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OFFICE: 3STo. 13 Tenth Street, Thornton's Building.
Tho Mississippi river ntid its tributaries
furnish channels that cannot bo improved
upon for tho transportation of tho surplus
products of tho Northwest to tho best mar
kets of tho world. For ninny years tho men
and money, the overshadowing railroad cor
porations and commercial greatness of New
York, have compelled a largo scope of tho
upper portion of tho Mississippi Valley to
pay tribute to them ; but naturo is rapidly
reasserting itself, and bringing about an or
der of things In tho agricultural andcotniuer
c!al affairs of that section that must lead to a
more perfect independence and I greater de
grro of thrift nnd prosperity.
Of this dottlrablo chango wo hare evidence
that is strengthened daily. Now Orleans,
the lat great natural entrepot for tho sur
plus products of tho Mississippi Valloy in
tlitir transit to foreign markets, presents
wharves crowde I, warehouses full and mer-c-ntt
bur beyond precedont. And why?
IJ" a no thf great valloy is at its work of em
pi ymg iU element of greatness to tho ad
rari' nucnt of Its own glory. It is paying
legitimate tribute to its own cities and with
it. . l.ng it from the Atlantic seaboard. It is
tuir.g iti own channels of trade, provided for
it ly si munificent nature, and tearing itself
from th'-grap of railroad tyrants and des
pots that so long have held it in a vice-like
land. Its people Hf; din) v ring that their
off dollar is a rnluable as the dollar of tho
griiSjittg New Kngkndur ; and that by cm
) . j ng it in the importation of thoir supplies
via New Orleans and the "Great Pathor of
"Waters : ' or In the exportation of their sur
plus products by the same route, they uro
Luiiding up themselves nnd thetr country und
not the cities and people of the Hast. It is
m linger an uncertainty, but an ascertained
fact, that nature has provided our great val
ley with tho chenpet route to the bct mar
1; ts and the growth and prosperity of the
cjuntry will bo inesjsured by tho extent to
wh tin people patruiiko it. Appreciating
t,i. f i t. St. Loai lias long patronized it;
' .naugnratiuM of the through grain
t .,1 having increased the available tonnage,
C ... merthnnU, on the extreme north of
t i i l' V, rceenlze ttte Miperiority of our
.4 a r r"ut. awl are providing for the Impor
ts n .f good through New Orleans and tho
M -' ippi. Not one, but ninny agents from
t .at ity. are How in New Orleans arranging
f r t- direct iutjsertatioii of iieenswar
fr -1 Liverpool, for the reason the route Ts a
i' i .j r ne than through New York or Ho-
A 9kI lin of itamers Is now plying be
tween Nw Orleans and LivrKol, well sup-
jrt"-l by ta throssgk trade already. When
t' ' grmii trade ftMMs greuter and grander
j"irti..ti. a, it will, more vecl butter
..I , t 1 tbe tradr. will Ite introduced, reg
it ' I reliable taine lessoning rates,
itr.t 1 . in tbe matter of oeean freights we
, . inpete with New York, saving the
r i ..'s.e J and enriching difference in the cost
r W, it. -I transportation.
Tic- point of aggregation, if wo may so
s; . fr tbe vat imports that must come
'..j. tl,- Mi-iippi, and tho vast exports to go
l wn thnt alreani, mint be Cairo. Cairo must
n'" m th entrepot for the millions of bush
els f grain; for the tens of thousands of
I -irn-1 -f jMrk and flour that will bo yearly
ftartM fr foreign markets ovr the Illinois
Or.tml and Cairo and Vinconno railroads;
and f'T the importations seeking distribution
t vcr the same thoroughfares. A ad in tho
wir'Ur time, when tho upper streams are
i ' k" 1 by icy fetters, the Cairo and St Louis
real will pour into our warehouses the con
signments St. Louis can no linger send for
ward by steamer, and bear from our ware
house her vast imjwrtatlons stopped here by
lho same inaurnwstintablo obstacle.
T) . is not mere conjecture; but a sober,
u'.virfiiib.-J foreshadowing of what will, in
ik f- w ear, grow into a reality. Nature has
I I n wry poiitlvu in its works, and innccord
tr. e with its arrangement, tin1 result fore-
U is sure beyond contingency,
Thrt St. I.ouis -Journal of Commerce,'
-j-ikng of the Aiiporiority of the through
r i'- tirnihed by tho Mississippi river, saj
tbtt although satisfied of the ultimate general
r -glutton of that superiority, it "was not
pri-pjrcd to see Chicago merchants recognUo
It s i toon after tho Inauguration of tho grain
niov-niPiit. "We havo to announce tho fact,"
i; . ihit Journal, "that n representative of
oi.o ..f tho largest Chicago hemes passed
through .St. Louis this week on his way to
New Orleans to make arrangements for tho
rr. i-ipt and forwarding of rjueensware, via
New Orluan nnd tho Mississippi, to Chicago.
This admits that they cannot competo with us
in shipping via Now York and IJoston, and
of couro they cannot ship to Chicago as
cheaply us wo do to this point. This reminds
is of what our loading importing queenswaro
house, Chauncey I. Filioy, has always Insisted
upon, that this i, and is bound to bo, acknowl
edged tho best queenswaro market iu tho west.
So tho cheap freight systoni moves on, and
when the wholosalo houses admit tho fact,
thi-Ir oiwtomors will not bo slow to sea it and
net tn it also. St. Louis has greator facilities
to-day than any other city, and it is only
necessary to jhow thorn up."
What is said of St. Louis as n queenswaro
miirkut apjilios with still greater force to
Cairo. Tho house of Mark, l'arsons & Co.,
f this city, havo for soveral years Imported
ia New Orleans; nnd enjoying what St.
Vniis does not, constant water commimica
sn with Livorjieol, they have all season
ithir own. ami tho advantago of cvory
favorable fluctuation of tho markets or
freights. Two hundred inilca nearer tho
source of supply, with fijcilillos for distribu
tion enjoyed by no other city on tho continent,
Cairo, and not St. Louis, must In time, becomo
distinguished as tho great queenswaro market
In tho west. Messrs. 31. P. it Co. soil im
ported quoonsware, to-day, cheaper than any
other houso west of tho Allegheny mountains;
and no buyer can furnish them an involco
from any solvent St Louis houso that they
cannot nnd will not gladly duplicate. Pill
ing bills at St. Louis prices would bo a most
wclcomo business with them as it would add,
most certainly, from three to fivo per centum
to their present profits.
Tho fact becoming known that tho Penn
sylvania Central Pnilroad,oncof tho wealthi
est corporations In America, had leased In
per(etuity, tho Vincennes and Indianapolis
railroad, a number of tho proinlnont citizens
of Paducah repaired to New York, for tho
purpose of diverting the great southern routo
via Cairo, over a lino through Paducah.
"With maps and profiles, a Ijbcral tender of
aid, and a proffer of a use of any or all tho
streets and avenues of their city, they rnado
a showing quito formidable for Cairo Interests
to assail. Thoy reprosented, too, that tho
corporate authorities of Cairo had perempto
rily refused to permit tho Cairo and Vin
cennes road (which is a link in tho southern
route) to enter tho limits of tho city, and that,
as it consequence, tho depots would havo to be
located and connections formed at a point
outside of the city that was under water dur
ing nine -months of tho your. "What might
have been tho effect of this showing we may
never know, for at tho moment when It was
most persistently urged, a dispatch was
placed in tho hands of the gentlemen repre
senting Cairo, to the effect that our corporate
authorities had decided to tender tho C. A' V.
It. H. Co. tho use of Commercial avenue,
whereby the obstacles urged by tho Paducah
intorests might bo overoomc, and the closest
and cheapest connection possible bo in ado
with the southern lines and tlV-owcr Missis
sippi! Tho welcome intclltgenc now reaches us
that negotiations are about perfected for a
perpetual lease of tho Cairo and Vincennes
road to the Pennsylvania Central, action ,in
the prcmUcs having been greatly hastened by
the act of our city authorities tendering
the use of Commercial avenue. This arrang
ment will make Cairo the southern terminus
of the Pennsylvania Central, and by proper
clTort on thrf part of our people, tho seat also
of its machine shops, workshops and foun
dries. An ample recompense, surely, for the
urrender of a portion of Commercial ave
nue, admitting (as we do not) that all tho lo
cal evils prophesied of, will be realized.
ZiAtoait toy To i ojr-.iDlx.
The Tenure - of- Ollice Luw.
3Jokxoos iVftor Offloo.
SlAUclitor of nolDolei.
It was announced yesterday that tho senato
had agreed upon a modification of the tenure
of olBcu law that was satisfactory to the pres
ident. The matter coming before tho house
yesterday afternoon the fact became apparent
that a largo majority were opposed to the'
bill as fixed up in tho senate. It was not do
cided, however, whether the house would add
further amendments or mako a simple mo
tion to non-concur. Dingham spoke an hour
in favor of tho senate proposition.
the m:uuok. kntkk an aitkahanck.
flic national cxccutivecommlttco of colored
men yesterday dicned a paper in favor of
n memorial to heads of different government
departments, setting forth tho claims of tho
colored pcoplo to a portion of the patronage
of tho government, citing their services Tn
war and in subsequent elections, nnd asking
that positions be given them. Further con
sideration of tho subject was postponed.
Havana specials to tho Now York 'Tribune'
under dato of the 2Cth say that thrco men
were killed during tho disturbances last Sun
day, it Is said, for replying te Insults of tho
A great crowd of Spaniards cheered over
tho execution of tho Cuban llomero. Ho
was khot on tlu wharf, iu sight of the prison
ers who woro leaving for Africa. Tho vol
unteers had furiously demanded this life.
Tho impression still prevails that Santiago
Do Cuba has been takon by tho rebels, nnd it
is reported that there aro fresh outbreaks near
A number ol mad dogs havo mado their
appcaranco In Now York, Syracuse, Dutlalo
and Michigan City.
Change and Kngare married to two sisters,
tho daughters of an American clergyman.
Each brothor has nlno children, Tho family
of Kng consists of six sons and thrco daugh
ters ; tho family of .Chang consists of three
sons nnd six daughters. Their Urst children
woro born wijhin thrco or four days of ouch
other; tho others at irregular intervals.
Chung's ninth ohild was born thrco months
Special Meeting.)
Cairo. 111., March S3, 1809.
Present Mayor Obcrly and Aldermen
II rankle, Carroll, Gibson, Hulcn, Hendricks,
Kennedy, Lohr, Lonergan, Mendel, Itedmun,
Theobald, and Councllmen Jorgenscn, Mnr
tin, O'Calllhan, Peardsn, "Williamson 1C.
Tho Clerk presented tho official bond of
Otis P. Lyon, City Comptroller, In tho penal
sum of $5,000, and on motion of Alderman
Mendel tho bend was approved and ordered
on file.
Tho following bills were presented und re
ferred to tho committee on claims:
tlllt ofJohnT.nnnlrorfrvIciM ComrnlMloncrof
ttt Honnl of I'uUlc'WorU. amounting to... .8150 00
Bill of James c;rln'l for '- m CtunmiaMonerof
the Board of t'ubllc Work. inountitii to... tt-W to
Hill of Dr. II. Wartlner for prof'i"oal Mmce ren
dered Lawrence lUIejr, who frll or walked MX
sidewalk, nair the cornerof fourth street and th
Ohio l.efee, amounting to . W
Hill nf Kichard J. Iaitini for work done on cro
walkaof the cltjr, amounting to S-'l w
Tho city attorney presented the following
communication, which wne received :
To the honorable Major and Council of tho City of
Cairo t ... , .
UentUmtn : In obedience to n resolution
passed at vour last meeting In joint session,
requesting a report frm tho city nttornoy of
tho steps taken in me sun oi jicuinnis vs.
tho city, I mado a report, to be found In tho
published proceedings of tho last session of
tho select council. Knowing and apprecia
ting your concern to bo fully advised in rofor
enco to this matter, I hereto append a letter,
rocclved to-day from John H. Hird, Esq.,
counsel for tho city, which, in my opinion,
merits your careful consideration.
As tho legal adviser of the city, I am fully
Srcparcd to say that in my opinion Mr,
lird'a charges are moderate: nnd when
viewed In connection with the confidence of
early success which ho so unhesitatingly ex
presses, and which every ono who examines
the matter must predict, I think should bo
met and satisfied by you without hesitation.
L. P. Uutluk, City Attorney.
New Tark, SfarrluO, UO.
Lewla 1. nailer, Kq.s
Ix-irhirt rour faTor of Mareli lllli la at hand. I
euurtaln pretln-ly tho nio nw in reft t" the
cae and line of defense that you. lu. I ntant at pre-nt-nt
conceive how the plaintiff vaa aueceod in this ac
tion. Our appellate court hoWit corporation atrn-tly to
their delegated power. No city t an mtuo bolide fur
any other than municipal purpose.
Innocent holder arn not prott-ctwl.&Mhc bond udt
for want of conlilration.
Hut I apprehend that tho deriion here will be deter,
inincl by tho "lex loci contractu," and tl-refrt I
would I olJiscd to you If, at your telsiiro, you would
collate a few authorities for lue.
Wu the utute precriiMng the method and grant
fnietocltle. Ac., power of utenbinjC to the capital
itork of railroad i-oiiiianie, Ac , ltHl rulwr-jiirnt
to the laiulnf of the i,0 bond ) Not that 1 think il
important, but 1 alws) I ike to know the pro, an.l con
anr intere-t eier len tai-1 on the bondT I
hate obtained Information to the etfect that tho bond
other than the fife thouand ilollar one hare been paid
alnc Ibtt ault wu liroucht.
1 will o nlead a to nuke them Pvluce the bond
n the trial. lle Jwt let Ine hate a coprofllte
ut-M-riptlou Ut the Cairo and fct I.chih railrnrul com
pany. Ante hare abundance of tlino 1 will fully nia
iurn our defemt and write ou again fully un the
In rcirard to fee. I think I ihould hare a retainer of
I II I aucceni, men in tut j n i tii, toi n i
I tit . U1.L it. .1 KM, ...t
Mm ur cuiiinit Mii .i.w ""i iiiwtt .mill
raah diburementa. la a matter of tht magnitude,
the fre claimed I mi)l. The litintion muy U-epir-Ited,
and our expenwa are heay, and th pun tuna
ble character of tho inoney not treat a furnieily.
I with you would faror me by having the i it y retn.t
me the retainer. 1 liare no doubt, whatever, uf ut -ce.
Thanking you for your full note,
1 aru your, truly. JOHN II. UIUU.
Alderman Gibson moved that, in tho opin
ion of this meeting, tho retainer of $250
should bo forwarded to John 11. liird, attor
ney for the city, in New York, which motion
was loit by tho following vote:
Ayes Carrol), Gibson, Hulen, Lohr, Pod
man 5.
Nays Drankle, Hendricks, Kcnnedv, Lon
ergan, Mendel, Thcobold, Jorgenscn, Martin,
O'Callahan, Williamson 10,
Councilman Ilearden oxcuscd from voting.
Councilman Jorgenscn ollered the follow
ing preamble and resolution which wero
adopted :
Whurcas, In pursuance of ordinance No. 3,
entitled '-an ordinance to provide for tho is
suing of $5,000 in Citv bonds to tho Cairo
and St. Louis railroad Company, passed at a
duly convened meeting of tho city council, on
tho 2nd davof April, A. I)., 18C0. ten alder
men voting for it and but two against it, after I
a report in it favor by a special committee of'
said council, vnd recommendation by the
Chamber of Commerce of the city of Cairo,
said ordinances having been duly'signed and
approved byT. Wilson, mayor, a bond fur
(5,000, payable In two years after date was
i.sued to said It. It. Co.," upon cviidition that
tho said sum of 13,000 should bo credited to
tho city upon any subscription that might
thereafter be made by it to tho stock of said
company, and
AN herbai, It is understood that the
proceeds of aid bond havo been uted to de
fray, in part, tho coat of tho survey of said
roa'd and tho expenses in procuring subscrip
tion to its stock, which subscriptions now
amont to 610,000, tho cost of said aurvoy
having been $8,219,09 und the other ospoiucs
$1,140,25, as has been reported to and appro
ved by the board of directors of said com
pany, and
"Whoreas, Tho voters of tho said city of
Cairo, at a special election, held on April 30,
I860, by a veto of 03 in favor, to 4t) against
it, determined to subscribe $100,000 to the
capital stock of said It. P. Co., und tho raid
company nro now, always havo been und ever
will continue to bo ready, when called upon,
as their otlicers represent, to credit tho
amount of said 5,000 bond on said subscrip
tion of $100,000 as provided for iu said ordi
nance, and
Whereas Tho whole amount of funds used
to pay for tho cost of tho surveys of said road
ana o'f procuring subscriptions amounting as
above specified to $0,353,1)4 bus been contrib
uted by tho twe banking institutions of tho
city, a few individuals and tho city of Cairo,
(through and by means of tho bond in ques
tion,) and in an enterprise of such general
benefit, it is iiroper that tho city nt large,
should contribute its share, nnd
"Whoreas, Tho credit of tho city requires
that Its obligations thus incurred in good
faith and after due consideration and delibe
ration, should bo promptly "and honorably
discharged, and an eil'ort to ovudo their pay
ment and thus ropudiatojutt contracts, would
not only bo a discreditable iiiipuatation upon
tho honor of tho city, but would ulso in this
instance greatly embarrass tho operations of
tho railroad company to whom tho guid'bond
was issued, both by reducing its pecuniary
means and depreciating the value of it bonds,
which tho city has promised to issuo in aid of
Its construction ; therefore, bo it
Kcsolvcd, That In the opinion of this
meoting tho city treasurer should bo, and,
hereby Is authorized nnd directed to pay tho
nmount principal and Interest of said bond
for $5,000, issued to the Cairo and St. Louis
railroad compnnv, upon its presentation to
him nt his offico In this city, out of tho sink
ing fund in his hands, set asido for tho re
demption of this nnd similar obligations, or
out of any other funds in his hands, belonging
to tho city, not otherwise appropriated.
Alderman Kcdman offered tho following
resolution which was adopted :
Kcsolvcd, That, in the opinion of this
meeting, the right of way should be granted
to tho Cairo and Vincennes railroad company,
through Commercial avenuo to any point in
tho lower part of tho city nt which said com
pany may dcslro to locate their depot
grounds, provided such right is granted, con
ditioned upon their laying tho track of the
road to the grade of tlio avenue, constructing
approaches at the cross streets over their
embankment, protecting tho rails in such a
manner as not to Interfere with tho passage of
vehicles over them, und agreeing to such
othor conditions as may bo necessary to pro
tect tho public Interests.
Kcsolvcd, That the Ordinanco committee
bo instructed to prepare and report at tho
next meeting of cither branch of tho city
council, nn ordinanco in accordance with the
provisions of tbe abovo resolution.
On motion adjourned.
Patmck Mocklkk, City Clerk.
To Samuel H. Taylor and Klwin Parson., Thorn Fan
dent, N. W. Kdwardi, Iliillip llrown and all others
intereiUHl t
You ami each of you are hereby notified, that at a
.ipof real estate mode by the sheriff and collector of
Alexander county, Illlnoif, at the door of the court
)ioue. In Cairo, county of Alexander and Mate of III I
noi. on th 2th tlay of Jnne, A. D. 1-57, 11. K. Mar
shall parch-wed the following dMCribed real estate,
sitii.itol in the city of Cairo, In said county, for tho
state and county taxe, and costs due thereon, for thf
year A. D.1SW, to-wit:
In who nam a.
M-med. taxed
City or what oifdl-
tlon thereto.
City of Cairo,
First Addition,
and sold. Lot. Block.
Tajlnr A I'ar.on'.....lS f.T
."ame . ... 7 75
The ma Kati'lf nt... i 6
N. W. iwarl. :t
Phillip Brown ...... ..--.ST ti
And that the time allowed j law for the redemption
of said real estate will exptr on the ;th day nf June,
A. 1). UtO. B. h M A Ball A I..
Cairo, III., March 17, MM3t
jtV. EMf of James Hordtn, decttutd.
The undersigned liaring Wn appointed Adminis
trator of thti e-iate of Jiu. llorden, late of thcounty of
Alexander and futt- of Illinois, deceased, hereby
Rite notice that he will appear before the county
court of Alexander county, at the court-house in tho
city of Cairo, at the April term, on tho third Monday
111 April next, at which tuno an person itatuiM
ilaims against said estate aro notified and requested
to alienator tho puriiv of hating the same atfjusted.
AH oerson IndeUe-l to said estatn are requested to
maxe lmmetliste payment in llieuniiersipie.
ttarnient I
I lateti this 24th day of Februarr A. I). 1'
telfJI-w W. N. KUItBPM, Adm'r.
Taker, up. In frontof my resilience this mominc,
(March tholfth) two small mare Ml'LKS, one of them
block ami the other a dark hay, both aoout ten hands
lush, the Mack one harina; about Its neck a piece uf
rope halter.
The owner by coming forward, establishing his
ruht of property and p ting ehari:e can lake ihetn
Tal.-n t Ke t Liiliiirtlji r In till (( An tVisa
mornin;oftt.oiutliint., mlark ty horiv MCI.R
aUui1I hinl hl(ch. 12 or 13yrfof ik. "o o1
Tho owner hy proTlng hi right of property and pay.
inseharsescaa scure possession of the animal.
marliMSf DA.MUl. lICtN.
s -v ri tiLsii
Stolen from Die cane near the farm of James Keene,
In lltillartl countr. Kentucky. oiiDoeita Mound, City.
between the loth nnd llth Intl.. a cray rnan MAKE.
f-alp m-ire I about 11 hands high, rise years old I has a
aarK main ann iau, on ine ick except inn riKUi nuvi
one. block to the knee, the eiceptetl one beini? white
dslf wttviin; snd his the letter P branded os tholcSt
hip ami shouhlor.
I will pay 75 for the mare and thief; or tM forth
maroalone, dellrere-tat Woodyllle, McTnw-ken coun
ty. W. II. PENN.
From the earni near the farm of James Keene. or-
ptuitc Moiin.l City, In lUUant county. Kentucky, be-twt-en
the loth aud the Utli Inst., a bright sorrel mare
Ml'I.K. trio otiro.s tli left and shoulders, six
vt-ais old tin sprint, and is about fourteen and a half
hand huh, ami h.vtabl.vk nmiiesiid tail.
I Mill J6 reward for the mule ami thief, or SM
fur the imile. alone, delircrcd to me at Wooifvilte. Jlc.
rr hen t otinty. O. II. OJ.WIAM.
Evorythius Frosili
IIstIuccIwJ out their old stock of Clothios;, bare
brought on a
Large ami Nploiiiild Mtock,
Which embraces every kind of
Faslilousttile Uentlemtu'a Wear,
Aud such a Is suited to a!lclaes.
They would ask especial attention to their supply of
XXavtsW ,xicl OAprj,
In which they profess to lead tho market. Also to
Which embrace all styles of Cloth, Caislmeri j
Twed, ic, from which they manufacture
In the best manner, and strictly fashionable.
Their stock of
Gentlemen's Fiirnlshlnij Goods
Is very complete. Including many novelties never be-1
fore brought to this markvi.
Trunks, of every style, Valises, Carpet
tiacks, iic.
Assure of their ability to sell cootla from tlieir new
stock, eMjiir tlsMi ever before, they rely uionailf-t-ritninasinxpcblM
tocxt .iul them tho riatronan they
may deserve. JanSSdtf
Toflll Allison, OcorccW Kellosr, John U Standi, B
moat Taylor and i;uivin i-anoiis, (mm ra iayior .
Parson), (,'rorre Hendricks, J II Ileylin, John X
Kruni, David II llrarkcn, John V .McMillan, l'atsey
Oiles, and her heirs, F l Atherton, Charles Thomas,
Ceorge Meilock. John H Taylor, Marinda Marclilldon,
James Thomson. M rimitli, Winlield .3 Chapman.
William fticuart, M t Kaivlinr. Asa Nix, I. It Llilil
ner, A. C. Dickerson and F, Vincent, and all other
roncerned i
You and each of ou ate lurrby unified that at a sale
of lands at the dorr of the. courthouse, in the city of
Cairo, in the fount r of Aieiimltr and .Stale of Illinois,
on the 2i'itli day ofJu nc, A . II. 1567, for the State, county,
school, and other tale and rol due and unpaid for tie
ear A. 11. 1W-'. I became the purchaser of Hie following
and described nt) lot and Ian is, situated in the city ef
Caiio and the addition therein a below ct forth, and In
the county of Alexander and Slate of Illinois, which said
lands were assessed, taxed and sold In the names of the
peron below set forth respectively!
Date of Pur
I In Whe Name As-j
siessed, Taicd
i and Mold. !.
. jCity. or what
-i Addition.
e :
1S07.G II Allisou
:(JeorfeW Kelloli
jjollll ( bUlnil-.
IklllO ...
:TavIK A; l'arori
. 17::
i9 2ii
i r.V
l(Ot;c Hendricks
Tailor k I'arson
16 16!lst
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Thatthetlmef.tr the retlemptitm of tlie atoirc tfe
scrilctl lot. Isrxl and i-rcmis, till "f " I'kIi ant situa
ted In Alexander t-oHBIy. state nf Illinois, will expire
ontheJ6th daj of June. 1W.
F 1".. Al.IlItKtllT, Plireliaer.
Cairo. HI , Mar-h 4. !. inarbltw
Estate of Euuetin Cundte, deceased.
The undersigned Itanne lecnapi-intel execttwr
nf the last will and te-Ument of Cnnetia
Candee, late of tite c-tmnly uf Alexamler and Hate
Of Illinois, do tnwd. hereby Kte imtlee that he wilt
appear before the . ..tiulv t-'iiurt of Alexander count),
at tho court IiHie-n ihet-ttv nf Calre, llllnoi, at the
May term, nn the tlnrd Mondsy in May net, nt
which tune all n-rsn lutiiiff rUim apilnt said es
tate ore notified and reitiete.l to att'ntl for the pur
poe of liariui the some adjusted. All -erons In
tlebtetl to md etnte are requested to In tke Iminedl'
ato payment to tho undersigned.
IMtetl this 17th day of Man h, A. I). 1 '.
morlT-t-w flKNItV ll.CANDKi:, Kxecutor
Wheiea. Mary A. M.lcltell, by her certain deed
iTariailds'e I"-. t- i-iitt, iUy nf June A. I"", an i
nvoidt-l in - " of ileitis, on puite Jill, Ar , m
the rtt'orl-r oiti. i of Alfiitiider ixMinty, Illinois, il-1
convey in fre to the lintlerslgnetl, William J. Allen, I hit
following ites-nl-nl lots, piretrprtrl. of land situ
4let III Alexolldereuttnty, lllinnls, tlx: l.ot No. thrre
ototii. mo. tint-, iimr, ill i'iw s mui uur inirr, ivttt
nnil Hte, ill Htrk three; one, two Mid three, in block
four i one, t mo Ihrt-e, f'Mir nnd Ave In Uoek live ; rive
and six. m Muck six; on, two, lliree. four, live and
six, in lii-x-k seven ; .mx-. two. three, four mid hvc, m
blia-k cirlit ; iue. tun, ihr.e. four atl rive, in Mock
nine . one. I mo. titter. liMir. live nnd six. ill block ten!
and being jstrt of the rnuni) tlivtsi n of the old town
nft'iuO.uiMl ut stHtum thirtv-slx. timnhip flftecii,
south rn-i --i nf Hie llnrl ttriiH iil iiii-ridiant
and id-1 ihe pubte- stiuaro in mm town of I'm')', a
williii.irsfnllt aim reference to lh ida' uf i I
tow II itt the ret-or ler's txttee of said ttttinty. The
northeul 'Raii.-r wf f soiittimt quarter, of I t i
thiriy-stx, ttiwii-aip riHet-u. south rnnifptipt, con
tmniiiir fnrti wre (i-xreitc situiit: ami rt-servinnon.-
quarter nf nn iter", iut-liidliiK Ihe eipire i;nve)artl a-
now aim nereioittrr ssoss ituHir-i nn n sisMtti itittittt
In said tnu-t, , l. -In- uonhw. -t quaiternf the koutl.-
wet ttisri--r "i in hi ininy-nttf, hi lottit-iiip nut-en,
south, rauut- ..ii.- t-i of the Ihirl print itl uier. l
isn. i tiiiluimiii- niiv-otie acre rihI 3l-lU) nf all feres
sd.o the fol l'i! in d- rdwtl lots. pii-e or -tni-l 'f
land in said luwn f 1'n'ty : I .Ms out-nnd luuui sqiioie
six. bt-ltig utt uf st-. soii ilurty-ix, lownhip fillet i
soillh, mn.-e two pi , oImi, a kntiau tin said pint nf
towiinf I'm!)', I' I-uenn I twn III square live and lot
four ill siiiinie sewn; Ui five ill stmsrn ten, in said
ttiMii tit I nit) . i .t oil r t-xprestly nin..riiii und
waiviliK Mil t .'i' -i 'i.niK-aieuii pxempiioii, intrust,
however, thai it a .-rtaiu itute exeiMitt-d by saiit Marv
A. Mil- litll ! lU-iiUi. Wdki-rxMi c.i., for i- iii
Him hundred .lli' sn. date,! even date with .'lid deed.
and pjynMf sixty -in fruin dHtf, nil I in said deed
inoro aiitii'uUrly -i. --nbcl. sIkmiIiI not lc well mil
truly j-ui'l when the Mine U-eume tine nnd juyaUe,
then tlie said W.IUnn J. AH. n, nr hi le-.'ul rt'prc -i-nta-tives,
might, on the reti.-st nf the hold'-r ufsaid note,
prixetxl in II il..- iilnnt- ieMnbett proerty or any
4ttt therrnf, at pi't'ht' vetidm-In Ihe Itlght-st biihlcr,
a by Uniterm of stud tlcetl arc provided, nnd tinii
uclrale make, evei-uie nnd lit liver to the ptirvlui-r
or piirt-liaer tin rnif u detl in fee stmplo therefoi
And whsrt-n. shI note has Ioiik -Im p bvcomeiiue aud
payable, mid tli- nn of lui-uty-oijsht hundretl atel
thuty-lwo ilollnrs und t weiilj -tivo cent of princlft-d
and interest now rewuin due and unpaid tin saul note,
now. ihcrt-fore. ii"ti' is Itereliy given, that at the re
tiuct nf the holders of aid note-, mid in pursuance nf
he terms and t niiduitui tf suidilet-d, I, thesJhl W '
llitm J. Allen, iiulrri::n(d, will, nn Miiudav iheJtli
day of April, A. II. ISttU, nt the noiirt hue in the city
Cairo, llhnni'. al the hour nf tun o'clock a.m., of said
day, proceed to sell 'he projs'rty bereiaN'fore tle
n ril"--.l,or soiiiueli therrtifws may li ueceary, to
satisfy said nuitiiruu rt-muiiiiiixlue rtn said nolo
nforusaid, with the sul-aueiit interest iht may m
rruethercon, ami the i-itvndevii of lhwtrnt;
mid will exw.-ut.tt and it. l.ter in ihe pwrctWer er pur-
1'hasurn theroof a tlt-eii I'li-refitr.
W II.I.IAJI J. AI.I.KN, Trtislee.
Crcen & (tdbert, atioi wj .
Ouro, 111., l-'elnwry . Ufl. wrtdft' I
-r- Tsts TVT 'T T s-"i cTTt
CoiINKlt 01' fcTH STIJKItT ,VNIJ QlIIO Lnk'i!
All work ist ihw t exoouSod yruwisSiy aud upon
.S'eK-lw.tfti) IMlnclplet,
ANt AT RRAsnWiltittt riTB6

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