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OFFICE: No. 13 Tenth Street, Thornton's Building.
Tho editor of the Evansvlllo 'Journal'
professes to be Immensely indignant be
cause n n umber of negro children visited
ono of tho free schools of that city, and
demanded admission, and equal privi
leges with tho white children ! What a
consummate ploco of domagoguery this
is! AUuctliiB Indignation ut tho practi
cal working of tho doctrines it advocates,
becauso an honest endorsement thereof
would Insure nil overwhelming radical
defeat In tho approaching chartor elec
tion 1 Cortolnly there is not, in the city
of Kvansvllle, an Intelligent voter who
is not amply assured that tho chief aim
aud object of the radical party is to bring
uboul the "equal rights" which the ne
gro children in question attompted to
practice. Aud the 'Journal' is indig
nant! Shame upon such an arrant,
truckling pypocrlto! With itu party, it
is to-tlay In favor of throwing wldo tho
doorx of our public schools to tho colored
children, and lias labored for years with
that end in view.
The radical legislature of Illinois has
stricken tho word "white" from our
school hkws! Why did the editor of this
journal, on the border of our territory,
not declaim against such an outrage?
iSecan.se the act was in perfect accord
with tho principles of his party, aud met
his hearty endorsement!
But Kvunsvllle is not yet educated up
to the "sticking point" in this particu
lar, (a fact that the editor aud thoo of
his peculiar faith ascertained by procur
ing tho attendance of the nogro children
at the public school) and with a facility
becoming a nlelght-of-hantl performer,
the consotence-lesa time-server of the
'Journal' all'ccts anger over the asaur
auco of tho black children, aud pretends
that he believes democratic citizens are
at the bottom of tho "contemptible
This N radicalism for you! In one sec
tion of tho country it preaches equality
to all men, mixed schools, even misce
genation. In other sections tho effort of
negro children, to secure admission to
the white .schools Is denounced as out
rageoussomething so euormous that It
must be charged, forsooth, to democratic
paternity! A party driven to such be
littling shifts; a party compelled to re
port toHiich deceit and humbuggery, can
certainly have only a temporary exis
tence. In time its rottenness, Its base
deceptions, and Its dishonesty aud hoi-iow-heurtcdness
mutt bw exposed; and
then, If It do not stink lu the nostrils of
the people, the future may bo looked to
with dread apprehension.
PREHENDED. Governor Palmer Is performing what
he conceives to his duty, utterly regard
less of consequences. In the consldera
lion of the enactments of the recent es
fclou of the legislature ho measures evory
act by what lie believes to be constitu
tional IlmlLs, and approves or vetoes as
he may determine by such a standard.
Ho permits no considerations for tho
publio good, no pressing wants, pecunia
ry, educational or commercial, to swerve
him from the Hue of duty thus estab
lished for him by the unbending provis
ions of tho constitution.
Measured by such a rulo wo have the
gravest fears for the fate of tho relief
bill of Alexander county. The report
reaches us, In truth, that the well-informed
friends of the measure despair of
Jta becoming a law. The provision sot
ting usldo ten per centum of the amount
for tho benefit of the Orphans' Asylum,
will, It Is feared, kill tho entire measuro,
nud deprive the county of what Is Indis
putably hers by every consideration of
justice aud fair dealing. The incorpora
tion of this provision, although well
meant, perhaps, was ill-advised and in
Judicious. It should have formed no
part' of the bill; and It Is to be wondered
At that the friends of the original draft
permitted ita insertion.
Wo hope, howovor, that our fears in
this regard are exaggerated. The money
would be faithfully applied to the poor,
the one-tenth under the direction of tho
managers of thu asylum, and the nine
ton tliu under tho direction of the county
court. The division Is fair aud equitable,
although kmuy bo illegal. Tho orphan
children, or many of them, charged to
tho caro of tho asylum, would, in the ah
aeuco of that Institution, bo charged to
tho county. IIonco, notwithstanding
tho division of tho Bum between tho
county aud tho orphan asylum, every
cent of it will bo expended, if realized,
for tho samo purpose for which tho court
would expend it.
Taking this, or somootherequally lib
oral view of the case, we hopo tho Gover
nor will llnd It entirely consistent with
his Ideas of both law aud justice to at
tach his signature to the bill.
Tho peculiarly loyal of Memphis aro lu
an unhappy irtuca of mlud. Ono por
tion has made up o "alato" for tho con
sideration of presldont Grant that is
highly displeasing to tho othor portion.
Hunter, of Cairo memory, la in tho mux,
and Is being roundly scored for bad faith
and assumption of authority.
Xicttoivt toy ToloBrapli.
Grant Dissatisfied with the Tcnuo Com
Syiniiattiy for Cuban.
A Washington dispatch of yestorday
eays tho houso committee on foreign af
fairs instructed Gen. Banks to report tho
joint resolution declaring tho sympathy
or the American people with tho Cubans
in their clibrts to secure their Indepen
dence, and pledging snoport to the pres
ident whenever he may deem It expedient
to recognize their independence. But,
one member, Mr. Wlllartl, dissented.
A Veto Kxprrtrtl.
Parties In a position to know declared
with great confidence yesterday that
President Grant is dissatisfied with the
amendmont to tho tcnurc-of-ofllce bill
agreed U yesterday, and that he will re
turn it tocongrcHs with his objections.
Oil n Rnllranil Furl. ,
A special dispatch from Chicago Hays
that the first passenger traiu ever drawn
by an oil burning locomotive, was on
yesterday taken by the engine I)esplalus
to Galena Junction aud return. It was
regarded as successful. Tho train of two
cars was drawn thirty miles in fifty min
utes, with little or no smoko.
Xm tty Otitic.
A telegram, dated London, April 4th,
says the royal commissioners appointed
to inquire into the lawsof naturalization,
made a report recommending the enact
ment of a law recognizing naturalization
abroad as alienating British subjects
from their allegiance to England, and
proposes total abolition of the disabili
ties of aliens to hold landed property.
Ureal I'irmln Africa.
Advices from Cape Towu, Africa, state
that a tract of country lu Southern Afri
ca, four hundred miles long and fifteen
to a hundred aud fifty miles broad, has
been burned over, occasioning great de
struction of property. Several natives
llowelt-M Children Coming Weal.
From our latest special dispatches from
New York we learn that one hundred
homeless children were sent west yestor
day by the children's aid boclety of that
city. This uuutually large shipment is
duo to the generosity of a wealthy and
charltablo lady who celebrated tho tw.en-ty-flrst
birthday of her only son by pre
senting to the society fifteen hundred
dollars to bo expended in charltablo pur
pose. l'ltclfle Kttllroad t'rftiid.
The New York 'Times,' pf yesterday,
speaking of the progress of the Pacific
railroad litigation, gives tho fallowing
item as descriptive of one of the peca
diloes of which tho managers of that
road have been guilty:
Ttie vice-president of tho Union Pacific
railroad company, when forced to testify,
admitted that the construction coutracts
had been made at rates varying from
CIO fWl In CnI fVWI iml- ..ill..
ously thrice the actual cost of construc
tion, aud comparing theso prices with
tho receipts of the company, it will be
found that they aro calculated with great
exactness to strip tho company of evory
penny of its funds, no that, in a short
time, Its property may be sold under
foreclosure of Its first mortgage bonds,
leaving tho United States to look where
it may for its paltry loans of thirty to
fifty mllllous of dollars.
DEIi. In point of heartless, fiendish cruolty
tho annals of crime furnish nothing that
equals tho devilish doings of tho woman
Delpech, who was receutly sentenced, at
Montaubau, France, to imprisonment for
life, for killing for pay, illegitimate chil
dren. "Not from tho legions of horrid
hell, could come a dovll moredamu'd In
evils" than this cruol woman. A search
mado In her house led to tho discovery
of tho skeletons. She made full avow
al, aud not only did she uot profess com
punction, but laughed several times dur
ing her examination . Her price to take
charge of theso children varied from one
hundred to four hundred francs. Her
treatment of them she'avowed with the
most revoltlug indifference, not, omit
ting detail. When the Infants cried for
hunger, she gave them oil of vitriol lu a
bottlo to drink, and then silenced their
screams of agony by plunging their
heads In boiling water. The verdict of
the jury was "guilty with extenuating
circumstances." What these "extenua
ting circumstances were it Is hard to say,
unless they were founded on the fact of
her having committed ton or twelve
murders, Instead of one or two.
C. Dorwln, a Montreal banker of ad
vanced years and high credit, who was
formerly United States Consul in that
city, suddenly gave tho Ho to his previ
ous good fame, a few days ago, by leav
ing that city with about $100,000 of tho
funds of tho banking company of which
ho was head; and with him liabilities
amounting to between S250,000 and $300,
900, about half of which Is direct and duo
half in Boston and Now York, and tho
rest, savo $10,000 for gold drafts, to tho
Union Bank of Montreal, in sums rang
ing from $100 to $5,000. His assets do
not reach nioro than $37,000, of which
$30,000 Is real cstato and $7,000 in notes
and cash. As his caso is only one of
breach of trust, tho extradition treaty
does not apply to hlra, aud ho will bo
left to enjoy his plunder here in peaco.
Mr. Ben H. Campbell was appointed
marshal for the northern district of Illi
nois, and not the southern as reported by
In this appointment tho president has
given further proof of his fidelity to his
relatives and friends. Mr. Campbell is
a resident of Galona, and a brother-in-law
of Jones, tho present incumbent,
who is a relative of Grant and the father-in-law
of Col. Babcock, Grant's prlvato
secretary. Furthermore, Campbell was
one of the principal subscribers to tho
fund that purchased Grant's Galena glft
manslou. All this accounts for the
"milk In the cocoa-nut."
A Paint Well Mode.
In the debate in tho Pennsylvania
Legislature, on the Fifteenth Amend
ment, Mr. Jacobs, (democrat,) made tho
following point. Said Mr. Jacobs:
Mr. Speaker, I have given tho gentle
man (Mr. Husted, republican,) credit for
making an eloquent speech, and he cer
tainly made an eloquent speech. I had,
however, almost forgotten to alludo to
what seemed to me to bo tho most elo
quent portion of his remarks, when ho
was urirlnir that lovaltv should bo re
warded. It was In the description of
that great battle of the West orbouth
west (Murfreesboro,) when ho pictured
to'uo in glowing language tho armies of
both sides; the defeat of our forces, the
rally and eventual triumph. It was in
the portion of his speech that he pictur
ed to us this great event that I really
thought the gentleman was eloquent;
that while he suoke another great event
In the military history of our cauntry
came fresh to mv mlud. It wan. sir, on
the decisive field of Gettysburg, when
the rebel General Lee directed one of his
most able lieutenants to plerco the Union
center which done would have enueu
the rebellion, and disastrously for the
republic. But there was in command of
that center a bravo aud gallant solder, a
man who knew how to lead his troops
to battle and to victory. A Democratic
soldier, sir! There was In command of
that center a man, who, when this great
lieutenant of the rebel hordes came thun
dering ou, hurled back his forces and
saved the republic. What is tho result?
The rebel lieutenant who ho nearly nler
ced that Union center Is rewardeu by a
Federal appointment, and tho Federal
General is sent Into exile in the wllds.of
Dakota. This Is rewarding loyalty! This
Is giving to theso brave men who upheld
the standard of tho republic so nobly
their duo I How do you account for it?
Is it because this republican party, so
overgrown with pride, so full of lust of
power, dare not do Justice even to the
men who periled their lives in defense
of the republic
Mr. LaHau To whom do yo alludo ?
Mr. Jacobs I refer to General Long
street aud General Hancock.
A Wire Kill llrr lliKkitml.
(From tho Sidney (Ohio) Journal.
Tho people of this county wero greatly
startled, loat week, by learning that
Montra, lu the northern part of the
county, and been the nceno of a most
terribly tragedy. George Fowler, re
sldicg a short distance from Montra.
was on frlday morning terrible mauglcu
and killed by his wife. We aro informed
that Fowler had grossly mistreated his
wife, and about a year since, while she
was in au advuueed 4htate of pregnancy,
hud kicked her lu tho stomach, from tho
etl'ects of which she has never recovered,
and tor nlnu mouths pust has been con
fined nearly all tho tiuio to ' hor bed.
During this time Fowler has persisted
In his unkind treatment starving and
abusing her in every conceivable manner.
On the Weduesday preceedlng the day
he was killed they had a bitter quarrel,
and he, after that, refused to occupy tho
same bed with her. On Friday morning
Mrs. Fowler got up about four o'clock,
while her husband was still sleepiug
before tho flreplaco with a little son
about eight years of age. After getting
uptdie noticed the axe under the bed
and says something told her sho must
kill George. Taking the axe she struck
the sleeping man some eighteen or
twenty blows ou the neck aud face, kill
ing him Instantly aud multllatlug him
in a bhocUlngmunner. After tho second
blow the boy rushed from the house and
gave the alarm. The miserable woman
is now in jail awaiting her trial. Her
appearance fully proves, we thluk, the
charge of starvation and abuse, Sho is
a young woman aud of rather pleasing
looks, though much emaciated.
Paris wits "pure nobody. Seo how thoy
treat our friends, the doctors:
At tho hospital of , thu doctor arrived
grave nnd thoughtful.
"How many dead liavo you this morning?"
said ho to the keeper,
"Nino, sir."
"Tim ilovil I didn't I glvo ton proscriptions
"Y. but ono of thorn rofuscd to take
Iu this country moro than $2,000,000.
aro invested In menagaries and circuses.
Here are Mrs. Stanton's expectations
of tho next two decades: "Twenty
years 1 Why, 1 expect to bo walking the
golden streets or tno now Jerusalem Dy
thattimo, talking with Noah, Moses, and
Aaron, about tho flood, tho Pharaohs,
tho Journey through tho Red sea and the
wlldcrnoss. Wo shall be holding con
ventions on tho banks of the Jordan
with Eve. Sarah, ltebecca, Huldah, De
borah, Miriam, Ituth, Naomi, Shoba,
Esther, Vashtl, Mary, Elizabeth, Pria
cllll, and Phcbe,TryphonaandTryphosa,
and all tho strong-minded women hon
orably mentioned in sacred history. Do
you know that I havo vowed never to go
disfranchised iuto tho kingdom of hea
ven? In the meantime, I propose to dis
cuss sanitary and sumptuary laws,
financo and rreo trade, religion ana rail
roads, education and elections in the
councils of tho American republic
Twenty years ! Why, every whlto male
in tho nation will bo tied to an apron
string by that time.
Nliic-Mlnir l'rlnan.
Tho Poughkeopslo 'Eagle' gives tho fol
lowing concerning tho latest rovolt at tho
Slng-Sinc State Prison :
The convicts are sullen, nioroso and
mutinous, becauso of a sudden decrease
in the rations dealt out to them. Previ
ous to January 1st. thoy were given
twelvo barrels of flour a day; now they
get but eight. We are also informed that
some of tho meat given them is not fit to
cat. Short rations wero the main cause
or the midnight revolt last week. The
men engaged In that revolt were employ
ed to prepare breakfast for thirteen huu
drcd convicts In tho prison, and as they
wero only flvo of them tho work was
very laborious. As a sort of extra com
pensation previous to January 1, they
wero allowed extra dishes of food and
with satisfied. Since January their ex
tras havo been cut off. which causod the
difficulty. Some of the couvicts swear
roundlv that thev will resist tho cut
down, thouuh It cost them their lives,
arguing that they might as well be kill
ed while attempting to escape as 10 uio
by slow starvation. ,
Supposed lo have bee n drowned by falling from the
wliariWl, foot of Third street, on 6unday evenlui,
March !!S. Description! Age. J hltht. aboulB feel,
t Inches; rolar of hair and complexion, light I linl on
hUvkrublMrcnt Hack rlo.lt pants ami rent, and Id lift
jeans jacket; rim: on little finger of left hand: steam
li! rtnti.r! 11ii1I knarrftiTA dipt k No. 0 In twickct. A
liberal reward will be iall forthc recovery of hl body.
Address II. It. L1TTELL, Sun'l of Louisville City
11 ill way tompany, i.uuimnr, nj.
kl...lir Uhm will oil tn and Ptlf in frAaL nf thfl
markttliouir.turUttv morning, o'clock. t2tej
1. . -A-
(SuccPMcri InCunnfnKham it Stratton,)
d'rocers and Commission Merchants,
No. .17 Ohio I.evcc, Cairo, III.
lOOO. Spx-iuc! lOOO
MltS. K. II. OSWALD & CO.,
Ilaejutrt'ctlrc4 an umiully fine ami uttrnctiTo
Nlrtiwuiitl Millinery UootU,
Notion., TrimiiilnK nnd Kr.cy Article, HiLbon,
llmtom, HnwrM,t'tn.,allnf the vrrylutpst ulylrit rz
Uut irtitcntliiic to tho trade variety equal to the de
mand, at tirieet that eaiKcnrrelv f.ill lopve atWfo
lion. WOltK IIAsKKW S Infant' tuiakfts, and n
hand'onic collection of other notions, useful and or
namental. Anew lot of PinKr' relehrated sewing maohlnea
nliuon han I, IowIikIi thenttentlou of tho jmblin la
otx'oially hit lied.
They are prepared, M heretofore, lo meet all d
manda m iho drraa making line promptly and after tho
lllte.t at) lea.
llonnvla mado and hleuched to order.
I'JI fomiiierclnl Avouuc, .ur EIkIiIIi Nl.
adl lmd
General ..
Comiiiisioti aud Forwarding Merchunts
And Dealers in
liny, Corn, Out. Ilrnn, and Mil Kind or
apt dtf
4ln Ilia Line or the V. V. K. H.
1 havo forty-four acre of aplenditl land, w ell tim
bered, altuated on the lineof the C. V. IU B., milea
from talro. which 1 will ell on reatonaU terma. Ap
ply nt the cornir of Tenth and Walnut afreets.
' api n it. 1. KC1IOLS.
Ward's Itlienmatlo Lluauient !
Now has n reputation overall other remedies before
tho public, for tho reason it has cured many coses that
hav Untied tho skill of our most eminent physicians,
ami pronounced Incurable by them all. Persons suf
fering with Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Sick or Nervous
Headache, Chilis and Kevcr, Typhoid and lllllions Fe
vers, Coushs, Oolds, Consumption, nhcumatisra. Neu
ralgia, ruinlntho Side, llrcast, or Hack, should nt
oncoprocuroaliotllo each of these Invaluable remo
dies ami Ins restored ntonco to perfect health.
KUUEKA TONIO Is k'1 tor Debility from any
cause It has noqual ns a Komalo Hemedy. It aids
Digestion and purities tho Wood, and provonta dis
ease,elcanaini tho system of al llmpuritlos, which If let
remain, produce a sallow complexion and bring on
discoo that makes lifo one o( misery. Wood's Kure.
ka Tonlo is compounded of tho purest Vegetable E.
tracts, and Is pleasant to take, and mild in Its action
on tho system.
Try one bottlo it will keep your Liver and Stomach
right, ond prevent bllllotiiness.
W. 31. WAUP, Covington, Ky.
Wholesnloaml llelall Agent, Cairo, Illinois.
And for salo'by Druggists generally. mar3l-3m
The Oldest Established
miTKXiiousr. & hanxy
Havo on hand, fresh from the market
XIroiasi Goods,
1'eklna, Orientals,
Alpacas, Hobalx Cloth,
rriutcd dc Lalnen, rkln Lustres,
Trench Jaconet, lercalc,
Italian Cloths, Challl,
French fllnghamd, French Pique,
Puro .Mohairs, Scotch (llngham,
Crapo .Mureti, Poplins,
Percalo Hobo , Japanese Cloth,
French Lawns, Pacific Lawns,
Orenadine, Prinled Linens,
Plain Percale, Whlto Alpacas,
lliown nnd Wwhed Phectlnj?",
Drown ami lllcacnei winning-,
Paris Printed Spring Shawls,
Tibet nhanli,
Lama Imp Shawls,
Shetland Shawl",
Silk Mantlllii,
l"nri Veil llarejes,
Whlto Goods, Donna Maria,
Soft Cambrics Hosiery,
IndlaTwill. - Oloies.
India Mull, Jaconet,
Llnn Cambric, Swl.
Tnble. !.!nrn,
Oil Olotlxw,
lpeclallr designed fur the mo of the Medleal Pro
lon ancl tho Family, roelnic tho.e Intrinsic
ic4teUuliropcrtics Willi libelous to un old and Pure
Did I pen table to Female, 'tlnrnl for Kidney Com
plaints. A delicious Tonic Pill up In cases, contain
ing ono tlntcu bottle caHi, nnd sold by all ilruiHlst
grocers, Au. A. .M. lllnincsr .t to., rI.loil,nrl 17,9
No. 11 lleaer street, Neir Vrtrk. marlslly
lUiatt of Eimettn Ciindet, tteeeamt.
The undersigned huvimr been appointed evecutor
of the last will mm lettometit of Klllielu
Candec, Iuto of the county of Alexander and Start
of Illinois, deceased, hereby Kites nolleo that ho will
aphcar before the county cmirt of Alexander county,
at tho court house in Ihoeitv of Cairo, Illinois, at the
May term, on the tiiinl Monday lu May uuxt, at
which time all jTon hatmeltims anintsaid es
tate aro nolillcd and riicirl In attend for thu pur
pose of havinic the same uiljiisled. All i-rsoii In
debted to said estate ar reiuct'd to makn Immedi
ate iwiymentto the undersigned.
Dated this lithduvofMsreh.A. ! 1KB.
marlM.w flKNItV ll.CANDKi:, Kicrutor.
Whereas. Starr A. Mitchell, by her certain deed
bearingdate tho elietith day of Juiu A. D. Isi7, and
recotded in liook "V" of deoiN, on p-ige fill, Ac, in
the recorder' olhVeef Almutidnr county, llliuoij, did
convey In fee l Hi" iiii.rr"luiii-l, William J. Allen, the
follow Jim ilen'riU-d J.j.s, pic'.-.or panel, of l.ui.l situ
ated In Alexander eomit), lllinom, vu; Lots No. threo
block No. one; nlnx, .n bliH'k twin one. three, four
ami live, In hlotk three; one, two and three, in bhek
four i one, two. three, four and tlf i it blinds live i (he
and U, in block six; one, two, three, four, tho and
six, In block seven; "tie, Ivfo, three, four nud tile, tit
Mock eight; one, two, three, four unit Hie. in block
nine l one, two, thiee, lour. t!te and six, in bh'k ten ;
ami lelng jsirt of the eruimv dlvul' n uf tin- old town
of Unity, ami in swtion thirty-nx. tonliii tlfleeu,
south ninuelwM west of the ihird itiim imI nu'ridiuui
Mild also the public njuart' In soul town of Unit)', s
Mill more fully npHnr by refeirni'i. to the pint of said
town iu the i r.lr' ort'v of said count). Thn
norllieat (iiaiter t tUtt southeast ipiurlor, of ser tioii
thirty-six, towin-hlp tia en, south rauzotwo wet, eon.
turning fort) te res n-xortii iitiii nwil rserviliicoiic
quarter of an er, 'n-lii lmtc thn cnuro Kravejard a
now and hvrelofiire know n situated mi u sliutl mnund
In said traet) . also. ' iirtliw,st iiaitfrof ihe soiuh
nest quarter of otliMl llil.oin , in lownhiJ lifleeii,
south, ranui- ono wet of lite third pruKtp.il mcfid
Ian. ciiiitinniiu llliy-i'iie ivre. uml .. 1 -1 is J of an acre;
iil.o the follou iiik r lti Int., pieces or urces of
land iu said town of I nut I. -ls oiii-iind tuiiin sounrc
six, being part of sn-tlou thiny.six, townahiiililleeii
south, range two we . hI-o, i.. kuoHii on un plat of
lonnof t'liity, lots . u.'iiii'l iwn in sqimro rlo and lot
four In sMiniu seti'ii; lottliuiii npiaie i-n, lu said
town of Unity, th- ji io'or ,'pre-lj atsmdnuliig and
waning all right i lo mi sii od e.cmptiou, lu trust,
howeier, that if a i-t itioii uoie exei iiled h snnl Slur)
A. .Mitchell lo lla-tiiik!, Wdkermn A Co., for twenty
the hundred diit cr. lued eicii ilate with sold deeo.
uml payable sixty ls.)s niHuilutr, and in mid lie.l
moro pJttieiilarl) id'., iilml, should not U' well and
truly paid when Ho' -am- ce one due and poyal.b-,
tlieu tue said W H "in I All U. t In-leinil i pre nla
lives, mlglit, on the rcqoot of llieliuluer of li note,
proceed to si II the nlsiie uWrlhed properly or mi)
art thereof, at puMie leudUH lit the highest bidder.
hi by the terms of said deed ure proiidcil, nnd upou
such sale make, c.xii'tiio and deliver to the purchaser
or pureha-crs thereof deed In fee simplu therefor.
And whereas, sn.d nolo luut lung siui'obeeomvduo aud
imyaVle, and th sum of twenty.elghl hundred nnd
Ihirty-two iloll.un and iweiu.lio cents of principal
and interest uuw rcnuius due und unpaid on said note;
now, therefore lioino is lieieby giien, that at the Re
quest of the holders uf -.ici note, nud in pursuance ot
the terms uml condition, of i-alil deed, I, Ilicsaid Wil
liam J. Allen, undersigned, will, on Monday theAtli
day of April, A. D. Hw, at the court houso in the city
Cairo, Illinois, at the hour of leu o'clock o.m., of sal-1
day, proceed to sell tho properly licri. lubvforv de
scribed, or so mueli thereof ns may bo necessary, m
sutisfy s.inlamomit so remaiiiingduo on suidiiolea
nforesald, with Iho siil-e.Ui-nt liitcieI that limy or
cruo thereon, an I theni-saiidexpeiieoflhlstrnst;
and will exeouto nnd delnrr to the purWiacr or pur
chaser thereof ii deed tliei.for. .......
WII.i.lAM J. ALLI.N, Trustee.
Oreen &. (lllla'rt, ntlorne) s.
Cairo, III., February I"'"- maroilDOd
A':, i n t win, FTir sthekt,
.JecJllfl AVKNb'K.

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