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OFFICE: No. 13 Tenth Street, Thornton's Building.
i "i f 1 , i ' .,
Tho fifteenth amendment i3 not mak
ing very rapid headway, opposition hav
ing arUen In unlooked for quarters. The
radlcnl legislature of Rhodo Island, for
hwtanco, alarmed at tho boldness of con
gressional usurpation, and tho number
and peculiarities of tho later constitu
tional amondmenUt, Iiob postponed ac
tion upon tho subject until tho noxt sos
slon. Tho Provldonco 'Journal' ex
presses this apprehension as follows:
"Tho people do not feel qulto sure that
this will bo tho first amendment they
will bo called upon to adopt tu tho con
Htltutlon of tho United States. Tho next
thintr they may bo called upon to roll n
nulsh may bo their equal renresoinulluu
to tho senate And abovo all, while this
State concedes to tho fedorat govern
ment sovereignty as to tho povvere tbf.t
government, tho peoplo adhero with te
nacity to tho sovereignty of luo state as
to tho powers not delegated to tho feder
al government. It is unclean to deny
thlH fact. This was tho faith of tho grand
fathers of tho present generation, and
tho grandchildren havo Inherited It
WICK, N. S. ,
A motion was recently made In tho
Legislature of New lirunswlck, N. 8., by
Mr. Cudllp, In favor of annexation to tho
United Suites. Ho declared that tax
ation Is Increasing without any corre
Hpondlng benefits, and tho people are
leaving by the hundred for the United
States. Tho lawmaking power should,
nsaprovldenco, seek to carry out what the
people oro doing Individually, ami ink
tho United States to admit New Uruns
wick In tho Union, on fair and equitable
terms. Ho added: "Particularly as tho
peoplo are forced to tho conclusion that
the nature of their productions and tho
geographical position of tho country
point to tho republic as their natural
market, and ai can be most Mirely ob
tained by union with tho United Slates
It Is moved that a committee be nppoln
ted to duvlsu ways and means to carry
out tho proposition," Tho Attorney
General objected to tho motion at treas
onable, and tho House refiiteu to allow
it to bo entered in the Journal.
Intelligence from Mexico, from va
rious Hources, represent the country in
about as wretched n condition as It was
ever before the days or "the Kmplre."
Anarchy provalls almost everywhere,
whoru there are no government troops
statloued, with highway robbery, and
other outrage, without number Ofllclal
statements show that In tho district of
Mexico (city) alone, during the past
twclvo months, no fewer than 21,030
criminals, of various grade, wore In
prison that Is to say, something near,
or over, ten per cent, of tho entlro popu
latlonl This slmplo fact affords a fear
ful picture of the existing condition of
society It Is the samo picture as Is pre
sented by tho South American republic
and every other place where the suffrage
has been degraded, and Inferior and In
capable.raccs allowed to take part In tho
Tho old superstition that whon a mur
derer touches tho dead body of his vic
tim blood will gtuhjout, has still believ
ers In the State of Indiana; and, upou a
recent occasion, during a murder Inves
tigation, whllo tho crowd was present to
the-number of about two hundred, a
board of eight Judges were appointed,
who sat on one side of the table In tho
church, Where tho examination was
made, whllo the entlro crowd were
marched singly past tho body, each one
being required to touch the body, under
the idea that when thegullty one touched
It tho blood would flow afresh from tho
wound; but no blood gushed.
"Olivia" writes plaintively from Wash
ingtou to a Chicago paper that unless a
woman Is "young" anil "pretty-faced,',
she has no chance In the departments
there, and tliat "one with all the sweet
Juices of lifesqueezod out of her," must
get her living elsewhere.
Our "chaste and virtuous" congressmen
can readily oxplalu why cranky and
dried up females cannot obtain situations
in the department. Oh I shame where
is thy blush!
Miss E. Ketchum, a coal black wench
has beon appointed to a clorkship lu tho
Treasury department. Tho Washington
negroes hearing of her luck beselged
IJoutwell of that department for a clerk
Bhlp for every negro in Washington that
could read or write. Negro wonohea car
rying little piccaninnies lu their aruiB
clamored for positions to bo Haved for
their promising ofT-sprlng until tho bu.
reau could educate them up to the prop
er degreo of efficiency.
Nathan Colo was elected Mayor of St.
Louis, on Tuesday, beating tho citizens'
candidate, James F. Thomas, 2,019 votes.
At tho tlrao of tho election a very dam
aging investigation Into Thomas' official
conduct was being made, ho being at
that tlmo Mayor. His dofeat la proba
bly doserved.
A Washington correspondent men
tions, as an honorablo incident connect
ed with tho late President, that "Mr.
Johnson and his family left tho Whlto
House in very good condltlou, and did
not carry off anything belonjlng to the
United States."
Tho Frankfort Hydrophobia Case
From the Now Albany Le dgor, 31st.
Dr. Neat baa kindly shown uu a lotter
from a friend at Frankfort, Ky., giving
Bomo further particulars in regard to tho
hocking death of Mr. Sargont in that
placo from hydrophobia. Wo quote:
Last September a llttlo boy up stairs
over his meat store bad, as supposed, a
mangy pup, abeut as big as a half-grown
cat. It wus at the storo door,1 and Sar
gent gave it a ploce of meat and stroked
it on tho head. The ungrateful pup bit
him on tho thumb Just stuck a tooth
through the skin so that by squeezing
tho wound a drop of blood camo. Noth
ing was thought or it. Tho pup died
In a few days, howover, as was supposed,
from mango or lice. Sargent never
thought of tho clrcumstauco again. .On
last Friday evening he felt slight ting
ling in his hand, as If it was asleep,
which grow to be more uncomfortable
Saturday, no thought he was to bo para
lyzod, but attonded to business all day
felt a llttlo headache. At olght o'clock
ho closed his store, weut homo, and at
eleven felt a constant desire to havrk and
spit; fell very uncomfortable, but In no
pain; would halloo out; rolled his eyes
and throw his head back. His wifo be
came alarmed; sent for Rodman ami
Homo of her neighbors to control him.
Tho Dr. saw him; gave him morphine;
did not suspect hydrophobia; grew moro
frantic all night. About ten o'clock
Sunday morning tho peculiar slobbering
and spitting and dread of water camo on.
Then was discovered what ailed him. I
think nothing was given after that, as
ho could swallow nothing. Every doc
tor in tho county, almost, saw him. Tho
cry spread like wild-fire, and his houso
was tilled by hundreds up till be died.
His convulsions were ao vlolont that It
took four men to control him. He hawk
ed and spit miraculously Just a white
froth. Ho Bcemcd to suffer the agony of
tho damned. His head would be drawn
back until It would rest on his backbone.
His eyes would show only tho white,
while tho lids would bo extended very
wide. To describe his looks and suffer
ings Is not lu tho power of words. It was
agony Increased a thousand fold; but
straugost of all, he was rational all the
time; know everybody ; talked of death;
prayed; transacted business perfectly be
tween convulsions. When they would
begin to come on ho would know it, and
eay, "Hold me, hold me." Ho died in
about twonty-slx hours from tho time ho
quit business on Saturday night
A TcnHMM Uhoat N lor jr.
From the Knoxvllle Whig.
The following Is from one of our cor
respondents In Fentress county. It is
certainly a mysterious affair. Hsaders
will form their own conclusion:
Oil the eveulngof the 31st ult, about
one and a half miles south of Jamestown,
a young lady by tho name of Albertsou.
distinguished for her piety, prudence ami
veracity, had occasion to go to tho spring
a short distance from her father's resl
deuce,about the time thosun wan setting;
and, as she states herself, never thought
of being afraid, for she was always char
acterized for courage beyond her sex.
Miss AlberUon went tripping along the
frequented path, apprehensive of no dan
ger whatever, carrying a bucket on each
arm and singing a favorite song. When
she reached the spring, It beiug a small
stream, sue had to wait some tlmo for
ber buckets to bo replenished; so she
placed tho vessel under the spout, sat
dowifon a stone, near by, still singing,
and on arising to receive hor burden and
wend her way home, she law standing
before hor the figure of a man, with arms
extended upward shining as a fiamo of
fire. The girl says the light which was
reflected from this mysterious visitor
gleamed and sparkled against the snow
on the hillside before ber. While she
stood tremblingly gazing upon the radi
ant image It spoke in a clear and audi
ble tone, "Be not Afraid;" then it began
to ascend and was soou lost in tho dis
tance above the trees. The girl made
haste to evacuate ber position, reaching
homo In a few minutes, exhausted, pale
and trembling, relating the circumstance
to her parents, and cannot since bo pre
vailed upon to revisit the scene of so
much terror to her unless quite a number
of persons accompany her.
No one has been ablo to comprehend
or oven conjecture what the strange vis
itor was or what was Its misslou. No
one has tho slightest Idea that tho youug
lady dissembles In regard to the mys
terious figure, because they know she is
incapablo of anything so wioked or de
basing; therefore we leave it to the
thinking community to demonstrate
The Lnttj Kx-Hnyor Harper, sf 2fw Terfc
Ex-Mayor James Harper, who was
thrown from his carriage in Fifth avenue,-
ou Thursday evening, died Satur
day. He was senior member of the great
publishing firm of Harper & Brothers,
and was born in Newton, L. I., in 1705.
He learned the art of printing In New
York, beginning at the age of sixteen,
and on attaining his majority, with bis
brothers entered upon the business lu
which the firm subsequently made a
world-wide reputation. The brothers set
their own type and worked their own
presses in their earlier days; but in after
years their laoreaslng business forbade
their giving attention to its details. In
1844 Mr. Harper was made mayor of this
olty, and in that position his remarkable
business capacity was as conspicuous as
In his private affairs. In October, 1853,
the Harper's Buildings, nine in number,
were burned to the ground, and Mr.
Harper having been asked the next
morning bow muoh the firm Intended to
pay their creditors, replied. "One
hundred cents on the dollar." They
paid dollar, for dollar, and then
ereoted the magnificent Are-proof
buildings which they now occupy.
Nobody dreamed of the vastness of
their resources until, losing 11,000,000 in
one Are, they asked no aid, and immedi
ately erected a million dollar printing
and publishing establishment. Mr. Har
per retired from active business about
ten years ago, and was known as one of
me oest oi our NUQ oiuseus.
Ntraag-o Freaks of a Man of Oenltu.
A few years ago Laurence Ollphant,
who went to England as the Secretary of
tho Japaneso-MIsslon, mado a deep im
pression on the fashionable and politi
cal world by his brilliant talents. He
was comparatlvelyunknown, but in a
few months took all hearts by storm. He
obtained a seat in Parliament, moved in
tho highest circles ofBoclety, and was
tho uuivorsal favorlto of tho world of
fashion. He was once seen sauntering
into tho Travelers' Club, with two men
leaning on his arms oae. His Royal
Highness the Prince of Wales, and tho
other, His Majesty tho Prince of Don
mark. Such as that which lays boforo this
handsomo, clover, fascinating young
diplomatist, says an English paper, any
man might have envied. Suddenly,
howover, Laurence Ollphant was missed
f rom his-place In society from club, and
"House," and operu. Whero he had
gone, nono could tell. Even his constit
uents at Sterling were unable to get any
accurate information concerning him,
and as he mado no appearance at tho
recent election, another man was chos
en in nls place. Io lias at last been dis
covered, howo.wr, lu a seml-rellglous,
semi-socialistic community at Brotoon,
on the border of Lako Erie, where the
onco Idolized star of Belgravia now fol
lows the plow and wears tho homespun.
They Won't Kallfy.
It seems to bo very certain that tho
fifteenth proposed amendment will not
be ratified, at least this year. Tho rati
fication by Missouri Is a nullity. Minne
sota, Ithodo Island and Ohio have post
poned the matter; so will It be with In
diana. Georgia has refused; so, we be
lieve, have New Jersey and Delaware.
Neither Maryland. Kentucky, Califor
nia nor Oregon, will ratify It at least at
present. Hero are eloven States which
either refuse to ratify, or postpono tho
subject If the consent of tho three un
reconstructed States Is not asked, It will
require the ratification by SO out of 35.
Tho uou-ratiflcutiou by eloven States de
feats the amendment. If their vote Is
asked for, the assent of 28 State legisla
tures Is required; and at present only
that of 23 can Do looked for. In every
popular point of view, the fifteenth
amendment will not bo Incorporated in
the organic laws of tho country tho pres
ent year.
"The Lord deliver us from witches
and warlocks and long-nebbed things."
The Providence 'Press' says tho ex
queen of the English gipsies, who ar
rived in this country recently, Is to
organize the 12,000 gipsies, who have
come here at different times. They will
be located on lands they have purchasd.
They gipsey population, though poor to
look at, are rich in fact, and we shall
soon bear of a society more honorably
celebrated than that of the Mormons,
governed by their owu laws and rulod
over by a real queen.
In old Jesse's life of his distinguished
sou, we find It noted that "when Ulysses
was a boy he was fond of receiving mon
ey and presents " Verily, If Ulysses Is
not greatly belied, he has not outgrown
this fondness. It hangs to him.
The hold of radicalism upon Cincin
nati has relaxed, and now that city is in
the hands of men who havo ideas above
that of pelf and plunder. Moses F. Wil
son defeated the regular radical candi
date for the office of prosecuting attor
ney. The citizens' candidate for city
commissioner and city treasurerdefeatcd
the radical candidates, whllo tho city
council, heretofore overwhelmingly rad
ical, will stand about equally divided.
Upon the whole It is a crushing radical
defeat that gives promlso of tho early
entlro redemption of Cincinnati.
A Chase For Manufacturer.
Th Immtnio tUaro power of the city pumps, iuf
flclnt forany lend of manufacturing, will be let on
ths most favarable terms.
Thl rare chance fsr mamionturers. The adjoin,
lug loll art vacant and can be leased on satisfactory
Urmi. Apply to raddr the
1QOO. Mprlna; : 1QOO
Have Just received on unmuatly flue and attractive
S' ok of
llllnery Goods,
. Fancy Articles, Wbbons,
lluttom, Flowers, etc., all of tho my latest styles ex
tant i presenting to the trade a variety equal to the de.
inand, at price that eau scarcely fail to give satisfac
lion. WORK II ASK KM; Infant' baskets, and a
handsome collection of other notions, useful and or
namental, ....
A new lot of Singer's celebrated sewing machines
also on hand, to which the uttcntlon of the public Is
''T3lr'prepared, as heretofore, to meet all de
mands In the dress making line promptly and after tho
latest styles. ... ...
Honnets made and bleachod to order.
14 Commercial Aveaut, Near Elffiilh St.
apl Imd
J. Sharp Mcftoimltl'H Coalyard
Having made permanent arrangements with A. L.
BhotwelfACo., for a
Constant Bnpply of Con,
Direct, Ifroui the mines, we uro prepared to supply
steamers at any time day or nUht.
Steam Tujr "ivy"
Always In readiness to supply tho wants of steamers
and the puNIc generally at living mice.
ap5h ROI1EHT ll. 8MITH, Agent.
Tho Oldest Established
Havo on band, fresh from tho market
XSxross Q-oodls,
1'cklns, Orientals,
Alpacas, Itobalx Cloth,
Printed do Lalnes, Pekln Lustres,
I'fench Jaconots, Percales,
Italinn Cloths, Chnlll,
French Gingham?, French Piques,
Puro Mohairs, Scotch Gingham,
Crapo Marett, Poplins,
Percale llobcs, Japanese Cloth,
French Lawns, raclflc Lawns,
Grenadine, Printed Linens,
Plain Percale, While Alpacas,
llrown and Wenched Fhcotings,
Drown ami Illeochcd Shirtings,
Paris Printed HprlngBhawls,
Tibet bluwls, .
Lama Loco Shawls,
tihctland Phanls,
Hllk Mantilla,
Paris Veil Ilarejes,
Whito Goods, Donna Maria,
Walmooks, Dotted Mett,
Soft cambrics, Hojlcry,
India Twill, Gloves,
India Mull, . , Jaconet,
Linen Cambric, Hwlss.
Tablo Linens,
Oil Olotha,
(Successor to John Q. Karmnn k Co.,)
.a. tj o t i o Tar xnx
nuy and sells Real Estate, pays Tates, furnishes
Ah.lrmrl nf Title, ami tiretxvrr Convavance of all
inds. Offlce. No. 74 ltd floor) Ohio Levee. marlStf
Real Estate, Bond and Stock Brokers
Will attend fo the payment of State, County and Clt
Taxes, and nil business pertaining to a GENERAL
Eiohtii Street, second door from Com. Ave.,
dec21'CSdtf Cairo, 111.
Importer and Wholesale Dealer in
Asrwr roa
Dart BrAinlj or Cream and Stock Ale
Iiu ported Ales of Different Kiuds.
No. 75 Ohio Lkyee, - Cairo, IlIiuoL
A. i. 0A8LE.
Will attend to the sole of real estate, merchandise,
furniture, stock and property nf any and all kinds, for
two ami one half per cent, commission, being about
one.fourth tho compensation usually charged.
Any person feeling himself or herself uuabla fo pay
that rate of compensation, shall be cheerfully served
for nothing.
The patronage of the public la solicited.
Office at present, at Parker A Hodge's Livery Stable.
A commission ami auction house will be opened In
a fewdays, tluu notice of which will be give.
Wishes to Inform the publlo that she has
Ladles' Hair Dressing Saloon
On Commercial avenue, between Ninth and Tenth
streets, fciho also manufactures Cnrls, Switch.
Watch-Uuarris, K a rollings, Bracelet, and
all kinds of Hair Jewelry.
Ladles may have the combings of their hair manu
faciureci in any uesiraoio siyie. janiMii
09 TO
decsreitf No.' VoV Ce'nVcut Atmm.'
Boot A.XLC3. Slioo 3VTvlK.or-
Tuentieih street, between Washington and
Poplar streets,
(Nearly opposite tho Court House,)
Keeps a splendid stock of tho best material, and good
workmen, and can till orders on short notice.
Mending Uono neatly and cheaply, ratronasn so
roS58 208ULVl " ""'eotI hero 83 Mil
Bks Bols D'arc seed, principally for ra!
Bhlpmont north nor mil. v r w
-.ill? Ar,u,V wilt recclvo about 350 tons,
assorted freight at this port,
u i , AUfslHslppI (llsclmrgctll hero 14
bales hides for' 'Chicago, and bbli
Bweet potatoes for Cairo. Ifl
Tnn Wi.i Mfi.ii. -..
ti v."' 'vjnie, uiipc. JNorthom
"jr imuKoi lor J'uuucaii this ovoulnr.
xue Armaua, Copt. Quo. DusoucL t. Ts
Tho nrilntwlf.l ...!
w n T wi.... " . r JUJu'0"S8tearner ,
SisSn $LF!!tJ?' Mown.
sT.u J 3 uiurivs, leaves pun
ctually for :n. O. this oven I tig on tho nr
f' ft train. This excellent boat
OulCors AH nin tmfViiiti.1 ....
uu liiu river.
Tho Best Variety Known
A CONTINl'OCri AND 1T.OL1FIC Ix-aror from the
A rlrstofJunn until frnt; rich, sub-aold Mavor,
flne aire, strons grower, vigorous habit. Altogether
superior to any other know n variety. Price SJ per
dosen. The undersigned nre tho General Aronts for
Southern Illinois, iCountles nluntf nnd south of O.
it JI. It. II.,) of whom, or their nuthorlied njjents, nil
plants or berries in Nmthern Illinois mustisiuplered.
From a lnren amount of testimony the followlns; let
ter to J. P. WhltltiK, J.. of Detroit, ulves an Idea of
tho estimation In which this variety Is held by lhos
familiar with Its superior characteristics:
Dundee, Mich., March 1, 109.
J. P. WIIlTINff 5!r? In answer to your Innulry
relalho to the Introduction of tho Mexican Lver-noiiT-IncHtrawlKirry
Into this country, thave the honor n
state that it was brought from Mexico In tho tall of
IsM.liy K. Mock, un Intimate frlcna of our fmnlly.
who pcen-nted us with n.llp. from which the vines of
F. Kcnnton wcro propagated- , , , . ,
The vines nro. vigorous growers, and sufllclently har
dy to endure any ordinary hent or cold. This Straw,
berry is npiolillo beater, opening Its blossoms early
In the spring, and continuini: t- Uossoin "lLi'Sr
until the fro.t nits the vines In the tail. The Ha
vrir of the tH-rry Is excellent; nnd, owing to Its llriif
ness and lock of acidity, will licur twiisportatlon let
ter than any other HrnwWry. . 1 t ti 1 1 y .
J.W. MAsUN, M. D.
The following testimony is from A. 11. Taber, pro
prietor of tholllddle House, Detroit, formerly of the
Richmond House, Chicago:
Detroit, January 53, 1M.
This Is to eertify that I have, during the months of
Jmmt, Julf, .fx-. t?iimUr 4 Otttbr.ttm and eat
en the fllrnwlirrrv enlle.1 the Mrxlean Kver-llcarlng,
and grown by J. ('. WlntlnjAs Co., in the season of
ISCft, and find them to Im n fmtnttif htrh rr. (wf
thl, and well worthy of cultivation. A. H. T.WIKIt.
Proprietor Diddle House, Detroit, Mich.
nuhhord At Keruey, flcneral Agents for Southern
Illinois, for K.I.. Leg; A Co., Chicago, General AgenU
for ths tatt.
IV. II. KKKXKY, Cairo.
9. V. WHITIMJ st,- 0., IroirUtor.
apfldAwJm Dtlrolt, Michigan.
lVnnl's Kliotiiiiatlc Miiament !
Now has reputation uverull other remedies bcfoM
the public, for the reason It ha cured many rates tli.it
have battled the skill nf our mot eminent physicians,
and pronounced Incurable by them all. Persons suf.
firing with Dyspepsia, Indigestion, .Sick or Nervous
llradache, Chills and Yfvr, Typhoid and nillious IV
vers, Coughs, Colds, CViiisiimptlon, nlietitnatlsm. Neu
ralgia, Pain In the Plde, Ilreast, or Pack, should at
once procure a liottte eudmf these Invaluable rente,
dies and U) restored at mice to perfect heuhh,
EURKKA TONIC is good for Debility from any
cause. It has no etptal as n Kcmalu UeniAily. It utds
Digestion nnd purities the lltood, titi'l prercnls di
eae,elenclnth,yi.ti'miif idllmpurillcs, which If let
remain, produce n nlluw coinpleMon mid brim; on
diseaso that makes life one ol misery. Wool's I'.ure
ka Tonic Is coinpoundi'il of the puret Vegfiul.le V.
trcts,andU pleasant to take, mid mild lu Its nation
ou tho system.
Try ono lottle it will keep your Liver and Stotn.v h
light, ami prevent lilllniMie.
W.M. WAItD, Covlngtoi , Ky
AVholcsideiin I Itetall Agent.Calrn, Illinois.
And for sale by Drug j'sts gonerally, tnarSl-Sin
Especially designed for the use of the Medical Pro
fession and Ihn Kxinllr, Hsissinx those tutrmsio
medicinal properties which belong to an old and Pure
Indispensable to Kem do, fiood for Kidney Com
plaints. A delicious Tiinin put up in cases, contain,
lug one doxeu buttles each, nnd sold by tl druggists,
grocers. Ao. A. M. Illninger .t Co., estublishel Wl,
Ro. 15 Heaver street, New York. tiwrl dly
A Card.
A Clergyman, whlln residing In South America a a
missionary, discovered fe and slmplo remedy for
the, euro of Nervous Weakness, Kirly Deoay, Diseases
of tho Urinary ami chuiiIiuI Urgnns, and the whole train
of disorders brought on by Uincful and ilclous habits,
Oreat numbers luvelven cured by this noble remedy.
Prompted by a desire to liencfit tho nttticted and un.
fortunate, I will send tho teclpe for preparing and
slug this medicine, in u acaUxl envelopo, to any on
wiio uoeilMIt, isit or tiuii.ii:. Aililre.
Station D.UIblellouso,
lebl-dSm New York City.

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