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Ticket to JUHkTMt MIMn Only.
f. ft ' IKf t 7?T" -i i JMtl
As It is evident that thero nas been an
unguarded distribution of free passea
and invitations to the excursion to Mo
bile and return., we faave-bseailnstruct
. . . tji .,-! 'i .,. J Aitl lift.
ed to make the fact known that transpor
tation south of Cairo, and to the banquet,
at Mound City, will be furnished to
none but editor of papers, and their
ladles, (each editor, under the regula
tion of the Association, being limited to
one lady.) Tickets, with the' name of
tho-edltorand the paper with which he
is connected, will be furnished by the
Transportation Committee atOaird, it
being the purposo to accommodate edi
tors (and their ladles) and none otlmt.
Persons entitled to. trhnsportatloa'ua
der the nbovc, must make application
for tickets to the Transportation Corn-
mlttee, at the TIckot OfUco of the Illi
nois Central. Ilallroad, on Wednesday
the 21st, between tbo hours of ton
o'clock a.m. and two o'clock p.m." - "
W. P. Halliday,
8. 8. Taylor,
" D. Hurd,
James Johnson,
A. B. Safford,
Transportation Com.
"Barret's" Premium Half Restorative.
Gentlemen desiring Urst-class day-
board can bo accommodated at Walker
A Blsson'f), Egyptian Block, Ohio Levee,
at f25 per month. apl5-lw
Billiard Table For Male.
Tivo Becond-hand billiard tables, Phe-
Ian cushions, for sale at a great sacrifice;
Call at the
Sunflower saloon
on l'at
aplfitf '
Price's cream baking powdors for sale
at O. D. WilliamsoRS. They pay for
themselves In the saving of shortening,
milk, eggs, npollcd bread, aad the
troublo aud expense of procuring good
yeast. Try them. ap19d2w
Landreth's Frwh and Reliable Gordcn
Sttdi at 1. G. Schuh's drug store. ra313vd
for nmt.
The upper floor of the building adjoin
lug the store of B. Smyth & Co. The
front room, admirably calculated frr an
ofllco, will- bo rented by Itself, or the
whole floor together. Apply to
apllO-(lt B. Smyth fc Co.
Frr Lunch at IhttCfinrt House Naloon.
Jlmmio English will set a free lunch at
the Court House Saloon every morning
nt 10 oclock, uud ho Invites his friends,
parties attendlug on court from town
and country, to come and feast to their
full. The best, of ales wines, liquors
and cigars on' hand. fit
Tho sewers wcro opened yesterday
morning, aud wo notice already a very
decided diminution of the body of slpe
water Inside.
The few buckets full that will be left
on Wednesday will hurt notltlng la the
estimation of anybody,
Mr. Behmls' residence on Hoi brook
aveuuo was struck by lightning, last
night, about twelve o'clock, the crash
of thunder following waking every sleep
er in the city, the report equaling the
noise of a thousand caunon. Thellght
Blng.knockedofl" Mr. B.'a, chimney tops,
and reaching the kitchen played ba'voo
with tho stove and cooking utensils.
Fortunately no member of the family was
First, try " Barrett's."
Johu Hamilton, agent for those cele
brated Kentucky woolen .goqds, has this
day received from the mills at Owens
boro, a fresh supply f goeds, consisting
jeans and satinets, suitable for the spring
trade. They are the best' goods in the
market, aud he proposes to sell them low
Call and see him at 101 Commercial avo
nue. As these goods will be sold by the
piece at, very Jow rates, merchant tailors
might And It to their Interest to buy.
anW6t' nri OO X &JHC outY
Tfcel-re Kehaal raw, restlsstf.
The amount realized during the reeeai
fair aad festival glvea forth ibaaaJUiosV
the Loretto Free school;' reached the J
uiasMHus aura oi nine uuuurea ana
tweuty?flve dollars above expenses. T.be
Mother Superior, of the aoadsaty aad
the ladies Interested tender an 'expres
sion of their obligations to Messrs. Par
Vap A Phlllls. for the use of the room and
the furniture; to tne Cairo Ga&.CoaipAV
ny, for tho gas used; to thejCalrq Silver
Cornet band arid 'others foTttvofsoo'
numerous tq mention, but,notj tooai
merous ioVemember. qbf appreciated.
. Ull" ' ' ' I i l
Spalding' .JatnmaniL llalr, restorer- r is
nrcclsolv what It nrofessca to lo. a haiu nun-
torativ,k. It it tHoVsuVcit; alif surest pro-:
paratlon oftUe Ago. F6f s'uppHes. whoviU)
or retail, apply at P. G. ScbuL's arujr store.
,urv.juiKJi 3tw3w.
P. G. BahuhOceeps iLaadrath's' tardea
seeua. ma'iwwui w i iK 'iiMn
nniinrl and rttlfthl ! J-w'f ..f.-i
3QUAty?M 3J1R
' ThelB(rIagetewBor'Bl)eoR'thli
Steps of the rasldeaMeof one of our lead-
and m4!kfffiW.ffl!!d
Jipon to give the facts involved as euc
ted from the mother of the child, this
an orphan
aire. Th
Mr. George Barrlnger, a resident of
Jonesbord. Miss Cummins icharsTest
Mr. B,. with ao 4f'llva4pfs:n'
to nave, the utmost coufldenco In his
L.H..l 1. u ti..
uuucvtjnaBuiuiegruy. nl At.tr
She informed us that whsn aboutlx
weeks ago, it became apparent that
scandal could no longer bd suppressed J
. she desired, to leaved Jonesborof aad ac
cepted' tsfo offices of a Mr. Jones;, through,
.whorijJajrrangemenU had becn'mado for
at Cairo, MrJmet 'hec atthft ca and
escorted her to her quarters, near the
corner of Second street and Conimt-rclaf
avenue, At this .place, Mr., Albright'
visited tier, at herreqUestasortctiastwo
or three, times a week, and on ouo.oocu
slon paid the woman with whom she
stopped, soino money, that had been
sent to him by Barrlnger.
On Wednesday morning last a strange
man (said to be a Mr. Barry) camo to the
.young mother's quarters, and Informed
her that Mr. Jones had sent htm for the'
baby; tliatll.was his psrpose "to convey
it to Jonesboro and take care of it. She
was unwilling to surrender her child to"
this strange man until Mr. Albright, who
camo in a few minutes afterwards, as
sured her thai he believed it w'oufd'be tak
en to Jonesboro, and be well provided for.
She thsa consented to the removal of the
child, and tho strange man left, car
rying It with him, Mr. Albright
leaving la compaay.with him. Ia thWcoa
nectlon we may state that Mr. A, protests
that he accompanied the strange Individ
ual as far as the corner 'of .Levee and
Fourth street, where he left him, fully
assured that tho child would be taken on
the train wbjch would soon start io
'Jonesboro, as 'Mrr J. Informed him it
would be; and that be knew nothing to
the contrary until his attention was
called to the affair by" tho"15venIngr Bui?
letln.' The young1 mother; iaformed us
thatstie would not have parted with the
child had there been any cause for, a bub J
plclon that it would bo left In Cairo. Mr.
Albright subsequently .advised ,hcxhat
she had better noVtako the child "back,
but should let its father provide for it,
that she was young, inexperlsnced.'atid'
would find It difficult to obtain a home
while encumbered with It. ,This advice,
harmonizing with her own, views; 'and
feeling herself somewhat weaned1 from'
tho child ulready, she preferred not
to take It back, provided it was comfort
ably pared for, wherushe could occasion
ally visit it, Before parting with
tho child no one told hcrshe could prose
cute her seducer and compel him to take
care of her,. aqd.suo does, not think she
would have' commenced proceedings
against him had' she been s'd"advlsed.
Slio says alio has been kindly treated
throughout, and denies with emphasis
that any one, either la Cairo or Jonesbo
ro, ever advised her to poison either her
self or her ealld. She furthermore saya
lhat from the time of taking up lodgings
In Cairo until after the child was born
(Saturday a week ago) she never left her
room; andthatall rspor to thaeflect
that she bad" made" trips to "Columbus
or anywhere else, are wholly groundless.
She give Mr, Ar erasUt for searing Mr."
B. Into her support, and, says rthft she
has known nothing but kindness' at Mr.
AJs bands sinoe she arrived in Cairo.
, This we letavtf to to a fair statement
I'offthe case as presented, by Miss Cum-
mlngs. r, Albright was not prnt. Afr
the interview, and ,no-unduei.lafluences
were brought tg bear upon her In any way .
She is youngs' uuBophUtfcated 1 and
scarcely Ingenious enough to practice do
celt, and wars the . appearsuee ef a truth
ful girl t hro u jh o u L S h e p ro m U ea to live
.virtuous penltent'llfe jisreafter, and If
surrounded by propeififlaSuoes will no
doubt do so.
" lilaatn 'i ! t
; rUTION.Unuili
8 ll
aad EterluM
Tlie, committee of arragiiniintaJi'
aeiermineu upon uie iuuuwiok v'
irrimmn far, th entertainment oi.tha Jl- i
HjioIs Press Association, that will arrivo
in Cairo on thesWralnr'of ta l't Inst:
ornoni hlV A OBIT. 91sVP: r it
1. ReceptlQof jtopn their arrival.
, JSscorling tnem to menotei. mi i
" HreakiaaS frana.le.to 9 o'cloek a.at.in
8: Escort of guests to Atheneum by the
AAAnlnn rrrr try 1 ft OA mt tnn nATnAk
Sin. Organisation and formal recep
on. UuliJ i;T:i
4. TMnner from 12 to 1 o'clock.
6. 2 p.ui.sxcarsioalta Moaitel .CltynpeC
steamer ueaerai Aniumruu.
6. Visit to h-NattciIOeaie(ery, Nkvy
L'T. e p.m. banquet, in Mound city, at
8. Return to Carrorat tnepieaaara or tne
AssoclaUon, and escort,, jtot fluarers.
l Teu a(au-bslaeasaea4aefiMtaa
r AssoolaUonattAtoeneujaj.
itvniv to tWo. dinner.
Hi Tri'b&rv:in' tlrM the
Atheneum fo
delivery of addresses,
I A, Ball laths
aY ABarfiM.-
...r -ir-'
Leve for M0iMi8tliWiB.V erstsataari
. Her, name ill(Dumafltfir .
-tiltaii Ji.i!i'-V..'l UJeir leeiiuKn uu wiu
SMTMr JTlfet.
Acro4blW9rW&mMa per-
sons, white and black.."1wars drawa, W
the eourt house, yesterday afternoon, bf-J
ae announcement that the convicts
would be started for the Jollet peniten
tiary. About three o'clock the omnibus
Srrlved on the ground, and soon after,
Dick Fitzgerald brought forth his peni
tentiary brigade, securely chained and
Ironed, and hustled them on board..
Ing and walling among the friends and
and some of
gave way to
The followlnsr list elves tho names of
bhe convicts, the offenses of which thoy
fworo convicted, and the term of their
Imprisonment, viz:
. 1 Dan. Webster, larceny, seven years;
James Dlnan, robbery, one year; J. Hol
lahsu, robbery, veyeus; WnT. Williams,
vnliK&w film ' f 'J'-'Uru -d vnlihnrtf.
flvo years; JrBaggs, bugfery, two years
and a half; Wa: vPey tear,, (col'd) bur
glary, three yeawjLouls Bobluson,
(fol'd) burglaisiifw ysanlj-'Al. Cov
'lagton, (col'd) ifiiryi1 three years;
J Bobbins, (col'd) Incest, eight years;
Ilenry Gay, (col'd) manslaughter, flvo
'years ;L eo Humphreys, (col'd) adultery,
one year; Eliza King, (white) adultery,
one year; Mary Randolph, (col'd) lar
ceny, two years and a half; Florence
Mlddleton, (col'd) larceny, two years
and three quarters.
Barclay Brothers
Cairo, Illlnol.
Barrett's agents,
Moaey Saved t
By buying yourgroccrles of J.
U. Mctcalf,
who keeps a largo'ahd select stock of tho belt
family BUppliV-and foils cheaper tbAn, Uj!
cheapest; Wo-jP uatbington
p6ito the court bouse.
nvenue, op-,
Elliott & Hay thern have received mora
new boots- and shoes. In. the llne'of la
dies' weir taey ofir peculiar attradiofasj
having, o'oplya large stock butt the
greatest tyrlety-' over offered, ;for sale la
this markitil ;Ladlca are very sure to' silt
'themselves af sHIs hodse, alike in tyle,k
quality' Wtlprlca, 4 P'
They have A gooJino of gents'' and
boys' boots and shoes, embracing elegant
French calfs, made for spring wear and
very neat.
Go thero and get "shod." It
N. Linton will serve pure crystal Ico In
anypartof the city during the summer
'months, at the lowest possible figure.
Arrange with him for a supply and you
will always be served promptly and satis
factorily. 1 Ice Cream aad Moda Water.
One of tho most elegantly and cozlly
furnished ice cream saloons of the city is
that at 102 Commercial avenue, of which
Mr. P. Saup is proprietor. It will receive
his personal supervision, which Is a guar
anty that respectable families,' ladles and
.Children, mayyJMtJt afauy tima with
out fear of the intrusion of objectionable
characters. A fl rat-class soda fountain
(porcelain lined) is in connection with
the establishment.
From and after Tutsday morning, citi
zens and families can visit this saloon,
assured that they will recelvo not only
the most palatable cream and soda to be
obtained in tho city, but the most cour
teous attention also. apllOdGt
Clear Maaafaelorjr.
I am now engaged, somowhat exten
sively, In the manufacture of cigars, hav
ing four first-class workmen I employed,
and am prepared to furnish the trado with
the best cigars in mirkei at prices that
will defy oompeUtloa, ( v
The attention of retell dealers Is partic
ularly Invited, fully psriuaded, as I am,
that it will prove largely to their advan
. tage to procure their supplies at my estab
lishment No. 102, Commercial avenue.
apll96t P. Saup.
Preatldlsltatear Eatertalameat.
Mr. Ii. Levy Is In tho city arranging
for a wonderful, startling and highly In
teresting entertainment by Prof. Owens,
the prestidlgetateur of tho world and
Jojin Carroll, tho celebrated dancer and
comlo singer. We' have only space to
say that tho Initial -p'e'rformanco will be
glvenjn the, AUjaaeunrJo-morrow eye
'nlag". TheenterU!nment will'bo'dfvVr
si fled, chaste throughout, and full of
mystery. Go early and secure eligible
Notice to TaX'INiyern,
The delinquent list will be commenced on
thoj 10th day of April, those wishing to save
cost, Had better conic to tho court nouso m
onqe and settle
Ltfuis II. Mrcns, Collector.
Jry Spalding's Jatamansi Hair restorer. It
ndoubtedly tht bast i hair PreptraM
introduced to tliopublic. ,For sale, wholo-
sale or retail, st ffftqhuh's..
... I o .
.Pott I.Ut r4iiSrkoHr EBdiaiiW
.'iis.,.,, 1
Qti. Anderson. Colura.j nviii.TVhtte, P4ijchi
'MMhTUla.KMh. . Kublcon, fct. louls.
IVlnnlc. Fort Bmlthi Hon Accord, St. Louis.
KeUocK, N, 0. Abcona. Bt. Loult.
Kohert B Lee. N. 0. ArnaJ, Evanstjl e.
lUnUbllo.N.O. Normo,ETnivllle.
Commonwealth, N. 0. City of Cairo, Memphis.
Kllgour, Lodisvillo. Darling. Memphis.
J. J. Abcrt, Miss, rlv.
Men. Anderaon. Colum.j Win. White. Paducahi
ni.hi.nn vicU.biirr. Naahv lie. Naahv I e.
.ltotft E Lee, LoulfTille. Minnie, Ht. Louis.
aiVrnan, Memphis, Ity W . Kofls.
Kllsour. N ( CominonweaHli, 61. Louis.
i..JTinl. r-ini-lnnati. Don Accord. Ht. Louis.
AUoaM,,,iftiiniIT .J' -?'i"srih-) ft)
t The weathsrCoaunuenvwy.vaiR oi
The weathrAWttUnuM.xywy.Yarlabjo1
and a heavy storm occurred last night.
It was accompanied witn wind, llght-
rjij aTcM --iv-n;fc.-H
I Jn7"g a s w nraaimvin'R 1
Liaa moaKeMBUuUUd4aMmlrer or me
f jUndand awMlftft(.4ia(pjrftXrWty.
while the less RppreclatlvrtoandTflittlr
Ward was oonsldaiibiylvf llgbtT
hlng, and steamers, eycrywlsere la ta
neighborhood lay up i't the.baak Hatil
the power of the storavwaa-exbatwted;1
Thejtllgour, bound, from JjOulsvilU to
New Orleans was comnelled1 USM
twelve" hours, near Moand Cllj ah a!
A A K '
count 01 ine wina. si, ,jh
llilsthiornlng tho sky was1 'still OVM
cast with clouds, and tne temperature ae
warm'ag to make us expect Voro'ra'jn".
Tho Mississippi and Missouri aro rising,
slowly In several places nut railing ia
others. Ho rise of any magnltudd
looked for until after May'lst
The Ohio la falling every whero except
fromEvan'svillo to the mouth of Wahash.
Tho riso will scarcly cause the river to
stop falling here, but may'doBo.for.aday
or two. Thero Is six feet Jn, the channel
tn Pittsburgh and seven feet six Inohes
in the chute over the falls ateLoulsyllfl,
Here tbo river has fallen 18 Inches In
tho past 28 hours.
The Whlto brought out 200, sks corn
for reshlpment to N. O'. and 3 hhds to
bacco for St. Louis, besides sundries for
Cairo and other places.
Tho Armada brought 270 pieces stones
and castings, 30 hbls potatoes for reshlp
incut south, 2 hhds and 6 tubs tobacco for
for St. Louis and the following for Cairo,
li. B. Harrell 1G pkgs furniture. F. Kors-
meyor 1 case of tobacco. W.. M. David
sou 11 nkf hardware. Cundlff 5 bxs
Tho Nashville brought 180 pkgs cedar
ware, 233 bars and bundles iron, 10 tons
sundries and scrap iron for reshlpment
to 6L Louis, 67 pks dried fruit and sun
dries for Chicago. 4 hhds tobacco, for
New York, SO bbls flour, 82 pkgs; cedar
ware for reshlpment south.
The Great Republic brought 8000 bar
R. R. iron for Cairo and Vlneennes R. R.
' 10 sks coffee, 10 bbls tar, 11 pkgs for C. T.
1 Tho Commonwealth brought-30 sks
Bols D'Arc seed for, Cairo, .40, bbls swaet
potatoes, 16 crates queonswaroforrtahlp-'
meat psr rail to Chicago.
The great steamer Thompson Dean,
Capt Pepper, with Capt N. B. Fowler la
the clerks offloe, leaves for New Orleans
and all Intermediate ports this evening.
A commodious cabin has been added to
this mammoth steamer, and can assure
passengers of every comfort which the
could expect In a first class hotel.
Tho Whlto leaves asfusual this evening
for Paducah.
Whoteaale and Retail Dealer la
Zu.x-xi 1 irtlns; 3kooc5Lmf
1L1TS, CAPS, 4cc etc.
At the old stand,
Csru.r orMlxtl) mtrrm nmt.nklii
naiir . . . .
JQvoryt Jxlns aPareaaala,
ITaYlnccloted out their old stock of Clothing, hare
brought on a
Largo and NpIcBdltl Stock,
Which embraces every kind of
Fashtoaaale OeatleaMa's 'Wear,
And such as Is suited to allclasses.
They would ask especial atteatioa te their sosply ef
Kattas suxda Cm,j?m,
la which they profess to lead the market. Also to
Whlok embrace all allies of Cloths, CaMUners
Tweeds, Sc., from which they manufteture
In the bott manner, and strictly fashionable.
Their stock-of
Gcullcatea's FarHisklag GaatJs
la jfty complete. Includlas many novelties sever be
fore brought tothla market.
of erery style, Valises, Carpet
Macks, eke.
Assured of their ability to sell (roods from their new
stock, cheaper than ever before, war rely upon dis
criminating public to extend theonSM patronage they
may deserve. jaatsdtf
ecJltf AVKflUE.
D prepared to furnish
,.'h il s
.t il
Good SeftXtiL OTopct.
At prices which defy competition, and also lo
' Deliver lu assy part f the City,
On Iho shortest notice,
ill 1 v
Lf avo orders on slates at Hulen's grocery, Loner
gau's feed store, and Woods aad Koacb'e grocery.
IoxiIUI .Alf
Aicierevman. while residing In Boulh America as a
iniaHiouiuy, discovered a safe and simple remedy fr
the cure of Nervous Weakness, Early Decsy, Diseases
tof tho Urinary and Seminal Organs, and the whole trala
of disorders brougnt on vy uanetui ana vicious naoiie.'
fcrTnate. r vrll'seIdiiio roclpe lorreBWisaiHi
9 ' VTViV JsieHt..'lNalAisr ."I'W
sua aJ saw tiiu. gAiiea
SssaaXaiblo House.
ntr am Merry,
.it" liO . J
The Best Vaiuety Known
IX. flmt pf Juno until front ; rich, sttb-ocld flavor,
tlno slio, HironK Rrowf r, vigorous liablt. AltogeUier
wiperior to any other known vnrltty. Price fl per
doica. Tho undersigned nro tho llencntl Af nn for
HouthrD Illinois, (Counties nlonjf and south of O.
A SI. It, il.;) of whom, or tholr authorized agents, all
plantn or berries tn Houthern llllnol munt bo ordered.
Prom a largo amount of tentimonr tho following Itt
tertoJ.P. Whltlnr. I1.. of Detroit, (rlve nn Idea of
tho estimation In which thin variety In held by those
familiar with Its superior characteristics t
Dundee Mich., March, ISM.
J. P. WIIlTlXft Sir: In answer to your tnmnry
relative to tho introduction or tho Mexican Kvcr-Bcar-Ins
Btrawberry Into this country, lharo tho honor to
UU that It wait brought from Moxicu In tho fall of
158, by F. Mack, an Intlmtto friend of our family,
who presented u with a slip, from which tho vines of
V. Hcranton were propagated.
The vines aro vigorous growers, and sufficiently ha,
dy to endure any ordinary heat or cold. Thli (Straw
berry ii aprolitla bearer, opening lt UoMjmi. early
In the spring, and continuing tu Uotsom and bear
until the frost cuts ttio vines In tho tail. The fla
vor of the bctry Is eicellcnt; and, owing to IU firm-
nesn anil lacic or acidity, wlu bear transportaUon UI
tervhansny other Btrawbcrry. lUspcctfully,
' J.W. MASOS, M. D.
The following testimony Is from A. D. Taber, pro
prietor of tho lilddla House, Detroit, formerly of the
Richmond House, Chicago :
Detroit, January 23, 19C0.
This la to certify that I have, during the months of
it, atfUmUr a4 lHUtlttrl
seen and eas-
ea the Strawberry called tho Mexican Jiver-Bearin
and grown by J. . Whiting Ic Co.. In
tho seaicn of
1868, and rind thorn to bo k fntfrnttf Ur fnr,oi
nu, ana well wormy or cuitivatlrn. A. U. TAilr.lt,
Proprietor llidillo House, Detroit, Mich.
nubbard k Kerney, General Agents for Houihera
Illinois, for K. L. Legg A Co., Chicago, Central Amu
for the Bute.
ii. w. nunn iRD,
W. B. KERNEY, nlr.
I. V. WU1TINU CO., l'ro.irletore,
apCdAwim Detroit, Michigan.
Cairo, Zllluoisj,
The only FIRST-CLASS HOTEL in Qtiro
Is now In the most uncxccptloil.Io order for cnet
naTlng undergo a
The past Summer.
X'sBxrzrxsBi, aiO OOPor XA)I
aggace Carried to auden tbe Uaaai
free of Ckaa -
'Day Board, Twenty-Five tara jtr month
CatailMlou aud EorwHT Merckauts
And Dealer
ay, Cars, Oats, Brats,! all Kltsels of
OHIO LEVEB............T.iCAIKO, ILh.
rr '
S. D. AYKB8. I x J. J. AJTaaa.
Jtu ossi
If ri
M a. 113 Wloli.sre.,
(Successors to lAiu.irUifciraiion,)
Grocers aud CoamMicrelUsTts,
fa. B7 Okie I.eveV, III.
jf " wara'd staeawaiio uea
Now has a reputation overall oimedles beforo
the public, tor U10 reason It has ctny c4
have baffled the skill of our most tt physlclan
and pronounced Incurable by the) persons sul
ferlngwlth Dyspepsia, Indlgesllk or Nervous
Headache, Chllla and Fever, Typhti uUliousPe
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