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TUE8DAY, APRIL 20, I669r t
ruBMsiiEo nr john n. otierlt a co.
M. B. nARKKM, AJtf WfiUf
,'X yj.t a.0 .n.
0 i
As It IsovdeiiVtftktlhere has bcon an
unguarded dlstrjbution of free passes'
and Wvitatloris jto the 'exoursfoa 5H?Moi
bllo and return, wo havo been Instruct-:
ed to niako the' fact kuowti tbUt transpor
tation south of Cairo, and to tho banquet;
at Mound City, will bo furnished to
none but'edttor of papers,, and i their
ladles, (each editor, under lho( regula
tion of tho Association, being limited to
one lady) VrJekobWllti tho hame? of
tho editor, and tho paper.wlth which ho
is connected, will bo furnished by the
'Transportation Commlttoo atCdlrolt
uolng tno purpose to accnmmotiate em
tors (and their ladles) and none othcrt.
Persons entitled to transportation un
dcr tho ubovc, must make application
for tickets to tho Transportation Com
mittee, ut the Ticket Ofllco of Hie JJjJr
nolB Central Rallrond, on Wednesday,
tho 21st, between the hours of ten
o'clock n.m. and two o'clock p.m.
W. P. Halllday,
S. S.Taylor,
, , 1). Hurd,
James Johnson,
A. B. Saffbrd,
Transportation Com.
A tail steamboat pilot and a city drug
gist handed each other "a few from the
shoulder," on Commcrial avenuo This
forenoon. Cause said to bo "calico."
Circuit Court, recognizing tho Jtonor of
the editorial visit to our city, will adjourn
over, after, docket call, In the morning,
until Friday morning.
The elegant General Prim in hat that
envelops our "crest" came from Miller &
Miller's, who, In thostrlfe tokeeptho Hit
est and most fashionable hats and caps,
throw out tho banner "Excelsior."
"Barret's" Premium Hair Jtcstoratlve.
Gentlemen desiring ilrst claw day
board can bo accommodated at Walker
it Sissou's, Egyptian Block, Ohio Levee,
at $25 per month. apl6-lw
A regular communication of Cairo
Chapter No. 71, R. A. M., will bo held ut
Masonic Hall, this (Tuesday) evening, at
7 o'clock. M. L. Dunning, Seo'y.
fin tmtv lUilgra.
Tho members of the Reception Com
mittee, Committee of Arrangements, and
Committee on Ball, can secure their bad
ges by calling on W. W. Thornton, Esq.,
at his ollice, in Thornton's block.
Oltke of the Cairo anil Ht. IuU Itallrcat! Co., J
:iio,li!moi.,.Aw.l JV, 1W. (
Notice Is hereby given that a mcctr
ing of the Dlroctors of this Com
pany will be held at tho Southern Hotel,
in the city of St. Louis, Mo., m Wedcs
day, 28th Inst., at 10 o'clock a. m.
S. Staats Tayixm, President.
aprtOdtd j
Landreth's Freth and KolUblo Unrdon
Seeds ut I. O. Hchuh s drug store. m312wd
fatiai ,CMMmltt Meetlaa; T-Xl(hl
Tho members of the reception com
mittee will moot at the ofllco of Col,
James S. Rearden, over tho First National
bauk, this, Tuesday evonlng, at half
past seven o'clock, for tho purposo of ap
pointing sub-reception committees to
escort our guests, on their arrival, to the
different hotels. A full attendanco Is
highly desirable.
Jno. H. Oiikrly, Chairman.
Citptr Mammtmctory.
I am now engaged, somewhat exten
sively, In tho manufacture of cigars, hav
ing four first-class workmen employed,
and am prepared to furnish tho trado with
tho best cigars in market at prices that
will defy competition.
The attention of retail dealers Ispartto
ularly iuvtod, fully purluadod, as I am,
that it will prove largely to their advan
tage to procure their supplies at my estab
lishment. No. 102, Commercial avenue.
apllOOt P.Saui.
First, try "Barrett's."
John Hamilton, agent for thoso cele
brated Kentucky woolen goods, has this,
day received from tho mills at Owetis
boro, a fresh supply of goods, constating
Jeans andenflnots, sultablo for tho spring
trade. They aro tho hast goods in tho
market, and ho proposes to Bell them low.
Call and see him at 101 Commercial avo
nue. As these goods will bo sold by tho
piece at very low rates, merchant tailors
might And It to their interest to buy.
The AtfcesieuBi To-Mgtit.
Prof. Owens, thegreatest prestldlgltateujp
fo the age, holds forth at the Atheneum
this evening, The press on( the route of
the Professor's travels have been most
complimentary in their' notices of his
marvelous skill, and speak of tym as,'
beyond all cavil, the most wonderful per
former in his line, extant. He will he
1 assisted by Carroll, a, prodigy iti comic
vocalism, ane wU j glye our oltlzens a
rare, startling ontflrVainmont, full of the
mysterious, with a stffecleut. sprinkle of
the .humorous to uiaka it varied and
the more rUhafye. Q6, early and
seoure good seats for if the evening is
pleasant the houso will be crowded.
At tfi request of Mr, Albright wu
publish tho annexed 'Bt If bf jt
the parties In the late llllgltlmate cnlid
seawUl. tfottWi,Matef,l con
cerned, It has no pubjlo lasportance, ex-j
oept that It (a a dainty bit ot scandal
which ftWAnxMofh? UtRle seem
less wretch, at whom the finger of con-!
damnation Bhould be,stedtaatljki0iftt4.
abandons nri onpnRf. to -u i en w
mercies of a cold and. oven crue world,1
and pursues, the oven, tenor of his way'
with the noBOhalaBoe pf a , ;hapieleM
man.' The contaeeHori oflesrs,'3ehes
and Albright with this affair) Vfosay
ttlo'lBfisl'ilri't', unfqrtunnteV'ah'd teVrno
doubt, regret and ''dentin" fouW4eV
simply doajred, tohlde JhahamDofythe
girl, and to cover the shortcomlngof their'
personal'Yrlehclf'fhe 'MffayerTand did
this, eft tbey say they d(d;at theWu'eet
Moth'tho principal parties' Ih the scan
dal7ancT with t'lio Intention oY'WavJng
the child c4feW!fort'by-ntiMfahor, they
may pailato their conducunditftlk
would have grown out of tite 'affair nul
not tho Infant beon,i fthtunefuUy ftbsn
dotted und IcftTiporithb.steps of a wealthy
gentleman, whoso kindness of heart and
great liberality have bfcenmo proverbial
ltt this cotnmuuity, apparently for tho
purpose of working Upon his sympathy,
ho that bo might bo induced to take ih
tho lltllo waif and care for it. This
abandonment was a crying shamo an
outrage; and, In tho nbsonco ot affirma
tive proof to tho contrary, we are com
pelled to accept Mr. A'h protestation
that he, as well as the mother Of tile
child, was deceived by the other parties
in the questionable transaction. To re
fuse to accept thesejprotestatlons as truth
is to'placo'Mr; A. in au ombarrasslng
position. In order, therefore, that the
facts of the transaction may be ascer
tained, we are wiMIng to publish the
statements .of interested parties, and lay
before our readers'' the affidavit which
follows: " "
Jane Smith being7' first duly sworn, do
poses and says, that she was prexeut at
the house on Second street and Com
mercial avenuo when Miss Mary Cu tu
rnings was brought thero by Mr. Jones;
of Jonesboro, and was engaged by him
to watt upon her; that sho heard Miss
Cummtnga request Mr. Jones to tell Mr
Albright that she wanted-to see him
that Mr. A. visited there at her request
several times during; her: Illness; that
nothingwhatever was evcrsald concern
ing poisoning eitiier the mother or the
child, but that both of them received the
kindest posslblo treatment ever since
Miss CummlngsflrHt came to, Cairo; that
the young lady never went to Colum
bus ornny other place; nordtd she leave
her room from the tl mo she first cuma
there, until after the birth of the chil I,
ono week ago last Saturday. She further
states that a-atraugor to her .whom tshe
has since learueu was a Mr. Berry,- of
Union county) came to'thc house oh 'last
Tuesday evening, and stated that he had
been sent by Mr. Jones to tako the child
to Jonesboro; that Miss1 Cummlhgs, not
knowinrlifssv'refused to give the child
nn tta ffAIua -J I b fr Altll-lfvllf Wflfl
sent for, and showed her a letter which
lierry had brought him from Mr. Jones.
Witness states mat sue ttocs not Know
what.t he letter contained, but that after
Miss Cum ml rigs &w it she expressed
herself satisfied tolet Mr Berry take tho
child. Bho further states that she heard
Mr. Berry ask Mr. Albright to accompa
ny him part of the way to the traln
(which was anout starting) ; tuai notuing
was ever said about leaving the child In
Caho, but thalH was understood that 1
was to bo taken to' Jonesboro. That Mr.
Albright stated that morning that Mr.
Jones had written him a letter assuring
him that arrangements had been made
by which a gentleman and bis wife in
union county would take the child, and
that it would be kindly cared for. And
furthermore salth not.
' Jamb smith, (her markl)
Subscribed and sworn to before me
April UOtb, 1869.
t . 1IROBS, V Hi .
For Knt.
Tho unner floor of the buildlntr adjoin
ing the store or B. Smyth A Co; The
front room, admirably calculated for an
office, will be rented by Itself, or the
whole noor togetuer. Appiy to
apll9-0t B. Smyth A Co.
New Milliner? Gooda, t Mr. J. Cum-
At (t.n mllllnnrir atirn of Mrs. J. Cum-
mlngs, on Eight street, betweon Wash
ington and Commercial avenuos, there
will bo, on Thursday, Friday aud Satur
day noxt, a. gaaud opening of a fine,
fashlouable and Judlolousiy sejectedstock
ir crape, Neapolitan, illusion aua outer
Ivies of bonnets, hats of every niako
and grade, straw goods, a Jargp. and ycry
attractive supply of artificial flowers,
straw goods, ribbon?, ornamouts, yery
elegant and in great varioty; iniants'
hats, chaste and beautiful; uu trimmed
ti mid hats and bonnot frames:
boys hats, and .the countless other arti
cles that aro legitimate In a llrst class
fashionable mlUluory establishment.
Wn looked throueh Mrs. C.'s lata nur-
cbaoes. and must commend hor taste and
Judgment- Sho has some of the richest
and most attractive goous we evr saw in
. e
Cairo, and oilers luem hi exiremeijr low
TtamAmborrhursdav. Friday and
Saturday, and bo' sure to call oh her.
3t .
Price's' creaw.bftkJuKr 'powders for sale
ri r wiilinmnnnH. Thev nav for
themselves in the saving of shortening,
milk, eggs, spoiled bread, and .the
troubU.Md exta8e,of wBrocurlnggood
yeast. Try them, , ,a , apl!9d2w
SnulHtnA'M ,.Tlntanal Hair KStOror il
precisely what It professes to bo, a hair ntts
tokatiyk. " It'll tho surest and safest pre-'
. t J .'lk' .hhhIIm urtii1nautn
or.rctoll,apply..fttJP.,G.,ScUuh' .drug .store,
huh keeps Landreth's, garden
growth "df ' 180T 'pyrWctly
Been, '"'' inwin
sound aud reliable.
2wd ;
Mess 9W A ret .MO"1'
The determination to restrict thenum
her of excursionists over tho Mobile and
Ohio Railroad to Mobile, to actual bona
fide editors, is no doubt the suggestion of
prudence and careful forethought. Wri
are quite confident that it hi not within
flin nnwav nf Stinf vnail in fiirrtlali irnnmJ
portatlon for all the persons who maw
lessly extended to them to make the!
trip; and we are equally confident that
the eating houses along tho line are lnad-i
equato to tho accommodation of so large;
a number. There will 'not be moro than
three cars placed at tho disposal of the!
association, and tho editors and ladlesf
booked for tho trip will fill theso to ro-l
pletlon, lcuvlng no room for persons hav
Ing no claims upon the courtesy of tho'
officers of thejroM.
We liearWBrM4;;alLTer the Statei
who hold iTitaUOB ieSMke, tho excur-
slou, who'rPHfef Vr, jMtragraph for a
newspaperid tlM(r.)iTW.lni some com-i
munition aaLsMa'sy sueh iudlvldu-1
als are arranglnftfor1 the excursion. Iin
truth, if any conclusion can bo formedj
from-indlcatlou8 thrown out, there would
have been a thousand strangers In this
city to-morrow claiming tho hospitality
of the city, had not notloo been given of
alack of accommodations for them. Our
citizens would not object to this had they
been advised in season of tho coming of so
large a number; but counting upon the
pretence of tho Press Association only,
say 200 or250 ladles and gentlemen, they
have arranged for that number and no
more. Hence, If there is an excess, not
belonging to tjio editorial fraternity,
the Individual members of tlmtexcew,
after the notice that has been gi ven; wJU
have no occasion to .complalnv.lf they
accommodations provided arc; Insuffl
include them.
Veregret to be compelled to make
public .this faot;ut In making provision
for her giieitVthe city of Cairo has acted
upon .the assdrance that she would have
the Pfwu Assablatlon only, to egte'rtalu.
If thoughtiess membpra of that socla
tlorthave exteatfea Invitations. iamon'g
outside parties to an extent thatbVrtax
cs our accommodations, upon tuomjland
not upon Cairo, should fall tho censure
We are not niggardly in this, matter.
Every editor that comes shall bo cordial
ly received, and kindly and hospitably
entertained; but having hud no notice of
the comingof several hundred who aro
not editors, we shall not chide ourselves
if this surplus are compelled to provide
for thcmsolvcs.
Tho Sunflower Billiard Saloon, on Ohio
Loveu, Is furnished with the latest styles
of tables, and tho bar supplied with the
most excellent liquors. Free lunch' is
spread everyday at On. m. and 10 p. m.
Tb Arab Flr 4'asapMny.
The editor of the Mound City 'Jour.
nal' pays a well deserved compliment to
the Arab Are company In the following
paragraphs, which we clip from his pa
per of Saturday:
Tho Arab fire company Is mainly com
posed of leading citizens and bears an
excellent reputation. It Is wealthy, be
ing possessed of property amounting to
nearly twenty thousand dollars, and It
has three thousand dollars In tho treasu
ry. Tho president, Jack Winter, has no
superior, either as a fireman or business
manager, and in a great measure the
prosperity of the company is due to his
The apparatus of the company consists
of a steam engine, hand engine, hoso
carriages, tender to steam engine, and a
hook and ladder, .carriage, properly
Calroltes may well congratulate them
selves on the possession or such an insti
tution as the Arab fire company, and up
on the efficiency of their Are department
The editor of the 'Journal' has a Just
estimate of the worth and cfToIency of
the "Arabs.' The citizens of Cairo do
congratulate tbemsolves over the posses
sion of such an Institution as this compa
ny; but not moro enthusiastically than
they do over the presence among them
of tho hard-working, prompt and enter
prising "Rough and Readies."
Any Subscriber of tho 'Evening
Bulletin falling to recelvo tho dally Issue
thereof, wlllplease make It known at
the office. lw
iiii ' "
Hllllnrd Tubl-" For Hale.
Two second-hand billiard tables, Pho
lan cushions, for sale at a great sucrlllco.
Call ut the Sunflower saloon, on Pat
Fitzgerald. upl5tf
There Is no cuso of small pox at tho
Southwest corner of Tenth aud Wash
ington, as stated by tho 'Times1, black
or vhlto. Tho building U occuplod as a
family grocery.
Ico Crt'HiM nid Sod Water.
One of tho most elegantly and cozlly
furnished Ice cream suloons of tho city is
that at 102 Commercial avonuo, of which
Mr. P. Saup is proprietor. It will recelvo
his pereoual supervision, which Is a guar-!
anty that respectabje families, ladles and
children, may visit It at. any time with
out fear of the intrusion of objectionable
characters. A first-class soda fountain
(porcelain llued) Is in connection with
the establishment,
From and after Tussday morning, citi
zens and families can visit this saloon,
assured that they will recelvo not only
the most palatable cream and soda to be
obtained In the city, but the most cour
teouB attention also. apll9d8t
Wotleo to TK-Pym,
The delinquent list will bo commenced on
tho 10th day of April, tbosa wishing, to save
coat, had better como to tho Court houso at
once and settlo.
L6vms.H.,JCYi!RS-, Collector.
Try iialaing's Jatainnnsl Hair restorer. It
la undoubtedly! thu'besi hair preparation over
introduced to tho public For balo,sj,wholo
alo or retail, at P. G. Schuh's. 3tow3w
.I'.yiniv.tTwui - " ;
l.O.amg 1111 .1 II I
Ila Keeeptiom .. mm itriMMHa
iMteat jHk't
Cnlr. i
a I A
rfeUrmlned upon the IsliewuMri pro
gramme for tho dbkahimept(of,the:W-
Hiiata PresH Assoeiatloh. that 'wllbattivo
la Cairo on the .moVn'fng othelstiBsti:'
nnst DA'i;7rAPRMi"2lBT., '
1. Reception of guests on their arrival.
Escorting them to the hotel t .f ; ' ;'
2. Breakfast from 61 to o,oclo)l a.m, , ;
3. Escort of guests to Athenewm- byr Uie
reception committee, at ten,, o'clock,!
,,a.rh. Organization and fdrmal recep
tion. . ""i
f,J)lnncr from 12 to 1 o'clock) '
8? p.m. excursion, tOi Mokind City per
steamer OenoralAndersonr '
0. Vlslt to the National Cera6fery,'.NaVy
4 xaru, etc. . i .
7.0 p.m. banquet, in tAiounu uuy, at
DWJAUO until . , t
fii .Beturtl t6 Cairo, at .thd Jilcasurd of tho
.Association, and escort to 'quarters.
SECOND VtX-Ai'RihZi "'' ' 1
h Teri a.im business moetlngof thb Press
Association at thai Alhcbcnhi.'
2. Twelve, to two, i dinner
3. Three o'clock p.m(J meetlnK atHho
irAtheneum for delivery of ,aqdrosses,
v treading ot poem,-etc. ' - )
J3all In tho St. Charles.
Ixsuve for Mobile ttt 4i'a.m., per steamer
ucnernl Auuerson. '
Barclay Brothers Barrett' agents,
Cairo, Illinois. upl5-d&wlw
Hoatr Saved I
lly buylng.yourgrocorics of J. II; ilctcalf,
who keeps a lnryo and ('elect stock of tho best
family supplies, and soils cheaper tlmn tho
cheapest, No. 334 Waslilnglon. avenue, op
posite tho court house. mnrStf
One of tho heaviest rains of tho present
decade fell last night The water came
down thick and fast, throwing uLodore"
completely In the sbado. Running off
into the depressed portions or the city,
it formed great ponds, which, possibly,
will be hero on the .arrival of thePrass
Association to-morrow I Should this be
tho case, wo canho.w, our.ylsltqrs. Cairo
at its tior show them what mnllgnarjt
scribbleia oall. '.'Cairo x Inundated" a
number of barrels of water here and
thcro, but lncomrHodlng dbbody;
Cuiiiutlltrra Aipatnte4
At the recent meeting of tho Joint com
mittee from tho City Council, held In
conjunction with a number of citizens,
the following comraftteesSvoro named to
arrange for tho entertalnmeutof the Illi
nois State Press Association, to meot in
this city on the 21st Instant:
John II. Qborly. chairman :
James C. Carroll, 'Chairman Board of
Aldermen. Couucllmen P. W. Barclay,
Jas. 8. Reurden, Louis Jorgeuseti, Alder
men Jos. Mendcil, W. A. Redman, Prod
citizens. .
Ifesera W. W. Tliornton, P.-Arter, D.
nuni, uon. wtn. n. ureen, lion. wm.
J. Allen, Jno. W. Trover, II. M Geodal),
B. S. Tavlor. James Johnson, II. JFf. Can
dce, 8. P. Wheeler, Wm. Stratton, C.JS".
Hughes, Judo D. J. Baker, Fredollne
Bross. Dr. C. W. Dunning. Dr.H.'Ward
ner, Dr. iXH. Evans, and Joel G. Mor
Messrs. Rearden, Jorgensen, Theobald,
Trover, Sandusky and H. R. Mason.
Messrs. Trover, C. Winston, Dyas T.
Parker, Carroll, Louorgan and Sehutter(
Hughes, Thornton and Fagln.
Messrs. M. B. Harrell, McKee, Pope(
Morgan, Dunning and Lyon.
Messrs. Halllday, Taylor, SafFord,
Johnson and Hurd.
Messrs. Bobbins, Bros?. Smyth and
' ' i
Port Mt for thn 84 Uonni Ksidlasr mt
Two o'cUek, 1. m.
Rcd. AnJrnon, Colutn.i Win. White, rducth:
I.onrwortli, Loulitllle; Kata IlofalMon, iittbiir-;
Virglnl. " MnjKlaUayi,
(iutiiitrloo. No. 13, Vlckj; Pain Halo, i:inclDtli
J-lirk, Hi. Lou(i Orcat Bt-piitlic, MM Oity.
ficn. AuJerson, Colum.; Wm. White, Pailuenli;
Kate Itobliihon. St. Loulai I)iigworlh, Now Oileuns)
HiibmaJne, 13, St. I.oilH! VlrKinla, "
Maggie Havs, " Bharlc, "
Nim Hole, Memjuiiii; (irrnt ltcpuMitt, Ht. Loiiln.
A heavy rain yesterday afternoon was
followed by ono still more heavy last
night, tho torronts of water falling ex
ceeding any thing of a similar character
which haaoccured sinco(last year. Tho
lower portions of the city wero com
pletely flooded and tho river which has
been falling for a weok previous, roso
nearly teu Inches duVlng tko night. Tho
fall of rain lasted until after midnight,
but there havo been occasional small
showers at Intervals since. As we close
our report the clouds are still dark and
threatening, butthatemperaturehasfail-
en so low as to promiso a cessation of the
The Mississippi Is fulling at St. Louis,
and stationary at Qulncy. The Missouri
is stationary at St Joseph, but rising
below. The recout rains, having exten
ded to tho Mississippi and Missouri, may
cause an Immediate rise of some magni
The Cumberland Is falling with five
feet on Harpeth shoals.
The Ohio is again rising at Pittsburgh,
with nearly seven feet in the ohannel.
Considerable rala is. reported itfithat
quarter, and a rise of seven or eight feet
may take place. .The river Is railing at
Cincinnati and Louisville, with six feet
six Inches in the chat over the falls.
Business here continues rather dull.
The Paducah paokai .Miigls oaly a
few packages freight, but bad fair trip
-rH 1 . ia
md htut hflil'trahtm Hid a fair'
The Kite Robinson, ft.ltv tTl nnd
'Male'Ha discharged several io&"o
m.mK.hiII.m f I -
"'""f .;"". ,or various uatro con
signees, i. The . Virginia recelvod hero about 40
tons oats. flour and iiLfmri,.! rmiaUl 'i&
points below.
TUeBliark added couslilorably hero,
probaply 400 tons, bu t wo could not obtain
a correct report up to the hour 7f closing1
as slie had not completed her business
TThfl mammotli Thomnso TWn ranf
Pepper, clerk N. B. Fowler, is due here
mis evening uouuu ror. u. a commo
dious cabin has boeuaddod to tho Dean,
Ll I If . . . :
auii'puHHiigenj can uo sure oi n pleasant
and safe,trip..
,The Wm. 'White 'levb'd As usual for
Paducah thWovonlng.
: The Qulckstcn Is lb rdlar naoketfor
Evansille this evening. Capt'Dextcr
. ..-' .
Tlio Best Variety 3vnbWu
A CONTINUOUS .' l tr.uLino bearer from the
fVr fimtof Juno until froil rich, ut)-aclu r.uioi,
hue !, MrotiK Krucr, vlsoroua habit. Altoicether
cuperior to any other known 'variety, I'rlce il per
dozen. Tlio uinJortljini'il ere tho (Jcnonil Agents' for
rtonUiern Jllinoij., (Counties nlong nrvl oouthofO.
A il. It, It.,) of whom, or their authorUori agent, all
pianiM or borne lit t-omiiern initio) tnumiioorucrea.
Fnim a Urce uinount of If .tlmniiv the followtuir Ut-
ter to J.
rtoJ. I. Whilini?. r Dutrott.irUeann iiltadf
ino.ciiuinaoon m which nits Tariety in item ny . moid
familiar with ila aupFriorcharncterlHtlcat
Dundee, Mich., March , U09.
J.I. WHlTINO Sir i In answer to your motiiry
re latlto to the Inlroiltirilnn of tho Mexican Krcr-Aoai-ing
UtraMbcrry Into this country, I havo tho honor to
tato that It ai brought from Mexico In tlio fall ot
1S.M, by F. Mack, nn intimate frienn of enr fun lly.
who (iresenteil lit with a illp. from which the viliea oi"
V. Beronlou wero lrOjiaRatvil.
Tin Tinea aio vigorou Kronen, artlauflliilcntly har
ily Uiemlurc any ortlinary heat or colli. Thin Struw
berry Ir ajirollllD bentur, uvnln; iti Uoatotm early
In the ajiruis, ami contmulni; tu blotsom ami Ix ar
until th froat cut thn vinra In the full. The Its
vor of tho brtry is excellent ; and, owIuk to iU llrm
ne anil lack of iM'iJity.will bear traniiortaUon bet
ter than any other Klrawbeuy. lleieetfiilly,
J.W. MAhOJl, M. I).
The following lonlmiony It from A. II. Tabor, rro
prlctor of the Jliil lli' iluufc, JVtroit, formerly of tho
Iljchinonil llovu; Chicago t
Detroit, JanunryfS, 1SC0.
rThl I lo certify lh.it I have, iluriiik' tho month of
J mi, JtJf, Amfill, ipltmlr uiut ikUKir, aeeil anl 'rtt
en the hiriittUin vcull.yl thn .Muxican Kter-llenrlnt,,
ami grown by J. V. Whiting tc Co., In tho reafon of
IK'S, anil II ml them to U ftlrl v rT, gtvt
ri:t. ami well worthy of cultivation. A.ll. TAlil.l?,
. I'lttjirtctor Iliddlo House, Iwtrolt, Mich. .
HtiMfflnl k. herney, Renerat ARcnU for Southern
Illinoi", for K.I.. I.eKiti-Co., Chicago, Oeneral AgcnU
for the .State.
M. II; KtltEV, Ctiire. .
J. V. WIIITIXU A CO., rroprlelor.
ap&IAwniM Dctrojl. Michigan.
A Durd.
A Clergyman, while residing in South America tm a
missionary, discovered a aafo and aluiplo rrmeOy fur
the cure of Nervous Wvakuess, Early Decay, Diseases
of the Urinary and Seminal Organs, and tho whole train
of disorders brought on by baneful and vicious habits.
Great numbers hat o been ciircl by this noblo remedy,
Prompted by a desire to tcscflt tho afflicted and tin
fortunate, I will send tho reuipo for preparing and
using this medicine, ill a sealed vnwlope, to any ono
who needslit, rati: or nunde. Address.
' JuiEl'II T. IN MAN,
Station D. Illblo House,
febl-d3in , New York City
' . . i r . T
I 't ? . '
J. .. .
JsWdLxrortlwlxus j0Coc3.-vlxxx
Dealer In
tlraihH, Wall Faucr stmAWtadow
r HIssvsIm.

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