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OFTIOI: 3STo. 13 Tenth Street, Thornton's Building. ., . , K x ,ulo
m Las.
ygy it's.
At n recent mooting of tho common
council of Mound City the committee on
ordinances was Instructed to liavo their,
printing dono at the Cincinnati 'Ga
zette' office!
We are astonished, moro, wo aro as
tounded! Mound City, democratic to
the core, unflinching on all occasions,
'goes back" on her democratic paper
aud herself! Her council, overwhelm
ingly democratic, sends Its printing
abroad, not to democratic 'printing
booses, but to the Cincinnati 'Gazette,'
one of tho most obnoxious radical sheets
in tho United Btatcs. And why Is this?
Uocauflo tho 'QnzuttoV bid Is lower than
that of their own town paper! A radi
cal paper bidding for democratic print
ing, und obtaining It, bocause of a wil
lingness to do It at any price that will
snatch it from democratic hands! We
repeat, wo aro astounded!
Js it nothing thai the 'Journal' ha. la
bored in and out of season for tho pros
perlty of Mound City und tho success of
theldomocratlo party? Is It nothing that
Its editor, Mr. Totter, Is publishing for
tho mero necessities of llfo that ho ob
tains, a paper that reflect-i credit upon
the city? Is it nothing that ho manfully
tights tho battles of tho city, resenting
calumnies, exposing falsehoods, ,and
doing all that man can do to Introduce
the city to the world in a favorablo light,
and the world to It? la it nol'ilug that
ho publishes, to. tho credit or hlniself uad
his fellow-citizens, the best local weekly
inthoBtaloof Illinois? Is it nothing
that ho does all this, whllo tho Cincin
nati 'Gazette' is denouncing as treasona
ble and halter-deserving tho sontimentx
of tho very men who aro favoring it
with patronage? If all this Is nothing,
then can the Mound City council Justify
Its conduct; but not otherwise.
The hid of tho 'Gazette,' the bid or no
radical paper, should bo causlderod. in a
competition for tho printing of demo
cratic cities. Huch pupers, for the pres
tlgo it gives them and their party, and
tho Injury it lulliots upon democratic
prints, will perform such work at actual
cost prlcu or 1cj, und, In case of loss,
State coutral committees, or prominent
mouied radicals, stand ready to mako
up all louses.
Had tho 'Journal' been a radical paper
and tho council of tho same political
complexion, who Mlppo.cs tuat the bid
of the Cincinnati 'Enquirer1 would have
excited anything but derisivo laughter?
Under such a statu of a Hairs the bids of
democrats would bo hooted at as prepos
terous, because the radical party does not
permit democrats to mako such inroads
upon its patronage. Radicals stand by
their papers, pay fair prices for their
work, and uovur dream of asking a dem
ocratic paper to do It cheaper, or to do It
at all. And for this reusou radical pa
porri tlourlsh whllo democratic papers
languish und dlo.
Mr. Potter declares that ho proposed a
performance of tho work at a fair prlco,
asking no moro than would barely com
pensate him for his time and labor. A
radical paper, a bitter, unrelenting, un
scrupulous radical paper, published four
hundred tulles away, proposed to do the
Mine work a little cheaper, and got it!
A moro cutting piece of Ingratitude, a
moro savage stab at a party paper by
'its own friends, have never-fallen under
our observation. The 'Journal' has
served Its party faithfully, haB worked
hurd for tho prosperity uud welfare of
tho city, and now is denied a largo por
tion of its own legitimate patronage be
causo It lacks the appliances to compete
with an overshadowing radical sheet
four hundred nillos away! Wo are
"dumfounded," and dare not pursue tho
subject further. It Is so much out of
keeping with Mound City democracy
that wo are at a loss to. deal with it as;
probably, we should, aud therefore drop
Florida is tho only southern state
which has no agricultural paper.
Col. Greene has edited the Boston
'Post' for thirty-four years.
Cocoauut fibre for belting la a new and
successful manufacture.
Tho dally business of tho gambling
hells in Helena, Montana, averagesi250,
000. The superior court, sitting at William
antic, Conn., charges" ten cents admis
sion. The number of clerks out of empjoy-
specially in the dry good line.
A Bandusky, Ohio, paper complains
that the dogs of (hat city annually ' con
sume $100,000 worth of victuals.
It is calculated that, at the pmeht
rate of consumption, the entice forests of
Michigan will be cut down in less than
seventccu years. .
m 3
From tho Memnhla Avalanche.
Tho Cfalro Evening ''Bulletin' did not
suspend on account of the late burning
of its premises. The Issue for Saturday
evening rtaohed us yesterday morning,
evidencing tliu character of the proprie
tor and editor Mr, John H. Oberly for
,nergy and skill, The neat typography,
that from, the first Indicated the tasle of
a master workman, still characterises it.
Stated Meeting.
Cairo, 111., April 6, lies.
Present: The chairman, aldertfan
Carroll, and aldsrmen Branklo, Gibson,
Hulen, Hendricks, Lohr, Lonergan, Mc
Keo, Mendel, Redman and Theobald
An ordinance In relation to suspension
of appointed officers was was read at
length by the clerk and, on motion of
alderman Brankle, adopted by the fol
lowing vote, viz:
Ayes Carroll, Brankle, Hulen, Hen
dricks. Lohr, Lonergan, McKeo, Men
dell, Redman and Tkeobald 10.
Nays Gibson 1 .
An ordinance In relation to giving tho
right of way to the Cairo & VIncennes
railroad company down Commercial
avenue, Bt. Charles and Leveo streets
was reported back by the ordinance com
mittee with an amendment, and on mo
tion of alderman Meudell tho amend
ment was rejected and the original ordi
nance adopted by the following vote and
goes to tho selcctcouncll forcoucurrence,
Ayes Brankle, Gibson, Hulen, Hen
dricks, Lonergan, McKee, Meudell, Rod
man and Theobald 0.
Nays Carroll 1. Alderman Lohr
cxcuicd from voting.
An ordluauco entitled au ordinance to
amend ordinance' No. 07, in relation to
dealers in second-hand goods, was read
at length by the clerk, and on motion of
alderman Redman, was adopted, and'
goes to the select council for concurrence,
by the following vote, viz:
Ayes Carroll. Hulen, Hendricks, Lohr,
Lonergan, McKee, Mendell, Redman
and Theobald 0.
Kays Branklo and Gibson 2.
An ordluauco entitled an ordinance to
repeal seotion 27 and section 28 of an or
dinance to adopt tho ordinances of tho
city of Cairo, as revised aud codified, In
relation to county constables and special
police, was read at length and laid over
under the rule.
Report of the board of health was pre
sented and read by the clerk, and on
motion of alderman Hulen, was laid on
the table.
Report of Jacob Martin, ex-city comp
troller, was read by the clerk, and on
motion of alderman Lohr, was received
aud ordered on file.
'Report of Daniel McCarthy, chief or
polico, wospresented. McCarthy stating
to the board that officer liuusaker made
no report to him, the report was referred
back to procure a report from officer
Report of John Hyland, City Treasurer.
Report of F. Brow, Police Magistrate,
for February.
Report or B. Buannnasy, Police Magis
trate, for February.
The report of A. Cain, market-master,
was presented and read by tho clerk, and
on motion of Alderman Redman, the
several reports were received and ordered
on file.
The following petition was presented
by Alderman Carroll, from citizens of the
Fourth ward, and on motion, referred to
the Committee oa Markets:
To tho Honorable Mayor, Select Council oJ Alder
mod of tho City of Cairo t
Gentlemen We, the undersigned, citi
zens of the Fourth ward, wouItT most re
spectfully ask your honorable body to
establish, by ordinance, markets In our
ward. And as your honorable body must
be aware or the inconvenience of attend
ing market at so great a distance, we
hope you will not view our petition as
unanswerable, butjust, and request, with
such restriction as your honorable body
may thluk best for the interest of the
city, and most humbly pray that action
may be taken In this matter without de
lay. Tho following petition was presented
and read from the Arab Fire Company,
and en motion or Alderman McKee, was
referred to the Committee on Fire De
partment: To the Honorable Mayor and Aldermen of the City of
Cairo t t
Gentlemen : The undersigned com
mittee, in behalf of the Arab Fire Com
pany of your olty, would beg most re
spectfully to submit for your careful con
sideration the following facu and flguros,
aud ask at your hands an appropriation
sufficient to meetour demands and wants,
to wit '
FremMareu 1st 1667, to March 1st 1863,
the company's expenses were as follows:
For repairs to apparatus, coal, taxes, and
the purchase of 300 feet of new hose and
other incidental expenses, were 935 06;
besides this amount we have expended
$21525, Bot appertaining to general ex-
From March IstlSW to March 1st I860,
our expenses has been as follows; For re
pairs to apparatus, coal, taxes, andinecee
sarysun4r1ea,itbe sum of $30178; other
expenses net appertaining to the neces
sary expeuieeV the sum of$l 80.
We have, therefore, the east two years,
paid out Id cash, forepalrs, new hose add
other necessary expenses, the sum of
11,366 83. We have received, during
this period, from the olty, 9800 in olty
scrip, whlofa we have sola for 9480 In cash,
which makes, we have paid out, 9750 83
In dash, mow than we have received for
our support, Bald amount has had to be
takonoutof ourrellef fund, whloh is kept
for the use and benefit or the slok, and
wounded Arabs, said fund being raised
and maintained by special assessment
upon every member.
We therefore ask vour honorable body
to .make, m aa appropriation of a one
thousand dollar ally bend in lieu of the.
7oa a, we save paiu ew, to steep up
our general expenses, moro than we have
received for services the past two years'.
We would further petition yourhonora
blo body to make us an appropriation in
city scrip, to be paid In quarterly Install
ments, from March 1st 1800 to March 1st
1870, of $1000, to defray our our current
expenses the coming fiscal year.
The post year our expenses has beon
about one-third that of the previous
one, owing to there being less fires, and
less accidents to machinery.
During the past year there has .been 22
alarms of,firo, 22. actual fires, at 10 of
which this company done actual service-,
always having first water, and in five
cases being the only company at work,
and by which thousands of dollars worth
ofprlvatoproporty has been savod.
The past year, with the previous ones
since our organization, with our efficien
cy and actions, is a sure guaranty for our
future conduct, and unless some pro
vision is' .made for our general expenses
ahead, in time to come, ltwlll bo Impos
sible to keop the company together much
longer. Trusting you will carefully con
sider our petition, and well weigh tho
facts mentioned, and hoping you will
grant the prayer of tho petitioners Jn be
half of the Old ATab Firo Company, wo
have tho honor to be,
Yours truly,
Wm. V. McGee, )
A. Ahchhacii, Committee.
Henhy Winter, I
The following petition was presented
aud read from sundry citizens, and, on
motion of alderman Redman, was refer
red to tho market committee, by tho fol
lowing Vote', viz:
Ayes Carroll, Brankle, Hulen, Hen
dricks, McKeo, Mendell and Redman 7.
Nays Gibson, Lohr, Lonergan aud
Theobald 4.
To the honraUe Mayor, the City Council and Board of
Aldermen, of the City ofCairo.
Gentlemen Your petitioners would re
spectfully represent unto your honorable
bodies, that their petition Is, that you
causo the Ordinances of the City of Cako
to bo so amended as to compel tho sale
of meats (fresh) In tho city, to bo confin
ed to tho market-houses of the city, and
to tho end that your honorablo bodies
may appreciate the intent of our petition
wo respectfully herewith beg to present
our reasons. Wo are fully prepared to
notice in the drift of coming events, tho
absoluto cortainty that the City Council
during tho coming summer season will
again mako au effort as Councils havo
heretofore done, to con 11 no thesaloof
fresh meats to the murKet liouics, tuai
the sanitary regulations of the city may
bo better subserved during the sickly
Wo earnestly nppreciato and will con
tinue to appreciate, any aud ovcry act of
the Council tending to benefit the sani
tary regulations of our city, as good citi
zens at all times should; aud are equally
well advised of the enormous labor and
expense entailed upon us by the sani
tary regulations of the city, and know
that to allow tho present system of meat
shops at every corner in tho city will
create dissatisfaction during the coming
summer on the part of the citizens, for
the reason that they deem the system a
nuisance, and, on the part of ourselves,
for the reason that to preserve the regu
lations of the city in point of labor and
expense will be onerous; and now that
tho class of citizens engaged in our busi
ness are desirous that the trade should
bo confined to the market place, wo
deem it as a matter of Justico that you
legislate to such a consummation.
Again we petition, inasmuch as the
adoption of our measure will bo a, matter
of Interest to the city; for example, the
olty maintains all the attendant expen
se of a city market with little or no suc
cess; legislate to the end that the sale of
very article of a marketable condition
be restricted to the market place as other
cities do, and you will commence to
'make your city market a source of roye
nue and a popular resort to any one de
siring to purchase auy artlclo of homo
consumption. It Is the duty or the city
to protect her citizens, aud iu nowise
can this be done more signally, than to
Inaugurate a system of marketing point
ing to their immediate protection; for
Instance, let the city procure a standard
set of weights and measures, erect ut tho
market place a set of city scales,
when anything Is offered for sale, cattle,
hogs, sheep, or any kind of live stock,
purchased or sold by weight, let the city
scales determine the weight of such
stock. We particularly demand protect
ion, as not moro than several days since
one of our number lost $70 In the salo of
some beef cattle, on account of defectivo
weights, the original ordinances of the
city contemplate this, why not see them
amended aud enforced as the Interests of
the olty demand. It Is useless for us to
detain: you longer, we only recapitulate
the object of our petition by praying that
your Honors may Bee proper to confluo
our trade to the city market, as well as
to establish for us standard weights and
measures, aud to confine the sale or mar
ketable artioles during market hours to
the market place,
Your petitioners ask that these matters
receive your earnest attention, and that
provisions be made to furnish us with
suitable market;accommodatlons.
These things we ask, and as in duty
bound, your petitioners will ever pray,
We the undersigned citizens, do most
cordially endorse the abovo petition and
earnestly request our representatives
from the several wards to use all honor
able means to its adoption.
About 200 Signers.
A communication was read in regard
to the sale, for taxes, of the lot ou which
the Rough and Ready engino houso
stands, aud, on motion, was referred to
the oommlttee on claims.
The followiug bills were presented and
on motion allowed by the following vote,
Ayes Carroll. Brankle, Gibson, Hu
len, Hendrloks, Lohr, Lonergan, McKee,
Mendel, Redmau and Theobald 11N
Nays None.
Bill of William Mcllale for dieting prisoneri, amount
lag to eetseeeteeee"eeeMe4eeeeeeiee I18J Si
O. P. Lreo, for tenicee as uornptroiiar, amoudtin
90 I
Daniel McCarthy, Chief of Police amounting to A3 K
Wm.O'Callahan, Polico Conitable, " 76 00
Patrick O'Callahan, " , ,-" 75 00
Patrick Dyor. ,f " 7S 00
Joseph Ilfglln. " " 78 00
John Hyland, City Trewiurcr, " M T
Michael Bambrlok, City Manhal, 33
H.Shannemoy, Polico Jtaglitrate, ", ,. SgOO
P. Mockler, City Clerk. " 't7
Edward Bhannmy, Health Officer, " 76 00
Jamei Scan, for labor on atrcetg. " 44 00
J. 11. Oberly, fer prlntlnR to Mrnch 10, " 1ST M
Jamci Garland, for aerrices rendered as Member
of Hoard of Public Werk,. . vt " tMW 00
John T. Rennlc, for lerrlcd rendered as Member
of Hoard of Public Work . " ISO 00
N. Feltli, for coffins fiirnlsliccl and burying amall
pox roana amounting to mU.............m.. 83 ffl)
Jarneanona, for coal fnrnlahcdclly " 0 00
A. II. Irvin, for ex-oRIelo eerTiiesoj Clerk of
the Court of Common Pleaj, " 100 00
Tho following bills were presented and
referred to the committee ou, claims;
Dill of P. Wtildcr. for rcinoTlni-cnrrlon, amount
ing to ... - 1 123 BO
Bt. Mnry'a Infirmary for nurnlng patients for city
amounting to ... 311 00
C. V. Teagcr, for repairing gai fixtures amount-
Intf to .n 2 CO
Thou. NoiiKlitonforworkon alilewalk umt'g to CO 00
MIchsM Million " 38 00
Th.8ul!l an for haullnjr lumber " 8 35
lleiter Walton for nursing mill pox. patients .
nmrmntlnt? to . ... 24 00
Cairo City (Jai Company, for ra. " 1M 05
John Watklns, for nursing unnll pox ptlenli,
amounting to . .........m........ 44 00
NcptonWard, " " KM
Alderman Lonergan moved that the
bill of James Norman for nursing small
pox patients, laid ou the table at a for
mer meeting, bo taken up. Motion lost-
Tho following resolution was offered
and on motion of Alderman Redman
adopted :
Resolved by tho Board of Aldermen,
tho Select Council concurring, That It
shall bo the duty of the City Clerk to,
procure a suuauio ana wen-Douna dook,
und to record therein, In a plain and leg
ible hand, Immediately after their appro-,
val by the Mayor, all joint, resolutions of.
the City Council, wh'ch have or may,
hereafter bo adopted, said resolutions to
be numbered In said record book inguv
lar progressive oruer, anu a corresponu
lug number to bo entered In the margin
of tho Rook of Minutes of the City Coun
cil opposite to the record of tho proceed
ings of said Council In, reference said
resolutions, and that au Index shall also
be attached to said record book, in which
shall also bo entered tho subject matter
of eacli of said resolutions, to bo record
ed as above provided for, with tho pago
upon which each of said resolutions is
The following resolution was present
ed, and on motion of Aldormun Loner
gan adopted:
Whereas, tho Roard of Public Works
who have heretoloro had chargo of tho
sewers, pumps and other works fordrain
lug the city, has been abolished by tho
lute umendnicuts to the city charter, and
there Is now no officer specially charged
with the care and protection of said
works, thcreforo I
Resolved by tho Board of Aldermen,
the Select Council concurring, that It
shall be the special duty of one of the
Follco Coustables on duty In the day
time (to be designated by the Mayor) to
tako charge of the city pumps, sewers
and other works for (training the city,
aud seo that tboy are properly protectee?'
and presorved, and to open and close the
sewers running through the levees, at
propertlmes as the waters in the rivers
may riso and fall and that the services
thus required or said officer shall be ren
dered by him under the general direc
tion of tho Drainage committee, or Its
The following resolution was presented
and on motlou of Alderman Hendricks
Resolved, That tho Committee on Or
dinances are hereby instructed to report
an ordinance to prohibit the owners or
hogs from allowing them to run at large
upon the streets or the city.
The following resolution was presented
and on motion of Alderman McKee
Resolved by tho Board of Aldermen,
the Select Council concurring therein, ,
That the-Commlttee ou Streets be -and,
they hereby are instructed to have the
streets uud avenues repaired, where ex
cavations In the same havo been caused
by rains or otherwise, and where, in
their opinion, repairs are required; and
that the dirt to till said excavations and
mako said repairs be taken from other
portions of the street where the street is
abovo grade.
Resolved, That said Committee be di
rected to employ street labor in such re
pairs, and aiso to report at the next Joint
m eetlug of the two branches of the City
Council, what workjaud teams are re
quired to make such repairs, in order that
the laborers and teamsters may be ap
pointed at such Joint meeting.
The following resolution was presented
and ou motion of Alderman Gibson
Resolved, That the Ordinance Cora
mitteo bo heroby instructed to revise the
Ordinance In relation to the salaries ef
city officers, and report an ordinance in
regard to the same, provided, that In
their Judgment they deem any change
The following resolution was presented
and on motion of Alderman Hendricks
Resolved by the Board of Aldermen,
the Select Council concurring, That a
sidewalk be constructed iu accordance
with tho existing ordinances on the sub
jeot, ou the west side of Levee street; In
front of lots 1, 2, 3 and 4, in block 2, in.
the city of Cairo, and that the Street
Commltteo bo and they hereby are au
thorized to have the same constructed at
onco, either by lettlng'lt out to the low
est responsible bidder, or by employing
the men appointed.by.the City .pounon
for repairing sidewalks; and purchasing
materials for its construction, as, In their
opinion, will be most expedient
Tho following resolution waspreeeated
and on motion or Aldermaa 'Meadell
Whereas, By section 8 al ateHMBGe
No. ,10. it I provided thjU Uro,chj&t
appointed a Chlef-orwca,,aliJ8i
number of day and Bight' tleegaU
bles ai the City Cornell may frewsMM
. I A. A I
to time uireei mereiore
,Reolved by the Board of Aldermen,
the Select Council concurring, That, iu
addition to tho Chlof-of-Pollco and four
other Police Constables now, .provided
for to be on duty at night, there shall bo
appointed two other Police Constablm
to serve during tho day-time, who shall
be paid at the rate ot se'venty-flvo dol
lars a month ; shall, in addition to their
police duties, perform such other scrvico
as tho City Council may from tlnio to di
rect, and shall be subject to removal at
any time.
The following resolutions wero present
ed and, ou motion of alderman Loner
gan, adopted:
Resolved by tho board of alderman,
tho select council concurring, that all
meetings of tho city council shall bo hold
at tho city council chambers.
Resolved, That a stated Joint meeting
of tho two branches of tho city council
be held on tho Friday first preceding the
first Monday in- each and every raonjo,
at 7 o'clock.p.m., aud
'Resolved, That stated meetings of the
select council bo held on Wcdneaday'nhd
Thursday first succeeding tho second
Monday and Tuesday In each and every
month, at 7 o'clock, p.m.
Tho following resolution was presonted
by alderman Lonergan, and on motion
of alderman Mendell, adopted: .
Resolved, That we do rcsnectfitliy ask,
In behalf of tho moral well-being of the
corhmuulty. that tho police magistrates
and circuit judge of the circuit court and
the prosecuting attorneys, do prosecute
'to tho extent of tho" law, nil thieves,
gamblers, vagrants, idlers, loafers and
The ollpwing resolution was presented
land, on motion of uldormau Redmau,
adopted' i
Hesolyed by 'the board of aldermen,
tfiesclect council concurring, Thata Joint
committee of threo bo appointed to make
arrangements for the proper reception of
'the members of the Illinois Stato Press.
Association, to bo held iu tills city on
the 21st inst.
Ou motiou adjourned.
Patrick MockIjKK, City Clork.
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J.W, MAtON, M. D.
The following te.t'iuony l from A. It. Tabrr, pro
prietor of the IIhIiIIk llimie IMtroll, formr,ly tof.'thn
Richmond Itouao.tMi'CiUnt
Detroit, January DM.
Thla la to certify tint J litro, diiriuic the niutha of
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en we niraw
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and grown by ii l'. tt'liilina; In the aeaaun of
MHB, and find them to I" .I jut fruit rf lira jlatvr,
u,aad well worthy of cultivation, ' A. U. TAUKlt,
Proprietor lllddle Home, Detroit, Mich.
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