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W '
THURSDAY,, AI'ML, 29, 1809.
punumiED nr john h. oiiehlt ctt.
' ' ' - i
Tliopnesongor train earao In four houra
behind tlmulaft,ufgut.r
The health of, ttiw cltytll ununualy
good, thoro being few, if any, casca of
sickness chargeable to local causes.
Tho Sunflower Billiard Hiiloon, on Ohio
.eYe.e: ,H furnished with' the lateat styles
of tables, arid the bar mtni.1l.vl u;Im. ii.,
iijuuu excellent iiquoro. ivreo lunch
spread everyday at 9 a. in. and 10 n
apr20dtf 1
----- .i i .
Httrclay IJrotherij
Cairo, IIIIiioIh.
Barrett's agents,
I'rlce'H creain baking powder for salo
at O. D. Williamsons. They pay for
themselves in tho saving of shortening,
milk, eggH, spoiled bread, and tho
trouble and expense of procuring good
yeast. Try them. upllOdOw
HI. I'ulrlok'N lli iK-volfiil Society.
The members of the above society will
remember that tho annual election of of
ficers for thd ensuing year will take place
on next .Sunday, May 2d, at 2 o'clock
p.m. They are therefore requested to
attend punctually. L. J. JJyjl.vn,
l20 3t Secretary.
I.IUilf MllIC
Save your lives and -operty. A.-
Frascr Is agent for the coppur scroll light
ning rod company and will ill! all orders
promptly. Call at once and have thorn
put on your buildings. This is tho bet
and safest rod now mado. Shop on Com
niercial avenue, between Eleventh and
Twelfth htreot. apl21d3tn
The proprietors of Hancock's Fire Ex
tlngtilsher will probably be glad to learn
that we do not intend to allow their
agent? to act in had faith with us, and
Chcape unscathed. Two letters to head
quarters have been treated with "silent
contempt." Jfthls little notlco serves
It purpose, well and good. If it meet
the fate of tho letter, why then we
shall see what wo shall see.
"Cso Barrett's' uud,tio other.
"l. ........ .1.. ' .... .. ,
wnciu, presii(iigitaiur, Is a
humbug! Prof. Owens is a racal! l'rof.
Owens was very obliging. Being a sound
uemocratiio Kindly patronized the 'Bui-
leun.-nnd ueing otherwise unsound, ho
slipped off between two day, without
paying M9 urn. Ho li quite an expert
with cups uml, balls, making you believe
you see a ining wnen you don t; but lie
Is not moro of an expert at this than he
is in mo olack art of swindling printer.
ixjok out mr mm!
If you want a good stove, or tin ware,
hollow-ware, copper or sheet-Iron ware,
tin roor, gutter, or anything in tlmt'ilne.
can on -. I'raser, Commercial avenue,
betcen Klovuuth and. Twelfth Htreot.
where ho has moved to, rfu'd'l.fn'tho
mrgent miu moil complete sliop in
boutliern IIIIiioIh.
rarucuiar attention given to steam
uoat ana mill work, copper cmlthlng
nuu siicciiron woric, sucii an chimneys,
ureecucr escaping hicam-pipes, etc.
M uritlii' 'Done 1'or."
We mentioned, the other day, tho ar
rest of one John Murphy for practicing
mo -strap gam o" on a white man He
was fined S23 by 'Squira Shanne.sy and
sont to tuo calaboose for 31 days.
Yesterday evening Murphy was taken
out or tlio nalaboose under a Stato war-
rant Issued by 'Houlre Bross, the afllda.
vlt charglug him with swindling a no-
gro named, Jos. Johnson, outjof ten dol
lars uy one or the ;many tricks with
wnicn no appears conversant. His guilt
oeing csiaoiisueu beyond doubt, he was
out 10 tuo couniy jail in default of
ball In tho aura of four hundred dollars.
The "XaclaaU Mua."
Treasurer Hyland called upon ua this
morning and exhibited the much-talked
or, much cursed-about Magiuuis bond,
with tho worda written across itn face
"paid April ill, 16fl.
This bond was issued to the Cairo 4 St.
Louis railroad company and fell Into tho
hands of Magiuuis, of Now York, by
purchase. Of tho contention that grew
out or tuo proportion to pay it, we need
not speak. It has been paid, tho city
will receive a credit for tho amount of Its
faco (J5,000) on her subscription to the
Cairo it St. Louis It. It., and wo hopo
inai win bo tho last or It.
Atthetlmo of redemption f 405,43 In
terest had accrued henco, the total
amount paid was 55405,48.
I'ollcn Ilciua,
Hllatu Carey was arrested and
brought before his houor P. Rross, ciq.,
ennrgeu witti an assault and battery
upon tuo person of old man Fry, Tho
charge being sustained, Carev was fined
$10 and costs, amounting in tho whole to
$17 U. I'ino and costs paid.
Carey, of opinion that he had causo of
aggravatloiijlirocured the arrest of Fry
for using oflenslvo and abusive language
calculated to aggravate a breach of the
peace, and proved tho .old man guilty,
whereupon Fry waa lined $5 and trim
"When wo loft the court room a case
was ponding against Albert Lohr for
acting as steamboat runner without
license Tho evidence pointed to tho
young man's guilt. Ho claimed, how
ovor, to bo actlug for Mr. Sisson, who is
a licensed runner; but this formed no
bar to prosecution.
A supply of St. LouTs lager beer just
received at Louis Horbert'a 85 Ohio
. Br. emm, la Patfaeah.
Last Sabbath the Rev. Dr. Coe, of the
church of the 'Redeemer, of Hi la city,
changed pulpit with the. Veetor of the
Grace church, Paduonh., .A reporter of
the Padocah 'KonMklatf' furnishes the
following synopsis of Dr. Coo'a sermon.
Commencing with a brief roferencoto
the Dr'a peraoncl. Ho says:
Rev. Mr, Coo looks, the minister In the
pulpit, as much as 'any 'one' wo have
seen Is a fine reader and his sermon
was a most beautiful and eloquent dis
course In attempting a synopsis of
which we can only give the idea in the
main, as wo feel incapable to follow him
In his glowing, descriptive style.
Text-LXXVII Psalm, 13th verse
"Thy way, O God, is in tho sanctuary;
who is so greut a unu us our uou."
Tho unassisted mind df matt Is feoblo.
All naturo impresses us, and tends to
elevate, but reason alono never finds out
God. Truth) as revoalod, is given to
guide us through tho world. All who
accept uou'h word and iiyo up to its com
mand's, will have n glorious reward. All
tilings snail work together for good to
tnem wno lov eand servo tho Lord. ,
ooi). a ami op mkuhv.
God bus revealed himself us a God of
mercy, nut in our blindness and stupid
uy, we cannot always comprehend his
purposes, Jio chooses to operate through
a mysterious providence, and in our
pains, sorrows and troubles his mercy Is
iijuiiiiuai, u we couiu aeo it. wiio is so
greatauodas our God?" Ho Is tho
God of nature. Ho created all things,
and sustains anil rules over all by tho
word or his powor. Wo seo manlfesta
lions ofhls power In tho elements the
peal or thunder, tho lightning's flash,
tlie devesting whlrlwlud, tho ocean'n
roar when lashed to fury by the whirling
kuiJiiu.ii, mi inese are as mucu mam
fefctatlous of his power, mercy and good
ncssns is me gentle rain, tlio summer's
dew, tlie opening leaf or the budding
Tills is not all his mercies. Ho vouch
safes hlspresenco in the churches. lie ex
pressly orders sanctuaries to be built.
David tho H'Veotsliicri'rnf rsriwl whan In
the wilderness longed for the services of
uoii's sanctuary; and determined to
ouiid a nouso worthy of his conception
of the place for God to dwell, but God
commanded him not to build one because
he was a man of war and blood. Solo
mon had the privilege of building the
lemplo. God gave the most comforting
assurances of his love ana favor to his
people who ollered up their praises to
Iilm in the sanctuary. How comfortlug
u ijuu i iieiiiuu wueu in trouble lo at
tend In Ills house, und receive tho as
suranco of Ills love. It is a most lament
able fact that many who bear tho chris
tian name fail to appreciate the services
of G6ii 'a sailctliary. How glad (shotild
be to oirer our devotions our prayers
and praises, in the. temple of God. Ho
C-V,1 our prayers If oifl-red In 'faith,
noMiuereiico where we may bo; wheth
er wo aro In tho house, or in tho field on
land oreca, he can hear and answer our
petitions; but He has specially vouch
safed His presence in thosttnetuary, arid
absent themselves from His holy eanc-
llinrtr - I '
The "world uses "Barrett's."
What n"Hthrnl" Lovrr would "v an-iir
' vrry trying rtrenmtnncr.
The following lines, Intended for the
"poet's corner", pf tho Metrppolla Trd
mvjgntor ciimo' to our 'hands no nfat-
terhow. Tlio writer Is prosentliiK lilm.
self as dying-on the.l"battil.foaM," con
siderably torn to piece by a ohargo of
snrapnei mat passed tUrpugh his manly
bosom, and prostrated iilm. To convince
"mary" of his love, he describes tho sur
rounding circumstances and how he'd
talk about her while the "dlews uvhev-
in" were falllrii? unon his "uthful
biwt." Wo publish onlv four of the for
ty-six verses, believing it a kindness to
administer the "pome" to "mary" Jnho-
roeopatulo doses. Hero's dose No. 1 ;
aoaljur lay upjion thejrTptiDil
hii f-ithful cumaiaiJi ktandln round
the dlewi ur hrla aji,faJIIa fuV
upjon hit titliful LU4ln trett
Then In a fanier Uaa he d
My drarrtt ftenda incline thy heU
Ami hreraword that yet aiapruT
coerayorjoy tuherljur
Tell Ur that her plcktoor fare
i herurunil with falloatnlr
hev er woara It nere my hart
That fom it I cftod nearer jart
yt tell my mary ef yu will
Thai to my Iat-I lard hr UU
loanly with that the vui hear
tell her to hoald my meaty dere
An excursion and picnic for tho bene
fit of the Methodist Church and all the
young and old folks of the city generally.
nas ueenpianneu by tho ladles connect
ed wun mat ouurch. The thought of
leaving the bare and dusty, or perhaps
muddy, streets to wander at will over
tho rich velvet carpets furnished by na-
ture in tho woods, whero tho wild May
uowors aro uiooming, will nil mauy a
heart with Joy; and our young peoplo
will no doubt enjoy thomsolves
hugely. Parties will furnish thoir
own plcnlo provisions. Tho grounds
selected are at or near Fort
Jeflerson, Ky. Tho tlrno will bo noxt
Saturday week, May 8th. The steamer
Underwriter, now, hotter lltted un for
such purposes than ever boforo, will car
ry tho party to and fro at tho rato of one
dollar for adults for the round trip, and
twenty-five cents for children undor the
ago of fifteen, bho will make two trips
rrom Cairo, leaving at 8:30 a.m. and
1:30 p.m.
Fred Doticlaaa Neirlerted.
The 'Independent' publishes an extract
from a private note by Mr. Douglass to
Its editor saying:
It Is quito true that I never soucht this
office, or any other; but It is equally true
also true that I would liavo accepted, had
it been ollered.
mat nave never ueciineti il: ana it in
Wheroupou the 'Indepndent com
plains bitterly that Mr. Douglass has
been neglected, and calls upon the ad
ministration to repair tho wrong done to
tho greatest represontatlvo of tho colored
race. .""
uis muKua ii peculiarly uie uouse or pray
er; the means of grace center there, and
tho children, of God'alove hi ion id nnvi.r
Ieeal Brevinc.
.-The jremalnB of the negro woman who
died of small-pox on Ninth street, were
not permitted to remain1, UnbUrled during
tho succeeding day, as wo were informed
thoy wero Death took" place during the
night. At 11 o'clock next daj orders
were given for tho burial of the body,
and at one o'clock it was buried.
Tho Illinois Central railroad cars rau
over and killed a very fine cow, a few
evenings sliico the property of Mr.
Pitcher. As thcanlmal was within the
limits of tho corporation, whero a slow
rato of speed Is required by law, It Is '
scarcely allowable to call the killing
Mr. Scott informs us Hiatlie saw an
unquestionable case of hydrophobia In a
dog which he discovered galloping along
tho road, about a mllo above tho eleva
tor. Tlio rabid animal was heading for
Mound City.
Wo liavo recently added all of tho late
styles of typo to our Job ofllce, and nrc
thoreforo prepared to execute work In a
styleof unsurpassable neatness and ele
gance. No ofllco In tho West turns out
better Jobwork than the Cairo 'Bulletin'
ofllco is now executing. on demand.
Pic nlc excursions to Fort Jeirerson I
Just rend Did advertisement under that
head, and see If you can' stay at home
over the flrst pleasant day that comes.
The woods aro now decked in beautiful
green, tho air bracing and balmy, tho
ground grassy enough to loll upon, In
fact everything Invites our people to a
day In the woods.
Celebrated Hair Restora
The Illlnolo Editor in Jtfolille
uiie dirtiest of all dogs are fount!
among tho rebel-radicals. That Mobile
Is cursed by tho presence of at least ono
of the dirtiest, tho following extract from
the 'Register' gives ample evidence.
Speaking of the reception of the Illinois
Press Association tho 'Register' says:
They were mot at Whistler by Mayor
x rieo unu me commiueo irom the city
boards, who welcomed them and escort
ed them to the city, the trip down being
enlivened by tho music of the fire de
partment brass band. Upon their arrival
at the depot, cars of tho Royal street
road, which had been kindly placed at
their disposal by Mr. Fonde, conveyed
them to the Battle Houso, where accom
modations had been provided for them.
On each car was Inscribed, "Welcome,
Meu of tho West." After registering
their names at the ofllcc, the guests as
sembled In the ladles' parlor, whore Al
exander McKinstry, lato nou-ilghtlug
colonel of the Confederate States Army,
the orator of the occasion, bored them
with a bitter nolitical tmd
speech, in which iio reviled tlie Southern
people, and spoko In such a manner as
to create intense discust In tho mind f
his boaters. .
He directed his sllncs nrlnclnallv nt
this paper and Its chief editor, saying
"the leading paper of this place, the
Keglster,' invites you to its ollice; doult
go mere; come to our houses and wo
will welcomoTou." .Ho -was vurv Llttor
on the press; In fact, his speech from be
ginning to end, wus low, dirty, violent
anddlfgastlngin the extreme, exactly
imi uugin nave ueeu oxpccteu from a
tipsy man and q Southern renegade
i ne community were snocKeti and mor
uueu mat eucu nu auairstiouid navo re
curred, nut it is enniy accounted for.
.uL-ivuiBiry uunig acunnwiig, ami upon
whom every honest and decent man
turned his back; this has'riled hltu, and
t .1 .... 4. . ' ...
which he was filled, caused him thus to
give vent to ins line. The speech was
particularly disgusting and) disgraceful,
paving been mado In tho presence of
Tho reply of tho President of tho
Association, Mr. Griggs, of the Rock
ford Rlglster'. was well timed, neat and
gracciui. iteierruig to aioitinstry s re
marks, ho said "the past is forgotten;
we come here as brothers, and hopo to
meet you as such. Wo comotonp &mi
learn of the resources of the countrv. ltx
capabilities and prospects; wo will go
nome and tell our people of the delights
and beauties of this sunny laud." Tho
contrast between his remarks and tbnaA
oraicKinstry wa great and marked, In
fact the mention of It In the
graph is almost an insult to tho gentlo-
umn, mr which we ocg ms pardon. It
was a neat and silent rebuke to tho
tiraue or Aicivinstry.
"Barrett's" took tho Silver Medal.
To The Merchant of Cairo.
During the past two or three years no
charge has been mado by tho proprietors
or me Cairo wliariboats for receiving
and taking caro of freights for oltv de.
nvery. At all other points whero thero
aro wharfboats It Is customary to make
u reasonable cnargo ror such service,
aim in cities ror eKids, tarpaulins, eta.
wo are paying au Immenso tax In
tho way of license, wharfage, taxes, etc..
nuu mid it actually necessary to avail
ourselves of every legitimate modo to, In-
creaso our Incomo to meet thesound oth
er exponscs, nnd wo havo mutually
ugreeu mat auor way isr, ihuu, our
chr.rgo on all freight recelvod by us for
city delivery, will bo fifty cents per tun.
with prlvllego of tweutyfour hours stor
age, which wo think will meet with tho
approbation of all our customers who do-
slro us to recolvo thoir freights and pro
tect their Interests from damages arising
during transportation, etc,
Our gangways are at nil times froo for
tho transfer of freights from boat to lov
eo for thoso who prefer to recolvo thoir
own consignments.
J. M. Phillips,
Chas. T. Hludo.
Cairo, April 27, 1809. 3t
Fresh Mobile shell oysters Just received
at Louis Herbert's restaurant 85 Ohio
Levee. a22 Gt
"Harrett's" most elllcacloua.
Money Saved I
By buyintjyourgroccrlcs of J. II. Motcnlf,
who keeps u lurgo und select stock of tlio best
family supplies,- und soils clicitpor tlinu- tlio
cheapest, No. 331 AVmhington avenue, op
po5ito tho.court house. . , mar5tf
Caledonia aboat toKevart to the Original
Owner of the Gronnd.
The title to'the ground upon -hlch
North Caledonia Is. bull, ia, or soon will
be, In controversy. The proprietors of
the land there, donated ft considerable
tract to the county, on the express con
dltlon that tho county seat should bo es
tablished there, and remain permanent
ly. Tho county commissioners accepted
tho donation, laid ofTlhelaud Into town
lota and sold tho Ipts. The original
owner of tho ground now comes In and
claims n reversion, tho conditions accom
panying tho donation having been vio
lated. To enforce his claim an attorney
has been employed, who will proceed at
once to legal measures In behalf of his
client. Upon tho lots 6 sold buildings
hnve been erected, worth, in tho aggre
gate, twenty or twenty-llvo thousand
dollars. Should tho ground revert to tho
donor, tho grantees of tho county will
avail themselves of their recourse. Tho
whole thing in a nutshell Is: Calcdo'
nla is about to sell out toPuiaskl county
1 "
l'nrt Mil for the a I Houra Kmllng nt
TM'o o'clock, 1'. M.
Ccn. Andcwon. Colitin.j Win. White. I'AJlncuhi
Do ItuMjr. Mound City. Ctioveniic, Little Hock.
Julu, fit. Loum. OranU Lnko, N. O.
Oliainiilon.Sl. Louli. Olomlale, J'ltutmrir.
fconi lirown, ' Aitatmtin, I'ltltburir.
Belle Mcmplili, Memphli.
dt-n. Anilcrxori, Colum.; Win. White, I'Iticah;
Clieycnn, Cin"innitti. Da Knojr, Ht I.ouln.
Clmmtiioii, Cincinnati. rilendnlu, fet. Loum.
Kullfl,Vlckilirg. IJollo Mrmtihlr, Mcmt.hu.
Aujlralia, S. America.
Tho clear weather ended last night,
anil clouds ruled to-day. Rain seemed
imminent several times and may visit us
this evening. Tho temperature was
very pleasant to-day.
Tho Mississippi has becomo stationary
at St. Louis after falling six feet, and is
rising at Quincy and Dubuque. Tho rise,
however, is very slow. Tho Missouri Is
falling everywhere heard from, and Is
quite low about Omaha.
Tho Ohio is falling everywhere, wllh
five feet and a half in tho channel nt
Pittsburg and six feet six Inches over tho
rocks on tho falls. Thero Is nearly twelve
inches moro water in tho chuto over tho
falls, than on the rocks.
Here the river has receded only two
or thrco inches since last report, and Is
going down very slowly. The Cumber
laud Is now falling very fast, and this
will probably cause the rlvor at this
point to fall more rapidly to-morrow.
Ruslness was rather dull to-day.
Tho White yesterday brought out 300
shingles forGeo. Olmstead, Cairo; 2 hhds
tobacco ror hi. mollis, nnd nbout 6 tons
meal and sundries for reshipmcnt to va
rious points. , . . . .
The Julia brought several tons assorted
merchandise, broom handles nnd sun
dries for Cairo.
The Cheyenilo reshlpped 3w hides, I
10 bales ditto, for Rt. Louis.
Tho Cumberlanfl did not arrlvo last
night from Evansville, being delayed
at mat point making somo repairs.
Tho body of Mr; Geo. Ely, clerk of
Rtonmor G. A." Thompson, lout at tho
time of tho sinking- of that boat In Ar
kansas river, has been recovered and
forwarded to his friends In Cincinnati
for interment. '
The Whltj Ieaveihero this ovcnlng ns
usual forraducah. i
Tho Armada, Capt. Gus. Dusonchet,
Is tho regular pacliet for Evnnsvlllo hud
all way points this ovcnlng.
The Commonwealth, Capt Conley, Is
advertised for New Orleans and Natchez
A. t- f t I ..a tea a .
mis evening, out win not probably go
berore morning.
Daily Paolcet.
The Unlit draught paMengtr (steamer .
J. M. 11EVEIU.V..
a a 1
Wlllmako reeuler DAILY TWlU between Cairo and
I'Adueah, learinc Cairo ery evening (Hundaya ex- I
cclitodl atfii o'clock.
The V hito connecu at Padncah vit thn NVw firl.n.
and Ohio railroad, and the Cumberland and Tcnncstce
rirer pocKeu.
o w . o w 1 1 ... ... u
M .1 llf'r'U. t V ...An.
jiro. iiiinom.
TOK RKMT.-The Leree building on Lot , II 3.
a.- iawiy m-cuMcu 117 I'arKer I'llllllps tnj wm.
Poeaion Kien Immediately.
C. WINbTO.V, No. 7 Ohio Levee.
TWIt SALK. CIIKAP-Ncw Cottana and thtee
j.' lon.pnriier icunaii'i sixiecntll (trerta.
tlltKEN UlLlll'.IlT, AttV.a
.... . wn.u... UIU.1.1
and City Scrip atMcentaon the doll
Uiiun of Lumber and lluildera' .Materials.
at 60 ct.
ar, for all
A Card.
A Cluigyman, while relilinx In South America a a
miitlonary,iliicorercd a afe and ilmplo remedy for
mo cure 01 .erroua weaKm-m, tarly Uecay, l)leaae
of tho Urinary and Hcminal Organi, and the whole train
of disorders brought on by baneful and Ticlous habit.
Great numbers hivebeenclircd by th! nnbln remedy.
rrosipieu uy a ueiro to wnc lit tlio atnicled and un
fortunate, 1 will tend tho revlpo for preparing and
using thin medicine, In a sealed enveloo, to any one
who needf-Jit, ran or ciuroe. AJilrei.
juacrii t. iroiA.-,
t-Ulion P.llibloIIoute,
New Tork City.
Dealers in
Fruit, Vegctublcs and Country Produce
lI7iofca.'c and Retail,
No, lis Commercial Avenue, corner Ninth Street,
lairu, Illinois.
Ordera filled with disnatrh. and delivered
in any
art of tlio city; cliolco butter ftlwaya on hand
loaU suppIici
ivaiiii iiaiiu. rieain
CARDS, &c, ,
'Printed at ton office of the Cairo Bulletin.
cmo citT1
QHAS, T. niNDE, ' '
Through II II la of Lntllng iclvrn to
Available I'olnti. It) Hull or Water.
3T 03 "A7" O 2rL Xj 33 A. 3NT &
HUTU... ,
M.7.IK f;il,l.
ot.ivk iiua.vcii
coxti sks ta i.
c1kkat hkpuhmg....
.MOI.I.Ii: AHI.U ... .
...JONES, Mauler,
....llt'HK. MnMcr.
. I'KOHASt, Miuiter,
....WHITE. Mniler,
ENTltlKKN,' Sliwiter
...-O'NIllI,, latr,
...n)M,v, iivtpr,
....Jfi.N'IW, Mnstur.
M..OIli:EN0L"f;lI .Mntt'r
...OHKHN. Mmter,
....rni'PKJt. mttvr,
.adi.i., .iiatticr.
Comprising all the Oni-nt nnt largtat boatu out of fit.
Ono of tho aUiVO Itnoof tli'mru-m
Will leave Cairo for New Orleans every
Forly-clgJit Hours,
Connoting nt New Otlaui with Ocean Liuo of Steam
eri In
Liverpool, New Vorlt. Ilnilon, Nitil Onlvei
toii, Tcini.
Passengers and Phippera can rely on ono of thco
Umtn leuTlnif Cairo punctually an nljovo. Will pny
particular attent '.in to all way fr.ilahtK loloT itcmphlo
to New Orleans CHA9. T. IIINDK,
Oencral Agent, Cairo.
OfKce, on Wharfloat, I'utilo Indlnc.
El). V. SISSON, Vn'niii-1 ami Ticket Agent.
I), t . SIftu. raiwnKT an
Oincc, utSt. CImrlfd Hotel.
Tho followmc I!oat4 i-nmnrUo thli Lino and vrlrt
run In thn fullou inn order :
Artlvo at Cairo,
JJoaU. j bowx.
IIKM.KST. I.OUW, Tiio.tlay.Sp.m'fciJiurdayl a.m
icluler. Miulurtl 1
CITYOKtUIUO, IThuMdayS p.m Mon.Iay.l a.m
Matin, Miutor; ' .
IWM.K MKMI'HIS, !Salunly,5p.m Thur., 1 n.m
trane, matter.
Arrive at Cairo,
Arrlre at Cairo,
1'rlilsy, 1' a.m
MARllbU (IITT, i
t Miliar XI .
FrtJay, 6 jvin
1 o.m
i.u.MiAlir, I
Conwav. Slater;l
M.E. KOIWVTH, Auiday,
Callaliaii, Muirr.i
4 I'.m
CnnnoctiugatSt. Ixum wxu ',
Northern I.tnc Packet Conijintiy,
Keokuk Packet Coinpnuy,
Omaha Packet Coiniiaiiy,
and Varlotta Itnllrond I.lnei.
AtMrmplili with
MemjOila ami White Itlver l'ucket Co.,
Arkaniu ltlcr l'uchct Coiiijimty,
Mcmiihla uuil Charlettou It. 11.,
and MUalialiipi Si TrmieairoR.Jl
At VicktburK with
Yaauo 111 vcr Packet, aii'l
Vlckkburff ami Mrrlitlau Hallroad.
Oltlnc thmitsh UUi UdinKand tlcketn to all araibble
polnta (7-rafl or nrr.
L.n.a. t. iti.iii-:, nenerai nt.
Dlhi-H nn Whi.r?.liki.
El). F. 8ISS0N, Ticket and rajuvr AkoiiI.
03BC23T C03VrXu!V3Nr"V
Coiuiitlng of tho following
plonJid pasicngor toamors": '
.VASHV1LLK, .. ,
..Matcr HAItl'KIU- ....Claik
8TUONO Mteter WOOD3..
IIAItM0N. Master I WEAVEl!....
DAVI3..... Majitor I r.VVW ...aejk
Making all IniermenlattamllnEi, and olvlns apeclal
attention lo way biminea. r
1 . ... , w".v. T. in.Mih, lieneral Agent
rlecJt Cd Oil ce on WharOxjat.
JOUST II. DAVIS, Shi.'I. Memphis. Tonnes.
'1 ho splendid sido-whool
LIIIUUTY .o. it.
Learn Memnliik everv Tl'P.sniv. Tlllllisniv
HATUItlMY, atfi p.m., for Whlto Hirer, eonneotlnKat
Duvair lllud wlth tho Mumphl and l.ittlo Hook Rail
road for I.lttlo Hock nnd Hot Spring. Titno from
MernphU to l.ililo llii-k, ti hour.
Freights and I'arugers receipted over Iho above
Lluu at lower rales than unr other routo.
wiAa. x. lll.UK. Agent, Oalro, 111.
Otllou on Wliuti-ooat.
Consisting of tho fullowlnir
.Splentlld Passenger Stcnuierai
nUSOL'CIIET Master FOWLEIt . ..Clerk
i.earei uairo Bumlay aud Thurs Hy at li p.m. .
weaves Cairo Tuesday and Friday at 6 p.m.
WM. A. LOWTI(...Mater WniUUT ,.Clok
keayes Cairo Wcdnejday and Saturday at 5 p.m. "
Maklns all Intermediate landinst. anj'tmvln mi.
tlculattcutiou la I'uckot Freights. '
CUA3. T. UI.MJK, Gonoral Aeent, "
' A
' ' " , ,1FVI'1
' -..'
tti,7 :i i. 1.

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