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runtisriKD nr jonir . oiixklt co.
Special attention Is directed to Ward's
Tonic and Liniment, two of tlio greatest
cures of llio ago. They aro becoming
populur with a rapidity that speaks
louder than words for their merits. Try
Thero aro six prisoners from Pulaski
county, confined in the Jail of thin 301111
ty, for afo keeping. Pulaski county Is
without a Jull-or at least anything dc
Bervlug the name of Jail.
Don't forget tho fair and festival noxt
Tuesday night In behalf of tho Loretto
Academy free school. It will ho held In
tho building formerly occupied by Mark,
Parsons & Co., on tho corner of Tenth
and Levee streets.
Another drenching April shower this
forenoon. As tlio dry kooUs and mill
nery establishments aro glittering with a
snow 01 ncn goous, tiiat tho ladles aro
nearly all dying to see, these frequent
snowers aro terribly provoking. They
keep tho females housed and Indignant,
t'eilro Aciiileiiijr ,,r Science.
"Tho members of the Acadony are re
spectfully reminded that this (Monday)
evening Is tho time for tho regular month
ly meeting. A full and prompt attend
ance Is requested as matters of Interest
will bo presented foi consideration. The
meeting will bo held at tho Academy's
room at half past seven o'clock.
James W. Cob, Pres't.
We havo been requested to say that
three or four largo boys who attend tho
Union Sabbath School, demean them
selves In a highly reprehensible manner;
and that, If tnelr misconduct is contin
ued, they will be prosecuted for disturbing
a public meeting. Tho parties who
make this request of us aro fearfully In
earnest, and If tho boys referred to aro
wise this hint will be suniclent.
- I I. .1. I
A Mound City gentleman, starting
from tho Junction, yesterday morning,
got lost In the woods. Ho swam Cache
several times; waded three lioiiru, shoul
der deep In tho back water, and nearly
all day In water over tho tops of his
booU. Ho thinks that ho wandered
about six hours within a quarter of a
mile of the samo spot. After a tramp of
about fourteen hours ho arrived In town
last night, worn, wet, and weary, about
9 o'clock.
Nfnt lllnisrir.
When tho tow boat X. W. Urnham
was lait here, two negro llremen throw
under their belts too much "boomer
nickel" tho Irritating kind and (hid
ing no third parly dlspoied to light thuni,
concluded to sail into one another. To
this end they I'llnehed and were fairly at
it, when oiiu of them drew his revolver,
blazed away and shot hlniMJf through
his left hand. Here tho light ended, and
tho boat shoving out soon ofterwards,
the be liferent envies escaped prosecu
tion. Wharfniaster Knsmlngi-r, while pass
ing on board tlio Ktvntnur Molllu Able,
lying at our wharf, yesterday morning,
lost his footing and was precipitated Into
the river. In falling, his head struck tho
chaulk of tho steamer, knocking him In-sensible-
deceiving prompt assistance
ho was rescued, but his escape was a
narrow ono Indeed. Ho remained Insen
sible several hourc.but, so are Informed,
his Injuries aro not serious. At tho time
of Ms tumblo ho had a considerable pile
of greenbacks in his pocket, which got a
good wetting, but no lo.s was sustained
on that account.
Grnml Iniillufit.
To-nlght tho Installation of tho newly
elected olllcers of tho Arab 1'iro Compa
ny takes placo at tho Athououm at pre
cisely 6 o'clock. This yearly meeting Is
a very Interesting one, and ono that has
been witnessed tlmo and again by many
citizens. Tho exercises will consist of
instrumental music; calling roll of mem
bers; reading mluutes of last regular
meeting; oath of olllco to president
Winter; inaugural address; music; In
stallation of olllcers; roll call. After
which thoro will bo a beautiful tableau
of "Mary's Dream and Prayer," and a
fancy danco. The whole to conclude
with tho comic pantomime of "Tho
Coopers" characters by members of tho
company. Tho uoiitlenieu and ladles of
Cairo aro respectfully Invited to attend
freoof charge Ilo3orvd seats for Indies.
lMmo Collection.
Tho report of tho dlmo collections for
tho orphan . asylum for February and
March is as follows:
ron FKimuAitY.
First Ward....- S19 IB
tHX-'OUll " , m... ..,., lit UU
Third " ., a u)
Fourth " a to
Total M j;c 45
'01l MAHOJr.
First Ward jji 8
SoCOlld " rt 43
ThlrJ ' ' !
Fourth " ...
t ;
i 00
Total . JM 01
Mrs. Hurd, 1 turkoy; Abblo Goss, 2
sohool books; Mrs. Ellis, 2 hoods, 3 pairs
hose, and toys; Dr. Artor, 1 bbl potatoes,
1 bbl turnips, 1 hog's head, 1 piece pork;
Mrs. Warduer, 1 puil pickles; Mr. Met
calf, 2 shado trees nnd planting.
Several other donations have boeu re
ceived from kind friends of tho asjlum,
but tho secretary uot having tho full ro
port, will bo compolled to defer their
publication until next mouth.
Mks. Rittenhousk, Secretary.
An Editor eall4? Acont, nm4 the
Effingham, In this state, Is illuminated
by th presence of a radical official who
Is much devoted to trieiadles. Being
'about fifty years of age and not as spry
as he used, to be, heurnbtad jown stairs
while, leaving, the room of a frail crea
ture', Several nignfe ago, aha hurt Itlmi
soiri'Bradeby, hewing -of tho fall, but
nothing of tho "surrounding circum
stances," mentioned in his "Items In
Brief " that "the gen tleman whd tumbled
down jtalM'was-.convalosolntf" 'ijfoxt
day Brad received V note requesting his
presence at the office of tho said official
at 2 o'clock p.m., promptly. Visions of
"Goldou Wedding," ''Green 8eal," oily
Otard, etc., drew Brad to the spot on
time. He took a seat, Tho old. man
passed to tho door, locked It and put tho
key in his pocketl "That's right,'.'
thought Brad, "keop otlt the infernal
sponges." But in an instant the real
purposo was rovealod, Tho old scoun
drel, thero In his own office, rammdd his
revolver against the breast of Ills invited
"guest," and Informed hlm.of his dellb
rato purposo "to p'erforalo Tils blood
pump." " Brad didn't knoVv why I Didn't
know tho official; wassuro ho had never
abused him, and very probably, tho pre
cipitous old scoundrel would shoot before
he could establish his innocence 1 The
official pol n ted to the Innoccn t paragraph
quoted, glared upon Brad like au Infuri
ated wolf; told him to "pray," as his life
would not bo prolonged a minute. Just
at this critical Juncture, someone thump
ed at tho window; tho old man's
attention was diverted, ami with
the quickness of thought, Bradsby
took advantago of the circumstance. He
snatched the pistol from tho official with
one hand, and secured a doublo twist in
his long flowing beard with the other;
and then commenced a dance well
g'way Camahche'sJ Your war danco is
not a clrctimstancol "Forward and
back," "swing corners," "down tho cen
ter," "promenade all," "come a little
this way," "goa.llUIe that," wero. heard,
at intervals In tlie rumpus, as around
tho room, over chairs, and tables the
couple danced; but soon all the other
noises were drowned by the bellowing of
the tortured official. His whiikcrs
would'nt come out by the roots, and thn
torture was unendurable. Bellow, upon
bellow went forth until a crowd gathered,
filled the room and stopped the dance!
Tho cowardly official fell to tho floor
from exhaustion, while Brad calmly
left the scene, thicatening to prosecuto
tho crowd for 'Interrupting a "pleasant
llttlo party."
Spalding' Jatamansi Hair Twforor it
prcclicly what it profc&tcs to be, n iiAin ices
TOUATIVK. It it tho MtreH nnd safest pre
paration "of thr ago.- Kor tupplloi, wlolosald
or retail, apply at P, (,1. Schuh'i drug store.
Midi OyMera l Ioua Herbert's.
Louis Herbert' has Just received at his
restaurant a splendid lot or fresh shell
oysters, in prime order. Ho has also re
ceived ampply of Cincinnati lager.
This first-class rostaurant Is in usual
prepared to serve customers with all
kinds of luxurious and substantial eata
bles,!!! the most, cleanly and acceptable
ble style. t
Egyptian. block, basement fioor.
Tlio 1'rfP , School l-'r Tu-Horrnu- XIkIU.
Wo vould have every reader of the
'Bulletin' and every friend of Educa
tion, remember tho fair anil festival, to
bo given to-morrow night, In tho brlok
building on tho corner of Tenth street
and Ohio Levee. Tho profits of the oc
casion will inure to tho benolU of tho
Freo school con ueolcd with tho Academy
of Loretto. In this school tho children
of poor parents aro educated without
money and without price. Tlio entlro
burden of expenso is borne and borne
uncomplainingly by tho sisters of Loret
to. They receive no pecuniary reward
whatever. As previously stated by us
this fair and festival is undertaken by
the ladies of Cairo, with the expectation
that the people, through its results, will
give tho sisters, the assurance that their
charitablo labors In tho good causo of
education is appreciated. Shall theso
expectations bo disappointed? Certainly
not. Tho friends of the poor, the friends
of education will till the hall and mako
tho benefit proposed, substantial and
I'ren f.uiirli lit Ilia Court llmmc Nulooii.
Jimmio TCuglish will t-ot u free lunch at
the Court House Saloon every uiornlnir
at 10 oclock. and ho Invites his friends.
parties attending on court from town
and country, to come and feast to their
full. Tho best of ales, wines, liquors
and cigars on hand. fit
lHkH'Clnrn Co iu tut;.
Messrs. Good and Washington, local
Inspectors, etc., advise tho surveyor of
tho port of this city, by lotter from Meui;
phis, that they will arrive here on the
1-1 th Instant, and givo duo attention to
all demands on tholr time and services.
Try Spalding's Jntamnnsi Hair restorer. It
Is undoubtedly the best hair preparation ovor
introduced to tho public. For salo, whole
sale or rcnll, nt P. G. Schuh's. 3tow3v
Messrs. J, M. Phillips & Co. are tho suc
cessors of Messrs. E. B. Hendricks, & Co.,
In tho receiving and forwarding business
of this city. Tl'y aro first class business
gentlemen, prompt, energetic and reli
able and will be found worthy successors
or Hendrlck&.& Co. We commend them
most cordially to all personal!) their line,
as In every way'deservlng'and respons
ible. Sco card in another column.
CasjMTVY6st 'has been appointed tovthe
deputy assessorshln. unwell and rnitlsfun.
torlly tilled during the past three years ,
by John .OuWhltei r .
P, 9. Bchuh.keeus Lutid.h's. garden
feeds, tho growth of 1808; perfectly
sound ami reliable 2wd
A. Bpleadld nd Attractive DIpiny''or
Spring OeodM.
Wo woro shown, this morning, through
the extensive dry goods house of Messrs.
Bittenhouso & Han ny, and approaohr a
description of tho varied attractions that
hemmed us In on every nldo, with a dls
trust of our ability to do them Justice.
Tho building, a three-story brick struc
ture, covering an ontlro lot, is ono of tho
largest and most imposing in tho city.
Entering It through its Immenso glass
doors from Commercial avenue, the eyo
takes in one hundred feet of shelving on
cither sldo with a center counter of equal
length, closely filled and packed with
every variety of goods, fabrics and no
tions, for which the wants, necessities or
whims of the public create a want. On
tho right aro tho dry goods and notions;
ovry conceivable stylo of prints and
plain cotton fabrics, French and Eng
lish calicos; cambric chintzes, Pcrcalo
robes, of tho most elegant and attractlvo
patterns; Piqualo robes with whlto and
black stripes and figures new and very
beautiful; Sea-sldo suit ginghams, new
and tasty; Cheney poplins, every kind;
striped and figured mozamblqucs ; hand
some line of alpacas, every grade; Byl
vanla prize cloths, a new articlo and
verypopular; lawns in great variety:
organdies, black and purple; grenadines
misty and elegant; silk crapo borages;
black, colored and fancy silks; table,
Irish, brown, striped and figured linens;
but why attempt an enumeration?
There are thousands of fabrics and no
tions that would escape mention, exor
cise whatever caro we' might It must
suffice, therefore, to say that all that Is
useful, beautiful and elegant in the way
of woolon, silk, linen and cotton, wheth
er for iadies or gentlemen, may hero, bo
found fresh and abundant. Piece goods,
gentlemen's furnishing goods; a large
line of brown linens, hosiery, trimmings,
etc., etc., are ranged in piles and cords
upon the shelves and counters.
Passing, with a glance, the large stock of
hardware, edged tools; boot and shoes,
ladles' and misses' balmoral boots and
gaiters, we ascend to tho second stoiy
where the eyo Is actually fascinated by
the rich display. Rich and brilliant
carpets stripe the fioor an djsklrt tho walls,
mixed with rolls of oil cloths and mat
ting, while pendant from tho celling
hang tho most elaborate and airy Not
tlughams; the brightest and richest da
masks, Swisses, gilt and painted curtains
that over graced a Cairo dry goods lioutc.
Parasols, dainty, elaborately wrought:
silk and satin, with pearl, bone, Ivory
and carved handles, form au attraction
that interests a cold, calculating mascu
line, while it throws tho ladles Into ccsta
cles. '
And fans, gllstenlug with silver and
gold adornments, or delicately touched
with flown and pearl, seem to vJo with
tho parasols for tho palm of beauty.
Marseilles quilts of snowy whiteness,
beautiful In design; table damasks and
linens; bright and high colored rugs, all
combine In a dNplay that almost bewll-1
ders while It charms the beholder.
It is, in truth, no exaggeration to say
that the spring supply now In storo In
this houso Is abundant In nil the staple
and substantial articles that meet the
requirements of the people in the dry
goods lino; and, seemingly, super-abun
dant in thoso richer and liner articles of
show and adornment that gratify tho
whims nnd tho fancies of the wealthy.
Both floors aro burdened with n. store' of
goods so varied, seasonable, fashionable.
and deelrablo to all classes, that there
certainly can be no legitimate demand
that the proprietors cannot accommo
date. As to tho prices, wo need only say that
the house of Itltteuhouso & Hauiiy Is au
old, well otubllshod one, has nourished
in the midst of the closest competition;
that it buys largely in tho beat markets,
and has tho conlldence of everybody.
Theso facts, wo tnko it, will bo accepted
as satisfactory uvideuco that tlioy aro
not undersold; but, on tho contrary, oll'er
to the public controlling Inducements
to the buyer. It
In this city ou tho 12th Inst , at tho
residence of J. C. B. Taber, Samuel H.
Taber, of tho linn of Taber Brothers, and
son of Dr. C. 11. Tabor, late of Hennepin,
III., after a lingering Illness of ten
months, which he bore with extraordin
ary fortitude and resignation. Aged
twenty-threo years. Marshall Co., 111.,
'Republican' nnd Chicago 'Tribune'
please copy.
Funeral procession will leave corner
10th street and Ohio Loveo at 10 o'clock,
on Wednesday, April 14th, 180v
Tho mayor and city council aro invited
to attend tho inauguration ceremonies of
and banquet of tho Arab Firo Company,
to bo held In the Atheneum at 8 o'clock
this oveulng, From tho programme,
Indicated In another column, wo aro led
to anticipate n highly entertaining occa
sion. Tho terrible "Lovo, Murder and Retri
bution" story that gained a placo In tho
'Bulletin' and a hundred other valuable
papers, must bo received, It appears,
with u creat deirreo of allowance Ti
other words, it is a "bloody hoax."
.Mouty Saved!
fiy buying yourgrocories of J. II. Mctcalf,
who kcopa a hrgo and J olect etock of tho best
family supplies, and soils cheaper . than tho
cheapest, No. 33 1 Washington avenue, op-
poaiio mo court house. marOtf
Tig doJInflVont lUt will bo commenced on
tho 10th day o April, thqso wishing to envo
cost, had tiett"or como to tlio Court houso at
once and scttlo. '
lllVElt JfEWS.
' 0, ),. ,!!
Port I.lat for the 24 Mount Ending at
Two o'clock, 1. M.
'Gtn. Anderson, Column Win. White,. Poducah:
Itnl Tuiultr, Cincinnati. Hello Memphis, St. IvOtlli.
I'. W. Htrmlcr, " Hello Ncrnon, "i .
MaryKrwIn, " MolllmAMe, "
Hatn Mcrwln, O. Luminary, "
8hrk, N. O. Ottarla, "
Marr Aluce, N. O. Her,
Nftufivllle, Nashville Mismarck,
MarqloC'ity, Momnhln. Mrlnottc, '
Cltjr of Cairo, Memphis. Hum Drown, "
Mlnncoln, MomphK Ornnd Like, Pittsburg.
Cumberland, Kvans. Indiana, Louisville.
Oen. Anderson, Colum.; Wm. White, IVwlucah;
Belle Memphis, Mem. Lejcal Tender, Whlto rlr.
Ilelle Vernon, I'itts. Cumberland, Kvansvillo.
Molllo Able, S.a Armadn, "
I'. W.fitrader, " Ham Merwln, Cincinnati.
!!. It. O. Malnotto, 11
Orand Lake, N O. Mluncola, Cincinnati
Indl.mn, N. C. NnihTlllo, Nash.
Marblo City, St. Louis. Luminary, Vlcks.
Shark, " Octavla, Md, City.
City of Cairo, " Mary Alice, Louisville.
Sam llrotrn, " Mary JJrwin, Little Rock.
The weather continues variable. A
trcmonduous rain poured down from
Saturday noon until Sunday morning at
4 o'clock. Then tho clouds cleared away
and Sunday was bright aud pleasant.
This morning wo had another shower,
with prospect for moro. Tho tempera
ture has been much cooler, tho mercury
indicating 62 degrees.
The Mississippi and Missouri are still
rising ns far north as heard from.
Tho Ohio Ih rapidly Tailing everywhere,
but heavy rains nro again reported, and
another rise Is probable. Tho latest ac
counts report seven feet at Pittsburg and
nine feet over tho falls at Louisville.
Here tho Ohio has at length started to
fall, and has receded thrco Inches.
Business has been somewhat moro
brisk than at lost report.
Tho White, on Saturday, brought out
13 hhds tobacco for reshlpment east per
Flue Lino cars from Cairo, GO pkgs pota
toes, tobacco, butter, fcc, for merchants
here, nnd 175 bbls potatoes, 5 tons sun
dries for reshlpment to Now Orleans and
other points.
Tho Nashville brought out 2 steers for
Q. D. Williamson ; 18 hhds tobacco, for
Now York per Blue Line; 200 pkgs Iron,
32 pkgs cedar ware forBt. Louis; 20 hhds
tobacco, 110 bbls flour, 34 pkgs cedar
ware, and a few lots of sundries for re
shipment to Memphis and N. Orleans.
Tho Armada brought out 10 hhds to
bacco for Now York, per Bluo Line; 05
pkgs merchandise for Columbus ; 14 casks
pork, 3 hhds tobacco, and several lots
sundries for reshlpment south. She had
tho following for Cairo: A. Mackio
Co. 2bxs eggs; J. T. Bennio, 1 pkg; J.
M. Graham, 3 ditto; Chas Galllgher, 200
bags wheat.
The Molllo Able cleared for N. O. at 4
p.m. yesterday, after adding nearly 400
tuns at this port. The principal Items of
her receipts were 124 hhds tobacco, 500
sks oats and corn, 500 bbls Hour, 380 bbls
potatoes, and 50 bbls whisky.
Tho Beo cleared for New Orleans this
morning, after adding hero 1104hhds to
bacco, 6230 sacks corn, 270 sacks oats nnd
50 tons glassware and sundries.
The Bismarck, dipt. Entrikcn, leaves
hero this evening for N. O. nnd all way
Tho Wm. White, Capt. Northern,
Clerk Jimmy Broverly, is tho regurar
packet for raducah this evening.
Lnndrcth'a Fredi and Iteliiiblo Garden
bgeds at r. u. schuh s drug store. m312wd
Act, &c, tc.
s -a. -vsr is,
Tho bed m tho market of all kinds solid, movable
uud jxTfurnii'd tooth.
3Jiloia, c&o., ctbo.,
IOS Commercial Avenue, comer Twelfth stroot,
Copper, Tin nud Sheet Iron
(Abovo tho Market Home.),
Itoofinp, Oulterlng, PpontlnR and Steamboat Work
done lu u neat aud substantial manner, nt short no
tice. decSl'Oltf
And purchase the leading
Sto-vo of tlio Wot
A good variety of Cooklni? nnd Heatlnir btoYes al
ways on hand. Also a coinpleto assortment of
Tinware, IIoIlow-Wre, Ac, Vet
Jfunufacturerj of Outlcringand Rooflng.
Our motto Is Quick Bales and Small Fro fits.
arSstlsfactloa guaranteed In every instance."
decHWdtf '
yyM. ElILEltS,
Boot Audi Shoo XMCaJU(.jc
TwcnUeth tlretl, between' i Wathington' and
(Nearly owiosito Iho Court Housed
Keeps asjilendld stoc k of the best malarial, and good
workmen, and can (ill orders on short notico.
MenrtlnL- dona ncatlv &ad n)i MTi V PnfFnn.mA an.
Tlio Best Vai'ioty Known
ACONTlN!OU3 AND PHoMFIC bearer from tho
flrstofJuno until frost 1 rich, sub-oold flavor,
lino site, strong grower, vigorous haJjit. Altojrnthtr
superlorto any other known variety. I'rico S3 per
doscn. The undersigned nro tho (.enernl AntnU tot
Southern Illinois, (Counties nlong ami south of O.
tc. M. It, K.,) of whom, or tholr authoriied ngci jl
plants or berries in Southern Illinois mutleordn.d.
From it largo amount of testimony tho followinK lei
tcrtoJ.T. Whiting. Esq.. of Detroit, jrlvcs nn Idea of
tho estimation In wlilch this variety Is held by thoia
familiar with it sujnor characteristics :
Dundee, Mich., March 4, 18C9.
J. P. WHITIXOSr In answer to your Inquiry
relative to the Introduction of tho Mctlcan hver-Deftr-Ing
Strawberry into this country, lliuvo tho honor to
state that It was brought from Maxleo In tho fall of
185H, by F. Mack, nn Intimate frienl of our family f
who presented us with a slip, from which thn vines or
K. Hcranton wern propagated.
Tlie vines aro vigorous growers, and mfflclently har
dy to enduro any ordinary heat or eold. This Klrftw
berry Is aprollflo bearer, opening Its blossoms early
In the spring, ami continuing U blotsom am; bear
until tho frost cnta the vines in tho loll. The fla
vor of tho berry is excellent; nn.l, owing to Its firm
ness and lock of auidlty. will bear transportation bet
ter than any other Strawberry. Itejptctfully,
J. W. MASO), M. D.
The following testimony is from A. II. Taber, pro
prietor of tho Ulddlo House, Detroit, formerly of tho
Illcbmond Uouo,Chicagot
Detroit, January 2S, 16C9.
This Is to certify that I hare, during the months of
Junt, Juli, jtHguMt, trprmlrr and Ottvltr, eecn and eat
en the Strawberry called tho Mexican Krcr-Bearlnif,
and grown by J. ('. Whiting A: Co., in tho season of
ISoS, Md find them to be a Jincfrtnl if i'lk irer, r onJ
nit, and well worthy of cultivation. A. H. TAllhlt.
I'roprietor Ulddlo Uousc, Detroit, Mich.
Hubbard t Kerney, C.eneral Agents for Houthem
Illinois, for K. L. Legg A Co., Chicago, Ocneral AKcntrt
for tht SUtc.
II. W. HCB11 Altl,
IV. II. KEItN'EY, Ctiiro.
J. P. WIXITIXM A CO., Proprietor,
si.CUAwtin Detroit. MiuhlgAa.
lVanl's Hlieiiiuatic Lliiamcut !
Now has n n'putation ovoroll other remedies beforu
I tho puMi, f-r tl.-- rea.in It ii.u ured many ono that
nave imiied tlio skill nr our most eminent physicians,
and pronounced incurablo by them all. 1'ersons suf
fering with Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Sick or XcrvotH
Headache, Chtlbi and Fever, Typlioid and Hilllnus
vers, Coughs, Cvl ., Cuiisuinjition, Illieumatlsm, Neu
ralgia, I'aln in the Hide, Ilrtsttt, or Itnck, should at
onca (tovurua LoltU caaUot ....un valuable reme
dies and io rentorol at unco to perfeot health.
F.UHKICA TONIC U good for Debility from any
cause. It Iim iiq equal iw a Fenialo Itemcnly. It MU
Digestion and purities tho lllood, nud provenM dls
case,clcanslut the system of al limpuritles, which if let
remain, produea n Kalluw-compltixion aud bring en
disease that rnnket life owe o misery. Woor Kure
ka Tenia I compounded of the purest Vegetable, Kc
tracts, and Is pleasant to take, and mild lults wrrlon
on tho system.
Try ono bottle It will l:eoiuui Liter and Stomach
right, and prevent bllliousness.
W.M. WAltD, Covington, Ky.
Wholesaloand Itetall Agent, Cairo, Illlnol.
Anil for ralo by Viv.tU g ncrally. nurSl-3m
Cairo, Illinois,
The only FIRST-CLASS HOTEL in Cairo
la now in the most unojceeptlonablu order for gueats.
. nawuguudcrguueu
The pant Bummer. ,
Tormu, $a OO Por Xay
IlnKgnKO Currleik to nmt from tlie lintel
free of Cliurgr.
Day Hoard, Ticenly-Fivo Dollars er month
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Coiuuilssioii nud Fofwnrdinj Merchants
, And Dealers In
liny, Corn, Outs. Uruu, nud nil UlutU of
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S. 1). AYE 113.
A YEltS & CO.,
PL orrn
No. 133 Ohio Levee,
(Successors (0 Cunningham & Etratton,)
Grocers mid Coinmlsslou Mercliauts,
No. 57 Ohio tort'C, Cairo, Jill.
Ilcitod. Ueesr&dtf

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