiy of Cairo;
e. the tax jmyer of the Second urd,
bvarint; the rewrt from mnv, that our rep
resentative from the Second VVard. Hon. Jo
seph .Mendel, i. ititt u b-slly qualinwl alder
iMNti. and fearing that, whereas questions of
legal impotUiiee may ari-e during the term
of mid aldermnti, that might destroy the va
lidity of your proceeding-, in regard'to street
tHlin's. aDtMtuent( Vi ., wu therefore ttition
I your li..ii..rl.b- IkxIv to investigate this mat
1 ter 'iefi.ri; doing iiy iinHr tu tit btiilK-.
.laiiiivi (juinii.
W.J. Hamilfn,
I'eter Nell".
K. J. Cunditi;
Andrev.ll Carle,
Win. T. lleerwurt,
II. C. Latliu,
John Hodge.
Win. Wintor,
W. I
Wtnxl I'ittenhoute,
C. rjehultr.,
C. I). Arter,
31. W. l'arkur,
llenrv Harris,
Charfe Frank.
L. AV. .Stilwoll. t
C. Orth.
1'. W.-.Veir.
The following bill were presented :
Dill of J. John. on, for lumber fur lib bed
the city, w referred baek to tho borfrd by
the committee on claim, with a roeommena
that it bo allowed, amennting'tu (JJS.no, on
motion oi Alderman dib-on, the hill waa
nllowcd bv the tViltowHii" veter'
Aye Alderman Carroll. Itraakle, Gibson,
Hulen, Heuricks, Kenn.d-, Lohr, Louergan,
and Theobald. 0.
Nays None.
Hill of Alexander H. Irvin, clerk of the
Court of Common Plea, for Kx-otllclo as
clerk, HO w.
Hill of John W. Sti uhnl, for dieting prW
oners iu tho city jail, f :i'J
Hill of II. A. Hannoii, for tutlouerv fur
nbhed the clerk of the court of common plea,
18 00. Ibtforred to Committee on Claims.
Hill of John Hogn. Citv Marshul. for 12
day salary, ending March 12, $20 00, was
on motion allowed by tho following vote:
A ves Aldermen Carroll, Hraukle, Gil
son, Hulen, Hendricks, K run tidy, Lohr, Lon
ergaii and Iheobald &.
Nays None.
Alderman Itedmau nppeured nnd took his
Hill of S. P. Wheeler, service- rendered as
a member of tho Hoard of Public AVorks
V-13 00.
Alderman ltndman moved that the bill be
allowed. The mo. lon wa defeated by tho
following vote :
Ayo Itedmau 1.
Nay? Carroll, Urankle, Glbion, HuUti,
Hendricks, Kennedy, Lohr, Lonorgan and
q'heobald 0.
Hill of Jacob Lynch, county clerk of Alex'
ander court, forterricn rendered city, $42 G.I,
On motion of Alderman Glb.iou the bill
wa allowed by the following vote:
Aye-- Aldermen Carroll Urankle, Union,
(iibhoii, Hendricks, Kennedy and Lohr
Aldermen Loncrgan and Theobald not
Hill of llttbccca Sales, fur uur!ng small
pox patient, 28 days, $20 00 j
Hill of .lauiun Neruiau, for nursing small
pox patient, i day, U 00;
Hill of Mason Freeman, for nursing small
j x patient 27 day., 40 50,
On motion of Alderman Hulen
were laid onthe'tabio.
Aldormon Hendricks ofTeretl'tho followihg
rcsolutien, which, on motion of alderman
lirankle, was ndopted :
lUMolved, That the mayor bo requested to
attend nil meetings of the board of aldermen
to give Information to the board upon munlc
ipnl matters, nnd tlmt he bo allowed the priv
ilege of speaking to questions under discus
Tho committee on drainage, through their
chairman aldorman Lonorgan, made tin fol
lowing report:
Thocomrnittcoon drainage, havinglexamlned
the pump? of tjie city, and performed ether
matters in the lino of their duty, report that
they found tho Tenth streot and Thirty-second
street pumps in good condition. The latter
is unfinished, and at present of no use to the
city under any circumstances. After delib
eration the rommittco arrived at the conclu
sion that the machinery thus lying idle should
in setno manner bo utilized. If any manu
facturer, or other person, could bo Induced to
put it to use, they nro of opinion that it should
bo leased without delay. In this way thi
costly property might bo maie to add to the
prosperity of tho city. The committee there
fore recommend the adoption of tho follow
ing resolution :
Ilcolved by tho board of aldermen, the select
counqil concurring :
Tlmt the committee on drainage bo instruct
ed to advertise tho machinery ef the piimns
and leao it, with the approval of the citv
council, to any person or persons who will
agreo to use It for manufacturing or in other
Ueful work, provided the le-sco will agree
to do, under certain rules and for a certain
price, whatever pumping the city council
mav determine is necc-s.-arv.
J he committee found in the Tliirtv-econd
street pump" n steam engino not connected
with tho machinerv of the pump, and recom
mend that it be sold for cah, nnd tho pro
ceeds be npplicd fo paying laborers tion the
sidewalks and streets. Near the Thirty-second
street pump, on the slope of the Levee.
the committee found fifteen joint of cast iron
sewerage pipe, which fact i re-jiectfully called
to the attention of tho council for Its action.
All of which U respectfully ubmltted.
.M. IiOXKitn.v.v, Chairman Com.
On motion of alderman Hulen, the report
was received, and the resolution and recom
mendations theroln contained adopted.
On motion ndjoiirned.
I'atiiick .Moi Ki.Kit, City Clerk.
Attention, .S'll- KiiIkIii.
A regular conclavo of Cairo Cuinmiiiidery,
No. 1.1, of Knights Tomplur, will 1-e held at
th nsylum, Saturday evening, the 10th int.,
t " o'clock.
All SMjourning Sir Knight. are courteously
invited. J.iMKhS. IUaudkn,
llecwdrr pro inn.
.Store .Murder In .New Madrid County.
Our Capo (Jirardoau cotemporary of tho
'.Missouri Democracy" very appropriately
designates the series of murders in New .Mad
rid county as the "epidemic of blood." Only
yoterday wo gavo tho particulars of a shoot
ing rape, In that county, wherein three
men lost their livo, and now through the
'Democracy' wo receive the detail of tvso
more killing scrape. They aro as follows :
un einesjay or jait week-, a negro man
named Charles Smith, was wanton) r shot
down in cold bUoJ, on a farm ntout a mile
and a half southwest of New Madrid, by a
man named r.aitin. The murderer
made bis escape, but a person who was in his
company at the time he committed the foul
deed, and whose name we failed to ascertain,
was arretted and lodged in jail. He was to
have been examined Itut Mondav Worn the
legal authorities. We have ant learned the
reeiiit of the Investigation.
On tho susceediig day, Thurdav. a man
named John (iri.vo. visited Now .Madrid, got
on a spree, and raised Cain generally. .Mar
shal Heymer attempted to arrest him, when
Grave resisted, firing upon the oflicer with
hh pistol. Th marshal retunivd his fire, the
shot instantly killing Graves. The homicide
was Justifiable, us tho oflicer acted solely in
The Irish citizens of "3iound Citv gax-o r.
banquet on AVedneday evening in commem
oration of St. Patrick's day, wherein a num
ber ef Ameriiari friends, inclmlins a few
Cairolto, participated. Tho party met in
the Catholic nhool house in Mound City, and
hud u real livelv and aplritcd time of it.
Hambleton, Casev, Potter, Fagln, Robert
Smyth, and Dick Welsh were th.re, and
v. here these men make their appearance you
muy always look out for fun and genuine on-
Joytuent. Toaits wore pronounced, drank and
responded to: Jokes, repartee, mirth and plsus
urn were tho order of the afternoon. About
5 p.m., the lwnipiet closed, everybody feeling
reiresned and rejuvenated liy Ins individual
participation therein.
X'uluulilr Ciilro I'ronrrly
Ilomra ami
Mule, at A
inc. Ion.
To-morrow at half past 10 o'clock, at the
stablo of Parker A Hodges, h large number
of horcsand mules, Including several renllv
fine animals, will be old at auction by
Hodges and Curie, auctioneers.
At thesatno sale will bo offered and sold to
tho highest bidder, svithout reserve, a frame
cottage on Fourteenth street with a four years
leasehold upon tho lot upon which It stands:
and also the building No. 70, on Commercial
avenue, juit lolow t'.io Commercial Hotel,
owned hy I'lmbo Tottcn. This is eliiriblv
situated property and will bo sold without
reserve. Persons desirous of making an in
vestment that will bo suro to bring them a
return of two or three hundred per cent. In a
low months, should como and buy.
HowiKrt 6: Caulk, Auctioneers.
March 19, 18C0. u
,,Mrl W" o'eft'rS-,.K"',, t
(la. A wlerkon, Culnmbiui Win. XVhlte, ludiuh:
Kale Itooihton. Si l.nitu: Arnm.ln Ki ,n..'
OityofOiro. HdverMoun.Meinr.iil..
Hellogf, N. O ;
Hon Accord, MelroKjs,
" Anderaon. ColuinhimiWm. White, I'nJueali:
Kale llohin..,!,, I'.iM.urgi City of Cairo, Menibhii:
hiiv rMui i.. c ',,-mnatl; lion Accord, fjt, Loul.
The weather is acting horribly ugly again.
F.ver since 0 o'clock last night a steady rain
has been falling ndv,evvething srears a
gloomy aspect. Tho darkness of the night
made navigation an utttr Impossibility; Con
sequently our meager jvort lit and general
dearth of news. r t " - x ' "v
Uusiness was of courso dull.
The Mississippi ! still receding at St.
Louis. c o
Tho Cumberland Is falling at Na.-hvlllo
with 8J feet on Harpoth shoals.
The Ohio is stationaryut(Louisville with
8 feet 9 Inches in thoass.eviJf tbo falls, but
falling at all points above.
Here tho river has risen 2 Inches in the
past 24 hours.
'The Armada brought Chas. Galligber 3 sks
wheat, It. J. & M. CundlfT 13 sks potatoes,
Thomas & Green cask cabbage, box eggs, J.
C. Sullivan 11,000 staves; And for reshlp
ment south, 143 bbls meal, 400 sks corn, 30
bales cotton, 3 tons assorted freight ; Tor St.
Louis 100 pgks lead.
The Silver Moon has 423 bales cotton.
ThO "Wm. "White, Capt. Northern, is the
regular packet for Paducah this evening.
The Quickstep, Capt. Dexter, is the regular
packet for Kvansvlllo this evening.
The Nashville, Capt. iley bimin., is the
regular Nashvlllo puckot to-day.
Tho Itubicon, Capt. Hob. Itlley. leaves for
Vlcksburg this ovetilng.
Go to Klliot fi Haythorii for your own.
votir wives' nnd children' boots and shoe.
Tho bargains they are furnishing throw all
competition in the shade.
711)15 VlCKSllt'IKJ.
.rr- h. Meitner ltUlll(X, Kll-r. ina-o r.
r-.l'er- ,n 1. r.i... Till- rVKNlNii. M.. !.
IV. iitt.. L k. HA". T IIIMih. K' i,t.
33n.ily 3?nols.ot.
The light draught M-gr aleeiutt
II '" ' ' 1. 1...
.V'J i 11,11111.1
.1. . & XflMC
V. .VOIlTIIKn.S - .Ussi't,
M.UKVKM.Y Cleik.
Will nukn resuler UAII.V Tltll between 't"
I'eliicili. lesTlnir Cairo every eserJlnr tsanilar e-
copied) at flie o ii k.
The While eonnetftt at ri"luen UT the .-sew Driean
anil Ohio ruilrvft l, and tlieC'uniUriaixland Tpiiiie-we
river packet.
rorireiltlil "r p.mfe hi.iht on enni.nr "
5f. J. llL'CKI.KV, Acent.
Unnitf UMre. Illutei.
('iiceiitMnrc, llur ri.xtitrp, Glusiiarc
IIOL'.ti: l"LllMSHI.i UOODS.
An.. 15 und Isj.Coiii. A v. i CAIItO, II. I,.
I'ealer .a
Furniture, mid House Kurnl.hliig (Joods
Carjitt and Oil Clotlii, Window MiaiU
ami LOOMiii omor.,
No. 101 CoMMKr.f iai. AvK.srr-
d::Utf CAIItO, II.I..
(hueeri to Cunninfjsm A Strattun.)
Groccrt nnd Couiinllou Merchant,
X0..X7 Ohio Lever, Cairo, III.
de. 2Yff.i t
"rVlH HAI.K. CIIKAP-Nrw CiUs an I D.fee
y lot., n.rnrr f.' it ah'l rtutenih irret.
mirlMtf (iltKHN X GlMlCKT Atts
OH NAI.K T'ree leiu4i rellnee at Ur-
J'dl.V W Tlt'iXEK l tl
WA.NTKU -Ai-i-mkr Cuuulr Order., at W L.
and ( itr N rin at iSeeau on the dolur. t .r ll
kind of I.uiuU-r and Jtiul.lrrs Jlii..sJ..
WA.VTKIl -Mnau ifr CmuiIt Ordha fcl MvettU,
and .V hoel Urjrr vxr. in t.arment fur Purui.
ture, House 'urn liti. floods, (i. f n-mr.-, el, ., esc
iriaeiwai ll.r1. IIAIIKKI.I.
WA.'TKI-Alexandrr("titrOrders at eats,
aud " h'iol Orders at ti rem, la imviavut Un
hoard at lh rtt. Charle lintel.
morlldif JKWKrr WH.CiX 1 Co.
"lirA.NTKD-Oneixel ?a.h" r).r aud
V jrol "Ji" tv ver. None i ut N. 1 men s
CWro Ciiy !a Mi'l.
To Samuel f . Taylnr and Pl in l'nrtm, Tle oi 4 l'..i
dual, .V. IV. ?Uird, rtiiUiP llrewn nu.l all ..ll.e,
inirrestr.1 I
YoO ami rwh of ton are herchv nnliKr I. Il.ai 111
rale (.f rel e.Ute mivle hT the ahi-rilt and eu(l'tor of
Alexander eoant). Illinois, at the door of thexstirt
hvtirr, in Cairo, county of Alcjutmler ami ainta of ltll
coll. on thethdy.f Jum;Af Iile7, It. fAJUr-
'ui piirii upo in- iniHtvriiiK ui ti riM, teal elale,
aitiiutel in the ciiy of (iilro. In nut count), fur the
tale and enmity taxe. we I ,-o.t due thereon, for the
D. !(;, to.it :
Id Hin name t...
se.e-l, taxel
and olil.
Tajlor A I'armn...
Tiioma Kan.lent...
('ityorwhat m1i
I HAS) lliefeto.
City of Cairo.
Klret Addiiem.
do .
I.U lllo'k.
K. W. Kin arils,
rinlli;. Iliown .,
And that the tune allowed hy law for the redf motion
of and real estate will expire on the Mh "lav of June.
,." '"IV. ,, , ll.K.MAIfc-'llxl..
(isirn, III., Mareh 17, hfci-dJt
TJiiolniruocl Goods,
The A'lam Kxprei, Coiiian.r,
Cairo, JUrrli 1, I'sij.
Notie. is hereby Biven, that all unel.uin. d inato r
rtinainiUK ou hand ut tho rewrul olheea nf IliU eoiii.
Pnv. tu thehtatoGf JlrB,,,,,, tip to the fir.t of .May,
IM. will be i aold fur frelKht amlehartrva to the hlrhi rt
hel ler, in the city of Cairo, Illinois, al the auetion
roouiiir DanuM I Ilartnian.on Comintrrml nvenu.-, on
Thiiraday, the 81 day of .fr, nexi, UI luo'elofk, a.m.
unlets lh aninu Ui alled for, aud all churge Paid
thereon. '
See l'oBters it the teseral olliera of the eoini.ftli) ,
"")'':" and hotel. i . PINK, Alt.',,!.
V.. if. SATKI!.S1Otnerul,uent. s riitrlfdlin
Wholei-ale and Ketnil Dealer m
At tho old ttaad,
Corater rdlztlt atrctt aud Ohio Levee.
p. is. i
" CAiaoTaAMritaco.
cAiao cur
w ii a nrmiAi.
rOUWAKl)IX( AS1 commishiok
AIUO tiiaxsi j;h company
Tlirouscli n'l' r I"lln: stlven to all
Available l'olnta toy Hull or Water.
ATLAM il A.x l .tii.-smis n
l-'Jjjf T1IBKTK
KAM Kills
IV. 11. Alt'l'llt'lt
,.i).NBH, Matter.
.llfltl.. Matter,
..1'I.llltAM. MasU-r.
... Will rK, Mlr.
... KSTlilKr.N, Master
M..ii ST.IL, Ma-tr,
iiM.V, Maxter,
... J'iNK-. Matter.
.KKK.NolliiH Mt
....ItUNAl.lexiN. Matte
..I.KKKN. Matter.
....I'Kl'I'KH. Muster.
I'.xt mm: CAHllOI.I.
I, I ..IK Oll.l. . ..
uii'kat itr.i'i iu.ic
rnoji !.' ins.x.x ..
i. s ill .1"
..AIU.K. Jlatur.
Coliil-nrin all 11.' tmetl and lar.t hi.att mit of f-
one of the line.rf Menmer
WIHK'iitc Cairo for Now Orleans cicr.i
i'orty-idght Iliiiirss
f onn. i t I'H t N Uriealia Mh tVetin Line 'f "t-fa
er I" ....
.Ivcrpool, .V v rU. Ilo.lon, nun ..nit rt
toll, T-lt.
. mwm " " .. M . . K.i .. W : ...
ptlcuUr attent .n lo all vrav Minph..
U .N Orient. ( HA-. JJIIMsU
OfiW . on XVbMfl, Iult)l- l.an ;,il
fI V SlN. IWwrf and Twkot Aitent.
'otta r, at !. Charn Hol-l
l.SfHl. :
Tr. f'tlloa iitg Hoal i-ompnaf tfcit l.me at. ( w
run i A the foUwin order-
ArriTi at Ca4r,iAm a. IXs-r
IVoeu. vr
HKt.LI! MT. Ia1'1". TH..m.NtJHayl .w
CITT oyri"M. tTtotredyp.m Mandaj.l a.T
1IKLI.H MKJIf'lllr, rir.lT. 5p.miTtisu . 1 a-M
Crabe. Maler I
Arrive at Oalr,
pa it a .
Arrive at Ca-'M.
CI T r O K A I.TON. I Wedssd-y , 5 p Ja j
I'rsily, t 5
.sreaer, ;iari i
MAlllILK CITT. ' "
Itl'HICON1, ' J'rtder. i p.m1sttiidy. 1 a tn
lllake. Mter; 1
I.tr.MI.NAIlV. " " "
CtMntar. Mvr , ' .
M.JC r'ORarTII. .-tsndey, & p.ta XS edd y 1 a.-n
llaney. Matter:
Callah.B. Mt r . - .
(onaKlio Iu th
.Vorllurii Line lackl Conipaii) t
KsoUuk I'ackrt Coiiipaii),
Umnlia Packet Compauy,
and Varlou Itallroad Lillet.
At Metaph t w III
.Memplilt and While lllver I'atket Co.,
Arkantaa lllter Packet Coiupnny,
tl rin pill and Cliarletlon H. R.
and .silHtl.slppt A. Teuneatre It. It.
At sok.UifK witli
Vttiw lllter I'at kela, had
Vlekttoiiri; aud Jlerldlnn Hullroad,
liisier Ihrouath hill ladlr an I t U (-U.M ava.UKo
pWnt. hy r,rt or river.
Ortsr on M hldH.
V.U. Y. Slc--X, Tvhet and IWeajitir AKent.
tKii" 1) A I L V LINK1-sjj
Conri'ting of the following
deiidid patreiiger eteamors.
UWr HAItl'Klt-. ...Or-i
..M..ter J WOODS -.OM
HAIIMON Mler I WK-lVKIt . ...O-r
Jtlll.V LUMK'i
II A VI- Matter! I'AVW - Hei
Maklnjtall intermenlate Undlna. and Xtvinst "pee
atirntson U,
dee21'0Sd ilrtrne on VSiarfltal
.IOII.V II. IJ.VVIS, Hnp'l, Meinpli.t.'renne-..
,rar"-- The aplendid side-wheel
Lens a Memphw every Tl'IKIAV, Tlll'IWDAY aal
SATl'HUAV, t 5 p ui , for Wh.te liner, i onnfi linK ,
Duvftll's llliitt w itli the Meiopiiia aud Liillo lloclc lla.
road for Little lto k ami Hot Spring. Time from
Jlemphino Little Itoek, 48 hour. ,ui..
KreiKhtt and l'.enirer reeeirted nierthontir.
I.in ai lOrtfl- run" mail mn ,"'"vi
rior man un. .....v. .
cjia. t. iNi'euftJli
J(lit Vlt "
jpsitr. Con.istlng of the loiiowmg
gajySileiidld Paengcr Sleanier-c
DCrfOUCIIKT .. ... Ma.t. r i KOWLlIlt
Leavei Cairo Sunday and Thurday at 0 p.m.
KKXTKIl Mader (illAM-MKH Cri
Lsavet Cairo Tiletday and Krldey at 3 p-'u'
WM. A. I.OWTH...Matr XVRIOHT ......Ce-
Leaves Cairo XVednesday and Haturday at a p.m.
Making all intermediate landina. Pa) 'nrl p-Jf
ticular aVtentlon to Packet X?,KJ,l5i.nl,,.i .
CHAS. T. HIIK. Oeneral Aient,
Offlue on WhaK'boat.

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