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FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 1809.
- -
Any Sub&cHber of the Evonlhe
iiHriiui. win nmnbfl mnKH 1 i. kiwiwii ui
iih iiiiiith i w
Tlio Hon. Mr. Ward, "the gentleman
from Cook," and Mr. B, p. .Qoodell,
from Bprlnglold, were in the city yester
day evening.
The Sunflower Billiard Saloon, on Ohio
Lovec, 1h furnlahed wljh tho, latest Qtyles
1-1.1 t. 1 : tl.i "...lit.
as. ..- , ...a u a gun HlbU 1 1 . . WHW
mnuf n -mAlfnnf ltttiirt 1Vin limnl fa
tnronrl nvnrviltiv ntnn m onrl ill n r .
' i
Speaking of tho Cairo city stock yester-
day, wo were mnilo toHaythat'!!-valuo
Is (letiondent upon the dividends 'de
ducted,' from timo to time, from tho
proceeds of bale of lots." Wo wroto
"dividends declared" etc.
Five hundred pairs new kid gloves,
fiiat received, at Cunningham's. 2t
"Barret's" Premium Hair Ilestorntlvc.
- I
at A special convocation of Cairo
AChapter No. 7, It. A. M will bo
hold at Masonic Hull, this Friday ovo
ning, at half past coven o'clook.
M. L. DuxiNO, Sec.
Nolle lo Tix-Pityrra.
Tho doltnqucnt list will be cotmuuueed on
tho 10th doy of April, those wishing to fuvo
cwt, had bettor cotno to tho Court houio at
onco nnd tcttlo.
LflUis II. Mvkiix, Collector.
Landrcth's Fresh mid P.ollablo Garden
t. .1 .... Ii r r t f
The law card of D. T. Llnegnr. esq.,
Annnnrw ti.fliiA nmnnif itit rwur nflvnr
tlu.ti.Ali i a fw T liinrrni fa fiti u tt 4 It
ft r F 0
ablest and most successful lawyers and
advocates at our bar, and when that Is
. I -m . I. t I. f . i . . . . ii t
miii irii Tinv rii fti n iiiirvi imr iwivnpr unituu
1 - . I It . A
- II .1 I.
Capt. Hnmbleton and the Hon. N. R
fiOMtf wnm In f tin nltv vnuti.rilia - ntiil rn.
uau. i uuy coninouicu hoi a mue to wie
for the Ktitcrlalnmcnt of tho IWIuoU
Pre-e Aenoclmllon.
Persons who liavo claims against the
. . . ... . . . . .
. . - r it... . . . i .. -v.i
. 1 1 . ... .1 It! I . . . .
... . .1 . I a . I. .11
a . t ..t .. a
iiftt nriiyri'ii hucii amciea or intni'fi
...... .!.. rr, iu.,n. m ...... ...
- - " - . - J - - - I J " "
... ... 1 . . . til 1 . I . I.I ...
Ill III F. a. IK III1LUIM1I L.'.l IIV mil;.. I IIUII 111 I. II.
nil nortlttnil In Im nnrrnrL
upr23d2t J. 8. Kiukukn,
Chalrmivn Cnmnilllro City Council.
P. G. Sohuh keotx. Iandrcth's garden
II 111 I M 1 1 1 1 . LT II I W I II If! J ( I ! I . liariinua.lv
I. ..!. nr 1CI1Q. .vi.fi.All..
nunii uiiu reiiuuiu. "
i I ll l.t.. I).... I
Auction Nulv.
I will hell at nubile auction on Hutur-
nv. inrii 4111. ni il-ii u iiuui ii.iu.. ui
)m miction room ot Daniel Hartman.
ai rnmmorclal avenue, a larcc conslKn-
nrir. nr linn uiiu ciiiiiii onuu uuunini-
. A . . I .1..... .... II I H
ngof garnet bcU, carbunclo Beta, pend-
. . a 1...,. mx.u
fir Hi) t if niiRri uiiu inuii iuiiiuliiul liuh
Am nn. aiiu ilihu u in tko iul ui uiuLuutrs
t I 1.,.. In4 MnAA1.A
a t .1 C?1,.
UIUU UI MOW W wMWf Mtvaw I' v
Daniel Haktman,
Go to Cunningham's for fancy gooda
mw iiiti inna . fib ra hiiim. - i
k A 4
Am !.. tie DBrd Arreatcd.
SherliTMliler, of Evansville, was Lord
U.i I.. I . n n Mn,MtAa.n .r..
ml limlunr. tinmiwl T.nn Wnfflnn T.nnt
.1.1- fir.. . . 11 1 . i. .1 Han
a l --r ill.. 111. 1 1
. 1 1111 .1 I . I TT 1 1
Vljf .1 U Ml Ijr kiiidvi inuii uuuvi cu "
inTmnnr nir mm nminnn. inn niiArur
miirar ilia. I rum i.iiii I'liiiirur iiiiii rMfiiiim.
i i a f i i . l -..ill i .. i ..i.i
.. ar . .
mil .iiih Ariiiiiii. mi Hiitiii linn iiih lriiiim
. i . - ... .ii trr. i i ...i.i.
vai Mi.fjum.1 via mv ......
.. . f 1
uib pnsoueryeswruay evening, on uoaru
tho steamer Armada.
Gentlemen deslriiiL' flrat-claa'j day-
board can bo accommodated at Walkor
& filsson's, Esyntlau Block, Ohio Levee,
at per month. npl6-lw
Ab.ruudH with 5,000.
Many of our citizens will recollect a
Captain Qulgley, stationed at Cairo, for
a long while during tho war, and n resi
dent, for a short timo sluco the closo of
tho war. Well, this Captain Qulgley se
cured a contract from tho Mt. Carbon
railroad compauy to .build a switch road,
about a mile and a quarter in length, to
a new coal shaft. In tho performance of
this contract ho employed about ono
hundred laborers, worked them about
eight weeks, paying them the while only
a very Inconsiderable portion of their
wages. Last Friday he drew an estimate
from tho Mt. Car(on ooal company, of
13,600. Daring tho same day ho bor
rowed several hundred dollars from his
friends, and repairing to Carbondale he
sold his house and lot there, and then
"vamosed the ranche." Ho took with
him about $5,000 In catd., every dollar or
which, In Justice and equity, belonged to
somebody elio. No clue had been ob
tnncd aa to his whereabout and the
conviction Is general that he has "gone
for good'
Go to Cunningham's for your white
goods, linens, etc. 2t
The stay of the JUIpoV-Pffffij .Affocla
tloalB this city culminated last night,
la a grand bAll In the gt.'CbirlM Hotl,
vThe large hall of the St. Charles was
handsomely, decorated. Jhe words,
"WtfLCdkE TO"tMEctES8 OF
nporilbt'wa ffifiSrie
most notable and apprdprlate of the
iornment , iwjiwinM.
By ten o'clock the hall .was thronged
by the beauty, fashion; and 'intelligence,
(so to speak) not only of our own city,
bat of other localities if1 the Mate'.' There
were at least one hundred and twenty-
five couple present participating, .over
three hundred taking supper. A ga'yer,
happier or more festive scene was never
beheld In Egypt, and will doubtloss long
live os.aA'green spot" In the'triemotyof
ovary ono present, xua musio by VVll
t,lg & Cramer's and Mr. KaulTman's
baiods, was In itself a tre, 'and many
wero tho compliments It ollcltedi
Mine host of the St. Charles, Mr. Jew
ett Wilcox, was In his elera6hv making
everybody happy, and' meeting a half
dozen demands at once, apd the same
timo with a faculty ;(liai. showed that
his "forte" Is tho entertainment of largo
crowds. Tho supper was substantial,
and ample for the occasion. It was
spreainu ttio ordinary whero as many
nsllfty or sixty could be soacod at tl mo
an nrrangement that permitted tho dan
cing to proceed uninterruptedly.
About 3 o'clqck this morning the ball
broke up, our guests of tho press, repair
ing on board tho General Anderson im
mediately thereafter. On all sides there
was the best of feeling our guests being
pleased, even delighted with tholr hos
pitable entertainment, and our citizens
gratified at the success of their eflbrU to
omco of the Cairo And ft. LoQI Railroad Co., 1
Olrv, llllDom, Ai.nl IV, 111, f
Notlco Is hereby given that a meet
ing of the Directors of thlw Com
pany will bo held at the Southern Hotel,
Iu the city of St, Louis, Mo., on Wedes
day,2Sth Inst., at 10 o'clock a. m.
S. Staats Tayixk, President.
First, try " Ilarrett's."
Ten head of line milch cows with
calves, for sale, Call at, tho, corner, of
M.....1. J 'l. I.. " ! '
leuiu fircci nnu uommerciai avenue.
2t. John- 8irnr.
The members of the Illinois Press As
soclntlon and their ladles accepted, yes
terday afternoon, tho hospitalities of Mr.
and Mrs. Jas. Johnson, and Mr. and
Mrs. W. W. Thornton. As many as one
hundred and fifty guests were, entertain
ed at cither house, in the most agreeable
and satisfactory manner. The ladles
wero feasted upon choice confections,
whllo tho gentlemen, In tho purest spark
ling wines or In tho best old otaro or ryo
drank the health of their hosts in many
a cordial "bumper." The gticst' ex
pressed themselves as highly pleased
with tho marked courtesies and civilities
thus extended to them, and will remom
ber them, undoubtedly, as .among tho
chief eirjoymcnts of tho visit. ,
Xouy Nave I
Uy buying yourgroccrlc of J. II. Motcalf,
who keep a largo ami (elect stock of tho best
family nupnllwi, nnd iclls chenper than tho
cheapest, 2o. 334 Washington uvonuo, op-
poilto tho court home. marMf
Committees on ball and banquet will
meet at tho offlce of J. H. Roarderi,
Egyptian Block, to-morrow (Saturday)
morning at 10 o'clock, for the purpose of
auditing claims on account of tho en-
terlainment of tb Tlllno'-'w--.oauen
at Inn Mrcular letter to tho heads of the various
artlchiav-y yards, calling their attention
auy opinion, and saying that while tho
please,avi" department Has not the right to
Mr. T!omlu;l mechanics and laborers to work
noro man eigm nours. yet iljius
Ight to employ thorn ' to labor
Prloours, and pay them pro rata for
at u-xtra work.
tumfIw tli-y Lovr Owo Anolbor. . .',,,
rak, A fierce Interview took'place between
trouDL -i, u.-.ii,n ,i .. - .
yeast.' """""U nuu inoriiyj. LipilLTHI
"' a urauuj luai, aim iiiu luiiuwillg'
ou vernation Is said to hnvo norurrii).
Ono, Hamilton "I called, Mr; "Attorney
fUrnisieneral, to enquire whethorlt is true
thataliatyou Intend to appoint Mr. for
Mr. P.ho Texas ?"
his pel Attorney General "Yes, slrj I have
anty trea,lv made out his nomination."
chlldn Hamilton "Then I think It Is my duty
out fe Hfty uat uo 's a bail man, and not lit
charac 10'11 11,0 "fo."
(porco" Attorney General "1 had heard that
thoestP11 were opj'oad to him, and was not
Fronjrl,r'se(, ua 1ho noar t,mt J'ou wrtf Koi
zens a5oVer tn" copperheads.',"
aB8Uro(iamllton "G d d nyou,orwny man,
thomcl'0 ,,"IUS y political motives.
obtalnnuro wero you wllon 1,10 war waa raK
teolwa' What wero you doing that Just!
s your blatant Unionism to-day ? Dis
Johnslug the only law you know Massa
brated usetts law whilst I was risking my
dayrec u in 'bohajf of tlio Union.; As yon do
boro, aH know what is decent or well bred in
Jeans aur Intercourse with gentlemen, I will
trade, jttroiiblo you further, but I will go to
markei ur master"
Call an 5o saying, Jack struck ofT, leaving the
nue. 'pcctablo Massachusetts pettifogger in
As i Jowlldurment of rogo. and astonish
piece aent'; and proceeded to . the'i while"
might uso, laid tho caso beforo Grant aud
apiejd tho apoolntraont annulled. It is
Id Jack is pretty certain to bo oleoted
iu8vvornor ofTcxa8 ftnd M,a lat,cr?)(
introdu)" nt B0 m ua0 much.
salo or i '.' t-"'
Don Piatt, Washington correspondent
' tho Cincinnati 'CommorolaP, (ropub
The :au) says:
SR,mITuo v,,0i,t copperhead I ever encoun
SS.irirol Is an honest man by tho sde of
bn, Butler. The roughest rough of tho
iitmocraoy ,a a Butlemau by the side of
PluUandler. And tho stupidest ass that
jwls "nigger" at the cross-roads, Is a
ft team un by tho side of Kelley.
Aallanat I.lvca Me HuadnMl and Twenty
rfHra)i mji kj Brcntaiai
r MUvar Take mu4L Xaeevan
TkrongH k
From Ihfc CAlra TUrier.ll M 'I
it will be remembered that a notice
appeared in the papers sometlmo since
of a surgical ppecatUn:being performed"
on a Infant of Mr. Geo.E. LounBhury of
Mound Ctty, Ills., for relief. In a case of
that most dreaded 'and fatal disease,
membraneous croop.
The operation was porformed on. the
night or the 16th or December, 1808, being
the sixth day of the disease, by Dr. Hor
ace Wardser' of this city, whin llio
child was at the point of death from
sufllcation. - A silver tube wns plased in
thfe wind-pipe below tho seat of the dls
'eaae, though an opening made by tho
surgeon, Jast under tho projection com
monly called "Adam's Apple." This
tubo has been romovod&t different times',
but threatening sudlcatlon calfdd for Its
mmediato reinsertion, until within the'
last threo weeks, when It was found
that the prodatits of thbdlsoaso had be
come so far removed that he could
breath without It for somo minutes, tho
dinicultyofbroathlngshowiuga decrease
at each trial.
Yesterday a telegram was received an
nouncing tbo final removal of tho tube,
and tho good condition of tho child, now
only Boventccn mouths old.
During his treatment since tho opera
tion which has proved so succi ."ul In
savlnghlsllfc, he has grown well, learned
to wnlk, and cut seven teeth.
During this long period of care, doubt
and anxiety tho paronts who aro widely
known, had the cordial sympathy of
their many friends who now rejoice with
them In their Joy.
Go and examino Cunningham's beau
tlful assortment of dress goods, fresh
from tho importers. 2t
Police BhbImcm.
Police business was quite nctlvo before
esquire Dross this morning, as many as
six cases being1 disposed (of before ten
Jerry Anderson abused ono Mary Sto
vail, but the case not being an aggra
vated one, Jerry was let oir on payment
of -costs. Jerry cross-ilred and had Mary
Stovall arrested becauso she kept no zinc
under her stove, which, being contrary
to ordinance, Mary was fined $3 00 and
James Smith got drunk and was fined
therefor $2 00 and costs, navlng no
money he was consigned to thocalabooso
and street labor for tho term of six
Charles Lugglus was also victimized
by pie bowl and was brought to an ac
count. Ho Incurred tho penalty fixed
for Smith, and Is now paying It .
John Mauahan was arrested and
proved guilty of vagrancy. Fined $15
and costs, which he couldn't pay, of
course, mo win put in isj days at street
labor una bounj uU iwigw iu (6 cala-
Moses Fletcher was arrested for acting
ns a public porter, but producing license,
ho was acquitted.
W call attention to tho radlcl change
in tho strawberry advertisement. More
proof of the excellence of this remarka
ble fruit Is Introduced.
Prof. Owens, the prcttldlgitateur, didn't
make much of a haul in Cairo. Tho pco
plo didn't seem to care much for his
"two hours of Illusion!.
Ho, and look at Cunnlnurham'a
l a B
i :. . .
siock or spring ana summei
dry -
jBUltlaerjr os at Xn. JT. Cum-
Ihe millinery store of Mrs. J. Cum
I, on Eight street, betweeu Wash
iiaud Commercial avenues, there
on Thursday, Friday and Sbtur
ext, a gaaud opening of a fine
Suable and Judiciously selected stock
pe, Neapolitan, Illusion aud other
of bonnets, hats of overy inako
.ado, straw goods, n largo and very
Hlvo supply of artificial llowcrs,
f goods, ribbons, ornamonts, very
-it and in great variety; infants'
?:lmsto and beautiful; uutrlmmod
ts and hats and bonnet frames;
mats, and tho countless other artl
tat aro legitimate In a first class
jPiablo millinery establishment,
pjlooked through Mrs. C.'s lato pur
'j, and must commend her tasto and
2 out. She has somo of tho richest
ost attractive goods wo over saw In
laud offers thorn at oxtromely low
5 Remember Thursday, Friday and
Day, and besurotocnll on hor1.
fling's JntamansI Hair restorer is
ly wliat U profciscj to le, a uau; iiks-
ivk. It is tuo surest ftJiu sareH.pre-
Pnoftho njjo. ForeuppHes, wholesale
,d, apply nt P. O. Schuh' drug storo.
Iday Brothers
Barrett's agents,
Fa now emaued. somowhat exton-
In tho manufacture of cigars, hav-
ur first-class workmen (employed,
prepared to furnish tho trado with
it cigars in market at prices that
fy competition.
attention pf retail dealers lspartlo
invited, fully persuaded, as i am,
will prove largely to thelr.advan-
I procure their suDnlles at my cstab-
mt. No. 102, Commercial avonue.
t P. Saui'.
UUwr4 TaMce m Sal.
second-sized billiard tables. Pho-
ihlons, for sale at a great sacrifice.
, the Sunflower saloon. on Pat
WW. . . . Pl5tf
It has been suggested," andwctfilnk
the suggestion a good 6nK that the
"note," ''Impressions;" "XotHngs'by-the-wy"
etc., so far, as they rtIiti;JUi
Cairo, that are published by bar late vis
itors, be collectod and published ia
pamphlet form. ItmlKht.be a sfleciila
tlon for one of our book dealers toiakf the
matter lh hand. Nearly every oltlxen of !
.Cairo will bo anxious to kefcd what Is
said about Cairo,, and by tho adoption
of the plan suggest they can gratify that,
want, but not otherwise
i. o. r o r.
( Alexander lodge, No.- 224, I. O. O. F.,
will celebrate tho fiftieth anniversarv of
iOdd Fellowship, at their hall on Com
mercial avenue, on Monday evening,
April 20th, 1809, at half pasti seven
o'clock, a,m. by conferring the degree
of Rebekab, and by a ball at St. Charles
Hotel, during Urn samo evening.
All members of the order are Invited
to bo present. By order oif
Committee op Ahranoementh.
Port I.Ut fir tbe Zi llouni Knillnr at
t Two o'clock, J. Wt.
Opn. Andcriton, Colinn.; Wm. While. I'mlucah;
Atlantic, Clnolnnatl. Arthur, .N. O.
Silver finray, I.vonidai, .. O.
CtirnH., " V- W. Stroder. .V. O.
City of Cairo, 61. Lou Is, Hllrer Moon, Mcmphla.
ArKy, " I.ogal Tender, Mcinnhln.
Hnver, ' Tyrone, Naslivllle.
Llulo Gill, iJlctator, Ht. I.oui.
Gen. Amlernon, Colum.;
Win. While, J'lvlucalis
I'lnk Varlile, Nashville.
ruiur, ni. i.oun, I'liiK Vivlile.
Aimnuc, Armoila, Jiraii.rilli'.
1.1'gal Tenilir, SI, X-oiiin. City of Cnlro. Memphis.
Iii-unl'la., 6t. l.oul. Arirony. I'itltbiirff.
I.luie Oill, N. O. Kotor, l'lttMnirr.
Thompson Venn, N. O. I. W. Hlrmler, Cln.
Pllver ripray, N. Ot Hllrer Moon, "
Corn H., Ark. river. Uletittor, Louliivillo.
The weather Is again cloudy aud
warm tho mercury Indicating 80 deg;
mora rain.
Tho Mississippi is rising at bt. Lopist
therate.of ono foQt per 2-1 hours, and is
rising slowly above. Thcro Is a rise
in tho lower part of the Missouri which
Is carrying tho greater part of the rise at
St. Louts Tho Missouri is very low at
Tho Ohio is MU.jcj at Pittsburg, but
rising from Cincinnati to tho mouth.
There Is 8 feet six Inohes In tbo channel
at Pittsburg, and fully sovon feet over
the falls at Louisville.
Tlio Cumberland is high and still
rising, with eighteen feet on Harpetti
Shoals. This Is the cause of the rapid
rise at thi. port.
Here tho river has risen fully three
feet during tho past 24 hours. Six or
eight feet moro water is expected hero.
The rivor is now about fifteen feet below
tho high water of 1S07.
Business Is good.
Tho Arthur discharged hero 1080 bun
dles steel, 20 hhds sugar, 0 bbls potatoes,
67 pkgs sundries for Chicago.
Tho City of Cairo dU.hrgod 15 tons
for Cairo merchants and received 40 tons
assorted freight for Memphis, and way
Tlio Armada brought ' 2 hhds tobacco
fripKf X-ouU, BO (who tin Cnliu mill 1 c-
shtpmeut south.
The Thompson Dean cleared for Now
Orleans yesterday afternoon nftorrecelv
ing, here' 157 hhds tobacco, 200 bbls
wlilsKy, Ut4 sks oats, 0S0 sks corn and
several lots sundries.
. TlinTvrnun lirnnirlif nul la t-.li.l 41.
.for reshlpment to Now York per rail, 12
pKgs oucKets, vz sks dried peaches for
Chicago, 305 bags bran for Memphis, 8
uiius touacco, hu uuis potatoes for New
Orleans, and 350 cedar plank, 121 cedar
posts, 44 pkgs buckets, 4 hhds tobacco,
Z2 oars ana ounulos Iron for BL Louis.
The Wm, White, Captain Northern,
leaves nero tuis ovenlng for Paducab.
Tlio fleet Quickstep, Captain Doxter.
leaves this ovenlng for Evansville and
all way landings.
The Tyrone, Capt. Tom. Harman, is
the regular packet for Nashville and all
landings on tho Cumberland this even
Tho Pink Varblu left last night for
NashvHIo wllh 250 bbls Hour, and. lot
sundries for isnshvlllo.
Tho Paducah 'Herald' says: "Captain
Wiley Simms, of the steamer Nashville,
wants to lot stonewall sleep.''
Captain (?) T. L.Lee, of Paducah, was
to imvo taiton chargo of tho Lewellen
which ho had bought to run above Nash
vlllo In the Staunton, Pierce, and Mc
Gulro Line.
Wholcialo nnd Kotnll RwUcr In
Xiumlsor, :liiucl'o m
Cedar Ioti, Doori, Sali, UlluU aud Win
dow umn.
Office ou Tenth Street,
IBetweea Commercial and Washington Avenues,
Aoixt roa
Rock Rivtr Paper Company's Sheathing Felt.
II. W. John's It.roTc4 Kooltir
Asbaitoa Cement alwaya ' .h "luutatt '
In large or small ijuaatlUei .
, ti ..!,'.., y
ii v . ... m If .ra
jLca-xi3srax'. ,
.ThrouRh Bllia of Jadliia; Rlvm to all
Available Points by-Hall or AVntcr.
M .
iar3B W O CrL Xa 33 . 03 J9I
V. R. AHTUUll P?. Mft'tWi
r.AUV UAY ..UUIIU, iMa.lor.
HUT If I'KOIIAM. Jtn.lor,
MZZIH (lllili O'NKIIj, MiMtcr,
COMMONWKAI. Til tX)Nt.V, Mn.lcr,
OMVE IIHA.C'II JON.';'fit!?",.,.ri. ...
MIHSIHSIPI'I ....nlti:r.N. Ma.tor,
TIIOJIPSO.N III-AN ..l'KI'l'KIt, Jlaslvr,
MOIiLlK Ani.K............AIlIii:, Ma-tor. .
Compnulns; nil tlio (Incut unit Inrgnt boat out of Jk
Ono of tlio nbovo lino of t-amcr
Will Icstc Cairo for Now Orleans every
Forty-eight Honrs,
Connecting at New Orleann n itli Occnn Line of Steam
rrn lo
I.lvcrnool, New York, noiton, niul Onlves
tou, Tcxai.
PM-nacrii ami Shippers can rely on nno of tlico
boato U-HTlnu Cnlro pitncttinlly n a me. JV 111 ry
tMrtlctilar atleiitlon to.i wiiy frclahUt-'lott SIcrapbH
U. New Orleans. CI I AS. T. HIM)K,
(Jeneral Apent, Cairo.
Ol.le, on WliarOKint. IMMlo Lnndlnx.
EI). F. 8IKWN. lWenirer and Ticket Agent.
Olllce, nltSt. Cltarltg Hotel.
j.a.ob:-!t ovcE3--uNr"5r
I860. :
Tha following HoaU comprlsa thla Llna anil will
run In Uio following onler t
MKMl'lllH l'ACKKTa
lArriro at Cairo,
Arrivo ai Cairo,
HKLI.K BT. LOUIH, Tuc-lay,4 p.mltutuntiy I a.in
rt-rv ?iw?lVitn"U'r,lThiiriiJaT ifamlMonilaiy. 1 n.m
IIEI.LK it KM I'll I.--, iStunlnv.tp.n Thun., 1 a.in
Crane, Mivter I
Arrlvo nt Calio.l Amta at Cairo,
nows. ur.
C1TT OK ALTON, Weitml'y, 5 p m
Kriilay, 1 a.m
, Archer. .nnter
t.nui.E riTV.
KUMIM'.V, MVI.Uy, fi Ji.lll
'Sunday, lam
Illno, .uairr;
ii ..'
Conway. Mtrr!,
Jt. K. 1'OIUVTH, Sunday, ft j
Ilaney, IoU;r;
J0I.IA. " " .
Callahan. Mater.'
Wodnsd'y 1 a.in
Connecting atEt. I.ouiswWIi
Northern Lino Packet Coinjiany,
Keokuk Packet Coiuimiiy,
Omaha Packet Company,
' ami Varloua Hallroad tilaea.
AtliemphU with
Memphis aud White Ulver Packet Co.,
Arkanma lllvt-r l'acket Cc upany,
Meuiphla uud Charlcttou 11. 11.,
and Sllailsslpjil . Tennessee lt.lt
Yaxoo Itlvrr Packets, and
Ylekslinrg and Meridian Railroad,
Olvint throuRh bills lwi.r md tlcUrts to all aTallablo
points by ran or river.
CHAS. T. HINDE, Ocacrsl Aaont.
Olllce ou Wliarf-boat.
ED. F. H1."40.N', Ticket and Tiuseiisrr Axvnt
JfSr 1) A 1 1. Y LIXEt-
ConItinj; of tlio f.HowiDg
plondlil passonor steamers :
8IM8 Jtaiter HAltPKIl ..CIcrU
STItONQ ..Mr-iler W00P3 .VlcrU
HARMON Mnxter WE.WER m Clerb
1)AV1H... Muter I CAVIS ..C1cj;
JfftUlnir nil liHuriiiuinat .-ndlncs. and civiutt nnici.il
ntti-ntlon tn way liiKines
lii..-5. t. iii.Mir., iicnonu .t:i'ni
ilncrd Otl'ie un Wli-ittMat.
JB11N U. DAVIS, Nup't, MnmphU, Tennessee.
iiio 8)iviuiui eido-wncoi
MUKltTY No.'A,
.wi. iiriiiuiii"i i-irrv irj'iifii, .Jllf.u-'A1 null
HATURUAV, ut 5 ii.ii.., for Wlilto River, connootlnKat
T r rrf f t-of i . n-ttiiimiMi .
UI-ll Ulllll WIUI llld .nuilllillll mill lillllO HOCK Kail-
road for Llttlo Hock nnd Hot Bni-int-n. limn from
Memphis to Llttlo Itoclc, ii lioftra. .-
Freialits and I'm enters rocolptod over tho nbovo
Line ai Inner rutca than any other route.
CHAW. T. HINDE, Agent, Cairo. III.
Offico ou Wharf-boat.
ConnUtinir of tho following
lleii(lia Pusseiiffcr Steamerst
PUSOUOUEf Master FOWLKH- - ..Clerk
jeaTes uairo (Sunday and Tliursasy at o ji.ui.
DEXTER (....v.aJiajtcr CHAMMER.m Ckk
LeaTca CWt TMesday and Frlilay at o p.m. - -
WM. A. LOWTH...Master VRJQUT .Ola
leaves Cairo vJuesJsy and Saturday at S p.m.
Ifaklaaall fatermodlato tandlnss, aud psjiua par-
gcularaltsntlon la l'acket Krelshb.
UD.U. i. i.i.jj., ueoerau ageni,
Office on Whart-boal.

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